Anakin Skywalker/Reedmanpic
I was a kid on Coruscant checking the garbage just to find any food that might have been thrown away when a Jedi master found me and told me he sensed the force in me. He took me to the Jedi Temple and taught me in the ways of the force.

I became stronger in the force then even my master ,but i hid this strength from him because i knew that the strength i had came from a dark hate deep inside me. when my master was called to the battle of Geonosis he made me stay behind and study the archives. He was killed in battle while i was laying in the safety of the temple studying.

That is when my hate boiled over. I left the Jedi Temple and took my master's star ship to Tattooine where i killed Sand People to foster my hate for the Sith and Seperatists and to grow stronger in my hate.

A couple years later i knew i was strong enough to face the Sith so i stole a shuttle to Umbara. I gave myself the name Phantom Brook and started hunting Sith, using my double-bladed lightsaber and force lightning to slaughter them in duels.

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