The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's 9th In Game Event

May the Fourth Madness Winner!


A Three-Way Tie!

May the Fourth Madness is over! After the initial 20 trivia questions it was a three-way tie between Luke Docker, General Eggs, and Zeeg Rums! After tie-breaker questions it was narrowed down to Luke Docker as our 1st place winner!

The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki had their ninth in game event! Star Wars Trivia where dozens of players arrived at Wuher MosEisley's Modern Moon Station Attack Cruiser housing and answered trivia questions about all things Star Wars in celebration of Star Wars Day on Saturday May 4th, 2013! The winners were determined on who first correctly answered the most questions.

There were three prizes three prizes provided by Amnerys:

The Winners after the Tie-breaker of sudden death!
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  1. The 1st place winner was Luke Docker, he won a Galactic Passport which he chose to trade for a free Hip-Mounted Cannon code from Star Wars Celebration VI and a Free Wordmark which he gave to Zeeg Rums!
  2. The 2nd place winner was General Eggs, he traded Luke for the Galactic Passport code.
  3. The 3rd place winner was Zeeg Rums, he was given wordmark from Luke Docker and he received a code for a piece of Bly's armour set.

Event Media

CWA Character Wiki May the 4th Trivia Event04:24

CWA Character Wiki May the 4th Trivia Event


May the 4th be with you event


CW:Clone Wars - EU:Expanded Universe - OT:Original Trilogy - PT:Prequel Trilogy

Warm-up Question
Q. Who's motto originated from a French philosopher named René Descartes?

A. IG-88 [src]

Nobody EU
Q. Who was created as the replacement for Han solo during the time period while Han Solo was supposedly frozen in carbonite?

A. Dash Rendar [src]

General Eggs EU
Q. What resource was Cloud City mining for?

A. Tibanna Gas [src]

General Eggs EU
Q. Who was technically Anakin's 'Father'?

A. Cliegg Lars [src]

Boomdodger PT
Q. The stormtrooper that said, "Look sir, droids!" was supposedly the first person to also think of what about an AT-AT?

A. Tie up its legs, Davin Felth [src]

Joseph Mereel EU
Q. What is the name of the system near which Clone Captain Lock was attacked?

A. Arda System [src]

Galen Solarus CW
Q. What was the name of the Rodian from the box?

A. Jakoli [src]

Zeeg Rums CW
Q. What was Han's first comment to Lando after seeing the Millenium Falcon for the first time?

A. "What a hunk of junk!" [src]

Nobody EU
Q. What were in the mechanical spiders roaming the palace of Jabba?

A. B'omarr Monk Brains [src]

General Eggs OT
Q. What was introduced by Lando to Luke that eventually had Luke keeping a secret stock for himself?

A. Hot Chocolate [src]

General Eggs EU
Q. In empire strikes back, who says "Luke, I am your father"?

A. Nobody, it is "No, I am your father" which is said by Vader. [src]

Luke Docker OT
Q. Name five characters that appeared in the prequel trilogy that were in the original trilogy.

A. Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Palpatine, Skywalker/Vader, C-3PI, R2-D2, Leia, Luke, Boba Fett, etc..

Luke Docker PT
Q. Before Attack of the clones, who was Jaster Mereel?

A. The true identity of Boba Fett [src]

Joseph Mereel EU
Q. What species is the pilot who brought supplies to Stobar?

A. Sakiyan [src]

Boomdodger CW
Q. Among the group of Anakin's child hood friends, what was the name of the Rodian?

A. W. Wald [src]

Luke Docker PT
Q. What is the name of the personal starship belonging to King Katuunko?

A. Thief's Eye [src]

Nobody CW
Q. Why did Obi Wan suggest that the Jedi Archives were incomplete?

A. Kamino was missing[src]

Zeeg Rums PT
Q. What is the name of the rebel who is killed by a Droid Gunship attack?

A. Hutch [src]

Joseph Mereel CW
Q. Who was the owner of Anakin Skywalker?

A. Watto [src]

Zeeg Rums PT
Q. Who was the only non force sensitive being to wield a lightsaber in the Original Trilogy?

A. Han Solo [src]

Zeeg Rums OT
Q. Who blew up each Death Star?

A. Luke Skywalker [src] and Lando Calrissian [src]

Luke Docker OT
Tie-Breaker Question
Q. Where did Boba Fett make his first on screen appearance?

A. Star Wars Holiday Special [src]

Zeeg Rums EU
Q. What was the Red Squadron callsign of Porkins?

A. Red 6 [src]

General Eggs OT
Q. What colour is the interior of the Death Star detention block Imperial uniform jackets?

A. Red

Luke Docker OT
Sudden Death Question
Q. Who was the first to arrive at the Star Destroyer after Vader requested for bounty hunters after the rebels escaped Hoth?

A. Dengar [src]

Luke Docker EU
Q. Who was second to arrive at the Star Destroyer after Vader requested for bounty hunters after the rebels escaped Hoth?

A. Boba Fett [src]

General Eggs EU

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