Rann Gravityrazor is clone trooper and he is general in Anakin Xenobomber Squad. One day he met Anakin Xenobomber by accident. Rex Quantumshrieker who was first member of Anakin squad wanted become Rann friend as soon Rex saw Rann. After Rann and Rex learn to know each other better they came close friends. When Bacara Quantumshrieker (Rex other profile) fisrt time showed up their friendship turned into love. Rann and Rex friendship included many problems but in the end they learned to respect each other.

Personality and Friends

Rann has fiery personality but he is real friend and loyal squad member. He likes to help his friends when needed. Rann's favourite gear is rebublic commando armor, which is simlar to Boss. He often carry rifle or lightsaber. Rann likes build houses and Rex usually is watching it. He often carry rifle or lightsaber. Rann best friends are Rex Quantumshrieker (Bacara, who is his wife), Anakin Xenobomber, Commando Tormax aka Bane Thetawalk, Rathe Gravityrazor (Rann's son), Calo Katar, Saitor Skywalker,Jek Comapa, Jock Brogel and Echo Bloodnight (who is Rann brother). Rann hated enemies are Xalandra Nova, Han Windhover and Anakain Nanochaser.

Pets and Droids

Rann has alot pets and most famous is red rancor named Rann III. He has also anooba named Spike, orange momomg named Rann II and convor named Rex (to honour his friend).


Rann Gravityrazor was originally (by mistake) twilék and he hated his face.

Quotes from Rann: I got a lovely wife. Rann got love Rann Did that and Rann is so on.My AWESOMEST FREINDS ARE! Rex QuantumShrieker,Anakin Xenobomber and Cammando Tormax

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