Monet Magnaneedler

Monet Magnaneedler was born in a quiet village on the planet Ryloth. Youngest of the children in her family, two brothers and a sister. Her father had died in a war, Sith against Jedi. Even though her Father died when she was two, they always were with each other before he went off into the war. Her mother had raised Monet and her siblings by herself after her Father died.

Later in her life, when Monet was around 12 years old, her village was attacked by General Grievous and his droid army. Her village was left in ruins, her brothers, sister, and her mother dead. Monet had taken a bad head injury, which lead to amnesia.

When she awoke, she was no longer on her home planet Ryloth, but she was on Coruscant, surrounded by Jedi who had saved her. She was thought to be the only survivor of her village, all of them killed. But after what she was told about her village being attacked, her family, and her being the only survivor, she knew what she was to be. She was to be a Jedi. She was trained by Obi-wan Kenobi, patient and quick to learn. She was powerful in the force than most Jedi.

2 years later, when she was 16, she was forced to leave the Jedi temple and her Jedi master. 2 years after that, she joined a squad and left her friend. (She faced some problems during and after she was trained to be a Jedi). The name of the squad was Black Forest.

"Change begins with an individual. For all the power you have what you need to find first is the power to believe in yourself. It's one thing to say it. It is another to live it."

-Monet Magnaneedler

The Jedi Temple


I looked around. First two years in the Temple weren't so bad. I don't know if my village was better or worse then the Temple. Stupid me, of course the temple would be better then my village. Well, how am I supposed to know what my village was like? Never mind, might as well hurry to my room. Lately some other Padawans and other people have been disappearing. And yes, Jedi have been trying to figure out why people are going missing. Probably the Sith. I turned a hallway and looked to my right. Now what way was my room? I frowned. Dang, how can I not remember? I have been walking down this corridor for like, what? Four years? Man, I'm really pathetic sometimes! Oh well, might as well walk down this hallway just in case my room was that way. I turned and looked over my shoulder again. It has never been so quiet in the hallways.....

Three hours later...

It was dark in my room, no touch of light, not even a hint or spark of it. Noises echoed in the hallways, scraping and banging. We were told not to go out of our dormitory's (room if you want to call it that). Even if I thought I heard a scream, I had to obey, be quiet, and stay in my room. The Jedi wouldn't want to lose another Padawan. And yes, I said a Padawan. Apparently, a lot of Padawans have been disappearing lately. Quite strange.... Most of the time new Padawans wouldn't go missing, but lately it's- BANG! I shot up in my bed and looked at the door. What in the world was THAT? Bang! A hissing sound came from outside the door. I frowned and looked around my room. If I needed an escape, I would have to get out from somewhere else then the door. Then, I looked up. Well, lookey here, I thought. Just my luck, an air vent. I grabbed my hooded cape,money, and my saber, and then force pushed the door vent and pulled myself up. After that, I quickly put the small door vent back on. In a second, the door to my room burst open. I scooted away from the opening slits of the vent, but I got on my stomach and peered into the room. I held in a gasp. General Grievous was in my room! I wanted to hurt him... but i knew that if I did I would most likely die. I cant let my hate for Grievous get in the way, even if he did kill my family, it would be unwise to try to kill him. Only a fool who has not yet fully been trained would do that! Then, all of a sudden, i hiccuped! Grievous looked up, and I gasped and I heard him yell, " FIND HER!" I got up and ran throughout the vents. I looked to my left and then to my right when the straightaway vent ended. I went up here in the night, so I knew my way around....Well, sometimes. I ran to
Images Grievous
the right, and then I heard the hiss of a lightsaber being pulled out and activated. I stopped for a moment and then looked down into a hallway's vent slit. I saw Grievous looking around, and then, he looked up right at me. His eyes bore into my soul and mind. I would never forget that look. He roared and stabbed his lightsaber through the ceiling right into the vents! "EEEAHHH!" I screamed. I dodged the lightsaber and then ran forward. My footsteps echoed throughout the vents. I ran for a while, my right side started to cramp. I pushed myself, not caring whether I would lose my breath. I stopped and punched the vent walls for a second. No doubt that the Jedi knights heard that. I started running again. I looked to my right, left, and then to my right again. I saw a ladder! At least I still didn't have to run in the vents anymore. I was getting tired of seeing the same gray color. I looked up the ladder and climbed up it. At the top, I hung onto the ladder with one hand, and took out my saber with the other. Then, I activated my saber. Nothing special about my saber, it's just a regular green one like all the other Padawans. But it had a special green glow that was a bit different from all the others. I stabbed my saber through the small door and made a circle. I quickly pushed it to keep it from falling down on me. I climbed outside the vents and into the open air. I stood up on the roof of the Jedi temple and looked around me. My eyes were wide, and my mouth hung open. I never knew that Coruscant was this bright at night!


"RAAAHHH!" I looked behind me and panicked. "Where do I go?!" I exclaimed. I looked down. It was a VERY long way down, I mean, even if I did land and somehow not break any bones, I would still be in lots of pain and hurt severely. Then, I saw the hover cars passing me by. If I somehow got on one..... "HERE I GO!" I yelled. I started to run , faster and faster until I thought that I would never stop running. I jumped. My hair blew back, and I spread out my arms and legs. I was basically flying! I smiled and laughed to myself. I landed on a hover car, thankfully. I slowly stood up on the hover car, trying to maintain my balance. After all, if you were standing on a ship and it suddenly tipped to the side, you would want to have at least some balance, right? I looked around myself, and then when the hover car finally landed, I jumped off of it and into the streets. I put on my cape and put the hood over my head. No one would see my eyes and on up. I just started walking and walking, not knowing where to go. I looked around, but never turned my head. I finally looked to my right and saw a boy. He was staring at me, even though I couldn't see his eyes, I just knew he was somehow. My lips formed into a small smile. Then, my saber somehow
dropped to the ground, and started to float towards the boy! I was enraged! How dare he take MY saber? Wait, he must be a Jedi if he can use the force like that... Then, he grabbed my lightsaber out of the air and started to run away with it! "Hey!" I screamed. I ran after him with all my speed that I could muster. My eyebrows were knit together and my mouth was shaped into a scowl. I gritted my teeth and said under my breath, "Give me, my lightsaber back." He sharply turned a corner, and I barely had enough time to turn before I almost crashed. He ran into a lonely alleyway. I smiled to myself, it was a dead end. Must be a pretty stupid Jedi, I thought. He smiled, which startled me. Then he motioned me to come over with his light yellow lightsaber, so I did. You probably think it was pretty stupid since he had too sabers, his and mine, and not to mention that he also stole my saber. But hey, I still get curious even after three or four years of learning the ways of the Jedi. I didn't let my guard down though. I walked slowly towards him, my head cocked to the right side and my arms crossed. My lips were curled in a small smile, telling him that I was not afraid. I am a Jedi, not a coward. Then, he pulled his hood back to reveal his face. He had greenish dark gray eyes, black shaggy hair that hung over his eyes, rosy colored cheeks, a sharp nose, a heart shaped face, and pale skin. From my view, he was about five-foot eleven, and he was skinny. He looked like he was around eighteen or twenty. He smiled at me and then said, " You wont survive a day in Coruscant alone small Padawan girl." I could tell that my eyes were wide, but he just grinned and walked away. "Wait!" I said, "I need my lightsaber! And... who are you?" He turned to me and pulled out my saber. I tried to reach for it, but he pulled it away. "Oh you want...this?" He shook my lightsaber back and forth and laughed. It wasn't a scary or evil laugh though, it was a teasing laugh. "How 'bout this, Monet, show me your face and I'll give it back to you." I gasped and looked and him. How did he know my name? "Well, don't be surprised Moe, I grew up with you!" I looked at him with pure confusion. I had some flashbacks come to me from what happened on the day my village was attacked. I saw droids everywhere, people screaming and children crying. I saw my Mom get shot, and my brothers tried to run but Grievous got to them. My sister ran to my Mom's side, but she died when she got shot also. Then, it all disappeared, I'm glad I see them only in flashbacks, but I'm not glad to see them at all. The Jedi told me all about what happened. They knew my family since my Dad was a Jedi, but ever since I hit my head on a rock, I got amnesia. Well, at least thats what they told me. I pulled my hood back. I saw his eyes light up, and he crossed his arms. "Well you are Monet -- well the older version of what I last saw when our village got attacked. Dark brown and black hair, caramel colored skin, dark brown eyes, brown freckles, and rosy cheeks." He smiled. " And what do ya know? You're about five-foot nine in my view!" I frowned at him, and then I cocked my head to the left this time. "Who are you?" I asked. "Oh you don't remember me Monet?" He asked innocently. " I was your friend back in the village Monet, I'm Teyhin Maycrondis."

