Luke Shadowdust
Luke in disguise
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Alderaanplanet Alderaan


35 BBY


67 ABY

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6" 7 inches



Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Eye color

Intense Grey

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Rise of the Empire Era

New Republic Era


Strength of Many

Larcon Legion

Red Lighting

Republic Teamwork



Known masters

Jokov Laren

Known apprentices

Xander Goldenflame

Current Squad

Larcon Legion

Squad Rank

3 Commander

Former Squad(s)

Spy Squadron

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrel

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35 BBY-22 BBY: Luke's Childhood

Today was tribal day. Every year, the Alderians would celebrate a new year a living, and of peace. It was beautiful. But the advantages of that meant everyone would leave their homes and livestock to go to the capital.

This was a massive disadvantage for the villagers.

10 year old Luke Shadowdust hid in the village forest trees, waiting got a family to vacate their house. He paid close attention to the family. A mother, two daughters, and a son. They all strolled out the cabin and walked through the pathway around the woods.

"Jackpot." Luke whispered to himself, leaping off the tree and onto the cabin roof. He released a Spec Ops gadget he smuggled off landed separatist fleet. Then he slid off the roof to the back of the house, in a crouching position. The Gadget was a Probe droid called Diota, or D-66.

It released a small disc and scratched a circle through the back window. The circle outline was thick enough that it fell through the window, and they got in with ease.

As soon as they got in, Luke had a mini heart attack.

"What are you doing in here, you peasant?!" An old, scruffy man yelled, pointing a blaster rifle. Luke hid his DL-44 blaster behind his back, as his voice rose around ten hormones "I... I was walking in the woods, and I got lost... But I saw this cabin... and I..."

"'Nuff said." The man tossed his blaster on the sofa. "A little guy like you shouldnt be wandering these woods. Big Bad Karkadons roam these areas...."

The man laughed as he chugged on some galactic substance possible from Nar Shadaa. He reached into his Cabin droid, and tossed me a fruit Luke believed to have grown on Lothal.

How did this man manage to get all of these galactic substances? He couldn't help but ask.

"Um, Sir, Have you been to Nar Shadaa before?"

"Yes, in fact, It is my birthplace."

A dozen thoughts came into Luke's head. How? What was it Like? Can I see your Star Fighter? Through all those thoughts, Luke caught a glimpse of the mans waste. There laid a metal pipe with buttons and designs. He has seen this invention multiple times before.

It was a lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi Knights.

"You're... A jedi?" He asked.

"Oh... No... Im what you would call an exile, Wanderer. What exactly are you?"

It took a while for a response.

"People say Im a scavenger. Smuggler. Thief."

"You wanted to take my rifle, didn't you?"

Luke responded with a slow nod. The man looked like he wasn't surprised. In fact, he looked quite astonished.

"Come with me" The man said, gesturing to follow. Luke had heard rumors about old strangers, pedophiles, kidnappers. But this man seemed trust worthy. Something about his lightsaber...

Luke followed the man into the unknown.

Escape from Alderaan

The man took Luke to the nearest Space port in our location. Without any questioning, He ran inside without any delay. Luke did his best to keep up, but they spotted an Imperial Agent as they turned a corner. The man, without any hesitation, threw the lightsaber and it found itself through the Agent with a clean cut. He fell with his hands on a communication link.

"Common! There is a reason we aren't using the Space Port farther from here!" They rushed up the stai cases to the next level of the port. Many Agent's aware of their escape, Released blaster fire. Luke did nothing but get behind cover, scared. The man, Eagerly, igniting his saber. The shots were fired. Expertly, he deflected the shots back to its owners. Luke got up, in an awe-struck face. At the same time, he was terrified.

"LET"S GO!" The man shouted. They ran as an alarm blared through every floor. They crosse a corner and found themselves to another stair case. This time, even more of the Agents came. Luke bounced behind cover. "DIOTA, ATTACK MODE!" The diota propelled its way to the group of agents. Luke grinned. "Boom."

All the Agents were sent back, flying into the wall. Luke leapt out of cover and ran to diota as the magnitized droid came back together. But this was not over. Luke could hear stomps on the level above, but the man ran anyways. Luke had no choice but to follow, sighting battle droids and droidekas. The old man expertly deflected the blaster shots, but looked like he was wearing out.

Luke stood in complete fear. He had never seen droidekas or battle droids before. What happens if this old man can take it anymore? What would I do? He thought, looking at his DL-44 blaster. He looked at this man, fighting for a complete stranger. These droids could take his life. What I'll do.. He continued thinking. His hands were now on my blaster ready yo draw"

"...IS FIGHT!" He shouted, aiming his blaster and blasting the head of a battle droid, his attitude completely charged. This put a scratch on the droid. Luke intensely aimed once more and blasted the head off the droid.

"I gotta get closer to one shot these droids" He whispered to himself. The old man leapt in the confined hall and stabbed the ground breaking a crack into the floor, collasping its support and dragging down the droids with it. Before they hit, The man held out his hands and everything froze. His hands then Crumbled as the droids circuits ripped apart.

He ran to Luke and carried him over his shoulders, running to the last staircase. They got to the top, sighting a massive hanger with various starships and fighters. He put Luke down, amazed with all the color coming back to him.

"Which is ours?" He asked.

"None" Replied The Man.

"WHAT?!" Luke said in a screeching sound, echoing the hanger. He picked Luke up again, force leaping across to a specific ship. It had to be a freighter. There wasn't any time to be amazed, battle ten times the size as all the attacks combined stormed the room. They blasted like droids would, but their aim was really close.

