Reverk Face Shot
Biographical information

Rhen Var


25, 813 BBY



Physical description

Rhen Varite (Pureblood Human)



Hair color

Snow White

Eye color
  • Yellow (happened shortly after the Cold War ended due to Dark Side corruption)
  • White (Origanlly now occurs in Berserker Mode)
Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Pre-Republic Era
  • Old Republic Era
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • Rebellion Era
  • New Republic Era
  • Bogan (formally)
  • Imperial Intelligence
  • Pure Clan
  • Sith Warriors (formally)
  • Berserkers of Rhen Var
  • Neo-Imperial Confederation
Known masters
  • Reverk's Mother (Berserker Master)
  • Unknown Bogan Master
  • Raxxum Gelvan (Sith Master)
  • Unknown Jedi Master
Known apprentices
  • Several unidentified Bogan Warriors
  • Many Imperial agents in both The Sith Empire and Palp's Empire

Reverk (Rev-er-ek) is known by several different names The Lord of Chaos, The White Rose of Rhen Var and The Raven of Ossus It is said that Reverk also went by Hakagram Graush. This are the Songs/music[1] [2] that describes how angry Reverk gets when he enters Beserker mode.

FYI The Songs tagged in the wiki are not mine I am only tagging them to help set a mood and a style to give the readers an idea for what kind of person my Character is.

Weapons he prefers to uses:

*A force hardend metal saber staff like sword from when he was in the Bogan military.

*Saber Staff.

*Electro whips in his gloves wrist compartments.

*Several Vibro blades covered in Terentatek poison.

*Custom made GH-22 blaster rifle.

*And several Force ablilities ranging from Red and Black Force Lightning, Cryokinesis, Dark Web ability, and Force Storm along with many more abilities.

-"Use your hate and rage it will keep you warm and on your toes and don't loss sight of our goal in this war."-

Reverk to several Bogan Warriors before entering battle

Past Life:

Reverk Gelvan was born 20 standard years before the Force Wars began on Rhen Var at the time his mother was the ruler of the planet when a ship close to Rakatan design came into orbit around the planet the ship was manned by members of the Bogan (followers of Darkness) the ship was on a mission to colonize the unknown regions of space but the ship miss jumped when a Ashla (followers of light) master used the force to try and hold the ship at Tython but failed. The ship was badly damaged when it jumped into hyperspace so the followers of the Bogan were trapped on Rhen Var for sometime his father was the ships captain during the crews stay on Rhen Var the ruler of the world and the captain grew fond of each other and in time they had there son Reverk. His mother tought him in the ways of the Rhen Vartak or the Berserkers (the royal guard class) shortly after his training was complete 15 years later the reapairs on the damaged ship was complete his father wished for him to go with him back to Tython his mother agreed and and Reverk went with his father to learn the ways of the Bogan. When they arrived at Tython they discovered a civil war begain between the Ashla and the Bogan when he found a master he started training under the teachings of a master of the Bogan.

Reverk Full

Reverk in Rhen Var'tak battle armor.

After his training was complete he was sent to the battlefield were he used both Rhen Var'tak and Bogan fighting styles makeing him the most deadliest warroirs on the battlefield when he went into Berserker mode he would attacked anyone he saw as a threat to him when he would come down he would experience intense pain from any attack that manage to get through his defence. When in Berserker mode he couldn't feel pain of any kind he wouldn't stop till either he was pinned down or killed (mainly pinned). Very few warriors even the masters from either side could stand against him many feared and respected him. Fives years into the war Reverk has become one of the masters and the tide of the war is at a stalemate with no sign of letting up. Reverk and the other masters have been looking for ways to break the stalemate but the Ashla are looking for ways as well but in the end him and the masters all desided to go with an all out assault on the main Ashla fortifacations with the best of the best warriors and master (including Reverk) leading the
Force Wars 2-TEA

Reverk's father leading an attack on an Ashla position.

assault when the assault groups take there areas they were to hold them till reinforcements could arrive. out of 12 groups only 4 assault groups survived and managed to take there areas his father was leading one of the groups that didn't survive the push into the enemy inplacement. When Reverk got word of his fathers fate he became inraged. Reverk and his loyal followers went on a rampage attacking both sides until they joined sides for a very short time to force Reverk and his followers into space on the very ship him and his father returned to Tython on the first place they went was Rhen Var.

Reverk and his followers spent 7 and a half years in cryo sleep on there trip to Rhen Var when they came out of cryo sleep the ship came out of Hyperspace in the middle of a Rakatan attack half of Rhen Var was covered in ice they were turning Rhen Var into a frozen wasteland there ship was unarmed so there was nothing he could do to stop them. 3 hours later the Rakatan fleet broke up and left the system leaving Rhen Var an ice filled wasteland and Reverk and his men quickly went to the planets surface to look for any survivors but they only found a small village worth of survivors. Reverk asked them what has become of his mother they told him she was killed in the attack Reverks world quickly fell apart he went into exile in the citadel that served as the capitial building were he went through rituals to bring him eternal life (like that of Lord Vitiate) but he didn't destroy what was left on the planet his loyal followers chose to give there lives so there master would live eternaly.

The Great War:

-"I despise Nonhumans ever sence my homeword was scared by the Rakatan I have never been able to trust Nonhumans sence then. The very thought of being near one is inraging that includes your precious Sith Purebloods and nonhuman Sith in general."-

Reverk to the Head of Imperial Intelligence.

Reverk spent most of his eternal life in exile in Rhen Var's Capital Citadel when he finally desided to come out of his exile he explored the galaxy while exploring he discovered more time has pasted then he had first thought there was a war between the desendants of the Ashla and the Bogan or the Jedi and the Sith as they were now called. He was still moveing about the galaxy during the Mandalorian/Sith war watching every side closely when he discovered a dark presence around the leader of the Mandalorians so he desided to stay on Mandalore for a while to watch him. While he was staying there he encountered a women who later became his wife but died shortly after giving birth to their daughter Anamine. He discovered that Mandalore was approced by a member of the old Sith Emipre. So he left Anamine with a Clan he trusted to take care of her and raise her in his absence then he set out for the Unknown Region of space searching for the remnant if there was a remnant of the Sith Empire. It took him 5 months to find what he was looking for he discovered the Remnant of the Sith Empire.