The First Test

Teyhin weaved around me and started walking back into the streets again. "Hey!" I yelled, " wait! Tehin wait for me please!" He took me by surprise and grabbed me by the arm. " You'll attract attention," he hissed through his gritted teeth. Then his eyes looked up around the crowd, and he let go of my arm. He barely moved his lips, but he said " We've already attracted attention Monet, we have to get out of here. Coruscant is no place for little about-to-be-Jedi girls." I looked at him in horror. Why in the world of the bloody lightsabers did he just call me a little girl? I take that as an insult, but a lot of people would. But, I'm going to become a Jedi, so I have to control my anger, if I let anger get in the way, it will lead to destruction, and destruction leads to death. I looked up at Teyhin and a bright twinkle in his eyes appeared. He barely smiled at me, but then he turned and said. " Follow me, Monet. It won't be long before the sun rises here in Coruscant, and day can be just as bad sometimes as the night down here in the streets." I frowned but said nothing. Like some kids told me, never question another's ways. I smiled like some power had just surged through me. I jogged up to Teyhin and then asked him " Teyhin, hey Teyhin, where are we goin'?" I kept on walking and staring at him -which would be called rude to most people- and then tried to ask again. But Teyhin held a finger to his lips and looked up at the sky. " Well, either you're goin' blind or something Moe, you never saw the sun come up?" I seemed like I was frozen in place for a second, and then I looked up at the sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Teyhin smile, glance at me, and then look back up at the sky. That guy must have staring problems too, I thought. When I saw the sky, I was frozen in shock. For a place like Coruscant, the sunrise could look pretty beautiful.
When I wasn't looking, Teyhin slipped into a hotel that was next to us. When I stopped staring at the sky- which was a beautiful golden yellow color-, I looked around. "Teyhin?!" I screeched. People stared at me, and I turned a violent red color. I could feel the heat that had risen up in my cheeks. Man, why did I have to humiliate myself? I closed my eyes, but that was a mistake. Someone grabbed me by the arm and I screamed. They punched me in the stomach, and I fell over. I looked up and saw a Transhdoshan. Wait, aren't there pirate Transhdoshans?! I knew that fear showed in my eyes. Man why was I such an afraid Padawan? All of a sudden, the world looked like it went dark. I didn't pass out, I still saw people walking around outside. Why aren't they trying to help me? I wondered. Then I realized something. Isn't invisibility a rare power? I remember hearing about The Forbidden Powers, but I'm not good at remembering things. Wait, if a Transhdoshan could make or find a fabric that conceals you, that would be scary. I saw the shadows of people, and I saw the shadow of someone fighting the Transhdoshan. I realized that it must be Teyhin. Excitement and hope ran through my veins, but then, anger and fear started to make the excitement and hope disappear. Why did he even leave me?! What if he gets killed or hurt and then I'm left to defend myself?! What if- the list just kept on going on and on. I don't know what happened, but someones presence made my mind change. It felt like I was being controlled in my head, but not physically controlled. Someone was trying to make me scared and afraid so I could tear myself up and be defenseless. Then, I could either be questioned,tortured, or be controlled.Or killed. I felt the cloth being lifted away from my face, and I saw Teyhin. He smiled and my eyes went wide. "What happened?!" I asked. He looked at me calmly, and pulled me up to my feet. "Ya know, I'm guessing you were passed out for some reason." I frowned . How did I pass out when something seemed... so real? "Teyhin, why did you leave me here? I thought you said it was dangerous!" Teyhin sighed and looked at me. "I was gonna see what you would do in a situation. Apparently freaking out and screaming like a Wookiee and then passing out is you're idea of how to handle a situation." I frowned at him and then thought, I don't sound like a Wookiee.... Do I? I shook the thought of that out of my head and turned my attention towards Teyhin again. "Well don't leave me alone then..." Teyhin crossed his arms and smiled at me a bit. It looked like a sad smile, a smile of pity. I could see in his eyes that he was thinking of something. Then I concentrated harder. "You're having pity on me, aren't you? You're pitying me that I lost my memory right?" He tried to hide his expression but I could tell that I was right. "Ummmm, Teyhin?" I said to him. He looked at me and nodded for me to finish. "Can you, uh, teach me? Just like, if you want to teach me but ya know, I-" Teyhin bent down a bit and looked at me right in the eyes. It felt like his eyes looked right into my soul. "I'll teach you," he answered. "But, you'll have to tell me 'bout yourself a bit. Okay?" I nodded and he smiled. "Well, we'll get you a speeder later, come on Moe." He started walking, but then he stopped for a bit. Then he said, "If I had told the path before you, would you have taken it?" I frowned and then replied, "um, what does that mean?" He turned his head to the side a bit and smiled. "You'll see Moe, you'll see." He started to walk again at a regular pace, and I followed him, and we walked towards where the sun was rising in the sky.


I woke up seeing flames and lava in front of me. The heat felt like it was meant to torture me. I shot up from my bed and
Images Mustafar
looked around. Jedi Veranda furniture was placed in the room I was in, and at that moment, I wondered how I got here. You got here by Teyhin's ship ya dork, said a voice in my head. Oh ya, how could I forget? I remember what Teyhin had said earlier now, it was all coming back to me.

"Teyhin, I'm TIRED!" I whined while slowly walking. He just smiled and looked at me. "Well, I didn't think that you could whine like that. Well, you have changed, I can't do anything about that, but heh....." his sentance trailed off and he said no more, but I wondered what he would've said out loud. I slowly walked up the ramp, and into the front of the ship with Teyhin. I plopped down in the seat next to him and he started the ship. "Well sleepy head, you get your wish. Sleep all you want, I'm just taking you to my house... on a different planet." My mind was fuzzy and I couldn't think straight. This is the most action I've had in years! I slowly nodded and closed my eyes. I was in one of those times where you're half asleep and half awake. You know, like when you're almost asleep, but then you can hear things happening? Ya, that's what happened to me. It was only ten minutes, but it felt like an hour. I could hear the slow, steady breathing of Teyhin, and then I started to hear him talk. "Yes... I know that Dafnik...." Dafnik? That's quite an odd name. Well, a lot of names are unusual, so I shouldn't be the one talking. "Teyhin, are you sure that she's.... the one? You know what would happen if-" I heard Teyhin yell in frustration. "I KNOW she's the one Dafnik! Get it through your big fat skull already, I knew her. She's changed, but she's still... Monet." Dafnik had a medium low voice, and the way he put his words made it sound like, " I eat kids for breakfast, I'm not afraid to make YOU my next breakfast!" But his words sounded teasing and silly... yet, scary and dark. I returned my attention to listening to them, and the last couple sentances I heard were, "You're not seriously developing feelings for... her Teyhin, ARE YOU?" I felt hurt, but Dafnik had a point. If Jedi fall in love and get married an all, well if one dies, then, um, the other one might turn evil and... become a sith/killing machine. "Dafnik, get this through your skull. I have never actually loved anyone except my family, duh. But they're dead, and now, I dont love anyone. I'm here to protect, not fall for a girl from my village." I felt hurt, very hurt this time. I tried to keep on listening, but the power of sleep encased me into dreams, dreams that I thought would never end.

I got up and looked out the glass window. Lava poured down to lakes of fire, which licked up each other. It was a fight between the two. I looked at the dark maroon, and saw some ashes falling. Hopefully something didn't fall in the fire, I thought to myself, but then added, or someone.... I turned and looked out the hallway. It was deserted, so I quickly got dressed and started to explore. I walked into the hallway, but when I turned, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked back but nothing was there. I turned my head again and saw it. I slowly started walking sideways towards it, and then- "Hey Monet, why are you walking like that?" I quickly turned and saw Teyhin. "Oh, uhhm." I crossed my arms and nodded at him. "What is up?!" I was about to lean onto something, but I forgot that there was no furniture. "Eek!" I fell on my back-end, and Teyhin chuckled and reached his hand out to me. I grabbed his hand and then pulled him down. He fell onto the floor and he laughed with a twinkle in his eyes. "Oh and by the way Monet," he said, "the sky is what's up." I smiled and then said to him, "smart one!" He smiled and shrugged. "Not to mention charming, awesome, kind, brave, courageous, and, oh ya, HANDSOME!" I laughed and playfully hit him. "Pfft, ya right!" He pretended to look hurt, and then he said, "EXCUSE ME?!" I laughed and got up form the floor. I helped him up, and then he showed me the main rooms he uses. The kitchen, dining room, meeting room, an underground bunker for emergencies if all goes wrong, ten guest rooms- don't know why so much, but oh well- the main hallway, the lobby, what ever you want to call it, a storage room for food and weapons, a cargo hold for bigger objects, a training room, an arcade/game room, a droid room, and my personal favorite, the library! Or whatever it's called, any word that suites you. We stepped outside, and I felt the slight hot breeze of Mustafar blow my hair back lightly. Sometimes I wish that Jedi clothing didn't make you feel like a baking food when you stepped out onto Mustafar. Teyhin looked at me and smiled. "I have other homes on different planets, but I mostly stay on Ryloth." Ryloth. Where our family and village died.

A Surprise

Teyhin and I used the cruiser to get to his house in Ryloth. I don't know why he would use such a big ship though just to go to Ryloth. When we walked into the ship, we walked to the bridge, and I saw clones pressing butttons and controls and making sure the ship was ok. "Wow," I said in awe. Teyhin turned his head ninety degrees, and I saw half of his smile. "Suprised that I even own this?" He asked me in a way that said, "got anymore questions for me that you probably won't think of until you see more?" I turned around, trying to take in as much as I could all at one time. My head felt huge right then since I was absorbing in everything at one time. "Is there anything else you own? Like a Gundark or something?" I asked. To my surprsie, he laughed and looked at me. "Let's just say my.... friend doesn't like me that much, so I keep hm in... in a special type of room." Obviously I was no stupid, so I said, "you keep a GUNDARK in a CAGE?! I think that he would at least be able to break that cage's metal." Teyhin tapped the side of his head, his temple, and then replied to me. "I keep my Gundark in a special cage Moe. I keep him in a metal cage that can't be broken. Special metal I got girl!" I smiled slightly, but then something popped into my head. "Teyhin, are you a full Jedi Knight?" I asked He nodded slowly, trying to read my mind, but I left my expression unreadable. "How old are you?" I asked. He started to squint at me and then he slowly answered after two mintues, "I'm eighteen Moe..." Then I let my last question leave my mouth and let it
free into the air. "How are you a full pledged Jedi though...?" He shrugged at me and answered in a casual way. "Some learn fast," and then added, "some learn very... slowly. Plus I must have been trained in a part of the Temple where you never knew." I nodded, and walked off to the Captain's Quarters like he told me to. Might as well rest again,but I have been having some pretty... scary dreams. I wish I never had to go to sleep though... too much blood and inoccent people dying....

