Rann Wompband
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45 BBY


11 BBY

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Clone Wars era

The Revelation Hero scout

Rann Wompband

I am Rann Wompband

I am Rann Wompband the scout of (The Revelation Hero) I am one of the first three heroes of the clone wars.I am an excellent sharpshooter i have a rocket launcher,a sniper and two blasters.I have a phase I,phase II and phase III armor.

Battle of Kamino

Rann wompband and Hondo Redsriek

Rann wompband in invasion of Kamino

On our home planet (Kamino) started a very hard war.A lot of droids attacked the planet so we needed to protect it. i was chose to lead a squadron to hold off the droid tanks.They were huge and impenetrable so me and my squadron had to go into the shield and destroy the generator a lot of droids attacked us but we broke through. There was a Kamino station but the droids controlled it. So we needed to destroy the station because human lives are more important than a station, so we got all the rocket launchers what we had and destroyed the station.And than the rest of the squadrons destroyed the remaining enemies.We lost a lot of men but we won.

When i met Dan and Zane

ARC Troopers

The red Daniel blue Zane and yellow Rann

I met Daniel and Zane after the battle of Kamino. They were arc troopers too so Captain Rex told us to work as a team because we are at the same rank. After we created The Revelation Hero,named as the (601st ) battalion.

But still everyone of us chose Daniel as the high leader because he had the potential

Hunted !!!

After he saw that a leader named mockey mccoy remove all the leaders from the squad, Rann started to ask him about this things and he called him a lier , been removed from the squad and moc write the squad message as : Rann Wompband is a trator, kill him , and get him to the leader

Rann is dead

Rann is dead

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