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Master Steve
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46 BBY, Corellia


60 ABY, Coruscant

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1.84 meters



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Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic Era
  • New Jedi Order Era
  • Legacy Era
  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order
  • Rebellion Against Dark Nebula
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic
  • New Republic
  • Himself
  • New Jedi Order
  • The Anti Brandon Nicholas Reveloution (resigned)
  • Starstrider Legion ( resigned)
  • Dark Eagle Batalion (resigned)
  • The First and Last Rebellion (resigned)
  • Infamous Unleashed's Empire (resigned)
  • Steve's Empire (resigned)
  • SupreX Legion (resigned)
  • Revenge Of The Fallen (resigned)
  • Larcon Legion (resigned)
  • The First and Last Rebellion (resigned)
  • Ally Forces (resigned)
  • Survivors Of The Siege ( kicked out)
  • Dark Empress (resigned)
  • The Army Against Larcon ( resigned)
  • Nova Battalion ( Squad Deleted)
  • ---Legends--- ( Squad Deleted)
  • Corridain Thor's Squad ( Squad Deleted)
  • --Galaxy Battalion-- ( Squad Deleted)
  • --Shark Battalion-- ( squad deleted)
  • Ultimate Elite Army ( deserted)
  • Strength of Many ( squad deleted)
  • Survivors Reborn
Battle Class
Bc icon jedi
Bc icon mercenary
Bc icon sith
Bc icon trooper
favorite weapon(s)
  • Lightsaber
  • The Force
  • Guns
Known masters
  • Yoda
  • Halo Awsomeness
Known apprentices

" They Say Before You Start A War, You Better Know What Your Fighting For"- Master Steve

Offical Description

Master Steve was born as Steve Striker and was born on the planet Corellia 46 years before the Battle Of Yavin. He was known as a fierce duelist and his flawless tactics in battle. He fought in the Clone Wars and was one of the few Jedi that survived Order 66. He would live to be 106 years old and he died 2 weeks after the 60th anniversary of The Battle Of Yavin and The Battle of Endor.


Master Steve was born to the wealthy Striker family on the planet Corellia. He was the heir to his father's vast ship building empire. However, at 2 months of age, he was discoverd to have force potential since his ancestor, Lord Tahno Striker who was a warlord during the Old Republic, was also force sensitive. His parents quickly contatced the Jedi Order to check him out. Soon, Jedi Master Halo Awsomeness, arrived to check him out and he quickly discovered that he had a force potential of 16,000. Halo stated that he must be taken to the Jedi Temple for training. Steve's parents couldn't bare to see their son go away so young so they set up arrangements so they could see him every day.

Jedi Training

Steve was put into a training group at the age of 6. He quickly passed all the steps and became a Padawan at 10 years old. He was assigned to Halo Awsomeness, the very Jedi that found him. He taught Master Steve many things such as Force Repulse, Force Teleport and mastery over all 4 elements. He also taught him the ways of the dark side but was taught to use it only in defense. Master Steve was able to project force lightning, use bloodbending and opening portals to other galaxies and other dimensions. He would later discover how to permanently take away someone's force powers away and to drain the life force out of someone.

The Arrival of The Chosen One

When Steve was 14, a young boy named Anakin Skywalker arrived at the Jedi Temple. The news was spread among the padawans at the Jedi Temple. Steve did the honors of giving Anakin a tour of the Jedi Temple and he became good friends with Anakin that day.

Consturcting His Lightsaber

About a year later, Steve received permission to finally construct his own lightsaber at the planet Ilum. He constructed a Talz like hilt with a green blade.

Battle with Aurra Sing

In 30 BBY, Steve and Halo were investigating a murder near The Senate. The man murdered was a Senator from his home planet. Halo spotted a woman jumping into her speeder with a rifle and they went after her on their speeder bikes. After a wild chase, Steve threw his saber at Aurra's speeder bike and she crashed into a building. They went into into the building to find Aurra knocked out. Halo and Steve then brought her to prison. She would escape a few days later.

Journey To Zonama Skeot

In 29 BBY Steve heard rumors about a mysterious planet that makes the fastest engines in the galaxy. Steve accompanied Obi-Wan and Anakin while Halo was on a mission for the Jedi Council. They went to the planet and Steve managed to buy engines made by the locals which he would later attach it to his starfighter. He managed to leave the planet early before Tarkin's fleet arvived.

The Separatist Crisis

In 28 BBY, after an alamring move by the Trade Federation at Kashyyyk the Separatist Crisis began. Steve and Halo were sent along with a taskforce of 7 Jedi total thats job was to try to calm the crisis. Steve and the taskforce negotiated with several worlds in an attempt to make them stay with the Republic, however, they were not always successsful.

Raid On Mustafar

In 26 BBY, Master Yoda contatced the taskforce and asked them to check out unusual Separatist activity on Mustafar. They arrived at Mustafar to find an unusually large Separatist fleet protecting the planet. They bypassed the fleet and landed on the planet where they discoverd a droid factory at the base of a volcano. They snuck into the factroy to find out that the factroy was making massive war machines. However they were spotted by the factroy forwoman, Sev'reance Tann. While Steve and Halo dueled Tann, the others hacked into the main computer and retreived desgins for a battle droid known as "The Ultra Droid", " Commando Droids", and "Magnaguards". However the jedi were spotted by Destroyers and were quickly cut down except for 1 that escaped with the plans. Meanwhille, Steve and Halo defeated Tann, destroyed the factory, and escaped with the plans. Only 3 Jedi out of the taskforce managed to escape.

The Hunt For John Cannon

In the aftermath of The Raid On The Mustafar droid factory, Count Dooku required millions of credits to rebuild the factory and make it on other worlds. Hey hired a bounty hunter by the name of " John Cannon". Hey hired him to rob Galatic Banks, Steal Priceless Art, And Assassinate key Repulic senators in the Republic Senate. John caught the attention of The Jedi Council and assigned Steve and Halo to go after him. The tracked him to his asteriod base above Nexus Prime. The Jedi boared the base and after a fierce battle with John and his henchmen, Steve managed to stab John in the back killing him instantly. In the aftermath, Steve was impressed by John's abilities in battle, so he secertly took him to the planet, Kamino and had him cloned so that he could make an army to fight the Seperatist threat. However, Steve soon found out that the Kamino was making another clone army for the exact same reason, so they decided to make both armies for The Republic.

The Ghosts Of Darth Maul

In 25 BBY, Count Dooku attempted to use a sith holocron to make a shadow army of Darth Maul. Halo investigated the rumors on The Planet Korriban, A former Sith Empire holding. Halo encotured Dooku in the tomb of Darth Plageuis where he was making ghosts of Darth Maul. Halo attemtped to reason with Dooku but it was useless. Halo and Dooku dueled breifely before he called upon the ghosts of Darth Maul to overwhelm him and subdue him. Steve, who was in The Jedi Temple, sensed that his Master was in trouble and travled to Korriban where he found his Master hanging on the wall as a prsioner. Dooku then ambushed Steve. Although Steve was able to hold off Dooku, the Ghosts of Darth Maul ambushed Steve. Steve mangaed to fall back. He faced the entire ghost army Of Darth Maul and Count Dooku. Dooku offerd a chance for Steve to surrunder, but he refused. However they army adavanced on him pushing him back to the wall. Steve was frighten, knowing the odds was against him. However he came to his senses and bagn battling Count Dooku and his ghosts of Darth Maul. Steve managed to destroy all the ghosts, and subudeud Dooku, with suffering some light saber cuts. He instanly passed the Trials of Skill, Courage and Flesh. He freed his Master and they broke the sith holocron. However Dooku escaped. In the aftermath, Dooku was unable to use his Ghost army for The Separatists and Steve was closer to knighthood.

Skirmish Near Vanqor

Torwards The End of 25 BBY, Republic spies fround out that The Black Sun was trading with The Separatists in an Asteriod field neat Vanquor. Halo, Steve, and 20 other Jedi travelled to the asteriod field and engaged The Pirates and Droids. In the middle of the battle A Black Sun starfighter managed to shoot Steve's fighter. Steve's fighter crashed on the planet, but he managed to survive and so did his astromech droid R1- T9. while R1 tried to call for help, Steve felt a mysetrious presence in a cave infront of him. Steve went into the cave. When he reached the heart of the cave, he noticed a hooded figure sitting. Steve asked who he was. The figure didn't speak, and he activated his red lightsaber showing that he was a dark jedi. Steve turned on his green lightsaber and began to duel the figure. The duel was fierce, Steve quiclky noticed that he had the exact same tricks that the figure had. After locking blades with the figure, Steve tried to see who it was. He noticed, that it was himself! Steve fell back and seeing this. The figure tried to kill him but Steve doged his attacks until he was kicked to the wall of the cave. The Sith Steve ran torwards him but The Jedi Steve managed to force push him to the oppsite side.The Jedi Steve then used the force to crush the Sith Steve. Then the Jedi Steve pulled off his hood showing that it was him. Steve then sat there for a long time, trieng to figure out what it was. Then his master, Halo, enterd the cave and found Steve. Steve told Halo everything he did and he still didn't understand what exactly he just did. Halo told him that he had faced his dark self and passed The Trail of Spirt and he had only 1 trial left to face. In the aftermath, contacts between The Black Sun and The Separatisits stoped.

The Separatists Form

In 24 BBY, Count Dooku declared the formation of The Separatist Cause. Steve didn't really do anything notable that year, expect train for his next trail: The Trail Of Insight.

Mission To Kuat

In 23 BBY, The Separatists organzied a terror cell that operated on Kuat. It's purpose was to persuade the people of Kuat into joining The Separatists through Intimidation. The destroyed the Kuati shipyards. Steve and Halo were assigned to check it out. They founf out that several Kuati workers were carrying out the attacks and they were arrested and transferd to the prision on Kessel.

Battle of Antar 4

In 23 BBY On Antar 4, there was a Seperatist Insurgency that managed to throw off the Republic police forces stationed there. Steve, Halo, and a task force of 100 other Jedi were sent to retake the planet. After a bitter struggle, The Republic regained the planet with losing a quarter of there forces.

Problems With The Clones

In early 22 BBY, Steve checked on how his operation was going. However the cloning process was deffective and caused the 1st 3 clones to go insane and had to be executed. They also could only somehow manage to make 1 clone for its lifetime for the amount of energy required to make it. Steve meet the 4th Clone, codenamed: Ghostfire. He was a bit deffective, but Steve decided that he will do and they sent Ghost for training. Eventually when Ghost's training was complete he went to Courasant and meet Steve. They became good friends that day and Ghost became part of Steve's legion.

1st Battle Of Geonosis

A few months later, there was an assassination attempt on Padme Amadalia. Obi-Wan went to find the assassin while Anakin protected her. Obi-Wan visted Kamino to find the clone army, however he did not manage to find the clone operation Steve had orderd. However Obi-Wan chased the assassin from Kamino to Geonosis and he got captured. However, he managed to send a message warining the Republic about the Separatist activty on Geonosis. Soon Anakin and Padme got captured on Geonosis as well. Mace Windu assembled a taskforce of 200 Jedi including Steve and Halo. However they encouterd a heavy blockade around the planet. Mace Windu lead half his forces to the ground while Adi Gallia dealt with the forces in space. Steve and Halo aided Adi Gallia and attacked the droid forces lead by Cavik Toth. The Jedi starfighters were overpowerd by The Droid ships. However, Steve managed to see a weakness in the Seperatist forces, There was a way to sneak behind Cavik's flagship and hit the engines from behind through the asteriod belt. Adi and Halo supported his descion and began his attack run. He snuck behind Cavik's flagship and launched a torpedo that destroyed the engines. Then Halo, Adi, and other jedi launched torperods at Cavik's bridge that destroyed his ship. While the Jedi persumed that Cavik was dead, Steve knew he was alive and saw his starfighter leave just before his flagship went down. Steve chased Cavik through the asteriod field and had a dogfight with him. Steve then saw a small opening in an asteriod that his starfighter could fith through, but not Cavik's starfighter. Steve dared Cavik to chase him through the asteriod. Steve made through, but Caviks wings came off and he spun out of controll. Steve then shot several lasers from behind killing Cavik Toth instanly. The Sepratist fleet was in disarray. Soon Master Yoda and a Repulic fleet arrived and smashed through the blockade and advanced onto the planet where they rescued Master Windu and his taskforce. Then they attacked the Droid forces deep with in the desert. Steve poilted his starfighter with Halo and Adi, managing to stop several core ships from taking off. Steve also shot missles at the droid artiller untis which made it very easy for the Republic forces to adavnce. Soon the droids retreated. Steve wanted to pursue them but Master Yoda declinded his request. Adi Gallia and Halo Awsomeness then told Master Yoda how he passed The Trail of Insight. Adi Gallia then put a vote to the floor requesting Steve to be promoted to Jedi Knight. The Vote was Anaymous that Steve should become a Jedi Knight and he was knighted by Master Yoda on Geonosis. Halo Awsomeness was then promoted to a Jedi Master. In the aftermath The Clone Wars has begun and was givin his very own special unit. The 3rd Legion also nicknamed The Gundark Legion. Lead By ARC Command Blackout and Gun Good.

The Clone Wars

Steve contruibed to The Republic war effor in a number of ways. This is Steve's stroy during The Clone Wars

Training the Clones

When Steve met his clone unit, he was greeted by Clone Commander Blackout. His troopers were ready to fight against the Separatists but they needed to be trained to follow orders. Steve took them to the Jedi Temple and began. He taught them how to take orders and gave them a special targetting test. All of them passed. Steve was proud of his unit. Later on, Master Ghostfire, completed his training on Kamino and joined Steve's Legion. Steve and Ghost were best friends, but Ghost was in 3rd in Command.

Battle of Atraken

In the early days of the Clone Wars, Steve, Ghost and the legion was assigned to take the capture The Seperatist controlled world of Atraken. When they battled the droids they used checmical warfare them. Many cloneds dided, however Steve was immuine to the checmicals. After 11 months of brutal fighting, they seized the planet and stoped the droids from minning.

Battle Of Cartao

After capturing Atraken, Steve and Ghost was tasked to capture another Seperatist planet named Cartao. He also teamed up with his fromer master, Halo againt Tok Ashel. After defeating the blockade they landed on the planet where they destroyed the droid forces and captured Tok.

Defeat At Parien II 4

Steve and his forces was tasked to defend the world against an incmoming attack lead by a new Separatist General, General Grievous. He teamed up with Sanned, Valin Draco and Tyneir Renz. General Grievous attacked in full force and caught the Republic by surpirse. A Managuard managed to kill Sanned and Valin Draco was injured and perusumed dead. Steve jumped onto Grievous's wheelbike and managed to force him off. He then took controll over the wheel bike and tried to run over Grievous. However, a battle droid armed with a rocket launcher destroyed the wheelbike. Steve jumped off in time and dueld Grievous. After a while the Republic was losing ground and forces and Steve orderd a retreat. They left the planet and the droid amry gained control.

Battle Of Duro

After the disater at Parien II 4, Grievous launched Operation Durge's lance. His target was the planet Duro. Steve and Ghost was assinged to help protect the planet. Halo was already there and he and Halo prepared there defense. The Sepratists managed to easily overwhelm The Republic fleet and began landing the droid forces. The Republic forces foguth bravley but after days of fighting they were being pushes back torwards the capital. 1 day, General Greivous lead an army and outflanked the Republic forces and attacked The Capital from behind. Steve and Halo rush torwards the Capital to confront Greivous. The armies meet and fought in an all out battle. At sometime during the battle, Halo and Steve were seperated. The Grevious apperared out of no where and began attacking Halo. Halo fought barvely. But Grevious managed to get the upper hand by relasing 2 more arms. Grievous still could not manage to defeat Halo. A battle droid noticed and shot Halo in the leg. Halo stumbled and Greivous slahsed Halo across the chest. Steve managed to find his master just in time to see him get killed. Steve destroyed the battle droid vicously. Greivous then challenged him to a duel. Steve charged at him and began to fight Grievous. During the the duel Steve was begining to get overpowerd. Steve then cut off Greivou's hand that was holding Halo's lightsaber. He then gained the uperhand untill Grievous called for his managuards. Steve was then surrounded by the droids. He was also with what clone troopers he had left but it wasnt much. Then, Master Kenboi's forces managed to rescue Steve and what troops he had left. Duro was now in the hands of The Sepratists and it was major blow to The Republic. Steve then began to use his master's blue blade with his green blade. Steve mourned Halo and spent lots of time alone. Eventually he got over it.

Training An Apprentince

Shorlty after the death of his Master at the hands of General Grievous, Steve was assinged a padawan, Jek Shiledbeamer, in order to get Steve's master's death of his mind. Steve actually porved to be an excellent teacher and he managed to train an enitre padawan group including his apprentice. His teaching skills were so legendary, that people began to call him " Master". Steve trained Jek so well that Jek was able to easily pass the trail with little diffculty. Jek was promoted to Jedi Knight and was assinged his own battle group lead by Clone Commander Rulan Stlitbeamer and was tasked to patrol the distant outer rim worlds. One day, Jek and his battle group was on patrol above a unkown planet in the outer rim. A Separatist sabetour sabatoged Jek's flagship and it crashed into the planet's surrface. The battle group then fought a Sepratatist fleet that came out of no wherre. The battle group escaped to Courasant to tell the news of Jek's death. Steve was sad to hear this. Jek's flagship, The Ressliance, still lies on the planet's surface. The planet was to far away for a rescue team to rescue Jek in time. Jek was assumed to be killed in the crash. What was left of Jek's fleet merged with Steve's fleet.

Meeting Taylor Featherpaw

When Master Steve was in The Jedi Temple, he noticed 3 Jedi under attack by Sith forces. Steve decided to jump into the battle and help defeat the sith. The 3 Jedi that were under attack were named Kane Tanki, Isaiah Carr and Taylor Featherpaw [ Orginally she was Selena123 Starz] Steve became good friends with them that day.

Battles With The Sith

Over the next few months, Steve battled the Sith with his friends. However, after a Battle At Glitch City, Selena began to turn to the dark side slightly, after several battles, Selena became a sith! And strangely, Isaiah and Kane were ok with that! Steve knew wat must be done. He tried to kill Selenea but Kane and Isaiah defended her. Steve occaisonly captured her and made her his personal slave. However she would escpae many time which would result in long and wild chases until Steve captured her and taught her a lesson about escaping. However she would constanly escape again. She would also assume new intidenties and change her name many times. He enlisted Ghost to help him. Soon Selenea fell in love with a sith lord named General Morse and they had lots of kids and the kids helped there parents battle Steve. There battles would last into the middle of The Dark Nebula War, where Taylor [ which is her current name to this day] surrunderd and made peace with Steve. Which allowed Steve to focus on more pressing matters. They even became friends, although General Morse and his children still hate Steve though.

Making An Empire Squad

At some point during the battles with the Sith, Steve made his own little empire named Steve's Empire. His 2nd in command was Master Ghostfire and the Imperal flagship was The Avenger.

The War With Athan Nightmace

At some point during Steve's battles with Taylor, Master Ghostfire became with a vampire named Athan Nightmace. Steve sensed something wrong about Athan. Steve kept a close eye on Athan and eventually, tensions were so high that it resulted into a war. Ghost was allinged with Steve but he was reluctant to help. Steve battled Athan on an Asteriod in the Outer Rim. Steve's forces defeated Athan's troops and Steve's forces almost managed to kill Athan in the process. Although Athan escpaed. There battle was on Amadeus's lot. Amadeus was helping Athan. Calo Katar was helping Athan. After many battles there Steve managed to destroy the outpost. Then Steve and Ghost dueled Athan and defeated him. Then The Avenger snuck up on Athan's crusier, boarded and it and destroyed it above Kamino. Steve, Ghost and a few of his allies, searched the remains of the ship for info. They found no useful information. The final battle was when Athan laied a trap for Steve. Steve and his allies went to Athan and executed all the members and seemingly killed Athan. This was The End Of The Master Steve- Athan Nightmace War.

Battle Of Christophisis

A few days later Steve was assinged to help defend Christphisis. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Steve and Ghost went to the planet to battle its deadly blockade lead By Admiral Trench. However, Anakin attacked to soon and caused his ships to get badly damaged. Then Obi-Wan and Steve arrived. Steve talked to Obi-Wan about useing the Stealth Ship and they agreed to use it. Anakin and Admiral Yuleran went down to the surface and destroyed Trench. Obi-Wan then decided to attack, Steve with his squardon and attacked the Sepratist fighters while the crusiers smashed the blockade. Steve and his squadron atttacked and destroyed A Recusant Destroyer which allowed an opening for the Republic forces. Steve then went down to the surface and defended key Republic posts on Christophisis bu useing strategically placed turrents. After defending them Steve was then transferd to Crystal City to help out Obi-Wab and Anakin. After days of fighting The Republic couldn't hold off much longer untill they recived renforcements. However an young padawan came out and said that she was Ahsoka Tano and that she was assigned to Anakin Skywalker. Steve didn't know what to think of this but he kindly welcomed Ahsoka. Soon Whorm Loathsome used a shield to protect his forces. While Anakin and Ahsoka destroyed the generator, Obi-Wan and Steve defended the cannons. The Droids managed to easily overwhelm the clones but Steve and Obi-Wan managed to cut through them. Steve then lead a rocket launcher squad to take out some Tri Droids. After they took them out Steve noticed the shiled was gone. Steve then redevouzed with Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka at the city plaza. Master Yoda also arrived on the sence and orders Steve to mop up the remaning droids. After 3 days of fighting, the last of the droids were destroyed and Steve and his Legion headed back to Courasant while a garrison was staioned on the planet.

Battle Of Teth

After Jabba The Hutt's Son has been kidnaped, Anakin and Ahsoka went to rescue him. However they needed help to escape. Obi-Wan and Steve departed to Teth. While Obi-Wan went to the surface, Steve commanded the space battle, and after a fericous battle, they drove the Separatists away which allowed Anakin and Ahsoka to get saftetly to Tatoonie and return Jabba's Son.

Sabatoge Of The Olanet Driod Factroy

Steve and Ghost lead a special division of Republic Special Forces to destroy a driod factroy on Olanet. They managed to destroy the factroy and access plans for the driod army with only minor casualities

Battle Of Skor II

After the successful sabtaoge at the planet Olanet, Steve was asked to accompany Mace Windu and Commander Cody to liberate the planet Skor II since the driod army has recently conquerd the planet. Steve and his legion agreed. The Republic managed to easily smash through the blockade and land on the surface quickly destroying the driod defenses. This was a astounding victory for The Republic. The locals built statues to honor The Republic soilders that fought in the battle to liberate there homeworld.

Battle Of Jabiim

A few days after the Battle Of Skor II, Steve and Ghost was assinged to go to Jabiim in order to put down a uprsing on the planet. On Jabiim there was The Jabiim Natalonists which supported The Sepratists and The Jabiim Loyalists who stayed loyal to the Republic. The Spepratists supplyed The Nataloinsts in exchange for mining rights and base rights on the planet. The Natalonists took control of the Jabiim Govermenet after a swift reveloution on the planet, but many Loyalists surrvied and began a Civil War on the planet. Steve landed near Jabiim's equator and quickly took dozens of Natalonist Bases, but finding no proof of Sepratists Presnece. Steve meet Obi-Wan and Anakin on the planet and they begna to team up. They also deployed the newly commisoned AT-ATs. After several days of fighting they could still not find any proof of Sepratsit presence, or the Natalonist Leader, Alto Startus. Soon Startus lead a massive attack composed of Battle Driods, Super Battle Driods, Destroyer Driods, Commando Driods, Dwarf Spider Driods, Tri Driods, ATT Tanks, Hailfire Driods, MTTs, Homing Spider Driods, Jabiim Natalonist Troopers and Biker Driods. They lead a surpirse attack against The Republic forces porteting The Republic base named Shelter Base. They Tri Driods proved fromidable opponets for the AT-AT and went to engage them. But they were flanked by Commando Driods who placed charges on there legs casuing them to collapse. Soon there was only 1 walker left and it was dispering crowds of driods and Natalonists. However it was hit by Several Hailfire Driods's missles's and it collapsed. Steve manged to find Status, duel him and easily defeat him. Obi-Wan and Captain Rex went to rescue Surrvivors from a near by AT-AT however it was destroyed by a Hailfire Driod's missle. Anakin was upset by the lost of his master. Soon Startus began pushing the Republic torwards The South Pole, where The Loyalists Headquaters was heald and it began making an evacuation since the Battle was a lost cause. Steve and his troops were defeated at a Battle at The Black Cliffs by Startus's renforcements of Managguards. Several padwans and Republic troops attempted to make a stand while all troops evacuated. Steve and his legion were to far away to get to the defense post in time so they headed to The Loyalist Headquarters where they caught the 1st wave of transports, escpaed the Sepratist blockade and went to Courasant.

Battle Of Thustra

After the gursome Battle Of Jabiim, Steve and his legion was permitted to take a 1 month break from fighting. After there break they were assinged to the planet Thustra. Thustra's King, Alaarac, had remained Netural through the 1st tear of the clone wars but decided to join The Sepratists. Steve, Ghost and 2 Other Jedi Masters along with there padawans, Pix and Kal, brought a massive army to the planet in order to intimidate the local Sephi to rethink there actions. However things went wrong. The Sephi mistook this an attack force and used there high tech weaponery to attack the Republic forces. They have had sucide bombers. Steve sent padawan Kal to alret forward command of the attack, but the The Commando Post was hit by a sucdide bomber destroying The base and killing The 2 Jedi masters and several clone troopers. Although Pix managed to escape. After fending off The Sephi, Steve realised this wont be easy andrequested help inmitdially. Yoda was sent to Thustra. Yoda and Cal went to negoitate with King Aalarac while Pix and Steve set up there forces for an attack, but they were not to attack unless Yoda orders it. Negotiations went wrong and King Aalarac detained Yoda and Cal. Meanwhile The Sephi forces were mustering there forces to make a permitier around the city. Steve and Pix debated if they should attack and they decided to attack. The Republic forces managed to smash throught the cities outer defense realitivitly easily, but once they got into the city there was an all out battle. Republic Artillery Units bombarded the Palace accidently injuring Padawan Kal which allowed The Sephi Guards to kill Kal, but Yoda manged to kill all The Sehpi Guards. Yoda then had no choice but to assassinate The King. However, Yoda tried to negoitate with Alaarac one last time but he didnt't yeild. Aalarac than attempted to kill Yoda with a Sephi Sword and Blaster. While they dueld, A Republic Sniper stationed at a near by tower saw this, and shot Aalarac in the back of the head and Yoda deflected one of his blaster bolts into his heart and stabed him in the gut. Aalarac begged Yoda to frogive him. Yoda accepted his apology and Aalarac died. Although The Republic forces managed to take over city through a brutal city battle, but General Grievous sent a driod army to help The Sephi. The Republic was forced to retreat off world. Steve insisted that there should another attack, But the Sephi were firerce warriors and with the help of nearby sectors it would be secure as the Sepratists Capital on Raxus Prime. The Council declinded Steve's request to take back the sector. However Steve would later get his chance to retake it during the Outer Rim Seiges.

Battle of Bephour

During the early days of The Clone Wars a Rogue Scientist named Kul Teska made a Gravity Weapon for The Sepratists. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Mace, Steve and Ghost were sent to destroy it. While Obi-Wan And Anakin snukc insdie to disram the shileds, Steve, Ahsoka and Mace lead the charge. After a long brutal fight , The Republic forces managed to march up the mountain where the base was located. Then Obi-Wan and Anakin disarmed the shiled and the Republic forces went inot the base. Steve lead his own legion to capture key parts of the factroy while the other generals confronted Kul Teska and Count Dooku. Steve and legion captured most of the factroy when the self destruct alaram was activated. Most of the Republic forces made it out alive, the others were killed when the factroy exploded or were all ready killed during the fight. Despite suffering moderate causalities, The Republic managed to stop the weapon firing into The Naboo Sun and everyone esaped saftely.

Battle Of Kamino

Shortly after the Battle of Bephor and The Destruction of The Rishi Outpost, General Grievous and Assajj Ventress planed to attack Kamino in an effort to stop the prodcution of clones. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Steve and Ghost interpected a transmission of the incoming attack and was sent to fortify it. Ghost was especially passionate about the defense of kamino, as it was his home planet. The attack came and Grievous's vast armada came out of hyperspace to battle the Republic forces in space. Although it appeared that Grievous was not trying to defend his ships and many of them were easily shot down and fell into the ocean. Obi-Wan, Shaak Ti, Steve and Ghost who were on the surface noticed that and Obi-Wan went to investigate. Obi-Wan found out that there was a massive army assmebling assault craft and then began attacking the city. Obi-Wan and Anakin dealt with Greivous and Ventress while Shaaki Ti defended the command center and Steve and Ghost battled the driod forces on the roof in an effort to stop the Trident Drills from unloading driods, they managed to successfully drive the driods away by useing turrents stationed around the city. Kamino was safe, but the price to defend the city was heavy.

Battle With The Malavaloence

Shortly after the war with Athan Nightmace, General Grievous launched a seris of suprise attacks on the Republic Navy throughout the galaxy. After Anakin, Ahsoka and Plo Koon escaped Grievous's wrath at Abragado Rae, Anain put together a strike team that would destroy The Malavaloence. Steve, Ghost, and a few of their best piolts voulnteerd. When they went over the plan they jumped to hyperspace came outside a nebula and went into a nebula that was actually Balmorra Run. Steve doged the neebray mantas and made it saftely outside the nebula, where Greivous's ship came out of hyperspace. Steve tookout several fighters, made it over the ion ray, and he managed to destroy several turrents. However they were taking casualities, Anakin then changed his mind and decided to attack The Starboard Ion Disc. Steve cleared the way for the bombers and lined up in attack postion. Steve launched a missle along with the other bombbers that destroyed both ion discs. Anakin thanked Steve and Ghost for there efforts. Steve then flew back to the medical station to reful his starfighter, and he left for Courasant.

Battle Of Saleucami

During the height of 21 BBY, General Greievous managed to kidnap Eeth Koth and transfer him to the Sepratsits holding on Salecucami. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Adi Gallia, Steve and Ghost was assinged to rescue Eeth and capture General Grievous. Obi-Wan distrascted Grievous while Adi Gallia and Anakin rescued Eeth. Steve lead his fighter squadrons against the Driod fighters. At some point during the battle Eeth was rescued and Grievous escpaed Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan then caught up to him and dueld Grievous in the boarding bridge. However Steve shot down a driod fighter than accidently crashed above the boarding bridge making it off balance and it began to break. Grievous than managed to kicked Obi-Wan down the bridge but Obi-Wan managed to hold onto the floor. Grievous than tried to escpae, but Adi jumped Grievous and dueld him. Soon the bridge broke, Adi rescued Obi-Wan and his group and Grievous escaped. Anakin then rescued them while Grievous escaped aboard a driod lander. Steve and several fighters shoot missles at the lander causing to crash on the surface. Steve reported this and was orderd to stay in his starfighter and keep cleaning up the resistsance with Anakin, While Obi-Wan and Ghost went down to the surface and tracked down Grievous. Anakin called in renforcements, and Steve and Anakin managed to destroy the driod forces. During the battle the driods brought in Tri fighters that managed to destroy the Torrent Fighters easily, But Anakain and Steve managed to destroy them with some diffculty. Steve then noticed a Sepratist shuttle leaving the planet and he chased it while Ankin contuied mooping up the resistance. Steve managed to slightly damage the shuttle, but it got away. In the end Obi-Wan was rescued form the planet by Steve. The Republic couldn't stay to long since Saleucami was a major Sepratist Holding in the Outer Rim and was a few parseecs from The Sepratists Captial on Raxus Prime. The Republic retreated to friendly space and Steve and his forces went to Coursant to await there next order.

Sky Battle Of Quell

Shortly after The Battle of Saleucami, Aayala Secura and her fleet was attacked by Sepratists forces above Quell. Anakin, Ahsoka, Steve and Ghost were sent to help her. Steve poilted his starfighter taking out lots of Rocket Driods and Starifighters, Anakin and his team than boarded The Liberty and rescues Aayala while The Rescue Ship was docking. Steve and his squadron managed to hold off the attacks untill The Docking Ship was hit by several Driod fighters. Than it activated the hyperdrive and it took Anakin [ who was wounded during the escape], Ahsoka and Aayala to Marduin, a Netural Planet but close to Sepratists Space. Steve managed lock onto its cordinates and reported to Admiral Yularen. Yularen, Ghost and Steve managed to destroy the Driod fleet and then headed to Marduin to rescue there friends on Maridun.

Battle Of Maridun

Steve and a strike force of Republic forces landed On Maridin in search of Ankakin, Ahsoka, Aayala, Commander Bly and Captain Rex. They went to a small Lurmen village and found them. However they explianed that a driod army lead by Lok Durd has landed and plans to test his new weapon, The Defoliator, on the vilage. The Republic forces established a base in the village which was proteced by a shield, troops, and turrnets. Lok Durd sent in several hundred driods, but they could not get through. Lok Durd then decided to send in his Defoilator, He shot a missle from it which destroyed all the turrents and many clone troopers. Anakin then managed to run up to the Defloiator and caputre Durd. Maridun thanked the Republic and they joined the Republic. Steve, Ghost and the troops then went back to Courasant for there next mission.

Blue Shadow Virus Threat

Shortly after Maridun, a rogue scientist named Nuvo Vindi, reanimated The Blue Shadow Virus. A deadly disease that once plagued the galaxy hundred of years ago but it was destroyed until now. Padme and Jar Jar decided to look for the base after several driod sightings, but they were captured. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Steve and Ghost decided to attack the base. Steve was sent to search for any sightings of The Virus. After several brwals with the driod guards, Steve and his squad then ran into a the factroy room where they were making several bombs for the Virus. Steve and the squad than put bombs around the room and destroyed it. However, Obi-Wan found another room nearby and discoverd that the bombs were armed and activated by Vindi. Steve rushed to Obi-Wan and they disarmed the bombs with plenty of time to spare. Steve then was in charge of mop- up operations while Obi-Wan and Anakin went after Vindi. They went after him and caught him. However, Vindi managed to activate several bombs inside the factory and the vrisu spread. Steve and his troops managed to get out before the virus went to the and they were forced to close the doors. While Obi-Wan and Anakiin went to search for the cure, Steve and his troops established a permiter to make sure there weren't any other driod forces that would try to retake the lab. Obi-Wan and Anakin came with the cure and saved Ahsoka, Padme and countless other troops's lives.

Battle Of Ryloth

Torwards the end of 21 BBY, Ryloth came under attack by Sepratists forces. They easily conquerd the planet. Knowing of Ryloth's strategic importance, Anakin and Ahsoka went to break the blockade. After there 1st attempt failed, Anakin and his fleet tried again finally managing to break the blockade so Master Steve, Master Ghostfire, Mace Windu and several other Jedi can go to the planet. Steve also ran into his future friend Jacen GhostArx but they didn't talk to much before the cruisers landed. Obi-Wan and Jacen went to the Southern Hempishere while Mace And Steve went into the North. The driods fought fericousley, but the clones managed to eventually cut through them. As a desprtate last restort, Wat Tambor sent in a Hynena Bomber Run and launched an all out attack on the Republic Headquarters at Nabat City. Steve temporay broke off from Mace's forces and lead a fighter squadron with Anakin Skywalker in attempt to destroy the bombers. They did manage to destroy all the bombers before they did any major damage to The Republic strongholds and Local Cities. Steve and Ghost also helped Anakin repel another fleet of driod ships that were sent to retake the planet. They managed to repel the attack but at high costs. Steve and Ghost was then transferd to the Republic Headquarters in an effort to defend it. After several days of fighting Steve and his troops forced the driods away. Steve and Ghost then went back to Mace Windu and helped the local Twi'leks retake Lessu and detain Wat Tambor. Ryloth joined The Republic to show there grattidue.

Battle Of Falleen

Shorlty after the successful Battle of Ryloth, General Grievous began moblizing his forces acorss the Mid and Outer Rim. He managed to capture Nexus Ortai, Monstarey and New Cov. His next target was the planet Falleen. The Falleen begged The Jedi Council for help. The Jedi Council sent Steve and his troops along with many other Jedi to help defend the planet. The Sepratists arrived and managed to destroy The Republic fleet with ease. They then began there assualt on the castle. Ghost and his men were well dug in and were prapred for the fight. The Castle also had a shield and turbo laster towers. After several hours of fighting The driods decided to pull back. After the battle Steve went inside to find many Falleen guards dead and Assajj Ventress pointing her lightsaber at The King. Steve then force pushed her against the wall and then they dueld. There evenly matched, but Steve noticed that there was grate in the floor and he used water bending the to freeze Ventress. Dooku then snuck in and killed the king and deactivated the shiled. Steve was to late to stop Dooku in time and they dueld again. The driod forces finally managed to smash through Gun's defenses. But gun and several troops managed to escape the violence. Steve was then surrounded by Count Dooku's mangaguards inside the castle. Dooku requested Steve's surrunder but Steve managed to use the force to telaport to the landing sight while Ghost and his forces retreated to the lnading site and they all escaped to saftey. Steve knew Grievous's next target was Bouthuwai. Steve went to warn the Jedi Council of thei impending attack.

Battle Of Bothauwi

A few days after Steve arrived on Courasant, Steve recived an assingment to help out Anakin at Bothuwi. General Grievous has launches several attacks across the Inner, Mid and Outer rims in the past weeks and has won almost every single battle. Steve's strike force was right next to Anakin's and they discussed strategies. Anakin then suggested to place AT-TEs on the asteriods. Steve agreed to loan him his walkers. While Rex and Ghost were unloading the walkers, Anakin and Steve preapred the fleet. General Grievous came out of hyperspace a few hours later and moved through the rings and both fleets began to fight. Anakin and Steve launched there starfighter squadrons and lead them into battle, however the vulture driods and crusier fire managed to cut through the fighters very easily. Anakin then told Steve and there squadrons to fall back and protect the cruisers from what vulture driods got through. As the Sepratists took 1 of Anakin's crusiers, Steve recomnded useing the At-TEs that were on the atseriods. Anakin orderd Rex and Gun to fire them. The AT-TEs took out Grievous's flagship but Grievous managed to escape. Anakin then chased after him. However a Driod starfighter aided General Grievous by shooting Anakin's wing that forced him to spin out of control and hit an asteriod. Steve lead a resuce team to rescue Anakin, but they could not find R2. Steve and his troops went back to Courasant for there next assingment.

Battle of Feluceia

Shortly after the Battle Of Bouthwai, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka attempted to attack The Sepratist Holdings on Feluceia. However after several weeks of fighting they were getting over whelmed. Plo Koon, Ghost and Steve were setn to rescue them. After punching a temporary opening in the Sepratists blockade, Plo and Steve rushed to the surface to rescue as many troops as they could. Steve and Gun went down to the surface to help evacuate 3 Republic bases. While Gun organzied the evacuation, Steve defended the bases long enough so Gun could everyone out then they would rescue Steve. After encoutering heavy resistance from the driods, Steve, Ghost and Plo along with everyone that managed to escape, flead the surface, went to there fleet and went back to Courasant. This was a set back for The Republic but they would get another chance.

Battle Of Dorin

Shorlty after The Battle of Feluceia, General Grievous attacked Plo Koon's homeworld, Dorin. Steve, Ghost, Anakin, Ahsoka and Gun were sent to help defend it. The Rpeublic forces easily smashed the blockade. Grievous knew he was done for and fled in his starfighter. Anakin and Steve pursued him.After a wild dog fight. Plo Koon and his fleet rushed to detain Grievous. However he jumped to hyperspace before the fleet could even get close enough. Dorin was free, but during the battle there was Genoshian Revolt against The Republic forces. While Plo Koon cleaned up, Steve, Ghost, Anakin and Ahsoka rushed to Geonosis to meet Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-Wan.

