"Belive in yourself , or no one else will." Nick Cards.

Early Life

Nick Cards was born on the planet Naboo. Raised near farm land on the outer border of Thead. His mother being a royal hand maiden and his father being a royal guard. At the age of 2 he was over saw by a Jedi Master (who's name is unknown) who hoped one day to take him to the Jedi Temple and start his training. At the age of 3 when he was old enough to be taken to the temple, an attack outbroke in the farm land. Lead by Trandoshan lead Nudoc Hunjo. After the short battle the young Nick Cards was taken and the farm lands, his house and his family gone.

From Jedi to General

After Nick was free from the trandoshans he was brought to the Jedi Temple. Where he began his training. When he was 13 he was chosen to become a padawan to a Master Huen Uthar. After being taught for 6 years he was awarded the rank of Jedi Knight. 2 years later the Clone Wars started. Ater the death of his master in the battle of Jablin. He was assigned the 315th Battalion: Lightning Corps.

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