Lexi Runefall
Lexi Berg
Biographical information

Mandaloreplanet Mandalore


42 BBY

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Mandalorian Mandalorian Guild

Current Squad

Mandalorian Guild

Squad Rank

4 Trooper

Former Squad(s)

Mandalorian Guild

Battle Class

Bc icon trooperIcon scoundrelTechnician


Lexi Runefall was born on the planet Mandalore as the daughter of Zane Ru
Lexi Dad

Lexi and her father

nefall, one of the survivors of the Battle of Korda 6, and the founder of clan Runefall. Lex was raised by her father to become a True Mandalorian. She proved herself at 12 age by killing a rancor with only a sniper rifle bullet and took its tooth as a trophy. When she was age 16 she was taken by a group of bounty hunters to Concord Dawn and bound to fight different warriors. When her father came to save her, he found out that it was a trap and the Death Watch attacked with all their forces that remained the final battle of her father but she escaped.

Early Life

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