2nd Battle of Geonosis

After the Defense of Dorin, Steve, Ghost, Anakin and Ahsoka meet Obi-Wan and Ki-Adi-Mundi above Geonosis after they just defeated The Sepratist Blockade. They then began landing there forces, however, The Geonoshins began launching there starfighters. Steve lead a Y-Wing squadron against the fighters. The Geonoshins also crashed there Fighters into the Bridge of Steve's ships that caused them to get destroyed. However, Steve and his squadron managed to chase off the fighters and they went down to the surface to attack the driod army and Local Miltia. Steve coverd Ghost's Gunships while they landed onto the landing site. It was the 2nd wave of Gunships that managed to saftely land at the landing zite after brutal air fighting. Steve lead the air attack on The Driod and Geonoshian fighters while Ghost lead the ground assualt. During the battle Steve landed on his fighter at Point Rain. Steve and his troops helped Obi-Wan and Commander Cody defend the landing site. After several hours of brutal fighting, the enemy was closeing in. But Anakin managed to call in a air strike against the enemy forces. They retreated. Steve then lead an attack with his forces with the aid Of Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Ahsoka to attack the shiled generator which shut down the shiled. Anakin moved onto the main factory while Ki-Adi-Mundi and Obi-Wan went to recive bacta treatment. Steve and his forces lead an attack on Poggle The Lesser's Ray Shiled Fortress. After manageing to capture the fortress after heavy fighting, Poggle The Lesser orderd his driod forces to attack. Steve and his forces chased off the attack force after more heavy fighting. While in there newly captured fortress, Steve noticed that Anakin and Luminara Unduli were attacking the Main Factory but, there was a driod army marching to attack them from behind. Steve and his forces rushed to defend there backs. Steve and his forces made a stand against the driod forces. However they managed to defned them after brutal fighting. During the battle the driods sent in several Super Tanks. They wer immuine to all attacks and they were pushing the clones further torwardas Anakin and Luminara. Ghost recommend shooting a NUKE, but aSeve quickly turned that down saying that it would also destroy them to. Then Ghost then decdied to plant bombs on the caved walls to crush the tanks. Steve and Ghost agreed. While Gun planted the charges while Steve held the driods off, Ghost triggerd the charges which caused the canyon wall to collapse on the tanks and the remaining driods. Anakin and Luminara managed to destroy the main factory, however Poggle The Lesser escaped. He was later captured. Steve and his forces were sent to Courasant for there next assignment. However, they had sufferd heavy casualities during the battle and needed replacements.

A New Battle Group

After the ruthless 2nd Battle of Geonosis, most of Steve's forces had been destroyed in the battle and he and Gun were need of a new battlegroup. Chancellor Palpatine commisioned the 1st Super Stardestroyer named The Executive just for Steve along with the newly commisoned Venator Crusiers : Accuser, Stalker, Devestaor, Marauder, Persacutor, Democroacy, Justice Hammer, Isolater, Liberator, Wolf's Fang, Infinite, Enforcer, Loyaity, Anniahalator, Fire's Breath, Twiser, Golden Eye and Hammer. The Aveneger was the only crusier to surrvive the battle. Being a one ship fleet, it was used by both Steve and Master Ghostfire (captain and owner) until the new fleet was assigned to them.

Battle Of Malstare

Shortly after getting the new battlefleet, General Grievous launched a surprise attack on Malastare. Anakin, Mace, Steve and his troops were sent to Malastare. Steve decided to test out his Super Star Destroyer's strength and his ship easily blasted The Sepratist ships inot pieces with just a few shots from its super turbolasers. General Grievous and Steve's ships boarded during the battle. Steve and Grievous dueld. It was firece but in the end Grievous was defated and fled the system. After securing the space around Malastare they went to battle the driods on the surface. The fighting was brutal. In order to turn the tide of battle, Chancellor Palpatine authroized the use of The New Electro Proton Bomb. While Steve suggested they used it, Mace disagreed. As the driod army was advancing on the palace Dogue Urs insisted on useing the bomb. Steve was sent out to defend the palace outside until the bomb was ready. After loseing many men Steve urged the bombers to take off. The Bombers encourted driod fighters but they managed to drop the bomb. The bomb completly destroyed all the driod forces. However, it created a giant sinkhole which consumed many of Steve's men. While Ghost tended to the wounded Steve and Mace serached the pit for surrvivors. After rescueing many troops and vechils, they realized they had woken up The Zillo Beast. Mace and Steve as well as the surrvivors managed to escpae. Whille The Dugs opend fire the Republic forced decided not to aid on the attack. Eventually The Zillo Beast was able to climb out and attack. STeve orderd the Republic forces to open fire while Anakin and Mace used the stun tanks. The Zillo Beats eventually fell unconcsious fooloing the Duggs into thinking it was dead. It was transferd to Courasant for further study. In the end The Battle was a major success of The Republic since they signed a treaty for the use of Malastare fuel.

Zillo Beats Crisis

Shorlty after The Battle of Malastare, The Zillo Beats was transferd to Courasant for study. However it broke out, and its only weakness was Malastare fuel. While Ghost and the rest of the legion attacked the Zillo Beast on the ground [ which didn't go to well for Ghost and the troops] Steve and a squadron of Gunships loaded the Malstare Fuel into the missles. Mace and Obi-Wan were on the lead Gunship. The Gunships and Steve then began attacking the Zillo Beast with Lasers and then the fuel. After several shots The Zillo Beast killed. Steve and Ghost was then in charge of cleaning up the damage that The Zillo Beats had done during the battle.

Battle Of Sullust

Torwards the end of 21 BBY, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ghost and Steve attacked The Sepratists Controlled World Of Sullust. Assajj Ventress was tasked of defending the planet. While Anakin and Obi-Wan chased and dueld Ventress. Steve lead his starfighter squadrons againt the enemey fleet. After both sides took heavy losses The Sepratists withdrew. Steve also noticed during the battle that The Seperatists were firing on there own commandship but Steve assumed that the driod gunners were having a malfuncation. After the space battle, Steve and his troops went down to the surface were the fought the driod army and The Local Sullustan Milita that was alligned with The Sepratists. After several days of fighting Steve and his forces managed to capture the Sullustan Prime Minster after capturing the capital forceing the driod army offworld and The Sullustan Miltia to surrunder. While a garrison was stationed on the planet, Steve, Ghost and the rest of there troops headed back to Courasant for there next mission.

Battle of Iridonia

Shorlty after The Battle Of Sullust, Count Dooku commisoned a new assassin named Savage Opress and sent him to retrive an acient holocron from The Sith Temple On Iridonia. Steve, Ghost and a fromidable strike team was seant to do the exact same thing for The Jedi Council. Steve and his team enterd the ruins and discoverd a large amount of Sith Alcyotes living the temple. After a brutal fight only Steve, Gun and 3 Clone troopers were left. Then Savage came along and easily smashed through the defenses. Steve and Savage came face to face in the temple's holocron storage. Seve and Savage dueld. Savage was a fromidable opponet indeed, but Steve was more experinced than him and defeated Savage and obtained the holocron and borught back to the Jedi Temple with Ghost and a few other troops that surrvived the battle.

Battle Of Lola Sayu

Shortly after the Battle of Iridonia, Even Piell was investigating rumors of a secert hyperspace lane that directly connects Courasant and Raxus Prime. Even Piell and Captain Tarkin were learning about the lane when they were attacked by a Sepratist fleet. They were cpatured and they were brought to The Citadel, a famous Sepratist prision located on Lola Sayu. Obi-Wan, Anakin and several troopers were sent to rescue them. However Ahsoka disobeyd Anakin's orders and went along with them. However things went wrong. While they did manage to rescue Even Piell and Tarkin, there only means of escape was destroyed and ARC Trooper Echo was killed. The only way to rescue them would be to send an enitre fleet. Steve and Ghost accompained Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Adi Gallia and Seease Tinn to Lola Sayu to rescue them. They encoutred a heavy blockade and fleets began to fight. Steve lead a fighter squadron against the driod ships while the rest of the jedi went down to the surface to rescue the team down below. They managed to rescue the theam and Captain Cupboard orderd all fighters to return to there ships. Steve and Ghost returned to Cupboard's ships and the Republic fleet escaped The Sepratist fleet. However despite the loss of Even Piell, he managed to pass on the knoweldge to Ahsoka Tano and the nexus cordinates were in safe hands.

Battle Of Hypori

Shorlty after the Battle Of Lola Sayu, Repuiblic Intelligence has reported massive driod facotries on the distand outer rim world of Hypori. A Republic fleet lead by Steve, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayala Secura, Shaak Ti, K'Krunk and 2 padawans went to the system to assit Jedi General Barrack who was already there. After encourting a firece blockade, all republic ships were badly damaged during the battle and crashed onto the planet's surface. There were very few surrvivors. General Grievous lead his driod army to wipe out any surrvivors at the crash sites. When they arrived to Jedi's crashed crusier Grievous orderd the driods to wipe them out. General Barrack lead some clone troopers take on Grievous and his army. However, Grievous managed to quickly cut down Barrack and the driods easily killed the clone troopers. Steve and, Ghost and the other jedi attempted to take cover in the ruins of the crusier. However, after a while the barrage of laser fire started to stop. The General Grievous said that this was there final hour and he would grant them a warriors death. Then Greivous began climbing ontop of the cruiser which was hearble from inside the ruins. Eventually, Grievous cut a hole in the cruiser, and he jumped down the whole and sliced both of the padawans's heads off. Aayala Secura and K'Krunk took on Grievous, but Grievous kicked Aayala into a piece of metal and more metal fell on her. Grievous then managed to kill K'krunk buy cutting him in half and then decaptaing him. Shaak Ti then took on Grievous, but she was quickly thrown into a wall of debris and more fell on her burying her. Ki-Adi-Mundi, Ghost and Steve then took on Grievous. Grieovus managed to subdue Ki-Adi-Mundi eventually by throwing him up into the crusier's uperlevels. Ghost and Steve then dueld Grievous fericously. During the duel Ghost managed to rip off one of Grievous's arms and smash him into the wall with it, then lodge it under his chest plate while Steve cut off one of his legs. Then they did a combined force push that managed to push Grievous out of the ruins. A team of ARC Troopers lead by Captain Rex rescued everyone that was alive and escpaed the planet.

Mandalorain Incident

While Steve, Ghost and there fleet were on patoral near Mandalore, a Mandalorian managed to sneak aboard Steve's flagship and he managed to kill many clones. However Steve and many of his troops confronted The Mandalorian in a hall way. Seeing that he was surrounded, and instead of giving up, he shot himself in the head killing himself. Steve managed to get a holo recording of this incident and suggested that Mandalore might be maing an army to help Count Dooku. While Obi-Wan investigated this, Steve and his fleet resumed there patrol and once they were done they went back to Courasant for there next mission.

Battle Of Excharga

Shorlty after The Mandalorain Incident, Anakin Skywalker, Ghost and Steve along with there troops were sent to destroy the Speratist forces that were attacking Excharga. Ghost, Gun and Rex dealed with the drios on the surface while Anakin and Steve battled the blockade. The clones on the surface managed to drive the driods off the planet. The driods were escaping the planet but Anakin, Ghost and Steve managed to get through the driod defenses and destroy most of the landing craft. In the end Excharga was saved.

Battle of Mustafar

Shortly after The Battle of Excharga, a Republic spy ship was discovering unusall activity on Mustafar. The ship disocverd that Wat Tambor was making Techo Union factories on the planet and was making an army to assualt Netural planets. However, the Republic spy ship was shot down and it crashed onto the surface. Wat Tambor didnt want to risk The Republic getting there hands on the data so he sent a driod army after it. Steve and his troops were sent to Mustafar. While Ghost was getting the data out of the ship, Steve made a permiter around the shuttle with the help of turrents. After repelling the attack Ghost managed to get the information out. However, the clone that was helping him get the data out managed to steal the flash drive and run off with it. But Ghost managed to tackle him and beat him till he became unconcious. The Republic put the traitor into a cell in Republic HQ while Courasant sent a crusier to pick him and bring him back for questioning. However, Wat Tambor sent another driod army to free the traitor. Steve and his troops made a stand out side the base and also used some turrents to there advantage. However, as Wat Tambor's forces were getting destroyed he decided to send him Driod Fighters to help the driods. The Republic forces were caught unprepared for this, but they eventually managed to shoot the vulture driods down. The Republic then managed to capture a samm driod outpost near a volcanic canyon. However, Wat Tambor sent his last driod army to retake the outpost. Steve placed turrents around the outpost and sent his troops out to help defend it. Steve and Ghost then lead a speeder bike squadron into battle. The Repulblic managed to destroy most of the driods. Wat Tambot then sent in some Hyena Bombers. The Hyena bombers were to fast for the Rpeublic defenses and they managed to bomb many of his troops and servely damage the outpost. However Steve request assitance from the fleet in orbit. The Exectuive sent down some V-19 starfiighters that managed to destroy the bombers. Steve then lead an airstrike on one of Wat Tambor's mining faclities with Anakin Skywalker while Ghost and the troops prepared to battle. They managed to break through the defenses and destroy the mining faclitiy hampering Sepratist efforts on the planet. The Mustafarinas, who suported the Sepratists began to arm themselves and began aiding the driod army. The Republic forces decided that they wore out there welcome and retreated into friendly space. This was a major Strategic Republic Victory.

Battle of The Gam Tim'nisi Asteriod Belt

Shorlty after The Battle of Mutsafar, A Republic Listing Post named Tallus Outpost located in the heart of The Gam Tim'nisi Asteriod Belt had fallen under attack by General Grievous. Steve and his forces were sent to portect the listing post at all cost. Steve had some of clones construct turrents aorund the asteriod to help protect the base. As Steve and his forces waitied for Grievous and his fleet come out of hyerpsace they put up a shiled so they cant destroy the base via bombardement forceing Grievous to send his driods down faceing Steve's army face to face. The driods walked right inot the line of frie of Steve's turrents and troops and there very easily destroyed the driod army despite the driod army's size. During the battle a few crusiers : The Guardian, The Aribtrator, The Huntress, The Victory and The Gundark's Claw lead by Captain's Serros and Ferrel. During the battle The Aribtrator was destroyed and The Guardina was badly damed, however they managed to push off the driod forces out of the Asteriod Belt. However, Grievous attemtped to capture The Gaurdian and Aribtrator before he retreated. As soon as the driod forces were drivien off the asteriod Steve and his forces rushed to protect The Guardian. Whie Captain Serros was and his troops were fixing the hyperdrive Steve's fleet protected The Guardian. Grievous attempted to land his landing craft inorder to take over the ship, However Steve managed to use his troops and his strategically placed turrents to wipe them out. They managed to hold off the driod despite taking heavy losses. Eventually Serros was managed to get The Guardian back online and chase away Grievous's fleet. However, they quicklky realized that they were moving onto the remants of The Arbitrator inorder to kill the surrviviros. Steve and his troops made a stand on what was left of The Aribtrator. Steve and his forces managed to push off the 1st few waves untill Grievous decided to face them himself. However, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka managed to come in just in time to help with the fight. Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Steve and Ghost managed to defeat General Grievous causeing him to retreat back to his command ship for the duration of the battle. The clones managed to defeat the driods after a brutal sturggle and rescued the surrvivors. Captain Serros thanked the Jedi and pledged his ships to Steve's fleet.

Battle in The Inner Rim

Shortly after at Tallus Outpost, The Jedi Council informed Steve and his fleet that Grievous was planning to attack a very important research facility in The Inner Rim. Steve and his forces rushed to base and made a defense. Grievous then landed his driods onto the asteriod and began to fight Steve and his forces. After a while Steve and his forces managed to push off the driod army and save The Research Faclitiy.

Battle of Ord Mantell

Shortly after the Battle in The Inner Rim, Steve and his forces were running low on supplies and headed to the Republic Storage Facltities on Ord Mantell. Steve also managed to run into Anakin Skywalker who was need of supplies as well. Once they enterd the system they discoverd a massive driod fleet blockadeing the planet. While The Ships put in new cordinates for retreat. Steve, Ghost and Gun lead several starfighters to buy The Crusiers sometime. Eventually the cruisers managed to get the cordinates, recalled there starfighters and headed to Courasant for resuppliying. They also requested another fleet to deal with the driods above Ord Mantell. Steve and his forces resupplyied and waited for there next assingment.

Battle of The Austan Cluster

Shortly after The Battle of Ord Mantell, Republic spies found out that Count Dooku and his personall fleet was located in The Austan Cluster. Anakin and Steve were sent to capture Dooku. After disabling the command ship. Ghost and Gun boarded Dooku's ship but found no sign of him. Anakin then spotted Dooku escpaing into a nearby asteriod field. Steve and Anakin then prused him. After a long dogfight, Dooku stated that they will meet again another time and retreated to friendly space. Anakin was fustrated how Dooku escaped but he got over it and they went to destroy the rest of the Sepratist fleet. After destroying the Sepratist fleet, Steve and his forces went back to Courasant for his next assingment while Anakin was givin another task.

2nd Battle of Oro Puntiona

Following The Battle of The Austan Cluster, Orto Puntiona was once again under attack by Driod forces. Steve meet with Anakin again and they went to destroy the driod transports. Along the way they managed to see some of the fighting and helped out Ghost and the troops along with The Talz Miltita. Evetually they reached the transports and shot missles at a bridge to crush the transports. After that Steve was tasked to defend the Republic HQ on the planet. After several weeks of fighting, Steve and his forces managed to push the driod back to The Sepratist HQ and destroy it. Orto Puntiona was safe once again and The Talz thanked The Republic for there help. Steve, Ghost and the troops then headed back to Courasant for there next mission.

Battle Of Ice Burg 3

During the 2nd Battle of Orto Puntiona, General Grievous was making his advance in The Mon Calamari System in order to take over Mon Calamari. After the 2nd Battle of Orto Puntiona, Steve and his forces rushed back to Courasant for the briefing. Anakin Skywalker and Plo Koon explained that The Mon Calamari provide a sepical type of ore that strengthens the Republic Cruiser's armor. If Mon Calamari was captured, The Sepratists could use that ore for themselsves. King Yos Kolina who was on Courasant via hologram explained that Grievous was on the advance and that only 1 planet was left before Grievous's fleet was at Mon Calamari. A forzen planet named Ice Burg 3. Steve and his forces went with Plo Koon and Commander Wolfee to ice Burg 3 top stop Grievous's fleet. Steve commanded a starfighter squadron while Plo Koon's crusiers broke through the blockade. The Republic forces then began landing on the planet. Commander Wolfee then tasked Steve to piolt a gunship and take some ARC Troopers to defend a Rpeublic base that was established in the early days of The Clone Wars while Commander Wolfee and the rest of his forces marched to the base. After making it through the driod army, Steve and his ARC troopers made a defenfeses around the base. A few hours later, Commander Wolfee arrived with his forces with some refugees that needed to get off planet. Plo Koon wa sin space battling Grievous's fleet and provided a temporary opening. While Commander Wolfee, Ghost and Gun evacuated the refugees, Steve and some of his troops made some turrents and waited for Grievous's driod forces to come. After several hours of fighting The refugees were evacuated and the driod army was repelled. Grievous then decided to face Steve himself. While Commander Wolfee was cleaning up the mess, he found that Grievous was heading torwards them. Steve told them to stand back while he dealed with Grievous. Grievous and Steve dueld in a fericous lightsaber duel, but in the end, Steve managed to defeat Grievous. Steve requested his surrunder but Grievous replied saying he would never to surrunder to anyone. He then managed to escape in his starfighter and retreat. Ice Burg 3 was safe and Grievous's advance was halted. Steve and Ghost then meet with Plo Koon and Commander Wolfee in The Executive hanger. Plo Koon borught bad news with him, during the battle Grievous sent an agent, Riff Tampson to assaniate King Yos Kilina. There was now instablitiy between The Mon Calamari and The Quaren due to the fact that only King Yos Kilina could manage to keep peace between them. Prince Lee Char was next in line for the throne, however, The Quaren stated that there should be a Quaren King untill Lee Char was old enough to rule the throne. Steve and his forces then went back to Courasant for there next mission.

Battle Of Mon Calamari

Although Steve and Ghost did not directly particpiate in the battle, Steve loaned one of his crusiers, The Huntress, which was tasked to carry a Gungan Army lead by Jar Jar Binks. Steve was aboard The cruiser and once they were above the waters of Mon Calamari, Steve orderd his clone troopers to open the Hanger so The Gungans can jump in. Gun was in the hanger to supervise the Gungan Army. After deploying the Gungans, The Huntress went back to Courasant for the next mission.

Rescueing Adi Gallia

Shortly after The Battle of Mon Calamari, Adi Gallia was heading back to Courasant. However, along the way she was ambushed and captured by General Grievous. Adi was the Jedi that got Steve to knighthood. Plo Koon, Steve and Ghost teamed up to find Grievous and rescue Adi. After Grievous was finished to destroying a pirate ship, Plo Koon, Steve and Ghost's ships came out of hyperspace. The crusiers opend fire on Grievous's ship badly damgeing it. Steve and Ghost then boarded Grievous's ship on one side while Plo Koon boarded it on the other side. Steve, Ghost and several troops fought there way to the bridge. There Ghost and Steve fought Grievous while the other clone troopers got Adi Gallia to saftey. During the duel Ghost falocn punched Grieovus out the window. However, Grievous managed to climb around the ship and get to the hanger and escape. Steve and Ghost took control of the bridge captureing Grievous's ship. In the end the rescue missions was successfull.

Battle of Kadavo

Shorlty after the successful rescue mission to get rescue Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka went to Kiros to investigate the mysterious disaperance of The local togurta population. There they found out that the population was kidnaped by Zygerrians, who are notrious slave masters. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka and Captain Rex went to Zygeria where they were all captured. Anakin and Ahsoka manged to escape Zygeria and Count Dooku and headed to Kadavo. Plo Koon, Steve and Ghost were tasked to help free the slaves. Once they arrvived above the planet however, Count Dooku sent General Grievous to help protect the slave faclitiy. Ghost boarded and dueld Grievous aboard his flagship. During the duel Ghost sparta kicked Grievous making him cough so badly he had to flee the battle. Meanwhile Steve and Plo went down the slave facality where they noticed it had defenses. The Republic ships opend fire on the defenses, however the defenses were rayshiled and they easily managed to shoot down several republic ships. The Zygerians then decided to launch Vultre driods and there slaver fighters. The Republic fighters dueld The Zygerian Fighters and The Driod fighters. Steve stated that if the fighters could proably keep the enemy away from the gunships, however they wouldn't be able to land untill the turrents were destroyed. Anakin then decided to hijack a turrent and use it to destroy the others. Anakin than gave the singal to land. Steve's and Plo's gunships landed and went into the slave facility to rescue the slaves, Obi-Wan and Rex. Obi-wan and Rex managed to kill The Overseer and Ahsoka managed to rescue the populace. Once everyone was out and rescued, Steve managed to get into his starfighter [which was attached to the bottom of his gunship] and helped The Republic ships to destroy the facility. The Torguta people were saved. Steve, Ghost and the rest of the troops headed back to Courasant for there next assingment.

Battle of Umbara and The Discovery of Force Drain

Shortly after the liberation of The Togurta population from Kadavo, tensions were rising between Courasant and Umbara. Recently, the senator that repersetned Umbara, Mee Dechi, was assassinated to by Senator Lolo Purs of Rodia. The Umbarans were disgusted at this act of corruption and viewed the Republic as evil. They decided to bring there advanced techonology to the Sepratists. Before these events, The Umbarans helped contrubuite to The Republic's War Effort through inventing new tech. If they ever joined the Sepratists, they could gain the upperhand realitivily quickly. The Jedi Council planed a massive invasion to retake Umbara before they managed to sell there valiabule work to The Sepratists. The Army consisted of : Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Bariss Offee, Seease Tinn, Master Steve, Master Ghostfire, Jacen GhostArx and many other jedi. The Republic arrived into The Ghost Nebula in full force easily smashing through the blockade. The Republic landed there forces onto the planet while taking heavy fire from The Umbaran Miltia and The Driod Army stationed there. Not all of the forces made it planetside though. Steve and Ghost were assigned to The Eastern Front were there objective was simple: Take out The Umbaran Airbase that was launching Umbaran Fighters to combat The Republic forces. They also established a Base on the planet. Once it was established, immedinatly Driod Forces and Umbaran Militmen rushed to take over the oupost. Howevere, Steve and Ghost decided to place snipers in the vegatation and infront of the base. All the attempts to take the Republic base were ultimately futile. Steve and Ghost then noticed that in The Umbaran Airbase, The Umbarans were useing heavy cannons to attack The Republic forces that were blockadeing the planet. To make things worse, A Sepratist fleet and several Umbaran cruisers attacked The Republic blockade and they were sturggling to hold the blockade. The Umbaran heavy cannons shot down many Republic vessles. Steve, Ghost, and a few ARC Troopers went infront of the base to meet ARC Trooper Fives who had secured a small area very close to the base. Fives then briefed the team that they would go through the air vents, fight there way through the forces inside the airbase, steal a few Umbaran Tanks, and destroy the heavy cannons. Steve, Ghost and the team went through the air vents and went inside the base. There they fought there way through The Umbarans and The Driods to the Tank Deopt. There they managed to steal a few tanks and went outside to destroy the tank depots. The Umbarans and The Driods noticed this and began attacking the tanks. The enemy infantry was no match for the Tanks, but The Umbarans managed to scramble there Tanks to battle The Republic stolen tanks. While The ARC Troopers defended, Steve and Ghost attempted destroyed the Umbaran Heavy Cannons. During the battle Admiral Yuleran stated that his ships couldnt hold out much longer. Steve and Ghost sped up the proccess. Eventually they managed to destroy the cannons. Yuleran and Fives Congragulated then and The team escaped The Airbase. Steve, Ghost, and a sizable task force of clone troopers, went to clean out the Umbaran and Driod forces around the airbase. However, they managed to run into an Albino Rancor. Ghost questioned if Rancors lived on Umbara or if The Umbarans were useing rancors against them. Steve stated rancors only lived on either Dathomir and Feluceia. The taskforce battled The Rancor. However The Rancor managed to kill many clone troopers. Eventually they managed to kill the Rancor. Ghost noticed a ankle bracelet on The corpse of the Rancor. Steve studied the symbol and noticed it was A Trandoshin symbol . Steve then decided to look for these Trandoshin Priates. Afer encoturing heavy resistance from The Driod Army and The Umbaran Resistance, they managed to spot several Trandoshin pirates near the base. Steve, Ghost, and the rest of the taskforce rushed down the hill and attacked The Trandoshin pirates. The Trandoshin pirates were formidable warriors. But, Steve, Ghost and the remaining clones managed to kill the pirates. Steve then noticed a passageway. The taskforce then followed the passageway untill they saw the captain of the pirates: Captain Dheeb. Along with his henchmen : Grahssk and Sarkh. Steve, Ghost, and the taskforce than battled Dheeb and his 2 hechmen. The fight lasted under 10 seconds since the clones managed to overwhelm Sarkh, Ghost shot a rocket at Grahssk and Steve managed to slash Dheeb diagonally acorss his chest. Steve was then able to match the symbol from the rancor to Dheeb's men. After a few hours of resting, Captain Rex notified Steve and his men that the driods managed to punch a hole in the Republic blockade and managed to land 2 dropships at Landing Zones Aurek and Besh. While the men were packing up, Steve noticed a small baby rancor, named Fogg [ according to his nametag] traped in a cage. Steve decided to cut the bars and adopt Fogg as his pet. The taskforce than moved to CIS landing zone Besh since it was the closest. Steve noticed that the dropship was unloading Battle Driods.The taskforce than attacked the driods. The battle of CIS Landing Zone was firece. Both sides took heavy losses, but the clones managed to cut through the driods. The driod commander then decided to unload several dwarf spider driods in order to get the upperhand. The Republic forces were caugh off guard for this. But they managed to destroy the spider driods. The driod commander ste out more battle driods as well as launching out an AAT Tank. The Tank managed to destroy many of Steve's men. But ghost and several PLEX troopers managed to eventually destroy it while Steve and several other cone troopers were provding cover fire. The driod commander was furious and then decided to send out a Hailfire Tank. The Hailfire tank was more deadly than the AAt. It destroyed lots of Steve's men. However Steve got a message from Admiral Yuleran that he will be able to bombard the dropship from orbit. Steve and his men eventually battled and destroyed the hailfire tank and destroyed all the driods. The clones then pulled out of the area while Admiral Yuleran bombadred and destroyed the driod dropship. Steve, Ghost and the remaing troops celebrated but after that they then rushed to CIS landing zone Aurek. Aurek was close to the Rpeublic Base on Umbara. By the time Steve and his men got there, It was already completely unloaded and the driod army along with several Umbaran Miltiamen were gathering for a strike. Steve requests another bombardement at Aurek but Yuleran stated that his cannons would need 15 minuts to recharge. Steve, Ghost and the rest of his men attacked the Driod Army and Umbaran Miltiamen. The battle was firece. Many Umbarans were killed, and many driod were destroyed. However, Steve, Ghost, and 5 remaing clone troopers were surrounded. Yuleran then bombarded the driod dropship and on the driod forces. Steve and his forces ran to avoid being caught in the blast. The bombardment destroyed all the driod forces and Umbarans at Aurek. The Republic outpost was safe for now. After several Republic ships managed to make it planet side, Steve's forces got replacements. Steve, Ghost and the several clone troopers went acorss the battlefield to destroy more Umbarans and Driods. While battling the enemy, Steve and Ghost noticed several pieces of something lieing arcoss the battlezone. Steve picked those pieces up. After he picked all the pieces up around the battlezone. He stoped the troops for a break. Steve then put the pieces together and then realized that it was a sith holocron! Steve and Ghost studied the holocron. The holocron dated back to The New Sith Wars roughtly 1,000 years ago. Steve and Ghost was able to crack the holocron's access codes and they found lots of sepical information. The Holocron contained secerts of the Sith Order, Training Manuals, and secert techinques. Among these secert techiniques was a very special power called Force Drain. This power could permantely take away someone's force power FOREVER! Ghost said he would never use this power. Steve on the other hand was fasniated by this power, but swore only to use it for good. Ghost questioned why a SIith holocron was on Umbara. Steve remebed from his histroy lessons that during The New Sith Wars, The Sith constructed many trainign centers across the galaxy and Umbara was a training center. Ghost inquired what The Sith Academy of Umbara taught. Steve then rememberd that Umbara was a Sith School for Assassins and spies. Skilled in manipulation, infiltration, and assassination. They both realized that the clones wont be a match for the sith assassins. So Steve and Ghost orded Commander Blackout and his men to go back to the base while Steve and Ghost searched for this Sith Temple. Evenetually they managed to find the Sith Academy. The Sith Academy was well hiddien since they apparently didnt want the local Umbarans to find it. But they managed to find it with the sith holocron map. The Sith Temple was well guarded. The Sith assassins imidentally saw them coming and attacked them. Ghost and Steve managed to defend themselves and managed to kill the temple defenders. Ghost then tried to open the door but the to unlock it required the holocron. Steve placed the holocron into the key slot and the door opened. Steve and Ghost then eneterd into the Sith Academy. They eneterd a large chamber filled with sith assassins. Steve and Ghost immindentally engaged the sith assassins. Some of the sith assassins were more skilled than others. Most of the sith assassins boasted of there power and superiorty and how they would use there power to destroy Steve and Ghost. However, they all eneded up dead. Killed by either Steve or Ghost. Steve and Ghost contuied killing Sith assassins through several hallways untill they reached the training room. They catuisoly enterd it. However, once they eneterd it the doors behind them closed shut and Training Driod J77 immitdenally activated and began attacking Steve and Ghost. Steve joked that this was just like training in the Jedi Temple. Eventually they managed to destroy J77. However as soon as Training Driod J77 was destroyed several other training driod came into the chamber : S81, A79 and T87 came into the room. They were very formidable opponets and the contuied speaking the sith code. Ghost managed to rip S81's arms off and stab S81 with that, while Steve shot lighting at A79 eventually causing it to overload and explode. Ghost then falcon punched and sparta kicked T87 into a pile of scrap. Steve and Ghost then exited the chamber and contuied down several hallways fighting and killing any sith assassins in there path. Eventually, they managed to make there way into a small chamber. Steve and Ghost noticed that there was a man levitating in mid air with a force shiled around himself. He introudced himself and said he was Varad Zagg, a descendant of the headmaster of The Sith Academy of Umbara. He then asked the 2 how much they would sacrafice for victory. He then animated red ghosts Of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Mace Windu to fight against Steve and Ghost. The Red Ghosts were tough opponets. They foguth just like the actuall ones. Eventually, Steve and Ghost managed to defeat the 3 ghosts. Varad then decided to do the job himself and attacked Steve and Ghost. In Less then a minut, Steve and Ghost managed to overpower Varad easily. Varad animated the red ghost of Mace Windu 1 last time as a last resort. But the red ghost of Mace Windu was quickly defeated by ghost. Varad insisted the 2 to get into there anger. Steve and Varad dueld. Steve managed to kill Varad in under a minut. Varad's last words were : " No.... I failed my order....." Ghost then insulted Varad that he didn't just fail... HE EPICLY FAILED! Steve and Ghost had a good laugh. They managed to defeat Varad Zagg despite his excessive use of lightsaber attacks, force lighting and animations of red ghosts. Steve and Ghost exited Varad's chamber and contuied down a short hallway killing more sith assassins. Steve and Ghost then noticed that a big door was open. It was closed when they came in. Steve and Ghost catuisoly enterd. When they enterd, the door behind them shut closed and 8 sith assassins jumped out from behind the walls and attacked Steve and Ghost. However, they were quickly defeated. Steve and Ghost enterd another chamber and to there shock... the person who was in the chamber was Darth Mal!!! Steve questioned how he managed to surrvive his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Maul repiled that his haterd kept him alive. Ghost then said that Maul was about to get pwned one way or another. Maul dared Ghost to try to take him. Steve and Ghost engaed Maul in a fericous light saber duel. Maul was skilled despite the loss of his legs. However, after 5 minuts of fericous lightsaber dueling. Steve doged one of Mauls strikes and Ghost falcon punches Maul into the door. Maul then said that this was taking to long and he need to regain his strength. He then summouned Savage to fight Steve and Ghost. Savage was a firece opponet. When ever Steve or Ghost would overpower him. He would immindeltly launch a powerful counterattack that would knock Steve or Ghost onto there backs. After about several minuts of fighting. Maul renterd the battle. Maul gloated that his power was regained and that he would defeat them. Steve repiled that he could not defeat Obi-Wan and asked what made him think he could defeat Steve. Maul then challenged Steve to a lightsaber duel while Ghost dueld Savage. The battle was firece. Maul and Savage desprtaely tried an all out attack against Steve and Ghost. However they would just launch a counterattack themselves. Steve and Ghost switched a few times just to fight the other brother for a little while and then they would switch back. Eventually, Ghost managed to defeat Savage by sparta kicking him in his stomach and cutting off one of his horns and uppercutting him. Maul noticed this and force choked Ghost and threw him into the lava badly burining him. However, Ghost managed to climb out of the lava just in time. Steve then managed to dobule kick Maul in the face. Maul and Savage decided that they had enough and fled. Steve and Ghost then placed explosives across the Sith Academy. When they exited the academy, they activated the explosivies, and the Sith Acadewmy of Umbara was no more. Any remaining Sith Assassins inside the temple were persumed to be killed. Although, Steve and Ghost managed to kill 90 percent of the academy's occupants while Maul and Savage fled and escpaed off world and any missed Sith Assasins that were not killed by Ghost or Steve were killed when the building came down on them. As soon as they got back to Republic HQ, Commander Blackout then gave them an emergency briefing that during the battle, Republic Intillegence managed to locate 3 Umbaran Bunkers. Steve and Ghost then readied for there next mission. However, Ghost was to injured from the burns during there battle with the brothers so Steve went to attack the bunkers alone. Steve 1st targeted Bunker Grek, which was controlled by Umbaran General Ennodius. Steve managed to sneak into the bunker. He went hallway through hallway killing Umbarans and Driod untill eventually he made it into a small chamber were Steve went face to face with General Ennoduis. Ennodius was a weak fighter since he attempted ro run away from Steve's attacks. But Steve managed to eventually catch and kill Ennodius when Steve sliced his gun and then slashed Ennodius across the back killing him instanlty. Steve then escaped the bunker and called several clone troopers to take controll of it. Steve then went to Bunker Krill. Steve noticed that the bunker was heavily damaged on the outside and noticed several dead trandoshin pirates and driods. Steve assumed that the trandoshins sacked Bunker Krill. Steve then enterd the bunker and battled Trandoshin Pirates, Battle Driods and Umbarans alike. The Seperatists were also busy fighting the Trandoshin Pirates but Steve tried to stay away from the firefights as much as possible. Eventually Steve managed to make it into a large chamber with 3 Trandoshin Pirate officers : Commander Krussk, Gunner Marsh and Medic Skrisst. The Trandoshins immidentally noticed this and opened fire on Steve. Steve managed to block and doge there attacks and immidentaly went onto the offensive. Steve targeted Medic Skrisst 1st since if he was killed he wouldn't be able to heal Krussk or Marsh. Steve killed Skrisst in less than a minut by cutting him in half. Then he targeted Gunner Marsh killing him in less than a minut by cutting his arm off and beheading him. Commander Krussk noted that Steve was a formidable opponet but he said that he would destroy Steve as revenge for all of his dead men. Steve and Krussk fought for 3 minuts. Krussk was a formidable opponet. But Steve eventually managed to kill Krussk by launching a surpirse stab to his heart. Krussk was dead. Steve then exited the bunker and several Clone troopers took controll of the bunker. Steve then went to the last bunker, Bunker Usk. Steve enterd the bunker. Steve nticed that it was fully Sepraitst controlled. Steve alos noticed that there were several pipes relasing nausais gasses into the air. Steve had to use a breath mask to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes. Steve then went ahllway after hallway killing any Umbarans or Driods in his path. The bunker was well protected, but eventually, Steve got to a large chamber. Steve then meet an Umbaran General who none other than: General Farr-Ness. Farr-Ness welcomed Steve to his lair and challenged Steve to a duel. Steve accepted the duel and began fighting Farr-Ness. Farr-Ness was a tough opponet unlike Ennodius who kept running away. Farr-Ness stood his ground and faced Steve head-on. Farr-Ness than said to Steve that he expected that he would kill his rival, Ennodius easily, but that he would find himself not so easy to defeat. During the duel, Farr-Ness kicked Steve near a red fuel storage tank. Steve's sabers feel far from his reach. Farr-Ness walked up to Steve and prepared to finish him. Farr-Ness aimed his gun and asked Steve if he had any last words. Steve repiled that he did: You should be careful were your standing. Farr-Ness became confused. Steve then shot lighting at the fuel storage tank which caused it to explode burining Farr-Ness into ashes and it the blast was so powerful that it destroyed the enitre bunker. Steve managed to get out alive and perfectly intact since he used the force to shield himself. While The Republic put out the flames Steve went back to Republic HQ and got good news: The Umbaran Capital has finally been captured and all Umbarans have surrunderd and the driods have retreated off world. Umbara was once again with the Republic. Steve, Ghost and his troops then headed back to Courasant for there next mission. However, shortly before Steve left. He was visted an Umbaran Workshop that could modify anything. Steve visted the workshop and requested that the workers if they could modify a Phase 2 clone trooper set. They said they could if Steve would pay them 100 credits per hour. Steve agreed. After 5 hours of working, The Umbaran Armor Smiths made the Phase 2 Clone Trooper Set into an Umbaran Style Clone Trooper Armor. Steve was impressed. He payed the workers and went to Kamino to vist some armor smiths so they could mass produce the Umbaran Clone Trooper Armor for the occupation force on Umbara. Steve then dubbed whoever wore this armor was a Shadow Tech Clone Trooper. Steve then went back to Courasant to meet up with his forces for the next mission.

