Lyra Acer CWA Overview


Lyra Acer
Lyra Acer CWA Overview
Biographical information

Coruscantplanet Coruscant


41 BBY, Coruscant

Physical description





120 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era


Galactic Republic

Jedi Order

Known masters

Yoda (as youngling)

Adora Ka

Current Squad

Kahar Zamets' Army

Squad Rank

2 General

Battle Class

Bc icon jedi

 Lyra Acer is a Jedi Knight. She was born in 41 BBY on Coruscant.

Early Life/Childhood

Lyra Acer was born to restaurant owners on Coruscant in 41 BBY. In 37 BBY, when Lyra was four years old, her parents discovered she was Force-Sensitive. She could open the refrigerator without even touching it. In 35 BBY, when Lyra was six years old, Jedi Knight Adora Ka stopped by the restaurant to grab a meal after returning from a mission. A waiter was walking to a table when he suddenly tripped on his shoelaces. The plates went flying forward. Right before the plates hit the ground, Lyra put her hands out and the plates floated in the air. Then the plates hovered onto the counter. Adora Ka watched in amazement. Adora Ka then talked to Lyra's parents about bringing Lyra to the Jedi Temple for training. After a long talk, Lyra's parents agreed to let Adora take Lyra to the Jedi Temple. Adora Ka said she would return at evening to pick up Lyra, along with her stuff she was taking to the temple.

Later that afternoon, Lyra's parents told Lyra that she was going to the temple. Lyra was sad that she had to leave her family, but she always knew she was different, and wanted to be with other children just like her. Lyra's parents then helped her pack her clothes and some of her toys.

Lyra and her parents had one last dinner together, and then Adora Ka came as the sun began to set. Lyra's mother motioned for Lyra to come over. She then gave her a necklace. Lyra hugged her parents. She clutched the necklace and grabbed her suitcase. Then she followed Adora to her airspeeder. Lyra waved as the airspeeder engines began to start, and then the speeder flew away through the busy skies of Coruscant to the Jedi Temple.

Arriving at the Temple

Lyra and Adora arrived at the temple as the sky began to turn pitch black. Adora then walked Lyra to a room with only a bed, lamp, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, lights, and HoloNet Television. "This will be your quarters," Adora said. Lyra nodded, ran into the room, and turned on the lights. She then spent until about 10:00 unpacking and setting up her new quarters. Lyra looked out her window on the still busy skies of Coruscant, and then went to bed.

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