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Lan Phaseripper
Lan Phaseripper Pose
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43 BBY


60 ABY, Coruscant

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1.79 meters


75 kilograms

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Galactic Republic

Alliance to Restore the Republic

Larcon Legion



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Adi Gallia

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Larcon Legion

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2 General

Former Squad(s)

Rancor Squad

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Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileTechnician


"No matter what brings you down, you must pick yourself back up or victory is lost!"
– Lan Phaseripper

Lan Phaseripper (43 BBY- 60 ABY) was born on the planet Tholoth. He fought as a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War.

A New Jedi

Sometime during 32 BBYJedi Masters Adi Gallia and Kit Fisto traveled to the planet Tholoth on a mission to recover stolen Republic weapons from a group of pirates who called themselves "The Rising Syndicate." The group of brigands hijacked a Republic Weapons transport over Alderaan. They murdered all who they could find on board, and left the ship drifting in space.

The two Jedi Masters stumbled upon Lan while he was doing errands in the streets. Gallia sensed a Force ability in the little boy. Adi spoke to Kit about it. He, surprisingly enough, felt the same as she did about Lan. They debated about speaking to the parents of the little boy to the Jedi Council. The Council decided to bring the boy over to Coruscant.

The two Jedi completed their mission and then began their search for the boy Adi found. It did not take them long to find Lan.

They visited Lan's home and told his mother about the potential for him to be a Jedi Knight. Lan's mother was very cautious about this. She told Adi and Kit that she would have to speak to Lan about this and consider the possibilities of this massive this opportunity.

Lan's mother talked to Lan about everything. Lan was thrilled, yet he felt very blue about the whole situation. He would have to leave his family, friends, and everything he knew for his eleven years on Tholoth. He and his mother thought about this for five days and they decided that he should go with the Jedi.

Lan packed up his possessions, said goodbye to his family and friends, and said goodbye to his home. He and his mother had a tearful goodbye. Adi and Kit gave Lan a warm welcome to the Jedi Order once he stepped foot in the shuttle.

Once he was above Tholoth, he knew that he was going to help himself, his family, and millions of other beings across the galaxy.

When Lan arrived at the Jedi Temple, he was astonished of the huge statues and figurines. He looked across the cityscape. Lan examined all the Jedi he encountered on the trip to the Jedi Council Chamber.

He met Mace Windu, Master Yoda, and the rest of the Jedi Council. Each member of the council introduced themselves to Lan. Lan introduced himself to the Council with personality. Adi explained the Force Ability she sensed in the little boy.

The Jedi Council took the standard procedures to see if Lan had the abilities to be a Jedi. They took blood samples and asked him various questions in a variety of different ways. Lan passed all these tests with flying colors. The Jedi Council accepted him into the Jedi Order. Lan's Jedi Master would be Adi Gallia.

He passed through his studies and Jedi Training quickly. Lan took real interest in learning the ways of the Force. Lan formed strong bonds with the other younglings. He always impressed his teachers and Master with his skills. Adi taught Lan privately and publicly. Lan respected Adi and did all he could to impress her, the Council, and all the others around him.

The First Battle of Geonosis

In 22 BBY, all of the Jedi were called to Geonosis to save Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme Amidala from the Geonosians and Count Dooku's allies.


The Petranaki Arena

Lan arrived in the Petranaki arena where Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme were being held. Many Padawans, Jedi Masters, and Jedi Knights arrived. Lan and many other fellow Jedi entered the arena.

Chaos immediately arose. Hundreds of droids were deployed into the Petranaki to dispose of the Jedi intruders. Lan and the other Jedi fought bravely, but they were quickly being defeated by the powerful Separatist Droid Army.

Lan sliced through many droids with his Lightsaber, but he saw that he and the other Jedi were being surrounded. Lan and Mace Windu looked at each other. Both men nodded at one another and went back to fighting the robotic army.


The valiant Jedi fighting long and hard in the Petranaki Arena.

As the circle was getting smaller and smaller, Dooku called off his droids. He proposed that the Jedi surrender and he will spare their lives. Mace Windu proudly denied. The Sith then called his droids back on the trapped Jedi. Just then, Master Yoda arrived with the secret clone troopers who were ordered by Jedi Knight Syfo-Dyas. The artillery made short work of the droids in the arena. All the Jedi were evacuated in the LAAT gunships.

The clone troopers were heavily armed and had many substantial AT-TE] tanks to assist them in the hard battle that was grueling battle ahead. The droid army was full of battle droids were heading to slay them.

Lan got out of the gunship and briefly met the commanding clone troopers. As the gunship was taking off behind them, the pilot of the ship was shot by a Homing Spider Droid. The dead pilot steered the ship towards Lan and the clone troopers. They all ducked and the gunship completely avoided them. It did debacle into a large boulder, though. After this, Lan charged at the incoming droids. There were a huge amount of Hailfire tanks and Homing Spider droids firing at Lan and the ones around him. Many clones and Jedi ran with Lan to destroy the droids. The AT-TEs provided cover fire from the droids.


The Republic fending off the droid army.

Minutes went by and the Republic was already making a large dent in the Separatist. Techno Union ships were being blown apart by the SPHA tanks. Near the end of the battle, Lan, a few Jedi Knights, and many clones infiltrated one of the Techno Union cruisers. They managed to destroy the crew inside, take control of it, and then use it's weapons against other ships and a large amount of ground units. However, a Hailfire tank managed to weaken the ship. Everyone on board managed to escape before it crashed into two Homing Spider Droids.

Battle of Geonosis

The gunship bombing run destroying the Separatists.

Moments passed. An LAAT bombing run was commissioned. The attack destroyed the majority of the droids. After this, the droids were forced to retreat. The entire Separatist council fled Geonosis after this massive defeat.

The battle of Geonosis marked the beginning of the Clone Wars. The entire galaxy divided. Many planets went to the Separatists or the Republic. Most of the galaxy remained neutral, however. With this war, meant that the Jedi would have to be on the front lines to lead the clone troopers and help the innocent. After the Republic took control of Geonosis, Lan was Knighted on Coruscant.

 Battle of Alaris Prime

One month after the First Battle Of Geonosis, Lan was told that he and his clone troopers would travel to Alaris Prime to help Wookiee forces on the planet fighting the CIS because information was stolen from the Wookiees' and that the droids were planning to take over the Kashyyyk system by invading Alaris Prime, (Which is the moon of Alaris), then they would establish a number of bases across Alaris, and finally they would take Kashyyyk by force later in the war. On Alaris and it's moon, the CIS would gather as many forces as possible and finally launch a detailed attack to take Kashyyyk once and for all.

Battle Of Alaris Prime

Three small Wookiee outposts.

Lan landed his forces as the Wookiees were already fighting off the droids at various locations. The battle was taking place in the land, sea, and air.

Lan landed at a base of operations for the Wookiees. As he was landing, the Wookiees were successfully pushing back the enemy. A sagacious and experienced Wookiee Chief, named Barbnado, helped defend the base. Barbnado was skilled st sharpshooting and melee combat.

Lan greeted the chief and was introduced to all the present Wookiees. Lan introduced his clone trooper captain Orr to the Wookiees as well. To ensure that the droids were not going to launch another surprise attack, Lan sent in scouts to scan the area The clones made out a few meters, but they were blown apart by a Vulture droid faction.

Super battle droid

Super Battle Droids

Barbnado ordered the air defenses take charge. Wookiees came rushing out the small wooden base and began to fire green rockets at the Vulture droids. Only a few were shot down, but the Vulture droids came for another attack.

Lan ordered the AT-TEs and HAVw A6 Juggernaut to destroy the Vulture droids. All four AT-TEs fired and the single Juggernaut fired at the air attackers. Not long after focusing on the attackers in the air, B2 super battle droids emerged from the bushes and surprised the Wookiees and clones. Lan ignited his Lightsaber as Orr and the rest of the clones loaded their weapons.

Among the B2 attackers were Persuader tanks. They quickly began to destroy the defenses. Lan and a few of his men charged at the droids. Barbnado and his Wookiee warriors followed. Behind them were the AT-TEs. Lan quickly cut through the B2s. This cleared a path right to the Persuaders.


Chief Barbnado.

However, the Persuaders were armed better than usual. The tanks opened all their fire at the incoming clones and Wookiee. One AT-TE lost it's footing and fell right on it's belly.

Captain Orr contacted other clone squads at separate Wookiee bases. They were having the same issues. Countless Persuader tanks were reported to be present with hundreds of B1 and B2 droids accompanying them.

Lan ordered the remaining Wookiees and clones at those bases to to fall back to his position so they hold their ground. They quickly obliged. He thought that they could lead the droids into a trap by calling Y-Wing bombers from the fleet to come and destroy the incoming droids.

Fluttercrafts attempted to take out the tanks that were pursuing the retreating forces. They were quickly shot out of the sky by the dreadful Vulture droid squads.

Lan quickly dashed up to a Persuader, while destroying every droid in his path. Lan took his Lightsaber and sliced the weapons in half and stabbed the tank in the power core. He leaped away from the tank as it exploded. A few B2s flew in the air from the explosion.

AT-TEs began to fire all the ground units away. They were trying to clear a path for the retreating troopers. The Juggernaut stayed close to the base and blasted droids from a far.


Wookiees engaging the droid army.

Lan contacted the fleet in orbit in hope that he could call upon reinforcements and bombers. One of the Hope's officers reported that there were numerous Munificent warships were taking a major toll on the fleet. They could not get LAATs down there without losing more men then they could save by actually doing the bombing run.

Barbnado still fought strong after hearing this news. He knew they would have to retreat as soon as possible. However, he was not going to leave his people on Alaris Prime to die or become slaves for the droids. Lan respected his opinion and stood his ground, also.

A good amount of time passed. Only one AT-TE was operational and droids were slowly circling the Republic's position. The clone troopers were quickly thinning out.

Many groups of Wookiees and clones died trying to get to Lan's location. Lan and his men tiresomely tried to clear a path for the survivors. Only a few groups of survivors actually made it. There were still a couple of groups that remained out there.

Barbnado ordered his Wookiees to get out the grenades. He had all the remaining thermal grenades and explosives collected. Barbnado then enjoined the Wookiee soldiers to place the explosives all over the base and the surrounding terrain and trees.


One of the many deadly Persuader tanks.

Lan saw the last two surviving groups in the distance. He, Orr, and many clones and Wookiees focused their attention to the path of the survivors. The AT-TE tried to fire at the Persuaders, but was unsuccessful since the weapons malfunctioned. The Juggernaut left it's ground and began to quickly zoom through the droids. It fired at all the droids and tanks in sight. It ran over numerous droids and tanks to clear a big enough path for the survivors.

Lan fought hard to help clear a path. He looked behind the incoming survivors and saw a massive army of Persuader tanks in bound.

At last, the survivors got with the main group and they began to retreat back to the gunships. The Juggernaut was taking heavy damage. The pilots of it ignored that circumstance and still fought hard.

When Lan, Orr, and the remaining men returned to the base, everyone was pouring into the gunships. Vulture droids circled overhead, but they were shot down by the Wookiee's air defense. The Juggernaut was left near the gunships and was left on auto-fire. This would allow the Republic and Wookiees just a little bit of extra time to escape. Lan, Orr, Barbnado, and the rest of the men got onto the gunships.

The Juggernaut did not hold out long, though. It was quickly destroyed by the incoming armies. All the LAAT gunships lifted from the ground and quickly made their way to the Republic fleet above.

Barbnado looked at Lan in the gunship before they lost sight of the sight of the overrun base. Lan was confused for a moment, but quickly realized what Barbnado did. Barbnado took out a detonator and detonated the grenades and explosives the Wookiees spread across the base. Everyone could see the breathtaking, boisterous explosion. Many droids and a few tanks were thrown into the air.


The Republic fleet prepping for full retreat.

Only one gunship was shot on the way to the Jedi Cruisers. Once they got to the cruisers, the remnants of the fleet went into full retreat to Kashyyyk.

Lan apologized to Barbnado about the whole ordeal, but Barbnado said that Lan helped him and his people more than any other outsider had done before. Barbnado appreciated Lan's efforts to save him and his people.

This loss was very substantial for Lan. He lost many men and resources. This was his first battle in the Clone Wars and it ended to be a failure. Many clones and Wookiees died on Alaris Prime, but Lan decided to learn from his previous mistakes. One of those mistakes being, never underestimate the enemy.

The Republic sent out spies to keep an eye on Alaris and it's moon to see if the CIS would advance any further.

After the loss of Alaris Prime, the uninhabited planet Alaris was taken by the Separatist. From there on, Count Dooku and other Separatist advisers would prepare for their massive strike on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk in the far future.

The Battle of Aereen


Naat Reath

the failure on Alaris Prime, Lan was assigned to sabotage a  CIS built a base on the dusty moon of Aereen to construct a droid factory similar to the one on the planet of Geonosis before. Lan Phaseripper, Echuu Shen-Jon, and his Padawan Naat Reath traveled to the moon Aereen, with their most advanced troops. They took one Acclamator I-class assault ship to carry their forces. They had one Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (SPHA) to help them destroy the base. After destroying the base, the Republic would build a few outposts to prepare the attack on Krant later on.

Echuu Shen-Jon

Lan, Shen-Jon, Reath arrived on the moon and unloaded their forces. They set up a camp temporarily to set up a small foothold.

The Jedi knew that the CIS arrived just recently since there was no scouts from the Separatist spotted.

After establishing a medical center and a fortified camp, the Jedi moved out with their clone troopers and the SPHA tank to pursue the CIS base.

On their journey, Reath asked Lan to send four troops to scout ahead because she felt a disturbance in the Force. Lan felt the same feeling she spoke of and he had the forces to halt. He sent four troopers to scout ahead. Reath was right. The scouts found mines scattered along the landscape and just ahead was an outpost in a cavern with battle droids inside.

The clones managed to avoid the mine field by scanning their footing before their every move. They reached the outpost and waited for a signal from Lan. He granted permission to attack the outpost. The clones went in and destroyed the small group of battle droids defending the outpost.


Plure Barron (Largest picture available)

Further into the cave, the attentive clone troopers stopped at the command center. Inside, there were a dozen droids. There was defensive information and schematics for the base. There was a conversation taking place over the hologram. A B1 commander droid was speaking to a female Neimodian. The clones identified her as Plure Barron.

The scouts reported this to the rest of the Republic forces. After informing them, the clones got the go ahead to attack the renaming droids. They quickly blasted down all the present droids. The woman on the hologram disconnected immediately after hearing the blaster fire. When the droids were all dismantled, they remotely deactivated all the mines so the Republic could cross over.

The three Jedi, Captain Orr, and a good number of clones investigated the data banks. Shen-Jon discovered that the outpost they were in was constructed only a few weeks prior to their attack. The main CIS base was built only two months before.


The schematics of one of the new droid outposts.

He also found the plans for various CIS outposts that would be produced in the future.

Shen-Jon got a transmission from a clone from the outside the outpost reporting the main base is located only two thousand meters away! Shen-Jon wanted the statistics downloaded and the entire base rigged with explosives.

After twenty minutes of walking, they finally reached the base. They attacked the battle droids guarding the outside of the base. The Republic destroyed them easily with their Grenadier Clone Troopers. The Jedi cut through the weak battle droids and clones blasted the droids in their path to the base. The SPHA's fire power made it very easy for the Jedi and clones since it destroyed everything in sight.

Three AATs appeared and began to defend the base. Only a few clone troopers were vaporized, but Reath, Orr, and a few clone troopers threw EMP grenades at the tanks. All the tanks were disabled.

Plure Barron sent all her available units outside to defend her base. Two AATs and all security battle droids were deployed.

Shen-Jon and Lan were protecting the SPHA from any damage. The SPHA had to put in a specific position to be able to accurately fire at the base.

As the SPHA got closer, the droids tried to defend the base even harder with no accomplishments gained. Plure began to get frantic every passing second. Her defenses were failing horribly. She had her pilot droids prepare her vessel for her escape.


The CIS base after the beating of the SPHA's lasers.

After defending the SPHA for most of the battle, Lan and Shen-Jon reached the position appropriate for the SPHA, and the huge tank fired it's lasers at the doomed base. Lan followed the laser with his eyes until the laser finally struck the building. Debris came raining down as the SPHA fired once more, causing the CIS base to be ingulfed in flames and fall apart. Plure knew her fate. The hanger she was in quickly began to collapse. She screamed as a hefty piece of debris fell right on top of her, killing her instantly. Soon after, the entire base was in flames and began to fall apart.

The clone troopers cheered as the base fell apart. The remainder of the droids either fled or stayed their ground, but they were all easily destroyed.

Watching the base fall was satisfactory to him. He cheered along with the clone troopers. Reath and Shen-Jon celebrated with each other.

Before Lan, Orr, and the rest of the clone battalion left for Coruscant, Lan granted a farewell to his two new Jedi allies. Shen-Jon and Reath were to stay at Aereen for a few rotations to ensure the safety of the moon, and immediately after, they would be transported to Krant to battle there. They would not see Lan for quite some time so they said their goodbyes for now.

That victory brought the Republic an outpost and a staging area for their attack on Krant later on thanks to the three valiant Jedi.

Defense Line on Geonosis


The Munificent frigate

In 22 BBY, the CIS sent out a Munificent frigate to land a drop ship on Geonosis. Their plan was to start a small outpost. The Republic caught glimpse of the CIS starting to move into the system, so the Jedi Council assigned Lan Phaseripper, Jedi Knight Jacob Bladestorm, Padawan Zaalbar Tokocharger, and Jedi Knight Lily Stible to arrive to Geonosis and stop the CIS.

Lan Phaseripper met Zaalbar, Jacob, and Lily, and he got along with all of them. Zaalbar and Jacob were in the Republic squad, Larcon Legion.

The Republic outpost had two AT-TEs , four watch towers with loaded weapons, and five turrets. The Republic was prepared for this attack.

The CIS saw this small outpost, and decided to land their forces there, defeat the Republic, and take over the outpost for themselves.

The CIS landed the drop ship and had the droids march to the outpost. There were eight squads of battle droids, two AATs, one MTT, and a squad of STAPs

The clone troopers and Jedi took their positions and prepared to destroy the droids.

The AT-TE tanks fired, while the droids marched. Clones shot down many droids in the first minute, but when the AAT tanks started to come in, clones were being thrown around, being torn apart piece by piece.

The Jedi held their position, deflecting and blocking lasers with their Lightsabers' .


The Republic fuel line explosion

The two AAT tanks were causing trouble. One blasted away a fuel pipe and blew up a Republic watch tower, while the other one shot down a AT-TE and two turrets.

The Jedi gave the order to charge the droids. The clones, Jedi, and AT-TE ran towards the droids. While running, many clones were being shot down, while the AT-TE legs in the front were shot off by a STAP. The main cannon was still operational, though.

Lan and the other Jedi beat down the droids while the clones were shooting the droids.

A clone shot a rocket into an AAT while the other AAT's fuel storage was sliced by Jacob, resulting in the entire tank to violently explode.


The MTT approaching the Republic base.

Zaalbar, Lan, and Lily took each others' backs and stuck in a group and sawed down the droids.

The STAPs killed ten clones every second, so Lan and Lily jumped on the STAPs, destroyed to droid pilots, and piloted the STAPs into droids on the ground. The remaining STAPs were shot down by clones.

At last, all the droids and tanks were destroyed, but only the MTT stood. The MTT stood alone.

All three Jedi looked at each other and nodded. They Force Pushed the MTT into the drop ship. The MTT was smashed into a fuel tank in the drop ship. Both vehicles blew to pieces.

As for the Munificent frigate, it was blasted out of space by a fleet of Venator Attack Cruisers.

The Republic was excited that the operation was a success. They hoped that this would be the last time they would have to deal with the CIS on Geonosis.

Lan became good friends with Zaalbar and Jacob. He decided he might look into joining Larcon Legion, so he kept in touch with the two.

The First Battle of Felucia

On Felucia, Lan Phaseripper, Anakin Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were trapped on the surface while Asajj Ventress's forces were closing in to kill all the Jedi and clones!

Foothold on Felucia

Asajj Ventress tracked down Lan, commander CC-2224 (Cody), and their clone troopers to flat land area. Cody had their engineers make defense platforms.


Battle Droids marching through the path.

When Ventress unleashed her forces, they were no match for the Blaster Turrets. She sent in her  Super Battle Droids  and AAT tanks but they didn't help. Her AAT's fell before the Particle Beam Turrets.

Her forces were defeated quickly. Ventress backed down and Cody, Lan, and the troopers retreated to a canyon.

Canyon Ambush

Cody and Lan set up their base in a canyon. Ventress however, sent her forces to try to destroy them once again!


The AAT supply

he engineers built defense platforms to take care of the next six waves of battle droids.

The main turret was the Thermal Grenade Turret. The droids ignored the turrets and just kept marching to the base.

By the third wave, Ventress blew out half of a cliff and her forces were coming from the cave! AAT tanks poured out of the cave, This was very challenging but the Republic still overcame the droids and defeated all of Ventress's forces.

Cody and Lan moved on to the area where Plo Koon's rescue team would pick them up.

Republic Withdrawal

Things weren't going well for the Republic. Three Republic command posts were under CIS control. One up side for the Republic was that Plo Koon and his forces' broke through Ventress's blockade above the planet.

Lan, Cody, and twenty clones were at the rendezvous point for Plo's ships to come and pick them up.


The last battle

ntress was determined to kill Lan and his troops. She sent in all of her spare forces. She didn't hold back one bit. STAPs, MMTs full of battle droids, and AATs were being deployed but were destroyed.

Lan and Cody were not worried because of their powerful turrets.

Ventress sent in a new tank. The Super Tank shield generator! The shield was powerful. It was twice as powerful than a Droidekas' shi

The Mobile Sheild Generater

eld! Droids were hiding under the shield! Lan and a few clones ran onto the path to destroy the generator.

The clones stalled the droids under the shield for Lan as he went into the tank by cutting a hole with his Lightsaber on top. He got in and destroyed the pilots. He piloted the generator in the direction of Energy Converters. He jumped out as the tank crashed into the Energy Converters. Both went in flames.

Ventress's forces were gone. She vowed to kill Cody and Lan after the last battle.

Plo Koon's rescue team got to Lan and his men. The battle was a great loss to the Republic. Lan was grateful to get off the planet with his life.


After the defeat on Felucia, Lan received a mission which would send him in the heart of Coruscant to arrest a Republic traitor who had be
Red Head 2

The Republic traitor, Corley Sig

en selling secrets to the Separatists. His name was Corley Sig. He was a Republic officer who had joined just a few years prior.

Lan made his way to the underworld of Coruscant. He eventually found the traitor. He fled. Lan chased him all over Coruscant's dingy streets. He turned into a dark ally. Lan dashed into the ally to find Corley dead. Lan then heard a lizard hiss and turned around and saw a Trandoshan! The Trandoshan stunned Lan.

When Lan woke up, he was in a cage and with many others.

Lan looked up and saw five Trandoshan hunters and they were saying "What kinda of Jedi Knight is this?!?"

When they left, Lan asked a female Pantoran who were these Trandoshans and why capture a Jedi Knight?

"These are criminal scum who travel the galaxy looking for people who they can torture and kill just for the fun of it," the Pantoran said.

"We need to escape from here," Lan said.

"We can't, they will kill you if you try," she answered.

Lan reached for his Lightsaber, but it was not there. He was stuck in that cage.

Lan looked around. He saw thirteen cages full of men and women.


The leader of the Trandoshan hunters

All five Trandoshans came out and pulled out of a small cramped cage and started to beat a poor Rodian. They then brought out a rod that was heated. They beat him with it.

"Stop," Lan said, "He is innocent, take me instead," Lan bravely said.

"Haha," one of the leader of the Trandoshan hunters said "You'll use that mind trick or kill us, that ain't happening."

Lan had no other choice so he used the Force and broke all thirteen cages. The Trandoshan who was beating the Rodian swiped the hot bar at Lan and missed at all swings. Lan then kicked the Trandoshan's arm and made the Trandoshan stab himself in the chest.

The other prisoners were free and started to wreck the ship. There were at least thirteen prisoners either trying to kill the Trandoshans or escape. Some of the prisoners, which were Humans and Pantorans, found weapons and tried to kill the four Trandoshans. Some failed and died.

One foolish and scared Togruta, tried to open up an air lock of the ship to get out. Lan was fighting with a Trandoshan and heard the noise of the door trying to be opened. Lan Force Pushed the Trandoshan he was fighting into a pile of crates.

Lan yelled to the Togruta to not open the door. He was too scared to listen and opened the door. Four prisoners flew out of the door. Two Trandoshans were sucked out of the ship, also.

The female Pantoran fled to the cockpit before being sucked out of the ship.

Lan tried to use the Force to close the door, but he failed since a Trandoshan tried to stab him. Both men flew towards the door. However, they were both smashed into the door panel which meant the door could not be closed. Lan looked out and saw Coruscant. The hunters' ship was flying in Coruscant's stratosphere at a high speed which is why everyone and everything was getting pulled out of the ship.

The second Trandoshan, who did not fly out of the door, shot a prisoner which killed her, sending her lifeless body flying out the open door. Four prisoners were left, including the female Pantorian.

The second Trandoshan fired his rifle at Lan. One brave prisoner lunged himself at the shooter. The Trandoshan lost his hand grip of a handle and flew out of the ship. The prisoner who knocked him out was now holding on to the same handle.

The leader of the Trandoshans attacked Lan. He smashed his hand over Lan's face and he was smothering him. While smothering him, he was hitting him in his gut. The prisoner with the rifle tried to fire at the leader, but he lost his grip on the weapon which sent it flying out of the ship.

The ship suddenly went straight down at a fast speed. The Trandoshan leader stopped smothering Lan and held on to a panel coming out of the floor. Lan began to slide down towards to cockpit until and grabbed hold of a chair attached to the ship. The prisoners were still holding on to the handles and control panels.

A few seconds later, the ship stopped moving downwards. It was now flying the correct way. The ship's speed was also reduced so they did not have to worry about being sucked out of the ship.

The Trandoshan leader got to his feet and ran to Lan with his claws ready. Lan jumped into the air, grabbed the Trandoshan, and slammed him on to the floor.

Lan saw Plo Koon and the Wolfpack through the window. One LAAT, three ARC-170 fighters, and Plo Koon's Jedi starfighter. They were surrounding the Hunters' ship ship.

The female Pantoran then came out of the cockpit.

"I contacted your friends," said the Pantoran.

"I can see," Lan said.

"I put the ship on auto pilot. We must hurry!" the girl insisted.

A LAAT gunship flew right next to the door of the broken hunter ship. The door facing the Hunter ship opened and  Clone troopers in the gunship signaled for the remaining prisoners to jump. So, all three prisoners jumped to the gunship from the Trandoshan ship.

Lan was the next and last one to jump. He heard something behind him. He looked back and saw the leader with a chain gun! He fired! Lan took cover. Some lasers reached their way to the gunship outside of the ship!

Lan saw that his Lightsaber was in the Trandoshan's pocket. He used the Force to get the Lightsaber. He activated it and began to block many lasers. He sent one laser right back to the gun!

The Trandoshan threw the worthless weapon to the floor and picked up a grenade. He threw it at Lan. Lan Force Pushed it out of the ship. The grenade exploded right next to the engines. The ship was now leaning to one side. The ship was rocking back and forth, also.

The Trandoshan yelled and tackled Lan.

"You are not going to escape here, puny Jedi! Hahaha!" the leader said after he tackled Lan.


The Hunters' Ship

Lan kicked the Trandoshan in a soft spot and kicked him into a window. The Trandoshan's right foot was lodged into a floor panel where a electrical wire was wrapped around his foot.

Lan quickly got to his feet and ran to the open door. He saw the gunship waiting for him. He jumped to it.

Behind him was the Trandoshan! He jumped through the air to get into the LAAT! He jumped through the air with his arms out ready to kill Lan. In mid air, he was stopped by his right foot. The Trandoshan fell to Coruscant, but the wire from inside the ship made the lizard swing under the ship. The Trandoshan's body was heading for the electron wing of the ship.

"Clear way!" Plo Koon yelled.


Part of the debris shower.

The Republic ships distanced themselves away from the Hunter ship after Lan jumped in the LAAT. The Trandoshan's body hit the electron wing and the entire ship exploded with a big bang. The remains of the ship fell to Coruscant as a shower of debris.

Plo's ships flew to the Jedi Temple. The remaining prisoners were taken the the medical center for their wounds. Lan reported to the Jedi Council about the matter.

The Battle of Ryloth

 Village Showdown

After breaking the blockade above Ryloth, Ryloth was still in Separatists hands.

Gram-Ryloth Y-Wings

The Y-wing force

Lan Phaseripper and Anakin Skywalker led a squadron of Y-Wing fighters to destroy Separatist air forces because they were threatening an innocent Twi'lek village.

Lan shared a Y-Wing with a clone named Cly. He was the gunner and a good one at that. Lan piloted the Y-Wing while Cly shot down all the Vulture droids.

However, the Separatists had several Porax-38 starfighters with B1 battle droid pilots piloting them. It had heavy fire power and shields. Cly still shot most of them down with the help of Anakin and the rest of the squadron.

Ground forces, such as AATs and B1 and B2 battle droids, shot at the Republic ships with no success. The ground forces were in pieces while the Vulture Droids and Porax fighters were being shot down above. Eventually, the Separatist suffered too many casualties so they had to back down from the area and return to their base.

The Twi'lek village was safe from any harm.

Scouting Parties


A scenario where Lan thew his Lightsaber.

After landing on the planet Mace Windu pushed for the capital city of Lessu. Wat Tambor sent scouting parties to ambush Windu and prevent him from arriving in Lessu. Captain Breaker discovered Wat Tambor's plan and told Lan. He told him that there were going to be six different scouting parties at six different locations.

That night, Lan, Breaker, and two other clone troopers went to the area where the six parties were. Lan's troopers couldn't march in and shoot the droids since the flank was too heavy. Lan had to use his Lightsaber throwing skills to take out the droids. He used the Force to guide his Lightsaber to thin out enough droids so the clones can take out the rest.

Lan met with success and Windu continued his assault on Lessu.

Twi'lek Village Defence


The Speeder Bike squad

After the scouting party massacure, Lan and Breaker discovered that Wat Tambor sent droids and tanks to destroy a Twi'lek village.

The engineers built defense platforms to hold of Tambor's forces. They built Particle Beam, Grenader, Missle, and Blaster turrets around the path. A Speeder Bike squad also assisted.

Tambor's forces stood no chance against the Particle Beam turrets and Thermal Grenade turrets. AAT's, Homing Spider droids, and STAP's were used to try to break through the defenses. It didn't work. The turrets were too powerful. The droids and tanks were in pieces and Wat Tambor had to withdraw his force's from the area. The village was safe!

Last Stand

Victory for the Republic! Mace Windu and his forces took over the Capital of Lessu. The Republic took over the entire planet but the CIS sent a fleet to take Ryloth back and rescue Wat Tambor.


The Separatist fleet

Lan's cruiser, The Hope, was the only Venator Attack Cruiser in orbit around the planet. Half of the cruiser's crew wasn't even on ship! They were on the planet celebrating the victory. Lan's cruiser had to defeat all the ships to keep Ryloth in safe hands.