Skirmish On Naboo

Shortly after the end of Te Battle of Umbara there has been several threats made against Chancellor Palpatine by Marallo Eval. Obi-Wan Kenobi went undercover to stop this plot. Steve was aware that Obi-Wan was alive and was one of the only few to be let in on the secert. Steve attend Obi-Wan's funeral and noticed how sad Anakin was. Eventually Obi-Wan got into Eval's plot. Steve was part of the security detail that was sent to protect Chancellor Palpatine at The Festival of Light. Thats when the bounty hunters attacked and kidnaped Palpatine. However he was quickly recoverd. During the fray Steve lead the people to saftey. Once The Chancellor had been rescued and Cad Bane and Marralo Eval and the rest of the bounty hunters captured, Steve escorted them back to Courasant for trail. All bounty hunters were found guilty and were sented to a life sentence to jail. However, they eventually escaped.

Celebrating A New Year

Shortly after The Skirmish on Naboo, 21 BBY had come to an end and 20 BBY began. Steve attend the celabration in The Courasant streets. Here, many hoped that The Clone Wars would end this year. However, they were worng has fighting would drag on for another year.

Battle of Foerost

Early in 20 BBY, The Techno Union had captured Foerost in order to use its vast shipyards to there advantage. However, The Victory Fleet blockaded the planet to ensure no Sepratists weapons left the planet. However, The Techno Union planned to break the blockade with there newest weapon: The Bulwark Battle Crusier. The Techo Union sent 9 of there newst weapons to break the blockade. The Victory Fleet engaged the Bulwark crusiers and were taking heavy losses quickly due to the Bulwark's superioty. Steve's fleet happend to be in the system and The Victory fleet requested help. Steve and Ghost set course for Foerost. Once they got there they immidentally opened fire on The Bulwark Crusiers. Steve orderd The Exective Crew Men to activate all weapons and destroy the nearest Bulwark Crusier. The Bulwakr crusier was destroyed in seconds. The Sepratist Commander, Dua Ningo decided that his ships couldnt last to long so he orderd his ships to escape. What was left of The Bulwark fleet escaped. Foerost was safe and this was one of the most important battles during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Alderaan

Shortly after The Battle of Foerost, General Grievous massed his forces for an assault on Alderaan. Bail Organa pleaded to the Senate for a Republic fleet to help defend his planet. Steve agreed to help defend Alderaan. Ghost was in charge of defending Alderaan on the surface incase any driodships got through. Grievous arrived and attacked Alderaan. Both sides took heavy losses. The Executive and The Invisable Hand boarded and Steve and Grievous dueled once again. But this battle was a stanstill between the 2. The driod fleet managed to send several landing craft down to the surface. Steve warned Ghost of the incoming attack and Ghost orderd the plantery battries to open fire on the landing craft. Many landing craft were shot down. However a few managed to land the driods onto the surface but they were quickly destroyed by Ghost and his troops. Eventually Grievous decided his forces were taking to much damage and orderd a retreat. Bail Organa thanked Steve and Ghost and both gave them meddals to honor there service as well as all the other clone troops that fought during the battle. Alderaan was safe and this was one of the most important battles during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Courlag

Shortly after the battle of Courlag, Another Sepratist fleet was amassing for an assault at the officer training academy on Courlag. Steve, Ghost and there forces rushed to defend Courlag. This time Steve and his forces laid a trap for the Sepratists. The Republic hid and the asteriod fields and would ambush the Sepratists when they came out of hyperspace. Steve's plan worked perfectly. And to preverent the Sepratists from escaping, Ghost launched several NUKEs at the asteriods which would scatter and block there escape route. The Sepratist fleet was completelty destroyed and Courlag was saved. This was one of the most important battles during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Castell

Shortly after the Battle of Courlag, Steve and his forces were tasked with taking over a Commerce Guild Planet, Castell. Sepratist Leader Shu Mai was also on the planet and Steve intended to capture her. After easily smashing through the driod blockade, Steve and Ghost landed on the planet's surface. The fighting was brutal but in the end Steve and his forces managed to fight there way into the Citadel where Shu Mai was taking refugee. Once inside Steve and his forces were sturggling against the driod inside the citadel. Steve orderd Ghost and a few clone troopers to use there tow cables and climb to the top of the building to take Shu Mai hostage. Ghost and the clone troopers climbed there way to the top of The Citadel and barged in on Shu Mai's office. Ghost and his forces quickly took out the driod defenses and held Shu Mai at gun point. Eventually, Steve and his forces managed to fight there way to the office. After capturing Shu Mai and destroying the citadel Steve handed over Shu Mai to a Republic Shuttle that was tasked to send Shu Mai to questiong. However, The clone poilts were actually Commando Driod in disguise and took Shu Mai to Raxus Prime. Steve and Ghost eventually found out about this and were fustarted on how they let Shu Mai escape. This was one of the most important battles uring the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Skako

Shortly after the capture of Castell, Steve and his forces were assinged to capture another Sepratist controlled world with in the Core Skako. Steve also teamed up with Plo Koon. While Plo Koon and his troops went down to the surface, Steve and his forces battled the driod forces in space. The battle was firece, but in the end The Republic managed to capture Skako and drive the driod forces away from Skako. This was one of the most important battles during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Cardia

Shorlty after the captire of Skako, A Massive Speratist fleet attempted to attack Cardia. Steve, Ghost and a sizeable fleet went to engage the Speratist forces above Cardia. The battle was a firece. Both sides took heavy losses. Eventually, More Sepratist forces arrivec above Carida and chased away Steve's forces. Steve then had an idea of getting cargo ships and raming them into the Sepratist forces. Everyone thought it was a good idea. Steve and his forces loaded up several cargo ships with Liquid Tabbta, a highly explosive liquid. While that was happening, The driods were landing there forces ontoo the surface where the clone garrison and local miltia struggled against the driod forces. Steve then controlled wired the cargo ships's bridge with several remotes. Then Steve, Ghost and several clone troopers autmoated the cargo ships and guided them into several Sepratist ships. It spread panic among the Sepratist forces and caused them to retreat from the system. Cardia was safe and Steve and his forces headed back to Courasant for there next mission. This was one of the most important battles during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Commenor

Shorlty after the Battle of Cardia, Another driod fleet made an attempt to attack Commenot. Steve, Ghost and there troops intercepted and destroyed the driod fleet above Commenor. Steve noted that the driod forces don't seem to be trying to take any planets. As if it was a distraction. Never the less, this was an important battle during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Contrumm

Shortly after the battle of Commenor, Steve and his forces were tasked to defend the planet Contrumm. While patroling above Contrumm, a driod fleet existed hyperspace and attacked Steve's fleet. However, Steve's fleet was prepared for any attack and quickly repelled the driod invasion force which was another successful defense of an important world to the Republic. This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Corellia

Shorlty after the defense of Contrumm, General Grievoous and a massive fleet was amassing above Duro and were planning to attack Corellia, home to Corellian Engerringing and home to Steve himself. Sneator Garm Bel Ibis stationed several Corellian Corvettes and Gunships to protect the planet in space and gathers several people to help protect the planet pn the surface, but it would not be enough to withstand Grievous's attack. Steve's fleet arrvied above Corellia and stationed several of his ships around the planet to help protect it. Steve was very serious about defending his home planet. Grievous then arrived out of hyperspace and the 2 fleets began bashing each other. The Executive and The Invisble Hand boarded each other once again and Steve dueld Grievous. This time, Steve was very agressvie with fighting Grievous. Steve managed to win the duel by slashing Grievous's face place and used powerful force push to spread the shards across Grievous's skin on his head casuing Grievous to retreat back to his ship. Both sides took heavy losses. Grievous decided that his fleet could not best the Republic in space, so he sent several landers down to the surface while ships opend fire on several shipyards destroying them. The driod battled The Corellain Miltia along with Ghost and sevral other of his troops. The Republic managed to defeat the land invasion and Steve forces in space managed to push Grievous's forces away. However, 8 Corellian Shipyards were destroyed and 3 of them heavily damaged. Garm Bel Ibis awarded Steve and his forces with medals in order to thank Steve's effort to defend Corellia. Steve's parents also thanked Steve and Ghost for there efforts. However, Steve's dad managed to give Steve, Ghost and there troops ALOT of Corellain Brandy causing them to get drunk on the way back to Courasant. However, The Jedi Council never found about it though. This This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Kuat

Shorlty after The Battle of Corellia, A Sepratist Strike Force attacked The Kuat Shipyards and they destroyed most of the shipyards. Steve's fleet was to late to prevent The Sepratists fleet from attacking, but he did arrive on time to prevent The CIS ships from destroying The Oribtal Command Center. After The Sepratists were chased away, The local Kuat, angerd by the destruction of there shipyards began to rebuild them, and under the approval of Chancellor Palpatine, they were to construct the largest ship in the Republic fleet, even slightly larger than Steve's Command Ship, The Executive. They would call this great ship, The Pride of Core, since all of The Core Worlds loyal to the Republic helped contruibute to the ship. It was to be Chancellor Palpatine's flagship since he wanted a taste of the action. However, many in Republic High Command feared that it would be to dangerous for The Chancellor to go on the front lines. However, The Chancellor stated that he would be fine as long as he had a sizable fleet protecting him and a jedi general with him at his side. Anakin Skywalker voultuneerd to keep the Chancellor safe. This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up The Outer Rim Sieges

Battle of Anaxes

Shortly after the Battle of Kuat, The Bulwark Fleet reappeard and attacked Captain Doodna's and Screed's fleet stationed above Anaxes. As The Victroy fleet and Bulwark Fleet clashed above Anaxes. Steve's forces arrived from behind with a secert weapon: A Newly Christend Republic Intidictor. If turned on, it will prevent any ships from leaving via hyperspace. The battle was fierce, but Ghost managbed to use the MAC cannon on The Avenger, his personal flagship to gun down many Bulwark Ships. Eventually only 2 Bulwark Battle Crusiers left and they surrunderd to the Republic Forces. However, during the battle a rogue Tri Fighter accidently crashed into the bridge of Screed's ship. The damage on the bridge was bad but during the crash, Screed lost his left eye which caused him to get a robtic eye for the rest of his life. This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up the Outer Rim Sieges

The Rendili Inicdent

Shorlty after the Battle of Anaxes, The Planet Rendili had a planetry wide revolt. A New Goverment was established, The Rendili Provisional Goverment, was sympathetic to the CIS and they switched there alligeance from the Republic to the CIS. The orginal goverment, ran a brutal tolitatrian state lead by a corrupt autocratic leader that was friendly with the Republic. The Rendili also had a massive home defense fleet, The Rendili Dreadnoughts. They were so powerful, that they could rival a Venator Star Destroyer in combat. Jedi Generas Seease Tinn, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Steve and Ghost were sent to negoitate the Rendili's Alligence back to the Republic. After 1st, Negoitations went well since the Captain of the fleet favored the Republic over the CIS anyway and that the Republic saved his life once before the Clone Wars. However, The Captain's 2nd in command was against this stating that the Rendili's fleet must remain alligend with the CIS and it's current Goverment. After a heated argument, Lietuenat Yago [ The Captain's 2nd in Command] managed to hold Plo Koon, Jace Dallian [ The Captain] and several Republic Officers hostage. Yago then taunted the republic forces via hologram saying that if they don't leave within the hour, he will execute the hostages one by one. Seease Tinn then declined and began launching an all out attack. However, just as they were about to, General Grievous along with several CIS Ships came out of hyperspace to aid The Rendili fleet. The battle began and it did not go well for The Republic during the early stages of the battle. The fighters were getting destroyed. The combined strength of Grievous's ships and the Rendili Ships sent many Republic ships in flames. However, Anakin Skywalker lead a daring bombing run that sabtoged the Rendili flagship's enegines shutting off its power. Then Qunninlan Vos and his fleet came out of hyperspace to assit the Republic fleet. Obi-Wan and Quinnlan then came abord, rescued the hostages, killed Yago, and regained controll of the Rendili fleet. Steve then orded all ships to open fire on Grievous's ship. With Grievous's ships taking to much damage he orded a retreat. Steve was then tasked with going down to the surface and restablish a Republic friendly goverment after several brutal battles on the planet. Rendili was back in Republic hands. This is was an important battle during the year and it would fire up the Outer Rim Sieges.

Battle of Honoghr

Shortly after The Rendili Incident, A CIS Ship containg a new engerined chemical waste, was heading to Naboo to test it. However, Steve's Flagship, The Executive, Intercepted The CIS Ship above the planet, Honoghr. After an intense firefight, Steve's ship managed to severly damage the CIS Ship to the point where it crashed onto the planet's surface. During the crash, the shiped leaked the chemicals onto the planet's atomoshpere and surface, devesatining the enviroment. The local Noghri, retrived a sample of the toxic waste, and put it in the Sith Academy of Honoghr, which the locals held it as a scared place. Steve, Ghost and several Clone Troopers went down to the surface to retirive the sample. However, General Grievous was also after the sample. Steve and his men landed on the planet. However, they noticed a driod lander was landing near by. Both sides immidentally engaged each other. However, since Grievous borught more forces with him, Grievous's driod managed to kill many of Steve's men, causing his forces to retreat into the jungle with Grievous after them. To make things worse, the local Noghri joined in on the fight attacking both sides. Steve stated to Grievous despite there diffrences, they would have to work together to fight off the Noghri. Grievous reculantely agreed. The Rpeublic and CIS troops pushed off the Noghri forces and began heading to the Sith Temple. Ghost then questioned to Steve if it was the right thing to do to team up with Grievous. Steve repiled it was only temporary. After encoturing heavy resistance from the Noghri, The team's headed into the Sith Temple, which had been booby trapped. Many driods easily fell into the traps. However, both sides managed to bypass that traps untill they enterd a large chamber where there was the sample of the toxic waste. Grievous then betrayed Steve, and took the toxic waste for himself. However, as soon as Grievous picked up the sample, several sith alcoyltes enterd the room. They were large, musclar beings. Ghost and his troops took advantage of this and destroyed Grievous's party. Steve then brifely dueld Grievous for the data sample. However several sith acloyes intervined in the duel and began dueling Steve and Grievous. Then, several Sith Maruaders enterd the room and killed all of Steve's men accept Ghost. Steve, Ghost and Grievous dueld each other and the Sith Acloytes. Steve and Ghost also dueld Grievous on occasion. Howevert during the duel, one of the Sith Acloyes cut off Grievous's arm that was holding the sample. Steve, then used the force to grab the sample, and ran out of the temple, back to there shuttle, back to the ship, and left the system. Grievous on the other hand fought off and killed all the Sith in the temple, and escaped offworld. The Toxic Waste Sample was in Republic hands so it could be researched for a cure to help the planet Honoghr. This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up the outer rim sieges.

Liberation of Gentes

Shortly after the Battle of Honoghr, A CIS Occupation Force Landed on Gentes and began to subjucate the locals. Steve assmebled an army and a fleet to help liberate the planet. Steve's forces destroyed the CIS Occupation force and Gentes was saved! This was an important battle during the year and it would fire up the outer rim sieges.

Battle of Bomis Korri 4

After the successful liberation of Gentes, Steve accompained Obi-Wan and Anakin to Bomis Korri 4 to combat Oro Dayssene and his driod forces. While Obi-Wan and Anakin attacked Oro head-on by themselves, Steve lead his forces on air strike on Oro Dayssene's fort, killing Oro and softend up the defenses. Steve then jumped down from his starfighter and helped the Obi-Wan and Anakin out. More and more clones poured in and overwhelmed the remaining driods. This battle was a major Republic success.

Battle of Cato Nemodia

Shorlty after The Battle of Bomis Korri 4, The Jedi Council had been tracking Seperatist Leader Viceroy Nute Gunray fro quite sometime. Gunray had recently returned to his homeworld, Cato Nemodia. The Jedi Council decided that now was the time to capture Gunray since he had eluded there capture a year earlier. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Steve, Ghost and Kit Fistor were sent to capture Gunray. Once they arrived over Cato Nemoida, The Republic forces immidentaly began fighting the Seperatist defense force. Steve, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ghost were sent down to the surface while Kit dealt with the CIS Fleet. Steve landed on a secondary landing platform with several Republic Commandos. There job was to capture Gunray while the others captured his hideout. Steve and his team fought there way to Gunray's throneroom with taking minor casualties. However, once they enterd the room they only found a recored message of Gunray taunting the team thast they failed to capture him. Steve and his team then searched around the room for any clues for where the Viceroy went. Steve then found a closet and in it was a Meno Chair which Gunray left behind in a hurry. After the rest of the Republic forces stromed into the palace room, Steve handed over Gunray's meno chair. After securing the palace, Ghost used several NUKES to destroy Gunray's hideout. After that, Steve and his troops returned to Courasant.

Battle With Count Pumpkin-Dooku

Bandicam 2012-10-29 11-37-02-067

The Pumpkin Dooku stumbles after one of Steve's attacks.

Bandicam 2012-10-29 11-37-31-628

Steve blocks one of Pumkpin-Dooku's attacks.

Bandicam 2012-10-29 11-37-17-888

Steve defeates Pumpkin-Dooku.

Bandicam 2012-10-29 11-37-09-495

Steve confronts The Pumpkin-headed Count Dooku

Shortly after The Battle of Cato Nemodia, Steve was invited to attend a Friday the 13th Party on Hallowan. Steve accepted the invite and attend the party in a cave. However, once he got there, he meet a strange figure that looked like Count Dooku, only that his lightsaber was orange, he talked diffrently, and wore a pumkin on his head. As part of the party, there was a lightsaber duel. The people at the party anamiounsly chose Steve to fight Count Pumpkin-Dooku. Steve and Dooku began dueling each other, but Steve quickly got the uperhand. During the duel, The Pumpkin Dooku fought just like the regular one. Eventually, Steve defeated the figure but force pushing him to the cave wall and disarming him. Steve then took off the pumpkin and realised there was nothing under it. It was just a strange Doopleganger of Dooku. After a while Steve left the party and returned to Courasant.

Battle of Carlac

Shortly after the Friday The 13th party, Ahsoka Tano reported that there has been Death Watch Activity on Carlac. Commander Wolfee and the 104th Battalion were sent to confirm this. After setting up and outpost, they discoverd that there was a crashed Banking Clan frigate that crashed on the surface between CIS and Death Watch forces. Aditionally, Pre Viszla, leader of Death Watch, siezed a local village as a response to the Republic Village. He also orderd Sergeant Kellov, to decimate another village. To make things worse, Death Watch also established 3 Trainng Camps. Steve, Ghost, and several of Wolfee's troopers began exploring Carlac. Steve noted that it was beatuiful world. Soon, they encouterd Death Watch Troopers. The Death Watch troopers were formidable opponets, but Steve, Ghost and there troopers manage to defeat them with some causulties. The taskforce fought there way to The Destroyed Village. They were appaled at what Death Watch did and immidentaly killed all of the Death Watch Troopers within the remainment of the Village. However, this quickly attracted the attention of Seargeant Kellov who immidentaly moved to confront them. Once Kellov and some death watch troopers met face-to-face, Kellov told them that they would regret tangling with death watcg. Steve replies that he will regret buring down the village. Immidentaly both sides unleashed a fury of attacks. Steve and Ghost confronted Seargeant Kellov while the troopers fought each other. During the battle, Seargeant Kellov used his flamethrower and attempted to bang it on Steve and Ghost's heads. When Kellov tried to bang Ghost on the head, he grabed the flamethrower and crushed it. Being provided a momentary distraction, Steve kicked Kellov in the back of the leg. Kellov howled in pain due to this and attempted to punch Steve in the face, however, he missed and his arm was cut off by Steve. Ghost then tackled and stabbed Kellov in the chest killing him. Shortly after, The Clone troopers managed to kill all of The Death Watch soilders with some casulities. Steve and Ghost noticed that Kellov had several tags with names of some of his soilders. Ghost questioned why that Kellov was carrying around tags with him. Steve explained that when a warrior dies under the command of an officer, the officer would carry a tag with there name on it as a sign of mouring. After taking the tags with them, The taskforce then investigated the Crash Site where they meet Sprint who explained that they were trying to find a way into the ship. The taskforce then noticed several driods in the crash site. The taskforce then took the oppurtuinty to confront them. After gunning down all the driods, a large mangaguard appeard. The mangaguard was IG-113 when he noticed The taskforce, his defense mode activated and attacked the task force. Steve and Ghost dueld Ig-113 furiously. However, the clones didnt fair as well, they were killed by IG-113's electrostaff. Steve and Ghost countuined confronting IG-113. During the duel Ghost attempted to falcon punch IG-113 in the chest. However, in effective against the hulking Mangaguard. IG-113 then swiped Ghost with his electrostaff sending Ghost flying into some debris of the CIS ship. Steve then doges one of its attacks. Locked blades with the electrostaff forcing it down.? Steve then did an acrobatic flip cutting it's head off. Steve persumed it was dead. However, the guard continue to fight Steve. However, Ghost emerged from the ruins and threw a driod popper at the driod. Ig-113 was temporary stunned. But Steve managed to take it staff and stab it in the chest with it. Steve then took the Electrostaff as one of his weapons. Ghost was injured so Steve sent Ghost back to the Republic Base so that he can be treated. Steve then set out to The Captured Village to liberate the captive natives. Since Steve was going to enter The Native Village, Steve would require some help. Clone Trooper Mortar provided an LAAT to help guide Steve through the village. Steve enterd the village and immidentally encounterd Death Watch Warriors. They were firece, but Steve managed to kill them. Steve managed to fight his way through up untill halfway into the village where he meet a Death Watch Elite Warrior: Kherr Dawar.  Once she noticed him she immidentally tauned Steve knowing that he would fall into there trap. Kherr unsheathed her retractable blades which were on her wrists and engaged Steve. After doging a few of her stabs ans strikes Steve force pushes her into some fire on a burrning bulding where she cuahgt on fire. However, she spread the fire off of her and onto several areas of the field where they fighting. Dawar asked if Steve was fealing the heat but Steve replied that didnt feel anything. They resumes there fight. Dawar spined kicked Steve into a wagon. Dawar the ran to Steve in an attempt to finsih him. She tried stab Steve but he managed to get out just in time. However, Dawar got her blade stuck in the wagon. Steve took advantage of this and stabed her in the chest, killing her. Steve then walked to a firewall and waited for the LAAT to put out the fires. After the LAAT put out the fires Steve continued fighting his way through The Death Watch Soilders untill he got to the Center of The Village. There he meet Kro Lan and Mord Jayaran. Mord Jayaran boasted that he and Lan would defeat Steve, but Steve begged to differ. Jayaran then brought in several death watch troops to aid them in confronting Steve. Steve moved in and killed all of the Death Watch Troops. Steve then moved in to confront Jayran. Steve quickly defeated him by deflecting one of his blaster bolts which hit him in the head killing him. Steve then confronted Kro Lan. Lan used his flamethrower in order to try to burn Steve. However, Steve doged his attacks and cut off his flamethrower arm and cutted him in half. Pre Viszla then emerged from the main building to confront Steve. Pre Viszla had some skill, but he was unable to defeat Steve, who kept driving him back. Pre Viszla eventually gave up and escaped by activating his jetpack. However, he narrowley got away since Steve jumped in the air and was ready to strike him down. Soon, clone troopers began arriving and began picking off any remaing Death Watch troops, however, most of them fled with there leader. Steve was then briefed that Death Watch has established 3 training camps and Steve was tasked with destroying them.  Steve first arrvied at Camp Kote, however the camp was heavily and well defended, so Steve would require some help. He asked his friends: Steve Skyman, Hondo Skycruiser and Ryan Forcemove to aid him on his attack on Camp Kote. The first time, the death watch defenders overwhelmed them, and kicked out of the camp. But they tried again and successfully killed all the death watch troops in the camp including the camp leader: Lietenant Vherr. A short time later, Clone Troopers came in to take controll of the camp. They then headed to Camp Beskar. They easily killed most of the death watch at the front gate and went into the camp. They quickly found the camp leader, Lietenant Ralnar waiting for him. Ralnar used his flamthrower in an attempt to scortch them. Steve Skyman and Hondo dealt with his body guards while Ryan and Steve fought Ralnar. After Ralnar took some damage, he threw a smoke gernade allowing him to run deeper into the camp, but the group pursued him killing any death watch that stood in there way. Eventually, Ralanr was lured into a dead end all of his troops were killed or hiding. Steve Skyman threw his lightsaber at Ralnar instantly decapitating him. Steve Skyman then walked into his tent and stole some apples. Steve called in some clone troopers to take contoll of the camp. Commander Wolfee then contatced the group informing them the last Death Watch Camp, Camp Ara'nov, was the final camp, however, it was also the most well defended. The group traveled to the northen side of Carlac and killed any death watch that stood in there way. They then enterd the camp and killed some death watch patrollers. However, there screams attarcted lots of Death Watch Elites hiding in the tents and poured outside. The group had a tough time fighting them, since after all there were elites, but the group managed to kill every last remaing Death Watch Troop. They then contiuned on killing any Death Watch that stood in there way. Eventually they found the camp leader, Lietenant Melketket. He puled out his blade in his wrists and immindentally confronted the group. He also brought in some renforcements to help him. Eventually, the renforcements were killed and Melkket got both of his arms served by Hondo and his legs served by Ryan. Steve then impaled Melketket;s chest which killed him instantly. Steve then walked into his tent and got some Oreo Cookies. The group then called in some renforcements to take controll of the camp. Commander Wolfee congrautliated the group on there success. The friends then left Carlac to do what they needed to do. However, Steve occasionally returend to Carlac since the Death Watch were still holding out. Steve also collected fragments of the Death Watch Cold Warrior Gear and he managed to assmeble it. He then put it in his private wardrobe. Ghost was then strong enough to leave the planet and he and Steve left Carlac. However, Clone Trooper Sprint and his men continue to try to break into the crashed CIS Frigate and there Gundark in a cave. However, these missions are not currently avaliable.

Jedi Temple Bombing

Steve was in the Jedi Temple when it was bombed. He tried to help out however he can, but there was rumors circulating that a Jedi might be responsible for the crime. The explosion destroyed the temple hanger, and killed servicemen, clones and Jedi. Eevntually, there was evidence that pointed out that Ahsoka Tano, was responsible for all this. Steve didn't believe that and urged the council that they should defend her. Steve was only able to convince Obi-Wan and Plo Koon that Ahsoka was inocent. Ahsoka then escaped and Steve particpated in help bringing her back. Eventually there was reports of suspicous activity on Level 13-15 in an abandonded factory. Steve and Wolfee were the first to arrive and they subdued Ahsoka.  Anakin and Plo shortly arrived later and found Ahsoka in the possesion of naoa driods, the same kind that were used to destroy the Temple's hanger. Ahsoka was then put on trial. by the jedi and the Seante. The Jedi Council found Ahsoka gulity and expelled her from the Jedi Order. She was then to be put tiral on the Senate. During the Senate Trail, Anakin attempted to find the truth. After he confronted Ventress, he then talked to Barriss and found out that she was behind all this. Anakin duled Bariss and eventually it atraccted the attnetion of Steve and several other guards. Steve orderd Bariss to sieze hostillity, but Bariss jumped out the window with Anakin following her. Steve and the other guards quickly followed. Anakin then defeated Bariss and brought her to the Senate to confess her crimes. Steve then took her away. Ahsoka was then cleared of all charges. However, she refused to go back into the order. Bariss was then put on trial just like Ahsoka, accept that she was found gulity in both The Jedi Council and The Senate. Bariss was also banned from the Jedi Order and was to be executed.

The Execution of Barriss Offee

Steve knew Bariss for a long time, but he was surprised that Barriss was behind this. Steve was to be the executioner of Barriss. The Execution was held on the Temple grounds in front of thousands of people and important figures of the galaxy that demanded justice. Barriss made a last ditch effort to convince the people to rebel, but she never finished her specch since Steve grew bored of listing to her and beheaded her swiftly. Several years later, when Steve looked back on this in an interview Steve said: " I think she got what she deserved, and I was glad to help implement justice in anyway I can, even if it meant taking the life of that traitor"

2nd Battle of Felucia

In 20 BBY, the front on Felucia opend once again. The Seperatists had dug in well and dared the Republic forces to come in after them. Chancellor Palpatine placed Steve in overall command of the operation on Felucia. Steve, Jacen Ghostarx, Steve Skyman, SaiTorr Ecwropi, Davie Karczwski, Jered Skygunner, Zeeg Rums, Gun, Ghost, Captain Karg, Boss, and several other Jedi Warriros and Clone Troopers left for Felucia. Steve told everyon that the CIS had upgraded there units for this battle, so he told them that this was not going to be easy, but if they sticked to the plan they would turn out ok. The Republic had assembled it's base, Captain Karg and Commando Boss stayed behind to give out missions to the troops. They had arrived on the planet at Nightime

Relationship With Juhani Transrunner

During the early stages of the Dark Nebula war, Steve had a plan to eliminate Nova, he would use one of her own agents to kill her. Steve then found a Dark Nebula Agent, Juhani Transrunner. She was a young, beatuiful togurtua from the planet Shili. Steve decided to use her. Steve then lied to Juhani by saying that he was an Administartor seny by Xalandra Nova. He then told her that Nova wished to asses her abilites. Juhani said she would be delighted to. However, Steve had a diffcult time of getting her close to Nova, and ultimately, Steve realised his plan wouldn't work. Juhani also kept bugging Steve for when she can see Nova, but this drove Steve mad and he told her that he lied about everything and that he was the Rebel Leader trying to take down Nova, Steve also said that he wanted to never see her again, and they parted ways. However, in a few months Steve saw Juhani at a party and he decided to apologize. He then became friends with Juhani, and eventuallty, they started secertly dating. Steve liked Juhani alot, and he convinced her to leave Nova and join him, and she did so. Steve and Juhani had a few affairs, but they never had a child. In December of 2011, Steve wanted to marry Juahni, and asked her father's permission, Ezio Ahmet, for permission, and he agreed. Since Ezio was the king of Christophisis, he forged a magnificent ring. Steve noted it was the most beatuiful ring he had ever seen. Ezio said it was for a special occassion. Steve asked Juhani  to meet hi in the Jedi Temple at Midnight by the Christmas tree, but she never came. Steve decided he would eventually get the chance to ask her. However, Steve eventually told Juhani that he wanted to marry her, but he never formally proposed, in fact she never even accepted or declined Steve's offer for marriage. She then started a rumor that Steve was forcing her to marry her. However, Steve rebuttled by saying he just simply wanted to marry her and that the rumors were false. However, very few people found out. Steve wasmad at Juhani, and they broke up. However they eventually decided to get back together again. Once they got back together, Steve realised that Juhani was married to Chairman Wyatt after a few months when they got back together again. Steve enraged, killed both Chairman Wyatt and Juhani, but Steve borught her back to life. Juhani was then tasked to try to bring the CIS back into the Republic, and Steve never really saw her to much. However, Steve didn't want to be single forever.

Affaris With Aura Bluespark

During one of Gun Good's parties during the Dark Nebula War, Steve meet another lovely women by the name of Aurra Bluespark. She was a Jedi Padawan, although her age was very close to Steve's [ Steve was 25, Aurra was 23] Aurra then asked Steve out. However, he was unsure at first, since he was very loyal to his relationship with Juhani, but Steve remeberd how Juhani hadn't shown to much loyailty to their relationship, so Steve accepted Aurra's offer. Steve then took Aurra to his house on Courasant. They began to like each other alot. Steve told Aurra that he had a Girlfriend, and Aurra was unsure if she wanted to go through with a realtionship with Steve, but Steve assured her that Juhani would never find out, They then proceeded to have an affair, although it was kept secert. Afterwards, Steve realised what he had done was wrong and told Aurra that they shouldn't do this again. However, as Juhani's absence lengthed, Steve grew lonly and asked Aurra if they could still continue there relationship. They then continued to have more affairs as Juhani was still on her mission. However, a big problem emerged for Steve and Aurra: during one of their affaris, Steve had gotten Aurra pregenant. Aurra revealed this during one of there affairs. Steve was surprsied that he was going to have child, and he later found out that he was going to have a son. Aurra and Steve decided to name there son Charles Striker. However, Aurra had to keep this hidden from the Jedi Order, so Steve made an elabroate plan that let Aurra escpae the Jedi Order undetcted. Aurra gave birth to Charles Striker on the planet Bondan on January 27th, 19 BBY. Steve was there and he knew that his son was force sensitive. However, he wanted to train his son himself, since the Jedi Order would proably find out that it was Steve's son. Steve kept this a secert to everyone he knew, accept his family. However, Steve was off figthing in the Clone Wars, and couldn't see Aurra or Charles to often. When Juhani returned from her mission at the end of the Clone Wars, Steve permantely cut ties with Juhani, and dumped her, since he felt no love for her. However, short while later, Steve learned that Juhani had been killed by Pre Viszla during the Skirmish on Carlac. Ezio vowed to take Revenge, but he didn't have to wait long, Viszla was beheaded by Darth Maul during a power struggle for controll of Mandalore. On Juhani's grave, Steve placed the wring that he had wanted to give to Juhani on her gravestone. When Order 66 was issuied, Aurra and Charles disapeared. But Steve could sense in the force that his son was alive. Although Steve lost contact with Aurra, Steve contiued to have some form of love for her becuase they were never married. And Steve would meet his son during the Galatic Civil War.

Battles With Razor J40 Heat

After the Dark Nebula War and the 3 Day War, Steve and Razor J40 Heat began to have a rivalrey. Razor wanted Steve to get kicked out of the Jedi Order, and was trying to get people to persuade the Jedi Council to do so. However, this did not work. This enraged Steve, and he foguth Razor. The fight turned to be a stalemate, and they agreed to resolve there diffrences and become friends.

Duel on Dathomir

Battle Abaord The Crusader

The Dark Nebula War

The Dark Nebul War was a conflict that arrised in the Summer of 2011. It was between Xalandra Nova, leader of Dark Nebula, and the challengers, Master Steve of The United Free Squads And Players of Clone Wars Adventures [ USPCWA] or simply known as The Rebellion against Dark Nebula. The conflict started from July 16th, 2011 and lasted untill March 18th, 2012. Although, most of the figthing took place from August- December of 2011.  The war resulted in a Rebellion Victory, The Disbandment of Dark Nebula, and the collapse of The Rebellion. It also lighted the fire that started the 3 Day War.

Perlude To The War

Prior to the War, Xalandra Nova and Dark Nebula was challenged by a varitey of diffrent Rebellion groups that challenged them. Some were successful, others were not. Nova was also becoming increasingly unpopular and many people were begining to worry. Dark Nebula claimed to be an innocent Driod Selling Company, however, there was strong evidence that disproved that theory. When Steve first heard of Nova, he wa sunsure if he wanted to take any side in this war, since he was managing his own squad. But ultimately Steve decided to talk to Nova to see if he could calm down the violence. Ultimately this proved useless, and Steve decided the best course of action was to go to war on Nova. Steve participated in many riots on Dark Nebula Property, although Dark Nebula refferd to them as " Haters". Nova then sent some of her soliders to get rid of Steve, but they proved to be unsuccessful. Steve, infuriated by this, offically declared war on Nova. Steve rallied some of the galaxy's greatest minds and some of his friends that shared the same view on Nova: Ace Starflux, Alex Rainheart,  CJJJ Bart, Calo Katar, Commando Grutseer, Master Ghostfire, Dark Saber,  Navik Sliverdrift, Amadeus, Alex Aetherpulser, Rex Savez,  Jolee Merome, and many others. Although many others would join later. On July 16th, 2011, The United Free Squads and Players of Clone Wars Adventures ( UFSPCWA) or simply known as The Rebellion Against Dark Nebula ( RADB) was born. Steve and serverl founding Rebel members bought a bulding on Courasant to serve as there Main Base of Operations.

July 2011

There was not much fighting during this month, but Steve and the other founding members rallied more members to there cause.  Steve also shared half controll of The Rebellion along with co-founder Ace Starflux. They were good friends, but Steve knew that the rebellion needed one single leader. Other famous indivuals joined the rebellion such as: Talor Skyfitter, Juhani Transrunner, Dylan Antiunkown, Rick Clawspeed, ANDREW SILVERSABER and many others. Azula Zova, an assassin, decided to play both sides of the conflict, but Steve did not fully trust her and she was eventually outcasted of the rebelllion becuase of this.

August 2011

The Rebellion finally gained enough forces to openly challenge Nova. Steve and Ace lead Rebel attacks on Xalandra Nova's bases such as on Dark Nebula Spaceport, Dark Nebula Tower and Dark Nebula Town. However, Nova also did launch forces to invade key Rebel Bases, most of them were unsuccessful, and the Rebel attacks on the Dark Nebula bases were more deadly. The Rebels had passion and deeply resented Nova, in turn Nova had a vast army and was weel supplied, and so did the rebels. However on one attack, Co-founder Ace Starflux was killed in battle by a Rebel traitor, Maurcio Knight23. In turn, Steve killed Knight 23 by cutting him in half. However, some of Knight's friends joined Dark Nebula to mourn the death of their friend. They even tried to kill Steve during one battle, but they ended up joining there friend. Ace's last words were to keep the rebellion going, and to find a suitbale replacement for him, Steve agreed, and Ace died. The war contuined to esclate, but the Rebels kept winning most of the battles. Steve meet Brandon Nicholas, The Chosen One. He was considerd a widely favored second in command. Steve decided to let him in. He also chose Brandon's friend, Gun Good as third in command. Steve also established a Command Code. Which went like this: If the leader [ Master Steve] is to be captured or killed, then the second in command [ Brandon Nicholas] would take command. If the same thing were to happen to Brandon, the thrid in command [ Gun Good] would take command and it goes on untill the last rebel. Allowing Brandon Nicholas in the rebellion was a good choice on Steve's part, since people flooded into the rebellion to join him, such as people like Stardust Galaxyblade. He did not reconize Steve's right to lead the rebellion and attempted a coup to overthrow him. However, Stardust was unsuccessful as most of the troops were lead loyal to Steve. The troops that decided to join Star formed there own rebellion, and in there minds, overthrew Steve and negoitated a treaty with Nova. Steve knew that peace negoitations were useless, even though Jolee Merome suggested it, he ultimately turned it down, and Merome left the rebellion, and he would join again for short periods of time. Once Steve found out about this, Star was banned from the rebellion and orderd Brandon to eliminate Star, but Brandon refused. This also started a wedge between Brandon and Steve.

September 2011

The Rebellion was gaining traction within the war and Dark Nebula was loosing. Steve had a plan to end the war along with Dark Nebula with it. Steve devised a plan: They would lure Dark Nebula to Dallia Tower where she would be captured. Unfortunatley, one of Steve's relatives died he could not be present during the battle. So instead, Steve orderd bombing raids on Xalandra Nova's main bases, which resulted in the bases being completly demolished. Once Steve arrived back from his relative's funeral, they scavenged any useful information from what was left of the bases. ANDREW SILVERSABER managed to steal some and go into hidding. But Steve did not mind. In the mean time, the rebellion stepped up it's raids against Dark Nebula scoring major wins against Nova.

