Character name: Jason Infinityfire

Date made on CWA: September, 5 2010

Ranking: Chief pety officer
Redge Shadowrunner


Once called "Redge Blackboarder.". Redge Shadowrunner Has flown on his vessel, "Forward Unto Darkness." Well half of the ship anyway. Thought to have never returned after the Battle of Geonosis, His ship flew through space for 4 years. While waiting to be awoken by someone, He turned himself into carbonite. When his ship crashed into Alderaan, The Rebellion scavenged the ship, Thus finding Redge Shadowrunner. A hero lost in action. In the republic everyone thought he was killed in action. But now he has returned from the Dust and Echoes of space. To exact his revenge on his enemies. And form new allies. Redge has lost all communications to the Republic of Seperatists. He is now the leader of all USNC Related Squads and personel.


Redge Shadowrunner, Allied with several squads known as: "Firewalker Empire." "Dark Nebula."

"USNC Marines." "Mandolorian Mercs."


Redge Blackboarder joined the BETA after hearing it at StarWars Celebration V. And has played CWA For 22 Months.

Redge Shadowrunner's plans for world domination:

  1. Open up Windows XP- Completed
  2. Go to SWCVI- In progress
  3. Take back what was once lost- In progress
  4. Remove hackers- Well what would you expect?.
  5. Eliminate all enemies

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