Orion Ion is a Zenolian from the planet Zeno in a parallel universe to that of this. This is whats known so far....

Orion Ion

Orion Felucian Comando gear

Orion Halloween

Orion in Grand Officer Gear

Biographical information

Zenoplanet Zeno


5 BBY, in a diffrent time line


Data Lost or Incomplete

Physical description





2.20 Meters


60.90 Kilograms

Hair color

White (Zenolian)

Silvery White (Human, Clone)

Eye color

Orange (Zenolian)

Grey (all other forms)

Skin color

Dark Grey (Zenolian)

Wihtish Grey mix (all other forms)



Blood type

Direct Zenoxia Medius



Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era

Rebellion Era

New Republic Era

New Jedi Order Era

Legacy Era

Reborn Sith Era

Galactic Virus Widespread Era

Dark Vs. Light Era


The Zeno-Sith Imperial Order

  • The Ion Society
  • Googolplex Squadron
  • The Zeno-SIO Splinter Cell
  • The Zeno-Templar

The Galactic Republic

Reformation of the Republic

Known masters

Ren Ion

Sarria Ion

Known apprentices


Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrelTechnician

Where and How He Came From

Orion had came from a parallel universe from that in the times of the Old Republic that the Sith Empire had won the war and had taken over the galaxy and had stayed that way for up to what is the erea of the Clone Wars in this universe.

Within that universe there was a planet called Zeno that was said to be the original center on that galaxy. Unlike this universe Zeno this one could not stay hidden from the rest of the galaxy and was soon invaded by the Sith Empire before any Zenolian could rise to power and lead the planet. Also the invasion of Zeno was at a poor time as well that Zenolians had little technologies to use to deffend with and most were put as slaves to the Sith with very few being taken to Sith Academies even with many Zenolians being able to use the force.

Now after so many years being slaves to the Empire one family of Zenolians that were the Ions were used as test subjects for a new experimental way to travel between to points of space so the Empire could then reach to control other galaxies. For one of these test runs there was a Ion named Orion Xeno Ion who had tampered with the settings set the target area for an area that caused the computer system to get errors and crash after sending Orion to a new universe. Unkowing what had made the computer fail and what happen to the test subject the Empire closed down and stoped with the work in fear that something els could go wrong and posibly tear apart the Empire from within.

Battle of Ryloth

Apearing at Ryloth at a Time of War

Orion Ion Slave gear

Orion just after coming to Ryloth

Shortly aftern Orion was transported he apeared on the planet Ryloth only to find that it was not like the Ryloth he knew of. This Ryloth was having a war going on with droids and human like beings that looked the same and wore armor that also looked same. These beings wore a marking that looked close like the mark that the Republic had used when the war of the Empire and the Republic had happen. Orion had also seen that the army of droids wore a odd form of marking the Empire uses. Not wanting to let the Empire win this battle Orion used his Zenolian powers to change his form to look like one of the beings that he thought was with the Republic.

Helping Out

After changing his form some of the troopers of the Republic army spotted him and took him to there leading commander. They knew he was not one of them because he had no clone id number on his arm. Out of nowhere a droid landing ship landed and started to deploy waves of droids to attack. The comanding officer, Captain Breaker, had asked Orion if he knew how to work a blaster rifle. Orion stated that he had not used any form of blaster much but knew how to work one. Breaker then gave Orion a blaster and gave the commander to get redy to deffend the base and take out the drop ship.
Orion Ion and his squad

Orion and his Squad on Ryloth

Orion was given some old clone armor to use and was given an order to help a small squad to head to the drop ship with the rest deffending the base. Orion took out 25 of the droids by the time he got to the drop ship. After geting to the drop ship Orion Spoted some droids that were not like the others and notified the squad leader. The squad leader stated this might be a little harder to take out with those magnagaurds there gaurding the shild around the drop ship. The squad carefuly went around to the back of the drop ship to enter from there and head to the shild generator. Once they were in the shild some droideca spoted them and started shooting, one of the squad members softly rolled a grenade at their shilds and took them out before the magnagaurds noticed the blaster fire, but one of the troopers got shot in the arm and was injured.
They finnly got to the drop ship shild generator and called the base to get a squad of Y-wings redy to come and blow the ship up and the shild was about to be taken out. The Squad took out the shild generator and the magnagaurds took action and started heading for them. Orion used a cyro-grenade on one and head shot it as well fired a few shots in the main body-frame of the magnagaurd. The other troopers took out the other magnagaurd shortly after Orion taken out the one he had fought. Orion and the other troopers then rushed to get away from the drop ship and for the Y-wings to come and take it out. The Y-wings had flew overhead and dropped bombs on the drop ship taking it out and the squad headed back to the base. When Orion got back captain Breaker said Orion could keep the gear and the weapon if he likes and that he needs troopers like him. Orion was then sent to the orbiting attack cruiser above Ryloth.

