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Martial Status

Myles Walkers was born in 40 BBY to Empress Moonlight.Myles Walkers fell in love with Kanen Megawaker, A sith. I knew it would be wrong to let her lips fall into mine. However, when I proposed I regretted nothing. She said YESS!!!!!!!! to me. I'm related to the late Nya Jones, Padme Heart, Garen Blazingslasher, and last but not least, Rye Gunslinger.

Taken to Trial.

One day his master, Overlord JakeBennett noticed the wedding ring on his finger. I willingly gave myself up saying " Why fight over mediocre things like love" He was taken to trial for being married to a Sith Lord, his master the prosecutor with the help of Nick Cards. They both said in unison" In being married to a Sith Myles has shown immaturity and perfidy" I countered Nick Saying" People should not be afraid to love who they want to love." "You guys can't prosecute people in a court for loving whoever they WANT!!!!!!!" "If this is what the Republic has come to, prosecuting people for being married, I don't give a darn to what it will be in 10 years". Nick ignited his lightsaber and threw it toward Sarah in the crowd. I dashed as fast as I could to stop it from hitting my wife. Nick then said' Clones kill Myles and his wife." I saw Commander Chaarge. I pleaded to him saying" Don't hurt my wife." " She's pregnant" Commander Chaarge and I got a transmission saying " Senator Linda Rotta has been stabbed to death" The council said that Nick was discharged from the Jedi Order. I hugged my wife in a moment of happy joy.

Getting a child and Finding Barriss Offee

As my wife went to the hospital to go into labor, I went on the hunt for the murderer. It didn't take long to find that Barriss Offee was the murderer. I confronted Bariss offee saying " How dare you commit such a crime" I ignited my two lightsabers,.She did the same. She kept me on the defensive. I shocked Barriss using Force Lightning. I was about to kill her. But my master said that wasn't the Jedi Way.  I let Barriss go. I rushed in time for my son to be born. His name was Rake Sunstrider.

Being arrested for your past 18 BBY

It was 18 BBY The Jedi Order was extinct. I lived with my wife and sons on Utapau. Emperor Palpatine came there himself to kill me. We Dueled. He said" Soon, I will have complete domination of the whole universe" I said "I have something you want"  The zombie vial. Now get away from my family! 


AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" are sent on an assignment to investigate a panicked phone call from Rogan's fiancée, Sophie Richards, and a series of disappearances at the Curien Mansion , home laboratory of Dr. Curien, an acclaimed biochemist and geneticist. Dr. Curien was obsessed with discovering the very nature of life and death, backed by the DBR Corporation and its scientists. The nature of the experiments, however, drove Dr. Curien insane, resulting in him releasing his experimental subjects onto the unsuspecting world.

Amidst the chaos wrought by Curien , Rogan and "G" face many formidable foes, including The Chariot (Type 27) a green/silver plated undead warrior who mortally wounds Sophie; The Hangedman (Type 041), a gargoyle-like creature with bat ears and bandaged legs who sees to it that she cannot escape the mansion grounds, and also kills two DBR scientists in the grand courtyard; and The Hermit(Type 6803), a mutant 6 legged spider crab-like creature guarding the passageway leading to Curien's restricted research area. Upon confronting Curien, the AMS agents are treated to his greatest masterpiece, The Magician (Type 0), a grotesque, humanoid demon creature not yet complete with armor, which appears to have some exposed muscles (ironically, his weak points), ram-like horns, and a long red scar on his left eye. The Magician is especially notable for its pyrokinesis -- mastery over fire. Ironically, after he releases the creature from its incubation chamber, Dr. Curien is killed by his own creation, as The Magician seemed to have reached a state of sentience in which he feels an inferior being such as a human has no place in giving him orders. To prevent the Magician from escaping the mansion and destroying the world, Rogan and "G" are forced to confront it in one final battle. After a long and difficult battle, they succeeded in destroying Curien's creation and were given one last warning from the Magician itself, "You... haven't seen... anything yet!", which could be a foreshadowing to his later appearances.

[3]The Magician (Type 0)Added by Ed2735With those words, the Magician exploded and ceased to exist. (Nevertheless, he returns in The House of the Dead 2 and The House of the Dead 4 Special, which proves the warning.) Rogan and G leave the mansion, taking one last look at it from the outside, then the game ends.

There are, however, alternate endings in which the camera pans to the foyer one last time; the doors then open, showing either Sophie alive, running into the camera saying "Thank you!" (suggesting that she was merely knocked unconscious by The Chariot, and might be the mother of Lisa Rogan in House of the Dead III), or Sophie as one of the undead (which therefore might not be canon, and suggesting that she really was killed by The Chariot and rose from the dead as the only female zombie in the game), depending on the player's score and the number of continues used.

Saving Naboo

One day Myles was eating some takeout food from there when he saw a probe Droid. He destroyed it for some game. He alerted the Republic. After a long battle the Republic won.

Royal Dinner

He ate dinner with Padme Almidala. He proposed to her. Anakin, angry tried to kill him but to no avail. Myles made a Padme clone( that dyed in 19 BBY).

Wedding of the grace

Myles and Padme were married. Everyone was happy. But then Xalandra Nova came to kidnap Padme. I said" Rex, X2, and X1, order your troops to kill the devil who has long breasts." I dueled Nova. Final Countdown music plays. I, being extremely good at dueling, won the day, and gave Nova up to the cops.

Personality and Traits

Myles is and was a caring person. He was loving, agile, and easily angered or endeared. Padme Almidala is really Kelless Jadecrater. He is currently training Zekk Lost, a trooper in his squad, the ways of the Jedi.

Fighting on Felucia

Me and My troops were dispatched to many planets. Once I went to Felucia and the  droids attacked me. I backflipped and striked a Nuro Pirate. I'll continue this story, but my troops and I discovered something horrifying.

The Nova-Curien Files

Myles found that Nova was married to Dr. Curien, supported his zombie research, personally intervened at his birth to Thomas and Sophie Rogan. Now Nova planned to kill Myles and then seize the zombie vial he gave to Palpatine for her own nefarious plans.

The Big Battle

Nova plotted to kill Myles at his lowest point. Luckily, He was trained by Zeus, Aragorn, Hercules, Thor(Marvel Comics), Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Nova ressurerected her husband as the wheel of Fate. She became the mistress of fate. While Zekk and Kelless lead the battlefield. I sneak off to fight Mr. and Mrs. Curien with and Handy team of clone and rebel troopers. The Magician and his wife the Empress necame the Prince and Princess of Fate. I said you're under arrest noob couple. The battle began.,d.aWcMyles I defeated all four of them.


With Nova defeated, Myles proposed to kelless while they watched the explosion of the base. They kissed as Nova and her husband died. They went back to Felucia got married and won on Felucia Battlefield.

The Heroes of Felucia.

Myles and his new girlfriend, Lexi Astroboots, made a new squad. Called Light Guardians. Him, Lexi, The War Eagle, Harc, a loyal trooper, Brandon second in command, Aedo, quick to rush into battle, Booster, Following the leader, Zekk the slow one.

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