<p style="margin-left: 24px">Reverk spent a full week among the Sith then he desided to visit the Emperor first he had to get past the guards that protected him he encountered a warrior on his second day on the storm-covered world he took the warriors lightsabers after they fought Reverk found the lightsabers to be uncivilized compared to his force augmented twin-bladed sword but he knew his sword couldn't cut through the guard's armor so he went with the sabers for this little break in only. When he approched the Imperial Citadel he encountered the first two guards at the gates he put them down with the greatest of ease and went on to the emporer's thrown room. Reverk encountered several groups of guards but they didn't stand a chance against him when he finally reached his destination he entered the thrown room as soon as he set foot into the room he was suddenly overwhelmed with dark side energy for a breff second he saw the emporer then he blacked out in the doorway. He awoke in a detention center in a maximum securty cell the emporer was standing over him trying to dig into his mind so he opened his mind to him he saw the emporer staggered back as Reverks memories flooded into his mind the emporer quickly rebounded and chuckled at Reverk for his tenacity.

While Reverk was under guard the Emporer visited him every few days to try and convinse him to join his empire there were times when he thought about joining but he refused each time until the 8th visit he finally gave in he joined the Emporer's cause. He desided to join the Imperial Intellagence they released him and gave back all his gear and sent him to the houseing complex in the northern district near the intel corp's HQ under royal guard escort to be sure he doesn't make another run for the emporer. He didn't blame the emporer haveing him under guard given his past and the way he overwhelmed the emporer with his memories. When they finally arrived at the building he was sent up to his room on the top floor the Luxuray sute when he entered the room he was kinda impressed with the veiw of the city below he could watch anyone or anything he wished but he knew his guards wouldn't like that so he desided to play his role in the intel corp.

A thousand years has past and Reverk spent his time running assassination missions against leaders on rebeling worlds and gathering intel on the republic as well. He had heard roumors that the navy was going to head out for the tingal arm sector which is under Republic control the roumor was confermed when Reverk and a group of intel officers were sent there to set up puppet governments to clear a way for the fleets to enter republic space with little to no resistance at all. The mission only took the teams three days to complete and with in a week the fleet arrived in he sector but it was intercepted by a diplomatic ship with a small fighter escort the emporer gave the fleet an order to not fire until the ships sent back picures of the fleet back to there leaders then they were to destroy every ship there which they did with out remorse. soon after they started to "attack" the worlds that had puppet governments trying ot draw the republic's fleets into the well layed out trap. The trap worked three republic fleets arrived to help the indangered worlds only to find out that there allies have turned on them the fleets were surrounded on all sides but still managed to escape but with major casulties soon after that the fleet started to move on major republic facilities capturing systems one by one destroying anything that stood in their way the element of surprise was on the reborn sith empies side victory was close at hand but they suffered a defeat at Bothawui then he heard roumors about peace talks which didn't sit well with Reverk until he was given orders to go to the Republic's capitial with a team to gather intel for an up coming raid.

Reverk and his team have been on Coruscant for 8 weeks gathering info on Republic positions he reseved orders to clear a small sith shuttle for landing in a small space port near the jedi temple he figured it was a small team of sith warriors. His team completed the task but he was wrong it was one human sith (Darth Malgus) and his nonhuman servant. when Reverk and his team were called back to Dromund Kass a

300px-Great Galactic War

Imperial Troops on Coruscant.

Republic shuttle crashed into the jedi temple and the planets defense grid fell then a fleet made up of dreadnaughts, battleships, and cruisers droped out of hyperspace deploying all there fighters and bombers and began there attack on the ships in orbit and the planets surface. His team was cleared to leave the system after the fleet and ground forces gained control of the planet and the space around it. He was inpressed with the size of the force that came to take the planet. Shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant the Republic signed the treaty in the siths favor gaining several systems and in turn the sith turned over Coruscant to the Republic Reverk knew this peace wouldn't last for long he knew this because he was given orders to spy on a jedi outpost on Shili (where he met Raxxum's ansestors but he doesn't meet Raxxum till later in his life) But his cover was blown by his daughter Anamine who reconized him one day when they were both visiting a villiage near the outpost.
The Gelvan Family Tree II

An Updated Family Tree of the Gelvan Family.

A squad of Republic special forces and a small group of Jedi hunterd him until he fleed the planet he was sent back throught training and was forced back at the bottom of the chain of command as punishment for his failure. Before he left Shili and before Anamine exposed him they got a chance to talk to one another for the vvery first time sence Reverk left her in the care of his wife's clan. He was both surprised and severly hurt that his daughter joined the Republic and that she blamed the Empire for taking him and her Mother's Clan that cared for her away from her and he was hurt even more so that she was a Jedi the Empire and all it stood for was the reason why she joined the Republic and it Jedi protectors. Sence their meeting and their conversation he has thought about defecting and joining the Republic just to be with his daughter.

The Cold War/Second Great War:

Reverk went back throught basic training again the only thing he hated about it was dealing with people that saw themselfs as his superiors when in fact he was better trained and had more experience then anyone in the program. He hates arrogant and incompetent people so he didn't make any new friends in the program the only people he trusted was the members of his old unit the Stirke Force Aurek Commandos (SFAC for short) there were six people in the SFAC all together the SFAC was a top secret special forces unit that operated behind the scenes during the Great War. When he finished basic again he was sent to hutta to deal with a Hutt named Nem'ro the Hutt which he delt with quickly because out off all the non-humans he hated, he hated the Hutts the most next to the Rakatan. After that mission was complete he was called back to Dromund Kaas were he met the Sith Lord Darth Jadus the two of them didn't get along very well but Reverk carried out the mission Darth Jadus gave him with minimum question. but shortly after they meet Darth jadus was killed onboard his flagship the Dominator along with several thousand civvis and Imperial Officials by terrorists who were against the Empire his daughter Darth Zhorrid took his place on the Dark Council. Reverk and Darth Zhorrid didn't get along at all to sum it up he really wanted to kill her after she killed four Imperial Agents and almost killed his commanding officer Keeper for something Reverk said which was "I don't serve you I take orders from Keeper". Reverk didn't encounter Zhorrid much after that which was a good thing for him because he was able to follow up on new leads on the terrorist cells that were going to launch a major attack on the Empire. So he was sent to worlds like Balmorra, Tatooine, Alderran, Nar Shaddaa and many more worlds.

