Razor J40heat
Cyborg J40heat in his Clone Mandalorian Armor.
Biographical information

Unknown asteroid space station


July 7th 1799


July 7th 1895

Physical description





7,7 ft


88.7 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Blood type

A + positive

Chronological and political information

Galactic Civil War

First Clone Wars Era

Second Clone Wars Era


Rebel Alliance

Galactic Republic



Known masters

Brandon Nicholas

Known apprentices

Steiner Wilhelm


unnamed mother

unnamed father

Contessa (wife)

Syzor J40Heat and Yenzor J40Heat (sons)

Jynzor J40Heat and Yinzor J40Heat (daughters)

Current Squad

Black Packers (formerly)

Squad Rank

4 Leader

Battle Class

If i die. I want you to put a drink in my name and honor and tell my wife i love her. - Razor to Steve Skyman, Davie Karzewski and SaiTorr Ecwropri.


Razor J40Heat Ray, Jay 40 or Sgt J40heat was a veteran of the first clone wars he was born on July 7th 1799. He had a temporary rival against Master Steve but it later ended when the two agreed to be friends and part ways.[1]

Early Life

Said in his recording in his audio logs Razor never had that much of a childhood because of him being rushed into adulthood quickly due to his parents not being home to take care of his younger siblings learning how to cook clean etc.

When he was eighteen he joined the Rebel Alliance to fight against slavery on Twi'lek's he said in his audio dairy it's better than remembering about no childhood i had.[2]

Fighting in the Galactic Civil War

During the time in the Galactic Civil War against corrupt politics and slavery on Twi'lek kind on Ryloth Razor fought with the Rebel Alliance and risen up to the ranks and kept fighting for that he believed in years after the Galactic Civil War he went on vacation and during his free time he married a human/spider woman named Contessa and she became a mother and adpoted two infants the sons names are Syzor and Yenzor. Razor became a father and raised his two sons.

Years has past and Razor was called back on the frontlines but this time in a war called the Clone Wars or as people call it the Great Galactic War and wished his wife and two sons well as he went back to duty.

After the Clone Wars his wife Contessa said that she is having two twins and they we're girls and Razor was happy and his sons Syzor and Yenzor both cheered in happiness. As months went by Contessa gave birth to her twin girls and the first girl Jynzor and the second girl Yinzor.

Wes SteamFaller was proud to be uncle to Razor's children.[3]

Second Clone Wars

Years went by after the first Clone Wars Razor heard rumors about another war in the galaxy he received a phone call from his superiors saying that he is needed back on the frontlines on the field badly this time.

As he went to Coruscant he said i knew their was going to be another Galactic War man why can't we have peace in the galaxy for once.

Wes SteamFaller said that at least you're not the only one who is mad about this and Razor, said Wes long time no see pal Wes said i am concerned about your wife is she okay Razor said that she is alright that she told me to tell you hi.

Wes said let us hope that this will be our last fight.

Years after the Second Clone Wars Razor had one last mission to do was to find a corrupt veteran of the two previous clone wars named Rayzoar JXLHeat, and needed the help of legendary Jedi Master Steve to defeat JXLHeat.[4]

Fighting and killing Rayzoar JXLHeat

Two months has past since the Second Clone Wars and both Razor and Steve founded JXLHeat.

Steve said to XLHeat that if you don't stand stand then you'll me and Razor will use lethal force Rayzoar said to Razor and Steve that they are fools and cannon fodder to follow me here and now you must pay the price.

As the two battle Rayzoar and the fighting continued for hours long Razor was force pushed by XLHeat and as he got back up he saw Master Steve gutted by Rayzoar this angered J40Heat and he used his powers from his Master to kill Rayzoar JXLHeat and succeeding in ending XLHeat's life and avenged those he killed as he told Wes and the rest about Master Steve's death they said that even though you had a short rivalry with him he was the greatest Jedi that ever lived may he stay at rest.[5]

Retirement and Death

Razor J40Heat reached a point in his career that he need to retire and as he gone to the Land of the Soulless and died his soul was put in a tightly sealed holocron for the most heroic of heroes.[6]


His actions is what drove Ryan Honduran to create his alter egos named Razor Thorn and Major Havoc.[7]


  • I didn't wanna make a huge page about the events he did so i only wrote little of it.
  • The Galactic Empire we're not in the first Clone Wars (including the second one) and the Eternal Empire were not in the Second Clone Wars this is all made up by me.
  • If you are wondering what XL means it is the number forty in the Roman Numerals.
  • All this i made on this character are made up.[8]

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