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A-13 Ember 6
Antda Hiade 5
DarkLord Snake 1
DarkLord Snake1 0
Ganner Slarwalker 2
Gram Alnin 2
Gree cc1004 0
Griff Greenweld 0
Joe McBlaster 0
Jolee Merome 3
Lives ct275555 1
Lucien McKnight 30
Master Rogue 1
Randy Vos 2
Ree Shaala 0
Salam Ghost10 36
Squad Leader Racer 1
Thrawns Blaster 1
Wuher MosEisley 13
Xalandra Nova 3

The poll was created at 18:09 on October 22, 2011, and so far 107 people voted.

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