October  2011

With the Rebellion on the verdge of victory, Steve decied to traget key Dark Nebula leaders. Among them was Dahntalon Goldbrek, Xalandra Nova's Second in command. Steve and his friend, Jolee Merome went on several missions to assassinate or capture Goldbrek, but they failed. However, Steve finally got a chance. There was Rebel base on Ryloth, which was spotted by Dark Nebula Scouts. Dahntalon Golbrek was leading an invasion force, along with the backing of the CIS, to capture the base. Brandon Nicholas, Gun Good and Steve were ready for them and were well dug in and prepared. Dark Nebula Tanks fell victim to Rebel Plex Troopers who were staioned on Plateus, and Driods and Dark Nebula troopers were killed by Snipes hiddine in the trees and on plateuas. At one point, Brandon Nicholas decided to confront Dahntalon Golbrek. They began an firece duel. However, a Republic Gunship crashed near them sending both men hurling in to other directions. Goldbrek managed to get up first and found Brandon. He was about to kill Brandon, but Gun Good got his rifle and shot Golbrek in the back. Golbrek stumbled and yelled in pain. He then began a brief but firece duel with Gun Good. Brandon quickly got up and joined in. Steve also made his way torwards the duel, killing any Dark Nebula members that stood in his way. Steve then also joined into the duel and Golbrek was against 3 Jedi. Golbrek fought firecly against them. But Gun managed lock blades with Golbrek, pull out his blaster and shoot Golbrek in the heart, which killed him . Golbrek's diying words was that he curesed the rebellion and vowed that his death was not in vain for Dark Nebula. Steve commented that even though he was evil, he had an honrable death. Dark Nebula then pulled out of the area . The Rebellion had won the battle, but the war had a way to go.

November 2011

With the death of Dark Nebula General Dahntalon Golbrek, Dark Nebula morale began to sink. Xalandra Nova that with out her best General, she would have a difficult time winning the war without him. Nova then bordcasted a speech saying that the rebllion will pay for the death of Dhantalon Golbrek. In secert, Dark Nebula began constructing a super weapon, which coulcd spell certain doom for the Rebellion. The construction was suypervised by Redge Galaxyweaver, a member of Dark Nebula.  Rebel Spys informed Rebel High Command of this and prepared a strike team to deal with it. They reported it was some kind of Spaceship, but a kind they never seen before, it was being constructed on Kamino. Steve, Juhani Transrunner, Master Ghostfire, and several  Rebel Troopers were sent to destroy the ship at it's construction site, while Brandon and Gun dealt with the Dark Nebula fleet in orbit, lead by James Loanstar. The Battle in orbit raged while Steve's strike teamn landed undetected on the construction site. Howvever, once they landed, they were detected by scanners from the station in orbit. The Dark Nebula Spacestation informed Redge that Rebel forces have landed. Steve and his team eneterd the space ship and began placing charges. Steve would then go and confront redge while Ghost, juhani and the troopers place charges around the ship. Steve also orderd Gun and Brandon to destory the Station since it was montering there every move. Brandon then orders a frigate to ramn into the station have it taken over by Rebel troops. Gun Good also confronted James in a firece duel. Meanwhile, Steve found  Redge on the bridge and dueld him. Ghost, Juhani and rebel troopers began encountering Dark Nebula troopers, but they were defeated. They finished placing charges and got back to the ship and they where to pick up Steve, who was still dueling Redge. However, they were repatling ambushed along they way by traps and other Dark Nebula Troopers. Ghost and Juahni were the only survivors, but they managed to make it back to the ship. During the duel, Steve kicked Redge out the window and he seemingly fell to his death. However, the ship's defenses were operational and they shot down Ghost and Juhani.  However, they surrvived. Juhani was then captured by Redge. She was taken to the hanger. Ghost and Steve meet up and went to rescue Juhani in the hanger. Redge was just about to escape, but Steve and Ghost managed to stop him. Steve then force pushed Redge off his helicopter and took controll over it. However, Redge threw a gernade at the Helicopter and it exploded. However, Ghost managed to jump off of it before it exploded and Ghost pulled out his blasters and shot Redge, which killed Redge for good. Steve and Juhani survived crash. Meanwhile, James was driven off the station and the Dark Nebula fleet was all but destroyed. Brandon and Gun then picked up Steve, Ghost and Juhani. Once in orbit, they activiated the detonators, which destroyed the Ship and the construction site. It then sunk to the depths of the Kamino Sea. Xalandra Nova was then informed of this and she was completly outraged. She wasted trillions of credits on the failed project.  The CIS then withdrew there investment and aid in Dark Nebula, which nearly bankrupted Dark Nebula. Dark Nebula began to decline and collapse. Nova condemned her once great empire to failure. And she decided she had one thing left to do: escape.

December 2011

With almost all of Dark Nebula's Bases gone or destroyed, Nova had decided that she will go back in time and restart her Dark Empire from there. However, Rebel spies discoverd the plans and the Rebellion made plans to stop them. At first, Steve decided to let Nova go, but 2 Rebellion officers: Master Ghostfire and Juhani Transrunner decided to stop her. The Time Machine was being constructed on The Nova Star, Nova's flagship. It was curruntely on the fringe of the galaxy. However, Ghost and Juhani disguised them selves as Dark Nebula Guards and snuck aboard the ship. While they were on guard duty, they were tasked with guarding the time machine. When it was the right time, Ghost and Juhani killed the workers and destoyed the time machine. However, this triggerd an alarm and Nova and her troops who were watching a star explode rushed down to the hanger to confront them, They were overwhelmed by Nova and her troops and were about to be executed. However, Ghost tirggerd explosives that he had placed on the engines and Juhani triggerd explosives that she had placed on the bridge. This caused the ship to crash onto a very big asteriod. However, before The Nova Star crashed, Nova, her trops, Ghost and Juhani escaped on starfighters. Ghost and Juhani then went back to the Rebel Headquarters on Courasant. Once they arrived, they found Steve waiting for them with armed guards, Steve was furious that they had disobeyed orders, and he knew where they had been. Ghost then explained the whole story. Afterwards, Steve had Juahni and Ghost  arrested on charges of disobeying orders. As his guards arrested them, Steve stated to them that they will be put on trial, and if they are found gulity, they would be executed. However, several Rebel troops overheard what Steve was saying and started rumors that Steve was going to execute Juhani and Ghost. The rumors eventually reached Brandon Nicholas and Gun Good. Gun decided that Steve had gone to far. He then contacted Steve and informed him that becuase of this scandal, he was being demoted to standard trooper and that Brandon Nicolas was the new leader, Gun would be the new 2nd in Command and Ghost was to be the new 3rd In command. Steve was tempted to put Gun on trial as wel on charges of mutiny, but Steve replied that he did not have the power nor the authority to do this. He also advised Gun to check the rumors to make sure if they were accurate. Gun  said he would look into this. Meanwhile, the trial of Master Ghostfire and Juhani Transrunner was about to begin. Ghost and Juhani were being trialed on Rebel Millitary Court, it was the first time, and only time, that the Judical Branch of The Rebellion was active. Juhani and Ghost werebeing charged with disobeying direct orders from the highest authority in the rebellion. Steve was the prosecutor, and Brandon Nicholas was the Atonnery for Juhani and Ghost. Jocasta Bonteri was the jude of the trial. Steve aruged that Ghost and  Juhani has disobeyed his direct orders not to puruse Nova. Brandon arugued that it is clear that they have done that, they should not be put to the death. After much aruging and serveral testiomoines from Rebel troops, Jocasta made a rulling: Ghost and Juhani were gullity of disobeying orders, but Steve's requested punishment was to harsh, so she sentenced them on a 2 week suspension from there services for the Rebellion. Steve was glad that he had won becuase he showed that his authority in his own rebellion that he had crated with Ace Starflux, will not be questioned. Afterwards, Steve reflected on this matter and said he proably overreacted. He was then contacted by Gun Good again and Gun said that the rumors were indeed false and Steve could keep his job. Steve then began assembling an army to take down Nova once and for all. Nova was hidding on her station on Ice Burg 3. She was consturcting another time portal. Then a massive Rebel Fleet came out of hyperspace and easliy defeated the Dark Nebulan defeat. Steve and his troops then landed on the surface of Ice Burg 3. They destroyed the exterior defenses, broke down the rayshied doors and enterd the base.  The Time Machine was being constructed on the roof of the tower, so Steve and his men had to climb up several flights of stairs. Xalandra then walked down the steps to see what was going on. Gun Good then shot at her, however Nova managed to doge Gun's shot. Gun then ingited his lightsaber and meet nova face-to-fcace. Nova then ingited her twin red lightsabers and engaged Gun in a saberlock. Brandon then jumped behind Nova and attempted to kill her, but Nova blocked it with her other lightsaber and she was now engaging both men in a saber lock. Nova then dueld Brandon and Gun, but she was overwhelmed. During the duel, Brandon grabbed Nova and threw her against the wall and attempted to impale her. However, Nova kicked Brandon down the steps and knocked him right into Gun, and both men tumbled down serveral steps. Nova then began to climb back upstairs. Steve Skyman, who was a General in the Rebellion, threw an apple at her. However, it only slowed Nova down. Steve then orderd his troops to use jetpacks and fly to the rooftop to confront Nova. Once Nova reached the top, she found herself surrounded by Steve and his men. Nova then tred to make a run for it, but Brandon and Gun cut off her escape path. Nova was surrounded! Steve then sarcastically spoke that the great Dark Empress has fallen, and demanded her surrunder. Nova said she would rather go down with a fight and challenged Steve to a duel. Steve delightfully accepted. Steve then engaged Nova in a fierce lightsaber duel. However, Steve managed to win relativially easily and brutally beat Nova and cut off both her arms, left a scar across her left cheek, and she was severly shocked when she attempted to electorcute Steve since he deflected it right back into her. Steve was then about to execute Nova. However, Nova instead congrautulated Steve on his victory and sarcastically wished him Good Bye. She then ran through the Time Machine which was now fully operational and working and disappeard. Steve then joked that he brought the galaxy his Christmas Present { The Fighting Took Place In December, and it was early December}. With Nova fled, the war was finally won. However, Steve didn't believe that. Dark Nebula still existed and the galaxy wanted all of Dark Nebula gone. After the Final Battle, several Rebel Troops began to leave. But Steve still needed his Rebellion since he believed the job wasn't done.

January 2012

It was the start of a new year in the galaxy, and the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula still existsed, Steve focused it's effort on catching the remaing Dark Nebula Troops and Bases that were still at large. Steve knew this becuase after the Final Battle, Rebel forces plunderd the station and found the locations of secert bases, technolgy, etc. However, most Rebels were not motivated to fight since Xalandra Nova fled. Because of this, many rebel soilders began destering the Rebellion. Eventually, Steve declared that nobody was allowed to leave untill the job is done, but many rebels to contuined to leave. Steve sent Bounty Hunters to chase and execute the deserters, and many Rebel Deserters were caught and executed on sight. However, Steve rallied what Rebels he could and engaged Dark Nebulan Forces in serveral Skirmishes across the galaxy, and on occasion wiping out Dark Nebula bases. However, the contuinung drop in troops continued to hamper the Rebellion.

Febuary 2012

Dark Nebula was little more than a whsiper by Feburary, however, there will Dark Nebula troops that needed to be brought to justice. Also,  many officals began to question Steve's leadership. Davie Karczwski stated that the Rebellion had no more purporse and should be disbanded. Many people agreed with him.  But Steve contuined to bring in former Dark Nebula members. By Mid- Feburary, 3rd In Command of The Rebellion Gun Good announced a top Rebellion Secert Meeting to the public. Steve, enraged by letting this cruical information how to the public, fired Gun Good. However, he would eventually return.

March 2012- The War Offically Ends

On March 2nd, 2012, The 2nd in Command of The Rebellion, Brandon Nicholas, announced that we would be leaving the Rebellion becuase he believed it no longer served any purpose and that he was loosing friends. Steve was furious becuase of this and demanded Brandon to return back to his postion for face dire consquences. Brandon refused to comply. Steve decided he would deal with Brandon in the near future, however, this caused a huge drop of Rebel Soliders. Only 100 Rebels stayed inthe Rebellion. Steve needed a 2nd in ommand to help him run the Rebellion. However, there was not to many qualified people for it. Steve first offerd Steve Skyman the postion, but he refused. Steve then gave the postion to Kyle Starstrider. Kyle was excited about his promotion [ He was a general]. And Steve also hired Gun Good back to his original spot. But The Rebellion still contuinued to rapidly decline. On March 18th, 2012, Kyle Starstrider announced that he to was leaving the Rebellion. That was the final straw for Steve. Steve was tempted to go after Kyle was well, but decided to let him go since Steve realised the Rebellion won the war and it has exissted longer than it should have. Steve shortly came out with a statemnet later that The Rebelion will no longer exist. The Rebel Flag was still flown proudly over the Rebel Base on Courasant, and remaing Rebel officers and those who left the rebellion over the course of the war showed up. Each of the Rebel Generals gave a speech thanking the galaxy for it's support and thanking Steve and the now parted Ace Starflux for leading them to vicotroy. After all of the Rebel officers gave there speech, former 2nd in Command Brandon Nicholas gave his sppech, despite Steve being deeply angry with him, Brandon gave an impressive and moving speech of how the rebellion prevailed over Dark Nebula. Then Kyle Starstrider gave his speech, and also intoruced Steve Striker, the man who lead them to victory. Steve gave his speech at Sun down on Courasant and thanked everyone for there support. After his sppech with done, the massive audience that attended it clapped and cheered. The Rebel soliders performed a firing cermoney and there were fireworks to symoblize the Rebel Victory. Goverment Bulding were lit Red [ it was the offical colot of the rebellion] And all officers got together and said there good byes, but Steve gave Brandon a cold hard look. After that, all the members went on there parting ways. But Steve would soon rally the other members of the Rebellion to get revenge on Brandon Nicholas for causing the Rebellion to get disbanded.  The Dark Nebula war lasted for 8 months and 2 days. an estimated 20,000 people lost there lives in this conflict. This also caused Steve's rise to fame acorss the galaxy since he took down Dark Nebula. This is one of the galaxy's most historical wars. It resulted in the disbandement of Dark Nebula and the Rebellion, although The Rebellion won the war since Dark Nebula was pratically disbanded first. Dark Nebula still exists to this day, and there speculation that Nova will return, but nobody really cares about it. There were even calls for a New Rebellion to comabt the reforming Dark Nebula, but it was hardly a Rebellion.  A month after the war ended, a memorial opend for all those who had died in The Dark Nebula War was opend on Courasant and there was many history books written for the war. Also many former Rebels would write about there expirences and publish them to the public in the months and years to come.

Legeacy of The War

" I've done my part, it's time for a new generation of heros to take up the roots of there predesscors, and finish what they started"- Master Steve denying any further involvement to the Republic Press in Early 2013.

After the war, Dark Nebula became fractured, and severa; Dark Nebulan Generals struggled for the title of Leader. Despite The Rebel's Win over Dark Nebula, it was not nesscarry a forgone conclusion: In Early 2013, rumours circulated that Xalandra Nova had managed to finder her way back to the present in order to re-build her once great Empire. A New Commer, Holly Talon, inspired by Steve's work, formed her own Rebellion and began to fight Nova and her forces across the galaxy. Prior to this, many Rebel members, including Stardust Galaxyblade and Former 2nd In Command Brandon Nicholas had made there own Rebellions to finish what Steve started. Steve did not approve of Brandon and Star's Rebellion, but he did approve of Holly's Rebellion though. Steve would eventually announce to the public that he would not join any Rebellions against Dark Nebula saying that the new generation should stop Nova, as the Stress of all the wars had reduced Steve's intrest to fight in anymore wars. 

The 3 Day War [ The Master Steve- Brandon Nicholas War]

Official Description

The 3 Day War, or known simply as The Master Steve- Brandon Nicholas War was a CWA conflict that took place in the end of June, 2012. It lasted 3 Days [ June 27th- June 30th] and it consisted of 2 factions fighting. The challengers, or known as The Anti Brandon Nicholas Revolution were lead by Master Steve and Jango Powercloaker. Their opponents was Brandon Nicholas and his vast army of his supporters who lead by Brandon Nicholas and various friends of his. The main cause of the war was when Brandon Nicholas deserted the Rebellion Against Dark Nebula while fighting The Dark Nebula Remant. This began The Tensions Period and Master Steve began assembling his revolution which contained 25 squads when the war began. Its largest extent was 32 squads. Brandon had around the same number of squads that were aligned with him. The Tensions Period lasted from March 2 to June 27th. This is when the 2 factions were on the brink of war. After Master Steve confronted Brandon Nicholas twice he deemed he cannot work with him and declared war a few hours later. Few battles were fought but they were deadly. Eventually Master Steve confronted Brandon Nicholas in the Jedi Temple with their armies and began The Final Battle. Master Steve and Brandon Nicholas dueled, Master Steve emerged as the victor and won the war. He later made peace with Brandon therefore ending the 3 Day War.

The Tensions Period

Event 1. Brandon Nicholas Leaves The Rebellion

On March 2nd, 2012 while fighting the Dark Nebula Remant, the 2nd in command of The Rebellion Against Dark Nebula, Brandon Nicholas left the Rebellion. This greatly angered Master Steve who was the leader of the Rebellion and attempted to reason with him to coming back but he refused. Master Steve attempted to find a suitable replacement, but no officers wanted the job. Eventually, Master Steve was forced to tear down the Rebellion. Master Steve blamed Brandon Nicholas for the act and began criticizing him of his title The Chosen One Of CWA, which in turn he received lots of criticism back. Despite this, Master Steve remained strong and stayed to his beliefs. He mustered what forces he could from The Old Rebellion such as Jacen ArxGhost and Gun Good and began forming an Organization that would force Brandon to cooperate.

Event 2. The Warning

On April 3rd, 2012, Master Steve had been gathering his forces and bashing Brandon for over a month and decided to confront his former 2nd in command once again. He confronted him in his house with Eva Bonteri. He tried to persuade them to come back to the rebellion, but they refused. Master Steve made a warning to both of them stating if they don't stand down he will be forced to take action. The argument continued. Master Steve was forced to leave after he was boxed out. Master Steve continued bashing him and gathering his forces for the Revolution.

Event 3. Duel On Glitch City and The War Begins

On June 27th, 2012, Master Steve  had finally gathered enough squads to attack Brandon. He decided that a quick all out strike would kill Brandon and any of his friends. Jett Xion acted a scout and he informed the taskforce that they would expect heavy resistance. Never the less, they preceded with their attack. Master Steve, Aloqour Ordo, Viltee Xenale[ came in late battle], Infamous Unleashed and Tyhco Lightfaller ported to him and discovered that he was on glitch city. The taskforce attacked Brandon, Max Skynight, Matthew Chuck and others. They also argued with each other. The battle was fought to a standstill. A few hours later, Master Steve declared war on Brandon with his co-founders: Jango Powercloaker, Molaram, Kylej30 Heat, Gun Good, Jacen ArxGhost, Emperor Onyx, Lord Virus, Evan Bane, Rekoba Hope, Alesis Citadel, Jett Xion, Darth Kimari, Talor Skyfiter, Master Ghostfire, Kane Tanki, Aloquor Ordo, Soap Kyle, Juhani Transrunner, AssassinAzulaZova, Viltee Xenale, Lord Ballance, Calo Katar, Davin Fractalwalker, Jack Halo, Dekoda, Verena Gonkbeast, Notorious Schmitt, Taylor Featherpaw, Commander Sped, Vidar Spaceboots, Rex Alegeon, Isaiah Carr, Commander Starz, Dyyz Starsaber, Gunner Xephos, Jek Warpulser, Jallar Vectorhowler, Dark Thorn and Tycho Lightfaller. Later DekerThe Destructive, Fear Venator, Pardeep Havocfight, Bounty Xenohunter, Admiral John Raider Adam Heart, Jango  Blakchaser and ANDREW SILVERSABER joined later.

The War Begings

Event 4. Battle At Eva Bonteri's Sith Temple.

On June 28th, Master Steve had spotted Brandon Nicholas at Eva Bonteri's sith temple. He, Lord Virus, Deker The Destructive and Dekoda went to the temple to confront Brandon and his friends. Master Steve had also received information that Brandon was planning an attack on him so he decided to attack first. So the taskforce went to the temple and confronted Brandon and his army. Master Steve and his taskforce pwned Brandon Nicholas and fled the temple saying that there work here was done.

Event 5. Duel At Stardust Galaxyblade's Mustafar Lot.

On June 28th, 2012, shortly after the raid On Eva Bonteri's Sith Temple Master Steve received a message from Stardust Galaxyblade asking him to attack him. Master Steve decided to attempt to take him down alone. He arrived and dueled Stardust. The battle was fought to a standstill. Master Steve used earth bending to create a while in the ground and traping him inside it and he fled. Although Stardust managed to escape. The battle was a draw.

Event 6. Abduction Of Brandon Nicholas.

On June 28th, 2012, during the battle between Stardust Galaxyblade and Master Steve, Deker The Destructive managed to kidnap Brandon Nicholas single handedly. Although Brandon did manage to escape afterwards. He reported this to Master Steve and he was impressed at Deker's work at capturing Brandon.

Event 7. Duel Outside The Sith Temple On Umbara.

On June 28th, 2012, Master Steve was soon followed by Stardust Galaxyblade and Indy Skywalker. They meet outside the Sith Temple in The Umbaran Combat Zone. They fought to a standstill. After a struggle, Master Steve escaped captivity leaving more of the war to come.

Event 8. Battle In Lord Virus's Mustafar Lot.

On June 29th, 2012, Master Steve was hanging out with his friends Lord Virus and Deker The Destructive at Lord Virus's Mustafar Lot. Then Master Steve noticed Brandon was online and he began to taunt him to come to his base. Brandon took the bait and came to the base. Then, Master Steve, Deker The Destructive and Lord Virus simultaneously attacked Brandon but he managed to block there attacks. Virus then trapped him in a box but he also captured a bystander by accident. Master Steve ordered Virus to let him but then Brandon escaped on his speeder bike mount and escaped the trap. Master Steve and Lord Virus chased Brandon through the lot and eventually trapped him in Lord Virus's cantina. He then locked himself and Brandon in and they dueled. The battle was fought to a standstill. Lord Virus opened the roof so Deker The Destructive and Master Steve could intervene. Brandon realized that he was outnumbered and he fled. Master Steve wanted to pursue Brandon but Lord Virus said that he should let him run. The 2 argued and Deker ultimately went to face Brandon and dueled for a short time before Master Steve came in.

Event 9. 1st Battle In The Jedi Temple.

On June 28th, 2012 Shortly after Brandon escaped Master Steve's trap, He and Deker perused him through the lounge to the hall way. Deker and Steve dueled Brandon for a while. The Master Steve demanded his surrender but Brandon refused and called in back up. The Master Steve and Deker called in Infamous Unleashed and Lord Virus. Then battle began and it was fought to a standstill until The Revolution overpowered Brandon and his friends and they were forced to flee. But it wouldn't be the last battle in the Jedi Temple.

Event 10. Betrayal Of Kylej30 Heat.

On June29th, 2012, shortly after the 1st Battle of The Jedi Temple, Kylej30 Heat informed Master Steve that he joined forces Brandon. Outraged by this betrayal he moved in to destroy him.

Event 11. Battle At Kylej30 Heat's Orto Puntiona Lot

On June 29th, 2012, after receiving news that Kylej30 betrayed Steve, He, Infamous Unleashed, Lord Virus and Deker The Destructive moved in to kill him. However once they arrived they battled Kylej30 Heat for a short time. The Brandon Nicholas, his forces and various members of Kylej30 Heat's family attacked them. They were overpowered and they were forced to retreat leaving Brandon victorious. Master Steve later asked how he managed to gain Kyle's support and he said that he managed to make an alliance. Master Steve later replaced Kyle30 Heat's 3rd In Command with Lord Virus and he made an alliance with Adam Heart.

Event 12. Fake Peace and The War Resumes.

Brandon made a youtube video saying that the war was over but Master Steve made a reply video saying otherwise. Brandon later took it back and the war resumed.

Event 13. The Ultimate Battle. 2nd Battle In The Jedi Temple

On June 30th, 2012, Master Steve noticed that Brandon Nicholas was lightsaber dueling. He then assembled a taskforce of Deker The Destructive, his wife and Dekoda and moved in to confront him for the last time! They arrived and confronted Brandon and his army. Master Steve once again challenged Brandon to a lightsaber duel. While there armies to dueled Brandon And Steve went one on one with each other and the duel began.


The Ultimate Duel

Master Steve and Brandon Nicholas began their duel. Master Steve didn't hold back against his former 2nd In command and he easily won Round 1. In the 2nd Round Brandon delivered a surprise kick catching Steve off guard. He then regained his balance and attacked which Brandon countered. Master Steve regained his focus and won Round 2 leaving Brandon defeated.

To watch the duel go here.

Event 14. The War Ends

On June 30th, 2012 shortly after the duel Master felt a strange feeling inside him that the war was won. He then he made peace with Brandon and ended the 3 War.

The Non-Member Nataionalist Threat

After The End of The 3 Day War, the galaxy enterd a state of peace, with usually only minor conflicts going on. However, 4 days after the 1 year anniversary of the begining of the Dark Nebula War, a gorup of Jedi Padawans fell to the dark side, they called themselves The Non-Meber Nataionalists. A gorup of Padawans that were proud to be a Padawan. Nobody knows who the actuall leader of the gorup, or if it was serveral Padawans acting alone. Or when the group was actually formed. But on July 20th, 2012, a Padawan by the name of Lotte Doolosh, attaempted to assassinate Steve. Steve was walking down a street, and Lotte Doolosh, wearing his specaliszed Golden Armor, got a sniper rifle and attempted to snipe Steve. Fortuantely for Steve, Lotte was not a professional sniper and missed wide. Steve then looked to see a man in Mandalorain Golden Armor standing on top of the building. Steve, enraged attmepted to go after Lotte, but he activated his Jetpack and flew away. But Steve didn't know who it was. An enraged Steve demanded to know who was responsible. Eventually, Steve's friend, Commando Sharkie, told Steve that Lotte Doolosh attempted the assassination attempt. Steve started to look for Lotte in the Jedi Temple, Steve eventually found him in a hallway in the Jedi Temple. Steve instantly confronted him. Steve accused Lotte that he was responsible for an attempt on his life in front of serveral Jedi and Clone Troopers. Lotte said that he did. Steve also noticed that Lotte had a bad attuitude. Steve decided to teach Lotte a lesson. Steve challenged Lotte to a lightsaber duel and orderd Lotte to face him like a man. Lotte agreed. Lotte then ingited his Padawan Lightsaber and dueled Steve. However, Lotte was outmatched, he could not hope to match Steve's skills with his lightsabers or match his knowledge of the force. Lotte did land a few good blows on Steve and managed to drive him back a few times, but Steve managed to launch a seris of combined Lightsaber tatcis that disarmed Loote and sliced off one of his arms. Steve then kicked Lotte to the ground and used the force to pick him up and throws him out the window. However, Lotte managed to use his other hand and activate his jetpack. Lotte then called out to Steve that we would go after Commando Sharkie. As Lotte flew away, Steve used his sniper rifle and shot Lotte's Jetpack. Everyone could see an explosion in the distance, but Steve saw Lotte's body fall to the ground. Steve assumed that he had killed Lotte, but his body was never found by Republic Officals. This raised some concern to the Jedi Council about there youthful Padawans. In August 2012, another Padawan named Shadah Betespan used the force to controll Jedi General Moloaram. But his spirt existed in another person, Emperor Onyx. Shadah used his force powers to to intimidate others and rob several areas of valuables. He also calimed that he was working for the Republic. However, Empreor Onyx eventually confronted Shadah Betespan, and exposed him as a traitor. Steve trusted the possed Molaram, for he helped him. Also during the 3 Day War, The Possed Molaram threatned to report this incident to the Republic Goverment and get Steve fired. However, Steve convinced Moloaram not to. When Steve found out, he went to Shadah's Dormintory and dueld him. The duel was very short since Steve used his anger to get the uper hand. Steve stabed Shadah in the heart and beheaded him. Steve also destroyed Shadah's Withcraft items, returning Moloram back to normal. However, over the rest of the month, several Padwans who sympathised with this kind of terroism commited serveral acts of treachey, which terroised the galaxy. Among them was a Jedi Knight named Alex Blister. Alex claimed to be an emissary for the Republi, but in truth, he had powers to transfrom anyone into a Padawan. Alex desmonstrated his powers first hand, during a battle on Umbara with a rancor, Steve, Bren Shieldgrip, Alex, and several clone troopers were fighting the rancor. After the rancor had been killed, Alex used his powers to transform everyone into Padawans. Alex was then laughing at them, but after a few minuts the effects wore off and they were there old selves again. Steve then confronted Alex saying that Republic Emissaries can't do that, but Alex replied that he is paied to do that. Steve sensed Alex was lieing and the troops opened fire on Alex, which killed Alex instantly. Steve reported the 3 incidents to the Republic Goverment and Steve reported that it appeared to be some kind of Padawan Rebellion. The Republic Goverment said they said they would take care of it. On September 3rd, 2012, The Republic Goverment elminated  the rest of the Padawan Traitors, thus ending the Non-Member Nataionalist Threat. The Threat lasted 1 month and 14 days.

Peace At Last

After the Non-Member Nataionalist Threat, The galaxy enterd a rare state of peace, with the expection of minor clonflicts and The Clone Wars. However, Steve did have some adventures during this time. He found his anger issuies challenged by his friends. First, Dark Thorn challenged Steve to a friendly lightsaber duel. Steve had no problem with this, for he loved lightsaber dueling. At first, Steve was able to easily defeat Dark Thorn. Steve gave advice to him that he should keep pratcing. Eventually, Dark THorn was able to duel and defeat Steve. Steve was enraged by this. And refused to talk to Thorn. Howeverm Steve praticed a little bit and found a way to win lightsbaer dueling: Boost Points. Steve decided to resolve this and challenged Thorn to one last duel. The duel was close, but Steve used his rage, skill and boost points to defeta Thorn. Steve forgave Thorn and they became friends again. Another time was that Steve's friend, Gun Good, was also challenging his anger issuies. Gun was becoming increasing annoying, but Steve was able to put up with it for a while. However, the last straw came when during a skirish with the Death Watch on Carlac, Steve was about to give and order to chrage the Clone Troopers to break a snesitve point in the Death Watch line, but Gun pointed that out. Steve then lost it. Steve then used the force to levitate Gun, and throw him torwards the Death Watch Line. However, by doing so, Gun was able throw several gernaded which killed all of the Death Watch. Steve then became even more enraged by this since he intended to kill GUn. Gun then asked why Steve had done this and Steve, in a fir of rage, inigited his Lightsabers and attempted to kill Gun. However, Gun was able to block with his lightsaber. Gun then said to Steve that he's turning to the Dark Side, however, Steve replied that he had only broken his sanity. Steve eventually was able to kick Gun off a Snowy hill and just left him there. Steve then spent about a Month trying to kill Gun. He had involved his friend, Bren Shieldgrip, to help him kill Gun, however, Steve grew bored of doing this and decided to apologize to Gun for his rash behavior, and they became go iod friend again. Steve was also in a varitey of squads. Eventually he landed in Larcon Legion. He was Patrotic Member of the squad. He had been involved in training session and battling Evan Bane. However, Steve's highest rank was a Commander, but Steve wanted to be a General, however, Leshaak Larcon, the leader of the squad, never gave it to him and said he needed to earn it. At first, Steve thought this was fair, but larcon continued to give it to less qualified people. Steve also saw that he was using his squad to look good in public, and that he was being increasingly selfish and corrupt. Steve didn't like that. The last straw came on Januarary 4th, 2013, when Steve was asked to help Leshaak Larcon to help him flim his movie, Steve said he would love to. For the movie, Steve was supposed to duel his friend, Dante Darkifield. However, Steve cheated by using secondary attacks and medical packs. Although, Larcon said that he did not anyone to do that, Steve said that he was adding extra effects to the movie. Larcon told Steve to leave. This set him over the edge and Steve left Larcon Legion. Soon, Steve began orgainzing an army to get revenge on Larcon.  

Survivors Of The Siege

After leaving Larcon Legion, Steve was offerd by Gun Good to join Survivors of The Siege. Gun had offerd him at least once before, but Steve declined since he had a squad. But now, since he was not in one, he decided to take the postion. Steve also had a lot of friends in SOTS, so Steve felt right at home. The Squad leader, SaiTorr Ecwrorpi, promoted Steve to commander. Steve was very grateful, and he spent the next few months in Survivors. Steve couldn't attend the squad events, but he was able to attend the Umbaran Race. Steve became the early forntrunner, but part way through the race, there was an enginge problem with Steve's speeder, and he had to pull over and make repairs. He then fell behind. Steve was able to fix it quickly and get back into the race. Steve finished 5th Place in the race. Steve also spent time with  the squad by battling the CIS on Carlac and Umbara. However, in Febuary of 2013, Steve was orgaizing an army to take down Larcon legion and exact his revenge on Lesaak Larcon. However, the squad rules clearly stated that there could be no squad wars. Steve decided that he would act alone. Steve talked to SaiTorr about this, and SaiTorr said that he should not be in the squad if he will go to war, and also he can't call renforcements from SOTS. Steve proceeded to start the war. Steve was able to keep it up for about a month untill he was revoked from his membership of SOTS. During a Battle with Larcon Legion Members in the Jedi Temple, Steve and several allies from diffrent squads were dueling Larcon Legion. However, at some point, General Eggs and several other SOTS members found Steve in the Jedi Temple battling them. Although Steve did not ask for any help, General Eggs and the other SOTS members reported the incident to SaiTorr. SaiTorr then removed Steve from the squad. Steve, enraged, confronted SaiTorr. SaiTorr told Steve that he was breaking the squad rule of No Squad Wars. Steve told SaiTorr that he was the only SOTS member involved, but SaiTorr heard diffrently. SaiTorr told Steve that he asked for assitance from SOTS members, Steve didn't. SaiTorr also told Steve that he belived his men more than him. Steve asked SaiTorr if he can rejoin once the war was over. SaiTorr said no. Steve, even more enraged, cut ties with SaiTorr. Steve then drifted from squad to squad contuing the war with Larcon Legion, with no end in sight. In May of 2013, Steve heard that SOTS was getting deleted. Steve offerd to take SaiTorr's postion as the leader, although, that did not happen. The squad was deleted on May 26th, 2013. Steve spent sometime during the last squad event with his former squad, and Steve said it was an honor serving with them. Steve also became friends with SaiTorr again.

The Larcon Legion War

The Larcon Legion War Started on Feburary 18th, 2013. It featured Former Larcon Legion Member Master Steve against his former boss: Leshaak Larcon and the rest of Larcon Legion. Steve left becuase he thought Leshaak was using his own men as slaves just for the sake of his own pruproses, being to overconfident in there abilites, fusrtarted with not being promoted to general after being the most patrotic member of Larcon Legion and Steve viewed Larcon as evil and corrupt, and he saw over time. Steve first saw it when Leshaak rejected Steve's plans for defeating Evan Bane. Steve was also assiting Leshaak with a flim, and wass adding extra efects to make the flim intresting. However, Larcon disparoved of that, and Steve was forced to leave the set, and Steve termimnated his services to Larcon Legion. Steve had a varitey of reasons to go agaisnt Larcon Legion, and he believed now was the time.

Gathering An Army

Steve knew that inorder to face Larcon Legion, we would need an army to face them. Steve knew Larcon Legion had expirenced warriors, so Steve needed someone to match that expirence. Steve convinced many squads and people to join him. Steve also decided to see if he can purusade some Larcon Legion Members to join his cause. However, Steve would accidenatly start the war. Through January 4th to Feburary 18th of 2013, Steve began forming his army.

First Battle of Larcon Legion HQ

On Feburary 18th, 2013, Steve visited his old friends from Larcon Legion: Narokuta Warrior and Galen Neeligroam. Steve greeted his old comrads and told them why he had left. Steve asked Galen and Naro to join his new cause, but they declined, saying that they would be remain loyal to Larcon Legion. Steve was disapointed, but expected this. Steve told Naro that if he stayed in larcon legion, he would remain Leshaak's Slave, and Steve also added that Leshaak was giving unqualified people the postion of General in the squad when he was the most qualified. Naro, enraged, acitvated his lightsabers and began attacking Steve. Steve easily blocked Naro's attacks. Steve and Naro dueled fircely, but Steve managed to use medical packs to help keep him strong. Steve disarmed Naro and force pushed him. Naro noted that Steve had gotten stronger. Naro then tried again. But Steve repatly shocked him with lighting attacks and kicked him at the base wall. Naro tired one more time. He engaged Steve in a saberlock and punched Steve a few times. Steve then droped kicked Naro and force choked him. Galen then activated his dobule bladed lightsaber and engaged Steve. Steve threw Naro to the side and he engaged Galen. Galen was a firece warriro, Steve drove him back with the help of medpacks. Steve kicked Galen in the face and threw him at the base wall. Naro then picked up his own medpacks and dueld Steve. THe duel was long and firce. Nobody had the upperhand the duel was a stalemate. Naro was sweating like crazy, but Steve barley broke a sweat. Galen then used medpacks and engaged Steve. The duel was fought to a stalemate. Naro and Galen then worked together to duel Steve. THey gained a brief advanage, but Steve managed to handle the pair. Steve then force repulsed both Galen and Naro torwards the base. Steve had told Galen and Naro that this was the begining. Steve then left the base. Steve then pubilciy declared war on Larcon Legion.

Confrontation on Ryloth

On March 16th, 2013, Master Steve had finally gained the man power he needed to wage a war against Leshaak and Larcon Legion. However, SaiTorr Ecwropi advised that Steve should leave Survivors of The Siege if he was to do so. Steve promised that he would be the only member at war. Steve, Zeth Stromcloak, Darth Riot and Buggy Mistsniper then went to Leshaak's Ryloth Lot, in an effort to kill him. Leshaak was well guarded, he was protected by his second in command, Narokuta Warrior, along with Shawnz Wade, Dekota Heart, Rex Gweldfighters, Khedryhen Sleemosleeker and Buggy. Leshaak brought in Larcon legion member poopsy poop. Leshaak accused Steve that Lotte Doolosh was really Steve, but with apparent evidence Steve dueled Leshaak, that through was quickly dismissed. Leshaak goaded Steve into trying to attack him, since Leshaak and SaiTorr were good friends. Steve then was froced to terminate his services to the squad. Steve then orderd Zeth and Riot to attack while Steve engaged Leshaak. Zeth kicked Leshaak, but he was caught by his men. Steve then challenged Leshaak to a duel, but Leshaak declined and said he did not want to fight. Steve then called Leshaak a coward since he was goading Steve to attack him moments ago. The fight was about to begin, and Commando Sharkie arrived on the sence,  but Leshaak used the force to teleport Steve, Zeth and Riot away and out of Ryloth, and where they originally were. On Carlac, Naro then talked to Steve later, and said that he wanted a re-match. Steve glady accepted.

Duel At Steve's Umbaran Palace

After Steve accepted Naro's re-match offer, Steve and Zeth Stormcloak waited for Naro at  Steve's Umbaran Palace. Naro then made his way to the roof. Steve noted that it took Naro long enough to find them. Naro said that he couldn't find his way around the palace. Steve then engaged Naro in a firece re-match, Naro used firce attacks against Steve, but he was able to block them. Steve and Naro locked blades, Steve then disarmed Naro and head- butted him. Naro fell to the ground. Steve was about to strike down Naro, but he got his saber and activated it intime to block the blow. Steve said that Naro would never defeat Steve. Naro then kicked Steve in the chest, which sent him flying.  Naro then threw his lightsabers at Steve, but he flippd over them and roundhouse kicked Naro. Naro then ran torwards Steve, but Steve Force Stunned him. Steve then used a medpack to help him focus. While stunned. Steve punched and kicked  Naro into sumbission. Naro then fell to the ground, wounded. Steve then picked up Naro, and force pushed him. Naro slid acorss the roof. Naro called Steve a cheater, but Steve said medpacks were pefectly fair. Steve then orderd Zeth to finish him. Zeth activated his double-bladed purple lightsaber and began attacking Naro. Naro was able to block Zeth's offensive blows, Naro then counterd, disarmed Zeth, kicked Zeth to the ground, and had him at saber-point. Steve noted that Naro's performance against Zeth wasn't bad, Steve then used the force to choke Naro. Naro then was then sturggling for air. Steve then shot lighting at Naro, which knokced him uncoincous, Steve then used the force to lift Naro, and throw him off the lot. Steve then helped Zeth up. It was a victroy for Steve.

