Rhett Proktor was an clone mercenary that left the Republic on account of the death of his close friend Tech who was killed by a Jedi gone Sith witch made him not trust the Jedi any more but would still do things for the Republic. . Rhett had a blunt personality witch often gave the impression that he was uncaring and had a strong hatred for Death Watch on witch the Death Watch called him a curse because of the many times he hunted down their leaders. Rhett greatly respected the Mandalore Guild and followed their honor. During the start of the Clone wars Rhett had a hard time following orders and was a free thinker normaly speaking up when he though a order was a bad one his loyalty was tested for the people when he would hear the way some talked about Clones but was ready to die for the Republic. Rhett met Tech during the first battle of Geonosis and the two became great friends normaly seen working with him in battle. He and his squad mates also worked with the famed Hyena Brigade during a attack on a bunker on Umbara.

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