"POWER IT ON AND GET READY FOR FLIGHT!" The old man yelled, igniting his saber in time to deflect the blaster fire. "WHAT?!" Luke said in a screeching sound, this time not filling the whole Hanger.

"Just GO!" He shouted, Luke running inside the dished ship. He ran around the ship until he found the cockpit. He ran to the piloting seat and saw multiple buttons on one side. "UGH" He shouted in frustration and slammed his head against the control panel. He jumped back up in pain as the Freighter roared to life. "Well that worked." He said puzzled, rubbing his forehead. He sat down in the seat and found a lever. He pulled it upward using his strength, they ship replying to its strength. He stopped struggling and found a toggle, pulling it to the left until he could see The Old man and the Droids. On top of the toggle was a red button tat his thumbs could easily reach.

"This should be fun." He pressed the left button as a missile blew out and sent droid parts flying. "I meant to do that." He said, scratching his head. Luke pressed a button that had an obvious door lift on it, as The Old Man Entered and took Luke's face, Luke making a poker face. The Freighter zoomed into the sky with zero casualties. But then-

"Vulture droids on our tail!" Luke jumped as he saw 4 vulture droids zoom passed they each turned in motion, facing the freighter as they blasted at it.

"Get to the fighter pit!"

"The what?"

"The Thing's that you blast stuff from."

Luke did't mention how his specification failed to say "blaster cockpit" but he ran around the freighter untill he found it. He took the seat as he moved the toggle. This moved the whole cockpit. He didn't see and Vulture Droid until one zoomed past. This one had good coding and it was very hard to track it because of its swift movement. Luke palms sweat and gripped the toggle harder with determination (quit laughing). He slowly locked onto the droid. "Boom" He muttered, locking on and blasted the living peices out of it. The debris blew into another vulture droid just in time, blowing them both to bits. He was just about to trace another down as a missile blew it to bits. "WHOOO!" He heard across the ship. "THAT'S ALL!"

"Wait, wasn't there-"


I got out the cockpit just to watch the jump to hyperspace. I had never seen it before. It was amazing.

Coruscant: The Underworld

The Freighter continued flight in its hyperspace jump until it reached a planet that was looked very distant from any mere plant, this looked like Nar Shadaa. No, this had to be Coruscant. Home to all the Jedi since The Old Republic.

After landing in a space port and exiting with no casualties, they started off at the roads of Coruscant, known as the underworld. Luke watched as a commoner was kicked in the gludious maxiumus. The Commoner, happening to be a twi'lek male, walked off as if ignoring it.

"Is this how its like here?" Luke asked, almost laughing.

"Around this area, yes." The man said. They walked until Luke finally asked "I never caught your name."

"Oh, How rude of me!" the man laughed, getting himself together. "My Name is Jakov Laren, but that's Laren to you."

"Hang on, did you leave your family behind in Alderaan?" Luke asked, puzzled.

"No" Jakov responded, and that was the end of it.

"Where exactly are you taking me?" Luke asked, alert for something like a trap. After about thirty minutes of walkng, he finally responded.

"This is where your training starts." He said, looking at a massively large building. Statues and shrines laid beside the entrance. Infront of the large entrance held multiple steps. This had to be the jedi Temple.

Prison Riot

It has been about a month since Luke has taken a deep long rest. He has Prison Riotonly took about a 4 hour rest, which he knew whas bad for him. about a day after he had discovered the Disapearences, he decided to take some rest. He had about 7 hours untill the councle called. "Must be about Obi wan kenobi's death..." He mumbled to himself. Luke headed to the council and saw many Jedi that seemed aliitle depressed looking.

When Luke saw the depression on their faces, Luke said" You summoned me, masters?" Mace windu got up. "As you know, ever since the death of Obi wan, we heard the bounty hunter who killed him was sent to prison, however, Trouble has been amonk in the underworld: A prison escape." Luke looked shocked.

Luke looked shocked But how? he thought "Do you accept this challenge? "Mace Windu asked. Luke heard the sirens of the prison followed by yelling and shouting. "I accept." Luke said, smiling. "There will be another person on this mission, so you wont feel left alone." Plo Koon said. "Guide you, the force will, hm? Use it, you must..."


Luke ran down the halls, but stopped to catch his breath. He then saw Genral Lan Phaseripper catching up. I know this guy... Luke thought.

They ran out to the prison. It was massive destruction. Luke looked up at Lan.

"You go first" Luke says. "Wow, I see how much faith you have in this mission..." He rolled his eyes. Luke grabbed his pocket pistol and set it to stun. He jumped in front of a prisoner. "Yolo!" Luke said, stunning him.

He threw him into the cell and closed it. The prisoners started to Pick up blasters from the storm troopers and shot at Luke and Lan. Lan barrel rolled over to one,drop kicked his face,and threw him to the wall.Luke dodged blast while forcing some Of the prisoners into the cell. He started shooting stun blast while Lan deflected bolts sending them back to the prisoners. Luke started blasting while barrel rolling.

"Look out Lan!" Luke says as he spots prisoners aiming at Lan. Lan got up and force pushed the aiming prisoners to the wall. Lan started to revive the shock troopers. "Impressive..." Luke said. Luke back flipped several times, dodging while doing this. Luke quikly took the stunned prisoners in the cell.

Luke noticed more prisoners coming at him. "not giving up, huh?" Luke muttered. He took out his blue saber and force pushed most prisoners in the cell, knocking them out. Luke saw Lan run to the cafe'. He was about to follow, but a boy head-butted Luke. Luke got up and realized it was Boba Fett!