While on Alderran Reverk was sent to meet an Imperial Diplomat who joined a Killik nest in order to come to terms with there hive. He found it a little disturbing at first but managed to get use to them and the thought of a Imperial Diplomat joining a hive mind but the higher ups were a little jumpy at that thought. But he could tell that his joining wouldn't be a threat to the Empire for the time being so he ignored that so he could finish his job on Alderran. When he finished his job there House Cortess was turned into a Killik hive and the Imperial joiner was assigned to Reverk. Reverk was called back to Dromund Kaas by Keeper because Darth Zhorrid summond him when Reverk arrived what he saw made him feel pity for her she jumped the gun and demanded respect and of course they laughed and attacked her. Darth Zhorrid asked him to kill her father's killers to take revenge for her. Although he hated her he felt even more pity for her then so he accepted. Reverk was sent to a gas giant where a modified Dreadnaught was orbiting when he borded it and made it ot the bridge who he found was disturbing beyond belief it was . . . Darth Jadus. The sith lord engineered his death to free himself from the grasp of the Dark Council to do what he wished which was to reform the Empire and Imperial Intellagence. Reverk stopped his plans but he had to launch the attack Jadus was planning in

Reverk II

Reverk After his encounter with Anamine.

order to stop him. Shortly after the war restarted and Reverk was sent to many other worlds to assist in the War effort.

-Not much is known of his activities after the war but its said that he killed his daughter in an encounter with a small jedi team during his stay on Myrkr.-

The Clone Wars:

Reverk Face-1-

Reverk During the Clone Wars.

Reverk spent a few thosand years roaming the galaxy mostly in the Unknown Region to the galactic west he spent most of his time with the Chiss he found his people and the Chiss were alike both there worlds turned into frozen waste lands and they were dangerous warriors. during one of his trips to the Eastern side of the galaxy he felt the dark side growing the Trade Federation invaded the planet Naboo and he could sense corruption in the Galactic Republic's Senate. He desided to stay in the area for a while to learn more about whats going on thne he heard that a jedi has gone rouge a man named Count Dooku a few years later there was a Battle at Geonosis Reverk joined the battle on the jedi's side pretending to be a jedi toward the end of the battle Reverk was badly injured which forced him into Berserker mode which opened him up to the Dark Side blowing his cover a lone jedi found him and took him back to the temple on Coruscant in turn the masters did to him what the jedi masters in the past did to Darth Revan they wiped his past memories and cleaned the dark side from him not much is know about his time as a jedi but it is said he abandoned his master in the middle of combat the master was never heard from again.

Shortly after leaveing his master he found a small group calling it self the Sith Warriors were he meet several powerful sith one of the sith masters saw the potential in him after her last two students she desided to take Reverk as her apprentice Lord Visas Nihilus (Raxxum) trained him in the ways of the dark side during his training something clicked in him his mind felt like a steel vail was being pulled away he could remember his past again the old Reverk was back and he vowed vengance on the jedi who blocked his memories. Two weeks after he joined the people in the group started to fight each other thanks to a little nudge he gave then in a blink of an eye the group broke up and everyone went there different was only a few people stayed in contact with each other Reverk stayed with Visas to complete his training then he was given the title of Lord then he became known as Lord Reverk the Lord of Chaos.

During his early days in Visas army he would spend his free time digging up info on groups that were fighting

Imperial Snow Troopers

3 out of 20 Elite Imperial Snow Troopers under Reverks command in the Imperial Guard.

and would give the intel to both sides he would lie sometimes so one of the groups would suffer a major defeat then he would bask in the chaos, the pain, the fear he loved what he did till he suddenly became bored with it everything that happened around the temple didn't surprise him anymore. As time pasted Visas changed her name to Raxxum by that time Reverk, darth wesley, Ace Bladez, and Raxxum had become close friends and he found out Raxxum was an orphan Reverk desided to take her in as his daughter. There were times when the two of them would get into fights and severly wound each other from time to time but they forgive each other when the day was over. Reverk, Raxxum, darth wesley, and Ace Bladez were in several empires there last attempt to create a sucsessful empire was the Svess Imperial Senate the empire lasted for a while but people started to leave the military branch which was under Reverk's command was the first to disband then the Imperial Guard which was under the control of darth wesley disbanded wesey later joined Reverk in the Berserkers of Rhen Var. Raxxum left the Svess Imperial Senate she left Ace in charge of the Senate till she returned. She never did go back to the empire and in time Ace disbanded the senate and the empire from what Reverk knows Raxxum went back to the Mandalorian Guild.

Encounter with the Chimera:

(This is just something I have been wanting to add I know not very star warsy but its something I RPed about in the game.)

Shortly after the Svess Empire broke up he started to explore the South Western part of the Galaxy were he discovered an alien race that was not from our own galaxy. (No not the Vong another alien race.) They were in the middle of takeing over a world turning into a frozen wasteland which he later found out after "studing" on a few of the forms that they can't survive in warm climates they need to be constantly cooled down if not they will burn up they fuse a cooling devise to the backs of the forms to keep there bodies from over heating until the planet they were invadeing dropped to a more stable level for them to survive in. He also discovered they convert the native speices into the forms that are needed for the


A group of Chimeran Hybrids on the hunt

invasion He gave these creatures a name after he finally captured one of the larger creatures he called the Chimera the name means monster which suited them nicely after watching them take over the world he found them on soon after there ships came to meet his he managed to take out one of there battleships before being forced to make a break for hyperspace. He has begun to try and find a way to keep
1000px-R3 grims

Three Chimeran Grims (and several others) appear from the mist to attack Reverk's men.

the Chimera from converting any of the speices in our galaxy if they tried to invade any other worlds but he was having problems with every new ground gained there would be a set back as the virus would activate counter messures and evolve he concluded that there must be trillions of different forms of Chimera his work may be slow but he is working on a cure or anti-virus as a safe guard against them. He gathered what ships that remained from the empire and sent them to slow the Chimeran advance three years after holding the line. They managed to capture several of there battleships they moved the captured ships to system deep in the Unknown Regions a system that was once a capitial to a powerful empire. (If the discription of the system doesn't give away the name of it then you have never really heard of it before lol.) The Chimera suddenly disappeared never to be seen again even the worlds they took control of were abandoned all that was left over was snow covered plains and massive towers that served as central hubs for the higher up Chimeran forms and millions of conversion centers used to convert the native populations. Even though they were gone he gave the fleet orders to continue to hunt for them if they were to return to our galaxy. He finally managed to create an anti-virus although it was to late from what he knew.