The Hope held out nicely. One gunnery room was blown off the ship because of a torpedo rain from the captial ship.

Lan launched all his starfighter's to help. They were all shot down and the pilots were killed but, they took down a Munificent frigate before getting shot down.

The fleet still sent The Hope in flames. Lan forced the ship to the brink to destroy the fleet.

Finally, the CIS fleet was destroyed and Ryloth was safe from any harm. The planet was now under Republic control and the people of Ryloth were safe. Lan was a hero of Ryloth.

The Battle of Christophsis


Christophsis crisis! The Separatist forces invaded the helpless world Christophsis. The Republic had to save the doomed planet!


Lan going into the fierce battle!

Senator Bail Organa and his clones were trapped on the surface and were being pinned down by droid forces. Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Yularen destroyed the capital ship with the Stealth Ship. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lan Phaseripper, and many other Jedi Knights and Padawans were tasked to destroy the remaining Separatist ships.

Lan flew his Jedi Starfighter into the battle! His target was the second command ship across the battlefield. He flew through Vulture Droids and bombers to get there!

He witnessed Separatist and Republic cruisers getting blown to pieces.

He also saw a young and faithful Jedi named Penny Natire get shot down by droid Tri-Fighters. He didn't manage to shoot down the fighter that killed Penny but he continued through the debris and fighters.


The command ship after the missile attack.

He dodged incoming fire from both Republic and Separatist cruisers. He also dodged an entire squadron of Tri-Fighter missiles! Vulture Droid bombers also attempted to bomb a small Republic cruiser. Lan saved the cruiser by shooting down the foul bombers.

Finally, he reached the second command ship along with a Republic Cruiser at his side. Lan shot down all missiles shot at him and sent his torpedoes into the lower decks of the ship. The Republic cruiser shot at the upper levels and destroyed the entire ship!

After that ship was destroyed, the remaining CIS ships were in full retreat. Lan's next destination was the surface.

Touchdown on Christophsis


The base that was defended by Lan and Cody.

er breaking the mighty blockade, Lan, Lan's forces, and commander Cody landed on the planet to establish a base of operations for that sector.

While the base was under construction, the fierce Whorm Loathsom decided to sabotage the Republic's base by sending his forces!

Cody had his engineers' build defense platforms a long a path to the base.


A glimpse of the new Power Surger turret.

Along with the defense platforms was the new turret,The Power Surger. It gave off radiation to nearby turrets to give extra energy to them. Also, along with that, Cody gave permission to upgrade the blaster turrets to rank five!

Whorm finally sent out his forces and the Republic was prepared. Whorm's forces were fierce, but they still fell to the Republic's firepower. Y-Wing fighters circled around the area, bombing droids above and below.

AAT tanks were unleashed with escorts of B1 battle droids. However, they were all being destroyed.


The Y-Wing fighter squadron

Whorm was tired of seeing his AAT's being made to look like scrap. He sent out Vulture droids and STAP squads! They fired on the defense platforms and blew them to shreds! Clever clone troopers above in the high buildings fired rocket launchers at the STAPs and Vulture droids. The clones saved many lives, but numerous STAPs broke through.

The Power Surger was proving quite useful, although Lan thought that it was a useless turret even though it was helping very much so.


The Particle Beam turret defending the base.

The Y-Wing squad was starting to take fire. A super battle droid fired a rocket at a Y-Wing's wing and blasted it right off! The wing flew round and round in mid-air and hit an Energy Generator and sent it off the platform. The Y-Wing itself flew into an empty building. It made a large and loud explosion, sending debris, flames, and glass everywhere destroying defense platforms, droids, and nearby buildings.

The battle continued and it ended with Whorm sending in Homing Spider Droids. Lan remembered Homing Spiders were tough, like they were on Geonosis, but he knew the turrets would take care of them, which they did.

Whorm's attempt failed and the base's construction completed. Lan and Cody were preparing for their next mission, after finding out what Skywalker and Kenobi were going through on the opposite side of the planet.

Refugee Rescue

Lan was discussing and informing his Jedi Master, Adi Galia, about the progress of the battle so far, via hologram. Cody interrupted the conversation to tell Lan a refugee camp was in danger of Whorm Lothsom's forces. Lan excused himself from his master and made way to the refugee camp.


The Ion Charger plans

When he, Cody, and a few clone troopers arrived, the engineers just completed building the defense platforms. Lan and Cody observed the battle field from an overpass between two skyscrapers.

The path leading to the refugee camp was long, covered with defense platforms, and windy, which was an advantage for the Republic. Also, the Ion Cannon was introduced. The Ion Cannon could stun a droid for a few seconds and do some damage to the droid.

Lan, Cody, and other clones watched from the high overpass. Suddenly, they saw two transport ships, with ten fighter escorts heading towards them. The defense platforms were armed, aimed, and ready.


The bridge between the two structures

First, squads of battle droids came through, and was destroyed. More battle droids with escorts of super battle droids came through, and was destroyed. Battle droids, super battle droids, and an escort of dwarf spider droids came through, and were destroyed!

Whorm commanded the droids to send in the AAT and five squads of droids. The AATs took out two platforms of Particle Beam turrets, along with a mortar cannon. The AAT's, however, were destroyed within minutes of being deployed.

Whorm sent in air support, with Homing Spider droids! The remaining defense platforms were ready. Three Homing Spider droids, with countless droid escorts marched across the narrow path. 

The path was beaten since the defense platforms' weapons hit the ground, droids and tanks falling on it, and large explosions. 


The last few seconds of the battle

Whorm sent in the last of his droids. Three Homing Spider Droids, ten super battle droid squads, a Mobile Shield Generator, and three Vulture Droids along with three Droidekas. Energy Generators covered most of the path, which was a large risk but the Republic had to have all the energy they needed.

One Homing Spider Droid, shot a laser at the high overpass that Lan, Cody, and clones were on. The laser struck in the middle of the bridge, and it caved in from the middle. Both sides of the bridges bent backwards until it smashed into their building they were clinging to. Lan, Cody, and five other clones held onto peaks and railings. Clones who were not on the bridge tried firing cables down to the ones hanging on for their lives. It did not work.

The Homing Spider Droid that fired the laser was destroyed, but two more remained. One shot a laser at the separate building that Lan and Cody were dangling at and five floors above it exploded. A rain of debris began to shower and hit the other tower, sending three clones falling to their deaths. Two clones from the other tower's dangling bridge fell.

Lan climbed up the bridge and looked at the battle as he was climbing. He saw only a few CIS forces left and watched as they fell. Cody and two other clones were behind Lan. Lan continued to climb up. 

Lan fianlly reached the bridge connecting where Cody, and five clones were waiting axiously. Lan pulled himself up with the help of Cody and a few clones. After he was safely pulled up, the bridge finally gave way and fell a large height. It hit the ground with a massive crash!

Lan and Cody ran to the window, as did the other clones, and saw that the defense platforms stood high as Whorm's forces were on the ground, destroyed, and broken into pieces.

The refugee camp was safe, with only few losses.

Lan contacted Adi again and told her about the entire battle that just happened.

Fork In The Road

The CIS's forces were spread thin to hold their positions on Christophsis. Near the main strike force, the droids had a ray shield covering their forces. The Republic's heavy cannons were not damaging the main strike forces.

As for Lan and Cody, they prepared more defense platforms to lead a battlion of droids away from the main strike force to give Obi-Wan and Anakin less droids to deal with.

Lan heard rumors from clones coming from Anakin's and Obi-Wan's position. He heard that Anakin was assigned a new Padawan, which made Lan anxious. He loved meeting new Padawans for multiple reasons. One being, he wanted them to feel welcome and worthy like he did when he was brought to the Jedi Order.

This battle would be intense and rough. Lan knew this and he braced for it. The defense turrets consisted of Mortar cannons, Energy Generators, Anti-Air turrets, and the new weapon, The Turbo Laser. They function like blaster turrets. Although, they have an increased range and damage output. Lan loved this new turret. He was excited to test this weapon.


After hearing the jolts of the main strike force battle, Lan, Cody, and the rest of the clones ran up to a tower, just to see a huge droid army heading their way. Whorm was not with this strike force, he was with the ray shielded one.

Lan watched with delight at the droids getting blown apart by the Mortar cannons. Small droid squads came through and didn't last long. One Homing Spider Droid arrived, but was demolished.

The Energy Generators were not spread out, they were close together. This was an advantage to the CIS.


Lan's focus was on the Energy Generators. Then, he went over to the Mortar Cannons after seeing stronger, more efficient droids come through.

AAT tanks began to come through. They were quite a bit faster down the path than before, but they were easily blasted away.

Lan and Cody sat back and gave orders to the engineers in the turrets to either upgrade them or "sell" them.

Eventually, Mobile Shield Generators were unleashed.

When STAPs arrived, they did not come without a fight. They were escorted with two AAT tanks and Super battle droids. The Anti-Air turrets took them all down eventually, but the losses were heavy.

As for the two AAT tanks, they did not get far since the Mortar Cannons and Turbo Lasers were upgraded to their best ability.


Time pasted, and nothing new happened, until Vulture Droids came through. Behind them, were Tri-fighters. Lan, Cody, and the clones knew that Whorm did not have a single air unit in his main strike force. Lan's eyes widened and his mouth dropped at the amount of Vulture droids and Tri-fighters.

The Anti-Air turrets fired rapidly. The comlink channel of the engineers in the turrets were chaos. screaming, cursing, loud explosions.

After losing nine turrets, the droids were down to their last wave of droids. Whorm, dealing with Obi-Wan at this time, said before to send every single unit out to Lan and Cody's position.

The droids did so.


The defenses.

Lan spotted an odd droid. He looked closer. He saw that it was a Octuptarra. He was shocked and stunned at this droid. He did not speak or move. He saw it take walk down the path. The turrets paused for a second when they saw this weapon. Lan could tell they were shocked too.

After taking a beating from the turrets, the sphere shaped part of the Octuptarra erupted and sent out a shock wave. The shock wave took all turrets offline. With the turrets offline, the droids could easily march through.

Lan ordered clones on the ground to hold off the droids. They were quickly shot down. An AAT broke through. That was it before the turrets came back.


The Octuptarra's shock wave.

The battle continued and more Octuptarras came through, sent the shock wave when destroyed.

Only a few droids Two Octuptarras, a Homing Spider Droid, and a few Super battle droids were left.

The Mortar Cannons fired. The Turbo lasers fired. All turrets fired to stop the droids. Finally, the last Octuptarra fell to the ground, and did not send the shock wave.

Lan, Cody, the clones in the skyscraper, and on the ground screamed out in joy. Just as this happened, Lan looked into the distance and saw the ray shield disappear. He felt so joyful, and so did the clones. Lan started to cry with joy that this horrible battle was finished.

Lan looked down at the path and saw the debris, destroyed CIS forces, clone bodies, and fire. Lan saw something. He could not get one word out of his mouth. The clones behind him were cheering and dancing. Lan tackled them all as a huge laser hit the floor they were on, which was the forty-fifth floor. There were a total of forty seven floors.


The Octuptarras stampede.

an, Cody, and the clones all fell to the floor. The entire floor shifted side to side. Lan and the others heard the clones on the surface saying that a Octuptarra is not destroyed, via comlink. Suddenly, the entire floor started to collapse. Glass began to break, metal began to bend, and Lan Force Pushed all of the clones out the window as well as himself.

Lan looked above him, saw another laser go into the floor and, it all exploded. Lan grabbed all the clones and they landed on a Republic shuttle. The shuttle flew away as the debris from the forty seventh, forty sixth, forty fifth, forty fourth and forty third fell.

Cody and Lan were alright. So were the clones. The one piloting the shuttle was Obi-Wan. He circled back around the building, only to meet a clone army.

The shuttle landed. Anakin approached Lan.

Ahsoka Tano

Anakin Skywalker's new Padawan, Ahsoka Tano.

"Lan Phaseripper, I would like you to meet my Padawan. Ahsoka Tano," Anakin said.

Ahsoka came out of a crowd of clones. She was a small, yet strong, Togruta girl. She was very anxious.

"Greetings Master Lan," Ahsoka said to Lan.

"Master? I am no master! Call me Lan!" Lan snapped.

Ahsoka giggled, "Well, Lan, nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too, Ahsoka Tano. I have a feeling great things will come out of you," Lan told Ahsoka.

Anakin leaned over and said, "She is rough around the edges, and snippy like you. You two will get along," Anakin told Lan with a grin.

Lan and Ahsoka talked more and bonded.

Christophsis was now under Republic control and Whorm Lothsom was in Republic hands.

Battle of Kamino

In 22 BBY, Asajj Ventress and General Grievous launched an assault on Kamino to steal clone trooper's DNA to make their own army of clones and cripple the Republic.

Lan Phaseripper and Anakin Skywalker lead the Republic fleet above the planet to hold of the droid fleet.

Anakin and Lan lead bombing runs and took down many squadrons of Vulture Droids and Hyena Bombers. They also took down numerous frigates! Their debris rained down in Kamino's oceans.

Both Jedi were doing great holding off the droids with only a few casualties.

Anakin suddenly got a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi saying that the battle on orbit is just a distraction. The debris is Separatist Trident Drills attacking the city! Anakin was uncertain what to do but he left Lan in charge of the space battle and went down to Kamino to assist Obi.

Lan and the rest of the clones still held off the Separatist fleet. Lan and the clones took down more than twenty squadrons of bombers and Vulture Droids. They even took down a Command frigate!

Lan ordered the cruisers to destroy any debris heading towards the planet while Lan and the bombers took down ships and frigates.

Finally, Lan got a message from 501st Legion Captain Rex that Ventress and Grievous retreated. As soon as Lan heard that, all the frigates went into hyperspace. The DNA was safe from enemy hands and Kamino was still under Republic control.

Transport Protection


Cheri in ruins

Ground quakes were destroying the planet of Cheri. Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion was on the planet trying to keep the locals safe. The Jedi Council needed to help Skywalker's forces and the locals of Cheri. The Jed

Ruins on Cheri

i Council and the Senate ordered for transports to travel to the planet to relief the people. The Jedi Council requested Lan Phaseripper to escort with six transports to Cheri.

Lan, Stone, and many clone troopers were briefed about the crisis. Seven major cities were hit with these quakes. Three cities were reduced to nothing but rubble. Tsunamis from their oceans began to rock their coast lines, also. The supplies were disapearing quickly and many were dying because of the lack of medical equipment, food, water, and clothing.

Lan, Stone, and many clone troopers geared up for this rescue mission. They went into hyperspace to Cheri.

"Approaching destination," a clone pilot said.

Suddenly all six transport came out hyperspace.

"What happened?" asked Lan.
Commander stone

Commander Stone

"Somehow all transports were stopped," replied the clone pilot.

"Sir, look!"  yelled out a clone.

Everyone looked and saw it was a field of mines. If they went back into hyperspace the mines would follow and blow the transports to bit in hyperspace.

"Maybe we can navigate the transports around the mine field," suggested a clone on a separate transport.

"Let's try that," said Stone.

The ship that went first was the ship that suggested the idea of trying to avoid the mines. Once that ship went so did the second one. The first ship missed a spot and a mine crashed into the side of the ship where the supplies were and all them were sucked out into space.

"Mayday, mayday, mayday!" said the clones aboard the ship.

Then another mine crashed into the ship. Then another! Then another! Until ten mines all at once was heading towards the ship!  They all crashed into to it and it blew to bits. The second ship was trying to get out of the field but failed.

The second ship crashed into the mines and blew up. Four transport ships were left with no way of getting to Cheri. A clone reported that in each ship that blew up there was a crew of ten

Lan's medical ship after experiencing the first mine.

and twenty passengers.

"That's a total of sixty clones dead!" Stone said

"Do we have something to destroy the mines?" asked Lan.

"Sir we do have a seismic charge. We have fifteen actually,"  said a clone.

"Good, shoot the first one out," Lan commanded.

"Fire!" yelled Lan.

The seismic charge shot out really fast. The seismic charge detonated and in the right place. The mines cleared and their was a big enough path for the transport to get through. Another set of mines were there and Lan's ship launched another seismic charge and it shot through and it destroyed enough mines. The next time their was a asteroid belt and this time they needed to destroy enough asteroids and mines to get through. They shot the seismic charge out and it destroyed it all!

They passed through a few more but the ninth time they saw Vulture droids! They knew that this was CIS doings. They shot out a seismic charge and destroyed all Vulture droids and enough mines. They were down to their last seismic charge and their was mines and asteroids and Vulture droids. They shot out the seismic charge and it blew but it didn't destroy enough and the Vulture droids were shooting at the transports.

"What do we do now, sir?" asked a nervous clone.

"I don't know," said Lan.

"We can't get through without dying, we can't go back or go forward," said Commander Stone.

"We shall die in honor," said Lan.

The Vulture droids were shooting at critical parts of the transport ships.


A clone pilot driving the ship into the mine field.

"Wait," said one of the other transport ships.

"We can ram our transport ships in the mine field and that should open a big enough path..."

"No!" screamed Lan in the PA.

"We must! It will save the people of Cheri," said the pilot of the ship.

All the crew on the ship agreed to kill themselves for the Cheri people.

The ship boosted their engines and they blasted of taking fire from Vulture droids while the Vulture droids were crashing into the ship.

They all yelled out "For the Republic!"

The ship rammed in the field and blew all the mines and droids and asteroids away.

"They are heroes!" Lan said.

So all three transport ships went into hyperspace. They landed on Cheri and the locals were very grateful and so was Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion. Lan said that he was not the hero but the ones who gave their lives were the real heroes.

Orto Plutonia Events

In 22 BBY, Lan heard about the Republic losing contact with Gild Station outpost on Orto Plutonia.

He was curious about this, so he asked R2-D2 and C-3P0 to keep him updated about the situation. They did so and told him about the someone or something attacking the station.

Later, the two droids informed Lan via comlink saying that the Separatist outpost was massacred, too. This worried Lan that a new threat was rising.


The Talz tribe leader

Then, Lan was told by the two droids that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi found a tribe of Talz that attacked both the Republic and Separatist bases, wanting them to leave their planet. However, Chairmen Chi Cho denied their request and instead declared war on the tribe of Talz.

This made Lan angry. He did not agree with the decision of Cho.

He thanked the two droids for the information and asked them if they could keep him informed about the outcome of the battle.


Chi Cho's death

Eventually, Lan got another message from R2-D2 and C-3P0. They said that it was a draw. The Pantorans and Talz made peace, thanks to Senator Riyo Chuchi, but Cho died in the battle.

Lan was glad to hear this, but not long after the draw, the Separatist sent a small fleet to retake their base and sabotage the Republic. The news spread fast. Lan heard this news and said that he would fight the Separatist.

Many others volunteered to fight in the battle. The Talz would help, also.

Lan was anxious to get to the planet and destroy the droid forces.

The Fight to Save Orto

When Lan and the other Jedi Knights and clones got to the surface, they were briefed by either Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker. Lan was briefed by Kenobi.

Kenobi gave out five assignments and divide the Jedi and clones into those groups to carry out that task.

Lan and three other Jedi Knights and two clones got the mission to circle around the battle, taking out air units and the ground units in the caves. They were also suppose to pass over a shelided area where Skywalker's team would bomb later and lead a few Vulture droids away from that area.

One Jedi Knight was named Talia Jakaia. The other Jedi Knight name was Morgan Grerea, his Padawan was YIngUam. The clones names were Jack and Chandler, who were friends since toddler age.


Lan's team taking out the ground units.

Lan and his team got their ships ready to head out. They were finally launched to battle.

Lan and his team took down small squads of B1 battle droids and AAT teams on the surface. They started to focus more on ground units to save the clones on the defense line stress. They kept blasting droids on the surface coming from the east, while the ones coming from the south and north were being taking care of by Sara Joe's strike force.

Lan, the other three Jedi, and two clones started to talk on their own com channel, getting to know each other better, bonding.

All six of them destroyed many ground units, then they moved onto the air units.


Jack, Chandler, and Lan dodging the Tri-fighters.

Two Tri-fighters appeared from no where and blasted missiles at Jack, Chandler, and Lan. The three dodged the missiles, and Lan Force Pushed the missiles back onto the two fighters before getting near them.

The six still talked about various topics, while commenting on their kill streak and progress of the battle.


Lan leading the assault to the caves.

They all took out five squadrons of Vulture Droids, then moved to the caves. Outside the caves, were a band of AATs, guarding it. Most of them were blasted by Lan's group.

They rode through the narrow caves, taking out the CIS MTTs and AATs. They easily destroyed them all in a short period of time. Lan, the three Jedi, and the two clones. They flew out of the caves to join a small air battle above a canyon.

While they were leaving, an MTT wasn't fully destroyed and it unleashed four Super battle droids, One fired a rocket at Lan's team, hitting Jack's V-19 Torrent starfighter, sending his fighter to the ground, exploding.

Chandler screamed at Jack's death, losing his best friend.

They ran into four Tri-fighters who fired missiles, missing their ships.


Morgan's starfighter getting shot out of the sky.

The Tri-fighters went behind the Jedi's ships and fired more missles, hitting a Jedi Starfighter. The one's fighter that was hit was Morgan. His fighter blew and the remains of it fell to the snowy surface. His padawan, YingUam, screamed on the top of her lungs, jumped out of her starfighter, sending it into the four Tri-fighters destorying them. She jumped down to the remains of Morgan's fighter and Lan, Talia, and Chandler flew away.

They would of gone back for her, but Vulture droids forced them to leave.

Lan, Talia, and a mentally unstable Jack were left alone, flying to the canyon air battle.


YingUam leaping out of her starfighter.

When they arrived, there were ground units such as battle droids, AATs, and Proton Cannons. Lan and his team joined the fight.

The two teams before lost five fighters alone in that one area.

Eventually, all the CIS units on the ground were run out by a surprise attack by Plo Koon's Wolfpack and Plo Koon himself.

The air units were all destroyed and they landed where the WolfPack and Plo Koon were.

Lan and Talia asked if YingUam came back. Plo Koon said that she had not returned.

Half an hour of fighting passed across the planet, and the Republic won. The CIS were driven out of the area with eight Republic members missing, including YingUam and Morgan.

Jack recovered from this tragic event and became close with Lan and Talia.

After helping the Talz with their damage and losses, the Republic left Orto Plutonia for the Talz.

Defeat Above Rando

The Rando system was in the far Outer Rim. This CIS nor the Republic has never made an attemp

Jedi Knight, Ana Zett

t to capture the system.

However, General Grievous and Lan Phaseripper fought in 20 BBY in space and on the surface. Jedi Knight Ana Zett fought General Grievous's forces on the surface while Lan fought in the orbit around the planet.

Grievous's forces on the planet were mainly AATs and B1 battle droids. Ana's forces had three AT-TEs.

Lan's forces were his fleet and one of Zett's cruisers. Grievous showed no mercy with Zett or Lan. Lan's fighter squadron were attacking Grievous's ship. His ship had heavy guns, which shot down the bombers before they could do any real damage.

Zett contacted Lan saying, "My forces are not doing any good down here!"

"Retreat to Lake of Virsis and hold out there until I can send any transports down there to get you," Lan said.

Zett's forces ran down to the lake but the AT-TEs were destroyed before making in down to the lake.

Zett and her clones knew that they wouldn't survive. She and her troopers charged at the droids and tanks when they reached the lake. The clone's had no ammo so they fought the droids hand-to-hand, which really wasn't a wise move but it was the only thing to stall the droids. The clones died within minutes. All that was left was Zett. She held off the army but she fell to AAT's rockets.

In space, Lan lost all contact with Ana. He knew that she died. He still held off the General's fleet.

Grievous got news that Ana had died on the surface.

To tor

General Grievous's ship

ment Lan, Grievous contacted him and said "Your little Jedi friend is in little pieces. Its just a matter of time until you join her! Haha!"

Lan shut off the comlink and still commanded the battle above.

The engines on one of the cruisers, Freedom, exploded and engulfed the entire ship in flames. The Hope's defense guns were missing due to a bombing run of Hyena Bombers. Lan still fought like a fool.

Grievous's ships didn't even have a scratch! Lan still wasn't convinced. His trooper's tried to get him to leave the system before they would die.

Lan finally broke down and ordered the cruiser's to retreat into hyperpsace.

This victory of the CIS was a blow to the Republic's navy. However, after Grievious's fleet left the system, Kit Fisto and his forces arrived and easily took over the planet. Also, Kit Fisto found Ana Zett alive along with a few clone survivors on the surface!

Mission to Adoru

During 21 BBY, the Republic suspected the planet Adoru had mining operations for the CIS. The Jedi Council sent Jedi Master Plo Koon and Jedi Knight Lan Phaseripper to the scene with their most advanced units. They traveled in Plo's Jedi Cruiser to the planet.

When the LAATs landed on the planet, they found the wildlife

The landscape of Adoru

was dead. The main species the Maooki, was dead. The Maooki was a herbivorous four legged animal. The remains of the animals were scattered across the ground. The entire landscape was nasty. All the flora was gone.

Lan, Plo, clone troopers, and their four AT-TEs were traveling on the surface trying to find the mining area. Scans reported that the mining area was on top of a tall, steep mountain.

They reached a mountain where the clones, Lan, Plo, and AT-TEs climbed the steep mountain.

When they reached the top they saw conveyor belts heading into the mountain from all sorts of directions. Mining Battle Droids were working along with the the probes. Both the B1 and the B2 were all upgraded to an elite unit. Their weapons were amplified and so was their armor.

The clones and the Jedi saw the upgraded battle droids and upgraded ATTs which had a more effective fire power. Especially the main cannon on top it. 


The Elite AAT

When the Elite AATs saw the the AT-TEs, it blasted them off the edge of the mountain. Plo, Lan, commander CC-3636 (Wolffe), and the rest of the forces stood there, taking out the elite units. The clones weren't doing any damage to the mighty battle droids. Plo and Lan tried to slice the droids in half, but there was too much fire power for them to handle.

"Lan, Plo said, "we can't stand in this position any longer! The tanks are no good and the clones aren't going to last long."

"We can't go down the mountain!" Lan said.


The Jedi and clones fleeing

So, Lan, Plo, Wolffe, and the rest of the clones ran to a conveyor belt heading inside the mountain. The mining droids did nothing to stop the Jedi and Clones since they only focus on the mining tasks.

Since they didn't try to stop the Jedi and clones, they escaped into the tunnel on the moving convatorvelt.

The tunnel they were in was very dark and full of drilling and smashing sounds. The clones turned their lights on their visors on. It was leading deep in the moutain.

About mid way in the mountain ride, they saw probe droids. The probe droids were upgraded also! They had shot lasers attached to them! They were shooting all the clones in their way. Lan and Plo destroyed many of the droids but it wasn't enough.

The clones were getting massacred. Plo had the idea to Force Pushing the probe droids at another side of the tunnel, throw one of the fuel crates at them, and they shoot it. The clones and Jedi did so and the droids were in pieces.


The map of the underground mining facility

hey crawled through another hole to hide. Lan saw a regular battle droid with a data backpack. He used the Force to turn the droid into a ball of scrap.

The clones and Jedi learned by reading the data pad that the leader of the whole operation' name is Agreesive Rives. They also learned that the trees were destroyed because they had a rare sap that could be mixed with regular fuel. The new fuel would last longer. The Maooki species fed off of the smaller animal called Manka Feret. The Manka Feret fed off the tress. With the trees destroyed, the Manka Feret died, then the Maooki species died out. There were over twenty mountain mining operations on the plant. All the bases on the mountains mined iron ore for future battle tanks to be used against the Republic.

They also learned that the mountain they were in contained a droid factory in the interior. Droid factories were also located in five other mountains. This is where the powerful droids were being produced. Agreesive Rives came up with the schematics for the droids. Shu Mai noticed Rive's impressive and deadly droids and ordered some for her own. She ordered an entire army large enough that they could take over a planet.

After learning this information, they left that area and continued looking for an exit. All five men ran into many corridors which contained too many droids for them to take down, so they were constantly changing their direction.

The Jedi and clones escaped the tunnels and saw that they were one level below the top of the mountain, surrounded by normal battle droids with two elite battle droids. The Jedi and clones stood in awe. An obnoxious and loud laughter came from the crowd of battle droids. A man popped out. He was an ugly miner with a cigarette in his mouth. He had a pungent odoriferous smell to him. His teeth were all but white, while his lips were chapped.

"Take these Jedi to the surface," he said in a raspy country voice voice.

The droids took all the Jedi and clones to the surface. The miner then pulled out a pistol.

"Now," he said, "Which one of you the lead in this operation?"

No one answered.

"Okay then," he said.

He shot one of the clones in the chest, killing him.

"Now, ya Jedi, I don't want to kill ya yet. I want ya to tell me information about how much the, uh, Republic knows about this. Then I will kill ya all. WAIT! I can get more protection and droids if I get extra information out of ya! The only thing is, I don't wanna a young Jedi."

Plo yelled "Lan!"


The Mega battle droid

Lan looked behind him and saw a Mega Battle Droid with a blaster arm that was about to fire at Lan's head. Lan leaped in the air avoiding the laser, which hit three normal battle droids. The clones jumped on top of the battle droids holding them and Plo Force Pushed the elite battle droids into crates. Lan knocked down two battle droids and the clones took their weapons. The miner ran to the surface, while the two Jedi found their Lightsabers.

The group ran after the miner.

The miner was in front of four Elite AATs and a groups of elite battle droids. The clones and Jedi fell to the ground and hid behind canisters. Lan saw two battle droids coming at them from behind and he Force Pushed them off the mountain.

Plo and Lan discussed with the clones how they were going to escape.

They all ran into the hallway of the mining area and saw that the hallway was full of mining droids and battle droids. The Jedi and clones hid inside a air ventilation.

In the vents, they heard the announcements from a female Human saying, "Please be on the look out for five hostiles armed and dangerous. They are currently inside the facility. Please secure the outside area by getting out the all the fueled AATs. Please be on the look out for these intruders. Kira out!"

Lan then remembered the map.  The facility had fifteen areas. The one where they needed to go was area nine to contact the Republic since that's the area where you can only contact others off-world.

So, they traveled through the air ducks to find area nine.

When they got to area nine, they jumped out the air vents heading toward the command center to contact the Republic Cruiser. They avoiding going outside since they saw that there was seven Elite ATTs and five spider droids. The headed toward the command center, avoiding the squads of battle droids guarding the command center.


The lady in stripes

When they go to the door they saw three upgraded Commando Droids. The clones fired their blasters destroying them.

They went inside, only to find regular battle droids. They destroyed them. They also saw a lady. She was black woman with a striped dress. They didn't kill her, they just locked her in a private commanding room.

They contacted the cruiser saying where they were and what the situation was. Suddenly, the transmission ended. Twenty normal battle droids with seven elite battle droids walked in and took the five outside where the miner was.


The miner, Agreesive Rives

After sending a distress signal to the Republic, they raced outside. Once they reached the outside, the five men were in a closed in area with seventeen meter high walls. STAPs, seven elite AATs, crates, and deactivated Vulture droids were all over area nine.

