Larsonator on Iceberg Three
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Iceberg 3


45 BBY, Iceberg 3

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1.85 meters

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Forearms, lower legs

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Rise of the Empire


Galactic Republic

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Shaak Ti

"There was a note that just said 'Larsonator' near me, so that's what they called me."

-Larsonator to Jysella Coldstalker on the way to Rhen Var.

Larsonator was a Togruta Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. He was trained under Jedi Master Shaak Ti and led Jedi Temple Security, the protectors of the Jedi Temple.

Padawan Years

IMG 8003

Larsonator training with Shaak Ti

Larsonator and Shaak Ti worked very well together. It may have been because they were both Togrutas. They very rarely got in any arguments. Sure, there was occasional bickering on boring trips and such. But Shaak Ti was not the kind of Master that let their student do whatever the wanted, and Larsonator sometimes got annoyed by that.

Most of the battles Larsonator and Shaak Ti were involved in were just your typical battles. Actually, all of them were.

During his years of training, Larsonator wore a non-traditional combination of clothing for a Padawan. He wore the standard Jedi tunic, but it had a green and yellow camouflage pattern. He had dark green pants and boots. His orange-bladed lightsaber was noted for being similar to the one Obi-Wan Kenobi used when he was a Padawan, which made it easy to use and control.

Toward the end of his training time, he was getting anxious to become a Jedi Knight. Shaak Ti was a great trainer, but she was not a fan of his laid-back approach to things. When she wanted to sit down for days and meditate, he wanted to visit and do anything else.

What Larsonator felt was his biggest gain during his time as a Padawan was a great skillset in lightsaber dueling. He and his Master would constantly be in the Training Room having mock duels, and he would often defeat her in the late stages of his training.

The Clone Wars

Begun, the Clone War Has

Larsonator was granted the rank of Jedi Knight just days before the Battle Of Geonosis. Therefore, he did not have much time for this honor to sink in before he and the rest of the Jedi were thrown into action. He was deployed to Geonosis without warning, but he was highly anticipating the task ahead of him.

Larsonator did not have any troops deployed with him. He went alone on a private shuttle. He had not met any Clone Troopers until he arrived at his position on the surface. He was situated in a small temporary command center with a complete readout of everything happening in the battle. He immediately realized that these soldiers were not just clones, but they were people.

When the Grand Army of the Republic arrived on Coruscant to regroup, many Jedi were assigned legions of Clone Troopers to assist them in many inevitable battles with the Separatists. At this time, every group of troops looked nearly identical. A bunch of men in completely white armor, along with a commander who had small accents of color. Larsonator's commander was CT-1138. He has green markings throughout his armor, and Larsonator immediately sensed that this would turn out to be a good group.

Larsonator was curious about what his first role in the new war would be. When he got back to the Jedi Temple, he was told that he and his squad had been assigned to the Jedi Temple Security. He was given rights to complete leadership and management of the security forces in and around the Temple.

A couple days later, Larsonator put in a request for more clones for his squad. While none had died walking around the building, there were simply not enough men to patrol the huge area. His request was met, but not in a way he expected.

The next day, he was introduced to a human Jedi Knight named Siff Wutzkie. She had light-colored skin, stood at about 1.7 meters, and had black hair that came down a little past her shoulders. She and her squad had apparently been assigned to help with the Jedi Temple Security squad. She also had a Padawan, a Pantoran named Sarina Taay. Although she was much younger, she equaled Siff's height.

Larsonator and Siff usually enjoyed hanging around the Jedi Temple talking about news and just having a good time. Being in the same building all the time, there really wasn't much else to do. Siff had become a General in Jedi Temple Security.

Larsonator had set some new rules in the squad. Siff had been known to usually follow any rules. But she decided to change the squad message, which was a coded transmission that went out to all squad members daily. This broke the most important of these new rules. Larsonator had no choice but to demote her back to a lower rank in the squad.

Siff did not appreciate this at all. She did not understand that the rules were a serious matter, even for her. She didn't expect Larsonator to get so mad over something so easily reversible. Nevertheless, she continued to serve her position. However, her and Larsonator rarely spoke to each other after this.

The quarrel between Larsonator and Siff would not have many immediate effects on either of them. To Larsonator's delight, he was informed that he would soon be participating in missions away from the Jedi Temple. His squad of troops would go with him.

As part of this move, Sarina Taay had been awarded the rank of Jedi Knight. Siff would become the leader of Jedi Temple Security and more soldiers had been assigned to the squad.

Back to Geonosis

Larsonator's first of many assignments was to assist in the Second Battle of Geonosis. He and his squad would fly in to assist in the battle to destroy the new Separatist weapons factory. His squad was excited to finally see some action. He was too, but he had never been the best pilot. Luckily, the entry went well and the battle was on.

After the initial assault, there were no more droids to be seen. Looking around, all they saw were sand and

Geonosis Approach

Larsonator's strike team arrives at Geonisis

huge rock formations. That wasn't the worst of it. A sandstorm suddenly began that forced them to take shelter in a small cave structure nearby. No communications were working and they did not want to attempt getting to their ships.

When the sandstorm ended, the sun had set and risen again. Everyone started toward where they thought they had left their ships. The found the right spot, but the ships were destroyed. Well, most of them. One appeared to be fine, but it was a Y-Wing, so only two people could be inside it. Larsonator volunteered to fly out and find the Republic fleet.