Leaving Ryloth

Once abord the attack cruiser Venator, Orion was told to go to the captain at the bridge of the cruiser. As Orion was heading up to the bridge a fleet of CIS droid ships came out of hyperspace and started to attack the cruiser. When Orion got to the bridge the captain was knocked out from one of the hits that made him lose his balance and hit his head on a computer panel. Orion took charge and helped get the cruiser to safty and launch a attack back on the CIS cruisers.
After the attack was over and who Orion was and where he was from was sorted out he was made a Battalion Commander in the Republic Army and was put under the command of another Zenolian named Sarria Ion as well called a Hero of Ryloth.

Zeno Bases on The Planet

Sarria had informed me that to help the people of Ryloth more that we should start a Zenolian outpost and base in the area.

Z.R. Station 1

I found the best spot for the outpost as of now... its at the top of one of the hills and has a valley around it to help protect it. The plans I have for this outpost will have a small medical center at the bottem and a look-out tower at the center of the hill with a landing pad on the north end and have deffence turrents placed on the edges. This will be helped to protect a small Twi'lek villiage nearby and be used as a small medical center even after they dont need the military part of it in use any more. (more comming soon)

Z.R. Station 2

On the other side of the villiage that has the outpost i belive has a valley that would be good for a large military base and bunker that could be used to held the people nearby take shelter when the droid forces bomb the villiage, as well take action to deffend on their own as this would also be a training ground for thos willing to join in.

(more Comming Soon)

Battle of Umbara

Going to Umbara

Orion had just got back from doing a mission that Sarria had given him when he was told to go to the War Room of Sarria's Cruiser called the Tower. When Orion got their Sarria, Kix, Rex, Razor, and Fives were all in the the room around a Holocoputer that was showing a small area of the planet Umbara with an Umbaran Air Base. Every one but Sarria started to leave the room and Sarria told Orion that he was going to be sent to Umbara to help take control of the Air Field and the base so the Republic can get Troopers access to another part of Umbara. Orion was also told that he will meet Rex on Umbara to explain more of the mission there as well as that Kix was going to be a medic for him and that Razor was going to get Orion some new gear that was better fitted for travel and use on Umbara. Sarria Told Orion to head to hanger bay alpha to get on the next ship to Umbara. Orion left the room and headed to the hanger and borded the small cruiser and took off for Umbara.

New Gear

Orion in Shadow Tech Gear
When Orion landed on Umbara he headed to a small Republic outpost where Rex, Kix, and Razor were. He spoke with Rex to get some info on Umbara and then Rex took Orion to Razor. Razor gave Orion some new trooper gear that was the Shadow Tech Clone Gear and said that it was a Phase II armor upgraded with Umbaran tech to help the user beter on the Umbaran world. Razor also gave Orion a Shadow Tech rifle that was modified to help take out things on Umbara that would attack Orion.
The Millicreep
Before Razor was done a modified Umbaran Millicreep came back
and reported some data that Fives was going to need help soon. Razor said take that Millicreep with you it may help you out there when you need it. Orion then went off to find Fives with the Millicreep leading him.

