I am Mako Falconpulser i was not called mako and i dont know when i was born because i am a clone i was created from a cloning factory on the planet kato namodia and i was cloned i was the first ever force sensitive clones they produced so i escaped and i made it to courasant my name before was CTW-71198 worst name ever well i made it to courasant and i had made some friends and they helped me out and they also bought me a E-33 Carbon Rifle i had a few good times i was trying to get some new clothes so i have been working on courasant as a smuggler i have wanted revenge on the people who created me the created me out of Trandosian DNA for agility human DNA for spieces and finally Zabrak DNA for stong force skills i was the first i was made it a matter of hours and i was the first success i was passing all of the test they were giving me when all the suddon they locked me up cause i was the success and they did not want me to escape so i did i fought my way out i survived half beaten up it was horrifying i was so scared but i made it out it was hard but i made it through i hope they dont clone any more people?????????????

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