What he found was not good. He saw no Republic ships immediately, and he had low fuel so he couldn't do an extensive search. He sent out a signal and got a reply, but it was not audible. He had to go back to his squad. Understandably, they were very disappointed. If the Republic even heard their signal, if would likely be days before they got back. This was a bad time for the squad. The commander, now calling himself GreenFox, shared what food he had, but it was very little. Larsonator was trying hard not to lose confidence that they would be rescued.

A week later, Republic ships arrived. The squad was happy, but most of them were either too tired or ill to show it. Seven troopers had died, and most of the others were sick. Larsonator hated seeing his men go through this, but he knew he would see worse things as the war went on.

Deployed to Umbara

Larsonator was deployed to Umbara after the actual battle was over. A few weeks after General Pong Krell had been killed, more Seperatist and Umbaran forces had been discovered by Republic spies. Larsonator was part of the task force sent to clear them out.


A mined jungle road that served as the main route for the Republic across Umbara

The work started with the heavily fortified Umbaran Airfield. Larsonator, GreenFox, and a few more Clone Troopers cleared out the inside, while the rest wiped out the remaining forces on the surface. There were also heavy cannons that could not be destroyed with traditional blasters, but GreenFox had an idea. When they finished clearing out the inside, he and Larsonator stole two Umbaran Hover Tanks and took out the heavy cannons. They would then proceed to destroy the Hover Tanks.

They then moved on to an area occupied by Trandoshan Pirates led by the infamous Captain Dheeb. They were not very skilled in combat so they were wiped out within a matter of minutes. But GreenFox had overheard a few of them talking about an escaped Rancor. So the hunt was on.

The next day, after getting some rest, Larsonator sent out a search party for the Rancor. They found it after a few hours of looking. It looked nothing like they expected. It was ice white with touches of blue and silver. It took quite a while for the squad to take him out. But they finally got the job done and headed back to the base.

Apparently the Seperatists had found out about their precense, because they started sending in ships full of droids. They scattered across a large portion of Umbara. But they were taken care of in a couple days. Larsonator thought his work on Umbara was done, but he was just getting started.

Just a few days after taking out the Seperatist forces, Larsonator was made aware of underground bunkers occupies by Seperatist and Umbaran forces. This was apparently where some had retreated to during the initial assault. The codenames for these bunkers were Grek, Usk, and Krill. The work would start with Bunker Grek.

Clearing out Bunker Grek turned out to be easier than anticipated. Not many troops were lost and it didn't take too long either. At the end, the squad met up with the Umbaran General known as Ennodius. He was the toughest of them all and had a different strategy. But the work was over when he was finished off by a surprise attack from behind as Larsonator gave the final blow.

The next day brought Bunker Usk. This turned out to be the shortest and easiest of all the bunkers, taking only about ten minutes. They were met at the end by General Farr-Nees but they made short work of him. It was time to move on to the final bunker, the one known as Krill.

Bunker Krill

Bunker Krill

This one was occupied by Umbarans, Seperatists, and Trandoshans. The Trandoshans were still not very combat-ready and were taken care of quickly. Rather than an Umbaran General at the end, there were three Trandoshans. These seemed to be the only ones trained for combat. The first two were taken care of fairly easily, but the Commander was the toughest.

He had some kind of weapon that would not be cut through by a lightsaber. So the battle was on. All of the Clone Troopers were moving out, and Larsonator and the Trandoshan Commander were the only beings in the bunker. As the figh went on, Larsonator noticed that this Trandoshan was very skilled in the arts of swordfighting. Larsonator started to worry for himself as he began to grow tired. He lost his concentration for one second, and this mistake would end the fight. He felt a painful blow to his arms, and as he looked down, he saw that his forearms were no longer attached to his body. He had to get out of here.

He saw an air vent directly above him. Calling upon the Force, he lept just high enough and into the vent system. He would have to take care of this Trandoshan another time.

By this time Larsonator was ready to leave Umbara. He had been there for weeks. He had lost his lightsaber, valuable time at the Temple, and his forearms. It had taken him a while to get used to the cybernetic replacements. But then he sensed something through the Force. It was just the smallest tremor, but he knew it couldn't be ignored. So he went on yet another search. What he found stunned him and he could not believe he had not seen it before. It looked like an Ancient Sith Academy.

He could not believe what was inside. There were hundreds of Sith Acolytes. However, he could tell they were not very well trained, because he made surprisingly quick work of them. He happened to venture onto a room where he met a training droid. Each time he would defeat one, another would come out. After defeating four, he continued on. Soon enough he met a Sith named Varad Zagg. He made fairly quick work of him as well. Around a couple more corners, he saw him. Darth Maul was standing in a room not very far away. He could sense that Maul had sensed him. He started walking toward the room. He had a very bad feeling about this.


Larsonator fighting Darth Maul

Darth Maul already had his lightsaber activated. Larsonator stared into his eyes. He activated his twin orange lightsabers. The fight had begun. It was the most intense fight Larsonator had ever been in. He called upon the Force to help him react as quick as he needed to. He could tell Maul was getting worn out. But then Maul ran to the end of the room, and Savage Opress stepped out of the shadows. Larsonator knew he had to defeat him as quick as possible so Maul could not fully regain his strength. But Opress proved more powerful than Larsonator had anticipated. But he became tired very quickly and started fighting very recklessly through his anger. Before he could be defeated, he got away.