Boba threw a punch, but Luke caught it and threw him near the cell. He was about to get up but Luke forced he cell door shut. Luk turned and realized a karkodon leaping at him. Luke jumps put the way and stuns him with his blaster. Luke spotted a rodian running past but not attacking.

"Coward..." Luke muttered aiming, but bossk Hit him in the back, making him colaspe. Luke awoke in a cell with prioners waking toward him.

"Uh oh..."


"Luke woke up and saw prisoners around him. He jumped over yhem flwiping to the cell door. He forced the key to him, unlocking it. He quikly got out and pushed the door Closed. He ran to find Lan, Remembering that he was at the cafeteria.

Luke heard an epxplosian and knew it wasn't good. He followed the sound that it was coming from. In the midst, he saw smoke arise beyond some roofs. He met Lan at the cafe. 

"Hey there, Luke." Lan said with an exausted sigh.

"Hey. Is that everyone?" Luke said, looking at the direction of the explosion.

All of a sudden, prisoners started charging toward Luke and Lan with blasters from the direction of the explosion. "Take Cover!" Lan yelled. Behind them, a clone was shot by the prisoner and fell."NO!" Lan yelled. He ran over to see if he was alright, but sighed. The clone was dead. Luke held off the prisoners with two pistols. A clone joined him. three prisoners got shot, and four remained. A clone got shot in the face by a twi'lek prisoner. Lan jumped up to the ceileng, landed and killed some of them.

"Sir, with all do respect, please leave some prisoners alive" A clone said. "Of course..." Lan mumbled.

Luke back filpped and berrel rolled, stuned some then slides. Six clones were behind them carring prisoners on their backs. Lan fot out his saber and started deefending.  A clone stunned a prisooner and two others flee, with another clone coming with a riot sheild. 

"We need help on the west end! NOO!" a clone on the comlinnk yellls. The sound was followed by blaster shots and bones cracking.

"Luke, they need our help on level 45. That's where the stronger prisoners are located. If there is a break out over there, then we will have 500 pounds of mucle to deal with!" Lan said, looking up.

"Ok. Less chatting more defending!"

"I like your words!"

Luke bolted up the stairs and Lan followed, with two clones acompaning them. They stopped at level 45. They scanned through the area  and there was dead clones everywhere. We are too late! Luke thought. 

"No...NO!" Lan yelled.

Suddenly a karkodon jumps from an upper level with his fist clutched. He lands on his feet and his fist hit the two clones head and their necks broke with their heads fractured. Luke and Lan turned. "WHAT THE" Luke yelled. The kark looks bitter. "Oh hello, JEDI!"  Lan grabbed his lightsaber and yelledd "Stay Back!"  and Luke aimed his blaster. Suddenly they get picked up by a strong trandosian and they took their weapons. "UNHAND US!" Luke said, getting really serious.

Too Far

Luke secretly put his hand on his utility belt. Three other strong prisoners cheer. The kark activates Lan saber and places it over Lan's head to cut his head off. He swung at Lan's head but at that very moment Luke blocked with his secret dark saber that he uses on spy missions.  It clashed with Lans saber witch pushed them back. Lan dropped, kicked the trandoshion in face and tripped him. Another strong prisoner charged at him, but he dodges. The kark takes the saber and tries to cut Luke in half and a strong prisoner comes at Luke with an electro staff and shocks Luke.

Lan kicks the prisoner with the staff.  Luke front flipped and kicked him and aimed his blaster at neck point. The karkadon prisoner kicks Lan in the head. "ARRGHH!" Lan yelled in pain. "YOU FOOLS!" The kark says laughing." YOU CANT DEFEAT ME!" The trandosion kicked Lan as well. Then the kark punches Luke in the gut. Luke fell back near Lan as Lan tried to get up slowley.

Luke coughed up blood. The three strong prisoners walk toward Luke and Lan. "Nice try, ladies!" Luke glared, but then his glare turned into a grin. "Do your worst..." Luke said. "With pleasure" He picked up a metal pipe. "I have a plan" Luke whispered. "Which is" Lan asked. "Yoda told me" use the force, its power is unique." Luke regens power. The Kark is about to hit. "NOW!" Luke yelled, force pushing him so hard he breaks through the wall.

The other prisoners were shocked. Both Luke and Lan grinned. Luke forced his saber to him and heard Kark laugh. The two prisoners jump out the whole. Luke and Lan run over to the whole and looked out, seeing them on the police speeders.

"Oh no!" Lan said.

"This is bad!"

"Yes it is!"

They jumped down. Luke landed on the ground and Lan landed on a crate and it burst open. Luke spots other ploice speeders and police droids and clones are near them. "Hey men! There are three prisoners on the run!" They all went on speeders and went after them. Five speeders(not including Lan and Luke) were chasing after the pprisoners.  Luke's long hair blew in his face, making it hard to see.The three prisoners are getting good ground. Luke and Lan goo to high speed. "Lan! If we let the police chase them and we get onn the sides, we can cut them off!"

"Great idea! Hear that officers?"

"Yes sir!" They splited up in difrent directions. "They are trying to cut us off! Kill them!" Kark says. One prisoner gets out pistol and tries to blast Luke. Luke saw the blast and tried to loose him. Luke jumped in air while deflecting with his saber. He jumped back on his speeder as his saber was shot. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Luke sighed. Luke saw a crash happen to the other speeder. The shooter keeps shooting Luke, but Luke moved around his speeder, dodging.