-A holocron built with the metal Phrik was resently discovered in the wreckage of the Menalous the information inside detailed the research done on the Chimeran strains and a recourding of the last encounter between Chimeran forces and Neo-Imperial Colonization Defence Forces-

15648 465525583584258 4348283071334613966 n-1-

Reverk's Holocron Despite being slightly damaged it is still functional and can still relay information.

Day - 1 Recon--Commander Relis

-As the shuttle switches from orbital flight to atmospheric flight mode Commander Relis watches as the

Wolf emblem by Rojas the Black Wolf

The Emblem used by the Berserkers and all Imperials under Reverk's command.

sleck Tri-winged combat shuttle come in for a landing in a creater to off load his reinforcments and supplies on the unforgiving world of Durace- Commander. -a voice from behind calls- Yes ensign? -replied Relis turning around- Sir the communications station and barracks are set up and we have detected unusual reading on the northern hemisphere High Command says that these readings are similar to the effects of Chimeran Spirers entering a planets atmosphere. -Relis turns around to watch the shuttle crew unload the supplies and the Troopers pile out and head for the barraks- Send a fighter to recon the area if it is the Chimera then our plan to colonize this world would mean sending hundreds of refugees to their deaths. -said Relis- I agree sir I will deploy a fighter when I return to the comm station oh and Command has notified Reverk about this and he will be here within a few days. -Relis tightens up a bit- The White Rose? Here? Why? Yes sir it seems he is doing research on the Chimera he is also bringing a group of commandos and a small unit of war droids with him as well. -Relis turns around and motions for the Ensign to follow- He really takes these creatures seriously doesn't he? Yes sir he does and its understandable these creatures are a threat to the Empire and the rest of the Galaxy. True. -sighs- Lets get the base ready for his arrival. -they walk away towards the comm station- 

Day - 1 -- 3 Hours later

-Lightning flashes nearly hitting the refitted Mk. VII Advanced Intercepter- -the pilot cusres under his breath- Why is it that I always have to fly missions outside the shield dome again? Because there are no other pilots to take these missions at the moment thats why. -replied Relis- Then we need more Pilots here then so... -his sensors chipper then barrel rolls to the left narrowly doudging another lightning bolt- -curses again- This is what I mean there should be no flight missions out side of the shield dome someone is going to get killed or worse I might get killed! Just calm down you are not that far from the area where we last detected those energy readings. -grumbles to himself looks out side the canopy- I don't see anything out of the ordinary yet command must have been a strong electrical discharge. -his sensors chipper again he moves to roll again but is to late- -a bolt of lightning strikes the rear of his fighter- Blast! Command I am hit I am going to have to set her down. I told you something was going to happen! Roger we will send a pick up team to your location as soon as one becomes avalible. -ruffly sets down the fighter in a clearing near a grouping of hills- Roger that command. -opens the canopy and hops out to inspect the damage to the fighter- -looks at the remains of the starboard engin- Damn, shes not flying any time soon. -hears a noise from behind he quickly spins around drawing his hold out pistol- Whos there? -nothing replies- Who am I kidding there no life out side of the shield. -heads back to the cockpit ears the nosie again- -stops turns around again blaster at the ready slowly walks backwards towards the cockpit turns around again when he reaches the it and climes in and seals the canopy shut- Command theres something out here but I am not sure what be advised there may be a Chimeran presence in the area. -static- Command do you read? -more static- -curses to himself again- -reopens the canopy again and steps out and walks around the fighter too see if there was anymore damage to the fighter- -Hears a noise from behind and before he can turn around he is hit hard on the back of his head and is nocked out cold and his body is dragged off-

Day - 2 Failure--NICDF Recovery Team

Commander Relis this is Recovery Team Trill we have made it to the down fighter but we can't find the pilot and we found tracks heading off to the east looks like something heavy was dragged away resently. Roger that Team Trill keep looking but in three hours return to base theres a massive electronic storm heading your way. Understood command Team Trill out, Alright men Spread out and sweep the area again and I want two scouts to check those tracks leadign off to the east. -the troops salute and head off to check the area again the scouts disappearing over the hill following the tracks- -The transport commander pulls out a pair of microbinoculars and scans the area then stops as he spots the storm heading there way- -All of a sudden there came the sound of shouts and weapons fire from the direction in which the scouts went off then one of the scouts came into sight and was riped in half by energy projectiles then a shummering light blue hull of a Stalker came charging over the hill firing its minigun and missiles at the team- Stalker! -cried someone in the team as everyone turned to face the enemy and opened fire on it- Command this is Team Trill we have come under fire from a Chimeran Stalker we need assistance! -nothing but static- Command please respond we need back up! -A missile rips throught theside of the transport exploding killing everyone inside it- -then the team members in cover look to the sky as a loud screaching noise appears then is shortly followed by a Spire crashing into the fighter then releasing dozens of Crawlers- -the Crawlers swarm the team members eating away at there helmet seems and continue onto enter the troopers bodies and nock them out infecting them with the Chimeran Virus- -The Stalker ceases fire and heads back over the hill and the team is carrierd off by several Hybrids whom appeared shortly after the spire hit the ground and released its payload-

