Rex Runeslice was a young human when droids invaded his home world of hoth clones came to help but they lost and commando scorch died also then he toke scorch's armor and defeated the droids then a guy name laz webster found him and asked him to join his squad he gladly joined then they defeated lots of enemys but he still wants revenge on count dooku for killing his mother and father later he was trained in the art of the light saber and developed a new light saber style the human style and he is found where ever laz webster is most of the time later he became a general and he still is after dooku and he found the legendary white saber said to have legendary powers able to take out droid armys in one slice sonn after that him and some friend embarked on a quest to defeat dooku and they all defeated him then later he found his long lost younger sister maria runeslice they were happily reunited and to this day he lives a normal life as a jedi

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