Darth Maul was obviously ready, because he came running full speed at Larsonator. He barely had any time to react. But he could tell Maul was not as ready as he thought. He lunged with his lightsaber toward Larsonator's neck, but Larsonator caught him by surprise. He grabbed Maul's wrist and twisted it. Maul's lightsaber fell right out of his hand and right next to Larsonator's foot. Perfect. He used Force Lightning and cought Maul by surprise once again. He then shoved Darth Maul into a small lava pool and got away through a secret door he had noticed when he got in. Darth Maul would have to defeat him another time.

Mission to Glacier Base

"Where's my parachute?!"

"The Force, duh."

-Jysella Coldstalker and Larsonator just before evacuating a damaged Republic Gunship above Rhen Var.

Shortly after returning from Umbara, Larsonator was informed another assignment that might, in fact, be more dangerous. He was to go with a gruop of hired Jedi and Clones to counter a Seperatist assault on Rhen Var. The gruop consisted of himself, Jysella Coldstalker, Randy Vos, and CC-341, also known as "Black Shot."

The mission briefing was held byAmnerys, a good friend of Larsonator. Three of the members of the group were on time, all except for Jysella. She was brought in by a Clone transport from Tatooine. When she came in, Larsonator greeted her by just a simple tip of his hat. Amnerys began the briefing by explaining the mission, saving introductions for last.

"Alright, men...and woman," Amnerys began to say, "You may have heard about the assault on Rhen Var." Amnerys pointed to the large screen, which showed the outline of a Republic base, with large red flickering dots on certain areas. "At around 0700, distress signals were sent from this location." That was all Larsonator heard, for he decided to just figure it out himself by looking at the display on the screen. He got it down just before the display changed, showing all four of the group members. Larsonator knew all of them fairly well, besides Black Shot. Being busy with the war, he really didn't get to talk with much Clones besides his own. Amnerys wished the group luck and they all headed for a Venator cruiser.

It took over a day for the flight to reach Rhen Var. When they were just reaching the planet on a gunship, Jysella brought up a popular question. "So, Lars, why do they call you Larsonator?" "Well, according to my master, my parents were killed and I was kept in a closet for days until Republic troops found me," Larsonator stated, not in his usual cheery voice, "There was a note that just said 'Larsonator' near me, so that's what they called me."

"We've been hit with something!" Black Shot yelled after a large boom shook the gunship. Another shot fired and hit the right wing. The only option was to jump down to the surface. Jysella hesitated for a moment and said "Where's my parachute!?" Larsonator responded by saying "The Force, duh." They all got off safely except for the pilot, who went down with the ship. There was a long journey ahead.

Glacier Base

Glacier Base

The journey was very long and seemed to just keep on getting longer. After what seemed like forever, they finally reached a deserted temple. Jysella whispered to Larsonator "Man, this place is creepy." Larsonator nodded. It was dark and destroyed. Drawings on the walls portrayed war, terror, fear, and destruction. A large booming sound suddenly shook the whole temple. Then a silence and a horrific laugh. The same voice then said "Playtime's over!" Two lightsabers activated. All three of the Jedi showed intense fear in their eyes.

The source of the voice turned out to be Leumas Lietletsknif, who soon started killing off Black Shot's troopers. They all started firing but were soon met my a barrage of lasers from the enemy. These seemed to be coming from a droid known as "Charlie." Larsonator and Jysella blocked the blaster bolts while Randy and Black Shot attacked Leumas. But Larsonator soon got bored of deflecting lasers and rushed toward Charlie. Jysella screamed "No, Lars!" but it was too late. Larsonator had already stabbed his lightsaber into Charlie's chest.

Catching Larsonator by surprise, Charlie just looked at the lightsaber and chuckled. Then he grabbed Larsonator and threw him hard into a wall. Charlie then removed the lightsaber from his chest and walked toward Jysella. She started firing her pistols but it was no use. Charlie disappeared into a blue blur and sped through the clones. The few clones that survived were critically injured. Larsonator was on the ground unconscious.

Luemas then stood up and started laughing again. He then challenged Randy and Jysella to "a two-on-two saber fight, take no prisoners, leave no stone unturned, no holds barred, all-out warfare." The two Jedi just stood side-by-side, lightsabers drawn.

Larsonator started to wake up with everyone else. Charlie was knocked out and Leumas was assumed dead, so Larsonator just grabbed his lightsaber from next to Charlie. The group decided it was time to get out. But on their way out, Leumas emerged from the rubble burying him. He was never dead after all. But only he knew that.

The heroes continued down dark hallways in the temple. "Man, when are we going to get there?" Larsonator asked aloud. "I hope we're not lost," Jysella repiled. But then Slash pointed to a crack in the wall. Everyone saw a beacon of light coming through. Upon further examination, they determined that it was the Republic base. The problem was that it was surrounded by droids.

"So, now what?" Jysella asked, looking onto the base. "Guess we just attack," Larsonator said. "Time to kick some Sith," Randy chuckled as he drew his saber and walked down the snow-covered cliff. A Battle Droid asked them to halt, but Jysella shot it right in the head. The rest of the droids were also no problem and within minutes they were just piles of smoking parts.