"Ok THATS ENOUGH!" Luke yelled jumping onto the shooters speeder. He shot and killed a police and didnt even notice Luke. The police speeder crashes and blows up. "ARGH" The prisoner yelled, noticing Luke. Luke kicked him off, turned and stunend the prisoner. He landed off speeder and landed on top of the roof. "We got everyone all exept Kark..." Luke tolsd Lan.

Kark puts speeder on auto pilot and another small police speeder speeds next to the Kark. It turned out the police was Kark's friend. He jumps onto the other speeder, but the  speeder hits a wall and crashes, with the debris going everywhere and only two police remained. Lan and Luke trieed to cut off Kark, but one of the prisoners started shooting. "Pull back! Lan yelled, and they did.

Luke took his blaster off stun and started blasting  hte kark. One of the blast hit the engine of the speeder. One of his friends fired at Luke's chest. He slightly dodged as it put a tear in his robe. A police speeder fires as well. A clone pulled up in his speeder and yelled "Corner them!" The Kark pulls up above the police speeder and tries to follow.

However, Kark's speeder gets higher and the Kark shoots a rocket at the engine of the speeder. It negan to fall back and it hit Lan's speeder. Lan started to fall. "AHHHH!" Lan yelled, falling. He grabbed onto Luke's speeder. The police speeder crashed into peices. Only two police speeders remain and they try to shoot Kark down. The citizens looked up in terror and shock. Lan got out his saber and deflected the bolts, as Kark went into incoming traffic. "LOOK OUT, BOYS!" Lan yelled." Stay away from the innocent! Watch the innocent!" 

Luke grabbed his utilitty belt. "Im going in!" He yelled to Lan as he ran toward kark. He dodged blaster bolts while running. Kark shot the grenade and Luke's hand, but Luke dropped it just in time and a small but harmful explosion occured. The smoke rised.Kark and Luke was temporarily knocked out. The traffic was heavy, then everyone stopped. The remaining police took Kark away. The speeder was stll in the air. They crashed, but Lan grabbed onto Luke and they fell onto another roof. The karks engin engine blows from when Luke shot it and the debris went everywhere. 

Luke laid onto the roof near Lan as he slowley opened his eyes. Lan strted to cough, when the police speeder Lands near them. "Luke?" Lan said. "Yes?" Luke responded weakly. "You alright?"

"I...I guess. Did we win?"


Three police speeders pull up near them . A smile forme don Lukes face, as Lan and Luke got up slowley."We did it! We are alittle beaten..." Lan said, helping Luke up.

"But look on bright side. Prisoners are secure. A few are missing but a majourity are caught."

"Yeah, Like Hardeen,Bane, and that other is criminals Boba Fett to Reid Cane."

"Maybe the councle will handle that," Luke said, looking at the jedi temple. 

"Indeed, Indeed."

(Orchestra fanfare XD)

Fierce Felucia Events

Felucia was a calm and peiceful planet with many plants and wonderful veiws. Villagers worked hard on what seemed to be a "Great Day," Untill They found aSeperatist base found on Felucia. Many paniced and ran home, but their homes were destroyed by Rancors  and left the vialgers homeless. One of them sent a distress call. In thime, republic gunships landed and they built a main republic outpost.

Meanwhile, Luke was busy impressing Ahsley with his force pwers helping her with the meal for the councle. "And there you go!" Luke said, placing the last plate on the table.

"Need any help, assistant senater?" Luke assked with a bow. Ahley blushed. "Im fine, but it was kind of you to help me out with-" Luke's Larcon Legion hologrammer vibrated. "Oh, hello sir Larcon! I was-" Luke saw that Larcon was very serious. "Meet me at Felucia. I'll send you the corordinates. No time to explain. Over and out!"

Leshaak hung up.

Ashley looked worried. "I'm sorry. I have to go, he was really serious. Stay safe." Luke said, rushing out the room. 

Sing No More

Luke traveled to Felucia. He felt bad for leaving Ashley like that, but he had to follow orders. When Luke got to Felucia, he spotted the outpost. He landed near and ran inside. A sheild was activated on the outpost, but look was able to walk through since he was tasked for the mission. 

He saw many people from the Legion, including Lan Phaseripper. He even saw familur faces from the legion that seemed to be tasked, even though there rank was below commander, which occured to Luke how serious this was going to be. He saw RC-113, also known ass Boss. He looked at Luke and signaled for him to come over. Luke walked over and said" Business here is..." Boss pulled out a data pad.

Luke looked at it and saw plain feilds. "Its... empty..." Luke said oddly. "Exactly, but we loose signal from our troopers specifically there, followed by baster shots and yells of pain. Luke, I want you to go out there and find out what's going on." No hesitation ran through Luke. "Yes Commander. I will seek what's going on, and if i dont return, know that i took a long break." 

Luke smiled and went on a speeder.He sped past plants and giant flowers. They were so big compared to regualr ones, he thought this place was roamed by Rancors. He finnaly reached his destination. Luke walked around the smaller plants and looked sharp, hoping it wont plunge at him.

He saw a shdow race acrossed plants, thats when he froze. He might have been seeing things, untill he heard a WHOOSH  behind him. He turned but tit was nothing. Thats when he looked up and a droid leaped down, tackling Luke. Luke got up and saw the droid up close, but then saw, it was the highsinger!

Luke ignited his saber and pivited it across it's head, but it bounced right off. Lukeback flipped and started to try to spot weaknesses. The highsinger blasted and Luke refleted it back at him, but it only did tiny scratches. Luke kicked the highsinger into a planet and was about to stab it, but then was punched by the highsinger's hand. Luke landed on the ground and got up slowley.