3 Days Later - Arrival--ISS Menalous

-Reverk stands on the bridge of his flagship the Menalous watching the blue streaks of Hyperspace fade away into real space- Helms men place the ship in high orbit comms officer send a message to the shuttle pilots to get ready for dust off. -he ordered- Admiral you have the bridge. -She nods and Reverk heads off to the turbo lift and pushes the button for the main hanger bay and the lift shoots off in responce- -thinks to himself- Three days behind schedual Damn that corrupt Chiss official we would have left Colonial Station Chaf a lot sooner if I didn't waste so much time tring to get him to work with us! I should have just killed him and took what we needed... But its to late now and its in the hands of the CEDF now. -sighs heavily and says aloud- Dosen't matter now we are finally here and I can finally acquire new specimens for my research. -The lift stops and he steps out of if into a long hallway that curves off to the right halfway down he passes several pilots, troopers, and the ships guards and several ship defense droids- -As he walks into the hanger bay he see six commandos standing by their transport getting ready to lift off and head for the planets surface the transport to the far right of the hanger was still loading its payload of 30 War Droids and a dozen smaller humaniod like battle droids then there was thr transport in the middle which was loading both commandos and battle droids he proceed to the tranport on the left and climed aboard- -His comlink starts to cherp he pulls it out and keys is on- What is it Admiral? It seems theres a situation on the planets surface shall we deploy the shuttles now or wait till their completely loaded with suipplies? -the commandos finally climb aboard after they gather their gear the last one in seals the hatch behind him- Deploy the shuttles now when we calm things down on the planets surface you can send down the rest of the supplies. Understood my load. -thumbs off the comlink the shuttle lurches off the ground as it heads for the planets surface- Keep in mind this planets weather is unpreditable so watch were you step the lightning storms last for a while so try to stay inside and away from storms when your not under the shield dome. -They all say in unison- Roger. -The shuttle slight rattles as it desends into the planets atmosphere he looks out the window at the other three shuttles as they move into formation as they come out of there desent and head for the main base- -The shuttle lurches violently-


-Sections of the Holocron Data stream are damaged or are no longer existent -- Unable to repair -- Holocron is now shutting down-

The end of the Republic and the rise of an Empire:

Several years later the Republic and its jedi started to turn the tide against there enemy and started to retake systems they lost early in the war Reverk watching the war from afar noticed something wasn't right the dark side was starting to surround the leader of the Republic he knew something was wrong so dedecided visit him when he arrived he was greeted with kindness until he started to talk to Palpatine about what was bothering him then he revielded himself as a Sith Lord which didn't surprise Reverk. Palp offered Reverk a position in a unit that was going to travel the galaxy to hunt down and destroy the jedi after he gained power as the Emporer of the Galaxy he accepted with out thinking he knew this was something he had to do if he didn't join he would be hunted down and destroyed he had more work to do includeing studing the Chimera in deeper detail. Reverk wanted to inform Raxxum of what he learned but he wasn't able to reach her all he knew was she went to Jabiim. He wasn't worried about her he knew she could handle herself in any situation.

^-This is something I RPed about in the past as well.-^

Reverk spent alot of his time working on side projects for the Empire one of them was called Project Blackwing and other weapons like the Memento Mori[3]he also recreated the Dark Reaper although he never revealed it to his allies or the Empire and worked on several other super-weapons for the Empire that

MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai

MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai Commander type.

never went public they were all shut down do to the lack of funds and "workers" to finish the projects. He also worked on a few machines for the Svess Military that didn't make it into service for the ground military but there were only a small hand full of machines that made it into the ground military force such as the ZGMF-1017, the ZGMF-1017 Heavy Artillery unit, and the ZGMF/TAR-X1 for recon then there was the RGM-79SR Sniper Unit but all the other machines were equiped for space combat instead. There were a few machines in the advance fleets watching for the Chimera as well machines like the GNX-604T Advance GN-X Unit also called Jinx units then there were the Zaku Models and his personal machines the Jupiter Ghost and the MS-09R4 when he was on a planets surface he would sometimes us a ZGMF/TAR-X1 if that model of machine wasn't avalible he would use a custom MS-07H-8 model to move around quickly on the surface and when he enters battle he makes his Flight-Type shead its airborn parts to the more common Ground-type unit the MS-07B-3 -Which was a model used to replace the MS-07B- he nicknamed his machine The White Rose this model is placed on the Menalous there were several different models of the MS-07 Series as well. Reverk was working on a machine which was going to be for Raxxum but because of her disappearance he didn't finish the Zero GR. Reverk had another machine he used for space combat the OMS-07RF RF Gouf this model was an updated version of the Older Gouf models. Several Prototype mobile suits were developed before he started to work with Palpatine's Empire.

^- - -^

A few mouths later after Raxxum disappered the battle of Utapau has begun he knew the war was going to end after the republic took the planet and destroyed General Grievous then a unit of the 501st would be sent to the temple to destroy the jedi. Reverk and his fellow hunters would hunt down any jedi that managed to escape. Several hours passed then his unit got an update from the battle Grievous was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly after Order 66 was given and then all the jedi that were given clone units to lead were being killed by there own troops this was when several shuttle full of clones from the 501st arrived on Coruscant and began there move on the Jedi Temple leading the troops was the Emporer's new apprentice Lord Vader. Reverk's team was sent into the Temple with a group of Clone assasins to capture and hold a communications room in the Temple and await for Lord Vader to arrive. The battle didn't last very long the jedi were caught so off guard that they weren't able to form a proper defence after the Temple was secured the team was sent to Ossus to eliminate a small group of Jedi students a there masters the battle was a blood bath the jedi were defeated but several members of Reverk's team were killed in the battle. He and his team spent several years hunting jedi across the galaxy very rarely jedi would escape there grasp and drop off the radar then his team would find the same jedi again later down the road and destroy them. The team left Ossus in there modified-prototype frigate the Omen although now there were less of them to efectively fly the ship them managed to make there way to there base on Rhen Var were they took care of the wounded and requested more units to replace the ones they lost during the battle Reverk made it very clear to the person in charge of replacing them to give him only people with real combat experence or there would be another Ossus.

