Lucas had a particular hatred for Scout Troopers

"There is no such thing as nothing."

"No man is meant to suffer the wraith of the dark side."

"Seduction by the dark side means certain DEATH."

-Lucas Gaga

BonQuiQui Battleblaster Louis Smith III, formally known as Lucas Gaga was a human male bounty hunter, former Jedi, and Death Watch soldier during the Clone Wars & Imperial Era.


Birth & Early Life

Lucas Gaga, born on Coruscant in 45 BBY, was a young and ambitious kid who caused a lot of trouble in the streets of Coruscant. His father scolded him a lot and shipped him off to the Death Watch Academy for Bad Kids (DWABK). He stayed in the academy for 12 years until 23 BBY, when he graduated at age 22. He served in the

Jango Warcrier

Death Watch for specialist missions.

Death Watch Service

As a Death Watch trooper during the Clone Wars, he met Jango Warcrier.


Lucas Gaga in full armor.

Jedi Training & Service for the Republic

After Smith left the Death Watch, he trained as a Jedi from 21 BBY until early 20 BBY, when he left. He was highly trained for saberstaff combat. During the Clone Wars he met & befriended ARC Trooper Ancient Knight. He later left because he foresaw the forming of an Galactic Empire. He quoted, "[The Republic] will collapse and form into the [Galactic] Empire, and I don't want to serve on behalf of Palpatine."
ARC Troopers

Order 66 & The Galactic Empire

Smith survived Order 66 by leaving the Jedi Order. In the time, he became a feared bounty hunter. Ancient Knight, who apparently didn't execute Order 66, met up with him and together fought against the Empire.

Later life & Death

After the Galactic Empire ended, Smith retired & lived his final years in the comfort of his home. He later died of natural causes during 54 ABY. He was succeeded by his son BonQuiQui Battleblaster Louis Smith-lau.


  • Smith had a particular hatred for Imperial Scout Troopers.

    Lucas Gaga Standing above a dead trooper


  • Smith had lots of cousins most of them Twi'lek & Togruta.
  • He had blue eyes.
  • He had two different hairstyles
  • His real name was made up by Lucas Gaga himself
  • His son's last name -lau is derived from his real name: Andrew Lau.

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