The miner said, "I haven't officially met y'all,"

"I am Agreesive Rives. Ya names?" he said with a attitude of 'I don't care'.

Lan then said, "Please spare your time with small talk."

"Ya forces above ain't gonna last long with ma AATs and ships," Rives said as mining droids and a few elite battle droids were walking in and out of the facility.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Plo said.

Just as he said that, LATT gunships landed just as ARC-170 starfighters soared through the sky. The mining droids all ran while the elite droids and standard droids tried to shoot down the ships. The seven AATs shot up at the starfighters.  Three of the seven ARC-170s were shot down. One of the gunships were shot down, too. The miner ran behind crates to avoid the blaster fire. The picked up the five and they blasted off into the Jedi Cruiser in orbit.

The miner got up and saw that two AATs were blown up and ten droids were down after the LAATs launched. He pointed upwards and yelled, "Fire!" Eleven AATs and two cannons attempted to shoot down the ships before they reached the Venator crusier above the planet but failed.

The gunships landed on the cruisers and blasted off back to Coruscant. However, Munificent frigates attempted to stop the cruiser from blasting off into hyperspace, but they failed just as the ground forces failed to subdue them in the first place.

Plo complimented Lan saying, "Lan, you are a very skilled Jedi. Master Gallia must be proud of you."

Plo, Lan, Wolffe, and clones told the Jedi Council what happened on Adoru. They reported about Agreesive, his powerful forces, and Shu Mai's plans.

The Battle of Mustafar

The Techno Union had many operations on Mustafar. Lan Phaseripper, Anakin Skywalker, and commander Cody were sent to Mustafar to sabotage the Techno Union.

Taking out a Resource

A mining facility was funding the Techno Union. The Republic made a effort to destroy the

Lan, Anakin, and the bombers head for the facility.

facility. Anakin Skywalker and Lan Phaseripper had to lead a bombing run to destroy it. Lan

The bomber's work to the mining facility.

and Anakin lead the bombing rum through the pending Vulture Droids. Vulture Droids, Tri-Fighter, AAT tanks, Tri-Droids, and B1 and B2 battle droids were try to stop the bombing run with no holding back. Only one bomber was shot down. Two V-19 Torrent starfighters were were shot down by a Tri-Fighter's missiles.

Lan, Anakin, and the bomber shot down all the Vulture Droids and had a clear path to the facility. They shot all their missile's and the base went into pieces and fell to the lava.

Crash Site

After destroying the mining facility, The Republic took over a abandon Techno Union base. A Techno Union ship crashed near the base and the Republic found that the ship had important information. Wat Tambor sent his Droid Army to stop the Republic from getting the important information. The Republic had to hold of Tambor's forces to slice the ship's computers to get the information.

Arc Trooper towers were the only defense so Lan had to make the best of it. It turns out that they
were better than any other turret! Missile Turret plans were found and they made those too. A few Particle Beam turrets were used but no for long since the Republic needed extra energy and space for more useful turrets.

Wat Tambor sent in AAT's but they weren't much of a threat thanks to the Tank Mines. Battle droids were easily taken down, but when they came in larger groups a few droids broke through and took clones lives.  STAP's were getting blasted away due to the Missile Turrets.

Lan knew that he would win. Cody told him that he needs to hold them off for a few more minutes because they are about to get the information.


The Persuader Tanks

The Republic's defenses were causing panic for Wat Tambor. Tambor finally sent in Persuader tanks. They were harder to take down than AAT's.

However, they fell with the rest and Tambor failed at preventing the Republic getting the information! The information was sent to the Jedi Temple!

Prisoners of Mustafar

After getting information from the shuttle crash site, a clone trooper, named Iro, was caught trying to sell stolen Republic secrets. He was caught consulting three B1 battle droids. The dr

Vulture Droids

oids were blasted away and the clone was taken into custody.

Wat Tambor found out that his spy was in the Republic's hands so he launched an assault with Vulture Droids to aid the droids. The Missile Turrets weren't going to be enough so Cody and Lan build Anti-Air Turrets which were more powerful than the Missile Turret. The Republic was ready for Tambor's assault.

The Republic had to hold off the droids until a Republic shuttle arrives to pick up the clone.

Tambor launched his force's at full might. One flaw was that the droids were coming from four different directions! The Republic still held them off. Tambor had many AAT's but they were lost to the tank mines laid out by the clones. Vulture Droids weren't being a problem either.


Arc Troopers were shooting both air units and ground units! Things were going well for the Republic. A few B2 droids go through but that didn't stop the Republic. Eventually, Tambor ran out of droids and he had to retreat!

The clone was transported to Corusant for questioning and Tambor's forces had thinned out.

Deception on Mustafar

After capturing the spy and sending him to Coruscant for questioning, Lan and Cody moved their base of operations in a different location. Wat Tambor threatened near by systems so Cody had the idea of set

The Mortar Cannon plans.

ting up a trap for Tambor to thin out his forces' since he was threatening nearby systems.

The engineers set up defense platforms and Wat Tambor couldn't resist the trap. He sent in his forces'.

Mortar Cannon plans were found on Mustafar and they proved to be quite effective. They took out squads of battle droids in one shot!

Tambor sent in more air units than ever before! However, they were ready with their Anti-Air turrets.

Tanks were no problem because of the tank mines laid out through out the pathway to the Republic base. But they were low on tank mines since they have used almost all of them on previous missions.

Energy Generators were also used a lot through out the mission. They supplied all the energy to build the turrets.

The trap was working out perfectly. Wat Tambor's forces were thinning out within twenty minutes of the battle! Tambo

The Hyena Bomber

r was very inpatient so he went in more air units than ground units.

Tambor eventually sent in the Hyena Bomber! The Anti-Air Turrets were weak on the Hyena's armor.

Tambor sent in all of his battle droids to create two problems for the Republic. The Anti-Air Turrets were very weak against the bomber but they still caused some damage. One time the bomber went past the Republic base and bombed it! It killed three clones.

Lan contacted Anakin for help. Anakin sent in three powerful Y-Wing starfighters! They shot down the Hyena Bomber and it was damaged so it had to travel on foot to the base to destroy it.

The Mortar Cannons however caused the bomber to fall to the ground and slide into one of Mustafar's lava rivers!

Wat Tambor retreated and the systems were safe. Lan, Anakin, Cody, and all the other Republic forces left Mustafar. The CIS forces' on Mustafar were crippled!



Lan's Coruscant Luxury Chambers

In 21 BBY, Lan was at his Jedi house that the Jedi Council had just giving him for as an award for his previous mission on Mustafar.

Lan when he realized his old friends were in harm's way.

He was in the process of arranging his things when he suddenly stopped. He felt a tremor in the Force. Lan had a vision. It was vague, but he saw someone distinctly familiar. He reconized two of his childhood friends from Tholoth. Ublac and Tan Conn. They brothers and they were in trouble. Lan managed to seek out the planet Vanqor in his vision.

He made his way to Vanqor and sought out their location. He eventually found a shipwreck. He investigated. There were a few bodies of men amoung the wreckage, but they did not die in the crash. They were blasted. As he moved along, he saw Ublac, with laser holes through his chest. Not far from his body was Tan's. Concern grew on the Jedi's face.

Lan heard a noise from behind and looked and saw an Anooba. The Anooba pounced on Lan trying to rip his face open. Lan threw the creature off of him and got out his  Lightsaber and held it upwards. "Stay back!"

Lan looked up and saw a man ahead of him.

"Heal!" the mysterious man ordered the Anooba.

The man's Anooba

The Anooba sat down while growling at Lan.

"Who are you?"

"Did you kill these men?" Lan asked.

"Yes, they were a threat since they knew about information that need to be kept out of our competitors. Is that a Lightsaber? You're not a Jedi, are you?"


The man

Lan put down his Lightsaber.

"I do not mean no harm, here. I just want to talk with you, that's all!" the man said.

"Who are you?" Lan asked.

"I'm just a simple man. You look halfway significant. Who're you?"

Four other men appeared behind Lan with their weapons in hand. Lan had the upper hand. He jumped to the air, igniting his Lightsaber and destroyed their weapons. He kicked two to the ground while he tripped. Lan glanced back to the man.

"Oh, how fun," the man said. His Anooba leaped and pounced on top of him. Lan lost his Lightsaber. As Lan kicked the canine off him, the man stunned Lan.

A few men restrained Lan and dragged him into a huge ship. farther in the ship. Lan opened his eyes and witnessed a variation of Bounty Hunters and smugglers. Lan fell into a deep sleep.


A Rodian smuggler

He, suddenly, woke up to a large volt of electricity to his stomach. It was by a electric staff. He saw a Nikto laughing with a few Rodians in the background. Lan was in cuffs. They were very strong, so Lan couldn't break out. His feet were in a shielded floor that held his feet in place. He was hit two more times.

"Good, you're up. That dandy starfighter and Lightsaber of your's will make quite the collection on our market. It will boost demand and payments. So, thank you very very much." the Nikto said.

Lan woke up and the Nikto shocked Lan once more time before Lan used the Force to crush the electric staff. The Nikto looked up at Lan. Lan hit the Nikto in the head with his own. The Nikto was bent over and Lan kneed his face and his head went upwards. The Rodians ran to Lan to stop him. The Rodians tried to keep up with him, but Lan managed to take them all down. He confiscated one of their blaster pistols and freed himself.


The smugglers searching in the crate room.

Lan fled with many men and women chasing after him. Lan ran into this room full of crates stacked on top of one another in a maze like form. Lan had no choice but to go through the maze. He ran into a group of five smugglers, but he managed to knock them away, tipping over the crates all over the room. The crates started to fall onto another wall of crates which fell onto another wall which fell onto another. The other smugglers were trapped under the crates and Lan ran out of an exit.

Lan ran into another long white hallway. He ran into a huge group of smugglers. He looked to the other end and saw even more smugglers. He ran into a short room. He gained even more smugglers chasing after him!.

Up ahead, he saw an open ceiling panel. He quickly tried to discover what was up there to see if it could work as an advantage for him in the chase. He realized it was a water pipe. As he was passing under it, he took out the blaster and shot it multiple times. The entire pipe busted open. Water shot out at the incoming criminals, sending them to the ground as they were tripping over one another.

Lan kept running, although no one was chasing him. He ran into a room that had a glass wall facing the empty void of hyperspace. He looked back and saw a overlook with many seats. He saw twenty smugglers looking down at him including the man and his dreadful Anooba. 

A woman jumped down off the overview. She had many weapons on her.

Alica Endince

She introduced herself, "I am Alica Endince. I am the leader of this great alliance. Now, why is it that you come to our ship, wreak our cargo, kill and hurt my men, and give freaking showers to my men, even if they do need one." She didn't let Lan respond, "Whatever. Now, I want to challenge you. We will fight. If I defeat you, you get to be my personal Jedi Slave. If you win, which won't happen, you get to take control of this ship and all of it's belongings."

"I won't kill you. I only want you to surrender and call the Republic forces."

"Argh! This is why I hate Jedi!" She said.

She shot missiles at him, he dodged. She shot lasers at him. Lan Force Pushed her down and ran to the other side of the room. She got up and shot more missiles at him.

The smugglers above were watching.

Lan was too busy dodging the missiles and got tackled by Alica. She punched him over and over again. He launched her off of him.


The viewing room's window view.

She dropped one of her blasters and began to shoot at her. She pulled out a short tipped gun and pressed the trigger. She jammed Lan's weapon. He pulled the trigger and nothing happened.

She laughed and said, "This is too easy," and shot a cord to his arms, tying him up, and tripped him. She got on top of him and licked his face. She smacked him and shot a cord to his feet, which tied his feet together. She kicked his knee cap and it almost came off!

Alica got off Lan. She pressed a button and the cords shocked Lan.

Lan was in much pain and closed his eyes to make sure he did not show it.

Lan used the Force, while being shocked, to crack open the window. Alica looked back and Lan kicked her in her gut. The man with the Anooba shot his rifle at Lan but it hit the cords that held Lan and he escaped!

Lan started to beat Alica. The smugglers above started to shoot at Lan.

They all stopped moving when they heard the loud crack. A stray blaster bolt hit the window. They saw the window cracking. The smugglers slowly backed away and ran into the doors. Lan and Alica watched as the smugglers ran into other rooms.

The window busted and smugglers were suddenly sucked into hyperspace. Lan saw the man grab his Anooba and holding onto him to save his best friend's life. Alica stayed in her spot since she had gravity boosters on her boots. Lan, however, flew out the window, but Alica shot a cord at Lan. The cord wrapped around his waist. She was holding onto the cord, trying to pull him back up as smugglers were being sucked out of the ship to their doom.

"I am not done with you yet," she muttered. "We will find your body later." The man, who had a cord of his own that was strapped onto a railing, shot the cord holding Lan. He went flying into hyperspace as Alica laughed. Just as Lan flew out, the emergency shield kicked in and sealed the broken window.

Lan crashed into another window of the ship. It broke, but before space could suck him out again, he grabbed on to the ledge and pulled himself in. A group of men saw this, but they to were holding on to their surroundings for dear life. One of them managed to shut on the window shield. Lan quickly pulled himself in before. The group of men rekindled themselves and pursued Lan.

As he was running, he looked back and saw Alica running after him with the four Rodians in the over viewing room that survived and the man and his Anooba running after him.


The girl who had Lan at gunpoint.

Lan ran into an escape pod, while getting shot at. The Anooba, however, pounced on Lan and tried to eat his flesh. Lan kicked the Anooba into the wall. Then, a small blue Twi'lek girl started to shoot at Lan. Lan hit her to the ground, knocking her out.

He heard someone scream and saw Alica, the man, the Rodian survivors, and random smugglers shooting at him. Lan dodged and ran into the escape pod, closed the door, and blasted off.

The escape pod went into hyperspace, but Lan managed to control the pod. Lan contacted Luminara Unduli to pick him up at his coordinates.

Alica kept Lan's Lightsaber as a trophy and vowed revenge for what he had done on her ship.

Lan was angry at Alica and her group for killing his former friends. He knew she would want revenge for what he "did" to her little group of smugglers. Lan also had to construct a new Lightsaber since his was still in the clutches of the criminals. His new Lightsaber was unique. It resembled the ancient Darksaber.

After reporting the incident to the Jedi Council, a full investigation went underway. It was revealed that Alica was wanted in over twelve systems. She and an infamous smuggler and bounty hunter, David Marshall, assembled over a hundred men and women who had frequent ties with the black market and trouble with local authorities. There were reports from Tatooine all the way to Bardotta that there were sightings of a massive ship, resembling the one Lan was taken on. The detectives shut down the chase since they kept running into dead ends. However, the Republic warned every system to keep watch for the dangerous group of smugglers.

Ambush Over Ord Mantell

In 21 BBY, Anakin Skywalker attempted to resupply his fleet with other Jedi Knights, including Lan.

When coming out of hyperspace, the Resolute, The Hope, and Brew were ambushed by a Separatist fleet, waiting for the Republic.

The Republic was outnumbered, heavily. Five Munificent-class frigates and one Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship against three Venator attack cruisers that were not prepared to engage in battle.

Before figuring out the CIS were there, Brew was blasted in half and all it's crew were sucked into space and died. The Republic launched all their fighters.

The Resolute and The Hope were surrounded by CIS ships not able to escape. When they were going to get a hyperspace route navigated, they were going to recall all fighters.

Lan and a female Jedi launched their Starfighters to hold off the droid forces.


Lan blasting Vulture droids.

V-19 Torrent fighters were quickly shot down to the Vulture droids and the frigate's artillery.  The weapons on the frigate ships' were deadly. They were damaging the Republic's weapons, leaving them vulnerable for droids to land on the ship to hijack.

The Hope's weapons were all damaged and over heated, therefore, C-9979 landing craft were landing on the ship releasing B1 and B2 battle droids.

After hearing this from a clone pilot on the bridge of The Hope, Lan broke off of his strike force and blasted his way to his cruiser.


Lan witnessing droids raid The Hope.

He destroyed a frigate's entire left side of artillery! He blasted many Vulture droids away. He was assisted by five V-19 Starfighters. They started to blast the landingcraft's wings, sending them crashing into one another. The droids on the ship were being blasted off by clone troopers in special armor to survive space.

Lan and the five fighters blasted most of the droids off The Hope with the help of the female Jedi and other V-19 starfighters.

Lan decided to drive his fighter inside a Hyena-class bomber squadron, making them split apart and crashing into nearby ships.


The Republic evacuating.

Lan looked behind him and saw a V-19 starfighter explode, with six V-19 starfighters behind.

Anakin finally recalled all remaining fighters to the Resolute rejoicing that a hyperspace route was available!

Lan, the female Jedi, and remaining clone pilots landed in the Resolute. The Hope and the Resolute blasted into hyperspace, escaping the CIS!

The Jedi Council was disappointed about this loss. The supply base on the surface was looted and destroyed by the droids. Ten starfighters and one cruiser was destroyed in the battle.

Lan was sadden to see this huge supply mission fail, resulting in less resources for the Republic.

Mission on Iceburg Three

The Mon Calamari system was falling into Separatists hands, and there was only one system that stood between the Mon Calamari and the Republic. Iceburg Three. The Jedi Council knew they had keep that system under Republic control. So, they sent out Jedi Master Plo Koon, Jedi Knight Lan Phaseripper, and many other Jedi and clone troopers to go to Ic
Img 1661 star-wars-clone-wars-adventures-mission-on-iceberg-three-trailer-hd

Lan trying to break the blockade.

eburg Three and take control of it to bulid a base on the world.

Blockade Run

When the Republic fleet arrived at Iceburg Three, there was a CIS blockade. Jedi starfighters and Y-Wing fighters launched to break the blockade. Lan shot down many enemy fighters.

Eventually, the Republic broke through the blockade with few casualties. The Republic launched four gunships down to the surface to start their stronghold.



The Republic outpost

After breaking the blockade, the four gunships were launched to meet with a Republic outpost on the surface. Lan was in one of them.

The gunships had to cross a huge landscape before reaching the landing point. However, the CIS dispatched ATTs, MTTs, battle droids, and Dwarf Spider droids to stop the gunships! 

Luckily, the gunships had advanced laser cannons and missile launchers! The pilots and passengers used these powerful weapons and sent the droids to the sky!

Only two gunships were shot down. The other two gunships, one of them was Lan's, landed at the landing point and established a foothold for the other gunships coming!

Emergency Evacuation

After setting up a stronghold and taking out many droid sectors, the Republic had to leave the planet since the battle was getting to intense for the clones and natives. Plo Koon sent down four gunships to evacuate the ones of the surface.

General Grievous hear of this and decided to send in an army to capture the natives and clones.

Wolffe, knowing that Grievous was coming, had his engineers build defense platforms to hold off the droids long enough for the the gunships to safely launch. He also had a few members of the Wolfpack to help out.

Lan was put in charge of the defense platforms while Wolffe and his team were helping the natives and fighting the droids.

Grievous sent out AATs, STAPS, battle droids, and Perduader tanks to stop the gunships. His droids were getting defeated by the defense platforms and Wolf Pack troopers!

All of Grievous's forces were defeated and all transports flew to Plo's cruiser safely.

Frozen Showdown


General Grievous

After sending the gunships to Plo Koon, Lan, Wolffe, and a few members of the Wolfpack were about to leave when General Grievous landed in his starfighter to kill Lan and Wolffe personally.

Lan engaged Grevious with his new Kofun Lightsaber he had gotten since his other two were in the hands of Alica Eudince.

Grievous showed no mercy and neither did Lan. Lan cut off two of four Grievous's arms and overpowered him. Grievous fled from Lan and Wolffe.

The Republic was not able to capture Grievous. Also, King Yos Kolina, of Mom Calamari, was assassinated! Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala was sent to Mon Calaimari to stableize the conflict between the Quarren and Mon Calaimari. Their plan failed and that resulted in the Battle of Mon Cala.

Skirmish on Carlac



The Banking Clan frigate on Carlac.

A Banking Clan frigate crashed-landed on Carlac in 21 BBY. The ship was damaged significantly.

The High Jedi Council sent hundreds of Jedi to Carlac, to established a Republic foothold.

The Wolf-Pack also went to Carlac! Hundreds of clones and Jedi were stationed there!

One thing the Jedi knew about Carlac was that Death Watch had taken many native Ming Po Villages captive and burnt down their homes'. They had training camps and footholds made of the ruins of the Ming Po villages.

Lan was one of the many Jedi Knights to end the conflict.

As Lan landed on Carlac, he saw huge squads of clones led by Jedi. He saw smoke and fire coming from the forests. He knew that the battle was tough and deadly.


Lan, clones, and fellow Jedi, being briefed by commander Wolffe.

Lan and many other Jedi were updated by Wolffe of the situation. Many Ming Po villages were burnt to the ground, while others were standing but they were being held hostage! Death Watch also had dozens of training camps for new Mercenaries in training.

The Jedi could of chosen clone squads to accompany them on different tasks, but Lan wanted to go alone.

Lan took a Snow Camo AT-RT and set out!

Lan reached a huge wooden wall with clones guarding the front. Lan asked a clone what was this? The clone said that is was the capital village of the Ming Po. The Death Watch kept it under their control to hold it for ransom. They would threaten to burn down the village is the Republic did something stupid.


The captured Ming Po village.

Lan said he would go in there, but the clone urged him not to since it was too dangerous. Lan ignored the clone and bursted in.

Lan raced through the village, cutting down Death Watch men and women. Lan avoided the Death Watch's blades, blaster fire, and flames easily.

Lan made his way through-out the capital. Lan saw many innocent people's home be burnt down, which made kill the Death Watch Mercenaries even more brutally.

When Lan made halfway through the village, Lan saw a huge court yard and all the buildings around it was on fire. He also saw a female figure. Lan slowly walked towards the female.

As Lan got closer the woman said, "I knew you Republic "heroes" couldn't resist our little trap!"


Lan and the Death Watch commander

Before Lan could get a word out, the woman shot at Lan. Lan blocked it with his Lightsaber. Lan and the woman fought. Lan won by killing the woman with her own laser bolts.

Lan then got a message saying, "We're sending an LAAT Gunship above you to douse those fires!"

Lan watched as the gunship took the fires out.

Lan continued through-out the village.

Lan was out-matched many times. Lan was shot in his back two times while his left hand was burnt by a man's flamethrower. Although, Lan kept fighting until the end.

Lan's strength started to decline, however. As he got hit, shot, and burnt he wanted to just fall in the snow. He got this far and he wasn't going to stop there.


Lan engaging a Death Watch sergeant.

Lan saw the capital building with two men standing there. The two men yelled, "For Death Watch, for Mandalore!"

The two men were highly trained and injured Lan badly. Lan, however, sliced the two men to shreds.

Lan thought it was all over then he saw the door to the capital building burst down and out came Pre Vizsla with his ancient Jedi Lightsaber. Pre engaged Lan.

Pre yelled at Lan, "You really think you can defeat me!? I am the supreme leader! You have no idea what I am capable of!" 

"I know exactly what you are cable of."


Pre and Lan Lightsaber fighting.

Lan sliced his Lightsaber on the chest of Pre Vizsla, punched his helmet off, and drop kicked his face. Pre blasted off in his jet pack.

Lan fell to the ground, with blood all over his winter clothing. Lan limped out of the village. He went out of the village a different way he came in earlier.

Lan saw Mandalore speeders. He took one and blasted his way to the Republic base.

He crashed into a snow hep though, which sent him and his speeder flying. Lan lost his memory and was hurt badly.

Lan woke up in a ship. He saw a medical droid working on his leg and saw a Wolf-Pack clone. The clone told him about his injuries. The clone told Lan that they were in a medical ship above Carlac, above Carlac. Apparently, there were an entire fleet of Medical ships since there were too many Jedi, Clones, Ming Po, and Republic Officers getting injured and killed.

Comamnder Wolffe contacted Lan via holoprojector to congratulate him of his bravery and taking down one of the most strongest Death Watch strongholds on Carlac.

Wolffe said that Lan would recover in five rotations. When the five rotations were completed, Lan would return to the surface to receive his next task.

Carlac War

After spending five rotations in the medical ship above Carlac, Lan was taken down to the Republic outpost.

Lan saw dead bodies of Jedi, clones, and officers lined up in the base. At least fifty clones and Jedi were dead.


Wolffe informing Lan.

Wolffe informed Lan saying, "There at least ten more training camps, along with two villages being burned to the ground. As for the CIS frigate, the droids are starting to spread out to get more cover."

Wolffe gave Lan Cold Warrior Death Watch Armor to impersonate a Death Watch member to get behind enemy lines.

Wolffe gave Lan a TaunTaun to ride through the forests of Carlac.

Lan got on the creature in the Death Watch gear and headed out to complete his missions.

Before he headed out he was greeted by a middle-aged Jedi Knight who spent two days straight out in the battle. 

"Be cautious! You will not believe the horrors out there. May the Force be with you!" said the middle-aged Jedi.

"Wow. That made me confident! Really," Lan sarcastically said and continued, "Wha

Danz warning Lan of the dangers of Carlac.

t is your name?"

"Danz Surfacetunrer," he promptly said.

"Nice to meet you, Danz. You seem like a wise man. What Squad are you in?"

"Larcon Legion," Danz said.

"Hm, I have heard of them, they are bold," Lan said while looking upwards. "May the Force be with you, Danz," Lan nodded.

Lan rode his TaunTaun through the forests, with the Death Watch troopers not attacking, assuming that he was one of their own.

He made his way to the remains of the CIS frigate and saw countless droids. They were spread out and not organized. The droids were a mess.

Lan hid his TaunTaun in a safe place and snuck around the droids, taking them down silently.

Lan used his Lightsaber to take down the droids. 


Lan blasting all droids in sight.

One battle droid saw Lan take out a Super battle droid and four other battle droids using his blaster and Lightsaber. The droid sent out a message to other droids before getting striked down by Lan.

Droids headed to Lan's position and tried to destroy him. Lan used his blaster and Lightsaber to take out the droids. 

Lan flipped through the air, shot a droid, sliced three droids heads' off, and kicked down a Super Battle droid. 

After destroying all the droids that came to him, he continued down the line through the debris to make it down to the frigate.

Lan took out droids with his blaster, which sent a few more droids to his position.

Droidekas came to Lan, along with a few battle droids, and shot at Lan at a fast pace. Lan shot down a battle droid but had to take cover. He used the Force to send the Droideka crashing into the droids behind it. A few more droids were around Lan, but not for long.

Lan ran down the line, taking out droids with his Lightsaber, before meeting a MagnaGuard.

The MagnaGuard said, "Engaging enemy!" The droid wouldn't speak another word.

Lan fired his blaster at the droid, but he blocked his using his staff. Lan engaged the mighty droid with his blaster. The Magnaguard was not one to fool with. He was intense and quick. Lan could tell that he was the head of this operation. 

The blaster was not doing anything harmful to the Magnaguard, so Lan got his Lightsaber.

"You're more powerful than another Magnaguards I have ever faced, but that doesn't mean I can't slice your head off!" The droid did not respond.

Lan laughed, as the MagnaGuard kicked his chest grabbed his neck, slammed him to the ground, and shocked him with his staff. Lan's helmet fell off.

Lan jumped up, only to meet five battle droids shooting at him as the MagnaGuard was dashing to him.


Lan getting beat by the Magnaguard.

Lan blocked the lasers back to four droids. The Magnaguard stabbed Lan's back and sent Lan to the ground, in pain. The droid picked him up and threw him to the ground. The Super battle droid and regular battle droid watched from the distance.

Lan's vision cleared and saw the Magnaguard raise his staff, set it on kill, and slammed it down towards Lan. Lan jumped up, grabbed the staff, and stabbed the Magnaguard through the chest with his own staff. The Magnaguard stood, there taking the large shock and shook. The two droids shot at Lan, and he jumped out of the way of the bolts and it hit the Magnaguard.

Lan grabbed his blaster and Lightsaber. He ran to the two droids and sliced the Super Battle droid through the chest, and shot the battle droid's chest.


The Magnaguard's demise.

After doing this, Lan fell to the ground and screamed in pain. His head was pounding and his ribs were shaking. 

While doing this, the MagnaGuard, half destroyed, tackled Lan and started to beat his jaw. Lan dropped his blaster and Lightsaber and took the beating. 

Lan was half conscious. The Magnaguard was about to take one last swing to violently end Lan, when he took his Lightsaber by the Force, and stabbed the Magnaguard's arm off, kicked him off, and stabbed the MagnaGuard repeatedly.

Lan grabbed his helmet, and shot at other droids heading towards him. He was in much pain.


Lan riding on his TaunTaun.

Lan called his TaunTaun over using a TaunTaun calling call, while he was mowing down other droids, before the TaunTaun came over. He hopped on it hopped on the TaunTaun, put his helmet on, and rode out.

Lan rode through the forests, not worrying about the Death Watch men and women trying to blast him.

He saw a training camp entrance. Lan contacted Wolffe saying, "We've spotted another training camp called Abailas!"

Wolffe responded, "Reports say that your position is where five Jedi were killed."

"Another Jedi will not join the list."

Wolffe said, "Scanners say that there are explosive devices surrounding the training camp. If you can set off a chain reaction, it can destroy the entire camp."

Lan circled the camp, setting the explosive crates and oil platforms into positions where the entire camp would explode.


The Death Watch posse who greeted Lan.

Three Death Watch men and one woman saw Lan doing this and headed over to Lan.

"Uh, what are ya doin there?" asked a man.

Lan responded, "Following orders. Command said to head back into the camp."

They did not respond. Lan continued his job.

"What is your tent number?" asked one of the cautious men.

Lan couldn't respond, but he did anyway. "Twenty-five."

"There is no twenty-five in our camp."

"Oops," Lan said smiling under his helmet.

The Death Watch group fired at Lan. Lan dodged it, and grabbed his Lightsaber. He quickly cut down one man while slicing another man's head off! Lan blocked the blaster bolts of the woman and man. Lan knew that the blasters would draw more hostiles near to investigate so he had to quickly defeat the rest of the pursuring man and woman. Lan rushed to take out the woman using his Lightsaber, and he knocked the man down onto a sheet of ice where he hit his head.

He shoved the bodies next to the explosives and continued to assemble the chain reaction.

When Lan was finished, Lan ran behind cover with his TaunTaun, and shot an explosive crate.

A massive explosion happened. The chain reaction started, and blew up the camp's perimeter.

The entire camp exploded, trees fell into the flames and started a bigger fire.

Lan went into the camp, and searched for survivors. When he did find any, he would kill them or leave them to die. 

When lan went into the last area of the camp, Lan was hit in the back of the head and kicked into flames. Lan quickly rolled out only to meet a large, muscular man.

He laughed and kicked Lan's gut. Lan screamed in pain. He couldn't find his blaster or Lightsaber.

He picked Lan up and threw him next to a burning tree branch. The man ran to Lan and threw him to the ground. When he picked Lan up, Lan lodged the burning branch into his jet-pack, before getting thrown onto the ground.

The man laughed. "Poor little Jedi! You can't out match me! The Jedi are weak!"

Lan laughed as he looked at the burning branch lodged in his jet-pack. Lan curled into a ball to protect himself from the blast. The man saw the burning branch from his peripheral vision, and began to pull it out. It was too late. The fire got to the fuel area and blew up. 