17 minutes later.... (Teyhin's P.O.V.)

I walked into the Captain's Quarters where I saw Monet shaking violently. Poor girl, if only she knew... I turned and walked to a table by the big window-wall. Whatever you want it to be called. I looked out into the big galaxy. Stars shone like the lights in Coruscant. I frowned and saw my reflection in the window. YouI look so much like your Father, Faye Hofhen once told me. Faye was a wise woman in our village. One of our elders. I know, I know, respect my elders. Well, respecting anyone got harder for me once I got older. I was taken away from my family, I only felt an anger at the time for the Jedi, but I let it go. I can't change the past anyways. I was trained, and sure I blew up once in a while, but I respected my Master. Master Gen-Paah. I know, looks a bit like Grandpa doesn't it? Well, Master G-P (you know who I'm referring to) got killed in a battle. Just like my Father got killed in the same battle as Monet's Father. They were such good friends.... Too many people in our village had died. It was set on fire at night to make sure everyone had died....I looked away from the window. My eyes stung. Monet
wasn't even awake or watching right now, so I let tears stream down my face. No Teyhin, I heard my Father say when I was four years old. Teyhin, I promise I'll see you again, it's just that I have to go away for a bit. I'll be back soon. I cried at that time, and my Father looked at me with that same face. My face. Teyhin, you have to take care of your little brothers and sisters, ok? I just nodded at him, my big eyes looking at him. I hugged my Father, and he smiled and left. I may have to go somewhere for a long time Teyhin, but I'll see you again. I saw him walk off into a laat and he waved at me and my family. He disappeared, and that was the last time I saw him. I never knew what those words meant to me before, but now I do. If I die in this war Teyhin, I'll see you in the after-life. I turned my back to the window-wall. If only- BOOOOM! I turned and saw an explosion. Great, just what we need. They're already looking for Monet and she's still asleep! BOOOOM! went another explosion. Fire and ashes floated around in the galaxy, and I looked up at the bridge from my window. It was on FIRE. I shook Monet and she whimpered. "Where is he!" She yelled at my face. Man, never knew she talked in her sleep. How darling is that? Not. "Monet!" I yelled in her ear. She screamed and fell off the bed. "What the bloody sabers was that for Teyhin?!" Red lights finally went off. Well that took a while. She looked out the window and saw the bridge. Her eyes widened and she started to say, "are they okay? I mean-" I cut her off and said "I don't know Monet. I'm sure they are. They must have gone to the escape pods, but we have to go there before we die in this fire!" She got up and I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the hallway. I could see the smoke already. I turned right, left, straight, left, left, and finally a right. I saw the escape pods, and then I heard an explosion. We both turned and Monet shrieked like a banshee. We heard explosion after explosion. "Go Monet!" I yelled at her. I dont care if it hurt hre feelings, I am sorry but we need to live right now! "GO ALREADY!" I pushed her into the escape pod. I frantically pushed buttons, and then I saw the explosions getting closer. "HURRY UP YOU STUPID ESCAPE POD!" I screamed. 'Launching in five -BOOM!- four -BOOM!- I turned my head. Two more explosions and we're done for. "WHATEVER! JUST SHUT UP YOU STUPID VOICE BOX!" I yelled at the stupid auto voice. I punched the launch button, and then we flew out into the galaxy. I fell to the ground and Monet yelped. BOOOOOOOOM! I looked
down at the ship and saw that it finally exploded. If I hadn't hit that button then we would be fried for dinner... When we started to float into space, I got up and turned to Monet. She was staring at me with those dark brown eyes and then said something I never expected. "Are they okay? The clones?" I sat down next to her and then replied, "I dont know Monet, I seriously don't." I saw her eyebrows knit together, and then I added, "but I'm sure they are, we got into the last escape pod Monet, they would've taken all of them except for ours." Monet squinted at me, and her eyes started to look unforgiving. Uh-oh, I'm in trouble. "Is there something you're not telling e Teyhin?" she angrily said. I shook my head and tried to keep my expression unreadable, but darn she can read me like a book! "You're lying to me Teyhin." Tears started to stream down her face, and then she turned away from me so her back was facing me. "Teyhin, what's going on?" she asked in her inoccent voice. I noticed something just then. Her inoccent voice started to have a hint of anger and rebellion. How could she change in such little time? Her voice didn't sound so inoccent, it sounded as cold and hard as stone. "I'll tell you a week from-" She got up and stood up. She walked over to me, and her face was five inches away. I swallowed, and I swear, I saw fire burning. IN HER EYES. This is scary... "I want to know when we get to Ryloth Teyhin." She walked back to where she was sitting and pulled out her lightsaber and looked closely at the handle. Good for her, she's occupied... for now.

Landing on Ryloth

I'm starting to scare myself. Is this how I was when I was before I had amnesia? Was I a girl that could.... easily scare people? I turned my head to look at Teyhin. Why is everything happening so fast? Why did Grievous want me? Why was our ship blown up? Well, of course it would most likely be Grievous and his droids... but who do they want? Me, or... or Teyhin? Teyhin was circling his thumbs around each other while all his other fingers were entwined. I frowned and looked at my hands. I hold my lightsaber with these hands, not to mention my dagger. My mind went blank for a second, and then I had a flashback.

"Monet, Monet dear, look at your Father." I looked up at my Father. He had blond hair, a blond colored beard the same style as Obi-Wan, sparkling ice blue eyes (the good ice blue kind), brown freckles, and tan skin. He was tall, exactly six feet tall. When I was little I thought he had a funny combination for looks. Even though I looked just like my Mother, I inherited only and only my Father's personalities. We both loved to joke around and see people happy. My Mother used to call my Father a "Wise Guy," and she called me a "Wise Follower." Anyways, I looked up at my Father. "Monet darling," he started, "Daddy has to go away for a bit." I looked at him with my big brown eyes that were filled with tears. "But I don't wont you to weave!" My Father pulled me into a hug and said into my ear, "I know that you'll be waiting for me when I come back Monet. No matter how long it takes for me to get back home, I know you and your siblings will be waiting." My Father pulled out his lightsaber. It was a black reverse lightsaber with a blue glow. You could see the energy of the saber running through. He activated it, and my Mother freaked out. "Kerpas! Kerpas Monet could-" My Father looked at my Mother and gave her a gentle look. "She's a smart four year old girl Morda, she knows what it would do to her if she touched it." My Father de-activated the lightsaber and then said, "Monet, hold out your hands." I held out my hands, and then he put the lightsaber down onto my small hands. "Monet, this is for you when you grow up." I looked at my Father with my mouth hanging open. Does he love me more then my siblings? I thought about it. My sister is my Mother's favorite, and my brothers dont really care. They just get away from the family and hang out with other boys their age. "Monet, Monet dear, look at me again." He had tears streaming down his face, and I could tell he could barely keep it together. He was forcing a smile, and I didn't know why. "Daddy," I said. He looked at me, and then I said to him, "I'm gonna take care of this sabew. I'll take care of Mommy and Hedron and Filin and Jaqawey." (Jaqrey) I stood on my tippy-toes a bit and kissed him on the cheek. Even though he was on his knees, I was still pretty small. I stood on my tippy-toes again and started wiping his tears away with my small chubby toddler hands. "Don't werwy Daddy," I said smiling at him. "You're gonna be okway." He smiled at me, and then stood up and kissed me on the top of my forehead and picked me up and hugged me. "Bye Monet, I'm going to miss you sweety." I gave him a big hug, and he put me down. I didn't know what he said to my Mom, but after that he hugged my brothers and sisters. Then, he walked to the laat and jumped onto it. Teyhin's Father was there. My Father had already taken up enough time. The laat started to go up into the air, and I waved, and my Father waved back. "BYE FILIN, HEDRON, JAQREY, BYE MORDA! BYE MONET!" He called over the wind. "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" He yelled. That was the last time I saw my Father. (Two weeks later...) Knock, knock! My Mother looked out the door, and I heard her say, "why hello Commander Wertqach." I heard whispering, and then my Mother broke down into wails and sobs. My siblings ran towards her, and tried to comfort her. I stood there, and heard her say, "He's gone! He's gone...." I stood where I was, right in the middle of the hallway. I knew what they meant. Thousands of tears where streaming down my face a minute, and my hands were clenched into small fists. My sister turned towards me. "Monet-" "Noooo!" I screamed. My sister jumped a bit, and I ran out the door into the wilderness outside. I started to climb a tree, which I was very good at. I got up in a basket shaped branch and climbed in. I curled up into a ball and started crying. My Father was gone. Forever.

