About Matthew

Matthew Was born at shili and raised at umbara, the umbarans were going to use him as a spy. When Matthew

This is me

was ready they sent him to the republic. One day when the Jedi were getting ready for a mission they were on there way to the hanger where Matthew was loading crates on the ships. The jedi general Kit Fisto looked at Matthew and came up to him, kit then said: Where do you come from young one? Matthew replyed: Shili master jedi! Kit offered matthew go with him, so Matthew went! Latter after some time the jedi found out that Matthew had great power in the force! Greater then any one has ever seen! Matthew was unknowing of his great gift, Kit latter asked Matthew: would you like the learn the way of the jedi? Matthew replyed: that would be great master jedi. Kit had a bad feeling when Matthew started training! Kit had a since something was wrong with Matthew! They did some looking and found out he was sent to be a spy! Kit went to Matthew and said: younging you have a great gift in the force! and if you wish you can become a jedi padawan. Matthew took his offer and Kit told him that he was sent to be a spy for the shadow people. Matthew said: I was they sent me to, but I have learned that there is a greater force then evil! year came to pass and Matthew became a Jedi General. To this day Matthew has yet to unlock his full power! lets us hope the sith do not find out and unlock it for him!

The Vortex Legion

The Vortex Legion is the best squad in the republic, they only take the best. Rank is earned and position is given.

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