Duel In The Jedi Temple

On March 24th, 2013 Leshaak Larcon, Narokuta Warrior, Marr Nalatech, Stormfly and Galen Neeliogram was spoted in the Jedi Temple. Steve took advantage of them being out in the open and confronted them. Leshaak left the Temple when he saw Steve, since he refused to fight him, but Leshaak's men wanted to fight. Stromfly was the first to engage Steve. Steve deflected Storm's shots. Strom the threw a cyro gernade, which stunned Steve temporary. Steve recoverd and shot lighting at Storm. Steve then cuted Strom's rifle and force pushed him to the wall. Naro then took out his blasters and shot them out of Steve's hands. Steve then pulled out his trooper armor and enaged Naro in a gun- fight. Steve ultimately won by shooting Naro in the shoulder, wounding him. Strom recoeverd and engaged Steve's ally, Corridan Thor, defeating him easily. Marr then insulted Steve. Steve then challenged Mar to a duel. Since Marr was only a padawan, Steve pummled Marr. Steve would have killed Marr if Strom didn't tackle Steve, which saved Marr's life. Steve then kicked Strom off of him. Steve and Corridan dueled Marr, Strom, Galen and Naro. STeve and Corridan defeated them. The Larcon Legion members had taken enough beating, and they fled. However, Steve re-joined Survivors prior to the battle, and General Eggs had been watching the entire fight. Eggs reported this to SaiTorr, and SaiTorr promptly kicked Steve out of Survivors of the Siege. Steve later confronted SaiTorr about this. SaiTorr explained the reason he had. Steve asked if he could re-join once the war was over. SaiTorr said no. Steve then raged and cut ties with SaiTorr. However, they would later become friends again after Survivors of The Siege would be deleted.

Battle At Buggy's Maridun Lot

On March 30th, 2013 Steve decided to attack Larcon Legion once again. He gatherd Corridan Thor, some of his men, Anakin Battleshocker and bounty hunter Kayala Ice. Larcon Legion was at there Maridun Base. Steve and his allies managed to climb over the walls and suprise them. However, it turns out there was alot of Larcon Legion members. Buggy asked Steve to leave. Steve declined his offer. The Larcon Legion members then surrounded Steve and his forces. Kayala Ice decided that the money Steve was paying her wasn't worth it and fled. Steve then engaged Strom in a gun fight, defeating him easily, with the help of med packs. Despite Steve and his men's best efforts, Larcon Legion proved to be the victor of the battle. Steve and his forces did manage to evade capture. In the aftermath of the battle, Steve discoverd that Leshaak was at the Squad's mainbase, which was at ice Burg 3. Steve gatherde his forces and traveled there in hopes of assassinating Larcon Legion's Leader.

Second Battle At Larcon Legion HQ

In the wake of Steve's defeat at Maridun, Steve launched an attack to take out Leshaak Larcon. Steve, Corridan thor, Stardust Galaxyblade, Jaws Thor, Hawk Darknight, Antares Womprat and Anakin Battleshocker arrived on the surface and began making there way to the base. Prior to the Battle, Steve commanded a Larcon Legion member and told him to tell Leshaak to surrunder. The Trooper replied several minuts later saying he won't surrunder.Steve and his forces then marched torwards the base. They walked right through the gate and meet Yatar Nosh, Buggy, Luke Polarblazer, Narokuta Warrior, Cody Gwledfighter and Danz Surfaceturner. Steve orderd his men to show no mercy. Steve's forces and Larcon Legion began a firce duel. Steve and his men pushed back Larcon Legion to the base. Steve grabbed Naro by his vest and punched him. Iroincially, he landed right at the feet of Leshaak Larcon. Steve was about to finish Naro, but Leshaak told Steve not to. They then aruged. Leshaak orderd his men to stand down and not bother wasting there time to fight Steve. Steve called Leshaak a coward for hiding his men. Leshaak then used the force to teleport them right back to there landingzone. Star proposed going back, but Steve decided that it was pointless and they left. The result of the battle was Incounclusive. 

Rivarley With Razor J40Heat

After the Larcon Legion War, Steve officaly retired from taking part in anyother wars (with the expection of the ongoing Clone Wars). Steve was recurited by his friend Gun Good to join The Strength of Many, which was the Legacy Squad for Survivors of The Siege. Steve was even promoted to Commander due to his dedication to the squad. However, for The Republic officers, there was a Pollitical and Soical Issuie rising. In July of 2013, SaiTorr Ecwrpoi made an announcement that recently, The Republic had been providing there soliders with very little resources, and not in good quality or quanity. Jedi Generals such as Steve Skyman, Kentun Vortex, Rexx Vortex, Jango Blackchaser,  Gun Good, Melina Toxicfiller,  Jered Skygunner, Davie Karczwski and of course, Steve Striker were usually upset with the lack of goods that they have been recieving with the Galatic Republic. SaiTorr suggested rtather then talking about the quanity and quality, he said that they should focus on the Vechile Bug Fixes, since recently, Republic Vechiles have been rather, defective. Razor took SaiTorr's advice very seriously, and Steve's fellow Generals did start reporting the vechile deffects. However, everytime the Republic re-supplied them, Razor would go over to the generals and force them to report the vechile defects, even though, on occassion there was none. Razor began to get in many fights with other Generals, as Razor constantly attacked them when he learned that they had not followed SaiTorr's advice. One day, Steve saw that Razor had slapped Melina. Steve, enraged, went over to Razor and punched Razor 's helemt clean off. Steve had enough with Razor's constant threats and attacks on his friends. Steve literaly beat Razor to a pole. Razor was heavily injured and had to be taken to the Medical Center. The Authorites came to investigate in the matter. They first went to Razor. And Razor said that Steve had beaten him up for no reason. The Authorites then suspended Steve's services to the Republic for 2 weeks, ironicaly, he was about to recieve a pardon for any wrong doings in his past war records. Steve and his fellow Generals managed to appeal Steve's Suspensions. After 6 days, The Authorites decided to un-suspend Steve. Steve did 2 things: 1 he went to the officer conducting the investigation, and ended up suspending him for 4 weeks. He then told his side of the story, but the authorites did nothing about Razor. Steve and several of the Strength of Many Members went to confront Razor. Steve, enraged, challenged Razor to a duel. Surprsingly, Razor defeated Steve. Since Razor, had activated his Personal Deflector Shield which protected him from Steve's attacks. So Steve was not able to do anything. Steve heavily insulted Razor, and tried to make Razor attack him. Razor said that it was enough and calmy walked away. Steve was even more furious about this, even his friends could not calm him down. The next week. Steve, Darkfett, Jango Blackchaser, Stardust Glaxyblade and ANDEW SILVERSABER went to cofront Razor. Steve once again squared off with Razor. This time, Steve and Razor had a pistol duel. The duel was intense, they both used focus shots, turruntets, and medpacks. However, Steve managed to shoot Razor's Pistols out of his hands and shot him in the shoulder. Razor managed to pull out his lightsaber and shoot lighting at Steve. While Steve was subdued. Jango conftornted Razor, but Razor managed to hit Jango with the bunt off hhis cannon. Steve then got up and fist fighted Razor. Razor was critcially injured ater the fight, with Steve suffering only minor wounds. Razor said that he won. But everyone just meerly laughed at him. ANDREW and Star then threw Razor into a shuttle that was sent back to Courasant. Steve and Razor met once again and dueled once more. Razor pulled out his cannon and attemtped to shoot Steve. Steve blocked his shots, and shot lighting at Razor. Razor activated his Personal Deflector SHield, and the lightining was aborbed. Steve used medpacks to help him focus. Steve then doged and blocked Razor's shots. Eventually, Razor's Shiled wore off, and Steve shot lighting at Razor, cutted his cannon and elobwed Razor straight into the ground. Steve orderd Razor to leave or that Steve would kill Razor. Afterwards, Steve and Razor Debeated on The Holonet News moderated by Brandon Nicholas. Steve was widley percieved as the winner. Razor not accepting defeat, called Steve a liar. Steve and Razor aruged over the weeks. Eventually, Steve Skyman and Davie Karczwski cutted ties with Razor, making Razor more furious and attacking them. While Razor was defeated by the combined power of Davie and both Steve's. They wonderd if there was a way to get rid of Razor from his services to the Republic. Steve filed a report on Razor. Razor would either be suspended from his services, or he would be executed. However, The Authorites said that Razor was innocent. However, Razor continued his activites. Eventually, Razor overstepped himself and Steve and Keyan Rasptramer reported Razor, resulting a warining to Razor from the Jedi Council.

The Outer Rim Sieges

By 19 BBY, it appeared that the Republic would win the Clone Wars. Republic Vicotories in the Core and Colonies had drivin the CIS forces back to the Outer Rim. Chancellor Palpatine orderd all avaliable Jedi Generals and there units were to puruse the CIS forces. Steve as among them. Steve's first assingment was to capture a world that he was quite famillair with: Thustra. Earlier in the war, Steve was part of an Invasion force that's job was to take Thustra. However, with the death of King Alarac, they could not hope to hold the planet. But with CIS protection forces fleeing, it porvided the perfect oppurtuintey to caputre Thustra. Steve orderd his space forces to establish a blockade while he lead the ground assault. Steve and his forces smashed through the Spehi defenses to took over the planet with ease. Steve's 2nd assignment was to join Obi-Wan Kenobi's hunt for Assajj Ventress. Although, she was pursumed to have left the Seperatists. She was supposdly sighted at Boz Pity. Anakin poilted a singal Republic Cruiser through a perciosned hyperspace jump, which would bring the ship between the blockade and the planet. However, Anakin reacted to late and the ship crashed onto the planet, however, Seasse Tinn lead a fighter squadron that engaged the CIS forces. In addition, another Republic cruiser jumped out of hyperspace to assit the Republic in battle. Meanwhile, Steve and the rest of the Republic forces on the ground enagaged the CIS forces. Steve lead his men to help secure the base. However, Jedi General Satoon Bayts, who was helping Steve's forces, was killed by Grievous. Grievous then went on a rampage and killed many Republic troops. Grievous then found Steve and engaged him in a brutal showdown. However, Steve ended the fight when used the force to grab a STAP and he threw it at Grievous, which injured him. Steve only had a few scratchs and bruses. Obi-Wan enterd the base and found that Ventress had been brainwashed. Dooku then freed Ventress and orderd her to kill Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan was thrown out of the base but he found by Anakin. The 2 then engaged Ventress in a lightsaber duel. Steve and Bail Organa lead the Republic Forces and forced  the CIS to retreat. Ventress attempted to join her master and Grievous, but she was injured by a Driod Sniper. Obi-Wan and Anakin were forced to break there pursuit of Dooku, and aid Ventres. So instead, Steve purused Dooku, Grievous was being loaded onto Dooku's Solar Sailer, and Steve attempted to kill both CIS leaders. Steve then surprised Dooku and engaged him in a brief Lightsaber Duel. However, before either man got the upper hand, a MnagaGuard attempted throw an electrostaff at him, but Steve managed to doge it, but Steve lost his footing and Dooku then force pushes him off. The Solar Sailer then took off.  The remaining CIS forces retreated, and the Republic won a crucial battle. Steve was disapointed that he could not kill Dooku or Grievous, but he was gald that he was able to help the Republic win an important Battle. Steve's final assingment was to liberate Dathomir. Ironcially, it was Ventress's homeworld. During the way there, Steve learned of Ventress's Death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker. Once they arrived, Steve's fleet ran into a CIS Blockade, and the 2 fleets engaged in fighting. However, halfway through the battle, The Republic fleet was notified that General Grievous began to attack Courasant. Steve orderd 7 fighter squadrons and 3 Venator Crusirs to go back to Courasnt with him. Steve orders his Commander, Commander Blackout, to finish the battle. Steve and his small fleet arrived in the heat of battle. By now, General Grievous had already Kidnaped Chancellor Palpatine and the CIS Fleet was attempting a retreat. However, Obi-Wan and Anakin were going to rescue the Chancellor abaord Grievous's Command SHip, but they needed an opening. Steve was orderd to provide that opening. Steve and several fighter squadrons went with Obi-Wan and Anakin on there chrage on the Invisable Hand. However, Grievous orderd his driod fighters to kill the Jedi and Clones. Steve's fighters engaged the Driod forces while Obi-Wan and Anakin contuniued on there path. Steve then went a head and disabled the Invisable Hand's Communcations Array, but Anakin destroyed the shields on the hanger before he could. Steve then wished the 2 of them good luck and he told them to send Dooku and Grievous his welcome wagon. Steve was then tasked to return to the Battle of Dathomir. Once Steve's forces withdrawled from the battle, they arrived back over Dathomir, and they have destroyed the Driod Blockade and were ready to begin ground assault. While Steve's forces were landing, they recieved word that the Chancellor had been rescued, and Count Dooku had been beheaded, but General Grievous escaped again. The morale of Steve's men soured. There misison was to free the Nightsisters from the Driod Army. Steve's men freed the nightsisters and convinced them to help them fight for there freedom. After all the Nightsisters had been freed, there mission was to assault the Driod Base on the other side of a lake. However, they recieved word that General Grievous had been killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Battle of Utapau. The Driod forces then surrunderd the planet. Steve knew that this war was almost over.

Order 66 and Survival

With the Battle of Dathomir over, and with Count Dooku and General Grievous dead, the CIS was collasping. Steve expected the CIS to surrunder. Steve's forces were stationed on Dathomir to a wait further orders. However, while waiting, Clone Commander Blackout [ CC-8542] and several clone troopers opened fire on Steve. Steve deflected all the shots. Steve asked why were they shooting at him. Steve's Clone Commander replied that Order 66 has been givin and that he has been branded a traitor. Steve said that he didn't do anything, but the clones cotinued to fire upon him. Steve then jumped over the clones that were shooting at him and decapitated all of them with one swift stroke. The Nightsisters were also being attacked. Steve rished out to help them and Steve was forced to kill his men. After Steve's Legion was killed, Steve began to sense the death of his fellow Jedi. Steve realised this was some sort of Sith Plot. Then the recieved word that Anakin had turned to the Dark Side, and that Chancellor Palpatine crowned himself as Emeperor Palptine and dubbed the Republic as the new Galatic Empire, and that the Jedi were now traitors. Steve was shocked to see this. Steve realised that Palpatine was the Sith Lord they have been looking for. Soon, more clone troopers had begun to arrive. Steve attempted to call his friend Master Ghostfire about what's going on, but he then couldn't reached him. Steve then had a vision, that Ghost had attempted to take on Empreor Palpatine, but Palpatine killed Ghost. Steve then tried to reach Gun Good, there no was no response, Steve couldn't tell if he was alive or not. Steve tried call any of is friends, but no response for anyone. A Nightsister talked to Steve to try to get him to save himself. Steve stated that he could not let the inhabitants of this world suffer. The Nightsister told them that they would be fine. Steve then got into a Smugglers Ship and feld the planet. Steve sliped by his blockade and exited hyperspace.

On The Run

With the Jedi Order destroyed, Steve turned on the news to see what was going on. Steve had another vision had that Anakin Skywalker had become the newly christned Darth Vader. Steve then picked up a transmission from Senator Bail Organa to Polis Massa.  Steve arrived on Polis Massa to find that Senator Padme Amadlia had givin birth to Luke and Leia Skywalker. Steve knew Anakin was the father of those children. Afterwards, Padme died and Obi-Wan, Yoda, Steve and Bail Organa discused what to do. They agreed to hide the children, and go there seperate ways until it was time to free the galaxy again. But for now, the jedi had to go into hiding. Steve assumed that all his friends had died, since 99 Percent of The Jedi had been killed. However, Obi-Wan told Steve that Gun Good was alive on Salucami. Steve was glad to hear that one of his friends alive. After Obi-Wan left for Tatooine and Yoda left for Degobah, Steve decided to return to his parent's mansion on Corellia. Steve rarley got to see his family. Steve told everything that happend. Steve's parents were glad to see him alive since they thought he had perished in Order 66. Steve then moved in with his parents. The Corellian Shipyards were then tasked with building Imperial Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters for the new Empire. Steve spent the next 6 years with his parents. From 19 BBY- 13 BBY. He mainly helped run the family bussiness and watched the news. In 18 BBY, Steve was watching the news and heard that on Naboo, Queen Appalina had been harobring Jedi. Steve saw that his friend Jacen GhostArx was on Naboo. Steve then saw that the Queen and Jacen had been killed by the 501st and Darth Vader. Steve was sad to see one of his friends die. Steve had a realitivly quite life until 13 BBY. The Empire discoverd that Steve was on Corellia, hiding with his parents. Darth Vader decide to resolve this matter himself. Darth Vader arrived at the Striker Mansion and set out to find Steve, however, Steve was actually disguised as a Shipyard Worker and was helping bulid a Star Destroyer in a near by facotry near the Mansion. Vader then went to the factory. Darth Vader appeared to be insepcting. Steve tried not to do anything unusal. However, one of the workers who were working on the Star Destroyer's upper levels fell. Steve used the force to save him. However, he just gave away himself to Darth Vader. Vader ingited his lightsabers and attempted to kill Steve, but Steve got his lightsabers and blocked. Steve asked why Vader had fallen to the Dark Side. Vader repilied that he had seen the light. Vader and Steve engaged each other in a fierce duel. But Vader wasn't a great duelist as he once was. Steve kicked Vader and slices his arm and used ligthing to shock his life support. Steve then slashed at Vader's helmet, which revealed Anakin's burned flesh. Steve then revealed that Darth Vader was actually Anakin Skywalker. The workers were shocked to hear about this. Vader then called in renfocrmenets, but Steve managed to escape by stealing a TIE Fighter. Steve then headed to Nar Shadda.

Life As A Bounty Hunter

After escaping Darth Vader, Steve soon found his name on wanted posters. Steve realised that the Empire would offer 500,000 credits for his capture or death. Steve decided to become a Bounty Hunter as a way of hidding himself from the galaxy. Steve also heard that his parents were safe, but were under the watchful eyes of the Empire.  Steve Spent the next 11 Years being a bounty hunter. From 13 BBY- 2 BBY  Steve took a variety of Bounties ranging from a varitey of jobs. In 4 BBY, Steve managed to make enough money to go to the resort world of Maramere and live there for the rest of his life. He decided to take a few bounties evey once in a while, but for the most part, Steve was living in Luxery.

Family Reunion

In 10 BBY, Steve took a bounty to Bondan, tracking a wanted man who owed money to Steve's Clinet, Jabba the Hutt. After capturing the fugitive, Steve meet with Jabba and turned over the fugutive. Steve then recived his paymnet and left. Steve then went to a bar. Steve noticed that the bar dancer looked very familair. Afterwards, Steve talked to her and realised it was Aurra Bluespark, who technically was Steve's secery girl friend. They also had a child, Charles Striker, during the clone wars. Steve then got to see Charles, who was 9 years old. Steve and Aurra missed each other, and they still loved each other, so they had more affairs when Steve was hiding from the empire. In addition, Steve and Aurra had 3 more children. First, Steve's  First Daughter, Abagail Striker, was born on December 1st, 10 BBY. Steve then had a second son, which he named Tyler Striker, who was born on June 6th, 8 BBY, and finally Steve had his last child, his second daughter, who was born on Sepetember 19th, 5 BBY. Steve named her Caroline Striker.  Steve also learned that Aurra had 3 children with other men when Steve was away, but Steve didn't mind. Steve and Aurra still continued to have affairs up to Steve entering the Galatic Civil War.

Joining The Alliance To Restore The Republic

Around 3 BBY, Whispers began to roam the glaxay that there was a Rebellion taking shape, a Rebellion that would destroy the Empire. Steve was intrigued at first, but wasn't sure if he wanted to get invovled. For one, he was a shadow of his foremer self, he was bounty hunter who lived on a resort world. He also felt very comfortable on Maramere. However in 2 BBY, A force wielding stranger by the name of Starkiller, went to Maramere to try to find Steve. Steve sensed a lot of darkness in him, but he did have some light in him. Starkiller asked to Steve to join his rebellion. Steve said he was intrested, but he wasn't sure. Eventually, Starkiller convinced Steve to join the Rebellion. From there, they went to Steve's Homeworld of Corellia, to meet the other members of the Rebellion. Steve meet Rahm Kota, a fellow Jedi that he knew during the Clone Wars, Mon Monthma, Juno Elclispe, Garm Bel Ibis, Bail Organa and Leia Organa. Although PROXY was transmitting her singal. Bail said that his wealth would fund the rebellion, Monthma would get troops, Ibis would get starships, and Steve would try to convince any other survivin Jedi to join. He was also givin a Council Seat on The Rebel High Command. However, Darth Vader and his Stromtroopers crasehd the meeting and captured them. Steve engaged Vader in a firece Lightsaber Duel. But Darth Vader managed to subdue him. Starkiller also presumable fell to his death after Vader threw him out of the building. Steve and the other Rebel Leaders were brought before Empreor Papatine aboard the Death Star, although it was still being constructed. Palpatine stated that they will die. However, Starkiller came to rescue them. Palpatine orderd Darth Vader to deal with him. Steve then realised that this was part of another Sith Plot: Vader had a secert apprentice, Starkiller, who would gather people who opposed the Empire, and get them killed. However, Starkiller broke away from Vader, and was trying to perserve the Rebellion he created. Steve also noted that Starkiller reminded him of himself. Starkiller eventually beated down Vader, and Starkiller was about to execute Vader at the Empreor's Bidding, but Rahm Kota broke free and tried to kill the Empreor. However, Papatine shocked Kota with lighting. Starkiller had to make choice: Save Kota and the Rebellion, Or Kill Vader for killing his father. Ultimately, Starkiller chose to save Kota, and he engaged Empreor Palpatine in a brutal duel. Starkiller eventually beat down Palpatine as well, and was about to execute him as well. However, Kota convinced Starkiller not do it. Kota and Starkiller then freed Steve and the other Rebel Leaders, However, Paplatine got back up and electorcuted Kota. Starkiller jumped in the way to block it. Starkiller insisted on Kota and the others to leave. Vader then called in Stromtroopers. The Stromtroopers chased Steve and the others to the Rogue Shadow, which was STarkiller ship which was being poilted by Juno Eclispe. Steve and the other Rebel Leaders escaped aboard the transport. Starkiller was engaging Palpatine in a lightining lock, and Starkller got so close that the Throne Room exploded, and it also killed Starkiller. The Rebel leaders then escaped to Kashyyk, where they began organizing the Rebellion. Steve was also the first one to sign the Delceration of Rebellion, and his singature was the largest on the paper.

The  First Galatic Civil War

With The Rebellion born, Steve took his part in helping the Rebellion. This is Steve's Story during the  First Galatic Civil War.

Early Strikes 

At first, the Rebellion could not match the firepower of The Imperail Army or Navy. So they simply relied on hit and run tatics to keep the Empire off-balance

Battle of Mantooine

Shortly after the birth of the Rebellion in 2 BBY, On Mantooine, Steve was tasked with constructing a Rebel Base. With the help of the local population, they constructed the base. However, Imperial Probe Driod foud the base and sent several batallions of Stormtroopers , Dark Troopers, Speeder Bike Squads and AT-STs to destroy it. Steve and his men prepared for in the incoming attack. This would be the first time that the first shots of on of the most bloddiest conflicts in the galatic histroy would be fired. The Imperial Officer leading the assault came into range. Steve orderd his best sharpshooter to take him out. The Sniper killed The Officer with a headshot. An Imperial Stormtrooper screamed " The first shot has been fired!" And several waves of Strom Troopers, AT-STs and Speeder Bikes began rushing to the base. Steve's men held there ground and opened fired. Many stromtroopers were killed and Rebel Plex Soliders took out many AT-STs, and the Rebel turrents took out the Speeder Bikes and The Dark Troopers. The Rebels were holding there ground, and Steve used his lightsabers skills to kill any Imperail that got close to him. But the problem was, that there was to many Imperail Soliders, and Steve's men began to gradually run out of ammo. The Imperail Soliders surrounded Steve and his men. However, the locals opened fire on the Imperail Soliders and they threw ammunition to Steve's men. Steve used his lightsaber skilles to kill all the Stromtroopers, and the Rebel Troops finisheed them off. But lots of locals were killed. Steve didn't loose to many men, and the base was in tact. The Imperial Army that invaded the Planet was all but destroyed. Soon Rebel renforcements manage to drive the Imperial Blockade outof the system. This was an important win for the Rebellion since they showed that they can stand toe-to-toe with the Empire, and actually win.

Raid Over Teth

In 1 BBY, the war had dragged on for a year. Steve and his men mostly stayed on Mantooine to protect the base there. However, Rebel Highcommand stated that Steve and his men [ The 44th Gundark Batallion] needed some space forces. There was Imperial Shipyards above Teth that were manufacturing Nebulon B Frigates. The Rebellion highly prized those ships. Mon Monthma stated if Steve can steal at least one of this ships, they can view the plans and mass produce them for the Rebellion Fleet. Joining them was Steve's old Colleague, Gun Good. Steve was glad to see that Gun Good had surrvived Order 66. Garm Bel Ibis loaned Steve 12 Corellian Corevetts. There 3 Imperial Stardestroyers that were guarding the Shipyards, not mention several TIE Fighter Squadrons. There were 7 Nebulon B Firgates that were operational. Steve orderd each one of the Corellian Gunships to go to each Nebulon B Firgates, fire the hyperdrive, and eescape. Gun Good and Steve would distract the patrols, but Steve advised to stay away from the Star Destroyers, knowing that they would be overpowerd if they had to directly confront them. Steve and Gun Good destroyed several TIE Fighter Patrols and destroyed several shipyards. However, it alerted the Imperial Star Destroyer, Devil's Trident, and it moved to engage the 4 Corellian Gunships. The Star Destroyer and the 4 Corellian Corevettes began exchanging fire. However, the Corellain Corevette's fire power barley did any damage to the Star Destroyer, and the Star Destroyer did devestating damage to the Corevetts. One of the corevetts were destroyed. Steve orderd the Corvettes to take evasive action. The Star Destroyer targted Steve's Corevette and went after it. Meanwhile, 3 of the Nebulon B Firgates  were taken over by Steve's men after encoutering resistance. They detacthed from the Shipyards and went to hyperspace torawrds the Main Rebel base on Yavin 4. Already Steve's mission was success. But he had men that were still trying to take over the other 4 Nebulon B Firgates, and the Boarding Parties were expirencing heavy resistance. The other 2 Star Destroyers were unaware of the battle, since Steve was using the force to block any Imperial Transmissions. However, his Corvette was still being chased by the Imperial Star Destroyer, Devil's Trident. Soon, another Neblon B Firgate fell under Steve's Men's Controll and detatched from the Shipyard. However, the Imperial Destroyer, Black Dagger, noticed this and the Imperial Commander of the Black Dagger knew that those ships were not meant to leave, and his ship opened fire on the Neblon B Frigate, which destoryed it in a matter of seconds. The thrid Star Destroyer, Wolf's Claw, detected Gun's Corevette and began to chase it. Gun orderd the men to hurry up with the boarding process. Eventually, the other 2 remaining Nebulon B Firgates were captured and escaped the shipyards. Steve, Gun and the other Corellain Corvette escaped as well. This was another success for the Rebellion. Why the war was being fought on a widening playing field, the Rebels began to mass produce Neublon B Firgates to combat the Imperial Tartan Patrol Crusiers,Imperial Indictors, Imperial Broadside Cruisers.  Imperial Victory Star Destroyers and the Imperial Acclamtor. However, they stood little chance against the Imperial Star Destroyer. Steve now had a fleet of 11 Corellian Corvettes, and 6 Nebulon B Firgates, plus some Z-95 Headhunters and Y Wing squadrons.

Battle of Vendaxa

With Ground Forces and a Space Fleet, Steve's 44th Gundark Batallion was complete. Gun Good was also put in 2nd in Command of Steve's forces. Steve could finally test the combined strength of his Fleet and Army. Alliance Hight Command assinged Steve to capture the world of Vendexa, home to an Imperial Posion Factory, and home to many Acklays. It would be a dangerous mission. Steve's fleet was tasked with destroying the Imperial Space Station and the Imperial Star Destroyer that was guarding the planet. Steve's forces got the jump on the Imperial Forces and quickly destoryed the Imperial Space Station and the Imperial Star Destroyer, The Colosses. Steve, Gun, and then landed in the jungles of Vendexa. They encouterd a few acklays, but they were quickly killed. They then began to move torawrds the Imperial Posion Factory which was on a Cliff overlooking the ocean when there orders changed: Caputre the Posion Facilatiy, then caputre the planet. The Rebels wanted to use the posion against the Empire. Steve didn't mind, but Gun was conecerned. They then stromed they faciallty, killed all the guards, and took the scientists prisoner. Then, renforcements arrived to take controll of the faciallty, and they established a base on the planet, therefore brining Vendexa into the Rebellion. The Rebellion began using posion gas against Imperial Stromtroopers on the front. However, during there misison, Steve was informed that there was a clone of Starkiller that escaped Vader, and wanted to find Juno Eclipse. However, Juno was caputred at the Battle of The Inuit Nebula. General Rahm Kota requested Steve's assistence in rescuing Juno on Kamino, Steve and Gun accepted there new mission.

Battle of Kamino

While Steve's forces were finishing the job on Vendexa, Steve and Gun agreed to accompany Rahm Kota and Starkiller to rescue Juno Eclipse, and to destory the Imperial Cloning Facialties. Gun was very nervous about returning to Kamino, and fighting the brothers. Steve then examined the plans for the Battle, and the Imperial Defenses of Kamino, Steve projected that there going to be wiped out. However, Starkiller insisted on still going. The Rebel Fleet existed hyperspace and laucnhed the Z-95 Headhunter and Y Wing squadrons. The Rebel Ships began to open fire on the Imperial Star Destroyers, and it turn they returned fire. It was already down to the wire, as the Star Destroyers were decmiating the Rebel Crusiers, and the Z-95's were outmatched against the TIE Fighters. Wedge Antillies recomneded a withdrawl, but Kota said they wouldn't get a another chance, and orderd the Rebels to push forward. With that, the tide slightly turned in the Rebel's Favor. The Corellian Corevettes were gunning down the TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers, while the Rebel Nebloun B Firgates began to hammer the Star Destroyers. However, the Imperial Fleet Commander, Touler, orderd Boarding Parties to take controll of the Rebel Ships. Steve orderd the Rebel Fighter Squadrons to not let the Boarding Craft to get through. The Rebel Fleet managed to destory most of the Boarding Craft, but they managed to board the Salvation and another Nebulon B Firgate. Steve and Gun and several troopers rushed to confront te Imperial Soliders. The Imperials began opening fire, but the Rebels defeated them. However, a few boarding parties got through and damanaged the engines, the hyperdrive, and several other curcial systems. The Salvation began to go down to the planet. Starkiller then suugested that he would piolt the Salvation and crash into the Citie's shields. Kota and Steve agreed it was a good idea. While everyone evacuated the Salvation and went onto the surface, Starkiller began to use the force to crash the Salvation into the citie's Shield generators. Meanwehile, the battle in space raged on, and Gun Good decided that he will command the space battle. The Salvation crashed into the shield generator, and the citie's shields were offline, which allowed Kota, Starkiller and Steve to land. Kota would deal with the Imperial Defenses, Starkiller would look for Juno, and Steve's job was to destroy the Imperial Cloning Facitallies and sink Timria City. Steve and his team immidenatlly came under fire by the Imperial Forces. Stromtroopers rushed out of the Clonning Faciality and confronted Steve and his Rebel Troops. After a long firefight. Steve and his men broke through and enterd the clonning facialities. Steve orderd his troops to destroy everything. The Rebels destroyed anything the could find, and it completely destroyed the clonning tanks. They also killed Kaminoan Scientists and some Imperail Guards. However, some other deranged clones of Starkiller broke free and began to battle Steve's men. Steve was able to easily kill the clones, but the Rebel Soliders were having trouble. After all the Clones had been killed, Steve and his men proceeded to the Citie's Repulsor Lifts. Meanwhile Starkiller was dueling Vader and Kota was still engaging various Imperail Stormtroopers. Steve and his men did severe damage to the the controll room, and with that, the city began to sink. Steve then recieved a transmission from Starkiller that Vader was escaping to the Tower. Steve then rushed to the tower, encountering Stromtroopers along the way with his men not far behind. Steve then reached Vader. Steve asked Vader if he was happy that he unleashed a dreanged clone on the galaxy. Vader replied that he would use him to destroy him and the Rebellion. Steve said that Starkiller is no longer loyal to him or the Empire. Steve then enagaged Vader in a lightsaber Duel, however due to the city sinking, the bridge they were fighting on began to break. Steve shot lighting at Vader, which shocked him, and Steve kicked Vader onto a nearby platform. Vader then used the force to bring the Bridge down. Steve told his men to get off. Steve then leaped off the bridge and kicked Vader off of the platform, and into the ocean, However vader managed to escape his watery death by landing on a repulsor driod, which carried him to the tower, although Steve's men began to shoot at Vader, there shots either misses or Vader easily blocked it. Steve then reported that Vader's at the tower. Starkiller then thanked Steve and he rushed to the tower. Steve then orderd his men to do more collatoral damage to the faciality to help it sink faster. Meanwhile, Gun Good checked in and said that the Rebel Fleet was making progress fighting off the Imperial defenses. Steve then spotted Juno Eclispe being thrown out of the window, and Vader and Starkiller jumping out also. Steve then orderd his men to stop and that they should hurry to assist Starkiller. They began making there way to the platform. However, they encounterd Imperial War Driods. After some diffculty, they were defeated. Steve, Kota, and there men then arrived onto the sence to see that after an intense and brutal duel, Starkiller beated down Darth Vader. Starkiller was about to execute Vader, but Kota and Steve talked him out of it. Starkiller then spared Vader's life, and then tended to Juno. Kota asked Steve to get something to hold Vader. Steve found something to hold Vader, and they arrested Vader, meanwhile, Juno was  revived. Princess Leia then congrautalated Kota, Steve and Juno on there success, and Gun reported that the Imperial Fleet was destroyed. Steve then replied to Gun that Vader had been captured, and the war might end earlier then expected. After the Rebel forces fled the sinking Tirma City, they watched sink into the depths. They then also took controll of Kamino. This was a major win for the Rebels, as they had captured Darth Vader. They then began to prepare to deliver him to the Rebel base on Dantooine.

Battle of Borgo Prime

After Darth Vader's Capture, Steve and Gun were tasked with bringing Vader to Dantooine. However, once they reached Borgo Prime, an Imperial Fleet intercepted Steve's fleet. During the battle, The Ship holding Darth Vader was boarded and Vader was rescued. Steve decided that this was not a battle worth fighting and his forces then slipped by the Empire and escaped to Dantooine to report his failure to Mon Monthma.

Battle of  Pyria 4

After Darth Vader had been captured, Steve was assigned the task of capturing the world of Pyria 4. The battle trurned out to be a complete disaster for Steve. The Z-95 Headhunters were weak against the Imperial TIE Fighters. After loosing to many ships, Steve orderd a retreat. Steve asked Mon Monthma that he needed stronger fighters, and the Z-95 Headhunters were too outdated. Mon Monthma said she has been consdiering this since the Empire had begun to get the upperhand in the war, she orderd Captain Raymus Antillies to steal them from Freisa. After the operation, the Rebellion acquired the X Wing, which can satnd Toe-to-Toe with the The TIE Fighter. They were quickly being mass produced. Steve took 10 Squadrons and decided to test them out. The Rebel forces returned to Pyria 4, and successfully captured the planet. Steve noted that the X Wing performed astonishingly, it's even stronger than the TIE Fighter. Mon Monthma and Rebel High Command began acquirng new technolgy to keep up with the Empire in the war, such as The Marauder Crusier, Assault Firgates, Corellian Gunships [ provided by Steve's family] and the new A Wings and B Wings.

Battle of Kintooine

With new technology, The Rebel Alliance were gaining the advantage in the Galatic Civil War, scooring important victories against overwhelming odds. Among these were The Battle of Kintooine. Steve was tasked to caputre Kintooine and establish a base there, a simple misison. Steve's space forces arrived and easily overhwlemed the Imperail defenses, however, Steve noted it was to easy, Steve landed his ground forces, and again easily took the planet. They then began to construct a base. However, it was a trap, The Empire purposley put light defenses so that they can catch Steve's forces off guard. Soon, a massive Imperial Fleet jumped out of hyperspace. The fleet consisted of 20 Star Destroyers. Steve knew he couldn't stand a chance, however, he had asked his troops to construct an Ion Cannon, which can tempoary make a Star Destroy inactive. The Ion Cannon needed a few more moments to be finished. The Imperial Fleet unleashed it's fighter squadrons and began to fight Steve's fleet. The battle was complete brawl. The Star Destroyers were gunning down many of Steve's crusiers, but again they did have useful technolgy. Steve had his ships focus on the Star Destroyers. They then combined there firepower, and managed to destroy a few Star Destroyers, but there will still outnumberd, overpowerd, and outmatched. The Imperial Fleet managed to weakne Steve's defenses to land ground forces. However Steve's fleet managed to shoot down alot of Imperial Ground Transports, but the Imperials did land a few transports to assault the base. Steve had Gun Good on the ground to comabt the Imperial Invasion force. Gun and his men successfully fended off the invasion and got the Ion Cannon operational. The Ion Cannon shot the Destroyers and got there systems offline, Steve then had forces push forward and destroy the entire Imperial Fleet. However the command ship, The Predator, and a few TIE Squadrons escaped. But Steve helped the Alliance win another battle.

Battle of Felucia

After the Battle of Kintooine, Steve was tasked to liberate former CIS Worlds, one of them was Felucia. The Felucia Locals did not like the Empire at all, they didn't even like the Republic. Felucia had several Rebel Cells operating, but they needed assitance. Steve was tasked to free Felucia. Steve and Gun remberd Felucia, a jungle chaos world. The CIS dug in and fought hard, but the eventually fell. This was almost the same case. THe Rebel Fleet engaged the massive Imperial Defenses, while ground forces slipped by the defenses and initated ground assault. Steve's target was to target the Govneor's Palace, as he had controll to all the bases on Felucia. But it was well guarded. Steve, Gun and the Rebel army marched through the jungle, encountering heavy resistance. During the fight, the Imperials sent out Posion Troopers, which sprayed Posion at them. They eventually pushed through the Governor's Palace, broek through the defneses, and captured the govenror. The Govenor did not comply to Surrundering, so Steve simply slashed his lightsaber across the Govenor's Chest, which killed him. They were then forced to go to base to base and destory them. After 6 weeks of brutal jungle figthing, the Rebel Forces proved victirious. But it was at a great cost. The Battle of Felucia turned out to be the 2nd most brutal battle of the enitre war, it was procceded by The Battle of Suilion, Sullust's moon.

