Rinny's Life

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Rinny yelling at Young lings to get off his property.

When Rinny was young his father and mother were killed in a mission to Mustafar. He now resides in Felucia, a peaceful and calming planet. When he was attacked by Space Pirates while delivering Cargo for The Villian Jabba The Hutt. The pirates gave him a scar on his head right arcoss the scalp. The Attack made him shave his head into a Fauxhawk so his scare will not show. then on that day he will never fight again, unless it's nessasary

Xaya's Tooth

While Rinny love to travel around the galaxy he uses his Custom J-Type 327 Nubian Royal Starship that the Queen of Naboo--Padme Amidala-- had gave him. He Then Named it "Xaya's Tooth" In the Matter of the Front tip looked like his freind Xaya's Tooth, Very Silverish and pointy.


While Rinny made some friends he did not always behave with them.. so he had built his freind PRO-3BZ To company him while he departures to other worlds and moons. he also taught him tricks of how to find Holo-pads and Scan for data on terminals.

New Life

When Rinny flew and landed into Nova Town he had seen Bella Cryolancer, She was From Corusant and grew up with Richness and Fame. Bella and Rinny Got Happily married and now reside On the planet of Felucia.

Behind The Scenes

Rinny Loves to Build , he once built a tower with 80 levels using Ryloth material!

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