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Lenn Bladeraider




Biographical information

Dantooineplanet Dantooine


43 BBY


29 ABY

Physical description





1.82 meters


73 kg

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

warm tan

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Rebellion era

New Republic era

New Jedi Order era


Jedi Master; Jedi Council Member


Jedi Master

Known masters

Jedi Master Plo Koon

Current Squad

Larcon Legion

Squad Rank

2 General

Former Squad(s)

Republic Renegades, the new rebellion, Skyflight Battalion, Brotherhood Squad,Strength of Many,.....

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon trooperExileTechnician

Lenn Bladeraider (44 BBY - 29 ABY) was a Male Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He served as a Jedi Council Member during the Clone Wars.  

"Your actions determine your fate, so be mindful of the future."
– Lenn Bladeraider

Early Life

Lenn was born on the planet Dantooine. When a passenger ship's engine malfunctioned and exploded while the ship was near the planet's orbit. The ship could not move any more, and they were left to drift in space. The captain of the passenger ship sent a distress signal to the Jedi Order requesting for help. The ship soon was caught in the gravity and was pulled to the surface. The ship crashed killing the captain and most of the passengers. Lenn's parents weren't killed, and they managed to get out of the ship unharmed.

The distress signal was cut off and not discovered. About three years later, an Attack Cruiser hovered over the planet's orbit. Plo Koon was in it and senced something on the planet. He requested that he go down with Mace Windu who was also on the Cruiser. Soon Plo Koon and Mace Windu arrived on Dantooine. Plo and Mace looked around and saw a house. They knocked on the door and were greeted by a woman. He was allowed to come in and he saw Lenn at a table made out of rock. Lenn and his family were eating at the moment. "Oh, we did not know you were eating we're sorry to disturb you." Plo said. "Oh it's fine, we don't get many visitors." the woman responded. Plo looked at Lenn again and saw him pick up his spoon with the force and stick it in his mouth. He was amazed. "Would you like to join us for supper?" the woman asked. "I don't want to take food from you..." Plo responded. "No, it's not a trouble at all." She said. "Alright then, I guess that would be fine." Plo responded. After supper, Plo Koon later asked his parents if he could test him, they said it was alright. Lenn's medi-chlorian level was very high at an estimate of about 16,500!

He told his parents about the powerful Force ability but they denied letting him go with them back to Coruscant.

The cruiser soon had to go some where and sent a trans mission to the Jedi informing them about it.

Plo Koon went up to Lenn's parents and said "'I know you want to keep this little one. I understand and respect your final decision."

Lenn's parents finally gave Lenn to the Plo Koon for him to train him.


When Lenn turned 10 his training time had come. He went through series of tests and Force training. He passed them all and he even passed the Gathering! He was a splended Padawan. Plo Koon felt like great things were going to come out of this boy.

He finished his training very fast and showed great skill! Master Yoda was impressed, he senced no fear, anger or hate in him! This child was focused and wanted to be a Jedi. He loved to learn about the Jedi Arts and hoped to be like Master Yoda some day!



His time as a youngling in 34 BBY ended. He was to become the padawan of the Jedi Master who had found him, Jedi Master Plo Koon.

Plo Koon and Lenn went on missons together and patrols around Coruscant's streets.

Lenn was a fast learner and a fast thinker. He was going to become a great Jedi!

Plo Koon was blown away at Lenn's skills.

He and Lenn went on deadly missons in Outer Rim taking down pirates and terrorists. Lenn and Plo conquered every misson they took!


In 25 BBY, Plo Koon knew the time had come for Lenn. Lenn did many things on his own. He took down many pirates and terrorists. He saved many lives. The Jedi Master knew Lenn had to be knighted. He was sad but knew he had to let go.

He told Lenn that his time as a Padawan had ended. It was time for him to be knighted. Lenn was proud of himself when heard this news. He was also very young so that could be a mistake, but the force guided the Jedi.

Lenn was called up to the Jedi Council where he was knighted by his master Plo Koon. Lenn was nineteen when he was knighted. He could now go on missons alone and take in his own padawan. Lenn was ready for whatever was coming!

Attack of the Clones (Battle of Geonosis)

Coming Soon!!!

Battle of the Teth Moon

Lenn had been sent to the Teth Moon on the mission to find Rota the Hutt, however he got split up from the main group and fought a battle on the other side of the mountain, the clones had already engaged the droids before Lenn's gunship landed so it was a bumpy ride.

