Natasi Shan's Sith Gear

Short Bio==

Natasi Shan, wife of Genesis Shan, was born on Naboo and sister to Queen Amidalia, turned into a Sith by Master Light Shinigami. Currently on the Galactic Council as a Diplomat for Naboo. She can control the Atmosphere with the Force, but rarely ever needs to use it. She fell in love with her Master, when he found out, he was willing to kill her so she left. Neglected by her first love and dying, she was found by a young man by the name of Genesis Shan, off the edge of a cliff on Mustafar. She was conviced she was doomed to a life of no love. Genesis convinced her otherwise, when she asked him to prove she was loved by at least one. Genesis did the one thing she thought no one would do. He asked to marry her. She said yes and after that day they lived a prosperous life. Today they have 5 children; Aphrodite, Pollux, Skyler, Christian and the last child's name is unknown.

The last anyone saw of either Genesis and Natasi, they were seen living in a Naboo home off one of their many great lakes.

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