Luke slashed his saber at the highsinger, and thats when it felt effective. Luke kept doing that, untill the highsinger handstood and kicked Luke in the face. It got to his feet and pulled out another blaster. Luke got up and was ready to deflect, when all of a sudden The highsinger shot rappidly, while spinning making blots everywhere. it was almost ipossible dodging, but Luke forced the highsinger into a plant so hard the tall plant fell. 

The highsinger laded on its rear end as Luke aimed his saber at him in neck point. The highsinger somehow kicked the blade, althought a peice of him fell. Then he ran away in the distance.

Luke saw the peice andpicked it up. "Hmmm....." he said examining it. Luke went back to the outpost and told Boss everything and showed him the peice.

Luke got out one of his spy gadgets and put the peice otop it. Then it showed the highsinger running. " This'll track him down. tell the others his location so he'll be dealt with." Boss seemed impressed. "Alright get some rest, your squad is over there. Wake up later for your next assignment." Luke saw Boss's gaze.

There was the legion, most of them preparing for next assignments. Luke greeted them and took some rest.

Scracthed Out

Two hours later Luke had awoke. He saw that everyone was starting their missions. Luke walked up to Boss. "Next assignment?" Luke asked. Boss looked like he had came from bad news. "There is a rancor down at the cave. Very Big. Dont want to judge him by his slowness. Try to take him out. Be very careful, he has taken out many villagers and clones."

Luke nodded. "I wont fail!"  He said, getting on his speeder. Luke went toward the back of the outpost and headed toward the cave. He hated taking the long way, for one there were many droids. Two, going back thhe way he went was clear. And if he ran into a rancor, he can easily oose them since they are not the fastest creatures. 

But then Luke was reminded Dont judge him by his slowness. Luke knew if he was slow, then the rest of them could be slow, but he wouldnt judge them. He arrived at the cave and got off the speeder. He walked slowley into the  cave. There were sub caves in there, so he guessed thats the hatchery area. He walked slowley in it, but then he saw baby rancors.  

One spotted him. "Oh snap." Luke said walking back. The rancor babies ran toward Luke. Luke sliced them one by one trying to defend as much as he could, but there were about two dozen of them. Luke sliced the last one, then heard a great big ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR! Luke turned and saw the guant beast eye to eye, about eight feet tall and really bulky.

Luke deactivated his saber and brought out both pistols. Luke shot at the beast wildly, but it did no harm. "Alright scratch, wana play that game?" Luke threw a grenade at him and ran. It exploded making the rocks above collaspe ontop Scratch. "YES!" Luke yelled cheering. 

Scracth got up with the rocks alling towards Luke. "NO!" He yelled. He lifted his hands and closed his eyes. The rocks stopped clear in his path.

Luke let go and saw that the feirce rancor was chargin at him! He lunged his claw at Luke, ready for a deadly hit. Luke ducked just in time. Scracth positioned his leg backward getting ready to kick Luke. Luke launched back just in time aas the foot swung. Luke forced Scracth back, but it was no use, The giant creature wasn't able to budge. 

Luke felt cowardly and ran. The Giant went after Luke. "HOW ARE YOU CATCHING UP?!" Luke yelled breathing hard. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE SLOWER THAN A BANTHA!" 

Scracth Launched his Leg in the air ass he saw Luke fall. Luke grabbed his saber and ignited it, pulling it over his head. "I dont think you like thumb tacks, do you?" Luke said. The leg fell down. Luke thought it was from scratch about to kill him, but that thought faded as Luke saw him fall to the ground. Luke turned and saw- Larcon Legion!

Larcon Legion 3

The Larcon Legion

Luke got up and was about to say thank you, but then scrath got up and let a greater ROOOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!! It was so loud Luke fell backward. Luke signaled to run. "I have a plan!" He said, trying not to sound hesitant. 

The creature's eyes were red full of anger. "I have hope! Shoot him down, i got this!" Luke ran toward scrath. He clawed at Luke and hit him. It left a big scracth mark on his chest and a ripped tunic.

Luke yelped in pain, but got back up slowley. He saw thst scracth lived up to his name, and his scratch HURT. Luke went for a second try. scracth tried to claw him again, but Luke dodged and ran under his legs. He jumped onto his back and tried to hold on, but the rancor kept trying to grab him. Luke almost flew up, but regained balance. Blaster bolts were every direction as the legion shot the rancor. stun bolts were being shot as well, but the fierce rancor wasnt budging.


Scratch being shot down

Luke ignited his saber and Pivited it against the large beast's back. Scracth roared in pain, running and crawlling in circles. Luke fell off, but was ran over by the rancor. He got up in pain, as he saw theer rancor on the ground. Luke saw the rest of the legion and saw they were cheering.

We won! Luke thought. Once Luke got back, He reported to Boss. "Great work sir. that must've been tough to handle, you concured it." Luke thought of his parents saying that.

He tried to erase the memory out his head, before the terrible loss happened.

Tanks and Sabotage

Luke went up to Boss." You have done great wwork, sir! But, as hard as it is saying it, we still have more assignments for you. Near the eppies base, there are newly charged and sheilded tanks. I want you to take this device and blow them up before they spread!" Boss handed Luke a device that looked like a thermal detonater.

"I accept this mission" Luke said, walking off to his speeder. He sped up straight from the outpost heading north. Luke sped past droids as usual, as they gave up even trying to shoot him down. He finnaly reached the seperarist base. He saw many heavy sheilded droids and droidekas everywhere.