His gunship got hit and he had to rip the doors open with the force and jump out, he found Commander Trauma leading the clones, so he asked the Commander what were his plans. He thought the plan was a good idea so he went with it and engaged the droids, not noticing the Dwarf Spider droids and the Crab droids behind him.

He chopped a super battle droid in half, and turned around and saw a huge lazer heading for him! He ducked and just missed it, he looked and, it came from a dwarf spider droid!

So he ran up and attempted to slice it, before he could a crab droid hit him in the back of the head with it's leg. He fell to the ground passed out. He woke up looking up at Commander Trauma and a medic droid. "You took a tough one", said Commander Trauma. He walked away from Lenn when the medical droid said he'd be alright. Lenn felt sore, the medic droid helped him up and he tried to walk.

He couldn't walk too well it appeared that he got stepped on by the crab droid after it knocked him out..... Lenn had to go back to Coruscant to rest, he had missed out on the rest of his mission.

Lenn's new home


Lenn at his new house.

Lenn was finally transferred out of his padawan quarters. He got a new place on Coruscant where he could stay. When he got all his stuff in it seemed to be really nice. Lenn appreciated that the Jedi Council gave it to him. Little did he know that what he would be soon up against.

Battle of Ryloth

When the battle of Ryloth hit Lenn was not surprised he knew the Seperatists would want that planet and when he received orders from the Jedi Council to go and fight he was quick about it and was there in a day or so, he was in a couple battle grounds across from Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

As Lenn was about to land on Ryloth he peered out through the Gunship door he glared at a battle but that was not his destination...but finally he landed and went to the nearest Republic Outpost and he met up with Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

They talked for a bit, Kenobi explained what happend a few days ago...and we heard a beaping was Obi-Wan's comlink, he turned it on and he and Lenn heard that droids were incoming from a Clone scout... so they jumped on Barc speeders with a few clones behind them and headed towards their cordinance...

they soon found theirselves about two hundred yards from them and a homing spider droid shot a laser and sliced Obi-Wan's speeder bike right in half he fell to the ground, and Lenn quickly stopped his speeder jumped off and ran to Obi-Wan, he had his breath knocked out of him but he was okay...

Lenn helped him up and they both ran for the droids with their clone troopers and open sabers
... soon all the droids were gone but the clone had died and little did they know Asajj Ventress was watching them...

they slowly walked away and Ventress jumped from her perch. Lenn senced her and grabbed Kenobi's shoulder she then activated her lightsabers...

they were in for just abit more combat... Lenn and Obi-Wan plunged into action one got in a saber lock with Ventress

then the other one did they all three were getting tired because it was a long battle, then Ventress made her move, she hit Lenn in the stomach lifted him with the force and threw him on Kenobi, that gave her enough time to escape and she did,

Lenn and Obi-Wan got up and both rode Lenn's speeder back to base. They soon arrived and realised a huge attack on the base from another direction had happend!

The clones were all slaughtered, the base was in flames, the smaller attack had been a distraction...with this sad defeat Lenn and Obi-Wan rode to a different base where they met up with Anakin Skywalker and had some peace for a while but Kenobi had another job and went to another mission and only Lenn and Anakin were left to fight the battle on Ryloth...........

As the war raged on, Ryloth was a tough battle Anakin and Lenn had fought many battles and finally finished them off but Lenn remember Ventress she hadn't been defeated yet he thought she escaped to Count Dooku her sith master but when Anakin and Lenn went to Anakin's Flag ship they came to an empty ship with dead clones every where. "These clones were killed by a lightsaber," Lenn said. Anakin agreed,

they went to the bridge to see no one there but dead clones, every one was dead. They slowly approached the controls and Anakin stopped Lenn. They both turned around and Ventress was standing right behind them and

swung her lightsaber at them they jumped away in surprise, they activated their lightsabers and charged for Ventress, it was a brutal battle, lightsabers swinging like crazy!

Lenn force pushed Ventress and she flew and hit the controls and broke the glass, the air was quickly being sucked out, Lenn pushed Anakin into the part with the nearest door and closed it, jammed the door, and ray shielded it off.

He kept trying to sence if Ventress had been sucked into space or not. He opened the door and threw his lightsabers a specific panel it closed the window, he used the force to get his sabers back and saw Ventress get picked up by a Hyena Bomber, he destroyed the door controls and jammed the ones on the other side thinking she would come back seeing that she went into hyper space he them realised he trapped Anakin and himself....

so he worked up a powerful force repulse and blew the door apart and went to the hanger and piloted their starfighters back to the nearest Republic system and reported the incedent to the Jedi Masters on Coruscant through the Republic outpost's communications.