The Airfield Mission

When the Millicreep got to the Airfield it took Orion to a small pit where to ARC Commanders an ARF Trooper on a AT-RT and Fives were. Orion went up to Fives and was told that the Cannons on the Airfield needed to be taken out so the Republic could land troops safely. Fives then pointed to a air vent that they found and said that you will go in here and find your way to the tank depo and try to take one and get on the Airfield and take out the cannons with it. They took off the vent cover and Orion climbed in and droped in on a few droids and took them out before more droids and Umbarans came. He found his way to a fork in the paths and went right takeing out a few droids and Umbarans as well as a Dawf spider droid. He went on and found a small room with a large group of droids and went by unnoticed. he made his way to the tank depo taking out six Umbarans. Orion got in a tank and shot at the door way to stop any more umbarans or droids from geting in and then he shot the hanger doors clean off and went outside on to the airfield. Out of the foru Orion turned left to target and take out the one that was closest and when he fired the first shot some Umbarans had sounded the alarm and a few tanks left other hangers on the field. Orion headed to the next cannon when he was starting to get shot at and stoped to turn his tank around and shot at them taking them out and headed again to the second cannon. Orion took it out with three shots on the cannons weekest spots and it came falling down in scraps of parts almost hitting Orion's tank when he already was heading to the next cannon and now being shot at by some droids infront of him. Orion just simply ran over these droids winning a small game of "chicken" they were playing with him and started shooting at the next cannon. Orion had one more cannon to take out when Fives called in saying that the Republic cruiser cant take much more of the fire from these Cannons. By the time Fives was done
Orion With his Umbaran Tank

Orion and the Umbaran Tank he used in the Airfield Mission

Orion was almost done taking out the last cannon and the Umbarans were already geting redy to leave the airfield to avoid being taken as a prisoner of the soon comming Republic army of Troopers. Orion took out the last cannon and then a LAAT had droped off a Squad of 501st troopers. Orion got out  when the Millicreep camp up to him and shown a message from Sarria saying congrats on this mission but they have found reports of some hidden bunkers in the area that may become a problem if they are not taken care of. The Millicreep then sent information on were the bunkers were at as well as some of the reports of what each one may be there for.

Drop Ship 1 - CIS Landing Zone Aurek

Orion on Umbaran Speeder 2
Shortly after the Millicreep sent the information to Orion's helmet mini computer, a group of clones came to Orion saying that Sarria had Razor use some of the Umbaran Tech to upgrade this Barc Speeder for him to use to get around Umbara. Orion then got on the speeder and told the clones thank you for getting it to him and started to drive to the first bunker when both his helmet and new speeder radar picked up a large enemy ship getting redy to land right between him and the bunker. When the ship was starting to land Orion had just made it there to see it be a CIS Drop Ship that was unloading Droids and Tanks. Orion saw about 100 B1, 50 B2, 1 Dwarf Spider Droid, 1 AAT, and 1 Hailfire Tank come out of the Drop Ship. Orion used his speeder's holocom to contact the Republic base to send a squad of Clones to him and to tell the orbiting fleet above Umbara to target the drop ship to take it out. The Republic base contacted Orion saying that a squad of troopers has been sent and that the orbiting
Drop ship
cruisers are making their way to an area that they can make a clear shot at the drop ship and that it will take some time and for Orion and the troopers to take out some of the droids coming out. After the Republic base was done telling orion about it the group of troopers had made their way to Orion and was waiting for orders. Orion said that they were going to take out as many droids as they can till the fleet above can fire at the drop ship. The group of troopers with Orion leading started to attack the droids with some attacking the ones coming out and two for the AAT an the rest attacking the Hailfire. The group that was attacking the AAT took out the droids that were inside and then hoped in to take control to use to attack the Hailfire. With the help of the AAT, Orion and the Troopers took out the Hailfire. The fleet then contacted Orion saying that they were targeting the Drop Ship and to get every one out of the way. Orion gave the Order to fall back, all but two were able to fall back in time and got hit by the blast of the impact. Orion contacted the base to tell them the ship was taking out and that they lost to clones and one was hurt by the impact from one of the rockets the Hailfire shot. Orion told the Troopers to head back to the base and treat the hurt clone.


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Drop Ship 2 - CIS Landing Zone Besh

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coming soon

The Trandoshan Pirates

coming soon

The Rancor Nest

coming soon

The Sith Academy

Coming Soon

Turned into a Small Base

After we cleared out the last so called sith in the academy Sarria said she wanted a small base set up at the front but she would deal with whats inside... I dont know what she plans to do on in those paths deap in the complex but I have a feeling I will know in time.

