Asaada Zadira was the daughter of two Sith Lords known as Darth Malentos and Darth Kyansi. She had two siblings Ell and Chordaya.

Zadira was taken to the Jedi Order at the age of 1 by Onja Anatnom. Zadira then trained under Master Yoda. At the age of 14 she became the Padawan of Adele Xela, who was in command of a squadron with Commander Gathe. During the three's first mission together, Zadira displayed exceptional Shien lightsaber skills. Zadira unfortunately made many mistakes in the battle, causing many of her troops to be injured. Zadira deeply regretted doing so, but her Master provided console for her, saying that everyone makes mistakes occasionally.

Zadira was then on cautious in battle, hoping not to cause any other deaths by mistake. During the next part of the battle Zadira and Xela won the battle and forced the Separatists to surrender.

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