Tears were streaming down my face. Wait, I'm actually remembering my past. "Monet, Monet, we have landed on Ryloth." I turned and saw Teyhin looking at me with sad eyes. "I dont think you want to-" I opened the door and looked outside. We landed by the ruins of a village. It looked like it had burned down years ago. Teyhin tried to pull me back in, but I slipped out of his grip. "Monet-" I twisted around and looked right at him. "This is our village isn't it?" I asked. He looked at the ground and nodded sadly. I looked around through the ruins. I looked through a place that had some things that survived. I picked up a purple metal cylinder that was decorated in a very detailed way. It had golden swirls on it, and then I activated it. Out shot the lightsaber sword part. Shiiing! Bzzzz. The lightsaber hummed, and I looked at it. "It's a Gungun lightsaber," Teyhin said from behind me. I looked and saw the initials. P.L.M. "P...L...M..." I read. Teyhin grabbed it and looked at it. "This was my Fathers," he said in a low voice. I looked around and saw that lots of tree's and plants had grown during the years. I saw a house that wasn't exactly all the way burned down. I looked at the metal sign that remained on the house. If it stayed up any longer it would fall. I pulled it off and wiped the ashes off with my sleeve. Magnaneedler, it read. This was my house. Nothing had survived as far as I could see that was in plain sight. I dug through debris, and when I was about to give up, I saw a shine of metal. I looked down and pulled it out. It was a dark blue metal color with light blue spots on it. A circle of silver metal circled once around the handle near the bottom. I looked at it, and then activated it. I heard the humming sound coming from it, and then my eyes went wide. The lightsaber was black. You could see the energy running through it, and there was a light blue glow. It was my Fathers lightsaber, the one he gave me. I ran my hand across it, being careful with it. I blew off the dust an ashes, and then I polished it off with my sleeve. It looked brand new. I de-activated it, and then put it on my belt. I'm going to be carrying this lightsaber around until I die.

The Overnight Adventure

We walked around until we found a cave. It was about nine feet tall and went as far as twenty feet far. About eleven feet wide too. I looked out the cave and gazed at the sunset. I frowned and then thought, never knew an adventure would be like...this. I turned my head and looked at Teyhin who was looking around making sure nothing was unstable so the cave wouldn't, well, cave-in. I stood up from where I was sitting and then said aloud, "Hey Tey boy, I'm gonna find some branches and twigs and things that can catch on fire easily." He looked up at me with a confused face. "Whaaa?" He said in confusion. I smiled and said, "twigs. Branches. Leaves. Make fire." He smiled and stuck his tongue out at me. "Sorry, my mind is a bit scattered right now." "I hope you find it!" I called over my shoulder as I walked out of the cave. I looked around and started frowning. Now if I could somehow get some light... my fingers sparked, and I shrieked. That was lightning... I started walking towards a shady place with lots of tree's. Lots of twigs and branches were lying around, so I took as many as I could, and then I walked back to the cave. The sky was already a purple and dark blue shade. I walked into the cave and saw Teyhin whistling and tending to a fire. He looked up and smiled. "Oh well hey there Moe!" he said with a mischievous grin and twinkle in his eyes. "What?!" I exclaimed. "How?!" He smiled and said, "I was gonna tell you that I already had all those "make fire" items, but you were already gone." He tossed me a piece of bread, and I dropped all of the branches and twigs and caught it. "Hey...." He shrugged and then told me to sit down, so I did so. I ate it slowly and looked at the fire. Images danced in my mind, and then the fire started to take form. Am I hallucinating....? Or is this an illusion... I saw the face of a scared woman. She had gentle and soft features, but she was staying strong. At her side was a young woman who had tears falling down her face. The woman's eyes went wide and she fell to the ground. It was so ... it was terrifying. The young woman came to her side, but the same thing happened to her. I saw two young looking men with the same features as the woman but a bit more fiercer and rough. They pulled out daggers and hacked at any droids who came by, but Grievous snuck up on them and killed them. My eyes filled with tears. At first it was only the fire forming the pictures, and then it started to form in my mind. I saw a girl, really close to being a teenager. Her face had a fierce look on it, and she looked... terrifying. She had that evil look of hatred in her eyes for these droids and Grievous. She was scowling, and blood was splattered onto her clothing. She had a black lightsaber out, which also had a blue glow, and she was defending herself with it. No matter how many shots were shot at her, she deflected them and sent them to droids. When Grievous came, she went and hid in a... a basket shaped tree branch that was up high where no one could see her. The droids went away, and so did Grievous. They set fire to the village at night, and were finally gone for good. The girl slowly climbed out after five or six hours, and then she went onver to the two men. Tears were streaming down her dust and ash covered face, but she had only an expression of hatred, courage, braveness, anger, and sadness mixed together all at the same time. She sat down and closed their eyes. They're features were covered up by ash and dust, but you could still tell pretty well. They both had shaggy brown and black hair, brown freckles, just like the girl's. They once had green bright eyes, and they had pale skin, unlike the girl. She pried open their hands and took their sharp daggers. One had a green and purple striped handle, while the other had a dark blue background and dark grey swirling pattern. She put them in a pouch and then walked over to the two woman. The young woman eyes were open. She had blue-green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and pale skin. The girl bent down and closed her eyes, and then walked over to the older woman. Her eyes weren't open, but they had once been a grey, blue, and green color. She had cream colored skin, and a slight smile on her face. Her hair was dirty blonde, just like the young woman's. She bent over and looked into her pouch. The girl closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. Her palm of her hand touched the woman's head, and then she did it to the other's. She looked at the sunrise coming up, and then she started walking while looking behind her. Big mistake. She tripped over a branch, and then her head quickly turned to look at the ground. She put her hands out, but her head hit a boulder first. She slumped over, eyes closed, blood pouring from the top of her forehead.

I fell asleep that night. I woke up to a snapping twig. My eyes shot open, and my mind told me to turn and look, but I didn't. I saw the coal of the fire had a faint red glow. Then I heard another, SNAAAAP! I slowly took out my dagger, with a... a blue and dark grey handle with a swirling pattern. I jumped about three feet and hacked at whatever was invading our cave. I open my eyes and saw Teyhin. HOLY- "Moe." He said with a ticked off look on his face. "You almost killed me. With a dagger." I sheepishly smiled and mumbled, "uhh, haha.... sorry." Exactly after I said that a gun shot shot out at us. I instinctively pulled out my lightsaber and deflected the shot. We turned and saw droids. Great. Wonderful. Magnificent. Oh joy! We have visitors! Teyhin pulled out his yellow lightsaber with a white misty glow to it. They shot at us, we deflected. When we finally got done with that wave of droids, we ran into the forest. The tip of branches scraped at my face and scratched it. I even bled a bit. We kept on running, and then we climbed up into a tree. It was about forty feet tall, and we pulled ourselves up with a bit of the Force. Droids looked around, and then disappeared. "Jedi scum!" I heard. I heard the hiss of a lightsaber being pulled out, and then I saw a reddish glow above me. I looked up and saw Asajj Ventress. I shrieked and then Teyhin... screamed like, well, he screamed with a hint of a girly scream. It would've been funny if it was a different situation, but it wasn't right now... We jumped out of the tree, and
I landed on my feet. Pain shot through up from my feet towards my ankles and then to my legs. I clenched my teeth together, and then bit down on my lip until one singal drop of blood came. Teyhin didn't land so well. He landed, and then he started screaming in pain. "My leg!" he yelled. I ran over to him and put him over my back. I was pretty strong, but I wouldn't be able to hold him up forever. I started to run, making sure I didn't jostle Teyhin so much. He was moaning, and I could tell that he was trying to keep it in. He probably, and most likely, had a broken leg. We got to a cliff, and I stopped. I turned and saw Ventress. "I have been waiting for a while to kill another piece of Jedi scum." I slowly put Teyhin down by a boulder, and then I pulled out my Father's reverse lightsaber. She smiled, and then said, "I know a Jedi who had that lightsaber once." She laughed in a scary evil way. "And I killed that same Jedi fourteen years ago." My eyes went wide. She killed my Father! My pain and frightened feeling left me and in came anger. I held my arm out in front of me in the reverse lightsaber position. I sneered, and then she smiled coldly. "It has come to meh attension..." I looked over and saw that Teyhin had... blacked out. She could easily kill Teyhin if we fought.... Ventress ran after me, and I grabbed Teyhin and jumped over the edge, descending down into darkness.

I woke up and looked around. It ws dark, but I saw a faint glow outside of- A DOOR! I was in a house! Hut! What ever it shall be called in your mind! I quietly stepped onto the floor, and then I walked over and opened the door a bit. It squeked and I winced. I finally looked out the door, and what do I see? I see a Teyhin looking at me! Haha, just kidding. I saw a women outside the door with a purple glowing circular ball in her hands or something.
Lei'lo Thei
I kept on staring until she finally said, "you can come out Monet Falzania Magnaneedler. I'm not going to hurt you." My mouth shaped into a huge 'O.' How did she know my full name?! I slowly walked out and realized that I was wearing white clothing. I was wearing blue clothing before... um. She looked over towards me and said calmly, "sit down Monet, I have so much to tell you."