(more comming Soon)

Setting Up a Shadow Trooper Base

I felt it best that I set up a base near the airfield as to have  the planet be looked over in case any thing takes a turn for the worse, only Sarria and a few other Zenoian troopers know of it and hopefuly no one els will have to.....

(More Comming Soon)

Leaving Umbara

coming soon

Skirmish on Carlac

Attack On a CIS Ship Over Carlac

Just as the ARMSS 2 was about to pass Carlac a group of CIS cruisers apeared and started hailing down heavy shots on to the ship. I hopped into onee of the spare starfighters and lead a small group of troopers and took out some of the most critical parts of the driod ships and as I was about to start attacking the bridge of the next cruiser, for a strange reason they were heading down to carlac with little damage as is. The other troopers shot at the ship and the droids went down even faster. When we landed back on the ARMSS 2 I was informed that the droids had a strange sort of cargo and that the reason the ship was heading down as is might have been that it was taken over by a group called Death Watch that has a good control over Carlac as is. What ever they want I will find it and prevent them from what they plan to use it for.

Landing on Carlac

coming soon

Death Watch Takeover

coming soon

Cold Warrior Gear

coming soon

The Destroyed Village

Coming soon

The Ming Po Villagers

coming soon

Death Watch Gear

Coming soon

Ming Po Militia Gear

Coming soon

Camp Kote

coming soon

Carlac Death Watch Elite Gear

comming soon

Mandalorian Speeder

coming soon

Camp Beskar

coming soon

The Captive Village

coming soon

Camp Ara'nov

coming soon

Crashed Ship - Outside

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coming soon

Crashed Ship - Inside

Coming soon

Given Some Cold Land

coming soon

Leaving Carlac

coming soon


Blockade Of Felucia

coming soon

Rescue On Felucia

coming soon

Setting up a Jungle Base

  • Foothold on Felucia
  • Canyon Ambush
  • Republic Withdrawl

A New Base of Training and Planing

coming soon - Part 1 Attack Shuttle

coming soon - Part 2 Saber Strike

coming soon - Part 3 Galatic Forces

Given missions

Map of Felucia

Felucian Map

Once I got to the new Republic base on Felucia I was told that they needed some help with things in this sector of the planet.
Felucian Scanners

When I came to Boss he told me that they have lost contact with their Scanning Modules out in the field and that Command needed me to locate and recalibrate each one. He also told me to use the one next to him to sync my datapad before I leave to help.

Droids Area

Felucian Scanners - Droids

I found out there was a scanner placed near the Droid base in the sector I'm sure that the droids must have found it and thats why we lost contact with it. I have now recalibrated it and moved it to a new area that should make it hidden again.

Sniper Smash

Captain Carg has informed me that Intel suggests an advanced kind of Droideka Variant is patrolling the droi base and that I should engage some and see what they can do. I have got near the droid base and found a few and have notice they are a sniper like droid and have advanced recon radars cuz they spoted me just as fast as i only looked at them. This will be hard to take down. I will try to activate my armor to go invisible but I dont think it will help much and I will try to trick the droid to going into a trap I set up a few days ago out here that i dont think has been activated yet. I got the droid to the trap and to my luck the droid activated it geting stuck and shut down from the emp pulse from the trap... Now I will need to get it back to base.

Experiment End

comming soon

Tank and Sabotage

Commando Boss told me that a small platoon of AATs are gearing up outside the Droid base and has asked me if I could sneak in there and put a dent in their numbers before those tanks start patrolling and I said yes. I headed over to grab a mine from a crate and started to head to the droid base. When I got there I found where the tanks were at and activated my armors invisibility mode and carefuly got up to a tank placed a mine under it and ran for cover as it went off. I then headed back to base.

B2 Wrecker

I have reported to Captain Carg and he has told me that the scanners have shown that the Seppies brok out the big guns and that there is a nasty B2 classed droid called a B2 General that roaming to the south of the sector and has asked me to take out a few of them. Once I found them I took out six of them with careful sniper like shots. I reported back to Captain Carg for my next mission.