Lan heard and felt the blast and uncurled out of his ball, seeing nothing of the man. Half his head which was laying next to him.


A Wolfpack firefighter

Lan picked himself up, got his Lightsaber and headed out of the camp, only to meet the Wolfpack firefighters. Lan saw his TaunTaun being cared for by a clone.

The Wolfpack firefighters tried to put the flames out, as troopers were getting Lan onto a transport.

When he got back to base, he was treated to Medical droids.

Wolffe congratulated Lan, as did the Jedi Council.

The Republic losses were high and devastating. Seventy-five Jedi and clones were dead.

The Republic began to hire Bounty hunters to help since the losses were beginning to spiral out of control. 

Lan rested at a hidden Republic base for the night, to prepare for the next day of fighting.

Ending of the Conflict

The events of Carlac were catastrophic. Many Jedi and clone troopers were either dead or missing. The Republic lost an entire outpost, which made it tougher for the Republic.

Lan was given one more mission before he had to depart from Carlac. The Wolfpack discovered that there were six more Death Watch Training Camps. Lan was assigned camp Disies.

Lan left the Republic

The destroyed village

Outpost and ran through the forests, taking out dozens of Death Watch. After discovering Lan was too powerful, most of the Death Watch men and women fled to other locations. Those who stayed, were killed, quickly.

Lan ran into a destroyed village. Most structures were on fire, or on the ground continuing burning by Death Watch. Lan used stealth to take out the Death Watch to not cause a bigger ordeal. 

Eventually, most of the Death Watch were dead. Lan made it to the end of a village and saw a man with flamethrower and five Death Watch members. Lan slowly approached them.

The man with a flamethrower turned around and said, "Haha! He'll be easy to murder! Get him!"

The five Death Watch members charged at Lan. Two had blasters, one had a blade, and two others had wrist flamethrowers. The two with blasters fired while charging at Lan. Lan took his Lightsaber, blocked the lasers and sent them back to the two men. The one with the blade swung it at Lan, missed, and he was punched to the ground.

The two with flamethrowers fired. Lan dodged by rolling across the ground and hit a house that was on fire. Lan Force Pushed a log at the two men and missed. Lan rolled away from the house after it fell due to a larger fire by the two Death Watch. He got to the man with the blade, who was half alive, and pushed him into the two Death Watch men, killing all three.


Sergeant Kellov

"Huh," the man with the flamethrower said, "I didn't properly introduce myself. I am Sergeant Kellov. This village will be your tomb!"

Kellov fired his flamethrower at Lan and hit his arm, hurting him badly. He tackled Kellov, took his flamethrower, and broke it. Kellov swung his legs at Lan and knocked him down. He got on top of him and punched him three times before dragging him to a fire pit full of bodies. Lan saw this and Force Pushed Kellov into a wooden pole and ran into a house that was stable. Kellov got onto his feet and ran into the house Lan ran in.

Lan got to the second floor, jumped out of a window. While Kellov was still in the house, Lan took a wrist flamethrower from a fallen Death Watch Member and he set the entire house on fire. It quickly burned since the house was covered in gasoline by the Death Watch to make it burn down faster. The house was a huge blaze of flames and eventually fell to the ground. Kellov was either burned to death or was crushed to death by the house caving in.

Lan limped away from the village. 


Lan riding through out Carlac's environment.

He found a Mandolorian speeder and rode that through the forests to get to camp Disies. Lan spotted few Death Watch members. This was a sign that the Death Watch forces were getting thinner and thinner.

Lan reached camp Disies and Force Pushed the door into the camp and that killed over twenty Death Watch members alone.

Lan was angry at the Jedi being murdered in the battle. He had so much anger that he was storing up for years was finally unleashed. He brutally killed the Death Watch men and women in horrible ways. He put didn't show any mercy to the men and women. They suffered much pain.

Lan reached the end of the camp. The leader of the camp sent half a dozen men to subdue Lan. He quickly killed all six men.

The commander raised up and said, "Hm, you seem powerful. So did the other three Jedi I killed. Haha!"

Lan clutched his fists and charged at the commander. The commander grabbed Lan's arm twisted it and kicked him to the ground.


Commander Twister

"Haha, they don't call me the Twister for nothin'!"

Lan got up swung his foot at his face, missed, and was kicked to the ground. Twister picked Lan up slammed him to the ground and twisted his finger. Lan screamed in pain. Twister got up.

"Little Jedi cannot defeat me! I am the ultimate Death Watch commander! I am the future of Death Watch I am....UGH!"

Lan heard a blaster go off. Twister stared in the same direction he was. He didn't move. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fell to the ground, dead, with a hole in his back. Lan looked and there was a beautiful girl. His vision was blurry so he couldn't see who had saved him.

"Now there. I always have to save your butt. Don't I?" Lan was confused.

When he concentrated enough he knew who it was. It was Celina Niter. Lan's eyes got wider at his past childhood friend from Tholoth. Celina helped Lan up.


Celina Niter

"What are you doing here?!" Lan asked in shock.

"I just wanted to stop by to see an old friend! Is that a crime?" Celina respond as she shot a Death Watch woman in the chest.

"Haha. I have really missed you. So, are you a Bounty hunter or somethin"? Lan asked.

"I guess you can say that."


Celina's ship

Lan and Celina killed the remaining Death Watch quickly. They reached her ship and blasted off into the sky of Carlac.

They both overlooked the battlefield.

"So, how's the Jedi Order?" asked Celina

"Its fine," Lan replied.

"You know, the day you left, everyone was depressed. Your mother weaped for weeks, maybe months. We all missed you," Celina told Lan.

Lan glanced at Celina, feeling awkward and said, "I am starting to wonder if going to the Jedi was the right thing or not," Lan said.

Celina looked at Lan like he was insane and blurted, "What!? You have everything! You have saved countless lives!"

Lan sighed, "I have no idea why I said that! I'm sorry!"

"It's okay, we have those days."

Celina looked at her monitor, "Oh, We're reaching the drop point where the Republic keeps Carlac's native animals."

"Good." Lan said.

Weird Gundark In Glitch On Carlac

The Gundark

They both got out and went to the cave where they kept the Carlac Gundark. They were amazed at it.

"This Gundark is rare," Lan said feeling uncomfortable.

"It's beautiful!" Celina said.

Lan looked at Celina staring at the Gundark.

They talked with the Republic scientists there. They studied the animals before they left.

They walked out of the cave, and spotted that Death Watch members were making their way towards the lab. Lan and Celina told each other they had to defend it!

They fought with the Death Watch on top of a frozen lake. Lan cut the Death Watch to pieces while Celina shot them down. Lan tried to cope his anger since he did not want Celina to see him like that.

After taking out all the Death Watch on his side of the lake, Lan looked at Celina and saw that she still had a few more Death Watch members to kill. Lan took on two of them like Celina handled the rest.

Lan took out the two men and looked back. He saw Celina killing the last man. When she did, she smiled at Lan. Suddenly, Lan heard a sniper. He saw Celina fall onto the frozen lake, dying. Celina was shot by the sniper!

Lan screamed on the top of his lungs and the Death Watch sniper took off with his jet-pack.

Lan kneeled at Celina side.

She spoke weakly and said "It's okay. I will be okay."

Lan felt tears in his eyes and said in a weary voice 'Celina, you'll be alright. I promise."

Celina smiled and tears were in her eyes also and said, "You are so brave..."

She smiled. She slowly closed her eyes.

Lan kissed her cheek and said, "Please! Don't leave me!" Lan cried!

Celina closed her eyes. Her head slowly fell back. Lan cried. He fell onto his face, with Celina still in his arms, and screamed. He broke down and his body was shaking. He fell to her body and beat the ice, breaking it.

Lan hugged Celina's body. He got in her ship, and blasted off to the Republic Outpost.

Lan got off the ship, greeted by clones. Wolffe congratulated Lan on his services. The Jedi Council did also via hologram.

Lan went to a room where a holotable was, showing the entire battlefield. Lan breathed heavily. He cried.

Lan went to Celina's ship, told the Hope's crew to go to Coruscant without him. He took Celina's ship back to his chambers.

Mystery on Umbara

Although Umbara was Republic controlled, numerous clone scouts went missing. It began to rise from scouts to patrols and patrols to an entire LAAT gunship in one area! One of the missing was Jedi General Jakara Feline.

The Jedi Council, worrying that the CIS was planning to drive the Republic from Umbara, sent Lan, Captain Orr, and fifteen clone troopers, heavily armed to investigate. Lan sensed theDark Side. This particular feeling was like nothing he had ever felt before. Something hidden. Something hidden that would soon come into light. Other Jedi felt this presence, too.


The massacre

When they arrived to the coordinates of the disappearing beings, they found a grave yard of clones, brutally murdered. It was a massacre. Twenty clones bodies were scattered across the landscape. LAAT gunship remains were also found, raising the death toll to twenty-five.

They traveled up the hill only to find Jakara's body. She was stabbed through her torso by a Lightsaber. Orr ordered two clones to load Jakara's body onto their ship and take her to the Republic outpost.


Jakara's body

As they traveled a few more meters up hill, they found two dark, sinister, figures with hoods covering their faces. Behind them was a Sith Academy. They turned to Lan's posse and grinned.

The two figures sprinted to them, grabbing two clones and jumping into darkness. Lan and his group huddled together and looked around. Moments later, the two clones' bodies were thrown out of nowhere with their necks snapped.

Lan and his group slowly walked up the hill. They met with the two figures and Lan engaged one in Lightsaber combat, while the clones fired at the other one. The clones managed to shoot one to the ground and Lan pierced the other figure's chest.


The Sith Academy

They went to the massive doors of the structure. All of the men forced the doors open. Lan, Orr, and eleven clones entered the building. They saw massive Sith statues. Debris was everywhere and lava rivers were breaking through the walls. The building was in bad condition.

As they got deeper into the superstructure, they found three Sith Warriors in a group.


The Sith Warriors' appearance

Lan gave signals to Orr and the clones to sneak around and surprise attack them. They did so and attacked and killed all the Sith Warriors. However, they lost three troopers in the skirmish.

Then, they saw a huge room. Inside was a man who identified himself as Varad Zagg. "I wonder," Zagg said while meditating, "How much you would sacrifice for victory? We shall we!"


An hallucination of Ahsoka attacking.

The words left Zagg's mouth just as a red, blurry, image of Ahsoka Tano appeared. She started to engage the clones! Lan panicked and tackled her to the ground. Ahsoka kicked Lan off of her and she swung her Lightsaber at Lan and missed. Lan quickly retrieved his Lightsaber and stabbed the figure. The clones and Lan stared at her body while Zagg laughed. Anakin Skywalker appeared behind a clone and sliced his chest! The room went dark and no one could see anything. Anakin appeared out of the darkness, red and blurry like Ahsoka, and kicked a clone to the ground. A clone blasted Anakin to the ground, killing him.

Mace Windu arrived, blurry and red, only to be killed by Lan.

"What is this!?" a clone asked.

Zagg ignored the clone and said, "You are stronger than I expected. Very well, I shall destroy the Jedi! Then then the brethren!"


Zagg before engaging Lan.

Zagg tossed himself at Lan and activated his Lightsaber. Lan blocked Zagg's strikes. He had an evil smile on his face while fighting Lan.

Finally, Lan swung his leg at Zagg, missed, and Zagg came back up only to meet Lan's Lightsaber in his upper chest area.

Zagg fell hard to the ground and whispered, "No! I've failed my order..." and died.

"What...What was this?" Orr asked holding his head.

Lan and the other clones looked around, seeing three dead Sith Warriors. It was all an hallucination! There was no Ahsoka, Anakin, or Mace. There was only Zagg's hallucination dust.

"I sense deception. This is some kind of sorcery." Lan responded.

They reached the last roon. They saw a being that killed so many and the one who Obi Wan-Kenobi engaged on Raydonia.


Darth Maul

"It's Darth Maul."

Maul saw Lan and his group and laughed. He ran to Lan and engaged him. Lan still sensed deception. There was something bigger going on.

Minutes went by and Lan and Maul were still fighting. Maul kicked Lan to the ground, getting ready to stab Lan. The clones began to fire their weapons at Maul. He blocked them and reflected them back to four clones. Maul charged at the clones, slicing down two, and knocking Orr and another clone into the wall. Lan Force Pushed Maul into a statue, bringing it down on top of him.

Lan pushed Orr to the side. Maul tore himself out of the debris

Lan pointed to Savage Opress. Savage leaped behind Lan and him to the ground.

"I have beaten your kind before!" Maul gloated.

Lan spotted Orr raising up with a blaster and fired it at Savage's back. Maul turned to see what had happened while Lan tossed himself into Maul, knocking both brothers to the ground. Orr tossed Lan his Lightsaber and two more clones with minor injuries rose to help.

Lan Lightsaber dueled an injured Savage. He struck down Savage. Maul, seeing his brother die, screamed in agony. Maul cursed and fought Lan with all his might! Lan overpowered Maul, sliced his arms off, pierced his torso, and kicked him into a feeble wall. He went through the wall and the debris fell on top of his body. The survivors checked their bodies again only to realize it was not theSith brothers. The spell that came upon them affected their sight when fighting, causing them to have the illusion that Maul and Savage were present.

Lan, Orr, and the two clones raced to the Republic outpost to report that the two brothers were dead and the chase was closed. Lan, Orr, and the two clones received medals for their bravery.

Lan spoke with the two clones. Their names were Rusher and Arrow. He liked the two clones very much. He learned that Trooper Rusher was in the famous squad Larcon Legion! Lan finally joined Larcon Legion after hearing and seeing so many great things about it! Lan would be a very important part in the history of Larcon Legion.

After reporting this to the Jedi Council, great concern flooded the room. So many questions were left unanswered. Sixteen Sith bodies were recovered from the temple. Their bodies could not be identified. Lan noted that not one attacker used the Force. Many speculations came about. Some thought it was a wanna be group of men and women. Others thought it was a small part to a secret Sith society.

More investigating took place. The illusions were caused by a psychological serum used to create certain images in the victim's mind. Also, it is unknown where they obtained Lightsabers from. The temple was identified as being an old monastery used by monks a few hundred years ago, but after a certain monk decided to murder his comrades, it was abandoned. Still, much mystery and darkness surrounded this subject. Many feared what was to come next from this event...

Adi Galia's Death

Adigallia 01

Adi Galia

In 20 BBY, Lan heard small rumors that Darth Maul and Savage Opress were still at large. It was rumored that they were causing havoc in the Outer Rim such as killing Finn Ertay.

Lan was at the Jedi Temple socializing with his new Squad, Larcon Legion, when Obi-Wan Kenobi came to his side to break the terrible news to him that Adi Galia was dead. Lan collapsed to the ground, sobbing. Everyone around him comforted him, including his new Squad. He was very unstable. Lan went to his quarters.

Suddenly, he began to get flashbacks of Adi finding Lan on Tholoth. He saw his training his Adi and and him and her laughing. Lan's heart pounded, aswell as his head.

Lan got onto his datapad and began to flip through events. Lan broke down, threw it into the wall, flipped his table, and started to trash his quarters.

Lan heard a knock on his door. He went over to it. It was Obi-Wan.

"What..." Lan couldn't get the words out of his mouth.

"I am very sorry about Adi, Lan. She fought bravely and died a hero."

"She is the reason I am here!" Lan argued.

"She was proud of you. She did not die in vein," Obi stated.

Lan felt tears running down his face.

Lan and Obi left to attend to Adi's funeral, along with the rest of the Jedi Council and countless other Jedi and clones. Ahsoka Tano and Sara Joe comforted Lan the most at the funeral before and after. Larcon Legion and many other well known Jedi came to his side.


After the tragic loss of his Master and friend Adi Galia, Lan was stationed at the Jedi Temple for many rotations. He was recovering and completing record data for Larcon Legion.

One day, Lan was summoned to the Jedi Council.

Lan was anxious to know what they called him in for.

When he entered, Yoda greeted him and said, "Greetings Lan Phaseripper."

"We have a proposition for you. We feel it is time for you to take on a Padawan," Mace Windu announced.

Lan's eyes grew and he stuttered, "But I cannot have a Padawan! I am not prepared to take in a Padawan!"

"Lan, this is a determination that the Jedi Council has assured," Plo Koon said.

Lan finally agreed. "Meet your Padawan," Plo Koon said. "Anna Trienty."

Lan looked towards the entrance of the Jedi Council discussion chamber and saw a young beautiful girl walk in. She was bright eyed and bouncy.

"Hello Jedi Masters!" She looked at Lan in shock and smiled. She blurted, "I am guessing you are Lan? Lan Phaseripper? Master Lan Phaseriper!"

Lan stood there and stared.

He finally uttered "Greetings my new Padawan, Anna." Lan felt awkward.

"May the Force be with you both," Saesee Tiin wished.

"We are looking forward to see you both flourish," Shaak Ti spoke.

"Go now. Learn from each other you shall," Yoda said.

Lan and Anna bowed before the Jedi Council and exit the chamber.

"So, how long have you been a Jedi?" Anna asked while leaving the chamber.

"Well, I was brought to the Jedi Temple in 32 BBY by Adi Galia," Lan choked up.

"You do not have to continue. I am sorry about that," Anna said.

Lan continued, "I was Knighted after the First Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY."

"Hopefully, I can get Knighted faster then you!" Anna gloated.

"That can only happen if you have a brilliant master, as myself!" Lan laughed.

"Whenever we get our first mission together, I call leading the bomb strike!" Anna said playfully.

"We'll see," he said with a smile.

"So, tell me about yourself! How old are you? Wait! Let me guess! Uh, fifty?" Anna began to laugh.

"Very funny, Anna," Lan couldn't help but laugh. "I am twenty-three."

"I was close?"

"Sure you were, honey."

Lan introduced Anna to Larcon Legion and the rest of his Jedi and clone allies. Anna fit in perfectly with Larcon Legion.

This was a new step for Lan in his Jedi Knight journey. He was excited to see what was to come of this matter of him and his new Padawan.

Felucia Outbreak

Felucia has been invaded by the Separatist Alliance! Shu Mai, who is leading the CIS occupation of the planet, has unleashed her new upgraded army of battle droids she required from Agreesive Rives on Adoru. Nuro Pirates have set their schemes in action on the Nysillian farmland. A Rancor apocalypse has also emerged. Felucia is in extreme peril and only the Republic can save the unfortunate planet!

Two Republic bases were established on the battlefield with a secret base under construction.

Countless Republic Squads arriveded to save the planet along with Ana Zett, clone commando RC-1138 nicknamed Boss, and Captain Carg.

Larcon Legion were one of the many Squads sent to Felucia. However, each individual would receive a different set of missions to complete.

Broken Channel

"Anna, please behave for Master Plo," Lan told Anna over his mini hologram disc. Anna was at the Jedi Temple back on Coruscant. She was not assigned to the Felucia Siege for an unknown reason.

"Why wouldn't I?" Anna asked.

"Eh, you may since your you!" Lan laughed.

"Ha, master. Good luck with your missions. Kill a few pirates for me," Anna said.

"May the Force be with you, Lan," Plo said.

Lan shut off the hologram disc. He went into the control center inside the Republic Outpost. Clones and officers were at every panel, picking up signals from clones and Jedi out on the battlefield.

A clone announced to Lan that Ana Zett was stranded near the Nysillian farmland. All her clone troopers were killed. To make things worse, her Lightsaber crystal was malfunctioning which made her Lightsaber worthless. Nuro pirate snipers were closing in on her. She managed to send a distress signal before her communications were being blocked by the CIS.

A female Jedi handed Lan a new Lightsaber crystal. He got on a BARC speeder bike and made his way to Ana's coordinates.

Lan traveled through the dirt road. Lan passed by found many creatures of Felucia and disassembled battle droids droids. The battle droids Lan found were not normal ones. They had a green paint on them and had a more dangerous weapon. It looked like the animals attacked the droids and neither side won.

Lan rode into the farmland and snuck around many pirate threesomes. The area was well guarded. If Lan went head on into the pirates it would be suicide. He had to think carefully.

Lan remembered that Ana was on top of a steep hill with many snipers in route to her location.

Lan went up the hill and was ambushed by a pirate gang! Two male Twi'leks and one male Togruta fired towards him, but missed every single time. Lan blocked all the lasers sent to him with his Lightsaber. He took down all three pirates before they could send out a call for help.

Lan traveled up the hill and took down another group of pirates by surprise. After killing the second group, Lan saw five pirates with rifles heading up the hill. The blaster sounds must have alerted the other pirates! Lan raced up the hill even faster.

Lan looked ahead. He did not have much further to go. He saw two Zabrak snipers with their weapons aimed towards the head of the hill. The top of the hill was where Ana must of been.

Lan quietly crawled up the hill and came across one of the Zabrak snipers. Lan covered the Zabrak's mouth, kneed his lower spine area, and knocked him into unconsciousness.

Lan made his way to the other Zabrak. This Zabrak female heard Lan. She turned around and fired at him. She missed. Lan got his Lightsaber out and blocked the next three incoming shots. Eventually, Lan just Force Pushed the female off the hill and she hit a massive Felucian flower on another hill, killing her.

Lan only had a few more meters to go until he met Ana. Suddenly, he felt himself being Force Pushed on to the ground. Lan looked up and saw Ana Zett, looking guilty.

Lan approached her, with his back throbbing, and gave her the new Lightsaber crystal.

"Ouch....I am assuming you thought I was hostile," Lan said as he gave her the crystal.

"Sorry, Lan! It's been a very long time and I am glad to see you've come all this way in your Jedi life. I'm also glad you responded to my distress call," Ana said as she replaced her Lightsaber crystal. Suddenly, blaster shots came from the pirates down the hill. Lan got his Lightsaber out and blocked the lasers of doom. He sent one laser back to a pirate, but they too were overwhelming.

"We need to go, Ana! Hurry up!" Lan yelled.

Lan Force Pushed a pirate Twi'lek down the hill.

Ana finally got her Lightsaber to work and she helped Lan. They both blocked the lasers while more pirates were coming up the hill from the east and the west!

"We need to get out of here!" Ana said.

"I do agree!" Lan screamed.

Both Jedi jumped down the hill and landed on the top of an LAAT gunship! The pirates still fired at the Jedi but they escaped as the gunship quickly blasted away.

Lan and Ana went inside the gunship to find Clone Commander Tyso. They thanked him for the rescue.

He responded saying, "I saw the blaster fire from a distance and ordered the gunship to come here. Good think I did," Tyso said in a manly voice.

The gunship landed at the Republic Outpost.

Lan and Ana were speaking to each other as they were being treated by Medical droids inside the base. Captain Carg and Tyso went to the two Jedi Knights.

Carg said, "Great job, Lan, for rescuing Ana. She is a needed part in the Republic's doings here. As are you, Lan," Carg said as he turned to Tyso. "Thank you very much for saving Lan and Ana. We are looking forward to see what you three can do for the Felucia Siege."

Lan, Ana, and Tyso thanked Carg for the words of encouragement. Lan and Ana told each other what has happened in the past year. Lan learned that Ana was in charge of this Republic base. It was called Endurance.

Lan prepared for another mission the next day. He knew that it would be a vital part of the battle.

Yorn-Out Welcome

Two hours after coming to Ana Zett's aid, Lan saw that ten clone troopers were being brought into the Republic Outpost. They were seriously injured after a Nuro pirate gang ambushed the poor souls. The clones were on a mission to aid another Republic Outpost to the west since their defenses were thinning out. There were thirteen clones originally, but only ten were found at the scene.

Lan watched the Medical droids and clones were patching up their wounds. The clones were going through much pain. Most of them had serious concussions with many broken ribs. Lan felt much compassion to the clones and even helped the medical staff with the unfortunate clones.

Boss saw Lan assisting the clones with their injuries. He could tell the amount of sorrow Lan had for his brothers.

Boss later approached Lan and said abruptly, "The leader of the pirate gang is Yorn Nuro. He and his gang have disrupted many planets across the galaxy. For some reason, he's come to here. Since his forces' are disrupting so many of our scouts, I want you to go to the farming land and take out Yorn Nuro."

Lan stood there and thought to himself. He finally answered and said, "Alright. I accept!"

Boss responded, "He is a blue Twi'lek, he's tall, and he carries a black rifle. He may be wearing all black, too."

Lan nodded and went out on his journey to exterminate the pirate leader.

When he arrived on a hill with even ground on the top, he saw three Super battle droids. These, though, looked different. They seemed to be stronger with larger weapons then normal.

Lan slowly approached them but they turned around and began to shoot at him! He had to destroy these droids before they gave away his position! Lan took out his Lightsaber and blocked their lasers' after the stabbed the first one through the back. He managed to deflect their lasers back them, but they were still operational! He was shocked.

Lan sprinted to a droid and sliced his left arm then aimed for his right arm. The droid grabbed Lan's arm and made him drop his Lightsaber. The droid held Lan as the other two B2s were aiming. Lan tripped the droids to his knees and Force Pushed the droid in front of the two B2 droids with their weapons about to fire. The B2 Lan pushed was completely shot up by his fellow droid mates.

Lan got his Lightsaber with the Force and stabbed one B2 through the chest and sliced the other one in half after it managed to hit Lan hard. He was amazed at these droid's strength. He remembered about the droids on Adoru. He recalled back to his experience there. He remembered spotting droids who resembled the droids present on Felucia.

Lan examined the area and saw Yorn Nuro giving orders to a gang of Togruta men. Lan sneered at Yorn.

Lan left his location and tried to sneak all the way around the hillside and try to enter from the back.

He followed through with his plan and only had to take out one sniper and two Twi'leks, which was good.

His next step was to sneak through the plants and trees to surprise attack Yorn. He took his steps slowly and carefully. He attempted this next step.

However, Yorn and the four Togruta men changed their course and were heading straight towards Lan! Hre took cover, but thankfully Yorn or his fellow pirates did not spot him.

He watched Yorn and his mob pass by. Apparently, Yorn takes a few men out to make sure the outskirts of the farm are alright since Ana Zett, Lan Phaserriper, and another unknown Jedi Knight attacked the farm.

After the crew passed by, Lan got up and began to follow Yorn until they were at a safe distance from the farm.

He waited for a few minutes and finally took out his Lightsaber. He stabbed one of the Togruta men through the chest and held his ground.

"A Jedi! Hey! You're the Jedi that rescued that other....was it a guy Jedi?" Yorn said in a deep voice. "Kill him!"

Yorn and his four wicked Togrutas fired at Lan. He blocked the laser bolts. He sent them back to two of the men. 

Yorn growled. He got his comlink and tried to call for help. Lan leaped into the air and knocked the comlink far from Yorn's blue hands.

"You!" Yorn yelled.

He swung his rifle at Lan's head and missed.

The two remaining Togruta males managed to kick Lan to the ground from behind. They drug him a few meters before the Jedi Knight finally knocked both of the men out.

Yorn aimed for Lan, carelessly, and missed.

Lan charged at Yorn. Yorn charged at Lan as he was charging at himself.

They got closer and closer. As Lan was only half a dozen meters away, Lan fell on his knees and pulled his back way back. He slide across the ground until his tripped Yorn. He flipped into the air and fell flat on his front side.

Lan Force Pushed himself off the ground and landed on his feet. He picked up his Lightsaber and went to Yorn.

Yorn was not finished yet. He got up and punched Lan. He fell to the ground. This was a sudden shock to Lan. Yorn was a very strong man, so his punches were very painful.

Lan took a few hits until he kicked Yorn off of himself.  Lan got up and kicked Yorn to his side.

Yorn got up. He threw one punch at Lan. Lan dodged by quickly spinning around as he swung his Lightsaber near Yorn's waist. Lan stopped spinning to discover that Yorn was cut clean in half. Lan congratulated himself as he quickly left the scene.

Lan quickly walked away. He had to take out two curious Twi'leks who heard the fight and came to investigate.

When Lan made it back to the Republic Outpost, he told Boss everything that had happened, including the mighty B2 battle droids. Boss congratulated Lan for his success.

After reporting to Boss, Lan went to visit the clone troopers that he had met earlier. All ten were alright. Two or three of their conditions were not the best but they would make it. Lan made friends with all the clones. He helped the Medical droids with anything he could manage until the Medical Shuttle would come down to pick up the injured clones.

Sing No More

Unfortunately, Yorn Nuro's death was all but true. Lan killed a decoy of Yorn. Jedi Knight Cornelius witnessed the true Yorn Nuro speaking to a look-alike of himself. Cornelius managed to report this to the second Republic Base before he disappeared in that region.

The second Republic base is located near the CIS base. Jedi Knight Leoy Bannit was in charge of this base. The base was called Liberatoris. It's main objectives are to scout, send in attack squads, let Republic aircraft land, and storing supplies. Since this base wass so valuable, it is well protected.

Lan was really disappointed to hear that a Jedi Knight was lost in action and that the dreadful Yorn Nuro was still alive. Lan requested to take on the mission to assassinate the actual blue scum. Boss, however, declined the request saying that Lan's work with the pirates was done until a further notice.

Liberatoris sent out two clone troopers on armed AT-RTs to scout the northeast section of CIS controlled territory. These certain clones disappeared. Leoy wanted to uncover this mystery, but he did not have any available Jedi or clones to go search for the clones.

Leoy finally contacted Ana Zett's base, Endurance, for support. He explained the entire situation to Ana and many clone trooper captains. Ana gave this matter to Boss. He would decide who would take on the investigation

Boss summoned Lan and told him the entire situation.

"I'll be more than happy to solve this issue," Lan said confidently to Boss.

Boss gave him a BARC speeder bike with heavy fire power, the coordinates of the clones' disappearance, and a medical kit for the clones. Lan gladly received these supplies and dashed into the battlefield with his new speeder bike.

Lan tried to avoid droids as much as he could, but it was not easy. He had to shoot down a few of the upgraded B2s whenever he came too close, but that was on rare occasions.

When Lan was halfway to his destination, he stumbled upon on two Jedi Knights and eighteen clones engaged with upgraded B2 battle droids. Lan knew he had to stop and quickly assist.

Lan made quite the entrance when he smashed right through a damaged AT-RT, ramming his speeder bike into the B2s, while firing his lasers! Lan got his Lightsaber and stopped the speeder. He got off the speeder and immediately sliced two B2s in half.

Right behind him were the clones and the two Jedi.

The Jedi introduced themselves as Jedi Generals Tiplar and Tiplee. The pair were sisters who were gifted by the Force.

"Nice to meet you two. I am Jedi Knight Lan Phaseripper," Lan greeted as he reflected powerful lasers back to the B2 droids'.

"I hope we didn't interrupt you on your quests, did we?" Tiplee asked.

"Oh no, I am glad to assist you," Lan smiled as he Force Pushed a droid away. "Do mind me asking what's your mission?" Lan asked.

"We were heading to the third Republic base. We are to guard it against the CIS if they learn of it's existence and send in an assault team," Tiplar informed Lan. She Force Pushed an uprooted plant right into a B2.

"Do you care to tell us your mission?" Tiplee asked after she sent a laser right back in the middle of the B2's chest plate.