The Sepretist tanks

Im going to have to drive them away somehow... Luke thought untill he had an idea. He grabbed on of his grenades and thew it far. When it expoded, The droids went toward that direction to see what was going on. It worked! Luke made a run for it and placed the device Boss gave him in the middle of the readied tanks. 

a beeping sound started to erupt. "JEDI!" said a battle droid aiming his blaster. Luke easily sliced him in two. "Such dumb last words.." Luke muttered. Droids raced towered him in every direction. His big problem was how to get them all to become bits. Luke had an idea.

"Come and get e, you bunch of bolts and nuts!" Luke said, getting toward the bomb he placed. The beeping got louder and faster. This is a STUPID way to die... he thought. He reflected every blast. He sliced a droids and forced its parts into a blast, making it explode into another droid. He sliced two arms of a droid and kicked it to another, then ducked as a droid tried to blast him. Unfortunatley, the blast hit another droid.

Luke reflected more blast, but more and more droids came. The beeping started to get very fast. "NOW!"He said leaping as high as he can out of the way. in mid air, he still reflected and one of the blast hit the tiny bomb he placed. 

A massive explosion accured  destroying all its surroundings including the droids. Some of it damaged the base of the seperatist, but it was still sheilded. "Amazing how the biggest surprises come from the smallest packages" Luke said with a smile. He got on his speeder and headed back to the outpost.

Luke told Boss the good news." Well  commander, your getting better and better. I have to see, probably finer than others. " Luke smiled. "But its not over yet." Luke's smile faded.

Sniper smash

Luke had another mission from Boss. It was to destroy 6 droideka snipers. He sped to the seperatist base and hid behind a Felucian tree. He climbed up and had a veiw of the whole sector. In front of the seperatist base were the snipers.

Thses snipers were more sheilded then others, and its attack power was higher than others. Luke took a bold risk, knowing he might not come out alive.He leapt down face first. When he landed, he barrel rolled and ignited his saber. The snipers saw him and opened fire.

The droideka sniper

"Alright rollers, your gonna taste some bad medicine!" Luke said as he leapt over them. He tried to stabbed the sheild in the right part, but he bounced back. The force feild was stronger as well. Luke forced three of them up and threw a grenade near them. Once it exploded, Luke was pushed back by the force.

He got up and saw three of the droideekas blasted down. Luke ran toward the others and knew what to do. He leapt high in the air, facing his saber to the ground.He fell still positioned. 

Once it hit the ground, its force blew the force feilds off. Luke reflected the bolts and some of them hit thee tall tree he was on. The tree began to tilt and Luke had an idea as he saw more destroyers in bound. He backed up toward the tree,still reflecting.

"Surrender, jedi!" Said a battle droid who also blasted at Luke. "Dont count on it!" Luke said, slicing the tree. '

It fell down toward the droids. "But I-I just got promoted!" one of the battle droids said. It smashed the droids to nuts and bolts. 

Luke jumped onto his speeder and raced out. Some of the  droids and destroyers chased after him. Luke sped throught trees and plants and droids as he started to hear blaster fire. More adn more droids were coming after him!

Luke ducked on his speeder trying not to get shot. He sped through more droids through the deep jungle. "I hate thses situations..." Luke muttered. He backflipped off the speeder and slammed the ground. The force blew the droids into the trees, making them weak. Luke jumped back on his speeder and sped away.

Once he got to the outppost, he turned in his mission.

Yorn Out Welcome

"There has been an attack from the Nuro pirates. They are lead by Yorn Nuro. There has been said, reporting from General Phaseripper, that Yorn made holograms of himself. Try to take out the right one." Boss said.

Luke sighed. "Getting harder and harder!" Luke said. "Larcon Legion has a plan, there heading on there way." Boss pointed toward Larcon Legion. They were mounted and about to leave. "I'd go with them if i were you." Luke nodded and got mounted. He followed the rest of the legion. "Hey, sir!" Luke said while riding.

"Hey Luke. I'll tell you the plan once we get there."

When they got there, Larcon told them the plan. "The speeders will come any minute. "Larcon said. 

He gave a signal to the speeders as they nodded. The rest of the legion hid behind the trees with there weapons ready.

The speeders drove past the feild of Nuros. It caught the attention of them as they ran after. The sppeders got to where the rest of the squad was. 

"NOW!" Larcon yelled as the squad leapt out from behind the trees. The Nuros where shocked, but attcked anyways. Luke dodged blaster bolts as they were in every direction from clones to Pirates. Instead of igniting his lightsaber, he got out a blaster and started to blast them.

Luke then spooted Yorn Nuro at the end of the Feild. "Lets do this!" Luke said. He front flipped over man  pirates and ran.

Yorn Nuro

Yorn Nuro

Luke stabbed a pirate and the rest of them looked at him a they began to fire. Luke dodged,jumped, ducked and reflected the blaster fire as the Nuro Pirates accidentally shot each other. Luke finnaly got to Yorn Nuro. "Stop! I have him!" Luke grinned. Nuro blasted rapidly, but Luke barrel rolled around dodging them all. Yorn swung his rifle at luke as Luke caught it. He flipped it. Unfortunately for Yorn, he gripped so hard on the rifle as he flipped too.

Luke jumped in the air and kicked yorn and got out his blaster. Yorn blasted Luke but Luke kept dodging. Finally, Luke jumped up and shot Nuro in the head as he fell. 

The legion fired the remaining Pirates. "Camp secured." Luke said

Into the jungle

Luke walked up to Boss for his last mission on Felucia. "Ok, your last mission is preety simple. Finish off the remaining grenadiers and jungle droids in the forest." Boss said, pointing north. It seemed preety easy, though he knew that there will still many remaining droids.

