About Ozai Flaksting

Ozai is a human (YOUR PICTURE IS A TRANDOSHAN) Jedi, Sith, Clone, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Smuggler, Etc (no) He specializes in Special Ops,
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Ozai Flaksting (aka Bossk)

Stealth, and Infiltration. He has many good friends. His friends are:
  • Sorn Noliflier
  • Xhal Shimmershooter
  • Rick Clawspeed
  • Esvald Magnaside
  • Wuher Moseisley (what?)


He was born at the capital Coruscant (of course), He started off as a clone then started to experiment with the many sides (>_>). The Jedi counsle (council) said to him that his knowlage (knowledge) of the lightside, darkside, and Bounty Hunting would be usefull (stop). He was assigned to many missions. Then growing up he wanered freely of the galaxy traveling to different planets. And once and a while visited Coruscant. Nah

Larcon Leigon SIGH

Then as years go by he joined the Republic squad Larcon Leigon, where he met Leshaak Larcon. He was only loyal to that squad and remained at that squad. And then he made friends with Kyp Durk and Naro Warrior. and is still a member today

Memberships stop

So far Ozai has been a Jedi Member 6 times. One 1 month and 5 3 month. And everytime his membership runs out he gets a new one. 6 is a new record on Cwa


Ozai had only 1 dad and that was Xhal Shimmershooter. He is is avenger and assassin who works for the republic. and only joined his squad once and he is a good father


Like all good players he is unique compassionet and nice and he will always be that master he allways that master he allways been

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