Battle of Orto Plutonia


  Part 1                    

As soon as Lenn arrived on Orto Plutonia he told the Commander he was going to scout the area, the commander told him okay but to be careful because they didn't know the area too well.

So Lenn hopped on a speeder and drove off, he went to a remote place on a hill and took his binoculars out and looked, he saw movement! So he went in that direction.


Lenn on his speeder

He came up to the spot where he thought he saw movement and there was nothing but slight foot prints, nothing he had ever seen before.

He brushed off his frozen comlink and got off his speeder to contact base,

then he heard a growl and looked behind him, and got punched in the stomach by a weird looking snow creature, he fell to the ground and groaned in pain...

that creature was strong! He looked up then the creature stomped on his face so hard that he passed out. (Three hours later)

The base was worried about him they sent out several squads on snow designed AT-RT's but no one had found him yet, but they were still looking Captain Rex had personally set out to find him with a group of one of

Some of the 501st Clone squad

his best 501st troopers,

they finally find Lenn's speeder and the foot tracks of and animal and the drag marks of some thing they were sure it was Lenn so they had one

clone tie the speeder to the AT-RT and went towards the foot tracks.....

(meanwhile) Lenn woke up.... he finds himself in a pile of snow that is crushed into ice,

he tries but fails to move, he is sore and can't break the ice.... the creature came over and looked at him, noticing that he was awake went away and shortly after came back with a club,

and a pointy stick, and when he was about to hit Lenn in the face with the club,

Captain Rex and his 501st clones came up behind the creature, and aimed their weapons at it.

The creature heard them and stabbed a clone with its spear, and hurt him bad, "OUCH!!!!!!" said the clone. Then another clone shot the creature in the face and kicked it into the snow...

helping Lenn out of the ice was not an easy challenge, the ice had gotten thick and hard so the clones had to shoot the ice apart, after they helped Lenn on his speeder they towed him back to base, he was okay but he had claw marks on his arm..........                 

   Part 2

Lenn wanted to do research on this creature and later found out it was called a Talz, this was what it looked like.

The Talz Creature

Lenn set out on his speeder again but went to opposite direction.

he then ran into the remains a of Seperaist base! He went to report his discovery,

and recieved no answer because of the snow storm he had run into looking for it. Lenn had been out for hours, and it was getting late,

the temperature was dropping and Lenn knew he had to find shelter.... he looked around and saw it, it was a cave!!!

He rode his speeder bike in and settled in,  but little did he know he was being watched.... Lenn had set up where he would sleep and he built a fire,

he was relaxing by it when he heard some thing move... he shrugged and went back to relaxing...

then he heard it again.... he stood up and looked around there was nothing in sight, so he went back to relaxing and didn't hear it again for a while,..............................................MORE COMING

A mysterious encounter

Lenn had just gotten back from Orto Plutonia, he was at his home on Coruscant.

He was meditating in his quarters when he senced something sinister. He asked for a meeting with Master Yoda. He went to Yoda's quarters and sat down. "Master there is a great disturbance in the force," Lenn said.

"Hmm, felt it I have, a sith is near,"Yoda responded. "Do you know who or what it is Master?"Lenn asked.

"Know this I do not, a mystery it is on the alert you must be," Yoda responded the second time.

"Yes, Master thank you for helping me," Lenn said

"Always a pleasure to see my students again mind what I said though," said Yoda

"Of course master," Lenn responded as he left the room. He went back to his quarters to meditate again.

Then, Lenn senced it again! It was stronger though as if it was right next to him then..... he heard the door open.... and a lightsaber turned on.... Lenn jumped in surprise it was a sith! How would a sith get into the Temple???

Lenn jumped to his feet and activated his sabers, "Who are you?" Lenn asked.

"Your worst nightmare,"  He responded in a creepy voice. At that Lenn thought this sith was too full of

The sith

himself, Lenn was going to show him how to really duel!

"Leave sith!" Lenn yelled.

"Make me!" the sith responded.

"So be it!" Lenn said.

The sith charged at Lenn and they got into a big lightsaber combat battle, surprisingly no one heard them fighting!

