Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY, Kamino

Physical description

Human (Clone)




204 centimeters

Hair color


Eye color



Most of his body

Chronological and political information

Shaak Ti: "Why is he called Prophet?"

Silas Ordo: "Because he has a gift for guessing, at least thats what the boys say in his team." - Shaak Ti and Prophet's trainer Silas discussing his name.

RC-2025 was Clone Commando Captain who was nicknamed "Prophet" because of his "gift" to make guesses about an upcoming mission and for his guess to come true. During the Clone Wars he served as squad commander of Zillo Squad and had volunteered to test out experimental prosthetic replacement's on his Arm's, Leg's, Eye's and partially his Torso making him stronger, faster and more efficient in battle.

Later in the war Prophet and Zillo served in the Special Operations Brigade and was said to be the most determined soldier in the brigade. After Order 66 was issued Prophet quickly defected because of his strong sense of right and wrong. Him along with other defecting clones from the Special Operations Brigade escaped to Concordia were he later became a Mercenary and joined Clan Skirata.


The Clone Wars

First Battle Of Geonosis

"They call me Prophet." - RC-2025

Personality And Trait(s)

"Not one day goes by were i don't remember those who sacrificed themselves in this war." -Prophet.

From his training onwards Prophet was devoted to become a good soldier and was ready to sacrifice almost everything to achieve it, including himself. He also had a strong sense of right and wrong. Prophet was considered to be one of the Republic's best fighter's and he would never surrender to defeat in any fight he encountered. As clone wars progressed Prophet was said to have volunteered for so many prosthetic replacement's that more than half of him wasn't real.



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