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Redge Powerstunner in his signature suit

Redge Powerstunner


"I don't care what you look like, who your father was, or what you are, if you treat me with respect, I will do the same" -Redge in an interview with a Ministry reporter. Redge Powerstunner Is a player in the fictitious MMO "Clone Wars Adventures". Redge was a caring man, who served as a clone, a missionary, a soilder, and a politition. Redge felt that life should be enjoyed, and tried to do the best to improve the quality of his life and others.


Redge powerstunner grew up in the bustling city of Sundai, to Jamie, and Lance Powerstunner. As a child Redge was unsure of what to do with his life. He had allways had an intrest in polotics, and military affairs. Redge had applyed to be a scollar at the Royal acadamy, but his application was denied. Undiscouraged, Redge felt that he could get an education, with the education programs that the military had. Redge said "goody bye" to his parents, and found the nearest Republic Recruting Stand.

Military Career

Unsure of what he wanted to do with his life, Redge enrolled into the Republic Marines, and was granted the call sign "Red". He found his enrollment as an oppertunity to help people. Redge was under the command of Field Marshal Racer. Redge allways had a respect for Racer, and developed a good friendship with him. Private Powerstunner soon rose through the ranks, and became a colonal in the Republic Marines. Around the time redge became a colonal Xalandra Nova was rising in power and publicity. Racers' Squad was at war with Nova, and Redge knew that a treaty was the only way to stop the blood shed.

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Redge looking over the entrance to his company's base

A meeting was set up with Xalandra Nova, the head of Nova corp, to meet Redge at his ryloth lot. Eventhough he was very nervous, Redge kept his cool, and his wits. Redge found that Nova didn't seem as cold blooded as everyone elce had. (he would later find the truth) After the meeting a treaty was written up, and signed by both partys. Redge was commened on his negociating skills, and thanked by Racer him self. After the negociations Redge befriened Nova, and was an occasional guest at her partys, and banquets. Redge even was invited to the VIP party palace in the sky.

The Second Battle of Genosis

"Get up! Everyone up! Get your gear on, and head into the briefing room!" -Elete Marine Turbo to the men in Ghost Company's Barracks

Redge and his fellow troops were hurded into LAAT/i gunships, after their breiefing, and headed out. Redge was in the gunship right behind Genral Kenobi's. Redge knew that the republic had been planning this invasion for over two planitary rotations, even though he knew what the plan was, he was still anxious. Redge heard an explosion, and hit the deck of the LAAT. The ship had been shot down. The next thing Redge knew, the gunship was down, on the surface of Genosis. Redge quickly recovered his witts, to find that he was one of five that had survived the impact. Redge helped the co pilot, and three other troops out of the gunship. As a commander (at the time) Redge knew that he was in command.

The squad salvadged all that they could from the downed gunship, and headed for cover. The squad knew that they had to regroup, but they also knew that they would have to go through many droids, and genosians to meet their goal. The squad had a plan, they could send a distraction to lure the droids into a Genosian cave, and set off their detonators, with a trip wire. Redge thought that it was so dumb, that it might work.

Flam, a Clone trooper who graduated the same time as Redge did, set up with wire, and Redge, along with Jailer, grabbed their blasters, and lured the droids into the cave. The trip wire went off destroying the three squads of battle droids. As Redge made knotches in his helmet with a piece of scrap metal, Jailer survayed an escape route. The squad headed two the rondevu point, carrying the wounded over their shoulders. The squad met to the rondevu point, to find that the rest of the batalion was under heavy fire. Redge grabbed a Z-6 Rotary cannon, and gave covering fire, to make time for the air cover to arrive.

The Y-wing bombers arrived, and the clones let out a hearty cheer, Redge and Jailer would later go with Jedi Genral Anikan Skywalker, to help destroy the factory. Flam, and the rest of the squad, would survive, but would live with painful reminders of their heroism. Redge was given a bronze star for leading his men to safety. He was also offered a position in Racer's own squad.

