Micheal Koz Was Born On Mandolore But Was Sent To Ord Mantell To Be ruler there not Noing that He Was A Sith Warlord........The Last Sith Warlord


When Micheal Was a Jedi he Dint take it seriously His Master.......Rahm Kota Trained Him Well Tho but Kota ALLWAYS Sensed some thing Dark in him Even he was A Jedi


During the battle of Geonosis Micheal Saw Dooku Near a Core ship With his speeder When he was about to Kill Dooku He Was Minipulated And Was Made a Sith

Koz Corp And Fire Nebula:

Micheal Was a Trooper And Nova Corp but was betrayed bye Xalandra Nova Once Micheal got out He made Koz Corp and Started a War with Xalandra Unfortunantely He Lost........1 Year Later he Found Dark Nebula And Nova the Hutt too....... So He made His Fire Nebula And Got Help From Koz The Hutt And Started A Nova War He Won This Time And Sent Nova Packing.......Unfortuenatly Xalandra Hacked In the Koz Systems and Shut down Fire Nebula


Once Michael Found Out What Palpatene Was Doing He Joined Him And Ended The War On Mygeeto,And Took The 550th Leigoin Clones Statoined There With Him Back To Corascant

The Empire:

When Micheal Started In the Empire He Was A Colonol When He went to a Impereal Inventoin Statoin He met Young Maximillan Veers Who Was Inventing The AT-AT,Micheal Invented The AT-AD (All Tirain Armored Drill) And Was Permoted To Grand Genaral,But Shortly After The Death Star Was Destroyed He Took The Place Of Grand Moff Tentra Dex

Super Star Destroyer "Destroyer":

Micheal Was Given the Second Super Star Destroyer Made......The Destroyer Class Super Star Destroyer It Was the Second Bigest Super Star Destroyer


After the Emperor Died Micheal Took Advantige And Made Himself The New Emperor Then He Made A Third Death Star


Micheal Died Abord The Third Death Star Buy Jedi Master X2

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