NullClass 0022 also know as Tabromyn (Tab)

Homeworld: Kamino

Name: Not given..just numbers..0022 but my friends call me Tab 

Species: Human (Clone)


Null-Class 0022 was ment to be an ARC trooper but he failed the trials, so he was send to the war as normal clone trooper. Joined the 501st Battalion as LT. 2 years before the end of the Clone Wars Tabromyn had a very bad injury. He had a few shrapnels in his head, he almost died... but thanks to the Jedi Master Yoda he survived, but those shrapnels destroyed the Chip that Tab had in his head. When the Oder 66 was given Tabromyn didn't follov that oder. He lead the Uprising on Kamino and stoped his aging and make that he will get old very very slow. But after that Darth Vader came and almost killed Tab, But instead of killing him he Cloned Tab and put Clone of Tab into the Empire and Tab was sent to jail on Corusant after three years Tab Escaped and helped the Rebellion to destroy the Empire adn after tha he became an bounty Hunter.

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