Oceam Bobisozom02

Oceam Bobisozom

Oceam Bobisozom. A sith, A bounty hunter, A jedi, A commander, A businessman, A builder, A good person, A bad person, and a neutral person. Oceam Bobisozom has been many things. He has been everything that was listed. Here is his story:

Early Life

Oceam Bobisozom grew up in the jedi temple as a jedi, or at least was a Jedi when everyone first heard about him. No one knows when he was born, or if he even ever died. Some belive he was at the begining of the universe. Some say he just has lived very long. Yet others say that the Jedi did not teach him much that he did not know already. Whichever one of these was true, or whatever was true about Oceam, it is a fact he left the Order. None know why he left, or none live to tell why. After he left the Order, he became a bounty hunter. He started an organization named SWCIS.

Bounty Hunter

He was a good bounty hunter. Not good in the since that he was nice good, but good in the since that he hardly ever missed his target. One day one person asked him if he could teach him how to join Death Watch. Oceam responded with this:

"Death Watch. They think they're all big and everything, but actually they only have half the mind of a bantha. What Death Watch does is try to catch bounties together, but I'll tell you something. One or two or even three bounty hunters hunting together is fine, but Death Watch has tons. True bounty hunters don't work in huge groups. They work with at most two partners. A solo bounty hunter is the best bounty hunter."

Oceam Bobisozom almost got killed several times as a bounty hunter, but after the last time, he discovered he had great powers in the force, even greater than what he had with the Jedi. So he joined the sith.\


As a sith, Oceam Bobisozom almost immediatly got let into the Dark Council. The Dark Council was against the CIS, bounty hunters, republic, and pretty much everything but the original sith code. The original sith code was the true sith. At least Oceam thought that, along with the members of the Dark Council. The Dark Council all consited of the pure blood sith. Oceam found out he was fully pure sith blood. So he joined the Dark Council. That is about half of his life.

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