The operator being unable to comply with the request Reverk desided to pull the old Svess fleet from there routes to meet him at Rhen Var when they arrived the fleet massed from at least 200 Harrower-class Dreadnaughts along with 150 Javelin-class Battleships and several hundred Terminus-class Destroyers along with very large number of Mk. VII Advanced Interceptors and B-28 Bombers. As always he found this force impresive. Reverk "collected" these ships from several Imperial worlds before the jedi could destroy them he knew that the ships would come in handy someday and it seems that this day has come. Reverk knew a large force as this would grab the attation of the Empire soon enough he was contacted by Imperial Command he explaned that these ships were from the ancient Imperial Armada[4]from the Great Galactic War. He was unsure if they believed him or not but he didn't care he had his reinforcements and that was all that mattered. Sadly his unit of jedi hunters desided to leave which was fine with him they could go off and fight there own war. Reverks flagship was a BSX-5 Dreadnaught named the Menalous which was a refit version of the Harrower-class as soon as he was abord his flagship they left Rhen Var's air space and left for the Outer Rim Regions just out side of hutt space from there his fleet hid in nebulas and several remote systems just staying out of sight of the rest of the galaxy from there he could watch the war and take out any stray jedi that came his way. In some ways he still served Palp's empire and in other ways he didn't his agents worked on find jedi for the empire and he worked on finding new members for his fleet and studied the Chimera in his spare time but he always went to both Rhen var and Tython from time to time when nothing of importance was happening. From time ot time he would get trasmissions from the Empire demanding that he hand over the fleet if he didn't they would hunt them down and take it ever time Reverk turned them away and he also moved the fleet to Chiss Space he had a few debts to call in and the Chiss "agreed" to hide them.

The Galactic Civil War: The ISS Svess Might

I will go into detail on this one because I haven't done that with most of the wiki page and readers keep in mind this entry here might freak you out a bit so this is a fair warning.

-"There is to much chaos in this galaxy now although I don't mind that but I am not sure if everyone else in the galaxy can handle it."-

Reverk to the admiral of the Menaloues

Not much is known about Reverk's actions during the civil war which is why this part is based off of the information that was collected from what was left of the Menalous.

Reverk and his people were still in and around Chiss space acting as a first line of defense if the Empire or another faction tried to invade the Unknown Region. While his military was occupied with guarding Chiss Space he sent his agents to gather intel of bothe The Rebels and the Empire when they would return to him he would give the intel to one of the factions that he deemed was worthy of having in turn he supported the Rebels more then the Empire which lead to its down fall later on but there were somethings that his agents discovered that his men had to deal with on there own like the Secret Project Blackwing and other events that needed to be delt with. There were also time when his men encou

Sick troops

Storm troopers infected by Project Blackwing.

ntered small pockets of Chimera then there were some small encounters with the Empire. From time to time Reverk would go to his homeworld to visit his people and sometimes try to convinse them to come with him to leave there scared world behind but each time he would ask them they would deny his offer everytime. the last time he visited his homeworld the Empire set up a tracking post so he desided that it was to much of a risk to travel to Rhen Var again and from that moment on he never went to Rhen Var. Shortly after returning to his flag ship he was told that one of the ship that helped to contain Project Blackwing went dark three recon teams that were sent to investigate the destroyer none of them reported back so Reverk desided that a team of Svess Commandos would be sent to find out what happened to both the ship and the recon teams at the last minute he desided to tag along. There were 12 commandos in the unit 6 would search the hangers then move to the forward section of the ship the other team of 4 would go to the engine room and search the surrounding area Reverk and the last two commandos would go to the bridge they would meet up back at there shuttle with any one they find and scuttle the destroyer if they encountered any enemies they would either try and destroy them or trap them in a certain area of the ship if they couldn't do any of that they would link up with one of the other teams or return to the shuttle and secure the area until the other teams returned they were eq
Clone commando TCWCG

A Svess Imperial commando based off of the Republic commando.

uiped with the standard issue rifles the DC-19 carbine, and the DY-225 heavy blaster pistols, and along with several vibro blades covered in terentatek poison and several thermal dets and a few Baradium Bombs along with a Heavy Bio Hazard Gear just in case if the crew was infected during the clean up Reverk knew that the Dark Side would protect him from the Virus sence it was created with sith magic by Darth Drear but he had no clue if any of the crewers corpes were still working and of no threat. Little did they know the reason why the ship went dark. Reverks team made it to the ships bridge with out any problems but there was something wrong he could sense it in the force a dark evil hiding in the shadows. -grabs his comm link- Team commanders report in. team commander aurek reporting we have some across several rooms that show signs of struggle we have yet to encounter any of the crew members yet. Roger Team Besh report in. -static- Commander report in now. -more static- Hmm commander team besh isn't reporting in I want you and your men to make your way to there last position confirm. Order confirmed sir we are moving now. Good I would hate to lose a team of highly trained men. -puts his comm link away turns to one of the troops with him- Trooper secure the door I have a feeling that something is going to happen. Roger -the trooper moves to close bridge blast doors- -turns to the other trooper- I want you to set up a defensive position up there on the walk way make sure you seal the doors when you get up there. Shortly after his troops set up defensive positions Team Aurek reported in that there was no sign of Team Besh but there were several remains of the ships crew the wounds indicated that they were killed by the members of Team Besh but the crew looked like they were dead before they were shot. Reverk ordered Team Aurek to move toward the bridge after meeting there they all would look for Team Besh then leave the destroyer before destroying it.

The Lower levels of the ISS Svess Might:

