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Category: Player/Character

Lazer jackbomber

Squad: Nightsabers

Squad leader: Nitesabes Windwarrior 

Lazer Jackbomber (CWA)

Lazer jackbomber


Helmet: Super trooper helm 

Body: Flame-thrower trooper armour 

Arm: Camo trooper gloves 

Legs: Camo trooper boot 

Weapons: Z-6 Rotary Cannon, republic flame thrower, training lightsaber, clone rifle. 

Species: Human (clone)

Rank: cadet 1 

Episodes appeared in: 

  • A new life born
  • Standing up
  • WAR begins
  • the loss
  • 4th attack on Kamino
  • Battle grounds
  • Nightsabers
  • Captured

And many more...


* Smack down!

* Hurry up, the republic needs us!

* No matter what, we do whats good for all the 
innocent people and creatures out there stranded in 
the war.

* Get the medic!

* It's time for a little stealth mode...

* We can't afford to lose any more clones!

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