"I was sent to find two clones who went missing while they were on a reconnaissance mission,"

Both Jedi nodded.

The Jedi and clones continued to fight the B2 battle droids. The Jedi and clones fought the droids for five minutes before they completely demolished the droids!

When the last B2 droid fell, eleven clones were dead and eleven clones remained. All three Jedi Knights lived. Tiplar and Tiplee got their men together and continued their journey to the Republic base on the operational AT-RTs. Lan bid them farewell.

Lan got on his BARC speeder and resumed his own mission.

Lan noticed an increasing number of B2 battle droids roaming the pathways, jungles, and common areas. He could tell that the CIS base was close.

He took out five B2s at once by speeding past them while swinging his Lightsaber at them, cutting them in half.

At last, the Jedi Knight reached the coordinates of the missing clones. These coordinates led him to an empty lot with no CIS droids in the area.This lot was full of wild plants and trees. It was a beautiful site. Lan enjoyed this site of  Felucia's nature.

He searched and searched for the two clones with no luck what so ever.

Eventually, he grew bored walking around so he got on his speeder bike and circled around the empty lot, trying to find clues.

This wonderful site of Felucian nature was soon brought to a close when Lan found the bodies of the clone troopers. He tried to bring them back to the real world but failed.

Lan solemnly got back on to his speeder and began to leave the lot.

As he was leaving the lot, the right engine suddenly blew! Lan felt a sudden burst of heat hit the right side of his body as he flew through the air. Lan hit the ground on his back with a loud thump. He moaned in pain as he tried to find the source of what made his speeder blow up. His vision was blurred and his body was burning.

He looked around and eventually saw a droid. This wasn't a CIS droid. It was a Bounty hunter. Lan quickly reached for his Lightsaber, except that it wasn't there! He looked around and saw it next to a Felucian flower.

The droid shot a stun net at Lan. Lan dodged by leaping in the air, but his left foot was caught by the net. His foot, then his leg, then his entire body jerked back and he fell to the ground. His leg was caught under the net. He tried to get it out as the droid aimed for Lan with his blasters. Lan got his foot out just as the droid fired at Lan. He moved his body, therefore, he was not struck by the laser!

Lan ran up to the droid and threw his fist right between his eyes. The droid fell backwards. Lan smiled. That smile quickly died when the droid launched himself into Lan's legs and he fell to the ground face first.

The droid picked Lan up and threw him across the ground. Conveniently, Lan rolled next to his Lightsaber. He quickly grabbed it and charged at the droid.

The droid tried to stop him by firing his pistols. Lan dodged and reflected them all. The droid decided that the two weapon only tactic would not help. So, he made everything from his torso and up spin around! Lan stopped in his tracks. The droid began to fire his blasters in a quick manner. The lasers flew in all directions. Lan could not block that amount of lasers so he threw himself behind a Felucian plant.

The plant Lan was hiding behind quickly began to fall apart since so many lasers were hitting it all at once. He had to think fast!

The droid was done playing games. The robot stopped firing his with his normal blasters. He got out a mini rocket launcher. He set the rocket out and blew the plant and it's surroundings to pieces.

Before the rocket reached Lan's hiding spot, he used the Force to jump high into the air and land on top of the tallest Felucian tree. Lan looked from down on the droid from above. He saw the droid inspecting the rocket impact area to see the Jedi's burning corpse.

Lan got an idea. He got his Lightsaber in stabbing position and leaped off the top of the tree. He maneuvered himself to land on top of the droid. He fell at a very fast speed. He made a noise to make the droid look up just as Lan landed on top of him.

The droid tried to fire his weapons at him, but that attempt failed since Lan sliced his arms off.

"Speak!" Lan yelled. "Did you kill those clones?! Why are you here?"

The droid's language was not easy to understand, but Lan made it out.

"I did kill those pathetic clones. I will never tell why," the droid said.

"Who are you!" Lan asked with a loud voice.

"C-21 Highsinger," Lan managed to make out.

Lan thought for a second and opened his mouth to ask another question. Highsinger kicked Lan off of him, however. Highsinger got to his feet and begun to run through the trees. Lan followed. Lan ran and ran to catch Highsinger. However, the terrible droid escaped.

Lan cursed at himself for losing this 'Highsinger'. Eight regular super battle droids engaged Lan. He destroyed three of the droids before fleeing the region.

Lan found his way back to the Republic base. He reported the entire incident, including assisting Jedi twins Tiplar and Tiplee, to Boss.

Boss replied, "It's ashamed that 'Highsinger' got away. At least he won't cause anymore trouble, I presume. And thank you for helping out Masters Tiplar and Tiplee."

"It was the least I could do," Lan said with honor.

B2 Wrecker

To the Republic's luck, a scout team shot down a CIS shuttle. The shuttle crashed in the forests of Felucia. Aboard the shuttle a few regular B1 and B2 battle droids, who were completely destroyed. They also found new information about the new battle droids deployed by the Separatist! This helped the Republic a lot. This new information answered many unsolved questions.

Lan was summoned by Captain Carg to recieve a mission regarding the new droids.

"Alright, sir, I expect that you've heard of the Seppie shuttle that was shot down?" Lan nodded. "Well, one of the new B2 droid brands are called 'B2 Generals'. There are plenty of them far south of this outpost. Their location is near the CIS base. How about you go down there and take eight of the droids out! If you can take out more of the B2s, it would be really appreciated," Carg announced.

"Are the coordinates being downloaded to my comlink or speeder bike?" Lan asked.

"Miss Kyle is doing that now, sir," Carg answered as he looked over at a female Republic officer typing on a datapad.

"That could be Miss Kyle," Lan thought to himself.

"That is all, sir. Good luck!"

Lan got on a customized BARC speeder bike and followed the coordinates on his comlink.

Lan sped by the upgraded B1 and B2 droids without being spotted once. It was a relief to Lan since he did not want to cause a large ruckas.

When he reached his destination, he saw large, red, B2 battle droids spread out across the landscape. They looked to have better armor and weapons.

Lan hid his speeder bike out of view of any enemies and made his way to his first target. He slowly approached the red droid with stealth. As he got closer and closer, he could see the large cannon arm of the droid. His heart skipped a beat.

Finally, he pounced on the droid's back and stabbed his Lightsaber between the eyes! It fell to the ground.

Lan moved on to his next target and did the same to it. He did this five times until he got to his sixth soon to be victim.

Lan slowly walked behind the B2 and he turned around! The droid fired his weapons at Lan. He blocked the droid's lasers. The lasers were so powerful that every time they hit his Lightsaber, he was jerked back a little.

Lan reflected one of the lasers back to the droid expecting him to collapse from the bolt. He was wrong. The armor saved the wicked droid and he continued to fire.

Lan dashed to the droid only to be lifted off his feet from another B2 General's rocket! Turns out that this commotion was attaching more and more droids to Lan's location.

Lan launched himself on to the very first B2 General and sliced it in half.

The other B2 fired another rocket, but Lan dodged. He fired another rocket at Lan, however, he Force Pushed the rocket right back into the second B2! The droid blew to scrap. Lan quickly left the scene as six B2 Generals were marching their way down to the battle scene.

Lan ran and ran until he reached a small hill where he caught his breath. He slowly stumbled over the hill to see a few plants and many B2 Generals. There were four groups with two B2 Generals in each group. Lan did not want to get this much attention from all these dangerous droids, so he made a simple solution. He used the Force to make a B2 General fire on his partner standing next to him. All seven remaining pairs ran to see what happened.

Lan escaped the area only to run in on three green upgraded B1 battle droids. They all fired. Lan blocked all the lasers with his Lightsaber. He eventually destroyed all the battle droids but one.

"Hey! Freeze!" the last battle droid yelped. He pointed his weapon at Lan. "Oh my circuits! No one ever listens to that! We need a new phrase..Arghh!" Lan interrupted the droid's speech with one swift swing to the droid's waist.

Lan quickly ran to safe region and looked at his comlink. His location was on the brink of leaving the B2 General area. He had to take out one more B2 General for his mission to be complete.

Lan ran to a level area with two B2 Generals standing side by side. Lan walked behind them with his Lightsaber ready to strike. Suddenly, he was shot at from all angles by other B2 Generals! The two Lan was about to strike joined the fire fight, but was soon struck down by Lan after getting shot at.

Lan quickly blocked and dodged most of the blaster bolts. Lan was cornered and the droids were closing in! He had to think fast.

One B2 aimed it's rocket arm to Lan and he just stood there! The droid fired at Lan and he ducked just in time. The rocket passed over his head and hit three other B2 Generals! More B2 Generals were coming in, however.

Lan decided to do one thing he knew that a fool would do. He got his Lightsaber and ran straight in front of him. Seven droids were in that location. Lan did not slow his speed. He just ran and dodged all blaster bolts.

He slid under a droid's feet and sliced them both off. He did this to another droid and leaped up. Lan blocked a laser from a droid back to his chest plate. Lan kicked two droids to the ground and jumped over them and drug his Lightsaber right through them! One fired at Lan's head but he quickly avoided the shot as it hit a confused B2. Lan stabbed the droid that shot his own teammate by accident through the chest.

Lan dared not to look back. He just ran from the mob of B2s firing their lasers at him. He pressed a certain button on his comlink which made his speeder come to him by auto pilot. This was one of the customs on this certain BARC.

Lan finally stopped in his tracks and looked behind him. He saw a dozen B2 Generals marching towards him with their weapons drawn. Lan stood in his position and protected himself with his trusty Lightsaber.

The speeder finally showed up. It rammed into two B2s and completely dismantled them! Lan jumped on the speeder bike as it stopped in front of him. The speeder's auto pilot then set course to Endurance. The B2 Generals kept firing as Lan's speeder blasted off to Endurance.

Finally, Lan escaped the B2s. He made it to the Republic base without any struggle, like before. He told Carg of his success as soon as he reached the base.

General Destruction

Two days after the battle with the B2 Generals, Lan was assigned to take out a new brand of B1 battle droids called the B1 Generals. Their paint color was a dirty red. They had an upgraded version of the E-5 blaster rifle. They had better fire power, accuracy, and were lighter than the standard E-5. These droids had quicker reflexes and better sight than the normal B1 battle droids. They also didn't hesitate to hit you over the head with their E-5!

Lan was called upon by captain Carg.

"I am all ears, cap," Lan greeted Carg.

"Are you ready to make another visit towards the Seppie base?" Carg asked.

Lan raised his eyebrow.

"With that enthusiasm, I must take that as a yes. There is a new type of B1 battle droid called the B1 Generals. They have a dirty red paint job and their weapons are more dangerous than before. Trust me. I want you to go down there and take out eight of them! We need their numbers to decrease," Carg announced.

"Alright, I guess I'll be on my way," Lan turned his back away from Carg but he turned back around. "Have you been on a single mission since you've been here, captain? Lan asked.

Carg looked around. "Uh...well...heh.....I wouldn't call them missions, but they..." Lan was interrupted by Carg saying, "You haven't been a mission here, have you?"

"No.....No I have not," Carg said with shame.

Lan smiled and nodded as he got on the BARC speeder bike he used before when he had to destroy the B2 Generals.

As Lan was riding through the forest of Felucia, droid patrols and squads were increasing rapidly. Lan had to take his time and be very aware of his surroundings when passing through the forests.

He did not pass without a hitch, however. He destroyed two groups of three B1 battle droids. One of the B1 droids were green while the other was black. The black B1 droids were dangerous. They had grenade launchers! He had to retreat from that area since four groups of three B1 battle droids were beginning to attack him.

Lan took a different route and reached the location of the B1 Generals. This location of the B1 Generals was right next to the CIS base. Lan had to be very careful here.

Lan observed the area as he hid his speeder. The B1 Generals were usually in a threesome group spread through-out the CIS base. On rare occasions, there was usually a black grenadier B1 there. This one looked more nasty than what he saw before. He used this sight to his advantage.

Lan had a major minus for himself in this situation. There was no terrain at all to cover up him taking out the threesome. He had to be swift and careful.

Lan made his targets to three B1 Generals. They were all facing the same direction. Lan did a very simple thing. He took out his Lightsaber and cut the droids' heads off in one single swing.

He moved on the next group. This was a more difficult task. There was one B1 grenadier with two B1 Generals. One of the B1 Generals and the B1 grenadier were facing towards the last B1 General who was facing the other two. Lan came up with a stupid plan, but he thought it was worth a shot.

He came up behind the lone B1 and sliced his back into pieces in a three second span. The other two droids sprang into action quickly. They fired their weapons. They missed and were stabbed by Lan's blade. The grenade impact caused a loud noise were drew concern with the other droids around. Many squads began to come.

Lan ran away from the area quickly. He ran into a threesome group coming to investigate the explosion and he quickly cut them all down. He continued to run until he reached the main pathway that led the the Rancor territory.

Lan the opposite direction the Rancor path. Lan was then attacked by a B2 battle droid! This was not a B2 General droid. It was not a regular B2, either. It was pretty tough, though. Lan reflected it's lasers before he sent one right back to the droid's chest.

Lan walked down the path a few more meters and spotted another B2 droid as he saw before! The droid saw Lan, but he was quickly taken down by the Jedi.

Lan got off the pathway and into the B1 General area. Suddenly, he was ambushed by two groups of B1 Generals! They all had their weapons aimed at him and they eventually fired. Before the lasers reached him, he leaped into the air and landed on top of two droids! The four remaining B1 Generals continued to fire at Lan, but their lasers were blocked by Lan's Lightsaber. All the lasers were reflected back to the B1 droids' who fired.

Lan quickly walked to his BARC speeder bike and left the region.

When he made it back to Endurance, he reported his success to Carg.

Experiment End

Republic casualties were rising an all time high on it's sixth day of the Felucia Siege. A dozen Jedi were dead, five injured, and one missing. The clones were not having a happy ending either. Forty clones were dead, eleven injured, and six missing. Both Republic outposts, Endurance and Liberatoris, were attacked by very small droid and pirate scouts. While in the hills, the secret outpost's construction was coming along quite nicely.

In the south, the CIS deployed the "B2 Assault". Many have witnessed the mighty droid. A group of eight clones were sent out to plant an explosive on a massive Felucian flower right in front of the CIS base. When detonated, it would collapse on to the base which would set back the CIS operation on the wild planet. However, this plan was foiled by the B2 Assault. The explosives were not set and five clones died.

Lan heard of this awful situation. He noticed that many Republic missions began to turn for the worse. Worry began to fill his thoughts about the Republic's efforts. He did not let these thought survive for long. One thing Lan always tried to avoid was worrying.

Boss called upon Lan for a brand new mission.

"Hey there, sir. Looks like the Seppies have brought out a meaner B2 droid called the B2 Assault. He is a lone experimental B2, according to our data logs we got from that shuttle crash. However, most of the info on him is missing. If the Seppies' are thinkin' of creating more of these guys, and you know the amount of power they have from his last few attacks, we need as much data on him as we can get. If you can take him down, his data bank will be open to attack. That's where you can go in and steal all the useful secrets," Boss told the anxious Lan.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do," Lan responded.

"Our scouts reported that he out of his usual place. He and many other droids are inspecting a Rancor corpse found near their area. That Rancor attacked three squads before being shot down. Here are the coordinates," Boss said.  Boss handed Lan a datapad, with the coordinates on it, and a droid popper. Lan looked at the clone commando oddly.

"Just for good luck, sir," Boss said as Lan hopped on his BARC speeder. Lan placed his datapad and droid popper inside a backpack. He finally launched his speeder out into the battlefield.

Lan sped by a clean up crew outside Endurance on his way out. On the previous night, a team of Nuro snipers attacked. Five Nuro snipers died and two escaped. Four clones died during the crossfire with one injured. There were many clones, medical droids, and Jedi were taking bodies off the scene to clear way for speeders and AT-RTs. Lan wondered how the entire siege would end after seeing all sights of the battle.

Lan followed the directions on the datapad. The droid's location was north-east of the CIS base.

Lan did run into some hostiles, however. Three green B1 battle droids and one B1 grenadier. These droids ambushed Lan and almost made him crash! He avoided the crash and fought the droids. His Lightsaber sliced all the droids in half and was on his way once again.

When he reached the location, he saw a huge blob of droids surrounding the Rancor corpse. Five regular B1 battle droids were doing some sort of tests on the corpse. Six B1 Generals, one B1 grenadier, three B2 Generals, two upgraded sniper droidekas, and the infamous B2 Assault.

Lan did not know how to approach this situation. He could not take on that many droids with dangerous fire power. He then had an idea. He got the droid popper and traveled down to the unaware droids.

The B2 Assault was very sharp. Whenever Lan accidentally made a small noise, he would look in that direction for a minute and then return to his previous direction.

Lan reached a small flower and hid behind it. Lan prepared the droid popper and threw it near the B2 Assault. The B2 looked down just as it went off. The B2 Assault, three B1 Generals, one sniper droideka, and a B2 General, and two regular B1 droids were all deactivated. Lan made his move and attacked head on with his Lightsaber.

He launched himself into the air with his Lightsaber in striking position. The blade sliced a B1 General in half. All remaining droids who had clear shots at Lan fired while the three defenseless B1 battle droids were caught in the crossfire. Lan struck down the three B1 battle droids. He also destroyed a B2 General and the grenadier droid.

The sniper droideka managed to get a clear shot at Lan and opened fire. Lan blocked it, but the laser was really powerful. Lan had to take cover behind a flower to protect himself.

He took a peak from the flower to see the incoming droids. Three B1 Generals and a sniper droideka were making their way to Lan's position, while firing their weapons. Lan turned around from peaking only to meet the B2 General's metal fist. Lan blacked out for a bit.

When he awoke, two B1 Generals were staring over him. He looked around and saw the B2 Assault rise. One of the new features for the B2 Assault was that they could revive from a droid popper quicker than a normal droid. Lan felt for his Lightsaber but realized the B2 General had it.

Lan had a crazy idea, so he went through with it. He Force Pushed both B1 droids towering over him into each other. The B2 General and sniper droideka fired at Lan. He picked himself up and Force Pushed the two destroyed droids into the B2 General. Lan's Lightsaber flew into the air as soon as the two droids slammed into him. Lan threw himself into the air, while being fired at by the sniper droideka, B1 General, and the B2 Assault, and caught his Lightsaber.

Lan activated his Lightsaber. After being shot at multiple times, Lan made his move. He dodged all lasers coming at him until he reached the droideka sniper. Lan simply took his Lightsaber and cut the droid half while sliding under the droid's mechanical legs. Lan raised up and sent one of the B2 Assault's lasers back into the side of his chest plate. The B2 Assault just shook it off, but rested his deadly weapon.

The B1 General raced to Lan, while firing his weapon, only to be cut up by Lan's blade when he was close enough.

Now, only the B2 General and Lan remained. The B2 made the first move. He aimed for Lan and rapid fired. Lan ran while being shot at. He dodged and blocked all lasers coming towards him, but it was very difficult. Lan reared his Lightsaber in attacking position when he was very close to the B2. However, he did not manage to reflect one laser.

Lan fell to the ground after being struck in the right side of his stomach. Lan gasped in pain. His breathing began to become heavier and weasy. The B2 Assault towered over Lan, like the two B1 Generals did earlier, and stepped on his upper chest. He began to put his weight on it, trying to break his breastbone.

Lan desperately looked around. He did not have the strength to do anything. He was in much pain. The weight on his breastbone began to increase. Lan looked and saw the dead Rancor's mouth wide open. Lan used the last ounce of his strength to Force Push the B2 Assault into the mouth of the Rancor.

Lan raised, while moaning in pain, and looked at the B2 Assault on the tongue of the beast. The droid quickly began to crawl out of the mouth, but Lan Force Pushed the creature's jaws together. He all his power to destroy the droid with the sharp teeth inside. At last, the droid was crushed. Lan weakly crawled to his datapad given to him by Boss. He then crawled to his Lightsaber then made his way to the Rancor.

He sliced the Rancor's jaw open. He downloaded all the information available in the droid. Lan slowly stood up with the datapad and Lightsaber, but collapsed to the ground. Lan's vision of the bright sun began to fade until he slipped away.


Lan woke up in a bright, bright place. He was in a bed, with many tubes lodged into his arm. He began to feel a sharp, piercing pain on his right side of his stomach. His head was having an unbearable headache. He could barely move his head without him yelling pain.

Lan's vision began to clear up. He saw a two medical droids and a female nurse approaching. Lan panicked and began to rumble under the sheets of the bed. He screamed and cried at the pain he was causing himself by moving in such manor with an injured side. The nurse and droids rushed over to Lan and held him down.

"Where am I!?" Lan screamed and spat as he wiggled around.

"Calm down! You're in a Republic cruiser!" the nurse said.

Lan did not listen. At last, he broke the grip on him. He pushed one medical droid away and destroyed the other. He pushed the female nurse into a life support machine and knocked her out.

Lan's breathing began to get heavier. He began to lose consciousness. He fell to the ground, bringing down a tray full of surgeon tools. He slowly crawled on the ground as four clone troopers with electro staffs and three medical droids marched in. Lan realized where he was, but he blacked out before he could explain himself.

Later, Lan woke up in the same bed. He was surrounded by medical clones. He looked around and screamed in pain at his side.

"Shh! Calm down!" one medic said.

"His vitals are through the roof!" another said.

Lan began to panic once again. Five medical clones surrounded Lan's bed side. One gave him a sedative shot. Lan's tantrum came to a close and he fell back to sleep.

Hours past. Lan did not wake.

Lan had surgery three times for his wound. The wound was not doing well. The blaster shot from the B2 pierced his right kidney. It slightly hit it, but Lan laid at the sight of the Rancor corpse for three six hours. The kidney injury began to increase. It was infected badly.

Boss tried to contact Lan after he did not return. Eventually, Boss sent out a scout that went missing. He then sent out an LAAT gunship.

This was a really big risk. Lan's comlink coordinates were right in the middle of CIS territory. The gunship could easily be shot down.

Surprisingly, Endurance jammed the censors for just the right amount of time for the gunship to get Lan.

As soon as the clones reached Lan, they took him to the Republic Cruiser Warrior. Warrior was in control of Narukota Warrior himself.

Narukota Warrior was in Larcon Legion. He was a well respected General in the squad, and he was second in command. When Lan first joined Larcon Legion, he was very anxious and exited. Narukota taught him the rules and procedures of Larcon Legion. Narukota was like Lan's father figure in the legion.

Warrior was one of the three Ventor Attack Cruisers in orbit around Felucia. Their job was to be a medical fleet and provide wellness for the clones and Jedi who get injured on Felucia. Narukota's cruiser was one of the medical frigates.

Lan awoke. He saw Narukota and the female nurse he knocked out earlier. Lan was embarrassed.

"Now before you say anything, Nar, you need to know I was drugged out," Lan said playfully to his friend.

"That is nothing new, is it?" Narukota replied with a smile.

"I am so sorry Miss.....?"

"Omera," the woman responded.

"How am I?" Lan asked.

"Well, when you were shot your right kidney was scraped barely."

"I guess that's better than getting shot in the heart," Lan kid.

"No, you didn't let me finish." Lan's smile died. "Turns out you laid there for six hours which aloud infection to set in. You're kidney is still in ya, but we need to get it out. Reason we haven't yet is that something else was shot. Your bottom rib was split in half," Omera responded.

Narukota had a sick face. As did Lan.

"You're bone was basically stabbing your kidney, too. We had to operate on your rib three times. We had to keep you asleep for the last 24 hours in order for us to do the procedures. You're kidney operation will begin in an hour. Until then you must rest."

Omera left the room.

Narukota and Lan spoke for the next hour. They joked with each other and talked about the squad.

When the hour was up, Narukota left the premises as the doctors and nurses arrived with medical equipment. Lan was put to sleep and the operation began.

Narukota hoped the best for Lan. He had hope that his friend would survive.

At last, the good news reached Narukota that his friend was alive. The kidney was properly removed. Now, a few more check ups were required for Lan.

Narukota was very relieved that Lan survived a very deadly situation so that he and Lan could live to fight another day.

Scratched Out

Two weeks passed since Lan's kidney removal. He spoke to his Padawan about this entire event. She was really glad that her master was still alive. He told her that his recovery was going well and that he would return to battle in no time. She did not like him going back out to battle, but he reminded her that this was for the freedom of Felucia.

After speaking to Anna via hologram, he boarded a LAAT gunship with other Jedi and clones.

When they landed, dozens of injured clones and Jedi were being placed in the gunship. While Lan was gone, Endurance was bombed by a traitorous clone trooper with a suicide bomb. Three died in the explosion. Among the dead was a Padawan. She was only sixteen years old. Twelve men and women were hurt, also.

Leoy Bannit sent men of his own down to Ana Zett's outpost. An AT-TE, four AT-RTs, and twenty clones were sent to Endurance. Leoy's protection of his own outpost was at risk, but he had to send reinforcements to Ana since her outpost was more likely to be attacked.

Lan looked around. He saw the area where the suicide bomb exploded. Clone troopers and officers were frantically moving about in the outpost. The outside of the outpost was even more chaotic. Clones and Jedi were setting up barricades and defenses. Over one hundred people were in that small area in the middle of the battlefield.

Lan did not know where to go. He did not know who to talk to. Eventually, someone from Larcon Legion passed by Lan. Her name was Anabella.

"Lan! Hey!" Anabella greeted Lan.

Lan responded, "Greetings! Where have you been?"

"I was at Liberatoris when the bombing happened. I was so shocked to hear this. And I am deeply sorry for what happened to you out there," Anabella quickly spoke.

"It's alright. I feel much better."

"That's wonderful," Anabella said.

"How long have you been here on Felucia?" Lan asked.

"Only a few days," Anabella responded. "I have been on two missions already. Right now I am helping the injured men."

"Well, I will let you get back to that. If you need any help, please come by me. I would be happy to help."

"I will," Anabella said blushing.

Lan walked around the outpost more. He found and spoke to Ana Zett and Boss. Both were glad to see Lan still alive.

Hours pasted and the commotion at Endurance did not stop. A huge investigation was launched the figure out if the clone trooper was working with the CIS or Yorn Nuro.

Suddenly, blaster shots and screaming were heard from the outside of the outpost. Lan, Ana, and many other clones and Jedi ran to the northeast direction outside the outpost.

When they arrived, they saw that a mature Rancor attacked. One clone was hurt and was taken inside the outpost. Luckily, the clones were able to fend off the creature with AT-RTs and blaster turrets. The creature retreated back to the herd in the northeast.

"This isn't good. The Rancors are trying to expand their region for their young," Ana Zett said.

"What do we do? What if that Rancor returns with her friends? We barely survived this attack," a clone trooper said.

"This isn't the first time a Rancor has tried to come here to attack," a male Twi'lek said. "When I was down in the Rancor territory, I caught one of those beasts stomping it's way to the outpost. One slice to the neck killed the darned thing."

"We need to get more defenses!" one clone said.

A huge conversation began which turned into arguing.

Ana Zett quickly brought it to a close and said, "There is a "queen" of the Rancors hidden inside a cave in the Rancor territory. She nurses the young Rancors. We were going to send a huge bombing run on the cave to kill her, but that idea was cast into the darkness since we had other problems to deal with."

"How do you know, out of respect madam?" a clone trooper asked.

"Well, a bold clone scout went inside the cave and witnessed baby Rancors being fed by a larger Rancor," Ana Zett began. "We call her Scratch since she has long sharp claws."

Small conversations arose but died once Ana began to speak again.

"I have an idea. I want a massive group of clones and Jedi to go into the cave and take down Scratch."

Many people began to volunteer, including Lan.

Lan, five Jedi Knights, and seven clones were chosen to take down the monster Rancor. However, they needed a distraction to draw most of the Rancors away from the cave. So, captain Carg and three other clones landed a LAAT gunship on the border line of the Rancor territory and Nuro territory and rigged it with explosives. The plan was set.

All thirteen men and women set out to the Rancor territory. Before making any more steps into the Rancor territory, Carg and the clones detonate the explosives which caused a massive explosion. All Rancors raced over to the flames as Lan and the group raced into Scratch's cave.

The cave was big and dark. Every single meter of the cave was damp.

They walked through the disgusting cave and finally found the mother of all Rancors. Scratch. She was the biggest Rancor any of the men and women have ever seen. The group split up, but that did not go well. Scratch saw the Jedi and clones. The baby Rancors did, too, so they all attacked.

The clones and Jedi ran for cover from the Rancors. The baby Rancors were small but deadly. Scratch roared like nothing ever before. The Jedi and clones killed every single Rancor coming towards them. This made the mother mad.

Lan saw that one clone was getting mauled by five Rancors. Lan raced to the clone's aid, but it was too late. The clone was already torn apart. Lan killed the babies that murdered the clone with his Lightsaber.

"We can't stay here!" a female Jedi named Tara said.

"We must, sir!" a clone said.

"On your left!" a male Jedi named Wess said.

They all looked to the left and saw that baby Rancors were coming out through the small cracks in the cave wall. The Jedi and clones was cornered. The baby Rancors kept coming.

Scratch stood up and began to throw large stones at the Jedi and clones. One stone hit two clones and one female Jedi.

"Clar!" a female Jedi Knight yelled about her friend getting hit by the stone.

The Jedi Knight ran to Clar's side. Half her body was under the stone. She quickly passed away.

"This is a massacre!" Lan screamed.

The baby Rancors, however, were depleting. Scratch was livid. She used a Rancor call to lure the Rancors from the outside to help.

"Take her down!" a clone said with enthusiasm.

All four remaining clones threw grenades at the ugly mother. She glared at the clones and swung her claws at them. Before she could reach them, the grenades went off. Scratch shouted and fell back. Her claws smashed the ceiling of the cave, which caused the baby Rancors, Jedi, and clones to be buried.

Thousands of pounds of rock fell hard to the cave ground. Scratch was buried, and so was most of the baby Rancors. Lan and his allies hid in the cracks of the cave walls before being crushed with debris.

They all left the cracks and fought off a few surviving baby Rancors.

After killing the attacking baby Rancors, two mature Rancors entered the cave. The Jedi and clones took down the two Rancors quickly. They were all about to leave the collapsing cave.

Suddenly, Scratch busted through the debris and destroyed any rubble in her way to the ones who were responsible for killing her babies. She took one swing at the group and smashed Lan and his allies against the cave wall.

"I think she's mad!" a clone trooper said.

Scratch stood all the way up and aimed her foot towards the clones' and Jedis' position. The Jedi Force Pushed the clones away and threw themselves out of the way of her foot.

"More Rancors will be coming!" Lan said.

"We need to take her down quickly!" a male Jedi Knight said.

Lan, Tara, Wess, and the other Jedi Force Pushed Scratch into a critical support beam of the cave. More rocks and debris fell all around them. The clones and Jedi ran to the light. They stopped at the exit, however.

"The cave is falling apart. She cannot survive that." a clone said.

"We need to get outta here." a Tara said pointing to a mob of angry Rancors incoming.

Scratch's roar was suddenly heard! Every single person turned around to see Scratch ready to kill. The Jedi Force Pushed Scratch into another support beam which sent more debris down on top of her, but she quickly escaped it.

"We must hurry!" Lan announced.

