Me maker of The power unleashed has been building for 3 years and has been friends with jessica jackson for 2 years. When i was a padawan i used to be shy but as days past i wasnt that shy until i met Jorus Drelspeeder. Jorus has been a very good friend but i dont think hes ready for building. Building... building is what i do if i were a master builder i would touch some things up but as soon as i get to that ill be ready.I am Rayan dagger The 13th best builder in cwa.I first started building in 2010 and when i did i was very messey but learned a thing or two from my friend Jessica jackson. She is the best builder i know and she helps me with ideas for housing.Where do i get my ideas?? Well i get them from looking at other houses but im not stealing ideas im just seeing what would look good for my Houses.

Early life

Rayan dagger's home world is ryloth. Using technology he was able to make Tk-59 as his first droid. Rayan dagger turned out to be shy but is a very good friend. His master was unknown because he was trained by a squad called Rdb protection but soon quit his squad. Rayan dagger is a Male with brown eyes and brown hair and his home world is ryloth

Cwa pics! 002



A fight to be continued...

Rayan dagger was a lucky man because he battled Darth maul on a republic cruiser on his first day becoming a jedi master.
Darth maul!!!! 001

Me battling darth maul

Padawan Life

Rayan dagger was never a stranger but a little lost. To him the force was a force field. His master tought him the force and as soon as rayan dagger was a jedi knight his master was never found and jedi knight rayan dagger was alone but he soon had another master... Anakin skywalker was his n'ew master for 1 year and rayan dagger was promoted to a jedi council member.

Cwa pics! 001

Rayan dagger padawan

Unknown broing pictures 001

Rayan dagger's lightsaber

New lightsaber

When rayan became a jedi council member he got a new lightsaber

and it became his temporary lightsaber.

December 31, 2013

I have retired my job for almost 3 years now...

I am not just going to stick around anymore.

I am off the game.

I am only going to go online for remembering this awesome game.

Thank you Sony. For making a game i have enjoyed my some of my childhood playing.-Rayan Dagger

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