Chasing Intel

Boss has told me that one of their astromech spies is ready to give us a report on the Droid Base. He has asked me to meat the droid outside the droid base to get the intel. Once I got to the Base I found a damaged B1 droid out side where I was to meat the droid but the droid I was to meet was not here so I examined the B1 droid. It looks like R3-T3 was found but got away and  that the tracks lead  west away from the base. I found the droid and got the intel and have now got back to base to Boss and given him the intel.

Assault the Assaults

comming soon

Into the Jungle

Captain Carg has informed me that there is a platoon of B1 Battle Droids moving just the perimeter of this base and that he needs me to thin there ranks as much as I can. My plan is to take out six of the Grenadier B1 Troopers and 12 B1 Jungle Soldiers to thin there numbers as to not be a much of a threat as they are. I have just spoted some of the Grenadiers threw the scope of my rifle from on top of the hill behind the base. I have now sniped four of the six Grenadiers that I want to take out. Before I could aim at another droid i herd some of the Jungle B1s coming from behind, so I set up a little trap for them when they get here... I have hidden a prototype EMP electro-net that Sarria's R&D team gave me before I got on the planet around the lower sides of this hill and have now hidden my self from view. I herd the sounds of the B1s get closer and closer and then I herd a zaping noise of the net along with the sounds of the droids at last seconds before geting shut off. I slowly checked where I placed the nets and found the droids powerd off. As I got closer I herd with my Zenolian ears a trigger of a grenadiers weapon and jumped out of the way as the grenade blew up. I activated my armors invisibility mode and shot at the to grenadiers with the speed I use to use when I was trying to escape as a slave to the other timelines sith empire. I reported back to Captain Carg of the victory of the mission.

General Destruction

Captain Carg has told me there have been reports of a special B1 model called the B1 General patrolling nar the Separatist base and asked me to put a dent in their numbers. I have found them and will take out ate of them as to put a dent but not to alarm to many other droids of where I am. I have now taken the ate out and have headed back to base.

Heavy Disposal

Captain Carg has told me there is a new B2 droid out there called a B2 Soldier and that they can do alot of damage and that why he wants my help to destroy any I see when I go patrolling real soon. As I was patrolling around the Republic base I was attacked by eight B2 Soldier but My astromech droid M1-L0 had its Blastro-mech gear on and saved me just before I was shot and I rapidly fired at the B2 squad with M1-L0 and taken them out with little trouble. I am very thankful of that little astromech droid for what it did.

Rancor Area

Felucian Scanners - Rancors

I have now made my way to the next Scanner that seems to have been placed near a cave with Rancors all around I have got to it safely with out being attacked by any so far. This scanner was only lost cuz it looks as tho a rancor bumped into it with out knowing.

Bone Collector

comming soon

Rancor Hunter

Commando Boss has informed me that the scanner in the sector near the Rancors has found signs of them getting more aggressive lately. He Says we should try to take out one of the bigger ones to ease the pressure of the other Troops in that area. Before I headed off to the area I grabed a Holoprojector of a Rancor to activate with my armor so I will be less likly to be attacked by the smaller ones. As I headed off into the area I spotted the one I was going to attack and after I shot at it another one of the large rancors ran up to help attack that one as if it as well wanted that one gone. When it noticed I was the one who shot that rancor it grabed me and placed me ontop of it and went on to running at the other rancor with me shooting as it got closer. Just as the rancor I was on got close to the hurt one it delt the finnle blow to it. My new rancor friend wanted to stay with me so before I headed back to the base I we went off to finnly look for a good place to set up the Zenolian out-post on Felucia that Sarria had asked me to do as I was here. After some time we thought we found a good area and so I asked my new friend if it could stay near this area and that I will be back soon for it. This new Friend acted as if it knew just what I ment and nodded its head as I went back to the base to inform Sarria of the area.

Scratched Out

comming soon

Sarlacc Pit Area

Felucian Scanners - Sarlacc Pit

I have been told the scanner here is placed near the sarlacc. Once I found it it looked as if it lost power so I fixed its power supply back up to work right again.

Mercy Mission

coming soon

Fungus Blues

coming soon

Sing No More

coming soon

Sarlacc Slime

coming soon

Farms Area

Felucian Scanners - Farms and Pirates - Part 1

Before I got to this one it looks like there is a large group of Pirates in the area that turned off the scanner as not to be seen... I will have to use my Shadow Trooper Gear to go invisible to get to the scanner to turn it back on and set it so it looks like its still off. Once I got to the Scanner it looked like it was much more then shut off it is to damaged to repair here in full... but I may be able to get it to work again but only for a few more days so we have to get a new one in the area soon.....