Battle of Mygeeto

On Mygeeto, the Rebel were minning for crystals to power there millitary and econmey. However, the Empire discoverd this, and captured all the miners. Mon Monthma then assigned Steve and his 44th Gundark Battalion to rescue the miners, and bring Mygetto into the Rebellion. Steve and his forces landed and were walking onto the bridge city where the minners were being held hostage. However, a battalion of Storm Troopers meet halfway and began exchaning fire. The City also was guarded by Turbo Lasers, which proved effective in killing Steve's men. Steve then decided to reneder those TurboLasers offline. He tasked Gun Good and some Rebel Commandos to outflank the Storm Troopers and deactivate the Turbo Laser Towers. However, the misison proved to faiure. Gun Good could not enter the city as he encounterd to many Storm Troopers, Steve's forcers were 80 Percent depleted, so he had to retreat, and the miners were executed. Steve reported the suituiation to Mon Monthma, she told Steve to retreat. Steve's forces barely managed to escape the planet, and Steve's fleet had taken heavy losses, but they all retreated to saftey. Eventually, a larger rebel force took over Mygetto for the alliance, and they began to mine of the crytsals.

Battle of Salucami

Aftr Steve's defeat at Mygeeto, Steve was assinged to capture the Imperial Communcation Array on Salucami, which would allow General Dodana's forces to move into the main Imperial Base. Steve managed to use the force to disrupt the Imperial Communciaction Array, and Steve, Gun, and there battalion overhwelmed the Imperial Defenses and captured it quickly. This allowed Dodna to move in quitely and take over the base after killing all the Imperial Stromtroopers, which allowed Saluecami to seccede from the Empire and join the Rebellion.

Battle of The Vergesso Asteriods

After the Victory at Saluecami, Steve was tasked with destroying the Imperial Cargo Depot at the Vergessio Asteriods. Steve, Gun and there fleet jumped out of hyperspace and began wreaking havoc on the Imperial Cargo Depot. However, Imperial Renforcements began to drop by and battle Steve's forces. Steve decided that there work was done and fled. 2/3rds of the Cargo Depot were destroyed and there was signifciant damage to the Imperial Space Station. There was an estimated $6,000,000,000,000,000,000 worth of damage was done. Steve did not fully accomploish his goal, but he did major damage to the cargo depot.

Battle of Balmorra Run

After the Battle of The Vergesso Asteriods, The Empire was using hyperspace routes to battle the  growing Rebel Forces. Steve was tasked to caputure the Balmorra Run. After ambushing and destroying several Imperial Fleets, Steve moved in to capture Balmorra, where the Balmorra Run Hyerpsapce Route began. After a long hard fight, Steve and his forces succusesfully caputred Balmorra.

Battle of Rhen Var

Shortly after the Battle of Balmorra Run, Steve was asked to coordinate 200 Rebel Soliders against 200 Imperial Stromtroopers who were defending a cruical montering station. Steve did not participate in the battle, he gave orderd via comlink. Ultimatetly, all 200 Rebels were killed, and a largemajority of the stormtroopers were killed also, which forced Steve to report that his mission was failure.

Changing The Game ( Battle of Raxus Prime)

Shortly after Rhen Var, The Rebel Alliance lead an operation to Courlag which freed Admiral Gial Ackbar. THis convinced Ackbar to rally his people and fend off the Empire. They also began giving the alliance Mon Calamari Cruisers, which can go on par with an Imperial Star Destroyer. Steve and Gun were tasked to test them out. Steve's newly christned Mon Calamari Cruiser, The Liberator, along with 5 other Calamari Cruisers went to Raxus Prime, and Decimated the Imperial Garrsion stationed there. Steve reported that the Mon Calamari Cruiser was  most effective. This gave the Rebellion a true figthing chance.

Defense of Mon Calamari

Despite the Rebellion acquiring the Mon Calamari Cruiser, The Empire had began to take the advantage. The Rebellion had been defeated at the Battle of Arbra, The Battle of Cera and The Battle of Kira. However, The Rebellion did score a victory at The Battle of Ziost, but it came at a heavy cost. When Mon Calamari rebelled and seceeded from the Empire, Emperor Palpatine assembled one of the largest Imperial Fleets in history. This fleet was lead by Admiral Firmius Piett in specially modified Star Destroyer, The Avenger. Piett's Ship was equiped with a Super heat beam, which can destroy most small ships and do devestating damagae to meduim or larger ones. The Fleet was codenamed: Taskforce Destruction. The Imperial Fleet Left Courasant on it's way to Mon Calamari. If Mon Calamari was brought back into the Empire, it would be a major blow to the Alliance. Steve and Gun's fleet was stationed at Mon Calamari, to act as the last line of defense. Mon Monthma had orderd several Alliance fleets stationed along the Permellian Trade Route. Mon Monthma had orderd Admiral Dogg Ticket and his fleet to intercept Piett's fleet at Yabol Opa, Piett's first stop. The Battle of Yabol Opa ensumed, and TIcket's fleet was completely destroyed, and Piett's fleet only sufferd minor casualties. Mon Monthma then orderd Admrial James Koodana to stop the Imperial Fleet at Castlell. Once again, Piett's fleet anniahlted Koodana's fleet. Mon Monthma then orderd Admiral John Tyberaus to try to stop them at Vurdon Ka. Piett's fleet smashed through Tybearus's forces. Mon Monthma then orderd Admiral Yagaba McJelan to try to stop Piett at Chazwa. Piett's fleet did have a hard time at first, but ultimately, Piett scored another victory for the Empire at Chazwa. Piett's forces were relentlessly bearing down on Mon Calamari. Mon Monthma orderd all avaliable ships and troops to Mon Calamari. Mon Monthma orderd Landon Alferson and his fleet to battle Piett's fleet at Tirahhn. The Empire pummled Alferson and his fleet, only a handful of Alferson's forces escaped the battle. Alferson reported that Piett's fleet was unstoable. Steve asked if the entire alliance fleet could stand a chance, ALferons replied that it's possible, but risky. If Piett's forces would prove victoruious, The Alliance Fleet would prove no more. Mon Monthma orded the constructuon of more Mon Calamri Cruisers to defend Mon Calamari. Mon Monthma then orderd Kyle Lerviona and his fleet to stop The Massive Imperial Fleet at Tannab. While Lerviona's fleet destroyed many Star Destroyers, Piett's fleet ultimately wiped out  Lerviona and his fleet. The Empire then advanced to Gizer where they meet Admiral Harold Jadsion and defeated his rebel fleet easily. The Empire then advanced to Roche, where they meet Admiral William Gordan. The fighting proved firece, but Gordan orderd his forces to retreat since it was apparent that his fleet would be destroyed. Piett purused Gordan to Abhean, where Gordan's forces surrunderd after several hours of fierce figthing, but a this point, Piett's forces were dwindling, and the Emperor could not spare renforcemenets, since that was a majority of the Imperial Fleet. Piett advanced to the Wheel, where they Rebel Millita Men under the command of Rahm Kota, who used the Space Station's Defenses against the Empire, Kota and his men escaped, but the Wheel was destroyed. The Empire then advanced to Centares, where they meet Captain Juno Eclipse. There was no clear outcome to this battle, but Piett manuverd his forces around Eclipse's and escaped to there next target. Juno did take heavy losses, and was unable to pursue Piett's fleet. Piett had lost several Star Destroyers and other cruisers, but his fleet was still capble of siezing Mon Calamari. Task Force Destruction then meet Admiral William Ujyuse at Coulmex, where Ujyuse orderd his ships to ram into Piett's forces. Then escape the ships. Ujyuse's plan worked, and Piett's forces were heavily damaged, but Ujyuse did no stop the relentless Imperial Advance to re-take Mon Calamari. Piett's mext target was Lianna, where Admiral Gilroy Grfezx was awaiting with him, he even had planteary cannons on the planet. Steve noted that if Grfezx's plan didn't work, it would be up to him to stop Piett. Grfezx destroyed a large portion of Piett's forces, but they managed to narrowly escpae. Grfezx reported that Piett had escpaed, but fleet was reduced to the size of a slightly larger then normal Imperial Fleet. Steve decided to place Planteary Batteris on the remaing planets. Gfrezx intercepted Piett's forces at Deservo. After a very close fight, Piett succesfully destroyed Gfrezx and his fleet, but Piett only had a few ships left. Emepror Palpatine scarped up what renforcements he could to make Piett's forces strong again, but it wasn't as strong when it left Courasant. Steve tasked Gun Good to stop Piett's advancements at Makem Te. Piett was not able to advance, and the battle reached a stalemate, so Piett retreated and was forced to take a longer way around. Piett then mett Admiral Hurrudlet at Quermia. Where Piett's forces dominated Hurrudlet, but Gun Good came around back and begna opening fire, which caused Piett to escape to Toola. Gun then rejoined Steve's mainforce at Mon Calamari. Piett's fleet enagaed Admiral Asghayle at Toola, Florn, Pakuuni and Munto Codru. Each time, Asghayle's forces took more an more of Piett's ships, but were forced to retreat. Asghayle reported that Steve was defintaley going to beat Piett. Asghayle's forces retreated to Mon Calamari to rendezvous with Steve's fleet. Everyone in the Rebellion whished them luck. Admiral Gial Ackbar also joined the battle in newly designed Home One. Piett and what was left of his fleet appeared out of hyperspace. Steve and his fleet opened a barage of enormus fire, in fact there so much laser fire, the inhabinats of Mon Calamari could Red Streaks of Light. The Battle lasted 30 seconds. The Imperial Fleet was ripped to shreds, and Admiral Piett's ship was heavil damaged, and retreated back to Courasant. THe Alliance scored a major victory, but at the cost several fleets and admirals, and in addition, the Empire caputred those worlds that they took from the way up to Mon Calamari, but Steve launched a massive counter attack that retook all those worlds. And with that, it was great way to end 1 BBY.

Battle of Yavin 4

Shortly after the Defense of Mon Calamari, The Empire hardly had Star Destroyers to spare, but over the next few days they quickly replenished. The War had been going on for 2 Years, and no clear end in sight. Emperor Palpatine decided to finish his ultimate weapon, which would spell doom for all worlds in Rebellion from The Galatic Empire. In turn, The Rebellin initiated Operaion: Skyhook, which would accquire the plans for the Death Star. The Rebels only knew it existsedm since some of them were there, but they needed the plans. Steve did not participate in the Operaion. He wask tasked with engaing Imperial Forces in the Outer Rim near Hutt Space in order to sway the Hutts into joining the Rebellion. The Empire had surrounded  Hutt Space, So Steve and Gun engaged the Empire along the border of Hutt Space. Eventually, they drove the Empire out, and The Hutts allowed the Rebels to move freely through there borders and would give them supplies, technology and credits. Afterwards, Steve learned that Leia Organa wanted to convince Obi-Wan to join the Rebellion, but was captured over Tatooine by Darth Vader. Vader could not find the plans, and brought the Princess to the Death Star, which was now fully completed. The Death Star then decided to target Alderan. Steve, Gun, and Admiral Ackbar were tasked to try to destroy the Death Starm but it was guarded by an Imperial Fleet. The Death Star and the Imperial Fleet arrived to meet Steve, Gun and Ackbar. The fighting was firece but short. In 5 minuts, the Death Star moved into range, and opened fire on Alderan, which olbiterated the planted in seconds. The entire population of Alderan was wiped out, including one of the Rebel Founders, Bail Organa. After witnessing such horrfying destruction, the Rebellion abrutley retreated. After an operation by a young mositure farmer and 2 smugglers, they succusesfully rescued Princess Leia, but it was at a cost. Obi-Wan Kenobi had been killed by Darth Vader in a duel of revenge. They then returned to the Rebel Mainbase on Yavin 4. Steve meet the Princess, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca and welcomed them. Han asked Steve if there was a reward, Steve replied that there was none. Gun discoverd that there was an Imperial Tracking device abaord the Melliuam Falcon. The Death Star was tracking them. Steve quickly notified Jan Doodana and Mon Monthma. Mon Monthma said that they should begin evacuation prodecures, but they would have to Destroy The Death Star. Forutnately, the Rebels were able to discover the plans in R2-D2 and were able to anayalze for weaknesses. They only found 1: A small exhaust port then lead directly to the Main Reactor. A Torpedo could fit through it. Gun was not involved in the battle, but Steve was. He piolted his X Wing and provided cover for the other piolts. Steve even made his  bombing run, but was cut off by the sudden arrival of Darth Vader. The Turbo Laser Towers also turned off. Steve engaged Vader in a brief Dog FIght before Vader called in for renforcements, Steve was able to defeat the TIE Fighters, but Vader had gone after Luke. Steve warned Luke about Vader following him. THen THe Malluiam Falcon intervended and drove Vader off course. Ultimately, Luke made his lucky shot, and Destroyed The Death Star. This was another major win for the Rebels. Steve was awarded a medal for his service in the Battle. However, after the celebration, they began evacuation procedures becuase the Empire now knew where there base was. The Rebels were successful in evacuating all the essiental equipement and information and supplies, but some stuff got left behnd when the Empire launched an Invasion of Yavin 4. Steve and Gun escaped along with there men after fighting Strom Troopers for several weeks so that the last trasnports could escape. They boarded the last transport and meet at the rendezvous point. However, they were being purused by Darth Vader and his forces. First, they Empire captured the Main Rebel Base, then saw Steve's ship leave, Vader then got into his new Super Star Destroyer, The Executor, and was prepared to destroy Steve. However, Imperial Admiral Admise Griff collided with the Executor, which allowed Steve the distraction to escpae. At the rendezvous point, Steve saw that General Doodna was not there, for he was captured by Imperial Forces. In addition, not all the Rebel escpaed. The Empire had blockaded Yavin 4. But Steve was not involved in the Yavin Blockade.

A Tragic Event

While Steve should be happy about the alliance's major victory over Yavin 4, Steve learned that his girlfriend, Aurra Bluespark, had developed a disease, and died.Steve learned that Aurra had an affair with another man, and she got the disease from him. Steve found the man who did that and killed himn instantley. Steve and Aurra had 4 children, and were never married. Steve showed up to her funeral, and had his parents take care of his children. However, Steve's eldest son, Charles, wanted to serve in the Alliance Army. Steve knew that Charles was a bit violent and reckless, which ironically reminded of himself, so Steve had Charles enlisted into the Rebel Alliance Army, but Charles joined Steve's Battallion, and Steve told Charles that he didn't want his men to figure out that he was his son, so they kept it a secert, even from Steve's friend Gun Good.

After Yavin 4

With the major victory at Yavin 4, thousands of worls began joining the Rebellion. Hwowever, The Empire began to take the Rebellion sriously, and would continue to fight hard for the next 4 years and beyond, but ultimately, it began the Empire's Downfall

Battle of Daluuj

Admiral Ackbar and his fleet were ambushed by Imperial Forces. Unable to save his fleet, Ackbar and his crew mebers were able to escape on Daluuj via escapepods. The Empire began sending down Strom Troopers to capture them. However, Steve's fleet arrived and Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa defeated the Imperials, and rescued Ackbar and his fleet.

Battle of Socorro

After The Battle of Daluuj, Steve wask tasked with defeating an Imperial Stormtrooper garrision that was stationed on Socorro. However, it was a trap as more Imperial Forces were stationed than orignally thought, but Steve and his troops manage to escpae.

Ghost Ship - Skirmish At Baros

In the year 1 ABY, the Galatic Civil War had been raging for 3 years. The Rebellion had sufferd some hard ships, but they overcame them. The Rebel seemed to have the advantage with the Desturction of the Death Star, but there was still no clear end in sight. The Rebel Alliance had made there new base on Hoth. However, Steve and his battle hardned 44th Gundark Batallion could not rejoin the Alliance yet. Roguhly arounf the time of the Battle of Yavin 4, the Mon Calamari Cruiser, Freedom's Fire, had been reported missing after engaging 3 Star Destroyers near Champala. About a year later, the ship popped out of no where above Baros, which was no where near Champala. Steve, Gun, and the Battalion borded the ship. They immidentally began sieing decyaing Rebel and Imperial Corpses, but they kept moving.  A trooper noted that it was a little to quiet for a ghost ship, but Steve assumed that its been a year, most likely everyone would be dead. They then stood corrected. below them they heard 2 Rebel Soliders firing at an unkown object, then they heard a lightsaber swing, and they saw the 2 rebel soliders slide, and saw that they had been killed by someone. Steve confirmed that they were deintaley not alone. They didn't encounter any lifeforms. just mostly decaying corprses of Imperial Stromtroopers and Rebel Troopers. They eventually got onto the bridge and hacked into the memory logs and saw what happend: 3 Imperial Star Destroyers opened fire on Freedom's Fire, but an Imperial Star Destroyer boarded it, and after a large scale fire fight, the Empire took it over, but the Empire had brought Sith with them. FOr the most part, nothing else really happend, but it was confirmed in the recordings that there  was Rebel Resistance and they were picking odd the Stromtroopers. THen all of a sudden, Steve and the troops saw Sith come out of no where and they begna engaing them. The Sith did kill a few troops, but they were defeated. Steve the towed te ship back to Hoth so it could be repaired and cleaned out. There was a few Rebel Survivors who told  Mont Monthma everything. AFterwards, Steve and his men stayed on Hoth and waited for there next assignment.

Battle of Kabal

After the Skirmish at Barros, The Rebellion had begun to assemble montering stations so that they can montior Imperial Activity in a Secotr. Among those was a Montering Station at Kabal. Shortly after the battle of Yavin 4, Clak'Dor 7 seccded from the Empire and joined the Rebllion. The Empire had plans to reatke the planet, but the knew that the Rebels were watching there activity. After dispathcing probe driods throughout the Mayagil Sector they found the station at Kabal. The Empire dispathced several Stromtrooper squadrons to take the base. Steve and Gun assisted the Rebels in defending the station. The Rebel Station could not change the all cealr signal since the station was sabtoged priror to the batltle. Eventually, it was fixed, and The Rebels assited Steve and Gun at Kabal and defeated the Imperial Invasion Force at Kabal.

Battle of Zaaja

After the battle of Clak'Dor 7, the Rebels assembled a massive base of operations on the planet Zadjja. The base was used to launch attacks on Imperial Holdings in the core and colonies. However, the Empire discoverd the base, and assembled a massive army to take the base. Since the Rebellion did not want to track attention, the crusiers were staioned in underground hangers near the base. The Empire made a blockade around the planet. Steve and Gun happend to be on the planet, and were tasked to help defend it. The Imperial Army was lead by Moff Ardus Kaine. The Imperial Army landed behind the mountain range. The Imperial Army consisted of StormTroopers, Scout Troopers, Imperial Snipers, Carbonite War Driods, Incerator War Driods, Terror Troopers, Terror BioDriods, Terror Driods, Phase 0 Dark Troopers, Phase 1- 3 Dark Troopers, AT-STs, AT-PTs, AT-AAs, AT-ATs,  TIE Crwalers, TIE Maulers,  2-M Repulsor Tanks, SMPA-T Atrillery Walkers, Lancet Arieal Artillery, TX-130T FIghter Tanks, Imperial Drop Transports, Heavy Assault Vechile Transport B5 Jugguerant Transports, Light Assault Vechile/ repulsorlift QH-7 Chariots, Imperial Commandos, EVO Troopers, Imperial Shadow Troopers, Imperial Riot Troopers, Imperial PLEX Troopers, Several Sith Alcoyltes, Imperial Jumptroopers and Imperial Marines equied with Cahinguns. The Massive and Deadly Imperial Army began to go through the mountains. Due to the large Rebel base, The Rebels did have a chance in stopping the Empire. The Rebel Army consisted of Rebel Troopers, Rebel PLEX Troopers, Rebel Commandos, T-2B Tanks, T-4B Tanks, MTPLs, Snow Speeders, 3 Battle Platforms, AAC-1 and AAC-2 Hovertanks, Gallofree heavy Troop Transports, Rebel Mobile Defense Units, Wookie Smugglers, Rebel Snipers, LAATI/i Gunships, Ultra-Light Assailt Vechiles and Rebel Armored Freeruners. In addition to the defense layout, the Rebels placed several Turbo Laster Towers and anti-infantry and anti-vechile turrents. The Rebels also dug some trenches and played minefields all over where the Imperial Army would walk. This would be a big battle, and the fate of the Rebel Base will be decided. Steve activated the shield generator which defended the base and he had the rebel starships on stand by. The Rebels were were able to have aierla cover, and so did the Empire. Ardus Kaine was montering the battle and giving advice to the troops in an Acclamtor Assault Ship on the other side of the mountains. During the Imperial March through the mountains, there were several Rebel Snipers and Turrents along the way. While the did slow down the Empire and do some damage, the Empire pressed on. The Empire moved out the mountains and into a large field. The large rebel army lead by Steve and Gun began to charge torwards where the Imperials were. The Empire secured the Field killing any Rebels that were battling them there. The Empire also encounterd mines which destroyed some of there forces. The Rebel army and The Imperial army then clashed at the field. The Battle was a compelete bloodbath. A snow blizzard kicked up which made the fighting difficult. Steve and Gun fought hard, destroying many Imperial troops and vechiles. However, ultimately the battle was a major defeat for the Rebellion. The Empire pushed Steve back to the base and they escaped through the starships, and passed the blockade. Both Rebels and The Empire sufferd heavy losses on the planet, but the Empire proved victourious.

Battle of Vaynai

Shortly after the defeat at Zaaja, Darth Vader had found the leader of the alliance: Mon Monthma. Darth Vader intercepted her fleet at Vaynai and captured her. Garm Bel Ibis was then placed in charge of the Rebellion by default. Steve prposed a rescue mission. Garm Bel Ibis agreed, and he gave a Steve a very large addition to his fleet for this particular assignment. Steve and Gun's fleet arrived to cut off Vader's escape route.
.Darth Vader was abaord his Super Star Destroyer, and Mon Monthma was being held in a holding cell, in addition, Vader had a sizable fleet, but so did Steve's. Both fleets fought firecly above Vaynai. Gun would distract Vader while Steve snuck aboard and rescued Mon Monthma and the rest of the rebel leaders. Gun was also tasked with trying to capture Vader. Steve's Mon Calamari Cruiser and Vader's Super Star Destroyer eventually became alinged, and The Executtor let out the boarding bridge. Steve and his team then got onto a LAAT/i and left for the Executor's Hanger.  Steve and his men got into the hanger, and fought there way to the denteion area. After sometime of searching, they eventually found Mon Monthma and several other Rebel leaders. They then brought them back to the gunship. Along the way they encounterd several Sith Alcoyles, but Steve managed to defeat them. Meanwhile, Gun dueld Vader, but Vader eventually had enough and fled back to his ship. Steve arrived back with Mon Monthma and the other rebel leaders. Darth Vader's fleet then escaped to hyperspace. It was an important win for the Rebellion.

Battle of Tingel Deepspace Besh

Shortly after The Battle of Vaynai, Mon Monthma decided to stay away from the figthing. Her Rebel Fleet took sancutuary at Deepspace Besh, which was cordinates in the Tingel Arm of the Galaxy. Her fleet consisted of 2 Mon Calamari Cruisers, 4 Corellian Corvettes, 3 Assault Frigates, 5 Nebulon B Frigates, 7 Corellian Gunships and several squadrons of X Wings, Y Wings, A Wings and B Wings. While taking santuary there, they discoverd former Republic and CIS Craft that were adfirt. There was 1 Providence Carrier, 2 Banking Clan Firgates, 5 Recusant Destroyers, 3 Lurchek Controll Ships, 5 Venator Class Destroyer and 1 Republic Acclamator. Steve and Gun were there with Mon Montha and were amazed at the sight. The ships seemed operational, but everything appeared to be offline. Steve and Gun didn't know where the ships came from, so they boarded the Clone Wars craft. They discoverd through the ships logs that during the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY, A Repubic Fleet was engaging a CIS fleet, when some sort of comet rushed throught the battlefield and shut off all the sytems on all of the ships, including all the driods. The Comet also gave off radiation, which eventually killed the clones, which expliained all the dead driods and decaying clone boides. Mon Monthma decided that she could make good use out of this and put these in Rebel Production. Steve and Gun and all there men managed to activate the ship's sytems and began downloading the plans. However, an Imperial  Fleet consisting of 1 Super Star Destroyer and 25 Star Destroyers unexpectlingly jumped out of hyperspace. Steve and Gun sensed that fleet belonged to Vader. Vader was hunting Luke Skywalker, who was also abaord with Mon Monthma. Vader dispatched all his fighter craft, including the new TIE Intercepetors and TIE Defenders. Steve orderd his men to activtate the ship's weapon systems, and the old Clone Wars Era craft began opening fire on the Imperial Cruisers. The Empire took some causalties, but The Empire focused it's fire on the Clone Wars Ear craft. The ships took so much damage, that STeve and his men were forced to abadoen the ships with out the plans. The Empire overwhelmed the Rebel fleet, but Wedge Antilies managed to hold them off so the rest of the fleet can escape, then Wedge and his squadron re-joined Mon Monthma's fleet.

Battle of Milvayne

Following the defeats at Tingel Deepspace Besh and Zaaja along with a recent defeat at Nexus Ortai, things began to look bleak for the Rebellion. Prior to the battle of Yavin 4 and the death of Bail Organa, Mon Monthma proposed an attack on Milvayne, which garrisoned an Imperial Garrison of the Gyrcia System. Bail Organa approved of the attack, but Garm Bel Ibis did not. After the recent defeats, Mon Monthma orderd Steve to attack Milvayne. When Steve was preparing to leave, Garm Bel Ibis called Steve over, Steve then told Gun to finish loading the troops and supplies. Garm asked Steve if he knew exactly what was on Milvayne. Steve told Garm that there was just a simple Imperial Garrison on the planet, nothing his forces couldn't handle. Garm told Steve that Monthma was walking his forces into a death trap: Milvayne held an Ubiqtorate Base, which was heavily fortifed. Garm and Steve confronted Mon Monthma about this and she was in a middle of a confrernce. Ibis and Monthma argued and exchanged insults about the plan and each other. Steve enjoyed and laughed about the bickering. Eventually, Monthma got riled up fired Garm Bel Ibis on sight. Steve was a little shocked by Monthma's move. Garm then announced that his forces were no longer apart of the Rebellion. Garm then stormed out of the confrence room. Monthma then orderd Steve to attack Milvayne. Steve hesistated to leave at first, but Gun convinced him to go. At Milvayne, Garm Bel Ibis proved to be correct, Steve and his forces were routed and defeated at the Battle of Milvayne.Steve and what forces he had left reported back to Mon Monthma. With the departure of Garm Bel Ibis and the death of Bail Organa, Steve was last senior Rebel to stand against Mon Monthma.

Battle of AX-456

After the defeat at Milvayne, Steve established a base on the asteriod of AX-456. It was a Rebel Comm station. However, the Empire discoverd it, and sent 3 Squadrons of Storm Troopers lead by Sergeant Hong and Coproal Kyle Katarn. Steve, Gun and several Rebel Soliders were tasked with defending the base. Hong's Team landed first. They enterd the base and a few hallways in they began encountering resistance. THey managed to kill the Rebel Soliders with some casualites. They then encounterd Steve. Steve stabbed Hong and killed the rest of the stromtroopers. Kyle then orderd his team and the other remaing StormTroopers to storm the base. Kyle use the force to help him guide his troops to victory. Kyle and his StromTroopers stormed the base and placed his charges on the bridge and detonated it. Gun and the rest of the soliders surrvived, but the base was destroyed. Steve, enraged, killed almost every single Strom Trooper, and Gun beated up Kyle in a fist fight. Kyle then tried to shoot Steve. But Steve cut his gun, and used the force to choke Kyle. Steve then reconized it was Kyle Katarn. Steve told Kyle that the Empire killed his father, since he had force vision of it, and so did Kyle. Steve the force threw Kyle 50 feet, and Kyle sufferd a broken arm. Steve, Gun and there troops then escaped through the transport and re-joined there fleet.

Raid On Fara's Belt

After the destruction of the AX-456, Admiral Ackbar asked Steve to take a squadron of B Wings and attack the Imperial Montering Station at Fara's Belt. However, The Imperials were montering there communications, and sent hunderds of TIE Fighters to renforce there base. Steve and 7 B Wings arrived out of Hyperspace, and were overhwlemed. They managed to destroy roughly 25 Tie Fighters, but Steve lost all of his men. Steve managed to lose the TIE Fighters in the asteriod belt, and escape to hyerpsapce.

Loosing Faith In The Rebeelion ( 1 ABY)

With repeated defeats, Steve went to Mon Monthma that if the Rebellion did score 3 signifcant victories by the end the year ( which was 3 months away) Steve would depart from the Rebellion due to his fustration over there recent defeats. Steve admitted that the Rebellion lasted longer then he expected, the war has lasted for 3 years, with Empire at the upperhand, and the momentum from the battle of Yavin 4 was all but lost. Monthma didn't want Steve to leave, so she gave a large addition to his fleet and army and orderd him to attack 3 Imperial Planets: Geonosis, Munnlist and Malastare,

Battle of Geonosis

Steve fought in the 1st and 2nd battles of Geonosis into the clone wars, so he was sick of the planet from the start. However, this time it was diffrent. Instead of invading the planet, they were liberating it. The Imperials were forcing the local Geoshians into Slavery to work on The Imperial War Machine. There had already been a Geosian Resistance Group that formed shortly after the battle of Yavin. Geonosis has been struggling for there independence for a year, and requesed the assiatance of the Rebellion. Steve would rendezvous with the Rebel Leader of The Geonosis Resistance: A Geosian named Ikvizi. They meet near there foundry. Steve noted that the Geosians were relatvily nice if you get the chance to know them. Steve, Gun and Ikvizi were going to storm several Imperial Prisions, Destroy The Imperial Factories, go to he Moff's Palace and either capture or execute him. The plan went well, Steve noted that the Geonsians were exelcent warriors. They freed all the prisoners, stormed and destroyed all the factories and all that was left was the Moff's Palace. However, The Imperial Moff had stationed a large Imperial Garrison consisting of Strom Troopers, Dark Troopers, AT-STs and AT-ATs. The Rebels and Geonosians had air support so they were able to cut through the Imperial Rank with ease. The Geonishians broke into the Moff's Room and executed him. Geonosis thanked the Rebellion for its serivces and pledged it's alliegance to the Rebellion. Steve noted that this victory made him more confident in the Rebellion.

Battle of Malastare

The Battle of Malastare was one of the most hardest fought battles in the Cvil War. At first, Malastare overthrew the Moff running Malastare, but Emperor Palpatine sent more forces to take it back. Steve and his forces managed to fortify Malasatre with everything in the Rebellion Arsenal, and The Imperials were using everything in there aresneal. However, The Duggs were aiding the Rebel Cause. The Imperial Fleet engaged The Rebel Fleet in space, while the Empire sent everything they had on the ground. The Battle took a week. It was fought to a bitter stalemate, however, the Rebellion eventually broke the Imperial Lines, which sent them to retreat. Malastare offerd it's fuel and resources to the Rebellion. This made Steve alot happier with the Rebellion.

Battle of Munnlist.

After the Battle of Malastare, The Intergalatic Banking Clan had been secertly fincaing the Rebellion. Munnlist hated the Empire, and wanted to publicly join the Rebellion, however, Munnlist had no army, and the Empire had a tight grip on Munnlist. Steve, Gun and there massive forces launched a full-scale liberation operation. After 2 days of long hard fighting, The Rebellion took Munnlist. Steve announced that with these victories, Steve would stay in the rebellion.

Battle of Onderon and The Battle of Ryloth

After 3 successful Milltiary Operations conducted by Alliance Forces, the momentum shifted from the Empire to nobody. The Rebellion wanted the Momentum back. The Empire was gathering for a massive assault on Thyferra, a very loyal Rebellion world which supplied the Alliance with bacta at a modest price. They were gathering at Ryloth, but they were receiving supplies from the Millitary Oridance base on Onderon. Onderon has also a resistance movement. Steve sent Gun to Onderon to work the the Resistance in destroying the Oridance Base, while Steve would take over Ryloth. The battles happend exactly at the same time. Although for Gun, he and the Onderon Rebels managed to engage the Imperial Forces in a heated battle at the base. Gun also snuck in afew Y Wings, which bombed and completely obliterated the Imperial Ordiance Base. THe Empire fought to the last man, and all the Imperial Forces on Onderon were elimanted, or retreated. Onderon then joind the Rebellion. Meanwhile, the Battle of Ryloth was very heated. Both sides lost alot of men. However, Ryloth had a resitance movement, and they working with the Rebelion to take Ryloth. Eventully, the Resistance took over a Hypervelocity Cannon and used it on the Imperial Fleet.  Combined with both firepower, the Imperial Fleet retreated. Steve then went down onto the surface with his army and with the combined strength of the Resistance, they took over the capital city of Lessu, and arrested the Imperial Moff. The Rebellion then got the monetum back.

New Comers ( Battle of Excarga)

With the new shift in momentum, several new comers joined the Rebellion. Kyle Katarn joined the Rebellion after finding out what Steve had told him was true, and there with a dark sith by the name of Emily Allis. Steve and Allis immidentaly didn't get along, since they fought on opposing sides in the Clone Wars. Gun also didn't like Emily either. However, Steve demonstarted that they can work together. At Excarga, the Empire had controll of the minning world, but they had secertly been giving the alliance the ore. Mon Monthma wanted Excarga liberated. Steve, Gun and Emily were sent to liberate the world. Emily was tasked in dealing with the Imperial Space Station plus the 3 Star Destroyers thta guarded the planet, and Steve and Gun had to destroy the Imperial Moff Buliding.The Plan ultimately worked. Emily succuesfully destroyed the space station and the star destroyers while Gun and Steve freed the miners and improsioned the remaing Imperial Forces. Steve noted that the Rebellion would go strong into the 4th year of the war.

Battle of Maldra 4

The Galatic Civl War had now been going on for 4 years. The Rebelion had a sliht advantage over the Empire, but it wasn't anything huge. The Rebellion had become more orgaized, and scored repated victories and raids against the Imperial Forces. However, the Empire displayed cruleity at Maldra 4, were they masscared the enire Rebel Base and refugees. Steve didn't particpiate in the battle, but he recoverd holorecords of the battle and he played them replatingly on the HoloNews Networks. Imperial Support went down a little, and a few planets seccded. Emperor Palpatine declared that this will be the fate of the entire Rebellion.

War In The Expansion Region

There wars very little fighting in the 4th year of the Galatic Civil War. The Empire controlled the Deep Core, Most of The Core, Colonies and The Inner Rim. The Rebels controlled most of the Mid and Outer Rims. Imperial Forces and Reel Forces engaged each other in the Expansion Region. Steve fought in a few battles during this time.

Battle of Edan 2

Steve's first assingment in 2 ABY was to take the world of Edan 2. The Empire poorley defended the planet. THe majority of the planet's defenses were at the SouthView Village, which on top of a mountain. Steve, Gun and there troops walked up the treacherous path of the Moutain. Several Imperial JumpTroopers flew down to engage them, but they were killed easily. THe Rebels eventually reached the village and overwhelemed the Imperial Defenses. However, the Imperials activated a shield generator, and they activated a Mangnapulse Cannon which began to fire upon the Rebel Fleet. Gun and several Rebel Troopers threw several gernades at the Shield Generator, which eventually destroyed it, and Steve poilted a Tie Mauler into a collison course with the cannon which destroyed it. The remaing Imperial forces surrunderd, and Edan 2 was in Rebel Hands.

Battle of Hythrope 4

After the battle of Edan 2, Steve was tasked to take Hythrope 4. He already learend that General Cracken's forces had been ambushed by Imperial Forces, but they were rescued. Steve and his men kept there eyes peeled. However, eventually they to were ambushed. The Imperials caught them completely y surrpise, and Steve lost to many men to push on so he orderd a retreat.

Battle of Barcana

After the retreat at Hypthrope 4, Steve was tasked to stop the Imperial Fleet ammasing at Barcana. He was not orderd to take the planet due to the massive size of the defenses. Steve would create a diversion while Gun took a few ships and hammerd them from behind. The Rebel fleet engaged The Imperial Fleet. The battle seemed to be in the Rebel's favor, but more Imperial Forces kept arrrving. Steve noticed that there was an Imperial Indiciator. If someone could get abaord it and rewire it, more Imperial Forces wouldn't be able to arrive. Steve sent his sceert son Charles and a boarding party to take the ship. After sometime the boarding party was successful and they re-wired so that more Imperial Forces couldn't arrive. Gun and his fleet then arrived from behind and began pummeling the Imperial Fleet. After several hours of fighting, the last of the Imperial Ships were either destroyed or surrunderd. After the successful battle, Steve, Gun, Charles and everyone else headed back to base.

Battle of Aviles Prime

After the Battle of Barcana, word reached Rebel Command that the Empire was attending a confrence on Aviles Prime. This could be the Rebel's one chance in ending the war. The Rebel Fleet arrived in oribit, strangley they encounterd no resistance. Steve noted that this was porably a trap. The Rebel Gorund forces then deployed on the Forest-like surface, and they began heading to where the confrence was being held. Again, no resistance, just a rayshieleded door. Steve used force lighting to short-circuate it so they can get in. After making there way through several leveels, they began to encounter StromTroopers, but they were defeated. They then reached a door, where they saw 2 Royal Guards, and 4 Shadow Guards. After a biref battle, the guards were killed, but then the door opened. Darth Vader himself appeared. Steve engaged Vader, but he was force pushes to the end of the hallway. Vader then killed a few Rebel Soliders, and he kicked Steve's son. Vader then dueled Gun. Gun told Steve and the others to go and find the Emperor. Steve and his men did so. Inside the doorway they found the Emperor with several Imperial Moffs, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Steve demanded that they put there hands up or they will be shot on sight. The Moffs and Grand Admiral Thrawn did so, but the Emperor stood up and shot volts of lighting at them. Steve blocked it and redirected it back at the Emperor, but his men were knocked unconcious. The Imperial Moffs and Grand Admiral Thrawn began to run out of the room. However, Steve's men woke up and began chasing them. Palpatine stated it was just him and him. Steve then engaged Palpatine in a duel. Palpatine was powerful, but Steve was stronger. Steve disarmed Palpatine and shot ligthing at Palpatine untill he surrunderd. Steve then used Force Stun on the Empeoror, and he used blood bending to make him go forward. They then went to find Gun. They didn't have to look far, they found Gun at saber point. Vader said that Gun would die unless if the Emperor was givin to him. Steve then gave Vader the Emperor, and Vader gave Steve Gun. Vader and the Emperor then left. Steve and Gun went to find there men. Charles reported that a few moffs and Grand Admiral Thrawn escaped, but they got the 8 remaing ones. Steve then orderd Charles to bring them back to the ship. Steve, Gun and the rest of there men then left the planet with there captives.

Battle of Extorin Minor

After the Battle of Aviles Prime, Steve was tasked to capture the planet of Extorin Minor. The natives hated there Imperial Captives, so Steve incited a rebellion on the planet, combined with the Rebel army, they Imperial Forces fell, and Exotrin Minor secceded from the Empire and joined the Rebellion.

Battle of Geedon 5/ Operation Grain Snatch

After the Battle of Extorin Minor, Steve was asked to particpate in Operation Grain Snatch. It's objective was to portay Imperial Overlord Ghorin as a traitor. The Imperials were shipping food to Geedon 5, Hollan D1 and Plooriod 4. Steve and Gun were tasked to intercept the convoy at Geedon 5, General Criz Mandine was taksed with intercepting the convoy at Hollan D1 and Ackbar and Cracken would intercept the convoy at Plooriod 4. According to the mission, they were supposed to destroy the convoy. At Geedon 5, the convoy was to go to a space station to be processed. Steve used the force to trick the Imperial Piolts into crashing the ships into Space Station at crucial portins of the base, but before impact, they would eject, and they would appear as traitors. The plan worked. The Imperial Piolts did was Steve asked, and the Imperial Space Station was heavily damaged. Steve and Gun's fleet then arrived to destroy the rest of the Imperial Fleet. Operation Grian Snatch ultimately proved to be a success as the other missions were successful.