Past Secrets Told

The purple Twi'lek looked at me intensely. I looked at the seat and recognized it. Oh, it's a Mandalorian chair. What great designs and- I'm getting off trail... I cant' start thinking about chairs NOW. I mean, pfft! Who thinks about chairs while they start getting worried! I mean it's not like- ok I'll try to stay focused now. The purple Twi'lek looked at me as I sat down. Her purple skin had a glow to it, and her purple eyes held something not most people would see or notice. They held secrets. Some to be kept secret, or else chaos would come. Some to be told to others and told to the world. A sudden pain shot up through my head, and my hand quickly flew to touch my forehead. I had a headache for now apparent reason. The Twi'lek woman reached her hand over to my forehead, and suddenly when she touched it, the pain went away. Is this her power? I frowned at her, trying to hold my into a straight one, but I just couldn't. Then suddenly I realized something. "OH MY GOD, WHERE THE SABERS IS TEYHIN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. The Twi'lek woman frowned. "Patience young one, patience." Pfft, ya right. I heard someone stepping on the dirt floor, and I looked up. I frowned and saw no one, yet I still wasn't sure that it was my imagination. I looked up again and saw someone standing right in front of me, just like a tower. Who was she? Since she had come up in front of me all of a sudden, I screamed a bit, which made my chair fall back, myself coming down along with it. My head hit the floor, and the lady who had come in front of me sneered.
"How clumsy can you BE?" she asked, crossing her brown sleeved covered arms. I glared at her while getting up and putting the seat back where it was. I ignored the throbbing pain in my head. I already HATED this girl! I dont give a lightsaber if she could be the chosen one or the most important person in the Jedi order. "Stop hating so easily," she said while turning her back to me to pick up my fallen saber. Confusion crossed my face, and being suprised wiped away the confusion. Could she read my mind...?! "Well don't be suprised," she said, "I'm gifted like that, Monet." The way she said my name sent shivers up my spine. Who is she? "Salvend," said the Twi'lek woman. "That's ENOUGH." She looked from me to the girl, Salvend, and gives Salvend a look. Salvend turned her head to see the Twi'lek ot of the corner of her eye. She frowned and then said, "sorry. Master Ginfa." The Twi'lek flinched at those last cold words that Salvend said. She knows how to disrespect her Master... She walked away, out of the open door to the hallway. The Twi'lek slowly started to look from the doorway back to me. "I'm Fey Ginfa," she said. She stood up, and then I stood up. I bowed to her and she nodded, and then we sat back down. Don't know what just happened there. "Who is Salvend exactly...?" I asked Ginfa. She frowned and looked at me. "You don't know? Oh wait... I forgot. No one ever told you." I looked ather with confusion, and then started saying, "what is it? What did no one tell me?" Ginfa held her hand up, and I quieted myself. "Salvend is... Salvend happens to be your twin sister." Horror crossed my face. NO WAY AM I ACCEPTING HER AS MY FAMILY! "Someone adopted her when you two were born. Apparently you're Father thought it was safer. Yout two both had the force in you, and it was very strong, Monet." No. Darn. Way. Salvend... My twin?


Monet Magnaneedler

The Beginning of Chaos

I got up from my chair and turned away from Ginfa. My face felt like the expression, 'horror', came over it. I felt eyes watching me again, and I looked towards the doorway. Hidden in the shadows was Salvend. She turned away, shadows covering her dark eyes, eyes of hatred towards me. We don't look so much alike.... do we? I let out a quiet sigh, and then when I looked back towards the doorway, Salvend was gone, but Teyhin was there. His face showed anger. What in the world was he angry for? He stormed over to me and grabbed the collar of my robes. "IT'S YOUR FAULT HE'S DEAD!" screamed Teyhin. I was struggling to get away from his grip, but I couldn't. I didn't want it to come to this, but... I pulled my arm back, my hand into the shape of a fist. I let my hand fly foward towards his face, my fist hitting his nose. He let go and staggered back a bit, almost falling onto a surprised Ginfa, and almost smacking Salvend in the face. Instead, he fell onto the hard dirt ground. He was shocked, and then he looked up at me. His nose was bleeding! Oh great... oh wait, I should be saying... OH CRUD! OH CRUD! OH CRUD OH CRUD OH CRUD! Teyhin got up and then sneered at me. What just recently changed my friend? I suddenly felt a cold feeling coming over from

Salvend Magnaneedler

me from behind me, so I turned. I saw Salvend staring at me, a scary cold look in her eyes. A ghost-like smile washed over her face like a tide. Ginfa stood from her chair. "SALVEND! STOP THIS NONSENSE! NOW!" My eyes kept to Salvend, and a flicker of a frown came, but it quickly disappeared. "Oh but I'm having so much fun!" My twin... she is nothing like me. I suddenly looked at my skin. It was pale. Wait, PALE!? My skin color is originally tan! I looked at my hands, and I could see my blue veins. Wherever the white skin spread throughout my body, a cold feeling followed soon thereafter. I could feel the feeling from all of my body go numb, and then my legs gave out on me. Who WAS she? Ginfa idmeddiatly pressed a hand to my stomach, and from there on, warmth an my regular skin tone came back. I looked up at Salvend. "Who are you?" She looked at me and frowned. "Seems like I got most of the Force in the family, to me, you're WEAK." She never answered my question. Before I knew what I was doing, I was on top of Salvend's back, holding her down on the ground. I held her arm behind her back, ready to break it. "Impressive," she said, her right cheek on the dirt ground. "But not impressive enough." Somehow she had gotten loose from my grip and she had kicked me from under my chin. I flew back. Ginfa caught me. She knew that if she tried to break in that either Slavend or I might hurt her. She knew we could deal with our fights. What's odd is that Teyhin hasn't tried to get up and help me... he was just watching in shock. Wonder why....


Teyhin Maycrondis

Teyhins POV

I stared as Monet held her sister down on the ground. Her sister has somehow mind controlled me... I snapped out of my spacey mood and looked back up and saw at the last second that Monet had got kicked from under the chin. Ouch, that must hurt. She flew back, but Master Ginfa caught her. Her twin... her twin isn't... as human as Monet. Monet can be down to the Earth sometimes. I remember... back in the village, Monet was always making everyone happy and joking and laughing with them. She accidently punched a guy in the neck who was coming after her when she was 11, close to 12. Never tick Monet off... I looked up, and saw Monet give me a glance of worry. When she turned to look for Salvend, she wasn't there. I looked around, and saw SALVEND ON THE CEILING! I gasped and then let my words come to my mouth. "MONET!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, "Above you!!!" She looked up from where Salvend was hanging from a rope, and then Salvend dropped down. Everything seemed to slow down, and then I saw something that I thought Monet couldn't do. She closed her eyes, concentrating and ignoring everything around her. Salvend's fingers were apart, the palm of her hand pointed at Monet. Then, all of a sudden, Monet's eyes shot open, anger flaming in her eyes. Monet opened her hands up, and her palm pointed at Salvend. At the same time, they yelled at the top of their lungs. Then, a shot of the Force released form both of their hands. The impact was so great. And not a good great. I mean, a terribly huge great. The Force were unleashed on both sister's, and a great big explosion appeared. It was so bright, and all I saw was white. I had to shield my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I looked and saw that both sisters were still standing. Monet was standing, breathing heavily, and Salvend was wiping blood from her mouth, also breathing heavily. Monet had scratches and blood all over herself, but she didn't pay attention to any of it. I looked at Salvend's eyes. They were once a deep brown like Monet's, now a dark red. It looked very close to brown though. Before they could unleash another attack, Ginfa stepped between them.
Master Ginfa


Her lightsaber was drawn out. "Stop this," she whispered, a hint of anger seeping into her mood. "Stop it now." She turned to Salvend. "Go. Go now, don't you dare bother Monet or Teyhin." And with that Salvend turned away, her eyes now a blood red. I looked at Monet. Her eyes had switched colors... now they were a hazel, green and brown combined. I got up and walked to Monet. Her hands were in the shape of fists, but when I put my hand on her shoulder, she slowly started losing her grip. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "Shh, it's not your fault Monet." I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the hallway. "Your room-" she pulled away from my grip and then said, "I know where my room is." She walked away, her right hand on her left arm. She opened the door and then disappeared inside. "They're special, Monet and Salvend." I saw Master Ginfa. "Yeah, they sure are." I replied. "We'll just have to make sure that this doesn't happen again." And with that she walked away, leaving me alone in the dark hallway.

Sneaking Out

Salvend's POV

I looked at my ceiling. Anger boiled inside of me. It always has and always will. Well, ever since I knew Monet was my... TWIN. I sneered. I remember when I used to be a happy child. One not knowing, that the girl who always got attention was Monet. Monet got all the attention from Father and Mother. They ignored me an treated me like I was just another one of her friends. Our two brothers even ignored me. So did our sister. A new anger flared up again. Twin. That word disgusted me. I can't even think of her name without anger blowing up like a firework inside of me. I heard talking outside of my door, and then I heard footsteps coming towards my door. Unlike those stupid fancy Jedi Temple doors, our doors don't automatically open. Some Jedi are just so lazy and stupid enough to install an automatic door. They can just put their hand on the knob, turn it, and tehn push or pull the door open. Not so hard, right? Right. I sat up in my bed, and then put my back against the wall. The full lit moon shown like a night light into my room, casting shadows. The door opened, and then I quickly went into a sleeping position. Who walked into my room without permission? I swear... I saw the shadow of Teyhin. I don't see why that brainless girl Monet hasn't gone all gaga eyes over him. I admit, he actually happens to be a bit handsome. But he is a friend of Monet's, sad really. I heard him looking around. Well, I saw his shadow turning his head, looking up and under. He was looking for something... but what? Twin. That word echoed into my mind over and over. A new thought crossed my mind. I am not her twin. I am merely a clone. A clone that was supposed to look exactly like her, but doesn't. I smiled. I'm not like her. I heard something fall from my desk, but Teyhin caught it. I sneered. Teyhin was always Monet's friend. No one ever thought of going to poor Salvend to hang out or play with. Everyone was afraid to go near scary dark and mean Salvend. Maybe I wouldnt be mean if I was treated correctly. I smirked. I actually like being mean. I got up after Teyhin left, and then I went to my window. Moonlight lit my room, and spilled out like a white fire that had been unleashed by a broken lamp. I grabbed my hood, and put it over my head. I looked around, and then jumped out of my window. I landed on the soft dirt that had been rained on the night before Monet and Teyhin came. It was a damp place around where Ginfa and I live. The tree's and plants hid our little home. The sunlight was almost hidden from us during the day because of the many trees. I looked at the ground. My eyes had adjusted already. I use my eyes more than my ears. In the back of my head, a though came into mind. I whispered it before I could stop. "Monet is probably the opppostite. Uses her ears more." I frowned. All of a sudden, my world went white.

