Razor Cometglide

Razor Cometglide



"War does not determine who is right, just who is left"

-razor cometglide

Clone wars

Razor Cometglide wars born just like any other clone on kamino. His ID- number bravo- 2367 but got his nickname razor for all the knifes he kept in his bunk. His pod brother was a clone named park. The names of the people in his squad was gunny, bunker, co-op, park, and him. After a few years in the training facillity, it came time for the final test. The citadel was on the other side of the room and they had to reach the top. Their plan was park, bunker, and i would run through shooting droids and start climbing up when gunny and co-op would back us up by taking out the turrets. We passed the test. we gauratuated through training, and we would be joinng the clone wars. By time we passed we missed our chance to join the battle of geonosis, but the important thing was republic won.... for least. Our first mission was to invade a small droid base on the moutain planet of lego.

" The goal is not to die for your planet, but to make the other side die for theirs"

Razor Cometglide


We were flown over to lego and droped off. They crawled through a small ventallation system and got in. They started sneaking around. They started blasting droids left and right. Razor with his chain gun, park also had a chain gun, gunny with his blaster rifle, bunker and co-op also had blaster rifles. Soon they got into the main room. They sent over the all clear signal to the republic fleet so they could send troops down on the surface. Then a whole group of droids came in and killed co-op. The clones started to run away down the halls when gunny got shot down as well. it was just razor, park, and bunker. They managed to escape get into the gunship and leave save and sound... except for those guys back there.

" war is an ugly thing, but not ugly enough to make it stop"

-razor cometglide

To be continued.....

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