Lenn kicked the sith out of the room, and he hit a window, Lenn pointed his saber at him. "You gonna leave now?" Lenn asked sarcasticly.

"You wish," the sith responded also sarcasticly as he swatted Lenn's saber away.

Lenn cut off the sith's hand when the sith tried to move to strike.

"AAaaarrrrggggghhhhh" the sith screamed in pain. Lenn picked the sith up with the force and threw him through the window.

Lenn sighed in relief, he had won, but he must tell Master Yoda immediately! He ran to Yoda's quarters only to find him gone, also finding lightsaber marks and stuff thrown every where he began searching for clues and other Jedi who might have seen it.

He found mostly dead or wounded Jedi who were slaughtered by this powerful sith.

He began searching for Yoda, he saw the sith going into the ship and the door started closing, he force jumped and just made it in. He found himself in the cargo hold of a sinister looking ship.

It was very silent, too silent in fact, then the sith jumped out at him almost chopped his head off. The sith attacked Lenn viciously like a wild animal hitting as hard as he could. Lenn was getting tired of being beaten around, he got in a saber lock with the sith and with his other saber he stabbed the sith.

"Aggghhhh!!!" the sith kicked Lenn and ran to a door and a ray shield appeared right behind him. The sith soon disappeared.......................To be contiuned....!!!

Second Battle of Geonosis

Push for point rain

Lenn jumped into a gunship that came to pick him up. "Where we going this time pilot?" Lenn asked.

"To Geonosis to meet up with General Kenobi," the pilot responded.

A silence went over Lenn as he remembered the cruel battle of Geonosis all those years ago. "Why are we going there pilot?!?" Lenn asked anxiously. "The Seperatists are up to something there again, it's said that they secretly restarted the droid factories," the pilot responded.

Before Lenn knew it his gunship already landed in Master Kenobi's flag ship, he walked to the bridge......TO BE CONTIUNED!!!

Battle of Kamino

Coming soon!!!

First Battle of Felucia

In the first battle of Felucia, Lenn was called to this planet to fight a tough war... the droids were stuffed in this place tight in their droid bunkers and their Seperatist outpost not to mention the Huge Rancor Scouts talked about, they named this rancor Scratch, they also saw a cave where they saw Scratch enter a few times...

Lenn was nervous about this battle probably one of the toughest battles he would have he landed on Felucia and was greeted by Clone Commando Boss, so after Lenn got some what comfortable he set off on a scout mission trying to find the current location of the Droid Army, and then he heard a loud noise close to him it sounded like an animal he turned around, it was a Good sized rancor!

Lenn tried to attack but the rancor was pretty strong he
Lenn facing the rancor
eventually cut it's arm off, but then it hit him so hard that he was knocked out, and then Lenn woke up later but not in the same place he was in a cave!

He was sitting in a corner with teeth marks all over him as if he had been carried to the cave in a sharp mouth.... then he looked up and then saw a HUGE rancor, he knew it was Scratch, she was facing the other way and she started walking toward the part of the cave with the young rancors she took care of.

Lenn tried to get up but he was too weak he then remembered his comlink but discovered it had been chewed up some how then he looked for his lightsabers and they were gone - probably fell off or they were eaten,....

this was a bad situation for he used the force to help him walk and he stealthly searched the cave for his sabers he found no trace of sabers so he left the cave.... and sure enough when he followed the rancor tracks to his former position he found his lightsabers on the way thankfully,

then he walked a bit further and fell to the ground, he was so sore and weak from the rancors, that he couldn't move anymore at least not his legs, so he crawled his way over and got some flamable stuff and made a distress signal with fire patterns he was there for a while then he saw a gunship go over head then turn around then landed near him,

and a couple clones ran out and helped him into the gunship and Kix examined his cuts and told him he needs to go back to Coruscant and rest unfortunately so he did and recovered pretty fast but not fast enough to make it back. So he stayed on Coruscant til the next mission.

Misson on Ice Berg Three

As soon as Lenn heard about this battle he had a feeling he would be in it and sure enough the Council sent him he soon found himself right above ice berg three his snow suit kept him warm thankfully he was helping his former Jedi Master,

Plo Koon in this battle and jumped out of their starfighters he and Plo Koon went into the
Republic out post and Plo Koon then welcomed him and told him the status of the planet,

just after he had gotten through the status we both heard a loud noise and the base shook we were sure that it was the Seperatists,

and sure enough it was and the outpost door was soon open and Lenn was soon slicing droids to pieces one actually came up behind him and nearly blew his head off, but Lenn senced the droid and sliced him up...

they soon finished the droids off and saw that a fighter was coming unsure about who it was Lenn went to get a closer look through his binoculars he soon found out it was General Grevious! Lenn and Plo soon found their selves in a furocious combat battle!