When Team Aurek arrived they were being trailed by several unidentified enemies when they entered the bridge they sealed the bridge doorway just in time just then Reverk got a transmission from Team Besh they were held up in the ship medical lab and were trapped there by what seemed to be several members of the crew and one large unknown enemy. He told them to hold out as long as they can and him and the rest of the troopers would make there way to them ASAP but they were encoutering resistance. while Reverk and his men getting ready to move out they could hear the THUD THUD THUD of the old crewers outside when they were ready Reverk told them about the ships last mission about Project Blackwing he could sense that they were a little annoyed about not knowing this but they quickly got over it when the thuding out side the blastdoors suddenly stopped they all looked in that direction then Reverk gave the order to take up positions and to shot to kill the people out there were no longer who they were before. the troopers moved into positions around the door then Reverk opened it to find that the hallway was completely empty they were all caught off guard by this so they desided to proceed carefully to the med labs in the lower levels. They proceeded in a tight arrow head formaion Reverk was in the front with four men and the other four men bringing up the rear they encountered a few of the old crewers but swated them asided easily as they desended deeper into the ship the halls became darker and far more cluttered with debre they were one level away from the med lab area as they were making there way to the turbo lift Reverk sensed something it felt like it was a dark endless hunger sparks shot out from a wire on the right side of the hall by the turbo lift then he saw it she was wearing the captians garb then the wire shot out sparks again then there were four more behind her thne their numbers grew again suddenly he head one of the troopers behind him wimmper he turned around to see the way they came was blocked by a wall of decaying flesh then as one they let out a deffening gurggle/scream then they all began to shuffel twords the team none of the team members including Reverk see the air vent panel fall open several arm shot out of the vent and grabbed the commander and draged him in the only thing they heard was his cries for help. Reverk threw a thermal det into the vent followed by a huge jet of flames after its detination. Reverk threw a massive wave of red force lightning at the wall of enemies in front of them clearing a way for there escape he ordered his men to head for Team Besh location and fortafy the area he would old them off for as long as he could. Ok let see how long I can last among these . . . things. -pulls out his Duel-Bladed lightsaber then charges forward cutting his way through mobs of enemies- This is a bit to easy even for me. -sees a massive hulk of a creature slam its way through the wall of Flesh- A wookiee? -the infected wookiee smacks him down the hallway lands on his stomach- You peice of Osik -stands up his eye turn completely white as he enters Berserker Mode then sends a massive wave of black lightning at the mob destroying everything in the hallway then a wave of black lightning surges through his body- Blast the after effects of this ability its a good thing I don't use this every time I get into a tight spot. -begins to walk towards the turbo lift but a crewer grabs his leg he rips it free and stomps its head into the walkway- Don't touch me. -makes his way to the lift then heads down to the level were his team was waiting for his arrivel-. When Reverk arrived he discovered his men in defensive positions in the main med lab one of Team Besh members was cowering in a corner he felt pitty for the man there were very few people who could handle something like this Team Besh commander gave him a SITREP and went to see how the line was doing he knew no they all knew that the infected crewers would come and when they did they will have to fight there way out.

The Fight Home The ISS Svess Might:

It didn't take to long for the infected to attack they attacked in waves but they all feel in droves one after another the horde began to thin. Reverk was laing down fire with his custom made GH-22 rifle when suddenly the hored stopped and retreated they were all confused by there action they quickly desided to leave the labs now before the infected desided to return out of no were they hear a disruptor go off in side the lab when they ran in they found that the trooper that was cowering in the corner had shot him self possibly out of fear they desided to burn the body then move on if they were to take the body wit hthem it would only slow them down but Reverk took a peice of the troopers armour to give to his family or parents if they got out alive that is. They moved slowly down the hall ways to be sure they didn't run head first into a horde they were going to move through the ships reactor plant charges then head for the hanger from time to time they would run into small groups of enemies but swiped them away quickly then moved on as they were moving they desided to take a short cut through the detetion level. When they all arrived in the DL they discovered that there was still power in the containment fields as they passed by the cells they also discovered that the occupents inside were not infected shocking as it was they desided to leave them behind do to the fact that a lot of them were tratiors and would most likely kill them when given a chance plus that they would have been dead weight anyways. They made it through the DL with out encountering any problems and were about to enter the Reactor Room. Reverk stopped to check his holopad for a quick and easy way to there shuttle they would have to cut through decks four and five then make there way through one of the ships many mess halls then it would be a straight shot for the shuttle. The team enter a massive room with only three walkways with four massive reactors between them when Reverk looked down it was like stearing into a bottomless abyss as he was looking down he thought he saw movement down there he looked closer then he saw them it looked like the entire ships crew was down there in the darkness he gave orders to the troops to be as quiet as they can be when placing the charges they did as they were told and they placed several Baradium Bombs on the reactors then reported back to Reverk just then on of the charges fell off of one of the reactors and landed on one of the infected below as one they all let out a loud scream then out of no were blaster fire began to fly up toward the team the infected knew how to use weapons and at that instint they all desided it was best to leave. They were all running down the hallways at top speed trying to out run the enemies barrowling down on them like a flaming cannion ball they made it through deck four by ignorging the enemies which in hinesight was a bad idea they were almost to the turbo lift to the hanger when Reverk spun around and grabs the walls and the cealing with the force and brought them closeing in on each other blocking the hallway buying him and his men time to get out they all reached the lift and went to the hanger as quickly as the lift could move. When thw lift stoped at there hanger the room was almost filled with the infected. Traat'aliit take up positions we are going to fight our way out. -the team moves out to find cover- Ke sriem! -they all raise there waspons- Tracyn! -as one they all open fire cutting down a good number of the enemy Reverk moves to the front firing his GH-22 and throwing webs of red lightning at anything that charges at him- The fight lasted about half an hour they quickly boarded their shuttle and they left the hanger bay just as another massive horde came charging into the hanger when they were at a safe distance they blew the bombs they had set earlyer in the shis reactor room they watched as the ship broke up and blew into molten slag. The ISS Svess Might and its crew can now rest in peace when Reverk left the shuttles bridge and went into the resting area when he did he saw a man in a Svess Imperial Uniform he just stood there in shock as the man turned around and charged him Reverk took out four vibro blades and tossed them at him arms and legs the man fell and Reverk threw four more blades at him pinning him to the deck. The man let out a scream like that of the crew from the Svess Might he didn't know how he got onboard but he was getting off one way or another. Reverk picked him up with the force and walked him ot the air-lock just as two of the remaining commandos charged in with weapons at the ready he raised his hand to signal them that everything was alright he dropped the man into the air-lock and sealed the door befor ehe could crawl out and sent him into the cold empty void of space. The team returned to Chiss space and were scubed down like there was no tomorrow by Bio-hazard teams to make sure that there was no sign of infection on them which didn't take long after that they were debreifed and dismissed when Reverk returned to his room he felt like he could no longer go on fighting he was losing the will to fight.

The New Republic Era:

-"When you lose the will to fight then you truely have nothing left to fight for then will peace finally be among us now lets go find our new home."-

Reverk on the Menalous to his bridge crew before the ships leave for hyperspace.