The problem was getting through the base without being noticed. Slash handed them small discs which he said were holoprojectors. However, he said they could glitch out or short circuit at any time and advised caution. When they approached a patrolling droid, Jysella said they were just patrolling and was told to carry on. She replied by saying "Robert, robert." Randy said "Nice going, genius! You almost gave away our identity!" Jysella said "Hey, watch it!" and Randy yelled "Next time, don't screw up!" Larsonator patted Jysella on the back and said "Hey, it's alright. He just woke up on the wrong side of the sleeping bag, that's all." Jysella just stomped angrily into the base.

The holoprojectors didn't go long with out having glitches. When Jysella was taking orders from Darth Ryu, he said "Last time I checked, battle droids were not equipped with backside protection..." She turned around to see that her back side was not covered by the holoprojector. Larsonator tried to help her, saying "It's nothing really, sir." This turned out to be just the time that his voice disguiser stopped working. "You aren't droids!" Ryu shouted, "You're Jedi! And clones! In my house!" Emperor Snake jumped up and activated his double-bladed lightsaber as Ryu activated his dual darksabers.

The group of heroes ran down a hallway and ended in a room full of battle droids.  They put down their weapons and were ordered to go outside immediately.  Another droid suddenly knocked down his fellow droids and revealed himself to be the Rupublic bounty hunter Vareel Kelvor.  After introducing himself, he opened a closet and out came a group of Clone Troopers led by Commander GreenFox.  It had been a while since he and Larsonator had seen each other, but their reunion was short as they quickly got back to he mission.

Vareel showed a holoprojection of the base.  "There's a control room in the north side of the building," he explained.  "There's a failsafe self-destruct button that will delete all data in the base and destroy the facility with in five minutes."   Loud footsteps were suddenly heard coming from behind the door.  Jysella whispered for everyone to be silent but it was too late.

Charlie's fist smashed throught he door.  Leumas was at his side and drew his lightsabers just before a large metal plate smashed on his head.

Charlie turned, but too late and his body fell to the ground.  Behind him was a man in Sith and Mandalorian armor that turned out to be the bounty hunter Gunn Wrathspan.  The heroes made their way down the hallway toward the control room, ready to fight.

They found the control room, full of hologram tables, panels, computers, and other various electronics.  There was a large red button with red blinking arrows on it that read in yellow font, "PRESS ME AND GO BOOM."  Vareel volunteered to press it but soon Ryu walked in and Snake, Thrask, Cay and Kane activated their double-bladed lightsabers.

Ryu successfully knocked everyone unconcious except Larsonator and Jysella.  Jysella took on Ryu while Larsonator took on all the other Sith.  Ryu was knocked unconcious but the other Sith had Larsonator at their mercy.  Holding his lightsaber at Larsonator's neck, he threatened to kill him if Jysella didn't surrender. 

Randy suddenly knocked Kane out and the rest of the bounty hunters and clones attcked the other Sith.  Randy helped Larsonator up with relief and shock.  Jysella punched the self-destruct button.  Right as the group was about to leave, a blaster bolt whizzed by Black Shot's head and hit Slash, killing him instantly.  It was Charlie, Leumas at his side once again.  He and the Jedi all activated their lightsabers.

Larsonator attacked Leumas with Jysella but was blocked by Luemas's other lightsaber.  After a minute of fierce battle, the heroes came back together.  Leumas battled Randy and Larsonator while Jysella took on Charlie.  After misfire by Charlie, the heroes were able to casually walk away to the hangar.  Unfortunately, Ryu had awakened and he, Leumas and Charlie activated their lightsabers and ran toward the heroes.

Back on Courscant, Amnerys started to worry about the team as they had been gone for two days and made no contact.  She sent Team Gamma, led by three Jedi, to see what they could do.  Soon after, a clone alerted her to a signal coming from the base.  Data was being erased.  There was also a timer counting down to the destruction of the base.  There was one minute left.

As the Sith attacked, Larsonator told Jysella and the rest of the team to leave.  It took some persuasion but he finally got them to get into their gunship and leave.  "You won't be forgotten, Lars," Jysella whispered as the gunship took off, a tear in her eye.

Ryu was the one to battle Larsonator and had him pinned to the ground.  "The base will self-destruct in, malfunction."  As Ryu was celebrating the fact that he would stay alive, Larsonator jumped up and sliced his leg off.  Larsonator ran toward the control room as the other Sith left on a gunship.
Lars Working on Self Destruct Glacier Base

Larsonator manually activating the self-destruct

Ryu made it there, only to see Larsonator working on the wires to the self-destruct console. Ryu propelled himself

toward Larsonator, attempting to strike him, but Larsonator rolled out of the way. Ryu flew into the console and fell down again, but leapt back up onto his one good foot. "I'll kill you!" he shouted as he started to electrocute Larsonator with force lightning. He screamed in pain while crawling toward the wires of the self-destruct console. Ryu lost his balance and fell over, temporarily stopping the barrage of lightning. Larsonator ran toward the console and continued to work with the wires.

Ryu quickly used the force to propel himself into a chair near a console and shot a barrage of force lightning at Larsonator. The Togruta screamed, but the lightning kick-started the console back up, restarting the timer back to 1 minute. "Yes!" Larsonator yelled, but Ryu came over, kneeling on his one good leg and his saber drawn. He stabbed Larsonator in the gut. Ryu continued to stab Larsonator, causing the Jedi to scream in agony. Blood started to pour from Lars's body until it stopped moving. He was still somehow breathing, but very heavily and with pain in each breathe he took. "No use in killing him," Ryu said, "My time is almost done."