Felucian Scanners - Farms and Pirates - Part 2

After we were able to get a new scanner avilible they notified me about it and as soon as I got the message I put on my Shadow Stealth Armor and headed to Commando Boss to pick up th scanner. Once I picked it up I made my way behind the base to some bushes just near the pirates ship. At that time I activated my armor, and unlike my normal armors stealth this had a bionic systems in it to help me out with. As I rushed over to where the new scanner was marked to be placed a group of pirates also started to walk near it, so I slowed down a little. The group was showing no signs of moving soon so I found a small rock on the ground and carefuly threw it at an area the pirates would notice and hopefuly run to. To my luck the whole group went to look and left a clear shot for me to dash over to. When I got to th area I activated the scanner and placed it well hidden and better then the last one. Hopfuly this time we wont have any problems in this sector of the map from now on, I thought to my self as I made my way back to base. When I got back to base Boss was waiting for me to tell me that the scanner is working way better then the last one ever did and that I did a good job right there.

Hello Nuro

Captain Carg has told me that Recon has caught sight that Yorn Nuro and the Nuro gang near the nysillim farm and has asked me to give them a proper Republic welcome. My plan to "welcome" them here is to take out 4 of the snipers and 12 of the normal pirates at the farm. Once I got over the hill and could see the farm I saw that the place was swarming with those Nuros. I got out my own sniper rifle and targeted the four snipers I could see that were out of sight from the other pirates view. After that I went up behind there ship and put a tracker on it for future use and found a small group of the pirates near by and gave them a little welcome with a prototype electro-grenade that shocked six of the pirates near it as I shot at them. As I was getting to another hill I found six more and did the same to them and then I went back to the Base.

Walking to Wesk

coming soon

Yorn-Out Welcome

Boss has told me that they have tried to bargain with the pirates but they continue to harass the patrols near them. He said Command has Ordered me to take out their leader,  Yorn Nuro. When I got to the farm I made it simple that I located the leader and activated my armor and simple shot the guy in the head with one shot and left. I came back to base to tell Commando Boss.

Broken Channel

coming soon

The Forgoten Jedi

On some of my missions I had the feeling as if some one or thing was watching me even when I had some of my most advanced stealth tech on... and it turned out to be right. Well sorta right as I was being watched but not by anything living or of droid nature... it was a form of a ghost of a lost and forgoten Jedi. This Jedi showed itself to me in some of my dreams telling me why its here and why it needs me. The reason was that in his death no one knew where or what happen to him and he wished that his story was at least known by one that would honner him. He showed me where his body was at. When I got there he  wished for me to at least give his body a propper grave by burning whats left of it and placing the ashes around on of the trees near. After I did that the Jedi ghost said that I did him a great honnor and that for it he wished for me to hold on to his saber to show his thanks to me. I said that I would honnor it greatly and that for what I did is what any being should have at the end, a honnoring to their life so they can be at peace. The ghost then vanished with a smile and a sence of peace all over and I took the saber and saluted the tree with the ashes one last time before I left. After that I think of this Jedi each time I go to honnor a fallen friend and even foes and show each with respect and honner as any being at death should get as not to be fully forgoten in time.

Felucian Clone Commando gear

Orion Felucian Comando gear
After a week of helping out the base in this sector and before it was time for me to leave to go to another planet Boss and the other troopers at the base wanted to thank me for all my help with them and to show it gave me a custom painted and modified Clone Commando Armor and Blaster that they said should be able to help me out on jungle like worlds such as this one. I told them that they didn't need to do this but they wern't going to let me say no. Once I finnly said yes and took the gift I said my good byes and borded the shuttle to head over and over look the build of the Zenolian base here on Felucia.

Crimson Prowler

The First Sighting

Comming Soon

The Second Sighting

Comming Soon

The End?

