Red with some Mandos

Red with some Mandos

Red Missst
Red Missst
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Red Missst's name was orginally Savage Spikesniper....but after Savage turned to the dark side he was asleep in a tube for centries and now he wakes up in the future with a whole new life, so he renames himself Red Missst......Along with his old friend Arcturus they are outcast marines....but Arcturus was from a Mandalorian family and Savage (Red) found out from his crystal that his moms parents were Arcturus's father Jaws Ordo adopted him in the mandalorian now Red is part Mandalorian and now he is Arcturus brother..not by blood of course but bye the adoption of Red..and Red has always thought of Arcturus as a father or a brother
Red in his mandalorian warrior amor

Red in his mandalorian warior armor

...........Now Red dosnt know this yet but later in the future after the war between him and his friends against the ncis ( new confederacy of indapendtant systems, or the new seperatist alliance) he will win that war but then he will leave the new life as a outcast marine and be a FULL Mandalorian and be a great Mando warrior and leader...and he will become the Manda'lor. Now Red is a full mandalorian and he has joined Mandalorian Guild he has learned how to speak mando'a and he treats his mandalorian friends as brothers and sister but in mando'a you say vod. Well Red changed his name to Blade Ordo cause he is in the Ordo clan. Blade was really depressed and angry at alo ordo so he left mandalorian guild and joined Mandalorian Empire to be with his vod Arcode. Well Blade joined mando guild again but then left to join Mandalorian Rising lead bye the Mandalorian female Mirta Brokar, Mirta is one of the greatest Mandalorians of all time. Well sence blade is Mandalorian now and all he has made alot of vode including the famous Jango Fett (jango powercloaker) yea thats right Jango Fett never died ...on geonosis Jango fled the planet ..the person fighting Mace Windo was actually a Commando Droid inside his suit. From Jango Blade has learned alot about fighting and other mandalorian ways...Jango even gave Blade his custom made blaster pistols. Jango even gave Blade his old mandalorian armor in which Blade painted it white.

Blade in Jango's repainted armor


Jango Fett's blasters

Blade was now betrayed my Mandalorian Guild and well..completly lost control he attacked his vode likes Mirta and others he made a big mistake... Well now Blade has become a sith again....the return of DARTH DEVOUR!!!!!

Commando Droid in Jango's suit.

Tribute to Mandalorians The Chosen Ones (Music Video)05:03

Tribute to Mandalorians The Chosen Ones (Music Video)

The Mandalorian theme song


Blade in his Ultimate Mandalorian armor


Mirta Brokar

Blade jumping from speeder to speeder

Blade jumping from speeder to speeder.


Blade and Arcode in there Mandalorian suits

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