Luke Shadowdust
Luke in disguise
Biographical information

Alderaanplanet Alderaan


35 BBY


67 ABY

Physical description





6" 7 inches



Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color

Intense Grey

Skin color




Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era

New Republic Era


Strength of Many

Larcon Legion

Red Lighting

Republic Teamwork



Known masters

Jokov Laren

Known apprentices

Xander Goldenflame

Current Squad

Larcon Legion

Squad Rank

3 Commander

Former Squad(s)

Spy Squadron

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrel

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35 BBY-22 BBY: The Start

His name will be Luke

Roasaria Shadowdust laid on her medical bed, holding her newborn child. The newborn had really chubby cheeks and dirty blonde hair, hanging over his eyes. "Luke?" Lucas Shadowdust responded, right by her side. "I thought we were gonna go for Lucas Jr?"

"No" She replied softly "Luke fits him."

The baby began to cry, wailing its arms

"Hold up, what do we do now?" Lucas said, with a confused look on his face. "The other one Hasn't done this in his first hour." Rosaria looked over at the baby on her side, peacefully resting. "Levi," she whispered. "Levi?" Lucas replied. "Isnt that the name of our smuggler Ancestor that we just learned about?"

"I always liked that name" She responded. Lucas crossed his arms. "You've always been stubborn, you know?" Rosaria smiled. There was about one minute of silence, then there was a scream. Lucas automatically became alert and Peaked out the door.

"What was that...?" Rosaria asked, still weak. But Lucas didnt respond. "Lucas?" Rosaria said, looking over to see him holding his hands to his neck and hovering over the ground. Rosarias eyes widened as she saw him get thrown to the wall, medical tools falling to the floor. "LUCAS!" She screeched, forcing herself to get on her feet, but stopped mid-way. Her attempt stopped as she saw a figure slowly walk into the room. He didnt pay any attention to her as he passed the medical bed then went to a full stop. The figure wore a black cloak covering his face where as you could barely recognize him. Even more terrifying, on the left side of his waist, he carried a double bladed lightsaber.

"I have a favor for you" He said, looking no where in particular, "Actually, you could turn this down, but you'd die doing so. Look at this as an offer." Ive gotta do something Rosaria thought to herself, but her will power wouldnt let her to move. She looked over at Lucas, in pain.

"The holocrons spoke to me" He continued, looking over at Luke."This boy is supposedly my only obstacle achieving my well deserved goal."

"And what would that be?" Lucas finally said, mustering up the courage to stand. The hooded figure smiled. "As if I'd tell you two. But heres one thing I will tell you..." he suddenly raised his hand toward Luke, "This child must die." The child was lifted from Rosarias arms, as it starting crying wildly. "LUKE!" Rosaria shouted, still weak. She reached for him, but he was going to die, and there was nothing she could do. Suddenly, Lucas leaped between the two, holding Luke in one hand and pushing the figures face. "Stay away from my son." Using all his strength, he used his hand grip two throw him out the window, all the pieces shattering to the ground. "Here, Ill get help while I chase him" Lucas handed Rosaria the baby, grabbing a blaster and leaping out the window.

The rain crashed down to the ground, decreasing the friction to the ground. Lucas and the figure faced each other, not one making a move. Without hesitation, Lucas grabbed his blaster and fired in almost a split second, easily dodged by the figure. I need to hold this guy of , but at the same time alert the Guards. He looked over at the tall building at the far-ish side of the many buildings of Coruscant: The Jedi Temple. Alright. I know what I need to do. The hooded figure ignited his doubled bladed lightsaber. Lucas, backing up, had memories of his parents. He remembered seeing them fall by the hand of a lightsaber. He closed his eyes for a brief second, then opened. This will be it he thought, walking forward. The figure leapt in the air, ready to go for the final strike. Suddenly, Lucas' eyes turned to a solid yellow color. As the figure approached, He pulled out his lightsaber that was a bright color of emerald. The figure landed and swung as Lucas expertly blocked, and the two were in a saber clash. "I see" the figure said, astonished " A retired jedi eh?"

"I am no jedi" Lucas held out his hand, lightning crackling "But if both twin boys have to became jedi in order to defeat you, then I will not think twice!" He grabbed the figures arm, sending a current of lightning toward him, sending him to the ground. Lucas leapt back to the wall of another building, scanning the scene until he found a steam pipe. He then started slashing it, then moving on to another. Gotta keep going... Suddenly, he was being lifted into the air. "Im afraid this is it, Rogue Jedi."

"No," Lucas replied, Looking to the sky. "This is just starting." The figure looked up. Dozens of republic gunships swarmed the sky, lights flashed toward the two. Jedi swarmed into the medical building, most likely replying to the cries for help and possible distress calls. Because of the steam flying to the sky, the Jedi were able to pinpoint the exact location easier. Without a second thought, the sith raised his hands. In one second, the swarm of Jedi in the ships were crippled, and the gunships crashed to the surface. In disbelief, Lucas fell to his knees. "But.. how..." he managed to say, voice shaky. "You see, Lucas Shadowdust? This is just the beginning of the end." With that he throw his lightsaber. This is it...

About to give up on anything, a women with scarlet hair leaped infront of Lucas, arms out wide. In an instant, the lightsaber stopped. To her stomach.

A single tear dripped from Lucas's eye as he held Rosaria in his hands. He felt for a heartbeat, but it was slowly fading. She started to open her mouth, and Lucas knew this would be her final words. With that, she whispered something into his ear before she closed her eyes one last time.

Protect the children

Lucas held out both hands, sending a surge of yellow lightning towards the hooded figure. He held out his as well, sending purple lightning to Lucas, forming a collision. Lucas noticed something in the figures expression; he started backing up little by little. "I.." he muttered, "I didnt sacrifice my loyalty just to die here!" The lightning shot out, sending Lucas flying into a wall. There was something about this feeling, he knew that this would be his final moments. "Better go out fighting" He whispered to himself, looking over at Rosaria. Im sorry.

With that he raised his hands, sending lightning toward a power compactor located on the wall, slightly above him. The power released, sending both of them back. The power surged through all the nearby pipes and power lines, darkening all the lights nearby.

Rosaria opened her eyes.

"Youre a fighter" Lucas said weakly. He held both Levi and Luke in his hands.

"Whyd you bring them?" She asked

"Republic forces will come soon, and they'll see them both." He looked at her as she started to cry. She looked at Levi first, sleeping peaceful without a sound. "I wish I could watch you grow up." She said "Youd grow up to be quite a handsome young man. I'll love you always, Levi." Then she looked at Luke, looking like he was about to cry. "I havnt forgotten about you, little Luke. Stay out of trouble, and stay safe." Finally, the stab started to take its toll, as Lucas' fight did so as well.

"I always wanted boys" Lucas said, looking to the sky. He saw a republic gunship in the distance and smiled.

"Stay safe, you two."

Early Years (Age 7, 28 BBY)


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