Footsteps were suddenly heard and in came Team Gamma.  Ryu thought quickly and said he was Randy Vos and the team believed him.  The got him and Larsonator onto their gunship and took off as the base exploded.  The mission was complete.

The gunship landed into the Jedi Temple hangar, where Amnerys and a couple of other clone troopers were waiting. Out of the ship came Jysella, Randy, Gunn, Vareel, Black Shot, Greenfox, and Swoop, all safe and sound. "I guess all the minor clone troopers were killed," she observed, "But, where's Larsonator?" There was a long, silent pause, where it seemed like the world had stopped for a second. "He sacrificed himself to ensure the mission went as planned," sighed a saddened Vareel.

Amnerys covered her mouth, shocked at the news that her best soldier had fallen in battle. "Are you sure he's dead?" Amnerys asked, a slight tone of fear in her voice. "Actually, no," Randy responded, "We weren't there to see if he ever got out of the base. But considering the large explosion we saw from our position, there's a slim chance." "Well, at least he went out a hero's death," Amnerys stated, sadness in her voice, "I'm sorry..." She dismissed herself and ran toward the exit.  The rest of the team started toward the Officers Club.

As Team Gamma approached the Jedi Temple, they felt a disturbance in the Force and realized "Randy" was not actually Randy.  Ryu choked all of the clones at once and got into the cockpit.  He started toward the Jedi Temple on a suicide crash sourse.  The gunship crashed through the wall of the Officers Club.

JT on Fire

The Jedi Temple after the Gunship crash

The stage, arcade, tables and other objects were destroyed.  Ryu jumped out of the smoke with his lightsabers drawn.  Without attacking anyone except for one clone trooper, he stole an airspeeder and ran away after telling Jysella that "her boyfriend was still alive."  Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the gunship.  But it started to creak and as she backed away, it fell out of the Temple and onto the ground far below.

She knew that Larsonator had to still be alive and that she had to help him.  She ordered Team Gamma to follow Ryu and they immediately went to get their speeders and try to catch him.  She and Vareel went to investigate the crashed ship while Randy went to inform the Jedi Council that Larsonator was likely in the wreckage.  Everybody else stayed out of the way.

Vareel found Larsonator right away but he knew that touching the ship would bring it down.  He called a group of rescue clones that were standing by in the Temple.  He and Jysella knew there would be little time to get Larsonator into the Temple and rescue him.

The rescue squad arrived in record time.  Slowly and carefully, they removed debris and loose parts of the ship.  After about five minutes they were able to pull Larsonator out.  He looked dead but they could tell he was still barely breathing.  His whole body was scarred and bruised.  His right foot was crushed under a door of the gunship and his face was swollen badly around his right eye.  Much work needed to be done.

The Jedi Council quickly approved of Jysella's request of Team Gamma to search for Ryu and granted permission for Jysella, Randy and Vareel to join them.  However, they needed to catch up on sleep, and the next morning, the search for Darth Ryu began.

Showdown at Dawn

Team Gamma chased Ryu through alleys, traffic lanes, parks, and everything he could possibly do through until he was putting on chapstick and his speeder crashed into a dumpster. Seeing a medical building right there, he quickly hopped in and said he needed assistance, pointing at his leg. A medical droid assisted him to a room on the second floor and he semed to be the only patient there.

Ryu was very impatient but as time progressed he sensed in the Force that the clones had lost him. Once the medical droid was done giving him a new leg and healing his wounds, Ryu crushed him with the Force and ran down the stairs and out of the building. What he didn't realize was that he needed transportation.

Oblivious to the fact that Ryu was almost right in front of them, they were listening to the transmission sent by Vareel that said he and the two Jedi would come in the morning. They decided to get some sleep themselves. Having nowhere else, they all locked up their speeders and slept in them.

Jysella, Randy and Vareel set out at daybreak. They took a taxi so they wouldn't stand out in their Jedi speeders. They looked at a map and saw that the coordinates given to them by Team Gamma were very close to a hospital so they asked to be taken there.

As soon as they got off, Vareel spotted Ryu getting in the taxi. This happened at the same instant that Jysella and Randy both sensed a dark presence. Vareel stayed to meet with Team Gamma while Jysella and Randy jumped onto the taxt as it was taking off. Confused as to what was going on, the taxi driver looked back and, only seeing people hanging from his ship, crashed into a nearby cantina.

Lars after Crash

Larsonator in his quarters on Coruscant

Back at the Jedi Temple, Larsonator was recovering faster then expected. He had a breath mask to wear just for a few days in case anything went wrong. He was also give a cybernetic right eye and bottom half of the leg and got replacements for his badly damaged cybernetic hands. He was told to rest for a few days. As he was sitting in his luxury chambers overlooking the city, he sensed his friends were in danger and felt decent enough to help them.

The Jedi were fending off Ryu as a speeder crashed right behind them. "Have enough things crashed around us this week?" Jysella joked as a Togruta jumped down from above. Even from a distance, she could tell it was Larsonator.

Seeing Jysella's puzzled look, he said, "No time for questions" and activated his lightsaber. Ryu was enraged. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!" he screamed as he lunged for Larsonator. All three of the Jedi defended it and this was the turning point. They all three pushed him backwards through the air with the Force and ran for him. He defended them and tried to attack but it was no use. He blasted them all with Force lightning and jumped into a ship which came flying overhead.