Nova Involvment

After Redge had served three tours with the Marines, and recieved two purple hearts, Redge felt that the fighting was boiling down. He felt that he had a new calling, building. Redge was given the title "Master Builder" after having his Military Base "Featured" in the housing list. He built many significant structures, such as a military base, a resort, and a cruiser. Nova was very impressed in Redge's gift, and offered him a spot at Nova Corp. After much consiteration, Redge accepted this offer, and became part of the military. Redge was clouded by Nova's lies, about how she was helping people, and trying to rid the Galaxy of the fighting. Redge met with Genral Dahntalon Golbrek, and Nick Stormchaser, respect officers in Nova Corp, and instantlycliked. Redge became even more involved in the Nova scene, occasionally escorting her, as her personel guard.

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Redge awaiting the arival of Xalandra Nova

When the Nova "Scene" became a battle ground, Redge used his combat skills, to take care of business. Redge was involved with many battles, and protection details. Redge even was used as a spy for Nova, but gave her the wrong information. After being involved with Nova for a few years, he was begining to see through her ways, her depection, and her charm. After Nova agents tortured a member of the best Jedi Ever squad, Redge cut the man loose, and argued with the official that had ordered this violent attack. Redge was placed on leave, and didn't mind, so he verbally attacked Nova, in an attempt to persuade her, to stop terrorizing the people of the Galaxy. Nova blew him off and ended her relationship with him.

Finding his Place

After wondering what the next chapter in his life would be, while sitting at the top of his fortress, Redge was visited by an old friend Daniel Greenpulser. Redge and Daniel had talked, and had shared the betrayment that they had both been gifted by Nova. Daniel Mentioned that he was starting a new government, called "the Ministry of the People". Redge wass very intrested with this, because he had allways been in to polotics, and had a good legal mind. Daniel offered redge a position in the ministry, as a substitute politition, and a full time guard. Redge took the offer, without a second thought.

Redge became very involved with the senate. He met new people such as Dylan Antiunknown,

Josher Yodler, Grace Yodeler, Beastly Rex, Altair Drakestar, Dawnrai Catara,

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 7.06.42 PM

Redge and Oreo messing around at the ministry building

Elena Amatari, and numerous other associates of his. While working security for Prime Minister Greenpulser, Redge met many new allys, and helped Negociate many agreements. Redge was the key factor in the allyment with Squad Leader Racer, the People of Naboo, and the New Mandalorians. Redge also met Oreo Cakester (who would become one of Redge's closets friends) who was a fellow guard. Redge and Oreo suddenly became frends. They had similar hobbies, and got into some trouble Pranking Daniel together. Redge and Oreo

continuously fought for the title of leading the guard. Both were finally given equal power.

Hostage Crisis, and Other Attacks

While guarding the Ministry building, Redge and Oreo were constintly putting their lives on the line. One example, was when Dark Nebula's Army, led by Genral Dahntalon Golbrek surrounded the Ministry building, and took control of the lobby guns blazing. Redge and Oreo were on duty at the time, and immediatly led all of the senators into a safe room, as well as pushing the "panic" button which shut all of the doors in the building. Adreniline pumping, Redge managed to speak with Genral Golbrek one on one. Since Dahntalon was still a good friend of Redge's, Dahntalon Ordered his troops to stand down. Dahntalon explained how he was after Daniel, and Redge Rebutled, by stating that he would have to go through him before he got to Daniel. Dahntalon finally left with a warning for Daniel. Redge breathed a huge breath of relief, but knew that he had to step up security.

The week after the hostage crisis, Redge attended the weekly senate meeting, with other intentions, beside guarding the meeting. Redge sat down as a representative, and presented the "Guard Act" to the senate. This act demanded peace officer powers, more guards, new uniforms, the ability to wield assault rifels, batons, speeders, hand binders, and new technology. The senate listened to Redge and how he felt about the protection of the Senate, and its members. The bill was passed. The security force had finally had police powers, and was now a police force. Redge was overjoyed, and put the bill in act right away.

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 7.03.50 PM

Redge and Oreo standing guard during a meeting

Two weeks after the senate meeting there was another attack on the senate by a rogue senator (who shall not be named due to an agreement in cort). Redge and his guard force was ready, with their stronger force, new technology, and their new speeders. Oreo swiftly aprehended the attacker, but was suprised by the senator wielding a blaster. Oreo was pushed down, and dove for cover. Redge was working at the front desk, and was unaware of the situation. Oreo pulled out his blaster pistol, and took care of business. Another time, half of the Government's ministers (Dawnrai, Elena, Daniel, and Altair) were recruiting senators in the lobby, when suddenly an angry individual wielding a D15 blaster rifel came in, and demanded to see his brother. Oreo was on his day off, out of the planet, on a vacation with Dawnrai, so Redge was on his own. Redge tackled the man, and Along with Daniel arrested the man.