Battle of Lohopa 2

After The Battle of Geedon 5, Steve and Gun were tasked to aid the Miner Rebellion on Lohopa 2. The planet had resisted the Empire for decaded. For 6 months, The Rebels and The Empire grappled for the planet. Eventually, The Empire retreated sine the cost of taking the planet was to high. Lohopa 2 then joined the Rebellion.

Battle of Acorvus

After the battle of Lohopa 2, Steve was tasked with rescuing pollitcal exiles from Acorvus, the Empire sends Poliitical dissents to Acorvus who spoke out against the Empire. The Rebel Fleet engaged the Imperial Armada above Acorvus while Steve and Gun went down to the surface and rescue as many prisioners as possible. The Stormtroopers were orderd to kill the Polliticians. Steve and Gun were able to save many, but some of them were lost in the ensuming firefight. The Empire eventually broke out TIE Maulers, which ran over Steve's men and self- destructed, killing many Soliders and Polliticians. Steve orderd this troops to bring back the Polliticians to there ship. However, they were cut off by Phase 2 Dark Troopers, who used there jetpacks and there rotating blaster cannon to kill the Rebels and Polliticnans. Gun was able to snipe enough of them for them to break through. Steve and his men fired up the enginges on the transports and fled. In orbit, Steve's fleet was taking a beating since the Imperial Forces proved to be to powerful. The Rebel Fleet actually almost left with out them since they were taking to much fire. Steve and Gun and there crusiers manage to dock with there ships and flee. Out of the 5,000 polliticnas that there on the planet they managed to rescue 567,  but only 217 successfully escaped. Mon Monthma appreicated there work and they needed the polliticians as a pollitical voice for the Rebellion.

Battle of Ishanna 2

WIth all the battles being waged in the Expansion Region, The Empire discoverd that if they attack the crucial minning world of Ishanna 2, they would be able to slip by the expansion region and go to fight the rebel forces in the Mid and Outer Rims. Steve was tasked to defend the planet. Ishanna 2 was a netural world, but unfortuantley war came to it. Imperial Commander Moff Yiuteraus delpolyed StormTroopers, Dark Troopers Phase 3, AT-STs, TIE Maulers and Riot Troopers. The Rebels established a base in the mines, so theyre objective was to hold off the Imperial Assault. The Imperials engaged the Rebels. Steve was able to destroy alot of vechiles and kill alot of StormTroopers, but the problem was that Imperial Scout Troopers would snipe from behind the Riot Shield troopers, who relied on them as protection. Steve had his men concentrate on the Riot Troopers. However, there was to many. Steve relaised that this planet was now in Imperial hands and there was nothing they could do to hold them off. Steve and his men sealed the mines shut and retreated to where the transports were, and they succesfully escaped. Although, the Imperials now had access to he Mid and and Outer Rims, and this battle was at the turn of the year 3 ABY.

Battle of New Cov

It was now the year 3 ABY. 3 years ago, the Rebellion scored a descive victory over the Empire. Now, the Empire was pushing the Rebels back to the Outer Rim. The first battle of the year was the Battle of New Cov. Rebel leader Borsk Fey'la asked Steve and Gun for assiatance at New Cov was he was battling an Imperial Star Destroyer, and his 4 Bothan Crusiers were unable to defeat it. Steve and Gun's fleet cam out of hyperspace and with the combined firepower, they successfully destroyed the Imperial Star Destroyer. However, Steve didn't realise it at the time that Fey'la was using the battle as a diversion so Garm Bel ibis could sneak down to the surface an grab some supplies for his movement.

Battles Of The Corellian Trade Spine

The Rebellion still wanted to keep it's momentum, so they tasked Steve and several Rebel Fleets to reatly harass the Imperial Forces along the Corellian Trade Spine. During the raids, Steve and a Rebel Squadron by the name of Wolf Squadron, came acorss an Imperial Convoy Ship, which guarded by about 50 TIE Fighters and 2 Star Destroyers. Steve  and Gun decided that they would take a look on whats aboard. Steve had Wolf Squadrons which was consosted of X Wings, Y Wings, A Wings and B Wings to engage the TIE FIghters, while Gun Orderd 5 Nebulon B Frigates and 3 Rebel Assault Ships to engage the Imperial Star Destroyers. Steve then used his Mon Calamari Falgship, The Free Soul, to disable the Cargo Ship, and Gun and several Rebel Troopers including Charles boarded the Imperial Ship and killed everyone aboard. Gun then found crucial information about the Second Death Star's Weapon Systems. Steve asked Gun to downalod the plans onto to a data file and bring it back. Meanwhile, The Imperial Forces were completely wiped out, and the Rebels sufferd almost no casualites. Steve and Gun then brought The Free Soul back to Hoth with the plans while Wolf Squadron returned with a copy of the plans to Annamar. However, Wolf Squadron was eradicated by Darth Vader, who retrived the copy of the plans, not knowing that Steve had the original copy. The Rebellion now knew that there was going to be a Second Death Star, but they only knew about the Weapon Systems.

Battle of Suurja

After recovering the plans, Steve and Gun were sent to investigate rumors of an Orange Female Togurta Jedi wielding 2 green lightsabers. Steve origanlly thought this was Ahsoka Tano, but Steve never saw her again after she left the Jedi order. Steve took Gun, Charles as well a small portion of his fleet. However, upon there arrival above Suurja, they encounterd a Super Star Destroyer, 12 Star Destroyers, 3 Gladiator Class Destroyers and 9 Victor 2 Class Friagtes. Steve only had 5 Mon Calamari Cruisers, 7 Rebel Assaullt, 9 Corellian Corvettes, and countless fighter and bomber squadrons. Immindeatly, the battle started. The Empire easily got the uper hand. Steve sensed it was Vader that was attacking them. The Rebels fought hard, but the Empire seemed to get the upperhand. During the battle, Steve;s X wing was shot down by a TIE FIghter. Steve's fighter then crashed onto the surface. Steve surrvived the crash, but his comlink was destroyed. Steve noticed that there was a cave nearby, and he sensed someone in it. Steve decided to go into the cave. When he enterd the cave, he saw a campfire, some supplies, and a hooded figure. Steve recongized that it was a woman. She told Steve she should not have come here, and she ingited her lightsabers and attacked Steve. Steve was able to easily block and counterd. Steve was able to defeat the hooded figure with several ligthing attacks. Steve then old the figure that he did not fool her. He took of the hood and he saw that it was Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka tank then kicked him the face, but Steve then smacked her acorss the room. Ahsoka and Steven then contuinued there duel. Ultimately Steve disarmed Ahsoka and kicked her to the cave wall. Steve explained that he was a friend from the Clone Wars and he was not here to fight her. Steve and Ahsoka did some catching up. Steve explained everything that happend from when she left the Jedi Order up till now. Ahsoka explained that she traveld the galaxy with Davie Karczwski. She also explianed that they had children, but Ahsoka moved on to other men, ultimately she was banished to Suurja. Steve told her that Anakin became Darth Vader. Steve sensed that there was still good in him, but maybe his former apprentice could show him. Ahsoka agreed to join the Rebellion. After serveral hours, Rebel Forces landed in search of Steve. They found Steve in a cave with Ahsoka Tano. They brought them back to the Rebel fleet, which made an unexpected comeback and defeated the Imperial Forces. It was Ahsoka's Job to bring the light back into Darth Vader.

Battle Of Gentes

After finding Ahsoka Tano, The Rebellion began to notice more Sith Apprentices in battle fighting for the Empire. The Rebellion discoverd that there was Imperial Training Facilities For Sith. They were located on Genetes, Honoghr, Dathomir, Iridonia, Korriban, Umbara, Nar Shadda and Ryloth. Steve had been to these temples before, but they were reconstructed to serve the Empire. The Dark Side was strong on those planets. The Rebellion decided to target the Sith Traning Facilitiy on Gentes. Rebel Intelligence spotted Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine visting the Academy. The Rebels decided now it was time to Strike. The Imperial Space defenses consisted of an Imperial Space Station, 7 Star Destroyers, 4 Acclamtors, 15 Tartan Patrol Cruisers, 4 Gladiator Class Destroyers,  10 Victory Class Frigates and a Super Star Destroyer, The Invulnerable. Not to mention countless TIE Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor, Pahntom and Defender squadrons. The Ground defenses were consisted of Storm Troopers, Sith Apprentices, AT-STs, Carbointe War Driods, Incerator War Driods, Terror Troopers, and Several Imperial Shadow Guards. Steve's Forces were givin a 56% Chance of survival. Steve, Gun, Ahsoka and Charles went to Gentes. The Rebel Fleet and Imperial Fleet began to clash. The Battle was firece, but the Rebels needed to destroy the Imperial Space Station before they could land any ground forces. Steve recommended boarding an Imperial Star Destroyer and raming it into the Staion. Steve sent several squads to board the Super Star Destroyer. In addition, The Imperials also sent boarding parties of there own. Ultimately, The Rebels held them off. The Boarding Parties succesfully took over the Super Star Desttroyer and ramed it right into the Station, and succesfully escape. Steve then orderd all ground forces to land. The Rebel Fleet continued it's battle with the Imperial Space Fleet. Steve, Gun, Ahsoka and Charles then landed on the Ruplosorlift City which contained the Temple. Imideantly Imperial Forces began rushing to the Landing Zone. Gun held them off while Steve confronted Palpatine and Ahsoka confronted Vader. Steve was unable to find the Emperor, and it was revealed that Rebel Intelligence was incorrect about Palpatine's Presence. However, Ahsoka did manage to find Vader in the heart of the temple. Ahsoka begged Vader to come back t light, but Vader explained that she was to late. They then began to engage in a firce lightsaber duel. Vader wasn't as good as he was when he was Anakin, so Ahsoka was more maniuverable, and he was able to defeat Vader. She held Vader at saber point. Vader begged Ahsoka to kill him and end all the madness he had created. But Ahsoka replied she could not strike down her former master. Vader then used the force to choke Ahsoka, which ultimately killed her. Steve was disgusted that Vader would do that. Gun then reported that he Rebels couldn't stay much longer. Steve then orderd a full retreat. THe Gorund forces fled back into space, and what was left of the Rebel Fleet retreated back to Hoth. The Imperial forces flew victoriously in the debris of the Rebel SHips. It was also a setback for the Rebellion.

Battle of Hoth

Shortly after the defeat at Gentes, Steve and his forces fled back to Hoth to await there new orders. Mon Monthma kept most of the Alliance Leadership with her Perosnal Fleet. However, some Rebel Leaders where on Hoth such as Carlist Rieekan, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia along with other officers. The Empire was growing weary of the war wanted to end the war early in the year of 3 ABY. The Empire dispatched thousandsof probe driods to worlds in the Outer Rim. Eventually, an Imperial Probe Driod came across Hoth, where it discoverd a singnificant Presence of the Rebellion. Darth Vader and his massive fleet moved to Hoth. However, due to Amdiral Ozzel's cluminless, the fleet came out to close to the planet, and the Rebels activated there shield generators, and preperd there defenses and there Ion Cannon. Vader executed Ozzel for this becuase he wanted to bombard the base, so he orded Ground Assault. Several Imperial Acclamtors landed on Hoth. They landed Storm Troopers, Imperial Snipers, Imperial Officers, Imperial PLEX Troopers, Dark Troopers Phase 0 through 3. AT-STs, AT-AAs, AT-ATs, AT-PTs, Imperial Turbo Tanks,SPAHTA-S, 2-M Ruplosor Tanks, TIE Maulers, Imperial TX-130 Tanks, Incerator War Driods, Carobinte War Driods and Lancet Artilley. The Rebel Defesnes consisted of Rebel Troopers, Rebel PLEX Troopers, Rebel Snipers, Bothan Spies, Rebel Poilts, Wookies, Turrents, Snow Speeders, MTPLs, T2-B and T4-B Tanks. The Rebels could'nt hope to match the Imperial Forces, so Steve's mission was to hold them off for as along as they could. Steve, Gun and Charles and there troops took there postion. In the distance, they spotted the massive Imperial Army coming there way. THe Rebels opened fire and luaunched there Snow Speeders. Luke Skywalker lead the Snow Speeders to take down the AT-ATs. THe Imperials deplyed there Troops, and the EMpire began charging to the trenches and the base. The Rebels began to shoot down some troopers and destroy a couple vechiles. But the AT-ATs deliverd devestaing firepower then destroyed parts of the treches and serveal turrents. Steve orderd the PLEX Troopers to open fire on the nearest AT-ATs, it only did minor damage. The AT-AAS began opening fire on the Snow Speerders, taking them out. Wedge advised to stay away from them. They tried shooting the AT-AT, but it had no effect, so they started using Toe Cables, which would wrap around the AT-AT, it would trip, and it would either explode, or stay there, stuck. They managed to take down a few AT-ATs, but the Empire kept shooting the Snow Speeders down. The Imperial Ground forces made there way to the trenches and a small tunnel leading to the base. Steve orderd there men that they must not enter the base. The Rebels then fired there ion cannon at the Imperial Fleet, and Transport 1 with serveral troops and supplies succesfully escaped. The Empire and The Rebels fought each other near a entrance of the base. Steve used his lightsabers, which was effective and killing the Storm Troopers, but the War Driods kept flushing out the Rebels. Eventually, the Empire broke out there Imperial Drop Ships and Energy Pummels. The Pummles were slow and not very mauniverable, which allowed PLEX troopers to prey on them. Some LAAT/i Gunships then were launched to engage the AT-Ats, but they were shot down. The Imperial Forces were gaining ground, and were pushing torwards the Shiedl Generator. Steve could not let General Veers destroy it. Several MTPL's starting firing onto the Imperial Forces, which killed most of them. However, Imperial Juggerants escorted by TIE Maulers and Speeder Bike Squadrons deployed to engage the Rebel atrillrey, and they succesfully did. Imperial Dropships also began deploying Imperial Commandos, and more renforcmenets acorss the battlefield. Steve urged Reekan to launch more trnasports. More Tenasports were luanched, some of them escape, the others were either shot down on the ground or in space. A Rebel Fleet came into hyperpsae and began battling the Empire. There was a lot of blood and confusion on the battlefield, and this made Gun Good realise that the Empire was to strong, so in the midst of the battlefield, he escaped back to Echo Base. Steve noticed this and followed him, and he orded Charles to begin falling back to the base. The T4-B Tanks tried using a combination of Lasers and missles against the AT-Ats, but they were either crushed or destroyed by Blaster Fire. 5 AT-Ats began closing in on the Shield Generator. However, it was guarded by Turbo Laser Towers, which opend fire on the AT-Ats, and destroying 2 of them. Veers orderd the AT-ATs to use maxium fire power. They fired onto the generator, and instantly destroyed it and the Turbo Laster Towers. Charles and His men were battling the Empire, and the AT-STs were using Maximum Firepower on them, which killed alot of Rebels, but Rebel Plex Troopers managed to use there missles and mines to destroy serveral of them. More Imperial Acclamtors began landing on the Battlefield, and they spotted Lord vader himself. Charles orderd a full retreat back to Echo Base, they ran while under the fire of Imperial Forces. Meanwhile, Gun was about to steal an X Wing. Steve stoped him and asked what he was doing. Gun replied that he had enough of this war and he belived that he was fighting a loosing war. Steve said that they were gonna loose the battle, but not the war. Steve tried to convince Gun to stay, but nothing worked. Gun was then about to leave, but Steve stoped Gun and told him about Charles. Steve told the whole story to Gun about his relationship with Aurra Bluespark, and how they had 4 children. Gun was surprised by this, but he always sensed something between Charles and Steve. Steve then wished Gun good luck, since he was still confident in the Rebel Cuase. Gun then left  Echo Base and went onto space, it would be a while before Steve would see Gun again, and it wouldn't be under good circumstances. Charles then came running into the base and he told him that the Empire was in the base. Steve informed Reekan and he luanched all transports. However, most of them were shotdown. Vader then came into the hanger with his troops. Steve told charles to escape to the back where the transports were. Steve then dueld Vader. The duel was intense while Rebel Troops and Imperial Soliders exchanged blaster fire in the hanger of Echo base. During the duel, Steve brought up how Vader killed Ahsoka on Gentes. Vader replied that he serves the Dark Skide now, and it does now show compassion. Steve then used the force to bring down the snow and ice coverd roof onto Vader and the Imperial Troopers. Steve then orderd the Rebel Troops to make there way to the back. Vader and his men picked themselves up and followed them, shooting each othr along the way. General Reekan and other staff were forced to evacuate since the Empire stormed the controll room. Around this time, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, C-3Po, R2-D2 and Leia organa escaped on the Melimum Falcon. Steve meet Reekan and his men, and he orderd them to escape onto the transports and escape to the Renedezvous Point. Vader and his men then cameout and began Battling them again. Steve dueld Vader oncemore. Steve noticed that Vader was holding a Tracking Beacon. Steve kicked out of his hand, and whilein mid air, Vader force pushed Steve into a chunk of snow. Vader then sprinted to the transports. However there was to much fire to allow him to put it. So Steve picked himself up and fought Vader. Steve forced pushed Vader back, but the StormTroopers were making there way to the transports, gunning down any Rebel. Imperial Plex Troopers began to open fire on the transports, while Dark Troopers Phase 0 used there jetpacks to get on top and place mines, which exploded and damaged the ships. STeve then kicked some snow onto Vader and ran to the transports, where they took off. The Imperial Ground forces tried to shoot them down, but they only shot down 1 transport out of the 3 that were escaping. Steve sensed Emily Alis was in the other transport. They escaped the blockade, and went to the rendezvous point to meet with Mon Monthma and her fleet. When they escaped, Steve saw the bruning Echo Base. AFterwards, Luke came back after a duel with Vader on Cloud CIty, and he had his arm cut off. Han Solo was also frozen in carobinte, an taken by Boba Fett. This was a major defeat for the Rebellion, but they contiuued to fight on.

First Battle of Abridon

Shortly after the Defeat at Hoth, Steve and his forces were tasked to help the Abridon Nataolinsts who were fightinf off the Empire. The Abridon Nataionalists requested aid from the Alliance. Steve and his forces arrived to help the Nataionalists, and they were sucessful in defeating the Imperial Forces. There would be a 2nd Battle of Abridon, but Steve and his forces were not involved

Spreading The Rebellion

A few months after the Battle of Abriodn, Steve and his forces were givin sometime off, although the Batalion wasn't the same without Gun around, so Steve promoted his son to 2nd in command, although, the batalion didn't know that Charles was Steve's son, they knew that Charles was a qualified and dignifited leader on the battlefiedld. After there break, Steve and his Batalion were involved in a campaign known as " Spreading The Rebellion". It was designed to win the support of the Elrood and Airam Sectors. The Sectors did like the Rebellion, and wre sympathetic to there cuase, but they still feared the Empire and Emperor Palpatine's wrath. In additon, Imperial Task Force Vengance policed the Sectors and they enforced strict Martial Law. Steve's Fleet was tasked to destroy Admiral Senn's Fleet, which was Task Force Vengenace. If this worked, The Elrood and Ariam Sectors would be brave enough to publicily defy the Empire.

First Battle of Gelgelar

Gelgelar was a world that housed a Rebel Medical Facilty in it's orbit. However, the Empire disocverd this base, and was intent on destroying it. Admiral Senn sent 8 Star Destroyers to wipe out the Rebels. Most of Steve's fleet was elsewhere at the time, so he only had his flagship, The Free Soul, 2 Corellain Corvettes, 3 Nebulon B Firgates, 1 MC80 Firgate, 3 Assualt Frigates, and 1 Marauder Cruiser. Steve's mission was to hold off the Imperials while the Rebels evacuated and they had the station self- destruct. The Imperial Fleet arrived, and they immidenatly clashed with Steve's fleet. The figthing was intense, but it went poorly for the Rebels. The Empire managed to destroy most of Steve's forces while they only lost 2 Star Destroyers, but they did loose an embarsing amount of Fighter and Bomber Squadrons, Eventually, The Empire sent boarding craft to board the station. However, when the boarding party arrived, they were to late and the station self- destructed. Steve's fleet coverd the retreat of the Rebel transports, while loosing a couple more ships. Eventually, The Rebel Transports escaped, and Steve meet up with them in the Abiran Sector. Steve's flagship was heavily damaged, and his ship, and 1 Nebulon B Firgate, that was also damaged, survived the battle. The Empire lost an additonal Sar Destroyer when the rebels were retreating, they lost most of there fighter and bomber squadrons, and they lost there boarding parties. But this wouldn't be the last battle at Gelgelar.

Battle Near The Blair Cluster

After the defeat at Gelgelar, Steve's fully reunited fleet was tasked with aiding Ariam Clan Ships to sfatey. They would be traveling through a hyperlane near the Blair Cluster. However, Task Force Venegance was waiting there. They used indicitors to pull the trnasports out of hyperpsace along with Steve's fleet. A battle then ensumed. Most of the transports were pulled in by Imperial Tractor Beams, but Steve had his forces conenctrate on the Indicators. Enough of the Imperial indiciators were destroyed so that the last of the transports could escape. The Rebel Fleet then fled to the rendezvous point. The Empire found criminals, illegal cargo, or both on the transports.

First Battle of Goff

Following the Battle of The Blair Cluster, The Imperial Fleet found out that the Rebel Rendez-vous point was at the Goff Supply Platform. Steve's fleet was protecting the platform so that the transports could unload. Unexpctincaly, the Imperials dropped out of hyperpsace and began battling Steve's fleet. In addition, Turbo Laser Towers on the platfrom began opening fire on the Imperial Fleet. Eventually, both sides started taking causalities. The Empire foucsed it's fire on the platform and it destroyed it. Steve reaised this battle was lost and retreated.

Battle of Rocrin

While Steve's fleet awaited renforcements and repairs. Steve piolted his X wing in escorting a Rebel Supply convoy to Rocrin. However, The Empire discoverd this, and ambushed the convoy, and killed every single Rebel, or at least they thought they did. Steve escaped the battle when he thought it was lost. Steve reported back that the convoy was a failure and recomended calling off the campaing. But Rebel Command insisted that they kept trying, and they sent renforcements to Steve's Fleet.

Second Battle of Goff- The Re- Match

Shortly after the Battle of Rocrin, Steve's forces were ready again. They decided to go back to Goff for a re-match. It was a bloody space battle. Both Imperial Forces and Rebel forces fought hard. Most of the imperial Fleet was destroyed, and Steve did loose some ships, but Imperial Forces kept capturing Rebel Star Fighter piolts. Steve didn't have enough fighter squadrons to target the battle. While Steve's fleet was retreating, Steve's ships used maxium firepower to completely obliterate 5 imperial Star Destroyers. Despite this being an Imperial Victory, The Rebel did get the satisfaction they wanted in devestating Task Force Vengenance.

First Battle of Mobetta

On the planet of Mobetta, there was Rebel Factory plans. After Repeated Defeats in the Elrood and Ariam Sectors, Steve was tasked with defending the factory plans. Steve wanted to see how strong Task Force Venegenace was on the ground. Task Force Venegence came into orbit and deployed Battalions of StromTroopers to ake the data. On the planet, THe 44th Gundark Battalion fought hard against the Task Force Venegance ground forces. Steve used his lightsabers and the force to kill most of the stromtroopers, and the other rebels killed the rest. However, an Imperial Stealth Trooper managed to sneak behind Rebel lines and steal the factory plans. The Imperial Fleet then bombared and destroyed the factory. However, most of the rebels survived. After the defeat, Steve said that this campaign was a lost cause, and that the Elrood and Airam Sectors will never seceede from the Empire. Mon Monthma sent some fleets to aid Steve. Steve said that this was the worst campaign he ever fought for.

Skirmish Near Gelgelar

After the battle of Mobetta, Steve was tasked with transfering the wounded from the previous battles to a medical firgate on the border between the Elrood and Airam sectors. However, during the transferring, it was interupted by taskforce venegance. With new renfrocements, Steve's forces began to hammer Task Force Vengeance. The Rebels did a lose a few ships. Eventually, Task Force Vengenace took to many looses, and they sent a TIE Bomber Squadron to destroy the Medical Firgate. Steve got in his X Wing, andchased after the squadron. Meanwhile, The Empire began to retreat, while under heavy fire from the rebellion. Steve caught up the Squadron and destroyed every last bomber in that squadron. Admiral Senn viewed this as a failure and had his forces retreat. The survivors were transferred, and this was the vicotry Steve was looking for to keep this Campaign alive

Battle of Halbra

Shortly after the Skirmish near Gelgelar, the Rebels were finally motivated to keep the Campaign going. There was a convoy of B Wings being sent to the Ariam Sector aboard the Mon Calamari Ship known as THe Rebel Star. Steve was tasked with escorting it into the Ariam Sector. However, Task Force Venegence was lieng in wait for the Rebels at Halbra. Steve's Fleet protected the convoy and went onto the offesinve to battle Task Force Vengenace. Steve's piolts have grown smarter and more bolder, and were able to destroy the Imperial Fighters faster then they could destroy an X Wing. Steve had his cruiser use maxium firepower on the Star Destroyer Rage,which eventually destroyed it. Steve then sent 5 Y Wing Squadrons to bomb Admiral Senn's Super Star Destroyer, however they were unsuccessful, and they were shot down. The Rebels pushed forward, destroying more Star Destroyers. Admiral Senn couldn't afford to keep loosing ships like this and retreated. It was another victroy for the rebellion, and The Convoy successfully landed on Halbra

Second Battle of Gelgelar

After the Battle of Halbra, TaskForce Vengeance was still in possession of the supplies from the first battle of Gelegar that were salvaged. Steve's forces were tasked to recover those supplies. With the campaign turning in the Rebellion's Favor. Steve's forces attacked Task Force Vengeance above Gelgelar, setting up a re-match. The Supplies were stored on Admiral Senn's Super Star Destroyer, The Vegenace. While the rest of the Rebel Fleet engaged Task Force Vengeance in a firece re-match, Steve piolted The Free Soul and boarded the Vengeance. Steve and Charles then lead a boarding party on the SUper Star Destroyer. THey searched for the plans, killing any Strom Trooper that got in there a way. Eventually, they found the plans in a storage closest, they took it, ran back to there ship, encountering heavy resistance. THey eventually made it back to the ship and re-joined the battle. Task Force Venegance was loosing lots of ships and so was the Rebels. Steve had The Free Soul open fire on the Vegenance, but it only did minor damage. The Super Star Destroyer then acitvated it's tractor beam and began pulling the Crusier In. Steve orderd Rogue Squadron to disable the Tractor Beam. After several failed attempts, Wedge Antillies eventually fired a proton torpedo which destroyed the Tractor Beam. A Few Mon  Calamari Cruises began firing on The Vegenance. Senn then orderd a full retreatt and the Imperials fled. The Rebels scored a descive re-match victory

Mission To Almaran

After socring another victory at Gelgelar, Steve sent Rogue Squadron to destroy Imperial Transports caryying war heads through the Elrood Sector. Steve only montierd Rogue Squadron's Progress and gave them orders. Rogue Squadron descivley destroyed all the Imperial Crago Transports without loosing a single fighter, while Task Force Venegance lost an embarrsing amount. Rogue Squadron then went back to the fleet.

Skirmish Near Almaran

After the mission to Almaran, Steve tasked the Mon Clamari Cruiser, The Liberty, and a Corellian Corvette to go to Almaran and draw Imprial Ships away from the Task Force. The Libery and the Corvette droped out of hyperpsace and began opening fire on Task Force Venegeance. The Liberty destroyed a Tartan Patrol Cruiser and a BroadSide Crusier. In Turn, an Imperial Star Destroyer destroyed the corvette. The Liberty then exchanged fire with Task Force Vegenace. Knowing it was overpower, the Liberty then started flying away, and Admiral Senn sent 8 Star Destroyers to purusue it. Eventually, the Liberty trapped the Star Destroyers in a black hole, which destroyed all the Star Destroyers.

Thrid Battle of Goff

After the Skrimish near Almaran, The Liberty re-joined the fleet. Steve was tasked by Rebel Command to destroy the Conqueror and The Nemisis. 2 Important Imperial Vessels of Task Force Venegance. Steve lwered the Conquest and The Nemsis to Goff, for another re-match. The Rebels were able to easily destroy the 2 Imperial Star Destroyers while taking only minior casualties.

Battle of Swellen

After the vicotry at Goff, Steve wanted to caputre Task Force Vengeance's Imperial Indiciator, the Compellor. During the 2nd Battle at Gelgelar, they damaged it singificantly. It was being reparied at Swellen, and of course, guarded by Task Force Vegenace. The Rebels wanted the Compellor so they can make there own Rebel Indiciator. The Rebels Fleet jumped out of hyperspace in between the fleet, and the shipyards, and they were able to pummel the Imperial Fleet behind, and destroy most of task Force Venegenace before they even knew what happend. The Rebels also succesffuly stole the Compellor. The Imperial Fleet panicked and retreated in all diffrent directions. But Steve didn't want to purusue them. Steve sent the Compellor to Mon Monthma, and Steve continued fighting for the campaign, which he changed his mind since the monetum was now in there favor.

Second Battle of Mobetta

After capturing the Indicitor, The Compellor, Admiral Senn orderd a full- scale search operation to find there stolen Indiciator. Mon Monthma was not able to recieve the Indiciator becuase Darth Vader's forces ambushed and defeated The Main Rebel Fleet at Arba. Mon Monthma changed it's course to go to Mobetta instead, which a site of a previous battle in the campaign. Steve's fleet was tasked with defending it when it arrived. However, Task Force Venegance spotted Steve's Fleet and immindealy engaged them in another re-match above the planet. Noone seemed to gain the upperhand, and the battle quickly turned into a stalemate. The Compellor arrived in the midst of a battle. Charles sent  a fighter squadron to protect it and escort it to the surface. The Imperials were to busy fighting to notice that there Indicator was being escroted to the surface. After a while, Senn thought this wasa trick and he orderd his forces to withdrawl and try to find the Compellor. After the battle, the Alliance began to manufature there own indiciator: The CC-7700 Firgate.

First Battle of Derilyn

After the 2nd Battle of Mobetta, Emperor Palaptine sent renforcements to re-enforce Task Force Vegenance. Steve, learing of this, prepared his massive fleet to ambush the Imperial Renforcement Fleet at Derilyn. The Imperials droped out of hyerspace and they were surprised to find themseleves a Rebel Fleet. The Rebel Fleet, still having the element of surprise, opened fire on the Empire. The Imperial Fleet was to late to react in time, as they were outmanuverd and easily defeated.

Third Battle of Mobetta

After the first battle of Derilyn, The Protoype CC-7700 Frgate was finally completed, and need to be tested out before it could be mass-produced for the alliance fleet. In addition, The Alliance Fleet added the new Dauntless Cruisers, CC-9600 Firgates and Liberator Cruisers to there aresenal. Steve was impressed with the firepower his fleet had. Steve's fleet was known as the 8th Sector Fleet. Admiral Senn realised that the Compellor was on Mobetta, so he scraped up his forces, and went back there again. Steve's fleet was perfectly ready for this, and easily outmanuverd and destroyed most of the Star Destroyers. As the Imperials Realised that they could not win this batle, they began to retreat. Steve fired up his CC-7700's Gravity Well Generators, and it prevented the Imperail Escape. Steve then shut it off since he knew it now worked. The Imperials then retreated. Steve informed Rebel High Command that they can now being mass- producing the CC-7700 Friagtes.

Mission To Kuras Drift

With the Alliance's supply of war heads running low, they accepted the offer of Tarman, leader of an Ariam Clan. Steve didn't participate the mission or in the ensuming battle afterwards.

Battle of Aiquin 4

Shortly after the successful re-supply mission, The Rebels realised that an Imperial Ariam Clan under the leadership of IIlay, a rival to Tarman, who was rebel friendly, could prove torublesome to the campaign. Steve wanted to caputre him when he was meeting Task Force Vegenace. Steve, Tarman, and Charles, teamed up to capture Illay. The newly- rebulit Star Destroyer, Rage, was the site of the confrence, in the backround, there was Illay's Fleet, and Task Force Venegance. Steve Fleet jumped out of hyperspace and elimanted Rage's Defenses. They then surrounded the Rage, and began battling Illay's Fleet and Task Force Venegance. Steve orderd Tarman and Charles to get Illay and and The Imperial officers while they held them off. This proved to be succesful, as Charles stuned the Imperial Officers and Illay. THey then borught them back to The Free Soul, and escaped. This proved to be an impressive victory for the Rebellion.

Battle of Dega

After the capture of Illay, Task Force Venegance was going to be resupplied and recieve Ariam Conscripts. Steve's fleet ambushed them at Dega. Steve boarded the Ariam Clan ship that had the Conscripts, killed everyone aboard, and captured the conscripts, and transferred them to Tarman. The Rebel Fleet then destroyed the Ariam Clan Fleet and most of Task Force Venegance, but Seen once again escaped. Steve needed to find a way to end Senn and Task Force Venegance, once and for all.

Battle of Nocto- Endgame of Spreaing The Rebellion

After the Battle of Dega, Steve needed to find a way to end the Campaign. The world of Nocto was the sight of one of the most important Rebel Shipyards. Steve was tasked to defend those shipyards. Steve also called upon the most important fleets and assets for the Rebellion in the Elrood and Airam Sectors to help defeat the incoming Imperial Assault. Task Force Vegenance then arrived. Steve's Fleet began slugging it out with the Empire. The Rebels target the Super Star Destroyer, Vegenance, Admiral Senn's Flagship. The Rebels tried subjecting the ship to bombing runs, but they were either shot down, or ineffective. Both sides began to take heavy looses and out of controll TIE FIghters crashed into crucial parts of the Shipyards, which destroyed it. The Free Soul then engaged The Star Destroyer Rage, which it was gunned down and desroyed. Steve then decided to have Rebel and Airam Clan Ships ram into the Venegance, although it would be a sucide mission. Various Rebel and Airam Clan Ships voulnteerd for the mission. Rebel Ships and Ariam Clan Ships kept crashing into the Vengance, which critically damaged The Venegance.The Corellian Corvette, Thunder, along with the escort of B-Wings, droped out of hyperspace above the Venegance. THe B Wings launched several Torpedo Launchers and Lasers that hammerd the Venegance. The Venegance opend fire on B Wings, and sent of a few TIE Defenders to engage them. The Thunder, at full speed, loaded with explosives, crashed into the hull of The Venegance, ripping the ship in half. The lowerhalf exploded. And Steve's Ship moved in for the kill. Steve then sent a message to Admiral Senn that a good death was it's own reward. The Free Soul opend fire on the bridge of the Venegance, whick killed Admiral Senn, and destroyed the Venegance. THe Imperials attempted to retreat, but Steve order the CC-7700 firagates to open there graivty well generators. The Rebel Fleet then destroyed the last of Task Force Venegance. The Rebels celebrated there big win. The Elrood Sector and The Ariam Sector were free. Half of the Ariam Sector secceded from the Empire and joined the rebellion, while the other half remained loyal to the Empire. Parts of The Elrood Sector joined the Rebellion. The other parts of the sector gradually joined the Rebels within the following days, weeks, months and years. By 10 ABY, The Elrood Sector would fully join the New Republic, while the Ariam Sector would be plauged by Civil War. The intended reaction for the campaign didn't exactly work the way the Rebellion wated it to. They lost lots of ships and other crucial assets in the campaign, but so did the Empire.

Defense of The Liberty, The Free Soul and The Spark

After the long and tiring Spreading The Rebellion Campaign, Steve and his Battalion were sent on patroling missions. At one point, Steve took his flag ship, The Free Soul, along with the Liberty and The Spark, along with 2 other Corellian Corvettes to patrol a sector in space. During the patrol, an Imperial Fleet consisting of 3 Star Destroyers, 1 Super Star Destroyer and 1 Victroy II Firgate jumped out of hyperspace and engaged the rebel Fleet. Steve's forces were caught by surprise, and the 2 Corellian Corvettes were destroyerd quickly. Steve pulled his ships together and they returned fire, manging to destroy a Victory Firgate and a Star Destroyer. The Super Star Destroyer then sent out Imperial Shuttle, Tie Fighters, TIE Bombers and TIE Interceptors. Steve then sent out X Wings, Y Wings, A Wings, and Laat/i gunships to intercept them.  There was a lot of explosions and deadly dogfights in the space. However, 3 Imperial Shuttles managed to break through and land in the hanger of THe Free Soul. Steve and Charles prepared a defense. The shuttles landed and deployed Imperial Strom Troopers, Dark Troopers Phase 2, 2 Royal Guards, and a sith acloltye. Steve engaged the Sith in a firece duel while Charles and the other Rebel Troops held them off. Steve eventually managed to throw his lightsabers the alcoltye. He tried to spin his double bladed saber, however, one of Steve's sabers cut the double lightsaber and cut him in half while the other one cuted his head off. Then, the last of the the Imperial Soliders and Dark Troopers were killed, but the hanger was modeartly damaged. The Star Destroyers kepy pummeling the Mon Calamari Cruisers with laser fire, and they sent wave after wave of TIE Fighters, Bombers and Interceptors. However, the X Wings, Y Wings and A wings managed to destroy them, which allowed the Mon Calamari Cruisers to focus on the Imperial Fleet. The rest of the Star Destroyers were destroyerd and the other Victry Friagte was destroyed. Steve had his forces target the Super Star Destroyer by hitting crucial hardpoints. Eventually, the Rebels defeated the Super Star Destroyer. With the fleet saved, Steve and his Crusier re-joined the rest of the fleet.

Battle of the Bajic Shipyards

Following the defense of Steve's Crusiers, he was tasked with defending the Bajic Shipyards from Darth Vader's incoming assault. Unforutantley, Steve's forces arrived a little to late, since Darth Vader had already wiped out most of the defenses and the shipyards. Steve forces caught Vader's off- guard and began destorying the Imperial Ships. Steve also docked with the Executor to laucha boarding party. Steve then engaged Darth Vader in another lightsaber duel. Ultimately, Steve realised that they already had failed. Steve forced pushed Vader and closed the boarding ramp. Stee then had his forces withdrawln.

Battle of Courasant

Shortly after the defeat The Bajic Shipyards, Steve was drawn into a rebel operation to rescue Princess Leia. Previously, Princess Leia was tasked to negoitate with Prince Xizor, leader of the Black Sun. However, Xizor decided to then improsine her, and she was locked abaord his personal station, Skyhook. Steve, Charles, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Lando Clarssian were tasked with leading the rescue operation. Since Courasant was the base of the Empire, there was a massive fleet defending the planet. In addition, Skyhook was guarded by several Merceanry Ships, not to mention auto turrent defenses. Steve was tasked to create a diversionary battle so that Lando, Luke and Han could slip by and rescue Leia without the notice of the Empire. Steve noted that going to the Imperial Center was full hearty, but complied with the orders. Steve and hs massive Rebel Fleet jumped hyperspace above Courasant. Steve then told all crews to man there battle stations and lauch all fighter craft. The Imperials thought that the Rebels were here to invade Courasant, so they prepred there ground forces, and began to engage the Rebels in a firce battle. Steve noted that out of all the battles he fought in, this was the most grueling of them all. Both Imperial and Rebel Fleets appeared to be evenly matched, which lead to high casualties on both sides. Meanwhile, The Mellium Falcon sliped by and boarded the Skyhook. The Mereceanries then decided to join in battling both Rebel and Imperial Forces. Unexpectingly in the middle of the battle, The Executor, Darth Vader's flagship, along with 2 Star Destroyers, jumped out of hyperspace just outisde the battle zone. Steve then noticed that Vader and his ships were going to destroy the Skyhook, while Leia,Luke, Lando and Han were still abaord. Steve sent 2 X wing Squadrons and a Y Wing squadron to engage the Executor. In turn, Vader sent ou 2 TIE Fighter Squadrons. 1 to deal with Steve's incoming ships, the other 1 to being attacking the Skyhook. The X wings battled the TIE Fighters, but easily defeated them with loosing a few fighters. The Star Destroyers then open fire on the Y win Squadron. 2 of the Y wings were shotdown and crashed into the Executor's Hanger. Unexpecitangly, the crashed in the middle of Gun Good and Darth Vader's duel. Gun was being held on aboard the Executor, but Steve didn't know that. The Y wings that crashed brought Gun back to the The Free Soul. The Executor then open fire on the Skyhook, which destroyed it. Fortuantley, the rescue operation was a success. While the Rebel Fleet coverd the Mellium Falcon's Escape, the remaiming Imperial Ships closed in onto Steve's fleet. Steve managed to take out a few Star Destroyers and Firgates and Patrol Crusiers and Broadside Crusiers. They even destroyed one of Vader's Star Destroyers. After the Mellium Falcon Fled, The Rebel Fleet then went back to base.