Grevious soon knocked Lenn's two sabers out of his hands and picked him up by the throat threw him on the ground and stepped on him threatening to kill him this hurt Lenn so bad that he couldn't move Plo then threw down his lightsaber and Lenn found strength through the force and forced his saber too his and cut Grevious's legs off!

Grevious fell to the ground and growled, Lenn then tried to stop him from moving but Grevious again hit him then escaped Lenn and Plo then went back to the base and Lenn was patched up he had two broken ribs!

He healed up quick, but when he went back to the Attack Cruiser they found Grevious had landed on it and had salughtered most of the clones, and was in the bridge sabotaging it! Lenn came up behind him and said hello, Grevious then hit him and knocked Lenn into the operating ditch grevious then went to the cargo hold, Lenn got up

General Grevious

General Grevious

and followed and engaged Grevious in a battle! He fought bravely and alone!

Grevious hit Lenn's lightsabers out of his hands and picked him up by the throat. Lenn swung and kicked Grevious in the stomach forcing him to the ground Lenn grabbed his sabers with the force and when Grevioous tried to get up, chopped his arms off! Then he picked Grevious up with the force and threw him through the glass in the cargo hold and Grevious got sucked out, but Lenn held onto one of the heavy boxes, then the window closed with a metal door. Then Lenn watched Grevious call his ship by remote, climb in, and go into hyper space after a few moments, Lenn was relieved and he went to the bridge, it seemed every thing was destroyed beyond repair at least for one Jedi, so he took his starfighter to the nearest Republic system to get help!                                     (Two Weeks Later)

Lenn came back to Coruscant and found out his former Master had reported Lenn's bravery and was rewarded the rank of Jedi Master!!!

A Gift From The Republic

Shortly after Lenn had become a Jedi Master, they gave him his very own Flag Ship and fleet, they planned to give it to him earlier but they didn't have enough time, they were already making Cruisers constantly. So finally Lenn got

Lenn's Flag Ship

his own fleet, he was so excited! He personally named his Flag Ship " Spirit of The Republic" He then was informed he had a Clone

Commander Farek

Commander assigned to him! Battalion Commander Farek, Commander Farek is in the Arc Trooper Class, he was a respected clone and was recently promoted to Commander! Lenn liked his new Clone Commander and  trusted him even though he didn't like clones that much, Commander Farek was his favorite clone and they were great

Lenn in his new Flag Ship


Gunnery Training

Lenn soon figured out his cruiser had a gunnery room for training clones and him if he wanted to get skilled in gunnery equipment... so he thought he'd give it a try Commander Farek was coaching the clone cadets or "shinies" when Lenn came in, Lenn then asked Commander Farek if he could give it a try, "sure", he responded, he set gunnery seat two for Lenn to try. "Hop in", said Commander Farek. Lenn jumped into the gunnery seat and attempted to destroy the practice decoys, he did


Commander Farek without his helmet

average for his first try! "Good job!" he exclamed, Lenn was proud of himself for what he did but it wasn't over yet


Commander Farek reseting the program

he had another round coming, so he jumped back in and eventually hit the required amount to pass, he just barely made it in the time he was given  he had fun but was called to the bridge by the clone crew piloting the cruiser. Lenn got up to the bridge and found out Coruscant's orbit was under attack!!!

Space Battle over Coruscant

Lenn told the clones to go into light speed as soon as possible they were soon at the battle with Lenn's whole fleet, and with Lenn in the hanger already to take off, he jumped in his jedi starfighter, it was a blue one, blue was Lenn's favorite color but he had no time to think of that. He took off and engaged the Seperatist fleet with the other fighters by his side. Lenn told them to form up and head for the Flag Ship, they were getting close to it, and Lenn was losing his clones one by one. " Split up and create a diversion, then go for main turrets on the side of the hanger, I'll try to land and take out the turret navicomputer and the shields, then when the shields are down, go for the communications and I'll come out and meet you back at my Flagship", commanded Lenn. "Yes sir", he got back from all the clone pilots. They were going for the Flag Ship in full speed,