Comming Soon

A Home in the Jungle

Me and Sarria have came back to that spot my rancor friend and I found. When we got back that rancor was happy to see me and I gave it some meat as a treat for waiting. Sarria told me that Rancor is one of a kind as it being so nice to you and that it is very loyal to you. Sarria also said that this spot would be great for the Out-post and that we could also add a area just for my Rancor friend to stay near for the time I'm on the planet.

more coming soon....

A Bigger Home in the Jungle

coming soon


Comming Soon

Hidden Comand Center

comming soon

Mission on Ice Berg Three

Comming Soon

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Zenolian Deffence Station

comming soon


Comming Soon

Attack Base

comming soon


Comming Soon

A Home in the Grass

Coming soon


Comming Soon

Research Center

comming soon


Comming Soon

Open Space/Astriods

Comming Soon

Base in Space

comming soon

Ord Mantell

Comming Soon

Orto Plutonia

Comming Soon


coming soon


Comming Soon

A Large Home

comming soon

Jedi Temple

Comming Soon

The Missing Padawans Room

comming soon

The Forgoten Jedi Hidden Home

Comming soon

Other Planets Small Stories

The Shotem Jedi Master

Comming Soon

The Subtram Hunter

Comming Soon

Taking Out a Comming Sith

Comming Soon

Deffending the Tower

Comming Soon

Strange times in War - Halloween

Dark Times Starting

When the time Halloween was comming near Orion noticed that the galaxy seemed to be acting strange even for this time of year. Orion felt like the pumpkins were watching him... then a clone trooper in a black armor with bones on it holding a scythe came up and said that we need to talk soon with no pumpkins near, I said ok, but I dont know why pumpkins cant be near... The clone then took me to a building and there were others there too, A Twi'lek Jedi in a purple Wampa suit, a Jedi Pirate, and a Pink Tusken Raider. They told me that an evil Pumpkin Soul from the time of the first Halloween had returned and took over Count Dooku turning him into an evil pumpkin headed version bent on taking the galaxy and turning all the living into his pumpkin headed slaves. I said that we needed to stop it then and they all said thats why I was here. They then said that to do that I myself had to be able to control the power of a pumpkin to be able to deffeat this evil soul as not even the normal power of the force can effect this form of Dooku now. They also said that why they did not want pumpkins here is because Dooku can use them to see and here things where ever they are. After that they said that we are going to grant you the powers of halloween from a pumpkin head of a warrior that had deffeated the evil soul before but it would only last till the end of Halloween as then all its power will be gone. They then did what they said and the pumpkin head then felt like it was my own head. They then told me where Dooku was and that to go right away.

The Dark side of Pumpkins

I headed to Umbara and when I landed it looked diffrent then it was before when i was last here. I saw Dooku and a few clones being turned into his slave, there armor turning black and white and heads turning into pumpkins he was also doing the same to droids as well. He then noticed me and said i was to late and he would take over. I told him he will not turn all into his slaves and i shall be the one to stop him. He then got out his saber that was red but now orange with a spiraling effect from his power, I got out mine as well. We clashed our blades with almost both of us at the same with power and skill. Then Dooku shot a web like energy close to that of lightning at me, I managed to deflect most of it but some hit me. I got up and he was about to do it again and just before he shot it i then took my saber and slashed it onto the pumpkin. The pumpkin head started to crack and fall apart. Dooku fell to the ground almost unharmed and then vanished, i thought it ight be that the his body was taken back to his soul where ever it was. I noticed that the Clones and droids had not turned back yet and the end of Halloween was near so I used the last of the Halloween power and shot a beam into the sky that made waves of energy shoot everywhere turning all back to normal. After that the Pumpkin on my head turned into little more then a mask and i fell to the ground. When I awoke I was back where I was before this all began, it seemed strange I knew it happen but then how was it no time passed. When I went to my quarters there was a note and that pumpkin head i had. The note was from those group of people from before and then and there I knew that from deffeating that Evil Soul it turned back the clock before it happen so no one knew what happen.

A Creepy Rescue

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Comming soon

Life Day

A Merry Time is Here

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Grievous is Bitter

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Comming Soon

Orion Ion Gear

Memories of CWA/All items of Orion

This Is where All pictures and any thing owned by Orion Ion in CWA will be placed.

With The End of CWA This is to help Remember the game and times.


Anything that says: Comming Soon; may or may not be made as CWA is ending.

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