Razor Kamwave


A clone born on kamino, ct- 3343, got his nickname razor with an obseesion with sharp objects.

"If they want me thats exactlly who they will get, ME"

- razor kamwave


At the age of 6. the attack crusier he was being trained in was under attack he got into an escape pod and got away. his pod landed on felucia. a man found him and let razor stay with him at his house. 2 years later the man watching over him passed away and razor was forced to fend for himself at the age of 8. An army of droids tried to destroy his house because something they wanted was under the ground that the lot was built on top of. razor defended his home. he fought of the droids but sith lord Darth Bane was still standing. they fought off and razor was victorious. Bane fell to his death. after 13 years he grew up to 21 years old, got married, and had a kid named sonic kamwave.


after making a family he made some friends. Gun Good, Ponin Demcanon, and Kernin Kamdisc.


In the middle of the clone wars 2 very evil ppl named deker stryker, and demander biodancer attacked plant felucia. razor and his friends went to face them. ponin was one of the victoms. Razor managed to destroy demander biodancer but the real battle had just began. However Demander then got back up and pushed a button and a space pod came down and Demander climbed in it and escaped to the unknown regions of space.


Razor and deker fought off in one of the biggest clashes ever to hit cwa. when razor was cornered someone shot deker on the leg. it was his 7 year old son, sonic kamwave. razor was ot hapy he was near the danger but hey, he will take it. razor, his son, and kernin fought deker. deker was getting beat pretty bad. he hoped into his space pod and fleed the sence. the 3 of them were really hurt so they had to go to a medic station.

This article will be updated but for now this is all thats here, stay tuned for more of the characters story......



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