As the ship left, the Jedi agreed that they needed to focus on more important objectives such as defeating Count Dooku and General Grievous. They met up with Vareel and Team Gamma and called the Jedi Temple for transport back. They had destroyed Glacier Base but Darth Ryu and the other Sith Lords had escaped. The battle was won, but the war had no end in sight.

Hinn Adoy and Nova X

Not long after the destruction of Glacier Base, Larsonator learned of a terrible threat to the war effort. Near the remote world of Jakku, a hostile band of pirates had kidnapped Sarina Taay, Siff's Padawan and a good friend of the entire Jedi Temple Security squad. Not only would JTS lose an important piece of itself if she were to die, but the squad's morale would be down as a whole. Larsonator knew he had only one option. He rounded up the few people he could and set off for Jakku.

Larsonator had been waiting so long for a chance to strike at Nova X. He took GreenFox, himself, and his personal astromech droid, R3-6N. Before reaching Jakku they would dock with Siff's cruiser, Avenger, which had Republic Commandos ready to invade the pirate stronghold. Sarina had been aboard this very cruiser when the pirates quickly blasted in through the top of the hangar, taken her and three officers, and bolted out. 

Once Larsonator's shuttle arrived at Avenger, Siff greeted him and gave him the rundown on what happened with the pirate attack. They had left a hologram behind to show their success, which said exactly what Larsonator had hoped it would not: NOVA X, with a blood-like aura of red surrounding it. Nova X was at the top of the JTS secret enemy list, a list of people and groups that did not commit any crimes at the Jedi Temple, but that the squad saw as threats. Their leader, Hinn Adoy, had the death sentence on twelve systems. 

Mentally, everyone was stressed beyond belief. Larsonator had just sacrificed himself to destroy Glacier Base, not expecting at all to be alive at this point. Siff just had her Padawan taken from her ship, and none of the clones ever felt like they stopped firing blasters. Physically though, everyone was well-rested and ready for the attack on Nova X. 

Through extensive research at the Jedi Temple, Larsonator had a lot of knowledge about Nova X and the way they lived. They liked to have intense parties all the time, so there would probably be someone keeping guard, or at least awake and alert, at any time of day. With the specialized Commandos on board, GreenFox suggested attacking in the middle of the night, which the Generals agreed to. 

Being a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Sarina's capture left many clones without a leader. Luckily, GreenFox was there to take over. He would lead a group of 5 RCs, followed by Larsonator with a group and Siff with another. They decided it would be best to split up and attack the pirate settlement from multiple angles. When they reached their destination they would call in air support for help. In a final meeting, the three leaders of the mission and original leaders of Jedi Temple Security realized that it was their first real mission together outside of the Jedi Temple. They were also faced with the harsh reality that it could quite possibly be their last as well. 

Gunships Approach

The rescue team approaches Nova Town

Just as the southern hemisphere of Jakku fell into total darkness, the three leaders parachuted stealthily onto the surface, then split up. Larsonator still wore the breathing apparatus he was given after his medical treatment on Coruscant because he felt that it would help him through the sandy wastelands of the planet. With Cad Bane's hat back atop his head, he looked down to make sure he had two of the lightsabers he had kept from Umbara. Easy to walk with, seeing his replacement for his right leg, which included three claw-like toes on the front and the back, was the only way he noticed it. Next to him was Lieutenant Stork of the 971st Legion, followed by five heavily trained Republic Commandos, icy white with blue visors that showed their will to stand and fight until the end. 

Making sense of an assortment of numbers and codes from the HUD in his helmet, Stork informed Larsonator that Nova X had set up camp in a small bowl-like valley not far from their location. Soon after, a single shot from a blaster was heard behind them. "Not friendlies!" Stork whispered as they all turned and saw nothing but darkness. They all remained silent and stood still, not knowing who or what was after them. Then, out of nowhere, the roar of a speeder engine came flying above them as they all ducked and drew their weapons. The speeder continued in the direction of the blaster shot, but silence once again fell upon the eerie darkness. Larsonator sensed a sensational amount of fear in the six clone troopers surrounding him. He felt a tremor in the Force and knew it was over before it even started. A barrage of lasers came flying toward them from all directions, causing panic among the troopers. The firing didn't last long; it was short enough for a simple Force leap to keep Larsonator from getting hit, but long enough to kill all six of the soldiers he had with him. Nova X was made up of pirates and gangsters, so of course they wanted to take the Jedi Knight alive. His only option was to surrender, so they took his lightsabers and took him to their camp. 

Larsonator walked toward the camp accompanied by three pirates, and what he saw as they reached the top of the hill overlooking the camp came as a shock to him. It looked like a part of Coruscant. There were no makeshift tents or campfires, but rather there were real buildings complete with neon signs and lights, just like you would see in the middle of any inch of an inhabited world. The Nova X camp was not a camp at all; it was a small city. 

Anybody that had ever heard of Nova X would say that they would rather die than be captured by them, and there was a reason why, which Larsonator quickly found out. There were no accounts of it because, well, nobody survived to tell the tale. Larsonator passed by rows and rows of buildings, most of which appeared to be bars or shops filled with activity. Why did a band of pirates need stores within their own settlement? There was no time to think about that, for Larsonator had a great opportunity to look for Sarina Taay now that he was inside. He reached out for her through the Force, but found nothing. This area was heavily clouded by darkness, and his senses were unclear.  Before any sight of the lost Padawan, Larsonator was released from his handcuffs and thrown into a small cell with what he counted to be six other prisoners. Like all the others he had seen, these people looked like they had been through death and back a few times. Dirtied, barely clothed, and on the brink of death. Upon inquiring with them, it seemed as though they had lost all hope of getting out of their captivity. 