"Ok, I'll return shortly." Luke said. walking toward the forest. Once he arrived, it seemed empty. "Strange..." Luke said, looking around. 

"FIRE!" Yelled a droid. A blast of grenades bolted toward Luke and hit near him. The collision sent him flying. "OOOHH!!" He yelled in pain.

More were coming toward him. He back flipped an d the grenades missed. He forced the other grenades toward the grenadiers. Bolts flew everywhere and the remaining debris svraped the trees around Luke. Then blaster fire went toward him.

He ignited his saber and reflected them, but these blast were differnt. It seemed to have pushed Luke back each time he reflected it. Then more grenadiers and jungle droids came to the scene. Luke took cover behind a tree, but that didnt seem to do anything.

The grenadier droids blasted grenades at Luke, but he jumped out the way. Still, he wasnt very lucky. The tree began to tilt and fall toward Luke.Once it hit, Luke jumped away just in time, but he STILL wasn't lucky. The tree that fell leaned onto another tree, and that tree fell onto the other and so on.

The last tree landed with a giant THUD onto the  some of the droids.

More of them came toward Luke. "You have to be kidding me..." Luke muttered. He sliced a jungle droid, but was hit by a grenadier. The grenadier aimed at Luke, but Luke kicked it onto a tree and stabbed it with his saber.

He leapt onto the tree and hang on its tip as it also tilted over. Once he got to the ground, the tree flung back up and Luke let go. He soared up into the air. In mid air, he deactivated ahis lightsaber and fell to the ground.

Once he hit the ground, he pounded it so hard that all the things around him shook. The droids clattered to peices. 


"Easy as pie."Luke said sarcastically.
Jungle droids

Jungle Droids

He searched the whole forest and saw nothing but scraps. "Mission complete."Luke said with a sigh. He fell to the ground and sighed. Once he got back to the outpost, he saw gunships getting ready to excort people to their homes. o

"Mission accomplished." Luke said to Boss. "Good work! Now, lets go home." Boss replied. He got onto a gunship. 

"Coruscant, jedi aca- wait no! Coruscant, Senate building, pronto!" Luke said, hasty. Once they landed, he ran inside.

Once he got in, he walked in the dinner room. "Sorry im late- Where's everyone?" Luke asked. Ashley was folding a table. "Your Two days late..." She said tired. she fell asleep mid-working. Luke carried her to her bed and walked toward the jedi temple.

He felt tired too. Almost everyone who was on the missions were sleeping.

Arrangments for War

Near the end of At the Near the end of 20.12 BBY, Luke went to the Larcon Tower. He saw many people from before who had gathered at the Tower from the orders on the squad message.

Leshaak stood at the meeting table, with hands feld.  "Larcon Legion is back." He said. Everyone was confused. "There has been some discussions with the leader of WAR EAGLE, Adam Heart, and it led to this: our war with WAR EAGLE." Everyone looked shocked. others were proud, for a new war. Luke, however was worried.

He also saw it in Lan Phaseripper's eyes.

Once they got outside, Luke checked in his room. He looked in his bactapack and saw his med packs. "This'll come in handy" Luke said. He knew that for the rest of the month, they'll be in Larcon Tower. Luke walked outside and saw Lan. "How do you think of the arrangment?" Luke asked, although he kind off knew. Lan didn't answer.

"This will decide it: If we live or die." Lan said as he walked away. Luke looked at the squad message. "Training tommorow. Come to the front of squad base at 0700 hours." He read aloud. "I better get some sleep." Luke said.

Larcon Legion vs WAR EAGLE

Betrayal in the team

Since Larcon had to go on a mission assighned by the republic, the legioners just talked. Luke walked in on the other legioners and heard arguing. Night Lion yelled at Lan, with several of the other legioners yelling back. 

"ALL IM SAYING IS THAT LAN IS'T BEING A GOOD ENOUGH GENERAL!" Night shouted. This shocked Luke because Night was the one who introduced Luke to the squad and he was so kind, and now he was hearing this.

to Be Continued...

Luke's Nuetrelality



In the morning, All of Larcon Legion went to the front of the base. Everyone was required to have a blaster, rifle, or sniper. Luke chose his two blasters."Alright! If you want to beat WAR EAGLE, You gotta be the strongest! Fastest! Athletic! Prepared for everything! Use med packs! Finnaly, watch your back. Here is training number one: Battling." Larcon said ontop of the Larcon Ledge. "Get in your Larcon Legion gear and prepare for  training!" 

Everyone did as commanded, with no arguing. They all knew it was listen or fall into the hands of WAR EAGLE. The Larcon Legion gear was bassically 501st armour with a badge that said LL.

Once everyone got out, Leshaak stood straight. "Its time." He said with a grin.

"GET TRAINING BLASTERS!" He yelled. "Training begins!" After three hours of battling, attacking, and struggle, training was over.

Luke learned alot, and he knew many others did too.

War on Ryloth

On the war day, Luke flew in his ship, following Larcon Legion. As soon as they landed, they attacked. Luke ignited his saber  and defended himself, and then attacked. Preety soon, he was going to have to stick to the plan. As Larcon Legion and Allies ran toward WAR EAGLE, blaster shots flew back and foward.

Some people fell down in pain as medics rushed toward them. Many rocket launchers fwlew by, almost hitting the Legioners. "Rocket positions!" Leshaak yelled. Four officers came up behind cover. "NOW!" one of them said. In harmany, they fired their rockets upward, but toward enemy lines. Once it hit, their men fell.