Something similar to the battle

then they all pulled up they split up and went for the heavy guns, and disabled them and Lenn got into the hanger, then he jumped out and ran for the elevator. He was stopped by droids but he took them all out. The elevator was damaged so he had to slice a hole through the top and he went up the elevator shaft, he got to the turret navicomputer and sliced it to pieces. He then turned for the elevator and saw him, General Grevious! "General Grevious, we meet once again, I thought I smelled your filth when I flew into the hanger", Lenn said. " Graaahhhhh Jedi scum today will be your lasr!, said Grevious. "Think again Grevious," Lenn responded. "Think what you want Jedi", Grevious said with a growl. Grevious activated his lightsabers and spun his bottom two rapidly, then laughed evily. Lenn activated his sabers and force pushed Grevious against the elevator door. Grevious coughed and tried to get up he felt Lenn step on him hard open the elevaor door, and watched him jump up the elevator shaft, and followed. Lenn went up to the shield generator and sliced it in half, and forced pushed it into pieces. Grevious came up behind him but he jumped backwards over him and jumped down the elevator shaft, reached the hanger again, and jumped in his fighter and took off as soon as Grevious came out of the elevator the hole was small for Grevious so it slowed him down, Lenn was grateful that the communications were already down and they had damaged the engines. Grevious followed Lenn in his starfighter but Lenn saw him and did a flip and went behind him, then he shot Grevious' fighter  and Grevious had to go back or his fighter would explode, Grevious ordered them to go into light speed and they were gone.

Battle of Umbara

Coming soon!!!!

Skirmish on Carlac

Skirmish on Carlac was a COLD battle Lenn never did like the cold...but he got over it...Lenn served several frozen days on this planet in a cave to be exact he was riding his speeder when it ran outta fuel, and Clones eventually found him, he survived by hunting things like gundarks what a struggle it was, there was also a near by lake surrounded by death watch but that wasn't a problem. When the newly promoted Jedi Master was in that cave a battle did happen between him and the death watch how else could the clones find him by the light from the bullets! Lenn was in the cave when he got hungry and he thought he'd hunt he then found a new section of the cave "hmm intersting" ,he said he then went in and little did he know there was trouble in that part he was walking and walking and the cave soon was pitch black he then took out his lightsaber for light and walked a bit further he then stopped because he thought he heard some thing looked behind him and saw there was nothing there and kept walking then he senced some thing coming up behind him... and he swung his light saber back and beheaded an angry gundark... he then took it for food. Later he realised he needed water and looked out the cave and saw a lake near by, only trouble was it had death watch near it...he thought not a problem so he went little did he know there was a Death Watch General! He walked up to them and said I need water... they then said "This is our territory Jedi get out!" Lenn refused and then saw the General he then was attack by the Death Watch squad. He had gotten one of his sabers knocked out of his hand so he used the other one to chop the death watch...he then finished all but one death watch off -the death watch general. Lenn then engaged in a full out combat with the General and as the General twisted Lenn's right arm causing him to drop his saber he remembered his saber that he had dropped earlier he forced it to his left hand and chopped the General in half! Lenn had won! The clones in a gunship saw this combat and landed right before Lenn had finished the General, and Lenn went back to HQ.

Third Battle of Feluica

Lenn didn't get to fight in the Second or Third battles of Felucia because he had other occupations unfortunately

Becoming a Jedi Council Member

Lenn had recently become a Jedi Master, which came with big responsiblities, He had been assigned a padawan,and he had been voted into the Jedi Council, this young Jedi Master was on a role, the Jedi seemed to trust him! He liked this feeling he felt like he really was part of the Jedi.

But after a while he became discouraged he was betrayed by his padawan shortly after he was knighted! Things were going so good this is when he really realised the stress a Jedi Master had. He went to Master Yoda for advise and he found a good way to help his stress - meditating. He then had a better time, but one day he was meditating and he saw the future he saw his family and friends back on Dantooine suffering and dying he then wondered about this and stated it at a Council meeting.

Battle of Rhen Var

Lenn was asked to go to Rhen Var to help

The overlook of the base on Rhen Var as Lenn arrived

out win the battle. Before Lenn knew it he was above the base on Rhen Var. The gunship flew into the hanger and landed.

"Hello Sir!" said Commander Farek.

"We've been expecting you."

"Hey Farek, nice to see you again!" , Lenn responded. "So what's going on this time?"  Lenn asked. Right after Lenn said that the whole base shook with a loud bang.

