Lando Shan was a jedi that was one of the first jedi to depart Tython to go to Ossus. His ship was last seen leaving the Tython system.


Lando's height is 6.3" his hair is bolnde and his eye's are blue.

Early History

From what Lando can remeber he was born on Tython and as soon as he became of age he started training to be a Je'daii. As he just came out of Stasis and is recovering more will be posted when available. 

Post-stasis History

After Lando was relesed from the unknown stasis pod accidently by a Republic scout team a couple of days before the start of the Clone Wars. He was left to wander the planet Tatooine. Not knowing who he was what he was doing Lando wandered the deserts of Tatooine for a week when he entered a little market where he was given some water and food in exchange for his unique gloves (which was over 20000 years old). After he let the market he started to wander the deserts again until a ship crashed near him. When the skrimish of Tatooine occured a Republic LA-AT trying to escape was shot down and landed near Lando. Lando ran to see if there was any survivors and after he pulled out two troopers he tried to get the pilot out before the LA-AT would explode. As he was dragging out the pilot the LA-AT exploded and he encased himself and the pilot in a force bubble which saved them from the fire but not the shockwave. They were blown back by the shockwave and the pilot survived but Lando hit his head and blacked out. When the Republic sent a rescue party they saved all four men. Lando was assumed a clone trooper and when he awoke he was immeditaly amoured and armed and sent to the front lines.


Revan - Descendant's Spouse                                                                                                                           Bastila Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                           Vaner Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                             Satele Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                           Theron Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                             Dyyz Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                             Christina Shan - Desendant's Spouse                                                                                                            Blade Shan - Descendant                                                                                                                           Darkest Destroyer Shan - Descendant

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