"You can't do that silly!" I turned to see a little girl. I was like a ghost, watching over. Over my past. That young girl was me. She - well, I - was facing a girl. She had mouse blonde hair, and big purple eyes. She was pale and skinny. I walked towards the children and then waved my hand in fornt of their faces. It had no affect. I looked at my hands. I was just a ghost image. The girls were solid figures. "B-b-b- but I want to Salvend." I saw a little pout cross over my little kid face. "You can't go over and ask Monet if her Dad is dead! That's just-" I stopped myself. At the time I didn't know he was my Father too. I just knew somehow that if Haxner (my friend at the time) asked Monet, it would hurt me too, like it would hurt Monet. I also knew that Haxner would be ashamed if Monet started to cry. But she doesn't. She grew up being tough. Nothing ever made her sad. Everything just ticked her off. "Quite a temper she's got," Ginfa said a week ago, "A lot like yours Salvend." I remember stomping off to my room. All of a sudden, before I knew it, Haxner had gone to ask Monet. I followed her, what a little girl at the age of seven would do. "Monet," Haxner started, "How did you Dad die?" Monet shrugged, which surprised me. Kids surrounded her, and then she picked a fruit off of a tree that was nearby, and bit into it. "Oh, you know. He died in a war. Jedi against Sith," she answered flatly, as if she was used to telling the story. I watched the two little girls, Monet and Haxner, walking away. They started to talk to each other and laugh. My little kid self, stood there, lonely. And that's when the hate began. Monet, always happy, joking and spreading her joy and laughter to everyone. Monet, vivid in a crowd or a fight. Monet, standing up to her friends who were being made fun of. Monet, cheering up others when they're down, but no one cheering her up in return. Monet, lonely with no partner in a game. Tears of anger fell from my past selfs face. It's always Monet this, or Monet that! It's always about Monet! Did anyone once think about lonely poor Salvend? NO! They just let me stay in the shadows, my hate growing by each day! All of a sudden, my world went black.

I was back in the forest of Ryloth. Time had passed. I frowned to myself. I had to get going. I made my legs move, putting one foot in front of the other. Soon my legs were carrying me far away. Far away from Monet, Teyhin, and Ginfa.

Teyhin's POV

I knew she would sneak out. I sighed and shook my head. Oh, Salvend. Much like Monet, but then again, you're nothing like her at all. I saw Salvend look aorund, put her hood on, and dissappear into the shrubbery. I heard a moaning from above the trees, and then I looked above me. No one was there... "Didn't think about leaving me with Ginfa, did you Teyhin?" I jumped and looked behind me. Monet was upside down, suspended in air by a vine. She was upside down, and her hair fell around her face. The moon came out from its hiding place, from behind the clouds, and the light cast down on her face. She looked... eerie, and scary, but in a way that made her look like she came from a place unknown. "My head is feeling heavy, and the blood is rushing to my face. I would like it very much if you helped me get down!" I looked at her strangely. I was about to ask her why she couldn't get down, but then she pointed to my ankle, as if reading my mind. "I tied the vine around my ankle. I sighed and climbed up the tree that held the vine. "Why in the world did you tie a vine to your ankle?" She shrugged. "I couldn't hang upside down perfectly if I didn't do that," she answered like it was an obvious answer. "I was trying to scare you,' she added. "Well it worked," I mumbled. "Come on, we got to catch up to your- well, Salvend, I mean." Monet fled past me. At that moment when I saw her face, I noticed something. Her eyes looked like it had flickered to black, dark red, and then back to her usual dark brown eyes. Her mouth was in a twisted smile, a scary one. Was I imagining this? I rubbed my eyes, and then blinked. Of course I was imagining it! Stupid Teyhin! Or... was I? I cast the thought from my mind and shhok my head. I started running, and soon I had caught up with Monet. "Slow poke." "At least I don't look like I had my clothes go through a shredder," I told her flatly. She frowned but kept on running. "I hate running! she exclaimed. "I always get cramps within a mile of hard running, and then I run out of breath at twoo ro three miles, and after that my legs get tired after five miles!" "Get into shape then," I told her. As soon as those words flew out of my mouth, I regretted it. "Are you calling me heavy?!" My eyes went wide. "No!" She ran ahead of me and then stopped quickly. "What are you-" Before I knew it I had tripped over her foot. I started to fall to the ground. I quickly put out my hands to cushion my fall a bit. When I got up, my hands were scratched, and they stung a bit. Yup. The old Monet is coming back. More quickly then I imagined.

Monet's POV

We ran the rest of the way, and we never spoke during the time. We caught up to Salvend. She's pretty fast! I bent over, and started gasping for breath. "Don't do that," Teyhin whispered. "Huh?" He sighed and then said, "put your hands on the back of your head, and then stick you arms out while keeping your hands there." I followed his instructions as so. "It helps open the air flow to your lungs," he added. "Cool." I nodded and walked around. Within two minutes my breathing was back to normal. We snuck around, following Salvend. We saw her pull out an emerald colored saber. She waved it over rocks, using it as a light. We saw her push some rocks in, and then the rocks pulled apart. Pebbles fell around us, and then an opening appeared. It was a secret cave. She walked in, and then it closed. "We're going in there." Teyhin nodded, his mouth ajar a bit. "Totally.

The Secret Temple

Salvend's POV

I smiled to myself. How gullible they are. They're quite loud, and they should learn to keep quiet. I turned a corner, and then started running. This Temple is a MAZE. And by maze, I mean it. It took me hours, days, weeks, and even months to figure out the pattern. I drew the map on paper, I learned it by heart. I mentally memorized it. "Salvend, where have you been!" Ginfa said to me one day. "Stop wondering off!" I looked at her with my big eyes. It was a year after the devastation about our village, and more people then we even know survived. Some even somehow made... CLONES of themselves. "But I found a maze Ginfa, it's amazing. It's actually a temple and all, but-" Ginfa's purple face turned an ugly shade of dark purple. "Don't ARGUE with me Salvend!" she yelled, making hand gestures that made no sense to me when I was twelve. "Remember what happened to the village? You want them to find you? HUH?! DO YOU?!" she yelled, louder and her voice higher this time. I shut up, but anger boiled inside of me. Who was she to talk to? She had no RIGHT to speak to me like an animal! I went to my room, and shut the door quietly. Fighting would not help. I let tears fall down my face. My life sucks. But then I reminded myself not to cry. I'm not a baby. I suddenly made my eyes dry up. No one will ever understand me. I felt a half of me feeling the same too. But it felt like some of my thoughts were... missing. Years later I remember Ginfa telling me Monet was my sister. My mind snapped back into reality. It's as if it were saying, Um, hello? Yeah, this is your brain here. GET BACK INTO REALITY NIMWIT. I sighed. Now I've gone crazy. I felt a prickling at the back fo my neck. They're still following me. I quickly cut a corner, and then appeared thousands of symbols on the rocks. This was the dead end I was looking for. I bit my thumb hard, and blood came out. I touched the stones with symbols on it, and then the symbols started glowing blue. Rocks trembled, and again, pebbles came down. A big groaning noise made the cave/temple eerie, and the sound echoed off the walls.

Ginfa's POV

My eyes shot open. I heard a moaning sound in the distance, echoing from far away. So, I thought. She's actually done it. You're pretty smart and cunning Salvend.

Monet's POV

My eyes opened slowly. The world was blurry, and my vision wanted to deceive me. But I didn't allow it. Monet? You there Monet? The voice was distant, something I didn't like. It felt like my hearing had gone bad. I sat up and then saw a figure. Monet? Monet! Answer me already! Salvend got away. My mind started to function, and I quickly turned my head to the side. Too fast though. Fast enough that a sharp pain came up in the back of my neck and head. I drew in a breath, and then blew air out through my mouth. Whining and complaining would do me nothing. Teyhin looked at me. "You got hit in the head with a rock. A really really hard rock," he explained. He held out a hand, and then I took it, and got up. "We need to go." He and I looked out into the dark hallway where Salvend had disappeared. "Ya think?" He muttered. But then he quickly changed his mind and then said, "Monet, you just got hit in the head, come on let's go." I spun on the tips of my toes to quickly turn, and then look at him. "I got hit in the head with a boulder and lost almost my whole memory span, I think I can deal with this Teyhin." He stayed uiet and then nodded. For some reason, I think when I was, oh I dunno, twelve, I was probably a pretty mean and vicious girl... Vicious enough to scare guys maybe. "Ok," he finally answered. "Let's go."

25 minutes later....