"That's whats going on," Commander Farek responded as he signaled one of his men to go check out the noise. Before the clone could get to the blast door closing the entrance to the hanger, a lightsaber stabbed its way through the metal and began cutting a whole in the door. Lenn activated his lightsabers and told everyone to get to their positions. The lightsaber finished its circle and the circular piece of the door fell to the floor. Then droids started marching in swiftly and blasting every clone they could see. "Open Fire!" Lenn yelled as he deflected the shots. After the droids were wiped out a mysterious dark figure with a red lightsaber walked through the opening. Force pushing the clones into a wall and knocking them out he walked over to Lenn slowly. Without any words, the two broke out into combat lightsabers blazing! Eventually, the sith kicked Lenn to the ground and tried to stab a hole through his head. Lenn dodged the saber and force pushed the sith into a wall, getting up he charged the sith full speed. The sith jumped above Lenn as he got closer and swiftly turned around and shocked Lenn. "AHHH!!!" Lenn screamed in pain. Commander Farek was awakend from that and shot the sith in the back. Falling to the ground the sith grunted, and Lenn got up and stuck his lightsaber in the sith's face. "Surrender of die." Lenn said. Without warning the sith disappeared!...... To be continued!                                                                                             


Larcon Legion/Gold Legion War

Lenn was in Larcon Legion of course he fought in this war, Master Steve and Leshaak Larcon were head to head although it was a "tie" to Lenn it felt like his squad was winning.

Lenn's new apprentice

Lenn was very tired, he had been trhough many battles recently he went to his quarters and colapsed.

He just had gotten to sleep when he was awakened by his communicater.

"Yes?" He answered as he thought about wanting to go back to sleep/

"Need you I do, report to my quarters you must." Yoda said. Lenn got up and got his Jedi clothes on and walked toward Master Yoda's quarters. "Yes master?"  Lenn said sleepily.

"Graduated, a youngling has, needs a master he does, have an apprentice you do not, willing to take on an apprentice are you?" Master Yoda asked.

"Yes, Master that would be fine, after all it is a Jedi's duty." Lenn responded.

"Good, your apprentice he will be." Yoda said.

"When shall I expect him?" Lenn asked.

"Send him to your quarters I will, but a while it may be." Yoda responded.

"Yes master." Lenn said as he left the room......TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Meeting his new apprentice.

Coming soon

A Great Loss

Lenn was on Felucia when he heard from the Jedi Council that Dantooine his home world had been attacked by the CIS, he remembered his vision and rushed to Dantooine, Lenn hadn't seen his relatives and family for a long time! He had two brothers and one sister. So Lenn hasted over to Dantooine and destroyed every droid in site and saw an his parents captive, and his brothers and sister already dead! And a droid pointed a gun to both of his parent's heads stop Jedi or I'll shoot. Lenn then lowered his weapons and said, "Alright you got me just don't kill them," he had tears in his eyes. Well the droid being a deciever like all sith are, shot both of them in the head, Lenn was furious for once he actually let his anger go! What would become of this young Jedi Master? Soon every droid had been chopped into so many pieces it was hard to see where each piece went, and all the slaves were free. Lenn then led them to some gunships and they were rescued. But in the gunship he went in the back and told every one to stay away. He started to crying again, with the loss of his parents and syblings and the thought of disobeying the Code he completely fell apart, but he put away his tears and went into the main part of the gunship.... never to speak of this again.

Mustafar Bombing

Lenn was not in the mustafar bombing, he was glad he wasn't that would have killed him he was sorry for all the loss of clones...but he still didn't get a good feeling around them.

Order 66

Lenn was in the Temple one day when he heard gun shots behind him! He turned around and one just missed his head. Lenn took out his lightsabers and started blocking them, but was surprised they were clones!  He also saw a