John Raider would become a nemisis for Redge, he would end up attacking the senate numerous times, and fight with Redge even more. John was in love with Viltee Xantie, Daniel's cousin, and A senator at the Government. Redge felt that John's acts of violence were a way to be noticed, by viltee, but after John put Redge in the hospital, by bombing the senate, Viltee, and Pure Clan Genral Dylan Antiunknown knew they had to step up to the plate. Dylan and Viltee talked to John and told him that he needed to leave the senate alone, or Viltee would never talk to him again, and Dylan would show no mercy. John did not listen, and when Redge was back from the hospitle John accused Oreo of a hanous crime against his daughter. John was furious, and visiously attacked Redge. Redge immidetly fought back stunning John and Binding his hands.

John was thrown into the prison cell in the police station, Redge began filing paperwork, and eventually charging John on assault on a peace officer. John tryed to escape, but had not, untill his family broke him out, and locked Redge in his own jail cell. Redge left the senate for a full rotation, telling Daniel that he would not return untill justice was served. Redge found one of John's many layers, swarming with his immideate family, and redge challenged him to a duel without weapons. The two squared off, and John threw the first punch.

Redge immideatly dodged and kicked john in the stomach with a crack. Redge was repaid with a punch to the jaw, and before he knew it a fury of rage overwhealmed him. Redge couldn't stop swinging untill he saw the pool of blood surrounding Raider. Redge hand binded the unconcious Raider and went to get up. Dylan took John into custody as Redge readyed the cort.

The next Day John was tried for Mayhem, terroristic threats, assault on a peace officer, and numerous other charges. John pled not guilty, but the cort made a compromise, tht John would not go near the Government, and no official of the Government would go near him. After an uproar from John, he left the cort house, never to be seen by Redge again.

The Negociations on Sarlaac

"Redge ready the Pure Clan Starship"-Daniel Greenpulser briefing Redge and Oreo on the mission

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 7.02.23 PM

The Pure Clan Starship (building credit to Ben Blazingquicker)

Carlacc was under attack from the terrorist group Death Watch, and the Pure Clan Government was called to help the people of Carlaac. When Daniel Greenpulser got word from Sara Wolf (the leader of the pure clan government military) he immidetly summoned Redge and Oreo, and ordered them to prepair the Pure Clan Starship. The Starship was a restored smuggler ship from the planet Mandalore. The Ship was given to Daniel as a gift from the people of Mandalore for helping them achieve independance.

Screen Shot 2012-09-15 at 2.04.05 PM

Redge Navigating the journey to Carlaac

Redge and Oreo loaded the ship with the supplies they would need, and ten of Sara's troops for protection. Beastly Rex heard about the crisis, and wanted to help, and Daniel let him come. They took off with Oreo behind the controls Daniel as Co pilot, Beastly hanging out and Redge navigating. The Journey took four days, and niether Daniel, Redge, and Oreo Slept during the journey, they were too busy handleing negociations. The crew arrived at the Carkaccian Militia HQ, to find the Milita weary, and few (with only about 250 troops left). Daniel Knew that taking military action, could threaten the Government's neutrality, but he knew that he had to do somthing.

The Pure Clan military only had a small Militia of 1,00 men at the time of this crisis, and they could only sspare a quarter of their force to Daniel's cause. With only 512 Men under his command, Daniel, and Redge (who was 2nd command of the force) knew they had to be resorceful to run the (estimated) 1,000 death watch off the planet. Redge knew that they did not have air support, and only their wits on their side. Redge and Daniel each took half the militia. Redge and Oreo would take their half of the Militia to free the civilian hostages, and then to join Daniel and Rex, and their men to take control of the Death watch Base. Redge and Oreo cleared the capital, and Daniel led the assault on the base. With all the hostages safe, Redge and Oreo's force went to attack the rear of the base. with Daniel's force weary, and taken prisoner, Redge and Oreo were all that stood between total destruction of the Planet Carlacc. Redge left Oreo to lead the men, well Redge and a small team of natives to attack the base from the inside, and free the Councellor (Daniel) and his men, from capture. With Oreo's Men Advanceing, Redge had reached the prison level.

