Lhonin Kuporr
LhoninKuporr Rhellcyok
Biographical information



45 BBY

Physical description





1.82 Meters


75 Kilos

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire



Clan Prosstang

True Mandalorians

The Prosstang Posse

Prosstang Industries

Known masters

Ferrigo Prosstang (26 BBY-)

Current Squad

Prosstang Posse

Squad Rank

2 Trooper

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenaryBc icon trooper

Born a few hundred kilometers from Keldabe, Mandalore to Brelek Kuporr and Anjii Dawal of the Clan Prosstang in the southern rolling hills of the Prosstang Estate in 45 BBY, Lhonin and his older brother Rhanin were born into a hard-working farming family. Lhon, Lhon'k or Lo, was smart, and polite, having a knack for raising food crops and hunting wild game.  He was generally considered friendly, even to the occasional off-worlder.

Lo's childhood included hunting trips throughout the Prosstang Region and into the areas around Keldabe, often with his father, brother, and a number of cousins.  Over the years, Lo shared his cousins' dreams of leaving the rural areas of Mandalore to travel the galaxy with the Clan Prosstang Chieftain, Baron Ferrigo Prosstang and the Vice Chieftain, Lord Jannigo Prosstang. His father explained to him that the Kuporrs historically had been a very important family in the Clan Prosstang history, and that he should do everything he could to make his father proud.

News of Clan Prosstang Tragedy Spreads (33 BBY)

In 33 BBY, news spread quickly through the Prosstang Region that the entire family of Baron Ferrigo Prosstang was abducted from the Prosstang Palace. Lo, his brother and cousins discussed the shocking turn of events, eventually setting about on a fruitless seach.

His first cousins included the children of Tragg'il Ur'mogg and Melaa Kuporr, Kor'lek and Tangi'il Ur'mogg and Ottigo Rhell, the son of Bhett Rhell and Mesh'lara Kuporr.

Joining the Posse (20 BBY)

In 20 BBY, Lo joined the Prosstang Posse along with his brother Rhan, in hopes of becoming more connected to the ruling family of the Clan Prosstang. Lo showed aptitude in completing his missions and supporting combat actions; but he was nowhere near as skilled as his distant cousins, the daughters of the Baron be Prosstang - Hand'alora Prosstang and Nor'atine Prosstang.

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