Severals years after the Galactic Civil War Reverk finally realized that this galaxy his home galaxy would forever be consumed with war and at the same time he lost the will to fight all together so he began to put together a hyperspace route to the Galactic South that would take the fleet to the next galaxy and hopefully to a better life. It took Reverk four years to complete the hyperspace route the fleet would make several stops before reaching the edge of there home galaxy and then hopefully onward to there new home. The first stop would be at a Chiss Space Station on the edge of there occupied space were they would gather all the supplies needed to make the trip along with several old cargo vessels they would use to grow crops in just in case they ran out of food water wasn't a problem they had the neccesary equipment to clean and reuse water. The second stop would be at the old military reseach center at Lehon (Rakata Prime) were they would destroy the caprued ships and take all the data they had at the station. The third stop would be at Endor for a short time then they would make a mad dash for the galactic edge were they will make there final jump to there new home.

There first stop took longer then expected but they finally got on there way again when the fleet dropped out of hyperspace they were greeted by an advanced scout force from the Yuuzhan Vong invasion fleet Reverk ordered the fleet to jump to the next way point as soon as possible while the Menalous held off the attacking force but two dreadnaughts the Victory and the Death's Head disobeyed and joined the Menalous in combat after they copyed all the data from the station and sent it to the new fleet flagship the Freedom and destroyed the station.


The Menalous as it falls to Lehon.

They were caught off guard when a wing of old republic fighters launched from one of the enemy ships. They managed to hold off the attackers long enough for the fleet to jump then Reverk orders the other two ship to flee as well as the Menalous managed to bring the enemy close enough to Lehon were they could drag them down to the planets surface with there tractor beams but the Menalous was caught in the planets atmosphere Reverk gave the order to abandon ship but he choose to stay on the ship several crewers protested and wanted to stay at there posts but he forced them to leave when the last pod was away the Menalous hit the lower atmosphere and the ship was ripped apart and violently exploded at the last second he wondered what life in this galaxy would have been like if the jedi and the sith never exsisted. Only a small hand full of fighters and the escape pods got away to join the fleet to give word that there leader has fallen in battle to protect the fleet and the future of those onboard.

End of Imperial Report.

Would you like to know more? (YES/NO)

End Transmission.

Beyond Official Imperial Records.

-The sound of debris falling in the distance and all around the ship blacks in and out as a sound of people working through the rubble then completely blacks out.-

According to unofficial Imperial Records the body of Reverk Gelvan was recovered on the world of Lehon by Chiss scouts. He was placed in intensive care do to hi body being extremely damaged when the ship fell to the planet and was turned over to what was left of the Empire as a prisoner and a test subject. Reverk's body was taken to Kashyyyk and placed in a secret research base in the Shadow Lands soon after it began to snow and Reverk's mind reached out to his surviving family calling for them to come find him. After some time some of his family members came to him after he called out to them through the force when they entered the facility they found everyone was slaughtered bodies lay everywhere in twisted masses they pushed deeper in to the facility to find more dead bodies this was when they moved to the lower levels there they encountered a protocol droid calling itself HK-51 they conversed for a while when it reveled it belonged to Reverk himself that was when four other droids like the first came out of the shadows armed to the teeth with weapons the first saying that no harm will come to their master. After the three members of Reverk's family talked down the droids the HKs told them of there plan to take Reverk's body back to Rhen Var where he would be laid in peace but were having issues creating a life support system strong enough to keep him alive long enough to get his body home. While the HKs and the two older siblings made a LS System the youngest somehow managed to deactivate the blinds around the glass on Reverk's cell to reveal that he was dipped in a vat of Bacta with air and blood tubes hooked up to him large portions of his body missing when the little girl screamed the others noticed and were horrified and stared at his maimed body one of the HKs went and reactivated the blinds locking the panel and went back to working on the LS System.

A day went by after the droids and the male member of Reverk's family finished the LS System and hooked it up to his Bacta tank they proceeded to take him to a shuttle waiting on the facilities surface hanger on the way there they passed several fallen Imperial personnel both Scientist and Troopers alike all of whom were thrown aside by the HKs to make a path for the Bacta Tank when they finally made it to the shuttle they loaded him into the cargo bay and left the planet but before they could jump out of system they were ambushed by two Imperial Frigates and a Interdictor Cruiser of which they tried to capture them but after they failed to do so they attempted to shoot them down but with no success before the shuttle reached the edge of the Gravity Well Cone and jumped away to safety shortly after they made the jump the droids began checking the star charts and plotting the new course when they reached a safe distance away from the Imperial ships. An hour passed when they assumed they were safe they dropped out of hyperspace and made the corrections and jumped again to Rhen Var when they arrived there they began their decent to the planets surface to the very Citadel where Reverk spent his time in Exile after they landed and unloaded him they took him deep into the Citadel and began looking for an entrance to an Ice Cave when they found it they took him deep inside as they were walking the family discovered that this cave was more then just a cave it was a mass grave that preserved what was left of the people within that part of the Citadel faces twisted with fear some in pain and others a mix of both fear and pain but there were Crystals growing along the walls and ceiling when the eldest girl asked what they were answered by a voice that sounded more machine then man answered "They are the heart and Souls of those whom have perished here these Crystals were the hearts of the sabers used by those that served under me in the past as well as the blasters used by the regulars the Crystals are powerful in the force and can spread Ice to what ever the blade cut through or whatever the bolt hit." The three stared at the tank uncomfortably as he spoke and looked through the ice at the people incased within. When they all reached the end of the cave the others saw two people frozen in the ice a woman and a small girl both embracing one another as a mother would her child on their faces were the expressions of calmness and peace Reverk explained who they were they were family members from before Rhen Var's destruction his mother and little niece suddenly the tank shattered from the inside and Reverk crawled forward and laid at the feet of his mother and niece before his body froze over in his final moments he found true peace. The droids remained to protect his tomb his three members left and headed for home to rest and take in their experience.

Thus is the true end of Reverk and his struggle The White Rose is no more. [5] (Lol pretend there are credits going when you listen to this song. XP)

End of Unofficial Records Deleting history and document... Locking console and summoning security personnel... System Error Shutting Down...

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