As Redge was breaking Daniel free of his shackles, and his Men binding the guards, Redge heard A Deep voice say, "HALT! in the name of Mandalore." It was Pre Visula, the leader of Death Watch, he opened fire on the troops, killing, many, and wounding even more. As soon as Redge grabed his side arm to fire back, he felt a sharp pain in his arm, and droped his blaster. As Redge was down Pre Visula stood over him, ready to shoot when he fell to the ground. He had been stunned by none other than Oreo. Oreo put hand-binders on him, as the troops led away the Death Watch Prisoners. Redge was given medical treatment, along with the other wounded. Oreo would forever be remembered by the people of Carlaac, and especially remembered by a few ladies -ahem-... The hero's waved as they left, and flew back to their Headquarters, with Oreo gloating all the way.

Time for Vacation

While arresting a terrorist at the ministry redge was written for bashing the man's head agaisnt the wall for excessive force. Redge's C.O. (commanding officer) Daniel Greenpulser told him that he needed to take a vactaion, because he was too stressed out. Redge chose to take an unpaid vactation, instead of trying to fight the accusation.

Redge took an itergalactic vacation to Endor, Tatooine, Naboo, and his homeworld of Mandalore. Redge used the time to get away, relax, and see some of the greatest archatecture the Galaxy had to offer. While on his journey Redge visited the creations of Cirus Craytage, Alaira Dalia, Mala Dalia, Grif Starsong (who is a very good friend of his), and Rex Bactapack. Redge was greatly inspired by their works, and admired their tallents greatly. At a lunch stop at the Sandy Sarlaac Cantina Redge met a woman about the same age he was Named Luminara Yodler (unrelated to Josher Yodler). Redge immideatly was attracted to her stunning appearance, and great personality. Redge fell in Love.

Before Redge left the Cantina that night, Luminara slipped Redge her number and they vowed they would meet again. It wasn't long untill Redge met Luminara on the beautiful Planet of Naboo. They would eventually date, and Redge proposed, it was the happiest day of both their lives. The wedding was at a house Redge had made just for that occasion. The two would eventually have two kids(John and Katie), and live together in peace.

The She' Powerstunner Resort

On his off days, Redge enjoyed going to partys, meeting people, dating, and building. One of Redge's greatest building achievments was the She' Powerstunner Resort (pronounced: Sh-ay Power-stunner Resort). Redge spent sevral months salary, and time on the Resort. The Resort features; two restaraunts, a day care center, a work out room, a chapel, a spa, 12 guestrooms, an arcade, a club, and a bar. Many celebraties fell in love with

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 7.22.48 PM

Inside the Resort (please do not copy my design, make your own :) )

the uniqueness of the She' Powerstunner, such as Squad Leader Racer, Jessica Jackson, Von Vonwalker, Cyrus Craytage, Ben Blazingquicker, and numberous others. (In fact, Squad Leader Racer spent his honeymoon with Kala Racer there) The Resort, was unique in its own way, by focusing on detail, quality, service, archatecture, and coustomer happyness.

The opening of the New Senate Building

Redge on top of being the head of the Guard, was also Daniel's main consultant for building. Redge was an excelent builder and designer, along with Daniel Greenpulser. They both decided that in honor of there allyance with the Pure Clan, that they would both design a new senate building. The new building would include a courtyard, a senate building, a cafe, a library, hospital, a police station, and Beautiful scenery. They faced many ruts, which was mainly the wall. They both knew it had to be strong, yet elligant.

The wall finally being finished the duo, went on to finishing the senate building, making it ten times better as before. The center included; offices, a council meeting room, a senate meeting room, a hospital, a law enforcement station, archives, a cafe, and a top secret floor, where employees installed games, a bar, and a lounge. The senate, the council, and the citizens of the pure clan would continue to use the beautiful pallace for years to come.


After having children, fighting in numerous wars, and meeting many of new people along the way, Redge retired at his home on Kamino with his wife Luminara, occasionally spending winters at his ranch on Outoplotunia. Redge would still visit his friends, and would serve as a senator in the Pure Clan Senate. He also continued to manage his resort. Redge eventually died at age 76 due to complications of a blaster wound he aquired in a ministry fight 20 years prior, and became "one with the force"

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