"We had run, keeping track of Salvend, using mostly our ears, and then if we could, we would follow her when we caught her turning a bend. We finally came into a circular room. We looked around. There were at least five entrances, also counting as exits. We heard a laugh, and I quickly spun to see Salvend. The doors all shut quickly, and then I heard electricity. "Bloody sabers..." I heard Teyhing mutter. "It's just like a room in the Sith Temple." Salvend came out from the shadows and then said, "that's because, the Sith got the idea from this same exact room." I saw her smile, a deadly sinister smile. "The mazes... oh what a wonderful place to get lost in." She closed her eyes and looked content for once. "I guess I'll let you die in here, I mean, no harm done right?" Tyehin went to grab his saber, but then I touched his hand, and he stopped. "Not here," I whispered to him. "I'll bust us out." Then, I quickly ran to an entrance. I saw an electricity tower. Like it would harm me, it's probably up there for no reason. "Monet!" Teyhin yelled. "Not near the-" Before he could finish, I saw a burst of blue jagged light, and then it hit me. I fell to the ground, feeling three quarters dead. I could tell I had got burned pretty badly. Electricity that remained ran through my body, until there was no sign of it left. I coughed hard, and then moaned. My nerves in my body felt dead, so I couldn't move them. I was paralyzed! "MONET!" Teyhin screamed, once again. I saw him running towards me, adn then he quickly dropped to his knees and the checked my pulse. "Gosh dang it..." he mumbled angrily. I heard a hysterical laugh. "You can't get out of here without facing the consequences!" We saw Salvend sitting by an electricity tower. "How...?" She had a crazy look in her eyes. "Oh Monet, do you wonder why Grievous came after you?" She said, smiling. How did she know? "Oh yes, I know that, and much much MORE." She ABSORBED the electricity with her hand, and then shocked Teyhin. Not as bad as I got though. I could see his jaw clenched, trying to resist from yelling out. "I know why, Monet! Because he was trying to kill you!" She tossed her head to the side, and then quickly snapped it back, just to get her bangs out of her eyes. "I let him enjoy killing all those other measly padawans. They weren't worth my time." I realized something. Electricity...hate...anger... Sith Temple... "You're a Sith, aren't you?" I asked, finding the will to get up and support myself against a wall. "Correct, Moe Moe." Teyhin had slinked over near her, and then in a blink of an eye, he threw his saber at her. She DEFLECTED it, in blinding speed. She smiled. "I'll just let you get out yourself." And then, one of the entrances/exits opened, and she quickly ran out. Then second she was out, it closed.


Teyhin's POV

"We have no where to go!" I yelled. We had been in here for hours. I could tell grief was hanging over Monet. She  knows her whole family was dead, and then she finds out about a twin, and soon thereafter, she learns that she's a Sith? Yeah, totally grief. "Teyhin," she sighed, "Just rest for a while." I could tell that sadness was weaved in her voice. "But how will we get out!" She turned her head to me in a robotic motion. "I'm sure Ginfa has noticed by now." I had totally forgotten about the older and more experienced Jedi. "Yeah," I said, resting against the same wall as her, a good amount of distance away from the electricity towers. "She'll come... maybe."

Ginfa's POV

I've been out here for hours, searching in the maze of the Temple. I should've known Salvend was going to pull that trick out. I sighed and blamed myself for having it happen. But for now, I have to stay focused, not blame myself for not being careful. I ran and ran, my footsteps echoing off the walls, the echoes loud at first, and then later, disappearing. I heard a crying coming from a hundred feet away. I quickened my sprint, and then I saw Slavend crying. Something isn't right.... "Oh Ginfa!" Salvend cried out, her face stained with tears. "She got them!" she wailed. "She got them..." I looked strangely at her, and then asked, "Who got them?" She slowly stood up from where she was crying, and then she put her forehead on my shoulder. She cried for a bit, and then finally said loudly, "I did." A hot pain came from nowhere, adn then I looked down at my stomach. Salvend smiled apologetically. "Hehe, woopsy." She gave me a wild look. "Slipped out of my hand, didn't it?" She turned away, and ran to the entrance. "Bye Ginfa!" she called back, crazily.

Moe's POV

"Bye Ginfa!" I heard, the voice muffled. I recognized it as Salvend's, and then I quickly got up and started banging on the door. "Ginfa!" Teyhin did the same. Next I knew, we were both yelling. "Ginfa! Ginfa are you there! Ginfa help us!" I knew she was probably hurt. I found a holo -or whatever the thing is called, I can never remember- and then I started recording. I told Ginfa to go back, we'll find a way out. Besides, I finally spotted a hidden air vent. When i was done, I slipped the holo under the door. It wasa pretty flat and thin holo. Like paper. "Come on Teyhin," I mumbled. "Let's get out of here."

Teyhin's POV

"STOP STEPPING ON MY FACE!" I yelled at Monet. She was trying to climb up the vent while stepping on my shoulders, but instead she started pushing herself up with my FACE. "Sorry!" she said while trying not to smile. Well this is very- OW! Gosh dang it! She just almost poked my eye out with the tip of her boot! Finally -and thankfully - she got up into the vent. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me up. She had NO upper body strength at all, which was a bit obvious since she almost fell out the vent. When we ran out of the temple, we saw Salvend waiting for us, and when she saw us, she flashed a cold smile and started running away. And of course we followed her. Well until she got into a ship. "Come on," Monet muttered, staring at the sky like Salvend was going to drop out from her ship and run like a crazy mad person. We got into another ship, and I took the head seat. Yes, I call it a head seat, and yes, I call the other seat the General seat. Oh well. We quickly followed in pursuit of Salvend. "From the directions we're going... and the one direction she is set on... it looks like...." I jabbed my finger towards where she was going. "Looks like she's going to Carlac." Monet frowned. "We're not even dressed for the cold weather," she half whined half muttered. "There might be some jackets in the back closet," I said, answering our problem. Well, maybe. If there WERE any jackets or hats or gloves.


"I found them!" Monet yelled from behind me. I took a glance behind me real quick, and then my eyebrows went up. I looked ahead of me once again, and chuckled to myself. "I'm not helping you," I said to Monet. She had brought in huge jackets, gloves, and hats. She was trying to carry them all at the same time, but they kept on falling to the ground. "You rancor," she mumbled. Well, she's bad at making insults. That's gonna change soon, considering her full personality isn't back yet. As we got near Carlac, she put on a jacket, gloves, and a hat. She took over for me, and then I quickly put on the clothes needed for this planet. We landed, and then we got out. It was colder than we thought. Even with this jacket on, the coldness creeped to my bones and chilled my skin, and brought goosebumps. We walked, trying to track down Salvend. I looked to my right, where Monet walked right beside me. It was basically a blizzard out here. All of a sudden I stopped. Monet wasn't right beside me. Monet and I got seperated.

Monet's POV

"Teyhin!" I yelled, the wind biting at my skin, my hair whipping my face. I watched him walk away, and he didn't hear me. It was too loud out here. I tried walking after him, but he was slowly disappearing as I struggled against the harsh wind. I couldn't cry, I couldn't. Even if I tried or did, my tears would freeze against my face. I set my jaw, and started walking against the wind. Later, I found a cave, which protected me against the wind. I quickly walked in, and there was a fire built, burning bright. I moved towards it, and then collasped. My eyes slowly closed as I saw someone walking towards me. Then, I fell asleep.

"You're so annoying," I said, to a boy my age. He stood three or four inches taller than me. His black hair was cut short, his blue eyes showing anger towards me. He had lots of freackles on his face, and he had pale skin and big front teeth. He wasn't exactly the type you would call skinny either. "Monet, you think you can go around smack talking people." He sneered. "But guess what, you can't, because you think too highly of yourself!" I raised my eyebrows. Now he's just bringing in random info that never happened. "Why don't you go bother someone else," I mumbled. Usani, the annoying one, had been annoying me for days now. I stood four feet tall and elevan inches, but I was still smaller. "If you're complaining about me," he said, "then why don't you go complain to your DAD about me?" That struck me like a slap in the face. That insult hurt me, from the inside and out. I didn't show any emotion when he said that, but instead, I smiled an icy cold smile, and said, "Sorry, the calling line for my Dad is currently unavaiable." Some people who were overhearing the converation said "ooooo! Burn!" but I just ignored them and walked away. I walked over to my favorite tree, and started to climb it. People would call me "tomboy." They mostly knew me for my snappy comments and attitude. I wore my short hair in a ponytail, like I usually do. It was a hot summer day, I had nothign to do really. Most of the time during the summer, most of my friends would be gone. I remember before fall last year, I had cut my over a foot-long hair. It had been cut to my shoulders, and had grown six or sevan inches. "Like the view up there?" I looked down, and saw Teyhin. "Hi human," I said. He gave me a small smile, and started clinbing the tree. Three or four years ago, my granpa had built me a treehouse. There were steps that leaded up to other parts of the tree, but in the high parts, I just climbed to. "You know," Teyhin started, after he sat down next to me, "You don't  always have to be tough Monet. I know you are, and I know you don't show any hurt anymore, but still, you don't always have to be tough." Something snapped. "You know what Teyhin, maybe I hate it when most men look down upon us gils and women. Maybe I hate being underestimated and treated like a doll. Well guess what, I'm not a doll, I'm a fighter." I stopped looking at the sky through the tree branches, and looked at him. "Men always treat us badly and try to take advantage of us. Sure we're not as strong, but we can be. Sure we can get hurt easily, but we can always put be strengthened each time we're insulted and hurt." I stopped looking at him. "For once, I don't want to be disrespected because I'm a girl."

Smoke. I could smell smoke. The fire that had been there before I collasped was still burning bright. It was dark out now, which scared me. Where was Teyhin? I tried to get up, but when I did, my bones ached all over. "Don't do that," I heard. I looked up. There was a boy, my age, with blond hair. He had grey green eyes, and light brown skin. "Did you dye your hair?" I blurted. He smile at me, his teeth perfectly white. "No, I was born with blond hair." He shrugged, an then went on. "People are surprised I didn't alter my looks. They didn't think I was born with this amazing face of mine." I smiled a bit. He helped me up, and then thrust out his hand to me. "Sorry for being rude, but my name is Jaynene. (Jay-neen) In return, I took his hand and shook it. He was cooking some meat over the fire, and seeing that I was hungry, gave me some. It had a smoky good taste to it. "You know, don't go out there unless I say." I looked at him strangely, and then he explained. "The weather, I know if it's going to be good or not." I put down my food, and then frowned. "But I have to find my friend." He waved his hand at me. We'll find him tomorrow, it's going to be good weather tomorrow. Not tonight though." I gave him a small smile and said thanks, then fell asleep.