Defending Gun Good

Following the Battle of Courasant, Steve was told that during the battle, Rebel Forces captured a force senstive clone. Steve was then brought down to the brig, where surprisingly, he found his old friend Gun Good. Gun told Steve that Rebels think that he is just an Imperial Storm Trooper, and since he left the Rebellion, he was to be court martialed, a milltiray trial. Steve agrred to repersent him in his trial. The prosecutor, was none other then Gun's old rival, Emily Alis. Steve din't like Emily either, since they both disagreed on pretty much everything. Steve tried to prove that Gun was just more then just a clone, they even conducted a scientific expirement on Gun's DNA to prove that his regirstrey code was actually him. A few of the judges bought that, but Emily arguged that it could have been changed. Eventually, Steve did manage to prove that Gun was not working for the Empire, but Emily had an overhwelming amount of evidence that he deserted the Alliance, which was punishable by death, she also revealed that she was secertly listing to Steve and Gun's conversation and revealed that Steve had a son, Charles, along with 3 other kids. Steve told Emily that it was none of her bussiness. Emily then stated that Steve helped Gun desert the Rebellion. Steve revealed that he tried to stop him, but it was futile. Emily and Steve exchanged heated arguments. Ultimately, Gun was sentenced to death for deserting the Rebellion. Steve tried to persuade the judges to think otherwise, but they said there descion was final. Gun has his hands and feet tied to the wall, and Emily was to be the executioner. Steve beggd Emily not to kill Gun, but she just smirked at him, and she mercislesy shot Gun Good in the chest and the head, which killed Gun Good almost instantly. Emily then ignited her lightsaber and stabbed the corpse of Gun Good in the back just to make sure he was dead. Steve was then allowed onto te execution field. Steve saw that Gun was dead, and he made a guilty apology that he could not save him. Emily just laughed. Steve, enraged, realsed his lightsabers and through them at Emily's head. Emily manage to doge the lightsabers, but they went close enough to her face that they gave her a scar across the right side of her cheek. Emily then stumbled in pain. She then got her gun and beagn to shoot at Steve, but Steve deflected all her shots. Steve proably would have killed Emily if the rebels didn't breakup the fight. Steve then proceeded to call Emily a firefek and a monster. Emily just stuck out her tougne at them. From that point onward, Steve and Emily began to deeply hate each other.

Funeral For Gun Good

Shortly after Gun Good's execution, his body was trasnferd back to Kamino where he would recieve an Ocean Burial. It rained very hard that day. Steve gave a speech about Gun, his life, and his services to the galaxy. The attendeance was rather low, but never the less, the funeral proceeded as planned and Gun's body was dropped into the ocean.

Legeacy Of Gun Good

Steve held onto Gun's Clone Trooper gear and his weapons untill the Rebellion finally took Courasant. Steve eastablished an exibit for Gun and his weapons and armor were the artificates of his life. Steve and Emily would find themseleves constantly at odds wit each other following the death of his friend. In 130 ABY when Kade Skywalker was starnded on an island on Kamino, he encounterd the corpse of Gun Good. Gun would be best remeberd as being the 3rd in Command in The Rebellion that took down Dark Nebula. Gun Good's friends either served in the Rebellion, liked Davie Karczwski and Steve Skyman, did attend his funeral, but it is unkown what happend to Brandon Nicholas or SaiTorr Ecworpi.

Imperial Super StromTrooper Threat

Following the execution and funeral for Gun Good, Steve slipped into a depression, but his Son drove him to his senses. After the Battle of Courasant, the Imperials commisioned the creation of what was known as a " Super StromTrooper" This information was recoverd by Bothan Spies. These StromTroopers were supposes to be larger, stronger, and equiped with Particale Beam Weapons. In addition, it was revealed that they were slightly stronger then the Clone Wars Era Super Battle Driod, but more vunlearble. Inside the suits were former clone troopers who have aged and are very old, however, they were transformerd into cyborgs into continuing there services for the Empire, even after they have died. They were also equipped with life support systems as a way to keep the organic part alive. However, inside the life support system was a self-destruct mechansim, making them sucide bombers as a secondary purprose. In addittion, they were equipped with retractable vibro knives attacthes to there wrists, along with a deflector shield on there wrists, making them forbidable oppoents. According to Rebel Intelligence, there was only a few hundred prototypes. The Imperial Prototypes were realsed to combat Rebel Forces.  Following Rebel defeats at Jabiim, Hyproi, Codia, Ukio and Enarc through the use of The Imperial Super StormTroopers, The Rebels began to relaise that these kinds of Strom Troopers must not be mass-produced for the Imperial Army. Rebel Command Located the Imperial Manufacutring Compund on Utapau, a very remote Outer Rim World, which was the perfect place for an operaton like this. It was also confirmed that Darth Vader was present on the planet., supervisisng the Operation. The Rebel Alliance did have some influence on Utapau, since the locals and The Fey Family Supported them, but the head of the Fey Family was captured by a crimian organzation known as the Zann Consortium. Utapau was also the location of one of the last Clone Wars Battles, where Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated General Grievous. THe Imperial Fleet protecting the planet was meduim sized, along with a Space Station Protecting it. But Steve's forces mamaned to punch a hole in there defensises which allowed Rebel Forces to land. The Factory was located at Pau City. Overseeing the operation was Port Master Zyn Javeb and General Harlod Pallon, along with Darth Vader himself. The Mon Calamari Crusier, The Free Soul, Postioned it's self above the sinkhole, and launched X Wings, Y Wings, A Wings, Rebel Transports and Laat/i Gunships. Imperial Turruners began opening fire on the rebel ships, and the Imperials Released TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors to engage the Rebel Forces. Most of the transports succesfully landed at the docks and the Rebel Forces began there attack. They started encounter Strom Troopers, Socut Troopers, Imperial Officers, Imperial PLEX Troopers, Imperial Shadow Troopers, Imperial Riot Troopers, Imperial Jet Troopers, Imperial FlameThrower Troopers, Carbointe and Incerator War Driods, Speeder Bike Squadrons and AT-STs. The Rebels had Rebel Troopers, Rebel PLEX Troopers, Rebel Snipers Bothan Spies, Wookied, and a very limited amount of T2-B Tanks. Due to the city's roof height, there was a very limited amount of vechiles, so it was mostly infantry warfare. The Rebel Forces began to engage the Imperial Defenders all acorss the Sinkhole City. The Factory was located on level 13. All the Rebel Forces began to converge on the Facotry. Steve tried to see if The Free Soul could bombard it, but it was forced to back off due to anti- aircraft fire. Steve and his forces were able to cut through the Imperial Defenses. However, Darth Vader decided to relase the Models and what whatever was already made for the Imperial Super Strom Troopers. All acorss the city, the Supers were deployed, and they used there vibro knives, shields, slef destruct mechanism and particle beam wrist cannons to destory and kill many rebels and vechiles. Steve encounterd them and he was able to destroy them with his lightsaber. However, the Rebels discoverd something, depending if the man inside the suit is more organic or mechanical, they could keep figthing on even if there head or there lower half is removed, but the man must be more machine then man to do that. Steve noticed this when he was battling some of them. To make matters wors, Imperial Snipers were sniping the Rebel Forces in well concealed locations. The Rebels discoverd that the Super Strom Trooper usually would fall to heavy Infantry fire or a direct hit by a rocket launcher. If a rocket launcher exploded near the Cyborg, it would usally pick it's self up. The T2-B Tanks were also able to destory them with a few shots, but the Particle Beam Cannons would cut through the tanks. At some point in the fighting, Darth Vader himself came out with several Imperial Officers equipped with deadly sonic pistols, which scatterd and killed Rebel Troopers. Charles went after one of them and succesfully killed one, but there was still many who were using there Motar Launcherd and Sonic Pistols who managed to wound and kill alot of Rebels. Steve encounterd Vader in a hanger and began to duel him. After a brief force lock, Steve won the lock and pushed Vader. Vader said that they would never take this facilty, since his army would be unable to conquer it. Steve said he begged to differ, he forced threw Vader onto a ramp, and they resumed there duel. During the Duel, Vader slashed the ramp which cut Vader off from Steve, but Steve would force jump and continue battling Vader. Steve kicked Vader off the ramp and out side onto a plat from where is TIE Fighter was. Steve and Vader began a firce duel there as well. Manwhile, The Rebels wre foucsed on taking out the Imperial Super Strom Troopers, but they were simply to powerful, and all there tanks had been destroyed. However, something unexpected happend. An Imperial Star Destroyer from orbit, which was heavily damaged, crashed into the Factory, and destroyed most of Pau City. During the duel, Steve and Vader looked up to see it happend. Vader said that they were still manufacutring them on other worlds, such as Courasant. Steve forced push Vader into his TIE FIghter and was about to kill Vader, but an 2 Imperial Super StromTroopers fired at Steve. Steve re-directed it back into one of the Troopers, and he threw his lightsabrs at the other one, cutting it's head and cutting it in half. However, when Steve turned around to finish Vader, his fighter had taken off. An X Wing attempted to stop Vader, but Vader shot it down. Steve orderd his ground forces to retreat since the ground battle was to costly. Charles and all his men got to the transports and fled. The Rebel Fleet managed to defeat the Imperial Fleet and they established a blockade. Another Rebel Fleet arrived to take the place of Steve's fleet. The Imperials Won the ground battle, but the Rebels won the space battle, and established a blockade. The Imperial Flagship factory was also destroyedm but Darth Vader escaped, and the driods were being manufacutred on other worlds. Rebel Command learned of this, but they found out since they cost a lot of Credits, not to many of them would be mass-produced, but they were a force to be reckoned with. The rebels alos found out that they made an upgrade to the Super Strom Trooper: The Elite Super Strom Trooper, an upgrade to the orignal, these were made leaders that had upgraded strength, weapons and armor. And a greater circumfrance when they self- destruected. There was also rumors that the Empire would be making an Ultra StormTrooper, which was to be a much more deadlier driod.

Battle of Mustafar

After the unleashing the Imperail Super Strom Trooper, The Rebels were on high alert for the Imperial Ultra StromTrooper, and they began assebling Rebel Montering stations on worlds such as Mustafar, Polis Massa and Kasyyk. The Empire, not wanting the Rebels to find out about there plans, sent invasion forces to Mustafar, Polis Massa, and Kashyyk. Princess Leia held off the Emperor and his forces on Poliss Massa, Chewbaaca defeated Boba Fett and his Imperial Army on Kashyyk, but Vader was planning to invade the Rebel Montering Station on Mustafar. The Free Soul along with the 2 Corellian Corvettes, Sprinter and Sonic engaged The Imperial Star Destroyer, Devesator, along with 2 other Victory II Firgates. Imperial Shuttles bypassed the Rebel Fleet and landed Imperial Strom Troopers, Imperial Assault Troopers, Imperial Snipers, Imperial Enginners, Imperial Officers, Dark Troopers of Phase 0, and Lord Vader himself. The Imperial forces landed in 3 seperate areas. The Imperials had to invade and take controll of the staton, while the Rebels had to kill every last Strom Trooper, and Lord Vader himself. The Rebels has Rebel Troopers, Rebel Vanguards, Rebel Snipers, Rebel Engineers, Bothan Spies, and Wookie Warriors. Vader sent a detachment of Storm Troopers to march acorss a short bridge above a lava resvoir and into the Station. Steve's men opend the doors and exchanged blasterfire with the Imperial Invasion force. After a few casualities both side, Steve stabbed the bridge controlls, which retracted the bridge, sending most of the Imperial Forces on the bridge to burn to there deaths. A few Strom Troopers were lucky and made it back to there side in time. The Imperial forces then marched into the station through the other entrances and began an intense fire fight. Bothan Spies used there stealth capabilties to sneak behind Imperial Forces and place time bombs and use there Incerator Weapons. However, Vader and a deathcment of the 501st went on a rampage through the faciltty, killing every Rebel insight. Charles encounterd Vader. Charles shot at Vader a few times. Vader  easily blocked and through his lightsaber. Charles doged it, and pulled out his vibro knife in an attempt to stab Vader. Vader blocked Charle's knife attempts and force pushed him. He was about to Stab Charles, but Steve blocked it and kicked Vader. Steve knew that this was place where Anakin Skywalker burned and became Vader. Vader said to Steve that if Obi-Wan couldn't kill him here, Steve would have any luck here. Steve replied that they will see. Steve engaged Vader in a lightsaber duel. Meanwhile, Imperial Forces were storming the base, but were dispersed becuase the Rebels held key choke points and threw gernades at the Imperials. Steve forced pushed Vader onto a platform outside the Station. Steve used Vapad striked to push Vader torwards the edge. Steve then locked blades with Vader, and kicked him over the edge. However, Vader landed on a sinking TIE FIghter that crashed through orbit and jumped back up and dueled Steve. In the station, the Rebels succesfully held off the Imperial Strom Troopers, but it was at a great cost. Charles saw Steve was deling Vader and rushed to help him. Steve and Vader locked blades. Steve pushed his blades hard aginst Vader's blade and rounhouse kicked him. Vader recoverd and locked bladed with Steve again. This time Vader broke the lock and head-butted Steve. Steve fell to the ground. Vader raised his lightsaber and was ready to strike down Vader. Steve got his blue light saber and blocked the blow. Steve got his other lightsaber and force pushed Vader. Steve and Vader locked blades yet again. Steve broke the lock and forced pushed Vader to a tower and used the force to keep him there. Steve then ran out strength to keep it up. Vader and Steve locked blades for a final time, Steve and Vader disarmed each other. Steve was about to punch Vader, but Vader grabbed Steve by the throat and threw him over the edge. Steve held onto the platform. Vader retrived his lightsaber and was about to strike Steve down. However, Charles picked up Steve's Blue lightsaber and blocked Vader's blow. Vader was surprised by this, and Charles, with all his strength, force pushed Vader onto a retreating Imperial Shuttle. But Vader managed to get into the shuttle, and retreat. Charles didn't know what he just done. Steve explained that when Charles was born, he had a connection to the force, like he did. Steve promoised to teach Charles the way of the jedi.  In the facilty, all the Imperial StromTroopers were dead, and among the dead was a lot of Steve's soliders. The monetering station was succesfully defended. In the aftermath, Charles asked Steve if his other brother and sisters were strong the force. Steve replied that since Aurra was a jedi, just like he was, all of there offspring had the pontetioal to become a Jedi.

Fall of The Empire

The Galatic Year had turned into 4 ABY, and the Galatic Civil War had been going on for 6 Years, millions have died, but the war was reaching it's endgame. The Rebels had the momentum as the Empire had slowly began to fall apart. Steve was growing old, he was 50 years old, but the force helped keep him ok and well. Steve also begun start having grey hair, and began to say he was to old for this. However, Steve would end his fighting career after the Rebels captured Courasant, where Steve would serve as a strategist and recieve a seat on the New Republic command and High Council.

Battle of Polis Massa

After the new year's celebration, the rebellion set up a medical station at Polis Massa to send wounded Rebel Soliders there. The Empire, discovering this, sent 3 Star Destroyers to bombard the facilty. However, they encounterd a small rebel fleet lead by Steve. Which consisted of the Free Soul, 2 Rebel Assault Frigates, and 5 Corellian Corvettes. In addition, they rebels put up there shielfs on the base. The Imperial Fleet engaged Steve's forces. The Rebels were able to surpsingly wipe out the Imperial Fleet with little diffculty. The debris of the Imperial Star Destroyers crashed onto the asteriod surface, However, Steve noticed that they saw Imperial Strom Troopers, Imperial Super Troopers, and Imperial TX-130 Tanks unloading from the wreackge. Steve got into his X wing and landed on the asteriod. The Rebels put on there space suits an went to engage the enemy. In addition, they sent out AAC-1 Tanks to engage the Imperial Ground Forces. Steve put on his space suit and helped Charles and his men. The Battle was firece, since one shot would pretty fatal to anyone. The Imperials managed to gain access to the facilty, so Steve and his men were forces to retreat into the base to prevent the Imperials from reaching the wounded. The Imperials began to wreck the base. But the Rebels came in and began excahnging intense blasterfire. Steve managed to kill lots of StromTroopers. Eventually, The Rebels elminated the last of the Strom Troopers, and every single Imperial Unit was eardicated. The Rebels succesfully defended the wounded.

Battle of Dagobah

Shortly after the Battle of Polis Massa, Luke Skywalker made trips to see Yoda on Dagobah, asking him if he would join. Yoda declined, due to his poor health, but he helped Luke become a stronger Jedi in the force. However, Darth Vader was hunting Luke. During a mission to Dagobah, Darth Vader, in his advanced TIE Figher, show down Luke. Luke called for Steve's fleet for help. Steve's fleet arrived out of hyperpsace to engage Vader's fleet conssiting of his Super Star Destroyer, 5 Star Destroyers, 7 Victroy Firgates, 6 Victroy Star Destroyers, 4 Acclamtors, 8 Tartan Patrol Crusier, 3 Indiciators, and 5 BoradSide Cursiers. Steve's fleet consisted of it's normal fleet. Steve had Charles manage the fleet while Steve took a detachment of his best men and went to the surface to battle Vader and his forces. Luke was tasked with going to a cave. Vader was lieing in wait for him. Luke thought this was another trail. So he simply engagged Vader. Vader parried one of Luke's blows and he force pushed Luke. Vader noted that he gotten stronger. Luke quickly realised this was the actual Vader. Luke attempted to run, but Vader used the force to bring down the entrance, and the only exit was behind Vader. Luke engaged Vader in a duel, but Luke was stronger then he was then on Bespin. Meanwhile, the Strom Troopers looked for Yoda's hunt. However, Steve and his forces ambushed them, and they were defeated with some casualties. Meanwhile, during the duel in the cave, there was massive force explosion, and Luke came flying out of it. Luke had a couple scrathes, and parts of his cloths were ripped. Vader leaped out, and Vader had lost an arm, half of his helmet was missing, his cape was torn, his life support badly damaged, and parts of his shin gaurds were gone. Vader told Luke that he would make a good Sith Lord. Luke replied that he would never join the Dark Side. Vader and Luke resumed there duel, and engaged in a saberlock. Steve and his men surrounded Vader. Vader then force choked Luke. Steve ran into save him, but Vader let out a force repulse that sent his men and Steve flying in all directions. Luke then force replused out of Vader's grip. Vader was exhausted. Luke used a seris of lightsaber combos to defeat Vader. Vader taunted his son and begged him to strike him down. Luke deactivated his lightsaber, and replied that he wouldn't. However, more Imperial Shuttles arrived to battle the Rebels. Steve knew that the Imperials must have broken through. The Imperial Strom Troopers began gaining the advantage over Steve's forces. Vader picked up his lightsaber and was helped to his shuttle, where the shuttle took off. The Strom Troopers then retreated back to there transports, lossing alot of men while they were under fire. The Imperials retreated. Yoda's Hutt wasn't discoverd, which was good. A Rebel base was made afterwards. Luke talked to Steve, Yoda and Obi-Wan's ghost about how would he kill his father.

Battle of Tatooine

Shortly after the Battle of Dagobah, Rebel Splinter Cells has staged a ressurection at Mos Eisley. However, once the Rebels landed in a canyon to use it as a staging base, they found Darth Vader and the 501st Legion waiting for them. The desert was cool since it was nightime, and Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader in the Dune Sea, while Steve and Charles lead Rebel Infantry units and Rebel Combat Speeders against Imperial Infantry, Imperial Saber Tanks, and AT-STs. The battle turned into the Rebel's Favor due to Y Wing Bombing Runs on Imperial Postions, so the Empire was forced to flee to Mos Esiley with what troops he had. Steve and the 44th Gundark Battalion went to Mos Eisley to find that Mos Eisley was a complete Battleground. Darth Vader and his forces were gunning down Rebel Troopers. Luke Skywalker, who was beaten from his encounter with Vader in the desert, followed him to a warehouse, where dueld Vader yet again. Vader kept throwing junk at him and he evntually knocked him unconious. Meanwhile, Steve learned that Vader had Luke, and they rushed to the landing platfrom from where they were about to take off. Steve intercepted Vader and dueld him on the boarding craft, while Charles freed Luke. Vader then force pushed Steve off the boarding ramp. Vader's shuttle then took off, and began a seris of bombing runs on Mos Eisley. Steve realised Vader's inteions and orded the Rebels to retreat offworld.

Capturing the Death Star Plans ( Skirmish At Christophsis)

Shortly after the Battle of Tatooine, The Rebels focused there efforts on finding out more about the new Death Star. On Christophsis, there was an Imperial Base that supposdley had the Death Star  Plans. Steve and Charles lead a Battalio of Bothan Spies to engage at least over 200 Imperial Strom Troopers to find those plans. A few Bothans used stealth to sneak into the base while the rest of the rebels drew out the Imperial Strom Troopers. The battle was intense. Steve was able to use his lightsaber and force tactis to kill many Imperial Strom Troopers, while Charles used his blasters, knives, and his upgraded blue training lightsaber.  However, Steve lost alot of Bothans. The Bothan peferred to use the Incerantor Weapons, which would Incerante an enemy, however, the weapon took a while to cool down, while the Strom Troopers could just simply re-load. Many Bothans were killed in the Skirmish, but the Bothans were able to steal the plans, and destroy the Base. The remaing Imperial Defenders were either dead, or were re-grouping to stop Steve and his men from escaping. However, Steve managed to escape and bring the plans to Mon Monthma.

Battle For The Prosecutor

After stealing the plans, Steve was inspecting his fleet. At one point, he was visiting his Mon Calamari Cruiser, The Prosecutor. Unexectingly, an Imperial Star Destroyer jumped out of hyperpsaced, bombarded the cruiser, which took the shields offline and boarded the cruiser. Imperial Infantry units flooded into the Prosecutor's Hanger, but Steve and the Prosecutor's men were succesful in defending there crusier. After the Boarding Party had been repelled, The Prosecutor deatched, and opend fire on the Star Destroyer, which eventually destroyed it. Steve noted that the Prosecutor performed expectionally.

Attempt To Abduct Mon Monthma at The Rebel Stategy Confrence On Malastare

Following the battle for the Prosecutor, Steve and several high ranking rebel officers attended a confrence on the Rebel Controlled word of Malastare to discuss there next moves. The Rebel Officers were to be at the confrence for a week. However, Imperial Probe Driods located the location of the confrence: The Dugg Palace. Imperial forces lead by Imperial General Rufrod Harcher assembled an army of Storm Troopers, Imperial Super Strom Troopers, Imperial Assault Troopers, Imperial Scout Troopers, Imperial Engineers, Imperial Officers, Imperial Dark Troopers Phase 0 through 3, AT-STs, AT-ATs, Imperial TX-130T Saber Tanks, Dwarf Spider Driods,Lancet Artillery, a few Turbo Tanks, and TIE Maulers. In addition, The Imperials landed an Imperial Acclamtor Ship a few kilometers away from the Palace, and it also launched Imperial TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, TIE Defenders, and Imperial Drop Ships. The Rebels found out about the impending Imperial Attack and readed there defnses. In addition, the Duggs also assembled there milita. A Massive Fire fight ensumed out in the field outside the palace. Many Rebel Troopers were killed. The Rebels threw everything they had against the Imperials, but they walk over the bodies of there dead and countiue there relentless advance. The Rebels then broke X Wings, Y Wings, A Wings, B Wings, SNow Speeders and a few LAAT/i Gunships to provideo Air Support. It was one of the firecst battles in the war. Steve was helping defend the palace along with Chares and several other units. Nothing seemed to stop the relentless Imperial Advance on the palace. Mon Monthma, decided to reutrn to her chambers, Luke Skywalker ( who was also there) escorted her back. However, once Luke opend the door, they found Darth Vader himself along with 4 Royal Guards. Luke relaised that this was a diversionary battle so that Darth Vader could slip by and capture the leader of the alliance. Monthma attempted to leave the sence, but a 5th guard appeared and grabbed her, and began escorting her to the cloaked Imperial Shuttle at a private landing dock. Luke tried to free her, but a Royal Guard stunned Luke with an electriy bolt. Luke told Vader that he should have quit, but Vader stated that fighting off the entire Rebel Army would have been impossible for him, but since they are distracted, he could easily kill Luke right now. Luke told Vader that if he killed him, Vader would never become Emperor. Vader dismissedthe comment and his Royal Guards attack Luke. Luke managed to defeat them with some diffculty. Luke then engaged Vader in a duel. Luke used his agressive feelings to try to defeat Vader. The duel was so firce that Vader had use a chair in order to try to block Luke's Stab. Luke came close to stabbing Vader, but Vader force pushed the chair into Luke. Vader then sprinted out the door. Luke then called Steve and told him that Vader has captured Mon Monthma. Steve then told Luke that he will be there soon. Steve then left for the palace, while Charles took command and tried to hold off the Imperial Forces. Luke then found Vader in a hallway and engaged Vader again. Luke managed to kick Vader onto a staircase where above it was the entrance to the Imperial Shuttle. Luke tried to strike down Vader, but Vader blocked all of his attempts while he was on the ground. Luke then pressed his hand hard against Darth Vader's  respirator, and he had diffculty breathing. Luke and Vader then locked blades again,  but Vader force' choked Luke and force pushed him into the wall. Vader and his guard along with there hostage proceeded to the d unopposed. Steve found Luke and helped him up. Vader and his hostage was about to leave. But Luke came up behind Vader and tried to slash him acorss the back. Vader blocked, and engaged Luke once again. Steve then tried to free Mon Monthma from the Royal Guard. Steve managed to disarm the royal guard, but he then pulled out a double bladed lightsaber, Steve and the guard engaged in a duel. Vader then head-butted Luke, and luke slid off and landed on the landing platform. Vader then turned and locked blades with Steve. Vader ten picked up Steve and threw him off the boarding ramp. Steve landed on the landing platform. Steve and Luke were perfectly fine,  but the Imperial Shuttle was fleeing to into orbit, where 7 Imperial Star Destroyers and 1 Super Star Destroyer were engaging 5 Mon Calamari Cruiser, 1 Nebulon B Frigate ,3 MC80 Cruisers, 8 Corellian Gunships and 9 Corellian Corvettes. In addition, Imperial and Rebel fighter squadrons were engaing each other both in the skies and in the air. The battle seemed to be evenly matched in space, untill the Imperial Shuttle appeared and boarded went into the Imperial Super Star Destroyer's hanger. Steve and Luke, in there X Wings, lead a squadron of X Wings to rescue Mon Monthma. They were escorting 3 Laat Gunships to the Super Star Destroyer. However, the Super Star Destroyer launched TIE Interceptors to engage the boarding party. The X Wing squadron engaged the TIE Interceptors while the LAAT Gunships attempted to land in the hanger. 1 of the gunships were showdown by the Super Star Destroyer's Turbo Lasers, another one was shot down by TIE Interceptors, but the last one managed to land in the hanger, and began engaging the Imperial Forces in the hanger. Steve and Luke then landed and helped the boarding party. The Boarding Party discoverd that they were holding Mon Monthma in a prision chamber., they also discoverd that Emperor Palpatine was also on board, and he was in the chamber along with Luke. The Stakes just got higher. The Boarding Party would get Mon Monthma out while Steve and Luke held off  Vader and Palpatine. They stormed the chamber and easily killed the Strom Troopers, but Vader managed to kill off the Boarding Party expect for Steve and Luke. Luke and Steve dueld Vader, but Vader quickly incapicated Luke by bringing a catwalk down on him. Steve and then engaged Vader in a saberlock. Steve then postioned his arms in such a way then he cut off the Dark Lord's arms. Steve held his sabers at Vader's throat. Palpatine told Steve to strike him down. But Steve declined his request, stating that Palpatine was not his Emperor. Palpatine then shot bolts of ligthing at Steve. But Steve managed to block it. Luke managed to climb out from under the catwalk, and force pushed Palpatine against the wall. Luke then got his lihtsaber, and held Palaptine at his mercy. Steve decided that they were defeated, and they had no time to bring Vader or Palaptine with them, and Storm Troopers flodded into the room, which made executing them impossible. Steve and Luke managed to grab Mon Monthma, get her onto the gunship, get there X Wings, and flee. The Imperial Fleet had lost enough ships, and all of the Imperial Ground Forces had been wiped out in Rebel Bombing Runs. The Empire then retreated. They managed to rescue Mon Monthma, but they failed to capture or kill the Imperial Leadership.

Battle of Endor

In the wanning hours of the Fall of The Empire, The Rebellion had whipped the Empire again and again. The Rebls captured Duro, a planet very close  to Steve's homeworld, which cut off Imperial Trade Routes. The Empire was also humilated at Taris, when a Revolt was enused due to the Imperial Govenor's harsh treatments to the population, The Rebel Alliance aided the Taris Rebels and destroyed the Imperial Forces. The Imperial Forces also lost at Tepasi, where the Rebls routed and defeated the Empire. In addition, Luke Skywalker encounterd Darth Vader on Ambria, when Luke had to defeat Vader in an exchange for Ambira;s loyality to the Alliance. Luke managed to defeat Vader, barley, with lossing his lightsaber, since Vader cut the hilt during the duel. The Empire was growing more and more depserate. The Emperor decided that the only way that the Empire could win, is if the Second Death Star was completed, although, it was barely 50 Percent Completed. The Emperor then decided to devise a plan, where he would himself as bait and lure the Rebels into a trap while the Death Star, which was fully functiong, along with over half of the Imperial Fleet waiting for them. The Rebels, having liberated the world of Sullust, gatherd the entire Rebel Fleet at Sullust, in an effort to end the war at Endor. The Empire knew the Rebls were coming. If the mission was to be a success, the Rebels had to disable a Shield Generator which was protectig the Death Star. A Rebel Strike Team, lead by Han Solo,Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Charles were sent with  a battalion to destroy the Shield Bunker. Steve, Lando Clarrisan, Admiral Ackbar, Mon Monthma, and serveral other Rebel Commanders would deal with the EMpire in space.  Luke surrunder himself to Vader on Endor, and was being held on The Death Star, where had his final duel with his father, Darth Vader. Luke had a hard time accepting that Vader was his father after several duels with him, but Luke came to realise the truth. Yoda then passed away, and Steve felt it in the force, making him the last Clone Wars Era Jedi Master. Mon Monthma said that there was no Imperial Ships guarding the Death Star, only TIE Fighter squadrons that were on board on the Death Star. And the ground defenses consisted of a simple Imperial Legion , with an esitmated 4 or 5 Imperial Super Troopers. The Massive Rebel Fleet jumped out of hyperspace, but the Rebel ground Force had not yet disabled the Shield Generator, so they were forced to back off. However, they encounterd the Massive Imperial Fleet. Ackbar realised this was a trap, and the Imperials relased hordes of TIE FIghters, Bombers, Interceptors, Defenders, Scouts and Phantoms. The Rebel Ships realised hunderds of Rebel Star Fighter Squadrons, and the Battle of Endor began. THe Rebel ships began avancing to take on the Star Destroyer, but the Rebels were being torn to peices due to many Imperial Ships. Steve asked Charles to hurry. The Rebel Battalion had been deleyaed on advancing on the Shield Bunker. THere were many Imperial Super Strom Troopers that deleyaed there advances, and the Ewoks were being massacared, but there traps were clever in destroying the AT-STs. The Rebels in space needed the shiled bunker to be destroyed if they were to destroy the Death Star. Meanwhile, Luke  had his final duel with Vader, with the Emperor trying to get Luke to join the Dark Side. Eventually, the Rebels and the Ewoks managed to destroy the Bunker with explosives, and work on the rest of the Imperials. Steve, in his X WIng, along with Wedge Antillies and THe Mellium Falcon, and with a few other Fighters, were able to advance into the Death Star to destroy the Main Recator. Steve dealt with the TIE Fighters, while Wedge and Lando disabled the hull around the sensitive Core. Then all 3 piolts focused there fire on the Death Star, and were succesful in destroying the core, and were able to escape. Luke defeated Vader, but the Emperor torurtued Luke, Vader, unable to see his son in pain, grabbed the Emperor and threw him voer the edge, but the Emperor's lightining shorted out Vader's life support,  but Vader died as Anakin Skywalker. The Death Star had been destroyed, the EMperor and Vader were dead, and the Rebel Fleet gained traction in the battle when the Super Star Destroyer, Executor, was destroyed. A Rogue A Wing that was hit by a TIE FIghter crashed into the Super Star Destroyer's bridge, and the Super Star Destroyer crashed into the Death Star, severly damaing it. Luke managed to escape, and a few lucky Imperials got to a transport or escape pod, but they were caught by the Rebel Fleet. The Rebel Ground forces elminated the Imperial Legion stationed to protect the Bunker. It turns out, that the Emeperor's Best Legion, could not defeat the Rebels. The remaning Imperial Space Forces retreatedto Annaj, the sector capital, which would soon fall to the Rebel Forces. With the loss of there leader, the Empire fractured into a seris of Factions lead by Imperial Officers, Moffs, War Lords, etc. The Alliance to Restore The Republic was reorganized into the New Republic. Although, the Imperials still regarded them as Rebels, since they had no ruling authority. But in time, the New Republic would succeed in resotring the Republic. This also started the end of Steve's millitary carrer. He was 50 Years Old by the time of Endor, and he would keep fighting untill The Battle of Courasant. The New Republic had a plan to take Courasant as there own, they would lead 2 offensives that would Liberate Planets.

The New Republic Offensive

With the Rebel's victory at Endor, the Empire severly fractured and was divided among Imperial WarLords, Moffs, Admirals, Generals and other high-ranking Imperial Officers. At the Rebels Strategy Confrence, Mon Monthma decided to re-name the Rebel Alliance the New Republic, and that they would mopup the last of the Empire. The Rebels would lead 2 major offensives. 1 leaving from a massive Rebel base on Sajo, and 1 leaving from an important base on Bothuwai. Steve was assinged to lead the offensive from Bothuwai. Steve was tasked to reach Kashyyyk by the end of 4 ABY, which was 12 months away, giving Steve plenty of time. This also began to mark the end of Steve's millitary career.

Battle of Lannik

The first planet that laid in Steve's path was the planet of Lannik, a planet that sufferd economic hardships under the Empire, as a result, the Lannik had already assembled a coup and have been trying to take back the their planet for quite some time, Once Steve and his forces busted through the Blockade, Steve meet with the Resistance Leaders. They explained that the Imperial Warlord, Harkinson Toff, held a Fortress ontop of a mountain, and his fortress was guarded by Turbolasers. The Lannik Resistance had tried time and time again to take the Fortress, but they failed. The Mountain also provided aircover for the Fortress, making it impossible for it to be bombarded, and climbing the mountain was to riskey. Steve decdied that they would dig a path under the mountain, through the heart of it, and dig up to the Fortress. They were able to do this, and they completely took Warlord Toff and his foces completely by surprise. Steve, Charles and their men and the Resistance succuessfuly took the Fortress and Captured Warlord Toff before he could escape via Shuttle. The Lannik Resistance ended up executing him after the battle for helping Emperor Palpatine execute his Economic Polices that lead to the hardships of the Lannkik people. Lannik pledged themseleves to the New Repulic, and they were able to get their Economey back on track.

A New Emperor

With Palpatine gone, The Imperial Rulling Council was set as the defualt leaders of the Empire. They had a few candidates in mind: Grand Vizier and Former Adviser to the Emperor Sate Pestage, Director of the Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard, Grand Admrial Thrawn, Moff Temrock of Brentaal 4 and Grand Sith Inqusitor Sewezi. However, Pestage had been pratcialy rulling the Empire after Palpatine's death, Isard said that he should lead the Empire, and she'll defend it, Thrawn was no where to be found, Moff Temrock rulled himself out and Grand Sith Inquistor Sewezi said he head no intrest in rulling since he said "it looked hard enough from the Emperor's perspetive to lead the galaxy". The Imperial Rulling Council offically crowned Sate Pestage as the New Emperor of The Empire and Palpatine's successer. However, the new ruler faced a challenge, the Empire was completely divided between Warlords and Admirals and the New Republic slowly picking away at the remains of the Empire. Pestage tried to untie the factions under the name of the Empire, it ultimately failed since they either didn't recongize as Pestage as the new ruler or they could not get along with one another.  

Later Roles, Death and Legacy

Shortly after Pestage took power, Steve took an advirosary role in The New Republic's Military and eventually achieved the rank of Grand Master, earning him a seat on The New Jedi Council with Luke Skywalker. He helped defeat Pestage, The Yuzhan Vang, and many others. In 60 ABY, Steve passed away due to his advanced age, despite him using his force abilities to keep him alive longer. Steve's funeral was held on Corellia, and it was the most massive funeral in history. Steve's Legacy was carried out by his children, who lead The New Republic Military against new threats. Ultimately, The New Republic collapsed due to Darth Kayarat's New Sith Empire around 130 ABY, long after Steve's Death. Steve's Ghost guided Cade Skywalker throughout the war. He also guided his descendants, who helped topple Karyat's Empire. Steve continued to shape events for many years to come, and his last recorded appearance was 230 ABY in the Jedi Temple to one of his descendants. Other people claimed til have seen Steve's Ghost throughout the years. Most people believed that they were rumors, but in fact, they were not, as Steve continued to shape the galaxy for the light side.

Alternate Death

On March 30th, 2014, Master Steve and his friends were celebrating the end of the Game. When they opend a mysterious crate on the planet Geonosis to see what the crate might hold, They saw their fates. The crate shot lighting out and killed just about everyone. Steve was engulged by the crate's fire. Whenall his friends have been killed, he let out a final scream of pain, and his head exploded and his remains were burned by the fire.

Personality and Traits

Steve was known for being moody, and easily angerd. He tried to treat others kindly, but if they did not treat him with the same expected respect, he would mock them in the same way they did to him. He also had the ttendency to bail if he knew things were a lost cause. His military tactics involved assembling a massive army and overwhelming and crushing the enemy with other ccoordinated strikes. He had an extreme dislike for Energy Generators deeming them useless and costly and had a taste for more powerful and destructive turruents. Which in 1 Battle when his friend, Jango Blackchaser sold a particle beam turruent for an energy generator, he was disappointed in Jango and said this famous line "You sold a particle beam... FOR AN ENERGY GENEATOR?!?"

Powers and Abilities

Steve was a master of all forms of lightsaber combat. He also commanded a wide range of force abilities in order to overwhelm is opponets, making him a feared and respected warrior. In roleplay, Steve liked playing God Mode

Famous Quotes

"They Say Before You Start A War, You Better Know What You're Fighting For"- Master Steve to Holly Talon

"You sold a particale beam.... FOR AN ENERGY GENERATOR"- Master Steve to Jango Blackchaser

"I did not choose the thuglife, the thuglife choose me"- Master Steve to just about everyone

"Bye have a great time!" Master Steve when he knocks off someone or takes off without someone


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