Larsonator sensed a small tremor in the Force, but it was barely noticeable. "What is it?" he heard a feminine voice ask. He looked up and saw a blue-skinned Togruta looking at him. She was not Force-sensitive; he would have sensed her earlier if she was. Something else had caused her inquiry. Unsure of how to respond, he motioned for her to come closer so they could talk. He needed answers as to the whereabouts of Sarina, but he also wanted to know what was so special about this person that made her notice his motionless reaction to the Force tremor. However, this became unimportant when Larsonator looked up and saw Siff being escorted into a cell across the sandy walkway from his. The look in her eye told him that her troops had all been killed as well. 

Able to do nothing, Larsonator began having serious doubts about how this rescue mission was going to end. Was it really right? Was it really worth it to disobey the Jedi Council and sacrifice so many soldiers just for one single Padawan? Questions like these filled his head before he remembered the blue-skinned Togruta sitting beside him. He examined her and inferred that she had been in this cell for a while. She had round green eyes and her lekku was about the same length as that of Larsonator. Taking off his dirty hat, he set it in the sand next to him and had a conversation with her. She had given up on ever getting out. Lars didn't want to blow his cover but told her never to give up hope and that someday things would get better.

The conversation was interrupted when two prison guards came and got Larsonator and Siff out of their cells. Hinn Adoy wanted to see them. Larsonator and Siff exchanged glances that sent the same message- be careful. Larsonator looked all around for Sarina but he could not focus. Was there any connection to the Togruta he met and why was the Force so clouded here? Was Sarina even alive? Wonders filled his head as he and Siff were taken up a turbolift to a room about twenty stories up a tower in which they exited the lift and entered a large throne room. They were greeted by Hinn Adoy, a dark-skinned Quarren and the leader of Nova X. Siff remained silent and calm as she always did. After no one said anything, Hinn motioned to one of his guards who stepped out of the shadows of the back of the room. The guard was not alone. He stood next to a short Pantoran who looked exasperated and mentally drained. "There's your kid. Now take her," Hinn said as Sarina walked toward the two Jedi. They may have retrieved their friend, but there was no leaving. All doors closed and a shroud of darkness fell over the Jedi. Out of the back of the small room came Darth Maul, anger consuming his face. Last time Larsonator had seen the former Sith, he had shoved him into a lava pool beneath the surface of Umbara and stolen his lightsaber. Now it was the other way around, as Maul activated both of Larsonator's orange lightsabers. 

Yellow eyes glowing in the darkness, Maul advanced toward the three Jedi just as Siff used the Force to create a shockwave that completely demolished the walls of the room and caused the roof to collapse. In the confusion, Sarina was able to spot the other lightsabers, grabbing them with the Force and handing one to her master. Maul was infuriated as he leapt through the air at Sarina, but she and Siff fended off the attack. Meanwhile, Larsonator used the Force to shove all of the guards off of the remains of the top of the tower and down to their death. He walked over to the weaponless clan leader and grabbed him around the neck. They walked over to the edge and Hinn Adoy looked down at his certain doom. Larsonator was suddenly hit in the back with a very hard object and he fell inches from the edge of life or death. Simultaneously, the tower shook as a blast from a rocket launcher made contact. He looked up and saw the crime lord Xalandra Nova looking down at him, infuriated at what was happening to her town. He looked over and saw Siff and Sarina continue to hold the advantage over Maul. Nova grabbed Larsonator and dragged him closer to the edge. She stood there for a few seconds, and then got a very confused look on her face. Larsonator was smiling as he was about to die.

Nova Tower Destroyed

Nova Tower crumbles after the first cannon blast

"All part of the plan," Larsonator said as seven Republic Gunships soared overhead. GreenFox and his group of clones and successfully watched this whole thing go down and called in the perfectly timed reinforcements. Standing right outside the town, his men had 4 large canons dropped in that they would use to blow up the small city once the prisoners were cleared out. Nova screamed in agony as Larsonator threw her across what was now a platform of rubble atop the tower. She was knocked unconscious on the landing. Hinn Adoy was too overwhelmed to go anywhere. Larsonator commed GreenFox and told him to begin the evacuation as Darth Maul knocked Siff to the floor. Rushing over, Larsonator jumped onto Maul's back and pulled him backward. This gave Siff time to get up and regain her strength. Larsonator used his quick advantage to grab one of his lightsabers from Maul so he could join the fight. Enraged, Maul stood up and Forced everyone away. He pulled Hinn toward him and stabbed the pirate with the orange blade of Larsonator's other lightsaber. Throwing the dead body off of the tower, Maul lunged at Larsonator. Lightsabers clashing, Larsonator heard GreenFox say that the evacuations were underway. He sensed a tremor in the Force, identical to the one he felt upon meeting the Togruta. In a sudden sense of danger, Larsonator was caught off guard and knocked backward by the angered Zabrak. As Maul advanced on him, Larsonator looked toward one of the canons and saw that it was being taken over by a group of pirates. He didn't have time to say anything before Maul and the other Jedi instantly froze as they sensed impending doom. 

