Master Aphotic character 2

Master Aphotic

Borned 54 BBY his parents was unknown. He was found and taken as a padawan to Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a child and was briefly a padawan of Jedi Master Sifo Dyas. Who was later murdered by Count Dooku. Saddened about what happend, his life continued serving the republic. The Jedi Council had sent Aphotic to Rakata Prime on a scouting mission to find ancient artifacts. There he would had to fight a great number of droids and dark jedis who was lost within, and finding himself more drawn on to the ruins of a temple. The dark side was strong in this place, as it was rumoured to be remains of an era from the old republic. Seeking within the temples he came across a sith holocron, where he discovered how many Jedi knights before him had found power and turned. It was Revans holocron. He knew that studying it would make him vulnerable of falling to the dark side. His body starts trembling, and affected of what he learned. Venturing alone was seemingly inevitable as his path was becoming more and more distant.

He ignited the lightsabers and ultimately wanting to destroy the artifacts and what the Rakata had buildt, but knowing that these powers could aid him defeating Count Dooku. He hesitated. As the dark powers run thru his veins, and in his search for vengance engulfed him with hatred and wanting revenge. The elder spirits consumed the soul of the place, as whole structures started collapsing. Master Aphotic escaped the place, barely alive. Back on the starfighter he set course for Coruscant to report of his findings. The council knew that deep within him, there was only one way for him to get back to the light side, it was to be redeemed. He was treated and shielded from the affection to restore his soul. Yoda told the others if he had gone further and not returned to the order, his mind and soul would be to corrupted to come back. Eventually cleansed as he rejoined the council, the seperatists had been pushing republic on all fronts. There was many battles that was ongoing, but with Dooku in control somone had to take him on. The council sendt Jedi Knights to take out their leader on a direct order from the supreme chancellor. This was the chance for Master Aphotic. What he had waiting for all along, as the clone battles continues on, he will always remember the life that was lost.

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