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The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki's 8th Ingame Event

Scavenging Mystery!


Jaxxon the Lepi was browsing the Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki while smuggling a mysterious cargo of strange eggs. After reaching his destination, he realised that his eggs mysteriously weren't there and had been scattered around the cwac site!

Join the Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki as we have our eighth ingame event! On Saturday March 30th, 2013, there will be many eggs scattered accross the site on randomly chosen articles. There will be many silver eggs, but only 5 golden eggs. Jaxxon needs your help on locating which articles have the 5 golden eggs. Check the details below to find out how.

Scavenging Mystery Details

How To play

Once the eggs start appearing, start visiting articles at random until you come accross an article with a golden egg! Once you have found all five golden eggs, leave a comment at the bottom of this page with the list of the five articles that contain the golden eggs. Continue reading for more details.


The eggs will start appearing on Saturday March 30th, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern, EDT North America (timezone converter).


Users must have all 5(five) articles in their comment to win.


In the comments section on this article.

Who can enter

To win, you must have an article based on your ingame character.*

-*The article needs to be at least 1(one) week of age, or at least 3(three) paragraphs long.
To give everyone a fair chance, users who have won events since November 2012 may not win but may still participate.


The winner will receive a chance at being on the wiki's Wordmark from 30/03/13 to 6/04/13.*

-*In the case of a player winning and they already have a wordmark, they are allowed to give it to a friend who meets the requirements to win.

In game meet

There will be an in game meet 10 minutes before the event, port to Wuher MosEisley as he gets online to announce as the event has begun.

A thank you to Alpha Uzumaki, for being the character in the image.

Silver Egg

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