The pirates fired the canon three times, hitting everything in sight, including the base of the tower. The evacuations were not even close to complete. Larsonator looked for his Jedi friends, but there was nothing to see. Sand and rubble and debris and smoke and flames were everywhere, surrounding everybody and everything.  His vision was blurred and he felt weightless, but he knew he was falling rapidly toward the sandy and fiery ground below. He reached out to the Force and knew that it would determine his fate. 

Light. The sun? An explosion? Death? It was unclear. Smoke. Blood. Fire. Bodies. Larsonator could barely see, his cybernetic right eye disabled and probably destroyed in the fall. He looked around and saw no signs of life. He heard faint screaming and breathing but he knew it was all concocted by the Force, and figments of the past. He felt a surge in the Force as he saw clone troopers rushing toward him. Real? Imaginary? He thought real, but they ran right past him. He stared forward in a daze until he heard a voice that he could mistake for no other, that of Clone Commander GreenFox. This one, he knew, was real. However, it was not speaking to him. It was coming from behind him, sounding panicked and urgent. Larsonator walked. He walked not toward the familiar voice, but toward the oddly familiar feeling. That same tremor in the Force that he felt in the cell and on top of the tower. He doubted there were any survivors, save for him and some clones. How he survived, he was not sure. Was he really even alive? Just because the voice of GreenFox was real didn't mean Larsonator was. He felt like he needed answers, but he took a different path, through the Force. On the ground in front of his charred and damaged cybernetic feet, there was a body. Injured but not dead. It was the prisoner he had met when he had been captured just hours earlier.  

Back on the Avenger, Kaalia, the Togruta prisoner, was rushed to the medical bay. She had major injuries but would survive. Sarina had survived somehow, but not Siff. Sarina was devastated. All of the Commandos had died along with most of the clones, but Nova X had met its downfall. With one of Jedi Temple Security's biggest threats eliminated, Larsonator decided to get some rest after surviving another near-death experience.

Return to Coruscant

After the destruction of Nova Town, Larsonator spent a while with his old squad back at the Temple. Siff’s death was a huge blow to their morale, but they were happy to see their old boss. Sarina was a great Jedi but not yet ready to be in such a high position. She shadowed Lars when he was on duty so she could learn what she needed to know.

Having a lot of downtime, Larsonator started exploring the depths of Coruscant. He would frequently be seen at various clubs partying with the locals. He even purchased a luxury penthouse that he would go to to get out of his rather boring Jedi quarters. That was the location of his trophy case from his speeder bike races back in the day. It was also where one night he felt a familiar tremor in the Force, the same one he felt when he met Kaalia, the prisoner from Nova Town.

It was late at night, but he left the house, unable to ignore his senses. He hadn't heard a thing about her since he took her to the medical bay in the Jedi Temple. At that point he wasn't too sure if she would survive her injuries. With having to train Sarina and not let the wrong people find out about his party life, he hadn't really thought about Kaalia at all. He would now though, because she was standing right in front of him.

He couldn't see her, but the Force told him it was her. “Kaalia?” he asked out loud. They were in an alleyway between shops, so he wasn't worried about any bystanders. She turned to face him and removed her hood. She looked completely healed, so healed it was as if she had not been close to death in the midst of smoldering and crumbling buildings so recently. He was shocked to see her looking so well so soon.

“I was hoping you would find me.”

Lars took her back to his penthouse because she had nowhere else to go. When they got there she grabbed a blaster pistol from the wall and shot herself through the skull. Lars was confused and panicked for a moment before he realized what he thought he was seeing. After laying dead on the floor for just a few seconds, Kaalia started breathing and sat up. “I have…. abilities,” she said as she stood up to walk to the couch. Lars followed her in complete shock and awe. That was when she told him her life story, or what she remembered of it. She told him about when she fell out of a ship as a child and stood right up from a long fall. The time her home was bombed and her family was killed, but she was okay. She removed the cloak she has on to reveal a scar across her chest, then told him about the scientists that kidnapped her after witnessing the bombing and tried to experiment on her to discover her secret. The place they took her was Nova Town, where they kept her as a prisoner. Out of all of the injuries in her entire life, that was the one that didn't heal. Ever since she fell out of the ship as a kid she had been on the run, never feeling safe. Larsonator told her he would get her a place to live in the city where she knew nobody and could live a normal life. She agreed and stayed with Lars so she could get some rest, and the next day they went their separate ways.

Behind The Scenes

  • The story of Larsonator is based upon my Clone Wars Adventures character of the same name. Jedi Temple Security was the squad I started in the game that GreenFox, Sarina Taay and Lady Sif were actually a part of. Sif did actually leave the squad for a while and then completely disappeared from the game. I gave Sarina some tips on lightsaber dueling when she first joined. We were always chasing after Xalandra Nova and her followers. The Geonosis Saga took me forever to get through. So a lot of the events in the story are loosely based on things that actually happened in the game.
  • Between my original creation and comeback creation of Jedi Temple Security, I spent a long time in Survivors of the Siege. SaiTorr put together a great group of people and the squad events were always a ton of fun. I was incredibly honored to be promoted to the rank of General toward the end of the squad's one-year run. I have a couple ideas on how to incorporate them into this story but I just haven't nailed it down yet.
  • The Glacier Base section is completely based off of Ryu's fan fiction "Clone Wars Adventures Heroes." Unfortunately he seems to have deleted in from but it was a really awesome story with a ton of people from the CWA Forums. I did my best to adapt it exactly how it was but from Larsonator's perspective. Thanks Ryu for all the fun memories.


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