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The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's 2nd Halloween Celebration

Costume Challenge!

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Have you chosen your Halloween Costume in Clone Wars Adventures yet? The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki is having their second annual Costume Challenge in celebration of Halloween!

Starting Friday October 18th 2013, users can submit their own original in-game Halloween costume by posting a screenshot in the comments section of this page. Make sure to also mention the character's in-game name along with the costume name within the comment. Users have until Friday October 25th 2013 to enter their submission. Limit 1 entry per person, entry may change at any time before the deadline.

The challenge winner will be decided by a mystery judge to be revealed on Saturday October 26th 2013! The winner will win a D-0T code courtesy of Gram Alnin and their costume will be on the wordmark for 1 week starting Saturday October 26th 2013, through Saturday November 2nd 2013!


How to enter

Leave a comment below containing a screenshot of your costume along with your character's in-game name and costume name


From Friday October 18th 2013 through Friday October 25th 2013


Users may not enter a costume that is made up of only one gear set, must be a mix of gear pieces.

Who can enter

Anyone can join, membership or not


D-0T and a chance at being on the entire wiki's Wordmark from 10/26/13 through 11/02/13.

Can I help?

You sure can! It would be appreciated to help users who are having trouble taking screenshots through explaining how to take screenshots or through going in-game and taking it for them.

CWA Character Wiki Tutorial Making Pictures01:55

CWA Character Wiki Tutorial Making Pictures

How to get a screenshot with out using F12


That's not all! On Saturday October 26th 2013, there will be a Halloween Party in-game held at Jarek Osari's Maridun lot, Creepy Mansion to announce the Costume Challenge Winner!


Party Details


Jarek Osari's Maridun lot, Creepy Mansion


Saturday October 26th 2013 at 5:30 p.m. Eastern, EDT North America (timezone converter)

Who can join

Anyone can join, even if they don't go on this site

Can I help?

You sure can! It would be appreciated to record the party and uploading it to YouTube.

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