Luke de-activated his lightsaber and gt out his blasteres.

He blasted many enemys and barrel rolled sideways, dodging fire. 

"Luke, this is your  que!" Leshaak said. Luke nodded and ran to his star fighter. He got in and flew upward and turned toward the WAR EAGLE post.

"IM GOING IN!" Luke said through his intercom. He lowered down toward the WAR EAGLE and sent down bombers toward the post. Then he started to blast their lines, and destroyed many post. the post caught on fire. "NOOO!" Luke heard Adam Heart yell. Then Luke's ship was shot down. 

A rocket was sent toward him, but Luke jumped out his ship as it blew to bits. He landed in the middle of the battle feild, where now the Legioners and WAR EAGLE were scattered.

Many were fallen and injured.

Luke started to blast them until the remaining of Larcon legion were surrounded.

"Like old times!" Luke said, blasting one after another. He then remembered the battle of Geonosis, when he was young. "HA!"

Luke said. He sprinted foward igniting his saber. He was in the middle of Larcon  Legions circle. "Ok. I never tried it like this, just this once!" Luke muttered. He positioned his legs and arms. LOOK OUTTTTT!!!!" Luke yelled. He took a deep breath and leapt upward. 5 feet, ten feet, twenty feet. He flipped upside down and pointed his saber downward.

His legs were pointed up and his head was facing down. As he got down, he spun, faster and faster.

Then his saber hit the ground like a screw driver, with all his weight and power upon it, as he used the force to push him down. The effect stunned some WAR EAGLE members, as Luke was knocked out. Adam heart set a bomb in the middle of the feild, and WAR EAGLE and their allys ran.

"Is this a win?" Luke asked, waking up. Larcon smiled. "Its on fate to decide."

Strange Actions

Execute Order 66-The end of the Clone wars and Luke

Luke flew back to the temple some months later. Luke walked to the jedi temple, and he was stunned out of his eyes. Jedi lied on the ground, dead.

Luke sprinted into the temple and saw clone troopers.

They turned with blasters in their hands."Freeze!" One of them said, aiming. 

Luke noticed that voice: Captain Blaze. " Its me, Luke!" Luke said. "I know that, I know. Any last words, friend? A tear trickled down Luke's face. "You had your chance." Blaze said. "Get him, boys!" But Luke leapt out of sigh just in time.

"What the-" Luke slid and tripped Blaze. He grabbed two clone heads and clonked them together.

"Sorry, boys." Luke said, bacckflipping away. Ashley was cornered by 501st clones. "NO!" Luke yelled, force pushing them into walls. "Hurry!" Luke said, grabbing Ashley. They ran down the halls and into the hangers. Luken stopped sharply, as his eyes bulged out even more. 

A famuliar figure appeared. "A-Anakin?" Luke asked.

He looked feirce, his scar healed sinc e last time, but not covering the evil in his eyes. Anakin ignited his saber. Luke igmited it as well. "I dont want to do this. " Luke said, backing up. Anakin was only two years than Luke, but his skills were as expeirienced as a thirty year old, and Luke didnt want to see his stregth times two. Or even worse, three.

Anakin ran toward Luke, strikiking. Luke defended and kicked Anakin. Anakin flipped over Luke and attacked, almost stabbing him, but Luke knew Anakin's attack style, and Luke wasnt going down eaily. Luke stuck back, almost weakening himself. "AHSLEY. GO!" Luke yelled.

He backflipped and blocked Anakin's attacks. Luke was about to upper cut his saber, but Luke was forced back into a ship. Luke was about to launch, but he saw Ashley about to cut a wire. "NO!" Luke yelled, but it was too late. It was like she did it attentionally. 

"See you later, blondie!" She said, hopping into a ship. She flew off just in time. The wire sent sparks everywhere, but it also seemed to support many things on the ceiling. The hanger began to rumble as  beams fell to the ground.

Luke escaped the hanger with a generic starfighter, not looking back, and not knowing what just happened. Did Ashley just betray me? What was wrong with Anakin? All this was going through his mind, but his radar scanner detected two starships trailing him. He wasn't used to the fighter he was piloting, so he revered left and right to shake them off, but two 4 missiles headed his way. They each connected and left his shields down, as parts of his hull started to fly off. On his radar, he realized that the ships wern't of Ashley and Anakin: They beloned to Clone Troopers!

"This is commander shadowdust, what do you guys think you are doing? It doesnt have to be like this!"

"Sorry general," one replied "Orders are orders." With that Lukes scanners detected another wave of missiles. Wow... he thought, so this is how I go out...

With that, he closed his eyes and smiled. "And to think, I was going to finally get some sleep."

The missiles connected.


Many feel like Luke didnt die on the night of the Jedi purge. Since he was able to do legendary things in the past, people say that he might have force shielded or jumped out the starfighter somehow. But truth be told, after order 66, no one has heard of Luke since. Intelligence showed that Ashley was a spy paid by the separatist that grew feelings for Luke, but had to make the hard choice to betray him if she wanted to live the purge of the republic. It was rumored that she had a child named Leon Shadowdust, who fought in the rebellion. Because he was seen Leon was in the rebellion, people questioned Luke's death, but Leon wouldn't answer. It would be best to assume that he was one of Luke's nephews, but these are all theories. Living or not, Luke remains a beacon to many that he met, and had the courage to do things others wouldnt dare to do. Many follow Leons story of courage as hope of Luke's legacy, but thats a story for another time.

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