The Clones who shot at Lenn

figure in a jedi robe! "TRAITOR!!!", he yelled. They kept marching in from different ends, he was getting out numbered Jedi everywhere were falling dead, Lenn was in big trouble! He attempted to contact his former master plo koon while blocking but got no response, they had jammed all transmissions! Lenn was blocking many bullets but finally decided to kill. He attacked as many clones as he could slicing one then another until he got shot in the side and knew it was time to go. He jumped over the clones slicing one in the back in his landing. He ran for his starfighter- it was his only hope! Running and blocking a few lazers on the way to the platform his starfighter where he told his astromech to take off. Jumping into the starfighter he took off and just missed the clones! Lenn was in great pain from getting shot, he felt Anakin Skywalker's presence but didn't understand it why would young Skywalker do such a thing?!? Lenn tried to contact Master Yoda who was on Kashyyyk but it didnt go through. "This is so strange." Lenn said as he leaned his head against the glass. ""R7" he said to his droid."Are you picking up any signals from Jedi?" "Beep bleep blip," which meant no, none at all. "Maybe I could hide with the wookies," he thought. After a while Lenn decided to go to Kashyyyk and arrived after the battle. It was still storming with Clones and he barely escaped. "What shall I do???" he said moaning. Just then R7 told him that there was a transmission from Senator Bail Organa that told him what happend, "Apparently this happend everywhere. Can you make it to my position?" he asked. "Unfortunately I can't make it, I don't have enough fuel." Lenn replied. "Master Yoda said something about going into hiding," the senator told him. "I guess that means me as well," he said to himself. "Thank you for the information Senator Organa I appreciate it." "You're welcome but what are you going to do?" "Go into exile as Master Yoda is doing." "Where are you going?" "I don't know, somewhere very remote, I shall hopefully see you again Senator, goodbye." he said as he cut the transmission. "So this happend everywhere, huh?"  he said to himself.


Lenn went to Maridun to hide there he hid for a month. Untill the Empire began searching the planet for Jedi and invaded it. In 3 ABY the Empire had come to Maridun and began looking Lenn kept seeing them pass by his hidden home in a cave covered by vines drooping over the entrance. He heard many gun shots eachs day and saw wookie slaves passing by.

Found by Lord Vader

Lenn was in his cave one day when he heard a distinct sound. He went by the vines to look what it was when he saw Darth Vader (old Anakin Skywalker) pass by and stop he turned around and sliced the vines down and looked at Lenn. Lenn looked at him in shock he didn't think Vader was that attuned to the force!

Vader pointed to Lenn and Storm Troopers began blasting lazers at him! Lenn ran to the back and went into the

Lord Vader

way back into a blocked off part there was a little part where he could get in. He fished in his wooden chest for his lightsabers, and he eventually found them.

He turned around and saw his rock barricade blow to pieces! Lord Vader had blown it away with the force!

He activated his lightsabers and waited for vader to make a move. "I will take him myself, hold your fire until my signal." Vader said.

Vader then threw his lightsaber at Lenn and just missed him. Lenn was getting older and wasn't as flexible so he was worried. Vader walked up to him and they got into a lightsaber hand-to-hand combat, Lenn got pushed around alot.

Finally, Vader pushed Lenn against the wall and stabbed him through the shoulder, kicked him in the face, and stepped on him with all his weight.

Lenn force repulsed and sent Vader flying onto his storm troopers. Lenn got up and held his shoulder and ran while he could. Vader followed, but Lenn lost him because he went a different way, apparently Vader's sences were clouded from his anger at the moment.

Lenn sat in pain as he typed the cordinance in, being old wasn't easy, he was about 56 years old at the time.

He flew to his home world of Dantooine and found another cave. He then tried to get some materials....

Meeting the Rebellion

Lenn was on Dantooine one day when he heard a huge explosion. He looked out side his cave/home and saw Imperial soldiers along with people he couldn't identify battling. The Imperials dicided to run into his cave and set up a base. Lenn hid in a corner and watched with interest as they set up turrets and supplies. Lenn waited until there were only 3 left, then, he used the force to mind trick them to think that they were not supposed to be there.

They ran out looking for the others. Lenn walked over to their camp and opened the supply crates, there were weapons, food, ammo, and other stuff. Lenn took all the stuff in the supply crates and shut them. He walked over to his hiding place. After the battle, when he heard nothing more, he looked out and there were storm troopers holding captives not far away. He decided to have some fun. He got out his sabers and sliced them to pieces. "I thought Jedi didn't exist any more." one said. They asked him to come with them and he agreed. There he went to their base where some more were. To be continued


In 29 ABY it was time for Lenn to die, he had been on his home world for quite some time he was 90. He was old and weak, he had a visitor on Dantooine, a villager who had a force ability. He trained him until he was a Jedi Knight it took about 10 years he had started his training in about 17 ABY. He was a fine Jedi. Lenn was sick, his immune system had lost it's abilites, he died, and was one with the force, as a ghost, he visited his young apprentice many times and also Luke Skywalker and alot of other Jedi.

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