Scratch continued to march over to the nine terrified people. The Jedi continued to Force Push her, sending her to the ground.

One clone yelled, "Get the grenades!"

All four clones got their remaining grenades and threw them at Scratch. The Jedi Force Pushed the grenades and Scratch into the debris and rocks. She roared as the grenades exploded. The cave's ceiling began to give in on top of the mother Rancor. The ground under her and her babies collapsed. A huge sinkhole formed which engulfed Scratch, the baby Rancors, and debris.

Lan and his allies fought off the Rancors that came to Scratch's yell for help. They killed four Rancors before retreating back to the Republic outpost.

Into the Jungle

Three days passed since Lan's return to Felucia and his encounter with the mother of all Rancors. Endurance's ruckus began to calm down, but many men and women were still cramped up in the small outpost still. Investigations about the clone trooper who killed himself were still occurring with little success.

Lan's former wound was healing quite nicely. Although, he still could not go on as many missions as before, Lan still assisted the officers in the command center.

Captain Carg called to Lan for a new mission that was dangerous, but it had to be done.

"Greetings, sir," Carg said to Lan.

"Hello, captain."

"Well, first off, how do you feel?" Carg asked with concern.

"I am fine, Carg," Lan smiled.

"You sure? Cause I don't want you to get into a bad situation out there and you not in the condition to get out of that certain situation."

"Don't worry, Carg. I feel great surprisingly. Not much can bring me down right now. Unless it's Grievous. I do not feel like fighting that cyborg scum," said Lan.

Carg chuckled. "Don't worry, sir. He ain't here. Or at least I don't think he is. He is probably here just for you, sir!" Crag joked.

"Very funny, Carg," Lan laughed.

"On with the mission. Well, you have the lovely task to take down a new variant of B1 battle droids. They are near the Endurance, which is our problem. A few of them are wondering their way around to Endurance. Many other individuals are getting this mission at separate times."

"I see," Lan said. "Continue."

"That data we got from the CIS shuttle says that these guys are called B1 Jungle Soldiers. Their color is green. The other droid is the B1 Grenadier Trooper."

"I believe I ran into some of those Grenadiers at the CIS base," Lan announced.

"I know what you're talking about. These that you are going to fight with today are less dangerous than the ones you encountered at the CIS base," Carg said.

"Thank goodness!" Lan said.

"Indeed," Carg said. "You need to take out twelve Jungle clankers and six grenadiers," Carg informed.

"Alright." Lan said.

Lan go on to his BARC speeder bike and left Endurance. He searched for the deadly droids. Carg did not give Lan any coordinates regarding the B1 droids. Lan guessed that these droids would not be hard to spot.

Lan traveled for a short time and was ambushed by three B1 Jungle Soldiers. He sprang into action, quickly. Lan fired the lasers on his speeder at the three droids, destroying all.

However, five B1 Jungle Soldiers and four B1 Grenadiers Troopers heard the ruckus and came with their weapons ready. Lan sensed something wrong. He then quickly realized that the weapons on the speeder gave his position away. All droids fired. Lan quickly escaped with his BARC speeder.

Lan circled around and fired all his weapons at all the nine droids. Five droids were hit, leaving two B1 soldiers and two B1 Grenadier Troopers. Lan jumped off the moving speeder and was ready to attack. He took his Lightsaber out and reflected the incoming lasers. He sliced down one B1 Jungle Soldier. Both Grenadier droids fired grenades at Lan. He jumped into the air and dodged the airborne grenades.

The grenades hit the last B1 Jungle Soldier. When Lan landed, both CIS droids fired their deadly grenade launchers. Lan dodged the incoming explosives. One of the two droids fired a lone grenade. Lan Force Pushed it back to the droid who fired which destroyed it. The last Grenadier stood there and fired three grenades. Lan dodged all incoming grenades and sliced down the droid.

Lan looked around to see if any more droids were around. His fears came true. Ten groups of three droids were already approaching him from the forest. He put his hand over his Lightsaber and stared at the incoming droids. They were at a respectful distance, however.

Lan tried to look further into the forest. All he saw were B1 Jungle Soldiers and Grenadier Troops.

Suddenly, all droids began to fire. Lan did a back flip and activated his Lightsaber. He blocked the incoming lasers. He destroyed two Jungle Soldier droids by reflecting the lasers. Lan was outnumbered. He got on to his speeder and left that area for good.

Lan knew not to go back to that area. It was a death trap!

Lan had to destroy two more Jungle Soldiers and two Grenadier Troopers before his mission was over.

Lan followed the main road.

After the first minute of riding the road, he found dozens of B1 droids fighting a mature Rancor. Lan stopped for a second and turned back around. He thought it would be wise for him to avoid that conflict. It was obviously a problem for the droids.

Lan took a different route. This route would take him to Leoy's outpost. Lan hoped it would lead him to four more droids he could slaughter.

Lan's hopes came true when he found a small patch of Felucian plants in the middle of the road. Inside the patch was three B1 Jungle Soldiers and two B1 Grenadier droids.

Lan did not fire his weapons since that caused so much attention the last time.

He quietly approached the patch of plants. Luckily, the two B1 grenadiers were standing next to each other with their backs faced away from Lan's direction. When he was close enough, Lan took his Lightsaber and with one swift swing, he cut the Grenaders into two pieces!

The three B1 Jungle Soldiers fired. Lan reflected all incoming lasers. He destroyed one Jungle Soldier.

The two remaining droids continued to fire. Lan quickly sliced down the second B1 droid. One last droid was left. Lan leaped into the air and landed on top of the droid. The droid crumpled under his feet.

Lan was filled with excitement! However, that excitement was quickly lost when he heard three B1 Jungle Soldiers coming his way.

He did not want to engage with more droids and cause more attention, so Lan dashed into his trusty speeder bike. Lan made a swift and easy escape from the area.

Lan returned to Carg with excellent news.

Mercy Mission

A Nuro pirate attack! A huge group of Nuro pirates attacked Endurance with full force while Lan was on in his mission to eliminate the B1 Jungle and Grenadier droids. More then half of the Nuro pirate force attacked and killed several Jedi and clone troopers.

When Lan returned from his B1 extermination mission, he found a graveyard. Three Jedi Knights were dead and two others were injured. Sixteen clone troopers were dead, also. The only good thing was that the Republic was able to drive back the pirate forces from the outpost. Also, the pirates lost many of their men and their defenses were extremely weak.

Lan asked a medical clone, "What happened here?"

"The pirate gang attacked. Luckily, the defenders were able to drive off the little remaining scum," he said as he examined a dead clone.

Lan looked around more and saw that the pirates attacked from the west and south. The pirates made their way through the CIS controlled forests and wiped out the droids who were in the way. Then, they came in and attacked Endurance.

The Jedi Knight saw the massive AT-TE full of blaster holes, but the mighty vehicle was still standing.

Lan was stared upon by the clones guarding the damaged AT-TE. Lan thought that the clone troopers were upset that he was not here to help defend.

One female Jedi Knight was calling upon five clones to help guard the east end of Endurance. Lan wondered who this woman was. He never saw her before. He saw her now, though, barking orders at clones.

Lan walked into Endurance to see five LAAT gunships. They were loading up injured clones and Jedi in them.

Lan searched for Ana Zett. Lan noticed that Leoy Bannit sent down more reinforcements again. His outpost was now at bigger risk, but he wanted to help Ana's outpost.

When he finally found her, she said, "Lan, I am glad to see you! I am pretty sure you know what happened here."

More medical clone troopers arrived with new weapons."I do. I apologize for not being here to help you defend it," Lan said with all seriousness.

"It is alright. We all have a duty. One good thing about this attack is that the Nuro pirates' are spread thin. They attacked us with almost all of their men, and most of them died. This opens a new opportunity to attack Yorn Nuro's area and take him down once and for all," Ana exclaimed.

"Indeed," Lan said.

Suddenly, a Twi'lek Jedi male said, "Ma'am, you are needed at the west outer side defenses."

"Alright. I will get there as soon as I can," Ana responded.

"Lan," Ana began. "I want you to stay right here and help my officers."

"I will," Lan nodded.

Ana dashed out of the command center.

Lan stood there with the fifteen officers. He helped operate scans, maintain the life support systems, and keep coms up and running around the battlefield. He also assisted with giving certain tasks to Jedi and clones.

Lan spent three hours in the command center. By then, the five LAATs had made five trips down to the outpost and back up to the medical fleet. All the injured and dead were taken from the ground, to the medical fleet. The bodies of the Nuro pirates were burned. Now, the clean up crew removed the debris from the battlefield.

Ana Zett returned.

"Thank you very much, Lan. I needed to take care of something," Ana said as she took Lan's spot.

"It was the least I could do!" Lan said.

Lan walked back outside the outpost and saw Boss. He asked him what he could do to help out.

Boss responded saying, "I am glad you asked. You can go help the Jedi and clones at the south end of the base. They need a few more people up there."

Lan did so and made his way to the south end.

When he arrived, he saw the AT-TE being repaired in the front. He also saw six Jedi surrounding the AT-TE with many clones. They welcomed Lan. They spoke for hours. To their luck, no droids attacked.

The Jedi, clones, and Lan spoke about matters within the Republic.

It was nighttime and Lan was still guarding the outpost.

Suddenly, two new LAAT gunships with armed clone troopers inside flew to Endurance. Lan and his new allies watched as the gunships approached them.

However, clone troopers and Jedi, including Ana Zett, screamed for the LAATs to move. Lan and everyone else outside the command center did not understand why.

They quickly understood in a matter of seconds. One of the LAAT gunships was shot down. The wing exploded and the rest of the ship crashed down on the east side of Endurance. The other gunship quickly pulled up, but the pilots could not avoid the rockets. The ship was rammed by a rocket. It spun out of control and it finally glided away towards the CIS base.

The clone troopers and Jedi were going crazy. Some were making their way towards the gunship that crashed near the base, while others were going into the command center to try to contact the downed ship.

One hour past. The clones and officers managed to track down the LAAT. It crashed in deep CIS territory.

Ana then came up with the idea to send a group of thirty people to rescue the survivors of the crash. Lan was chosen to be in the group along with nine of other Jedi and twenty clone troopers. Three medical clones were going with them, also.

The plan was now set into action. The thirty-three men and women set out. All of them received their own BARC speeders. They followed the distress signal.

They traveled to the west on the road that led to the Sarlacc pit.

Luckily, the Nuro pirate gang was not guarding their farm since they lost so many men the previous day. The Jedi and clones got past the farm with no problem.

Minutes past and they were getting closer and closer to their destination. However, they were ambushed by B2 soldiers! Three BARC speeders exploded, which caused one speeder with a cocky Twi'lek Jedi female to crash. She stood up from the crash and Force Pushed the three droids away.

Lan and the others stopped their speeders and helped defend the injured clones whos' speeders exploded. Two of clone troops died and the other was injured critically. The medical team took the injured clone behind a parked speeder while the Jedi and clone troopers destroyed the B2s.

Eight soldiers came out of the forest and fired. Lan and the Jedi charged at the droids and destroyed most of them while the clones defended the injured clone trooper. Soon, all eight B2 soldiers were gone. Five clones were killed in the firefight.

The injured clone was patched up by a medic. The remaining clone troopers and Jedi Knights continued their journey to the crash site.

Not long after leaving the B2 massacre, two B2 soldiers appeared by the road. One fired a rocket into the cluster of speeders. The rocket smashed right into a BARC speeder bike with a Jedi Knight on it.

"No!" a female Jedi shouted.

The BARC blew to pieces and so did the Jedi.

The speeders dodged the incoming rockets and lasers. When the Jedi and clones passed by the B2s, three clones took out their rifles and shot the B2 soldiers down quickly.

Lan and the group were now in the field where he fought against Highsinger. This was also close to the Republic outpost that was under construction.

"Look!" a clone trooper shouted.

Debris began to show up around them.

"We are close to the crash site!" a Jedi with the distress signal said.

Amongst the debris was deactivated B2 Generals.

"There must of been a skirmish here," a female Jedi Knight said.

Lan looked ahead and saw the small cliff edge not to far ahead. He then saw a B2 General fall through Felucian plants. He knew something was wrong.

Suddenly, they all heard blaster shots.

"Over here!" Lan yelled as he started his speeder over to the smoke.

The rest followed.

When Lan and the others got around the corner, they saw at least ten B2 Generals closing in on the survivors. Lan leaped off of his speeder and landed on top of a B2. He stabbed his Lightsaber into it's head.

"Jedi!" a clone trooper survivor said.

The Jedi and clone troopers got off their BARC speeders and began to massacre the B2s. The survivors of the crash took cover and rested.

Lan took the lead against the B2s. More and more of them were coming from the forest. Clones took Lan's side and fired at the deadly robots.

"Turn them to scrap!" a clone hollered.

Lan looked behind him and saw that some of the clones and Jedi formed a speeder barricade around the crashed gunship. He turned around and dashed to the LAAT.

When he arrived, he saw six clone troopers. The medical clones were patching up the more wounded ones.

"Hello there," Lan said to the clone trooper captain.

"Hey, sir. Thanks for coming out here for us. We would of died if it wasn't for you all. We have been fighting off platoons of those clankers left and right!" the clone captain said.

"Well, I am glad you are all alright," Lan said.

"What is your name, sir?" the clone captain asked.

"Lan Phaseripper. What is your's?"

"Captain Fordo," the clone captain responded.

"Very nice to meet you, sir!"

"You too," Lan said.

A few minutes past and almost all the B2 Generals were destroyed. The injured clone troopers were taken care of and they were put on the BARC speeders.

"Let's get going!" a Jedi Knight demanded.

Lan and the rest of the group got on to their speeders and rode off. The survivors shared a speeder with a Jedi since there was not enough BARCs.

Three B2 Generals were still standing and still firing at the Republic.. Twenty more B2 Generals were marching on the road from the CIS base. Beyond them, there was an AAT heading their way with an escort of B2 Generals.

"Haha!" a clone trooper laughed. "Good thing we got out of there when we did!"

"You scared, Destry! Haha!" his clone friend kid.

"No! My weapon malfunctioned when I smashed one of those B2s with it!" the clone trooper responded.

Lan, the Jedi, clones, and the survivors made their way back to Endurance safely, surprisingly.

Ana Zett thanked the Jedi and clones for helping the survivors for their efforts.

Tank and Sabotage

After returning with the gunship crash survivors, Lan and his new allies were told that Leoy Bannit's outpost, Liberatoris, was attacked by the CIS. Since Leoy's defenses were so little, the outpost was overrun and everyone in the outpost was murdered, including Leoy. The CIS sent out numerous AAT tanks to help with the attack, also.

Ana Zett traveled to Liberatoris with two Jedi Knights and some of her best clone troopers after receiving the outpost's distress signal.

When they arrived, five B1 Generals were guarding the outpost. Ana and her team took care of them quickly. When they finally got into the outpost, everything was destroyed. All resources were gone. The command center data was downloaded to an external device and was wiped out after being downloaded. This was not good for the Republic's efforts on Felucia.

Back at Endurance, chaos arose.

"This entire operation is at stake!" Lan heard as he walked into the command center.

"We must attack the CIS base and end this!" a woman screamed.

"Ma'am, with all due respect, the losses would be extremely high," a clone trooper announced.

"Ana, what do you propose?" a Twi'lek Jedi asked.

Ana sat there for a moment. Lan stared at her, as did everyone else, waiting for a response.

She finally said, "Generals Tiplar and Tiplee contacted me earlier. They informed me that the outpost in the hills is near completion. We need to keep that outpost hidden from hostiles. We need to store all of our valuables there," Ana said. "One thing I did notice when I was at Liberatoris was that the CIS attacked with AAT tanks. We saw one damaged AAT that the droids left behind," Ana said.

Everyone kept listening.

"Many of you have seen the line of tanks next to the CIS base," Ana said. Lan then remembered seeing two rows of eight tanks there. "I have even seen the AATs. If the CIS is planning an attack here, we must thin out the AAT numbers."

Lan volunteered immediately. As did four other Jedi Knights.

"Alright, we need to sabotage the CIS at the same time. If we send you in one by one, the droids would be ready for the attack," Ana stood up straight and tall and said, "Meeting dismissed."

An hour passed since the meeting ended. Boss gave Lan a proximity mine and a clone officer gave Lan the coordinates to the AAT he was assigned to take out. The other four Jedi were getting prepared, also.

Lan took his BARC speeder and went off on his journey. He looked on his datapad and saw that the AAT was in the east. It was being guarded by B2 Generals and B1 Jungle droids.

Lan was ambushed by three groups of B1 Jungle and Grenadier battle droids along the way to the AAT. Without a problem, he took down every single droid.

Lan continued his travel to the AAT location.

When he finally arrived, he was confident. He saw the massive AAT, five B2 Generals, and eight B1 Jungle Soldiers. He left his BARC speeder behind a Felucian flower and sneaked to the next plant.

"This will be easy," Lan said to himself quietly.

Suddenly, he felt two blasters touch his head.

"Stand up, you fool," a B1 droid's voice said.

Lan cursed at himself in his mind.

Lan looked behind him and saw two B1 Jungle Soldiers with their weapons pointed right at Lan's head. Lan would taken out his Lightsaber and slice the droids apart, but the AAT and the other droids had their weapons pointed at him. The two droids took his Lightsaber and the proximity mine.

A B2 General said, "Bring him here."

The two droids did so and brought Lan to the B2. The droid picked Lan up by his left arm.

"Get reinforcements down here," the B2 ordered.

A B1 Jungle Soldier contacted the CIS Base.

Lan looked over to locate his Lightsaber and mine. He saw his Lightsaber in the hands of a B2 General. Shortly after, he saw that he mine was deactivated by a B1 droid.

"What are you doing here, Jedi?" the B2 demanded to know.

"I'm here to avenge the name of Leoy Bannit!" Lan said as he kicked the B2's knees.

The B2 fell to the ground as all the droids fired. Lan took cover behind the B2 General who held him. The B2 took all the blaster shots, which destroyed it.

Lan quickly stood up and ran to his BARC speeder. The AAT fired two shells at Lan and missed. Lan finally reached his BARC speeder and met three B1 Grenadier droids.

Lan reached for his Lightsaber, but he quickly realized that he was missing his Lightsaber. The three droids fired. Lan leaped out of the way of the deadly grenades.

The AAT and droids began to make their way to Lan.

"Ugh! This is a good spot!" Lan said to himself.

The three grenadier droids began to walk towards Lan. He then raced to the three droids, while dodging a cluster of grenades. When he reached the first droid, he took the grenade launcher and smashed the droid's head in with it.

The AAT fired towards Lan. He quickly dodged. Lan aimed for the AAT with the grenade launcher, but he felt himself being lifted off the ground. One of the remaining grenadier droids shot near Lan. Lan hit the ground.

He quickly took the grenade launcher and shot one of the grenadier droids into pieces. Lan pushed himself off the ground and aimed for the last grenadier droid. However, one of the B1 Jungle droids shot the grenade launcher, which made it useless. Lan thew it at a random B1 Jungle soldier which destroyed it.

Lan jumped over to the last B1 Grenadier and Force Pushed the droid into a plant, crushing it. Lan took the droid's grenade launcher and fired it at the mob of droids firing at him. Three B1 Jungle Soldiers and two B2 Generals were destroyed.

Lan aimed for the AAT once more. He pulled the trigger, but the weapon was out of grenades! Lan threw the launcher to the ground and took cover next to his BARC speeder. He looked around and saw a thermal grenade in the middle of the road. One of the grenades must of have been dropped by a Grenadier droid.

Lan thought for a second. He took a quick glimpse and saw that another AAT was inbound with three B1 Generals! However, this new AAT was at a good distance. Lan looked at his BARC speeder and had an idea.

He got on to the BARC speeder navigated it in front of the AAT and and droids.

On the way to the AAT, he quickly grabbed the grenade on the ground and. He then Force Pushed the AAT and droids back a few meters.

Both AATs were close to each other, but Lan Force Pushed the same AAT farther back. The AATs almost collided with each other!

Lan piloted the speeder bike right to the AAT. He reached the maximum speed limit. The AAT fired at Lan, and so did the battle droids. Lan kept his ground. He took the grenade and activated it. He set it down in the seat of the speeder before leaping off of it.

Lan landed on top of a Felucian bush and took cover. The speeder crashed in the middle of the AAT. The AAT exploded, the other AAT was critically damaged, and almost all the droids were destroyed.

Lan stood up and saw the flames. He quickly searched for his Lightsaber and found it in the hands of a dismembered B1 Jungle droid. He took his Lightsaber back and began to leave the area.

Two B1 Jungle droids and one B2 General survived the explosion and fired at Lan as he tried to escape. Lan dodged all lasers coming at him and ran back to Endurance.

When he returned, he saw that all the AAT sabotage missions were successful! Not one Jedi Knight was killed.

That night, Ana Zett, Lan, Boss, Carg, and the rest of the Jedi and clone troopers mourned the loss of Leoy Bannit and all the Jedi Knights and clones who had fallen in the siege.

Heavy Disposal

The Nuro pirates began to show signs of collapsing. The Nysillian farm defenses began to decrease as the Republic attacks on the pirates increased. Some of Yorn Nuro's look a likes made attempts at Yorn's life while other pirates fled from Felucia.

The Rancor population began to go back to a suitable number, also.

The Republic's casualties shrunk rapidly. More and more missions were being completed. The Republic's efforts on Felucia was beginning to look promising.

Lan approached Carg.

"Hello there, sir!" Carg greeted.

"Salutations, captain," Lan replied.

"How have you felt?" Carg asked.

"I feel great, actually. Only small pain here and there. No concern needed. Thank you for asking, however."

Lan and Carg spoke for the next few moments before Carg received a message from Ana. The message said that a group of fifteen B2 Soldiers were making their way to rendezvous with a team of B1 Generals. There was another group of B2 Soldiers making their way to the B1s, also. However, Ana and her clones took out the group, but three of her men were injured. Ana did not know what the remaining droids were up to, but she did not want to find out. She and her men were heading to the rendezvous.

"Alright, madam. I'll send reinforcements to your position," Carg said before he ended the transmission.

"I'll go," Lan said.

Carg gave Lan Ana's position. He took a camouflaged AT-RT and went out into the battlefield. He followed the coordinates to her.

When he arrived, he saw three clone troopers being treated by a Medical droid Lan looked ahead and saw Ana with five clone troopers on the edge of a small hill. They were hiding behind a large Felucian bush. Lan left his AT-RT next to the clones who were getting medical attention and went ahead to Ana.

"Phaseripper! I am glad you are here! Alright, as you can tell, my men have taken a small beating but they'll live. We have taken down a group of fifteen B2 soldiers. There is another group of fifteen B2s heading here," Ana informed Lan.

Lan looked over to his right and saw a stack of five B1 Generals behind a Felucian flower.

"Uh, Ana, did you have anything to do with the stacking of the clankers?" Lan asked.

"Yup. They were right in front of us. We quickly took them out and we are now waiting for the last group of B2 Soldiers to get here."

"Sounds like a plan," Lan said.

Only a few minutes passed and the B2 group had arrived.

"Here they are, sir!" a clone trooper said to Ana with a soft voice.

"Get into position!" Ana ordered.

Lan, Ana, and the five clones prepared for their strike.

"Where are those droids?" a B2 soldier asked.

"Now!" Ana shouted.

Both Jedi Knights and clone troopers jumped off the hill and began to fight the droids. Lan sliced three droids instantly. Ana Force Pushed two B2 Soldiers into each other, which crushed them. The clone troopers were doing their fair share of work.

"Bucket of bolts!" a cocky clone trooper exclaimed as he shot down two B2 Soldiers.

Lan leaped into the air and sliced a B2's waste in half. Ana cut down three B2 droids before reaching Lan. Lan was deflecting lasers.

"We've almost got them!" Ana said to Lan.

"I'll finish them!" Lan yelled as he ran to a B2 Soldier before dismantling it.

Ana followed while shaking her head.

Eventually, the last B2 soldier fell to the ground!

"That's the last of them, sir." a clone trooper said.

"Indeed," Ana said panting.

"Wait!" a clone trooper said after hearing an odd noise.

Lan, Ana, and the clones looked and saw three crab droids with an escort of three B1 Generals.

"Well then," a clone said.

"Attack!" Ana screamed!

All seven beings charged at the cluster of droids. Lan took his Lightsaber and threw it at a B1 General. The Lightsaber cut right through it. Lan leaped into the air and landed on a crab droid. The Lightsaber swung back around into Lan's hands. He then stabbed the Lightsaber right in the middle of the crab droid!

The next crab droid fired at Lan rapidly. Lan used his Lightsaber to defend himself. However, two clone troopers jumped on top of the crab droid and fired their weapons into the droid's head.

Ana destroyed three battle droids. She then Force Pushed the last crab droid into a Felucian tree as the clones fired at it. Lan took down the last B1 droid.

The clones began to celebrate. As did Lan and Ana.

Lan, Ana, and the clones helped the injured back to Endurance with success.

Sniper Smash

The CIS droid army on Felucia began to decrease rapidly. The CIS cut off all funds to produce more battle droids like the ones deployed on Felucia. The remaining battle droids that were in the process of being produced were dismantled. The last of the droids on Felucia would stay there and defend the CIS base.

Captain Carg called upon Lan.

"What is it, captain?" Lan asked.

"The droid defenses are beginning to thin out, thankfully, but the Seppies have been sending out squads of six to eight droideka snipers to secure areas that we have cleared out. We have intercepted a message from the Seps. We deciphered it and the message said that a group of those snipers will arrive at the ruins of Master Leoy's outpost so the CIS can establish a small outpost for themselves. I believe you know what to do now," Carg said.

"Oh indeed I do, captain!" Lan said boldly.

"Would you care if I accompanied you on this mission with a few other clones?" Carg asked.

"I do not see why not!" Lan replied.

"Alright! I'll get some men ready," Carg said before stepping away.

Lan found his AT-RT and began to prepare it for the travel.

After twenty minutes had past, Lan, Carg, and six other clone troopers met together on AT-RTs. The clone troopers introduced themselves in a comedic manner.

All eight of them set out to the ruins of Liberatoris.

They arrived to their destination without any troubles! Another point for the group was that the droids was not there which gave time for Lan and the clones to take positions to ambush the droids. All eight of the men took the proper positions and waited for the droids.

Ten minutes went by. Nothing happened.

Another ten minutes went by and the Separatists appeared. Seven droideka snipers and two B1 Generals were apart of the team. They were marching in a perfect order to the Republic's position.

"This won't be easy, sir!" Carg whispered to Lan.

"None of this has been easy, captain," Lan responded.

"Heh, sitting in a command center for the past few weeks has gotten me a little rusty!" Carg said.

"We'll see, cap!" Lan responded.

The droids began to come closer and closer as the clone troopers loaded their weapons and aimed for their targets.

The droideka snipers were slowly rolling across the beaten path.

Captain Carg began to countdown from ten to one in his head. Once he reached one, he would give the go for the ambush to begin! He reached one and gave out the signal.

All seven clones came out of their hiding spots and fired their weapons. Lan jumped into the air and activated his Lightsaber before he reached the ground.

"Oh no! It's an ambush! Ahhh!" a battle droid said before getting show down by Carg.

Lan landed on top of a droideka, who was just rising up to fire at the clones. Lan took his Lightsaber and stabbed the sniper right through the middle! The clones also took out two other droidekas before they could fire.

The remaining snipers got their weapons ready and fired. The droideka sniper's accuracy was high, which was a huge danger for the Republic.

Lan began to quickly step backwards to get away from the deadly droids. He eventually backed all the way to his original position.

"Hey! Welcome back, sir!" Carg said as he was taking cover from the snipers.

"Don't be so smart yet, Captain! The fight isn't over yet," Lan said after reflecting a laser to a droideka's natural shield.

"Those shields are tough!" Lan exclaimed.

"Yeah! Surprising since they do not have one of those ray shields!" Carg responded.

The fight went on and two clones took down another droideka!

"That's the way to do it, boys!" Lan yelled over to them.

"We must take these fools down! We must please Dooku and then I will get promoted to Dooku's side!" the battle droid said before being shot in the head.

One of the clone troopers came out into the open to try to take down a droideka sniper from the side. However, he was outsmarted. One of the droids shot him in the leg!

"Avro!" a fellow clone trooper yelled after the clone was shot.

That same trooper and another clone left their position to go help Avro. Lan quickly made his way to a droideka sniper and destroyed it to help the two clones. It was too late, though. The two clones who went to go help Avro were fatality shot.

"No!" Lan shouted.

Lan gripped his Lightsaber and dashed to a second droideka. The droid fired at Lan, but the lasers were stopped by the Jedi's Lightsaber. When Lan reached the droideka, he sliced the droid in half.

The two remaining droids began to fire at Lan, while Carg and another clone trooper took Avro to safety. One other clone with a trusty rifle joined the three men.

Lan defended himself with his Lightsaber while two clones took Lan's side to help.

One droideka focused on Lan and the two clones, while the last droideka bared down on Carg's group. The lone clone tried to shoot the droideka down. He failed since he was shot through the middle of the chest. Now, the droideka sniper began to fire at Carg, Avro, and the clone.

Lan grunted under his breath as he saw this. Lan Force Pushed the droideka sniper that was attacking him and the two clones down. He ran behind the downed droid before it picked itself back up, and after it did, it turned around to shoot Lan. This gave the clones the opportunity to destroy the droid! The clones began to fire at the droideka's behind which crippled the droid. Lan finished the droid off by bashing it's robotic brain in with his foot.

Lan and the two clones looked over at Carg and the two clones. They saw that the droid was closing in fast!

"Darn it!" Carg said as he picked up the clone's rifle that died.

He began to fire at the sniper with no success. Lan and the clones came to the rescue when the three of them dismantled the droid!

"Welcome back," Carg said while he was out of breath.

Lan nodded.

Avro was quickly patched up and the five men packed up to leave the ruins of Liberatoris.

When they returned to Endurance, Avro was taken to Narukota's Warrior's cruiser in orbit for medical attention.

Lan contacted his Padawan, Anna Trienty, and they both spoke about a majority of topics.

When their conversation ended, Lan heard the possibility of the Felucia campaign coming to an end! He was excited to hear this. He hoped that in just a matter of a few days Felucia would be free once and for all.

Walking for Wesk

Carg put together a small operation for a small team of clone troopers to infiltrate the Nysillin farm and steal the Nuro Pirate's supply crates. The mission was a success with no casualties! Only few pirates tried to stop them, but the clones easily overpowered them. They took the crates, via BARC speeder bike, to a rendezvous point North of Endurance.

Ana, Boss, and Carg called Lan into the command center.

"Hello there, my friends," Lan greeted.

"Hello, sir," Boss said.

"Greetings, Lan," Ana said.

"Do I have a new assignment?" Lan asked. He quickly came out with, "Sorry that I may be a little too straight forward. I have been very anxious since the rumors began to spread about this campaign ending soon."

"Right you are, sir," Carg responded. "The Nuro pirates are almost extinct and the CIS forces are spreading thin rapidly. Things are looking very bright for us!"

"Bright indeed, captain," Ana said calmly.

"Anyways, this may be your last assignment you will receive here on Felucia!" Boss said.