"Let go of me," I said to a boy. He smiled. "Not after you gave back what you stole." I stomped on his foot, and then elbowed him, which knocked the wind out of him. I slipped out of his grasp, and then turned to look at him. I bent down, and started whispering, "you know I didn't do it, you did. You think I would steal something from your father?" He looked at me, his eyes locked tight on mine. "Next time you go around accusing people, make sure you had hardcore evidence that they did it." I narrowed my eyes at him. I held my hand up, and then he scrambled away. I sighed, walking away from the sight. "No on likes you Monet! No one has and they never will!" I tried ignoring him, but gave up. They all act like this to me, I thought. No one really stands up for me, not any of the grownups. I shoved my hands in my pockets. They all think I'm... dangerous. No, they think I'm... They think I don't belong, that I shouldn't be here. I put my chin in the air, my eyes closed, but I kept on walking. They all think I should be dead, just because my aunt and uncles and cousins are... sith. I opened my eyes, finally realizing I had climbed up the tree. 'Tears were streaming down my face. No, keep it together Moe, if you cry, you're not tough, you're worthless. You'll still be worthless to them, something they would want t keep away. I looked down sadly. I'm not even sure if I have real friends anymore. They all... left me. I sighed. No, said something in the back of my head. You still have Teyhin and Haxner. I smiled, but it was fake.

It was bright outside when I woke up. Jaynene was outside, so I sat up, threw the blankets off, but then decided to fold them. When I was done with that, I went outside. "Hmmm, that's no good," I heard Jaynene say to himself. "Of course that's no good, the branches are all wet." I heard him sigh. "They're ALL wet idiot." I raised my eyebrows. Double personality? Probably since he is alone out here. "I know where your friend is." I looked at him, not sure if he was talking to himself or me. He turned, giving me a small smile. "Probably think I'm odd, don't ya?" He was in a tree, so he dropped down, landing perfectly on his feet. He started walking to me, and then when he was close, he whispered in my ear, "I think I saw a boy get caught by the Death Watch." I suddenly turned to him. His greyish green eyes were full of life. He raised one eyebrow, and then said, "So what do ya say no name?" I looked down, and then back into his eyes. "It's Monet," I said to him. "My name is Monet Magnaneedler." He smiled, his teeth white against his light brown skin. "Well, Monet, let's go."

Death Watch

We walked until we got to the hidden Death Watch facility. They hide the entrance in a cave or the side of a hill. "I saw your friend get taken into there." Jaynene pointed at a place where the Death Watch were walking around, carrying their weapons, and guarding the entrance. Jaynene looked at me, and then asked, "You want me to go don't you?" It was more of a statement than a question. I sighed. "If you want to, I guess." I looked at him, hoping I hadn't offended him. "Your choice," he replied. After a silence, he got up and said, "Yeah, I'm not gonna make this awkward. I'll just go." He stretched, and then said, "It's not hard to find him in there. You'll basically have to go straight, turn left, go straight, right, left, left, straight, and then a right." I repeated those directions in my head, wondering how he knew. "Be careful," he added. "I heard they're doing experiments on people or somethin'. I forget, but I think they got someone to come up with a formula to change people." I stared at him dumbly. "Well, their appearance I mean. They have a formula where they can inject it into you and basically change you. I don't think it's easily reversed." I frowned. I looked at Jaynene for a while more, and then looked at the ground. I must've looked at it for a while, because when I glanced back up, he was gone.

I followed Jaynene's directions. I was glad I never got caught, but I still could. I finally came to a corrider where there were prison rooms. I looked through every one of them, and then I saw a boy in one. I looked closely, and then all of a sudden, he turned and looked at me with blue eyes. It was Teyhin, but his expression was... different. He got up, and then went up to the ray shield. "Monet," he said, his voice muffled a bit. "You have to go!" but as soon as he said that, some Death Watch turned a corner. They saw me, and pulled out their guns. The one in charge talked to them. I pulled out my lightsaber, and as soon as they started shooting, I deflected them just as quickly. "Put it down now, eh pretty?" A gun was at my head. I sighed. Great.

I was taken to a room, and sadly, I let myself get knocked out. I was strapped down by my feet and hands to a table. Some Death Watch walked in, and one of them was wearing a different type of armour. "What shall we-" the one in the different outfit silenced the other with a hand. "I know what I'm doing, she's qualified for it all. And if it doesn't work on her, then she'll either die or it will reject her and will change nothing." I frowned. I remember what Teyhin said. He said it with a scared face. My frown deepened, and then I looked at the Death Watch. One had a needle, and I didn't exactly like what


he was about to do. But then, I realized my surroundings. What was this place? Was that man even a Death Watch? What in the world were they going to do to me... While I was thinking, the man had walked over. My eyes went to the needle, but I didn't thrash around. What was the point, I had no lightsaber, and I was surrounded in a locked room that I knew nothing of. I had to think of a strategy... or something. Now, the man stood over me, and he quickly inserted the needle into my arm. For some reason, I almost screamed. The liquid wasn't... ordinary. I looked at my skin on my arm, and slowly, it was turning pale. "Are you surprised?" asked the man who once had the needle. "Heh, so it DOES work, doesn't it. Now I guess we can come up with more formulas for different looks..." Looks? Were they going to send spies somewhere and use this method on them? One man held a mirror in front of my face. I didn't recognize the stranger in front of me. The stranger was ME though. I had green eyes, pale skin, and long, dark red hair. "That's you right now sweetheart. And we can't let you go, now can we? You could be a great test subject later on." Test subject? This was going to be torture if I was going to be a test subject! They quickly grabbed me after they tooks the straps off, and they threw me in the cell with Teyhin. I was too weak to do anything.

1 week later...

A week later they threw us out in the snow. They had put another injection into us to see if we were compatible and if it worked. Apparently, we were. We would never need to go into the cold with heavy clothing. But the Death Watch who were watching over us didn't think we had enough energy, and they got careless and got drunk. "This is our moment to go," whispered Teyhin, his right cheek in the snow, pretending he had passed out. "Agreed, they just fell asleep," I replied. We got up, and looked around, slowly walking away at first, and then running as fast as we could. The perimeter was being watched over, so we were careful. "Moe, you still don't look like yourself..." I looked to Teyhin. "Yes I know that, I think I can tell." Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shimmering light. I turned my head too fast, and pain went through my neck, but I didn't care. I squinted my eyes. What is that? But then I remembered. It was Jaynene's light signal!  "Teyhin, hey." I nudged his arm and pointed to the light while talking. "That is Jaynene's light signal, he helped me get here, let's go." I started to get up, but Teyhin pulled my arm, which caused me to stumble back down. "Could we trust him?" he asked. "Yeah, we can."

Teyhin and I ran over to Jaynene, making sure we weren't caught. "Jaynene, why are you here?" I asked. Jaynene looked at me. "Who- who are you?!" Teyhin looked over my shoulder, and then answered Jaynene for me. "It's Monet, but she just isn't-" Jaynene decided to interrupt then. "She just isn't herself? Yeah! I think I see that! They injected that- that formula into her! Do you see what she is now? She isn't recognizable." By the time Jaynene had finished, my eyes were concentrated onto the ground. My mouth was in the form of a frown, my face turned away from the two of them. "She may not look like herself, but she's still Monet on the inside! I mean look at her..." Teyhin probably didn't know what to say after that. Jaynene was right. "Well, at least my voice is recognizable," I said, hoping they wouldn't deny that. Jaynene sighed. "You're right about that."  "Point is," Teyhin said, "is that we need to get out of here now. It's not safe here."

The next day we were back in a cave. It was nighttime, the stars were like small lamps, and a blizzard was about to occur soon. We had a fire going, making sure we weren't too far in the cave in case it caved in, and making sure we weren't too close. Teyhin was exploring the cave, making sure that there could be something useful in this cave, and that it might help us later on. I stared into the fire; the flames seemed as if they were dancing, reaching out to me. "Jaynene." I was still staring into the fire, one left leg pulled to my chest, and my right leg stretched out across the ground. "Why don't you ever leave this planet?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jaynene frown, but he quickly set his expression into one of someone who might have never experienced emotions. "I was left here. I had gotten lost in a blizzard, and I was freezing to death due to the lack of layered clothing. Apparently I was being ignorant and thought I wouldn't need those things." I looked at him, my head slowly turning to look at him. "I was dying. Death Watch found me and decided to experiment on me." So that's how he knew the directions... "I had only gotten through one test though, and that was until my friend had come back for me. He wouldn't abandon me. I knew he wouldn't. He had been searching for me, and when he found me we got away." Jaynene had a look of pain engraved into him. "We had gotten out, but that is when he- we," Jaynene corrected himself, "slipped up. We hadn't gotten out far, but we weren't cautious, and we had set off a silent alarm. They chased us. We didn't stop." Jaynene's face twisted into a greater pain than it was before. "And then he got shot. While we had been deflecting the shots, he turned to look at me for one second, and that's all they needed. My friend got shot right through the heart, and he died. I never knew what he was going to say." Then, all of a sudden, he stood up, his face filled with frustration. "I never knew how else to get off of this cursed planet, and now he is dead. No one knows I'm alive, or that I exist." He turned to look at me. "I have been stuck here for five years. I'm twenty-seven right now." Before I could say anything, Teyhin had come back. "I haven't found anything so far, but I'm sure I'll find something in the morning." Jaynene gave me one last look, and then he turned away, and dropped to the ground, and ignored us for the rest of the night.

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