Lan kept all his excitement inside.

"First off, you need to know the back story of this mission. Correct?" Ana said.

Lan nodded.

"The Nuro pirates are beginning to thin out drastically. They have many valuable resources that have been left unguarded. We sent out a small group of clone troopers to retrieve the crates. The pirates did not interfere with the clones. In fact, they did not even realize their supplies were being stolen right under their nose!" Ana said.

"Those foolish pirate scum," Lan said.

"I would like to call them a few other things, sir but I think it would be wise for me to keep them to myself," Carg said.

"On that note," Ana began. "The outpost in the hills and Endurance are splitting the supplies. We and they are sending on representatives to the clones to retrieve the supplies at different hours."

"We are giving you a speeder bike with the ability to hold the crates in the back," Boss said.

"If you run into a Rancor or anything dangerous just keep going, Lan," Ana said with a serious tone.

"Understood!" Lan said bowing.

"Good luck, General. There will be a speeder bike waiting for you in front," Boss said to Lan.

Lan walked out of the command center to find the speeder bike. It did not take him long to find the speeder bike. Three engineers were working on it when Lan approached it.

"I assume you are Lan Phaseripper, sir?" one of the clone engineers said.

"You assumed right," Lan replied.

"You made it just in time. Your speeder is ready for take off!" the engineer said.

"Thank you," Lan said before taking off.

The speeder rode very smoothly. The blasters on it looked like a heck of a job. Sadly, he was not allowed to engage anything or anyone so he couldn't see what their real power is.

Lan noticed a small group of five clone troopers and one Torguta Jedi Knight riding BARC speeders. They were heading to the Nysillin farm. Lan did not know what their mission was. The only thing he knew was that the speeders were armed with deadly weapons that could wipe out half an army, probably.

Lan regained focus and followed the coordinates given to him by Endurance's officers. He saw that the destination wasn't far from the outpost.

Not even a minute passed by and Lan already arrived at the rendezvous point.

"Greetings, sir!" a clone trooper said saluting.

"Greetings, men," said Lan.

Lan looked around. He saw seven clones with loaded rifles and a barricade of BARC speeder bikes around them with a small steep mountain behind them. He also saw ten crates in one group and another ten crates in another.

"I imagine that I can take any one of these?" Lan asked.

"Yes, sir. We have organized this for both outposts, sir. Just tell us which group you would like and we will assist you in packing them up on your speeder," the clone said.

The clones helped Lan attach the ten crates to his speeder. It did not take long to do so.

"Thank you gentlemen!" Lan said.

"It was our pleasure, sir."

Lan rode off back to Endurance.

When he arrived, clones quickly took the crates and stored them in a guarded area of the outpost.

Lan was then summoned to the command center.

"Hello, Lan," Ana said as he walked through the door.

"Hello once again."

"We are very thankful for your services here. You have saved many lives," Ana said with a happy voice.

"Indeed, sir," Carg said. "You have made a huge difference in the tide of this campaign."

"The operation here is about to be completed once and for all. The Jedi Council has instructed us to send back most of the Jedi to them on Coruscant," Boss said.

Lan's eyes were wide.

"I can feel your excitement, Lan," Ana said with a smile.

"There will be a transport coming soon to pick you and other Jedi up," Boss said.

"We thank you for your services here, sir. You have truly made a difference here," said Carg.

"May the Force be with you," Ana said while bowing.

Lan bowed and left the command center. He immediately contacted his Padawan, Anna, and told her everything that happened.

"That's wonderful, Master!" Anna said enthusiastically.

"Indeed! I will return to Coruscant tonight," Lan said.

"Master Plo has taken really good care of me," Anna said.

"That is not a surprise. Plo is a very experienced Jedi. He's very wise," Lan said.

"Agreed," Ana said.

"I will see you tonight, my Padawan," said Lan.

"I'll be looking forward to it!" Anna said. "Anna out!" Anna said before cutting the transmission. Lan then saw his transport landing.

Assisting Obi-Wan Kenobi's Fleet

Not long after Lan left Felucia, Obi-Wan Kenobi's fleet received a distress signal from a Jedi training cruiser named the Crucible. The six younglings on board reported to have been attacked by the Ohnaka Gang. Ahsoka Tano, who was escorting the group of future Jedi, was reported that she had been kidnapped by the pirates. The Crucible's engine cooling system was also critically damaged in the fight. This was forcing them to land on the next habitable planet. The nearest planet was Florrum, home of the Ohnaka Gang that attacked the Crucible for their Lightsaber crystals'. Obi-Wan told the younglings to not engage the pirates and wait for a rescue team to arrive.

After ending their transmission, Obi's fleet was being under attacked by General Grievous's fleet! Obi-Wan could not get a rescue team out to the younglings while the CIS was attacking him. The younglings simply had to wait patiently for Obi to take care of Grievous.


Negotiator after self-destructing.

Obi-Wan's cruiser, the Negotiator, was boarded by the cyborg and his cruiser was ultimately destroyed, leaving Obi defenseless. Obi-Wan and other survivors were trapped in escape pods that were floating in space.

The Jedi Council quickly contacted Lan Phaseripper's fleet, since they were the closet to Obi-Wan's position, and informed him on the entire situation. Lan and his Padawan, Anna, prepared the fleet to rescue Obi.

"I've never met Master Kenobi personally," Ana said to Lan.

"He is a very wise and respectable man. He's strong in the Force. He is one of the best men I know," Lan responded.

"Does he have a Padawan?" Anna asked.

"What? Are you planning to be his Padawan?" Lan said while grinning.

"Ugh! Master, you always know what I'm going to say," Anna said with a serious tone.

Knowing that she was joking, Lan said, "I'll put your request into the Council."

"Sir, we are closing in on Obi's position," a clone officer said.

"Alright. All men to battle stations!" Lan shouted. He then walked up to the central control panel on the bridge and contacted captain Orr saying, "Be sure everything in the hanger is ready to launch. We need to make this a swift rescue!"

"I'll be sure of it, sir," Orr responded.

"Only sixty more seconds!" a clone trooper announced over the loud speaker.

Lan and Ana stood firmly in the front of the bridge.

As those sixty seconds were going by, the crew aboard all three cruisers prepared the starfighters, turrets, and shields.

When those sixty seconds were up, the fleet came out of hyperspace. What they saw was a graveyard of Obi's fleet. Lan knew things would be bad, but he didn't expect things to be this bad! All Venator cruisers were destroyed and only two Arquitens light class crusiers remained.

Lan shook his head at the carnage.


The Hope being attacked.

Meanwhile, in the hangers of Lan's fleet, all the fighters launched. Ten Y-Wing fighters, ten Z-95 starfighters, and five LAAT carriers, which was going to be used to grab the escape pods, launched. Lasers began to fly every which way in this space battle. Chaos quickly broke out.

"Shields up!" a clone trooper said before the CIS's lasers began to pelt their ships.

"Make contact with the escape pods," Lan commanded.

"On it, sir," a clone officer said.

Only seconds past and the connection between all the escape pods began.

"Obi?" Lan said.

"I'm here. As are seven other escape pods. There were more of us, but they were smashed into by debris or lasers," Obi said.

"That is unfortunate. Well, I have five transports coming to your coordinates with a fighter escort. We will try our best to get you in here quickly. Same for those crusiers," said Lan.

"We'll get you out of there in no time, Master Kenobi!" Anna peeped in.

Lan looked at her as Obi simply said, "Greetings Anna."

Anna smiled.

"May the Force be with you," Lan said to Obi.

When the transmission ended, Lan nudged at Anna. Anna nudged back.

The Hope's laser cannons were shooting rapidly. Dozens of Vulture droids swarmed past the cruisers. Many of the droids were shot down by turrets.

"Clear a pathway for that light class cruiser!" a clone trooper said on the loud speaker.

One of the two light class cruisers was making it's way to the three Jedi cruisers. Vulture droids fired upon the small cruiser while the Hope's weapons tried to prevent the droids from blowing the vessel. A Munificent frigate began to focus their fire on the cruiser! The Venator closest to that one frigate opened all their fire on it. In a split second, the Munificent's weapons were all disabled.

Anna shouted, "We got it!"

Before they knew it, the light class cruiser was behind the Venators.

"It's safe!" a clone screamed on the bridge.

On board the Recusant destroyer, Grievous was barking out orders after hearing that Lan Phaseripper was commanding this rescue mission.

"Fools! You let that Republic ship escape! Don't let the rescue team to the escape pods! Destroy the escape pods! Send the Tri-Fighters after them! I want Lan to witness his allies being torn apart right in front of his pathetic little eyes!"

"Uhh...roger roger," a B1 battle droid said.

Five Tri-Fighters were now on route to the escape pods' location.

"Sir, we're picking up a team of Tri-Fighters heading to the escape pods!" a clone officer yelled.

"Get that rescue team there now! Be sure the Y-Wings are ready to attack," Lan commanded.

The race was on. Both sides were making their way to a vital part of the battle for both groups.

However, the Republic's ships made it there first. The carriers were attaching to five escape pods while the other escort ships were preparing to fend off against the feared Tri-Fighters.

When the Tri-Fighters arrived, the Republic starfighters fired. One Tri-Fighter was shot down, but the Tri-Fighters shot down two Y-Wings and one Z-95 fighter.

"They're coming back around! Hurry!" a clone pilot said.

"We can't get all seven escape pods out. We are going to need to make a second trip!" a clone said.

"Those pods will be destroyed by the fighters! Destroy them before they can make it back around!" Lan shouted to the clone pilots.

"Oh dear," Obi said.

Three Y-Wing fighters and two Z-95 left the group and went after the Tri-Fighters head on. Both groups of ships opened fire. One of the Y-Wings had a lucky shot and took down two droids with only one shot. The Z-95 ship's right wing was shot and it began to spin out of control. It crashed into a CIS frigate. The three Y-Wings opened all their fire and the fighters and so did the other ones.

Two of the Y-Wings exploded completely and the other kept it's course. The last Y-Wing fired all it's lasers at the two Tri-Fighters, but they missed. The other fighters fired back and missed the lone fighter. The Y-Wing then slammed right into a Tri-Fighter and the last one lost it's course. The fighter spun in a different direction.

The LAAT carriers made their way back to the cruisers. Two of the carriers quickly made their way back to the other two escape pods with an escort of Y-Wings. One of the escape pods was Obi's.

As they were heading back to the Hope, Vulture droids shot the Y-Wings away or off course. They managed to shoot down one carrier full of survivors. It was not Obi's.

"Get back here now, trooper!" Lan shouted to the clone pilot of the carrier.

The Vulture droids were now being pursued by Z-95s. Thankfully, Obi's escape pod made it to Hope's hanger.

Grievous was even more furious now.

"This can't be happening!" Grievous exclaimed.

"We're trying our best here, sir!" a battle droid said.

Grievous turned around slowly and walked to the battle droid who said this.

"Your 'best' is so feeble that a Gungan toddler can outwit you all!" Grievous screamed as he punched the battle droid across the room.

"Get another boarding party ready and prepare to board Lan's little ship! All of them must die!"


The last light cruiser was still caught in the line of Grievous's reign. A Munificent frigate was blocking the cruiser's path to Lan and his fleet.

"I want all of our batteries of the Hope and the Sanctuary focused on that frigate!" Lan barked.

All batteries fired at their assigned target. The Munificent and other CIS cruisers fired back.

Anna contacted the remaining Y-Wing fighter pilots saying, "Do you think you boys can pull of a bombing run of that Munificent?"

One of the four pilots responded, "Oh, yes sir."

All four Y-Wings now made their course to the frigate.


The frigate being bombed.

When they arrived, they bombed the entire ship to pieces. The underside of it was the first to blow. Then the bridge exploded, which meant that the rest of the ship stood no chance.

The pilots laughed and said, "Oh yeah!" That's how we do it, guys!"

"All ships, open fire on any ship that attempts to stop the survivors!" Lan yelled.

All the Republic vessels opened their fire on all droids who dared to stop the ship.

Suddenly, five Hyena bombers with an escort of a dozen Vulture droids destroyed The Hope's hyperdrive.

"What!?" Anna screamed.

"How did they get past our...Boarding party! Straight ahead!" Lan shouted.

Droid gunships and Tri-Fighters were making their way to the Hope.

"Destroy them!" a clone yelled.

Obi contacted Lan from the medical bay. "Now, I am afraid to ask this, but what was that awful rumbling?"

"Uh, well," Lan embarrassingly explained. "A few bombers got past our radars and they bombed our engines. Reports indicate that the hyperdrive is damaged. I have troopers down there already!"

"This rescue mission keeps escalating so quickly," Obi said with a sarcastic voice.

"Oh, you've seen nothing yet," Lan said before ending the transmission.

Z-95s attempted to stop the boarding party, with no success.

The boarding party landed right on the nose of the Hope. The weapons on top of the cruiser attempted to fire at the incoming droids, but the Tri-Fighters destroyed all of them first. Squads of B1, B2, and Commando droids all poured out on the ship. They were marching to the end of the ship with Grievous at their side.

"What are we going to do master?" Anna asked.

"We can't bomb our own ship or have the other cruisers fire upon us," Lan said.

Orr contacted Lan via hologram. "Sir, I will have squads of clones positioned all over the cruiser."

"Orr," Lan began. "Have all your men at the base of the bridge structures."

"Uh, excuse me, sir?" Orr said

"They aren't going to saw through the ship to the hanger. They know that there is artillery in there They are outgunned if they attack through there. They're heading for the bridge structures," Lan said.

"Yes, sir!" Orr saluted.

When Grievous and his forces got to the bridge structures, a few droids equipped with saws began to cut through the ship.

"Hurry up!" Grievous said.

On the other side, Orr and twenty-two clone troopers had their weapons ready and waiting. They all had magnetized feet.

When the droids finally cut through the ship, Grievous pushed two squads of battle droids inside.

"Here they come!" Orr screamed.

All clones opened fire. The battle droids marched straight through to the clones.

Grievous, meanwhile took his Lightsabers and cut through a door that was near a door. When he got through, he took five Commando droids and three B2 battle droids with him. The rest of the droids focused their attention to Orr and his group.

"More gunships inbound!" a clone officer screamed on the bridge.

Lan and Anna looked at each other nervously.

The two gunships landed on the nose of the Hope, just like the other ones did. One of them released B1 battle droids and the other released five B1s, two B2s, and three Droidekas.

Lan contacted Orr.

"Captain, how is it going down there?"

"It's alright down here, sir!" Orr reported as a trooper next to him was blasted between the eyes. "We may need a few more men down here, though."

"There's more droids on their way," Lan said.

"Droidekas are amongst them, also," Anna added.

"Keep in mind, sir, that Grievous is somewhere on the ship, too."

"I haven't forgotten. Thank you, captain."

Orr took his rifle and began to fire at the droids again. He shot down three battle droids.

"Hold the line!" Orr shouted on the top of his lungs as more and more droids began to come into the ship.

Lan, Anna, guards, and the crew attempted to try to track Grievous's exact position.

"There are already six squads of clones searching for Grievous," a clone said.

"Send out the drones." Lan said. He thought more for a moment and said, "Do a scan of the ship. I want all droids on this ship identified."

"Yes, sir!" an officer said.

"Get a squad down there to protect Kenobi and his men in the medical bay, also," Lan said.

Grievous and the droids stopped.

"Head to the Engine Room. There will be guards. Defeat them and make sure the engines are destroyed!" Grievous ordered.

"Roger, roger," the droids said.

Grievous and his droids went their separate ways. Grievous's destination was the power grid.

"Sir! There is another droid gunship ahead!" a clone screamed.

"Have the fighters shoot it down!" Lan ordered.

Two Z-95s came to stop the lone ship. They fired but a shield protected the dangerous vessel.

"We can't penetrate it!" one of the clone pilots said. "Vulture droids aren't far from it! We're pulling back, sorry sir!"


The dreadful droid gunship

The gunship landed right into the hanger. The clones inside the hanger tried to shoot it down with their casual weapons, but they stood no chance. The droid gunship targeted all clones with weapons and killed them all. B2 battle droids dropped from the ship. They took the remaining clones hostage. B1s then dropped from the ship.

Once Lan was informed of this, he was livid.

"How many hostages are there?" Lan asked.

"At least eleven," said an officer.

"I'm going down there," Lan said walking to the exit.

Anna stopped him saying, "Grievous may rendezvous with them. You'll need help."

Lan paused and thought for a second.

"Let's go," Lan said walking off the bridge.

Orr and his men had to retreat after the reinforcements came. Only Orr and four other clones remained. 

"Come on!" Orr commanded.

Orr and the clones went to the door where they entered at first. They needed to open it as fast as they could and close it again. If not, then the entire crew of the Hope would be sucked into space.

Orr opened the door. The five clones jumped into the door and closed it in a blink of an eye.

"I have a plan. Follow me!" Orr exclaimed.

Grievous reached the power grid. Five clones were guarding it. He brutally slaughtered the clones. He then turned the entire ship's weapons, doors, gravity, lights, and other power sources control to his comlink. Grievous laughed wickedly and ran to the side hanger.

However, the droids Grievous sent to the engine room failed. They never even made it to their destination. Instead, they were ambushed by a few squads of clones.

Lan got a message from an officer on the bridge saying, "Sir! We have lost all control of the ship!"

"Wait, what did you just say?" Lan and Anna stopped in their tracks.

"We have no control of anything on the ship! Someone must of compromised the power grid!" the clone exclaimed.

Lan shook his head and began to dash ahead with Anna not far behind.

"Do you think Grievous has control now?" Anna asked Lan.

"We better hope not," Lan said.

Meanwhile, Orr and the other clones tried to get all crew away from the area the droids were coming in. The droids from the other side were trying to break through the door!

"Come on. Get out of here!" Orr screamed at three naval crew men.

Three additional clones joined Orr and his group.

Orr suggested, "I have a plan! Get me all the crates you can find on this level!"

"Yes, sir!" the clones screamed as they ran off.

"And make it quick!" Orr said looking at the door. He could tell the droids were trying to break through.

In the side hanger, Grievous arrived. He saw the eleven hostages. He laughed.

"Well, hello there!" Grievous said as he kicked one of the hostage's abdomen.

Grievous then turned on his comlink and said over the Hope's loudspeaker, "Ahh! Hello Jedi!" Lan, Anna, Kenobi, Orr, and everyone else on the Hope stopped in their tracks. "I am here for one thing and one thing only. The death of all of you! I intend to do this in an orderly manner." Grievous took his Lightsabers out and stabbed one of the hostage's chest. He let the poor man moan in pain as the life was being taken for all to hear on board the Hope.

He continued, "I am anxious to see your reactions on what I got in store for all you."

Grievous looked at his comlink and pressed a simple combination. This certain combination turned all the operational guns on the ship and aimed them all at the nearest light cruiser. He opened fire on the ship. The helpless cruiser was quickly engulfed in flames and exploded. Debris pelted the crusiers.

"Until next time! Haha!" Grievous laughed.

"He will pay for this!" Lan screamed.

Orr and his men got dozens of crates stacked in front of the door where the droids were attempting to break through.

"Magnetize your feet!" Orr said when he realized the droids were almost through.

Only a few seconds went by and the droids broke through the door. The droids then saw large heavy crates speeding towards them. The crates smashed right into all the droids and sent most of them into space. Only one droideka remained and a few B1 droids.

"Attack!" Orr screamed.

The droideka fired at the seven clones, but one accurate clone took his weapon and shot the droideka straight through the droid's central brain. The clones made short work of the rest of the droids.

"Let's get outta here!" Orr said.

Orr and the rest of the clones opened one of the doors quickly, leaped inside, and closed it.

Lan and Anna arrived to the side hanger, but they did not enter. Ten clones were on the outside of it.

Lan asked, "What's the situation here?"

"We have ten hostages, all spread out. No destroyers but a heck of a lot of Commando droids. We haven't seen Grievous in a while," a clone said.

"Thank you," Lan said.

"When do we attack?" Anna asked.

"It's a suicide mission. We don't have enough men, plus that gunship is right there. It can take all of us out in just a minute," the clone said.

"More men are coming, right?" Lan asked.

"They should be. Orr contacted me and said that he and his men took care of the droids near the bridge. He said that he tried to contact you, but you blocked his transmission," the clone said.

"I never got any notifications from Orr," Lan said with a curious face.

"Grievous must be blocking them," Anna said.

Suddenly, a B1 battle droid pointed towards the entrance of the hanger, where Lan and Anna was. The droid gunship aimed towards that area.

The droid commanded, "Fire!"

The ship fired as Lan, Anna, and the clones scattered out of the way. A large explosion took place. Lan found himself under debris. He then slowly blacked out.

Lan gained consciousness. He looked at his surroundings and saw two Commando droids dragging him out of the debris. He look down for his Lightsaber, but he realized that one of the droids had it in their clutches. Lan looked for Anna, but she was no where to be found.

Lan then suddenly heard a laugh. This certain laugh came from the evil General Grievous. He grabbed Lan's hair and slammed him into a pile of crates.

Lan tried to spit out a sentence but decided to pretend to be unconscious. Not long after being thrown into the crates, Lan heard Anna's voice.

"Get your hands off of me!" he said Anna scream.

The Commando droids carrying Anna took her to Grievous. Behind Anna was seven clones being held by droids.

Grievous said, "I have no uses for you, Padawan. I am going to kill you and your master cannot do anything but see your dead carcass in his hanger. Your blood will be spread all about this cruiser!"

"Take your best shot," Anna said looking at the General's chilling face.

Grievous took out both his Lightsabers and ignited them. Lan quickly peaked his eyes open and saw three Commando droids guarding him. He also saw Anna about to be murdered by Grievous's blades.

"No!" Lan screamed as he Force Pushed the three Commando droids and half a dozen crates in the direction of the hovering droid gunship, which ultimately disabled it for a few seconds. Anna lifted her head up and got loose of the droids' grip. She took the arm of a Commando droid off of it's body. She swung it at Grievous in a swift motion. Anna managed to smash Grievous head plate. The arm split into pieces.

"Watch out!" Anna yelled to Lan as the droid gunship took aim for Lan.

Lan used the Force to get his Lightsaber back from the droid who had confiscated it. He used that to block the gunship's fire.

Anna grabbed a hold of a head of the opposite Commando droid and smashed it on her knee. She took his blaster and shot the other droid. She then took the liberty of freeing the captured clones.

Grievous recovered from the bashing Anna gave him. He commanded the droid gunship to release the spare droids. Six B1 battle droids dropped from the ship.

Lan was taking down incoming Commandos while still blocking and dodging the gunship's fire. Ten B1s were pursuing Lan now.  He guided his Lightsaber to where the droid gunship's fire would ricochet off his Lightsaber and hit the incoming droids. He put his Lightsaber in position as the gunship fired and all the droids were blown apart.

After freeing all hostages, Anna and a few clone troopers protected the clones who were injured. They formed a wall around the injured and quickly led them out of the hanger. After doing this, Anna and the remaining clones fought the battle droids.

Grievous took his Lightsabers and began to massacre the clones. Anna saw this and quickly engaged Grievous.

"Well, look at you! The little hero!" Grievous laughed.

Grievous tried to slice Anna's legs off, but she jumped through the air. She kicked him to the ground from behind.

"Not bad, am I?" Anna asked while smiling.

Grievous got off the floor and said, "We will see, little girl!"

Lan was quickly being cornered by three Commando droids, one B2, and five B1s while dodging the droid gunship's fire. He sliced one Commando in half and Force Pushed two B1s into the wall. Six clones came up behind the droids and blasted them to pieces!

Lan smiled and began to say something. He was interrupted at the sound of the droid gunship shooting all six clone troopers down. The gunship focused all of it's fire on Lan. He dodged the best he could, but ultimately he was shot in the upper thigh.

Anna and Grievous's fight was still going on strong. Only few brave clones and droids tried to interfere but all ended up either dismantled or dead. Lan, somehow, managed to lose the gunship and helped his apprentice fight against Grievous.

The last light class cruiser successfully escorted between the Hope and Rise. The Republic cheered in joy when they saw the small ship make it to the safe zone.

However the Recusant and a Munificent frigate opened all fire on the small cruiser. The Republic fighters near the light cruiser were quickly shot away by the incoming Vulture droids and bombers. The entire fleet of the Republic went mute as they witnessed the cruiser blow to pieces. All the fighters near the ship were all pelted with debris. The Hope and Rise were now in the line of debris.

"Get ready!" a clone screamed on the bridge.

The light class cruiser was destroyed on the side of the Hope that the hanger was in. This meant that debris was incoming towards The Hope in a violent manner.

Everyone froze in the hanger when they realized what happened. Grievous and Anna froze. Everyone else, including Lan and a few droids, froze.

The flaming debris smashed right into the side of the Hope. The hanger's shield couldn't take much of this. The debris quickly depleted the shield. Immediately, everything in the hanger was being sucked into the empty, violent, dullness of space.

Lan grabbed hold of a fuel tank attached to the wall as Anna grabbed a clone trooper's hand. The clone was hanging onto a loose floor panel. All the droids were sucked out into space. Most of the clones were, too.

The droid gunship jerked back and smashed it's the head into the ceiling. It tried to maintain control by going to the right but the engine had too much stress and began to partially give out. The droid gunship still continued all the way to the right since the navigation was intact. It smashed into the side of the hanger. The ship then spun around, hit it's head on the left wall, and the engine was offically gone. The gunship was sucked right into space.

Grievous was on the verge of being sucked out of the hanger. He was hanging on the edge of the hanger. Debris continued to hit the ship and that debris began to head towards Grievous.

On the bridge, the clones and officers realized what happened. They were now franticly trying to put up the steel doors to the hanger as the bridge was being hit by debris which sent most clones to the floor. The controls were being unresponsive, however.

Lan, Anna, Grievous, and a few clones were holding on for their lives'.

Lan noticed that the fuel tanks were becoming loose. He let go of the tanks as soon as they departed from the wall. Lan and the tank were coming at full speed towards space. He quickly grabbed onto a control panel before he was sucked into space. The fuel tank flew out of the hanger. The fuel tank exploded when it hit debris.

Grievous and Lan looked at each other with sour faces. Lan grinned and simply jumped behind the panel. Grievous looked confused, but he looked behind him and saw a huge slab of debris race toward his way. He tried to pull himself away but the debris slammed onto Grievous. His grip was lost and was sucked into space.

Anna and Lan met each other with eye contact. Anna was holding on to a clone trooper of her own. The clone holding Anna and the other trooper was beginning to loose his grip. Lan was ready to catch Anna if the clone was to let go.

However, the steel doors to the hanger closed. Lan, Anna, and four clones were all relieved.

Grievous was quickly saved by a droid gunship passing by. The ship took him back to the Recusant.

Captain Orr and two other clones entered the hanger and joined Lan.

"I am happy to see you two," Orr said.

"Us too, captain," Anna said.

Lan's comlink was going off. He answered. Obi-Wan was there.

He said, "I take that Grievous is off the ship and we're clear to go to hyperspace?"

Lan, being embarrassed, responded, "You know what to do, master."

The remains of the beaten fleet retreated into hyperspace.


Apparently, the Jedi Initiates took it upon themselves to rescue Ahsoka Tano from Hondo Ohnaka, which turned out to be successful. However, Ahsoka, Huyang, and the younglings were recaptured by the pirates. When they headed back to Hondo's outpost, they discovered that Grievous had taken over the outpost!

After destroying Kenobi's fleet, Grievous continued his siege in the Outer Rim, and obviously, the next planet in his grasp was Florrum.

The pirates and Jedi paired up with each other, freed the pirate prisoners, and escaped the general.

Lan's fleet set course to Florrum. They picked up Ahsoka, Huyang, the younglings, and Ohnaka and his gang.

Lan and Anna met all six younglings. Lan was impressed with their courage and determination.

Lan then introduced Anna and Ahsoka. All three of them spoke for a long amount of time.

Back at the Jedi Temple, the younglings were praised for their bravery. The Jedi Council was very joyful to hear that all the younglings returned safe and sound.

Obi-Wan thanked Lan and Anna for saving, not only his life, but his troopers, the younglings, and many other peoples lives', also.


Chapter 1

Carlac. The once peaceful world is now becoming one of the many planets that is being dragged into the Clone Wars. The crashed CIS frigate has called for reinforcements. An entire fleet arrived to rescue a Neimoidian commander from the icy desert. Apparently, he was involved in the crash, but no Republic intelligence knew this. The droids hid him well.

The Death Watch forces were beginning to thin out drastically. Pre Visla and other Death Watch leaders began to flee off Carlac. Less than half a dozen training camps remained.

The Republic casualties were high. Many bodies of Jedi, clone troopers, and other Republic staff were missing and they would most likely never be found.

Above Carlac, the Separatist fleet was trying to break through a Republic blockade. Jedi Master Plo Koon's fleet was engaging the Separatist, but he needed reinforcements. Larcon Legion quickly volunteered to assist Plo. Lan Phaseripper, Anna Trienty, Luke Shadowdust, Jacob Bladestorm, Danz Surfaceturner, Orange Magmafreezer, and captain Riz were stationed to Carlac. Each Jedi Knight brought their own cruiser and squadron of fighters.

When they all arrived, Orange was to command the battle from her own cruiser while Lan, Danz, Luke, Jacob, and captain Riz were to board a certain Munificent frigate, download the whereabouts of the Neimoidian commander from the data banks, and set up explosives to blow up the cruiser from within. Anna was given the responsibility to lead the squadron of fighters in her own Jedi starfighter. She was also given her astromech droid, R7-1D.

"May the Force be with you, Anna," Lan said after his transport launched.

Anna nodded from her starfighter and said, "May the Force be with you, also. Be sure to destroy some clankers for me, will ya?"

"Indeed I will," Lan chuckled.

Orange commanded, "Target all fighters who try to stop the transport ship. Anna, try to keep the left frigate off our tail."

"Yes, ma'am," Anna said confidently as she shot down three Vulture droids.

Lan turned to the others and said, "Are you ready, boys?"

"You bet, sir!" Riz said.

"We'll cover you," Jacob said with a smile.

"I won't be the one who carries your body back, either," Luke said with a playful tone.

"Don't worry, Lanny. If you get hurt, I'll know exactly who to blame," Orange said playfully.

Lan laughed. "Lanny, eh?"

"Yep. Consider it your good luck charm," Orange said.

The clone pilot of the transport yelled, "Incoming Vultures!"

Vulture droids began to shoot at the transport. Munificent frigate began to fire as well.

"Boys! Destroy those fighters!" Orange screamed.

Anna and a few other Y-Wings managed to shoot down all fighters that were a threat to the transport. However, a Munificent frigate focused all it's firepower at the transport. One of the Y-Wing's got hit which caused the navigation system to malfunction. The Y-Wing intersected another Y-Wing's path and they both slammed into each other.

"Pull away!" Anna screamed.

Anna pulled her fighter away. The other Y-Wings did also.

"Watch out!" Danz shouted as he saw a laser hit the engine of the transport.

"Sir, we're hit! We cannot argh!" The transport was hit with another laser. It spiraled out of control. One more laser flew right into the engines. The transport had no choice but to fall to Carlac.

"No! Master!" Anna screamed.

"We lost control! We're going down!" the clone pilots said.

The transport turned in all directions. Lan and everyone on the ship was eventually knocked into unconsciousness.

Lan awoke and felt a freezing wind hit his body. He lifted his head and saw all his friends on the ground. He stood up and saw that the two clone pilots were dead. He checked to see if Jacob, Luke, Danz, and Riz were alright. They were. They then awoke.

"Ugh. I presume," he grunted. "I presume we are on Carlac?"

"You presumed right. We need to get out of here," Lan said.

Riz and Danz stood up. They both moaned.

"This isn't good. Have you tried to contact the fleet?" Danz asked.

"Not yet. But from the looks of it, then control panel looks fried," Lan replied.

Luke arose and began to rant about his head.

"Luke, are you alright?" Lan asked.

Jacob looked at the pilots. He looked at their seats and the floor panel. He stared.

"Get off the ship," Jacob ordered.

"What?" Lan asked.

"Get off!" he said. The front of the ship began to sink into the ground. "Get off, now!"

All five men quickly jumped out of the seat. They landed on the cold hard ground and saw the ship sink into ground. The ship landed on ice and the ice eventually gave out, apparently.

"We must find shelter," Jacob said.

"Are you crazy? We are out here in the middle of a tundra! There aren't even any wild life out here to ride! What do you mean by, 'We must find shelter?'?" Danz asked with a loud voice.

Lan kept quiet.

Jacob looked at Danz with a dirty look.

"Calm down! All of you! Right now," Luke screamed.

"I think we should get a move on at least," Riz said with a light voice.

"We need to stay here and let them trace the ship," Jacob advised.

"It's not use. The ship is frozen. The tracking beacon is dead," Lan said.

Jacob started a sentence but he was interrupted by Danz saying, "Arguing will get us no where. We need to get a move on like Riz said."

They all agreed and began to walk through the ice land. They were all slowly freezing to death.

Orange and Plo began to panic. They contacted Commander Wolffe to send out a search party.

"I am so sorry, sir, but there is a rough cold front coming through. There will be walls of snow and ice coming through. I am pulling my men out at the moment. I apologize! This is just too risky. Last thing we need is more men missing," Wolffe said.

Orange and Plo sighed. They ended the transmission

Anna said, "We can't just sit here and do nothing!"

"Looks like we have to, young one," Plo said with a light voice.

"I am just as upset at this as you are, Anna. But there is absolutely nothing we can do! We have already tried to track them down with no success," Orange said.

Anna sighed. "I understand, masters," Anna ended the transmission and continued to lead the fighters.

Orange and Plo looked at each other with concerned faces.

"She must watch her emotions," Plo said to Orange.

Orange just shrugged. "I agree, yes."

All five men continued to walk through the barren land. They had small hopes of finding a Ming Po village or a wild creature they could use as transport. They found neither of the sort. All they did find was two starfighters that had crashed into one another.

"This will do," Jacob said walking to the crashed starfighters.

'Are you kidding me?' Lan thought. He quickly erased this question out of his mind.

Jacob went through the starfighters and came out with a long sheet of cloth. He spread the cloth out over both ships. Lan, Danz, and Riz went over to help Jacob. Luke stayed in one place. His muscles felt frozen. Lan and Riz took the end of the cloth and sat it to the ground. They took steel pipes and stabbed the cloth into the ground with the pipes. The same was done to the other side.

"Is there any supplies in the ships?" Lan asked.

"Negative. There is a huge abundance of cloth, however. There is also half a dozen barrels of fuel," Jacob responded.

"I'm going to see if the communications are working," Riz said.

"Alright. Meanwhile, we need to set up a fire. I'll go and see if there is any firewood." Jacob said.

"Erm," Danz began. "I think you should stay here. We can probably make a fire here with whatever is in these two ships."

"I agree with Danz," Lan quietly said.

Jacob quietly sat down in the snow. Lan went inside and got another long sheet of cloth and sat it over the snow in the middle of the ships.

"This is better," Lan said sitting down on the cloth.

"Indeed, my friend," Luke said laying down next to the fire.

An hour went by. Riz was unsuccessful in setting up a communication broadcast. The ships did not have the capability of taking off, too. Jacob, Lan, and Danz managed to make a small fire thanks to the fuel barrels, the cloth, and Riz's blaster.

All four men gathered around the fire.

"We should get some sleep," Jacob said.

"You don't have to tell me twice, sir," Riz said laying down.

"We should get a move on in the morning," Danz said. Everyone suddenly looked at him as if he was insane.

"We'll debate in the morning. I'll stand watch," Jacob said.

"You need rest, too. Sleep!" Lan commanded.

"I appreciate your concern, but we all need to remain safe. The only way that can happen is if I keep watch."

Lan gave up on the argument. He laid down and so did everyone else. On that note, Lan, Danz, Luke, and Riz all fell asleep while Jacob sat up. Jacob sat up against the ship close to the exit, away from the fire. He had his blaster in hand. He sat up for almost an hour, but he eventually fell asleep himself.

Orange screamed, "Hyena droids incoming! Brace yourself, Hope!"

A team of Hyena Bombers made their way through Republic defenses and bombed the Hope.

"Captain! Situation report!" Orange screamed to the captain on the Hope.

Captain Orr said, "Our hull is damaged critically! We cannot launch any kind of starships. Our weapons are disabled and it will take err time to fix. The bridge was barely hit."

"Fall back behind the other cruisers," Plo commanded.

"Yes, sir!" Orr exclaimed.

Anna contacted Orange and Plo saying, "Have the search parties had any luck finding Lan?"

"Negative. The storm is not letting our scanners work properly," Orange sighed.

She and her squadron blasted down many Vulture droids. They were clearing a path right to a Munificent frigate. Anna then took it into her own hands to shoot the frigate's bridge. The entire bride collapsed and exploded and the rest of the ship was helplessly floating. The rest of her squadron was taking down any incoming fighters.

Orange and Plo stood in awe. Five Vulture droids attacked Anna and her squad, taking down three Y-Wings and damaging Anna's ship.

"Evasive maneuvers!" Anna screamed.

A Y-Wing shot down one Vulture droid. A Tri-Fighter zoomed past the fighters and shot a Y-Wing's pilot bubble. The ship slammed into Anna's starfighter, sending her to the surface below.

"Commander Viper! I want her ship scanned and followed by a probe!" she commanded.

"Right away, sir!" Viper responded.

R7 attempted to steer the ship around to go in the direction of the cruisers with no success.

"Stabilizers are gone! The engines are not responsive."

R7 blooped and beeped as she tried to at least prepare to crash land.

"Incoming!" Anna screamed as they hit the ground.

The starfighter zoomed across the empty snowy landscape. Sheets of ice and snow were ripped up from the ground as the ship scraped against Carlac. Finally, the ship took a halt near the edge of a steep drop. R7 shut down immediately after crashing and Anna went into unconsciousness.

Jacob awoke and heard a noise of someone walking through the snow. He got his pistol and slowly went outside. The temperature was extremely low and winds were extremely high. He searched for the footsteps and quickly found them. He followed them, which lead him fifteen meters away from the ships. He stopped in his tracks when the footsteps stopped.

"Hello?" Jacob softly said.

He suddenly saw a strange man standing a ways from him. Jacob pointed his weapon at the figure.

"Who...Who are" Jacob stuttered.

The figure began to dash away. Jacob followed at a very slow pace. His breath began to leave him. The air got stale.

Danz woke up.

"Jacob? Jacob!" Danz screamed. "Jacob is gone."

Riz, Luke, and Lan woke up and searched the ships.

"He probably saw something outside and went after it," Riz suggested.

"The fool," Lan said. "Come with me, Riz. Danz and Luke stay here. If he comes back here while we are gone, fire your blaster," Lan commanded.

"Affirmative. Now go!" Luke said.

Jacob saw the figure get on a speeder bike and disappear in the distance. He fell in his tracks. His body slowly began to turn into an ice block.

Lan and Riz stood close. Riz had his finger on the trigger while Lan had his Lightsaber close at hand.

"Sir, I see footprints. Looks like more than one person was here," Riz said.

"We need to be quick and cautious," Lan said.

Both men followed the tracks.

"I think I see a body ahead," Riz said.

"I do too. Be careful," Lan said approaching the body.

As they got closer, they could see that it was Jacob laying there.

"Jacob!" Lan shouted.

Lan picked him up and raced to the tent with Riz not far behind.

When they arrived, they set Jacob next to the fire. They covered him up in cloth. His armor was covered in ice.

"What happened out there?" Luke demanded to know.

"We don't know. We found him laying there all alone," Lan said.

"Are you sure you all were alone?" Luke asked with his eyes wide open.

"I'm most certain," Lan said.

"Jacob must of saw something, followed it, and blacked out," Riz suggested.

"That's the best possible reason," Lan said.

"We need to keep our guard up," said Danz.

The snow storm began to calm down only a little. Flurries were falling. The clouds still covered the sky, creating a dark scenery. Snow covered the barren land. Ice covered all wild trees, shrubs, and the ruins of houses and outposts.

The group began to speak about strange experiences while they waited for Jacob to regain consciousness.

Danz spoke about the toxic world of Quesh and how the droid army was overrunning the only outpost on the planet. Danz was fighting on Quesh with Jedi Master Kit Fisto. However, the Republic reinforced Danz and Fisto with an entire fleet led by Mace Windu. The outpost was relieved and many other CIS outposts were taken.

Riz began to speak about being a cadet on Kamino. His experience in the training grounds was all but easy. The tests and procedures were long and grueling. Riz described the training sequences he and his squad had to complete. He did conquer all stages with flying colors, therefore, he became a soldier of the Republic Army.

Luke told about the false distress call from Mustafar. He was captured by the notorious Count Dooku's bounty hunters. He mentioned that a mysterious girl named Ashley saved him. They fought through Dooku's small compound and eventually escaped.

Lan recalled back to the time when his two friends from Tholoth, Tan Con and Ublac, contacted him in need. He told about finding them slaughtered, the pirate group, and escaping. He still did not know how they contacted him. Lan did not contact anyone on Tholoth ever since he left.

Jacob awoke finally, in a panic.

"Where is she?" he screamed. "Danz! Lan!"

"Calm down, sir, what happened out there?" Riz asked putting his hands on Jacob's head.

"They are out there! All of them!" Jacob reached for Riz's blaster which was sitting across from them. "Get that blaster!"

"Jacob! Calm down! You are safe!" Lan tried to comfort Jacob.

Danz asked, "What did you see out there?"

"Sir, I cannot..." Jacob fainted.

"Blast!" Luke threw his blaster down.

"This doesn't look good!" Lan exclaimed.

Above the planet, Orange and Plo Koon continued their frantic search for the missing ones.

"Master Plo, we need to finish this battle so we can search for them!" Orange said.

"I am afraid if we pull back, then the CIS will have a clear path to the surface. From there, they can easily get to their commander and our forces will be overwhelmed!" Plo exclaimed.

"They'll die down there," Orange said quietly.

"That is a horrible risk we will have to take," the Jedi Master said.

Ana opened her eyes. Her head was resting on the controls of her starfighter. She slowly raised her head, groaning in pain.


Ana could not see out her starfighter. Ice and snow covered the fighter. She then became impatient and Force Pushed the snow and ice off the fighter. Almost instantly, she saw R6.

"R7!" she screamed. "Buddy! Stay with me," Ana said.

R7 suddenly began to move his head, breaking ice that formed around his once latent robotic body. He beeped and bleeped.

"I'm glad to see you, too," said Ana while she was smiling.

She then began to shiver. "I'm surprised we survived," she said.

R7 responded with beeps.

"Have you tried to contact the fleet?" Ana asked.

R7 responded with no.

Ana shook her head and tried to exit her fighter. R6, however, did not let her.

R7 bleeped, "These temperatures and weather conditions are too much for you."

Ana responded, "I respect you looking out for me, but I must find survivors, little guy."

R7 protested drastically.

"Okay! Okay! Don't get pushy. I'll stay," Ana said sitting back.

R7 beeped with cheerfulness.

Chapter 2

The wind began to pick up. Little by little the snow became a little heavier, but not as much as before.

"We need to find something we can use to signal the fleet to tell us our location," suggested Danz.

"There are not any flares or anything of the sort. The fire would not work, considering the wind activity," Lan said.

Jacob suddenly awoke before anyone could say a word.

"Jacob!" Lan screamed. "Are you alright? Do you need any rations or anything to drink?" Lan asked with a concern tone.

"Someone's out there," Jacob said seriously.

"What?" said Riz.

"She....she had a speeder...with uh..heavy weapons or something on it," Jacob informed.

Lan looked at Danz with worry.

"Are you sure you did not just see err... hallucinations or uh.. anything shadows that could be to blame?" Riz asked.

"No! I am not crazy! She laughed at me. She had heavy armor on. I tried to shoot her but I could not move. The frost was killing me. Slowly" Jacob began to shiver.

"Here," Luke said as he covered Jacob in cloth. "This will keep you warm."

"Thank you, friend," Jacob said.

Luke walked up to Lan. "What do you think is out there?"

Lan said, "I'm not sure. We can't investigate ourselves, considering what happened to Jacob. We have to stay here."

"I agree," Luke said.

The space battle was almost over. Both the CIS and Republic had suffered heavy losses but both sides still held their line.

Orange attempted to contact Anna and the others numerous times with no success. She feared the worst.

Minutes later, all the men heard a strange noise. It sounded like a speeder bike.

"What in the.." Riz said.

Suddenly, blaster fire could be heard.

"Take cover!" Luke shouted as he took cover in the ship.

Luke ran over to the pilot seats and saw a group of figures.

"Oh, this is not good," Luke said as he threw himself on the ground.

"Ready your weapons!" Danz said.

Luke quickly glanced back over to the windows and saw multiple people with in the distance rocket launchers.

"Guys! Get down!" screamed Luke.

The rockets were fired loudly and clearly. Lan's eyes widen as he took cover. The rockets landed near the ships. Huge chunks of ice and snow began to rain down. The cloth that was hung between the ships began to rip and tear. Riz got up and aimed his blaster outside.

"Where's the enemy?" Danz asked frantically.

"I don't know! I can't see. It's too dark," Riz said.

Jacob looked around.

"It's them," he said softly.

Lan and Luke helped Jacob up.

"Now is not the time to tell us 'I told you so'," Luke said.

"Take cover!" Riz screamed.

Rockets began to rain down once more.

"We need to get out of here! If they hit one of the ships, we are all dead. Come on," Danz said.

All five men rushed out of the their camp. Blaster fire began to rain upon them as they dashed away. Riz and Luke shot their weapons at the sources of the blaster fire. It was very dark so they weren't very accurate. The attackers shot more rockets at them. They missed them, but they were all knocked down to the ground.

"They aren't trying to kill us. They want to lead us somewhere!" Danz said.

After Danz said this, speeders could be seen coming towards them in the distance.

"Run!" Lan screamed

Lan, Luke, and Danz blocked the blaster bolts shot while Riz and Jacob shot their small weapons at the attackers. The snow was knee deep. They could barely make it through.

"Push forward!" Danz screamed.

Luke was then shot in the back.

"Luke!" Lan yelled.

"Oh no," Riz said.

Luke's body fell in the snow and was buried by the incoming snow and ice. Suddenly, more rockets were fired. The rockets ran the rest of the group away from Luke.

"We have to go back!" Lan said.

"We can't! They'll kill us for sure," said Danz.

Lan looked behind himself and saw a grenade go past his face.

"Grenade!" Lan screamed.

He Force Pushed everyone away and threw himself in the snow. The explosion sent tons of snow and ice everywhere. A chunk of ice hit Lan in the back of his head. He slowly looked up. His blurry vision made it hard to see his attacker's.

"Jacob...Luke..." Lan said.

Three figures became visible to him. Behind the three of them, were about five men and women on speeder bikes with heavy weapons. Lan slowly passed out after this.

Orange contacted the Jedi Council and reported their losses to them while Plo witnessed the conversation.

"This is very unfortunate about the lost ones. We just cannot spare the fleet. It is stretched to thinly. I am afraid you will have to pull out," said Mace Windu.

"No!" Orange stopped herself. "We just cannot leave them down there, Master. They'll die without our help!"

"I don't like this as much as you do, but we cannot risk anymore lives trying to find people who may not be alive," Kit Fisto said.

"Deeply sorry, I am. Agree with Masters Windu and Fisto I do," Yoda said with a depressed expression.

"Pull out your forces as soon as possible," Mace said.

"Acknowledged," Orange said.

The transmission ended.

Plo said, "I'll call in our remaining fighters."

Orange nodded and sat down in the captain's chair. Commander Viper walked to Orange and said, "Sir, you have an incoming transmission from Rio Ice."

Lan shivered. His eyelids were frozen together and he could hardly move a muscle. Lan heard men and women speaking to each other as the snow was being deposited all around him. He knew he was in restraints.

"Now what is your name?" a man asked someone in Lan's group. "Not much talk are ya?" he said as he smacked whoever he was speaking to in the face.

Lan attempted to open his eyes. He could barely see anything. As the seconds went on, he recovered his vision. He saw dozens of men and women in battle gear. He looked around him and saw his friends who were bound up.

"Oh look here! One of the Jedi have woken up!" Lan heard.

"Sir," a man named Demetrius came up behind the man who was taunting Lan. "Our sensors have detected a starship that has crashed near the Albain Cliffs. Should we pursue?"

"Of course! More intruders to join the trials!" the man triumphed.

"Yes, Maith!" Demetrius said.

Anna and R7 were still trying to contact the fleet with no prevail.

"Ugh! This is worthless!" Anna said as she hit the communication control.

R7 slowly beeped but he began shut down due to the extreme cold.

"Please don't go, R7! I'll go find a power cell for you or you can stay in here with me. It's semi cold in here," Anna said trying to comfort the dying droid.

Anna saw a pack of Ice Wolves ahead. She decided to exit her fighter to chase the animals off. R7 looked at the landscape ahead and saw Anna slowly disappear.

Luke opened his eyes. He was covered in ice and snow. Luke was in so much pain.

"Hello...Hello?" he softly spoke.

He attempted to get up with no success. He suddenly felt something pulling on his leg. Luke was then pulled out from under the snow and ice and met a pack of Narglatch.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy there," he said with caution.

The Narglatch pack just stared at him. One came closer to him with his teeth shining. This was the alpha male.

"I am not going to hurt you," Luke said.

The Narglatch stepped closer and closer until it final charged.

"No!" he yelled holding his hands out.

Suddenly, the Narglatch stopped. Luke looked and saw that he was controlling the beasts with the Force. Luke's eyes widen.

"It's okay. I am not going to hurt you," Luke said as he pet the Narglatch on the head. The alpha male and the rest of the beasts realized that Luke was not hostile.

"Now let's see if you can find my friends."

Luke took the alpha male to the two ships. He found one of Danz's torn garments and let the Narglatch sniff it.

"Can you find him?"

Suddenly, the beast roared and began to dash to the south. Luke hopped on top of one of the Narglatch and the rest of the steadfast creatures followed.

The search party for the crashed starship began. Demetrius gathered a search team to recover whatever they could from the mystery ship. The search party contained ten men and women who were heavily armed, a stolen Republic TX-130 saber-class tank, two CK-6 swoop bikes, one 74-Z speeder bike, and two BARC speeders.

"Let's go find us a fool!" Demetrius yelled as he signaled for the search party to commence.

Demetrius sat down in the Saber-class tank and followed the coordinates to the crash site.

When they arrived, R7 became frantic. He looked around for Anna and tried to signal for her.

"What do we have here?" Demetrius said opening up the top hatch of the tank. "We have a Jedi Starfighter Haha!"

Demetrius loaded his rifle and had five people follow him. Everyone else pointed their weapons at the fighter. Demetrius was disappointed because he saw no Jedi. He just saw an Astromech.

"Shut up, you stupid droid!" Demetrius said as he shot R7 two times.

"Salvage what you can of this ship, ladies and gentlemen! We cannot return to Maith and Alaana empty handed," he said looking around in the snow-filled air.

Two men on BARC speeders surrounded the ship and began to salvage what they could of the ship.

R7 began to beep maliciously. Demetrius turned around and saw the droid. R7, knowing that Anna could not walk into the horde of madmen, set the engines to self destruct. Demetrius looked at the control panel and realized what the little droid had done.

"No!" Demetrius screamed.

The Jedi Starfighter exploded. Everyone near or on the fighter was blown away. Debris showered thirty kilometers away from the fighter. Pieces of the fighter hit the Saber-tank and disabled it.

Anna heard the explosion of her fighter.

"Oh no," she said to herself as she dashed back to her fighter.

When she returned, she saw a graveyard. Bodies and pieces of her fighter and speeders were everywhere. She searched for her droid, but had zero progress. She sensed that others were near by, but her visions were clouded.

"What happened here?" she asked herself.

"I am Maith Vik. Leader of the Carlac Parliament. My betroth is Alaana Jenn. We are a voice of the truth. We punish those who bring war, allow war, and accept war. All of you have done these things," he said pointing to all those lined up.

Danz bravely spoke, "You kidnap people and you torture them? This is what your so called 'parliament' is about!?"

"How dare you speak smack about the Carlac Parliament!" Alaana said gesturing to hit him.

Dozens of men and women gathered around.

"You certainly aren't Ming Po. Where did you come from?" Lan asked.

"How dare you put our name with the weak Ming Po! They are weak while we are strong and defend what is rightfully ours. We have been here for centuries. Our ancestors came from the war torn planets and stayed under the radar of any government to ensure their safety. They hunted the native wildlife to survive and made their own technologies. They taught their youth to defend the peace and to destory the weak who interfere with the peace and allow themselves to be apart of war. We are fulfilling their legacy by keeping Carlac away from the war. This planet was meant to be peaceful but you pigs have brought the war to us!" Maith said.

"Carlac was intended to be defended by us. We will restore order by executing those who attack it and deprive it of it's resources. We will become a feared force," Alaana said with pride.

"Now that you know our true goal, let us get to the fun part. The executions," Maith said with a smile.

"Bring out the defendants!" a man named Trilion ordered to a group of eager men.

One by one, a young Jedi padawan, a clone trooper sergeant, a Death Watch commander, a Ming Po villager, and the popular Nemiodian commander.

"The ladies and gentlemen you see here have either brought the war to Carlac, encouraged it, or allowed it to continue. All of you will be punished by your choice of either immediate death, exile, or self-defense," Alaana said with a smile under her solid helmet.

Lan and Jacob looked at each other from a small distance away.

"Executioner!" Maith called.

"It is time! Let the trials begin," a short tubby man who is called 'The Judge' said.

"You!" The Judge said pointing to the clone trooper. "What is your name?"

"I do not answer for large scum bags. May I empathize the word large?" he said with a smart smile.

The Judge smiled and said, "Disrespect for your judge? You will not choose your punishment so I will automatically choose it for you."  The Judge immediately swiped his blaster from his side and shot the clone twice through the temple.

"No! Stop this!" Danz demanded. He attempted to stand to his feet but a collar placed on him shocked the Jedi so much that he fell back to his knees.

"Did I forget to mention that the collars you are wearing senses aggressive movement? Oh, and it can also detect when you use your Force powers, Jedi. Haha! No tricks today, gentlemen!" Maith said.

The Judge stepped to the young Jedi padawan. She was keeping her head down.

"What is your name, little girl?" The Judge asked.

"He asked you a question! Answer him, vermin!" a woman in the audience of people demanded. She was named Camalo. She and a few other men captured the padawan by shooting down her gunship with their rocket launchers. Everyone inside the gunship died besides her.

"Let us move on, shall we?" The Judge asked rhetorically. "You have been charged with escalating the battle of Carlac. Death, exile, or self-defense?" asked the unpleasant man.

"Death," she stated with a firm face.

Lan's eyes grew and he attempted to say something, but a man behind him knocked him in the head.

The Judge whipped out his sword and smiled. "As you wish."

The Judge, without hesitation, sliced the girl's head off her body.

"Stop this!" Lan stood to his feet and the collar shocked him to the fullest degree.

"Sit down!" a guard yelled as he punched Lan with his electron staff.

The Judge went to Death Watch commander.

"Now you. You have been here for a very long time, haven't you? You have killed Carlac by stealing her land and resources! You should be put through as much pain as you have caused her! Death, exile, or self-defense?"

"I am not afraid of anyone of you! I will defend myself with nothing but my bare hands! Death Watch will be here soon and they will kill you all for kidnapping me!" the confident man said.

"Okay. Alright. I think I heard you chose self-defense?" The Judge asked.

"Hell yeah!" he said.

Two guards went behind the man and released him from his binds.

"Now!" he said getting to his feet, "Come at me!" he said pointing to the two guards who released him.

"Oh no, you are not fighting him. You are defending yourself from the cold."

The man looked confused. Five men suddenly ran to him, punched him in the head, and dragged him to a hole in a deep, frozen lake. They shoved the commander inside and sealed the hole with a large and heavy crate. The man desperately beat on the crate and the ice surrounding it. The men who put him inside the lake could still see his facial expressions through the ice. They saw fear his eyes. Eventually, he stopped struggling and began to sink to the bottom of the lake.

"Now, if he were to lift the crate off the hole, he would be alive," The Judge said with a smile. "He did a poor job defending himself from the cold of Carlac!"

"You are a monster! All of you! How can you do this to other people!?" Jacob asked with his voice cracking.

The Judge moved on to the Ming Po villager.

"I will keep this quick and easy for you, weakling. Death, exile or self-defense?" The Judge asked.

The Ming Po villager was shaken with fear and was sobbing. "Exile! Exile please!"

"As you wish," the Judge said.

"I want to be exiled, also!" said the Nemiodian commander. He hoped that he Ming Po could take him to his village for shelter.

"Go right ahead."

Both men were released and they began running away. The Judge turned to Lan and his group and smiled.

"No one ever escapes from us," The Judge smiled.

He took out his blaster and shot the Ming Po villager through the head.

"No! No! Please! No!" the Nemiodian commander tried to plead as he fled.

The Judge aimed for the running man and shot him through the chest twice. The Nemiodian commander fell on his face and died.

"They were your example for what will come to you all. Your trials are now in place," The Judge said.

From a short distance, Luke saw the Carlac Parliament's headquarters. There were stolen AATs and Saber-class tanks guarding the outskirts of the base. He knew there was something wrong. Luke slowly maneuvered the pack of Narglatch around the guards. The pack was easily camouflaged since there was blizzard taking place at the time.

Luke saw that the ones piloting a Saber-class tank and the people surrounding it were not clone troopers. He looked further ahead and saw his friends bound up with weapons being pointed towards them. He instantly began to charge at the Saber-class tank. The rest of the pack followed.

Inside the tank, a woman said, "I am picking up large movement ahead of us. Our scanners cannot tell us what it is through this blizzard!"

Suddenly, Narglatch pounced on the surrounding guards.

"Narglatch!" a man yelled but was soon torn apart by the beasts.

Luke jumped off the Narglatch he was riding and landed onto the Saber-tank. He took out his blue Lightsaber and swiftly cut open a hole in it and jumped inside. He killed those inside the tank and gave order for the Narglatch to move in on the rest of Parliament. He piloted the tank and began to fire at other speeders and tanks, destroying them. He then fired at the headquarters, causing large explosions.

"What is going on!?" Maith demanded to know.

Dozens of Narglatch suddenly came into view. Maith's jaw dropped. Narglatch charged at the Parliament guards, grabbing them by any body part they could, and finally killing them. All men and women present began to fire at the Narglatch.

The Narglatch pack protected Luke's tank. Any incoming men or tanks were immediately killed or driven away by the loyal, savage creatures.

Danz stood to his feet and his collar shocked him. Nevertheless, he threw a kick at the man who held the keys to the collars. The Judge saw what was happening and he began to aim for Danz with his blaster. Lan planned to stand to his feet and stop him from firing but a Narglatch grabbed the Judge by the neck. It dragged him away.

Lan saw that Maith, Alaana, and the other guards were too busy holding off the Narglatch.

Danz won the fight and gained control of the keys. However, he was still being shocked and began to loose consciousness. Lan stood to his feet and grabbed the key. He managed to free Danz of the collar, while still being bound. Danz regained some consciousness, freed himself from his bound, and took the key to free Lan. Eventually, everyone else was freed.

Maith looked over at their captives and saw that they were escaping.

"Don't let them get away!" he screamed

Lan and the rest of his group dashed inside.

Luke saw that his friends ran inside the facility he was firing upon. He looked around and saw that an AAT was aiming for him. Luke quickly turned on auto pilot and he set the tank to crash right into the incoming AAT. Luke jumped out of the Saber tank and went to find a way inside the headquarters. The AAT tank managed to destroy the incoming tank but the remains of it crashed right into the AAT, causing it to go up in flames.

Anna, who heard the explosions from the Albain Cliffs, sought out to find a speeder that was still functional. She found one and began to head to the area where the smoke and explosions were coming from.

"Get all of our guards down here and kill these beasts!" Maith commanded

"I'll go round up our prisoners," Alaana said. She and three other men went inside to track down the intruders.

Lan, Danz, Jacob, and Riz were running through the halls of the Carlac Parliament's base.

"What happened out there?" Riz asked.

"I'm not sure," Lan began. "But I sense something familiar."

"We need to find our weapons!" Jacob said.

"Indeed we do, but we first must contact our fleet above," Danz suggested.

Then they ran into a group of men with heavy weapons.

"It's the intruders! Blast them!" a man with a long beard screamed.

"Get down!" Lan said.

The men fired their weapons. Lan and his group ducked. As the men fired their weapons, a group of men and women, with their own intents of killing the group of prisoners, were suddenly shot down by their own men.

Danz and Lan Force Pushed the men into a automatic door. They were all instantly knocked out.

"We must find the control room!" Danz said.

Three males with blaster rifles saw the group of confused men and began to fire. Lan and the rest dodged with ease. Lan and Danz quickly went up to the men, subdued them, and stole their weapons. Lan took one of their comlinks to see if the chaos outside was still taking place.

"Where is the control room?" Danz asked one of the men.

"Haha. And you think I will actually tell you?" the man laughed.

Danz waved his hand at the stubborn man's face.

The man quickly blurted, "It is in the west. There are automatic turrets and heavily armed men stationed there."

"Thank you," Danz smiled. "You can sleep now."

Riz punched the man in the face, causing him to fall to the ground motionless.

"You heard where to go!" Danz said

Everyone dashed to the control center.

Luke busted a window open. A man with a pistol saw this and began to fire toward Luke.


Luke revealed his Lightsaber, blocked his attacker's shots, and Force Pushed him into the wall.

"Let's see what's on you!" Luke quietly said to himself.

Luke searched the man up and down. He took a comlink, his blaster, food rations, and an explosive. Luke then thought of going to the control room. He sensed that his allies would be heading there.


Outside of the base, Maith and his men were slowly gaining ground over the Narglatch. Many men and women were dead because of this attack. Maith was enraged about the entire situation and he used that rage to help him kill anything that was not on his side.

Lan and the rest of his group made it to the control room. They spotted five automatic turrets and three men. The group quickly put together a battle plan.

"May the Force be with us," Lan said.

They put their plan into action and it worked. The turrets were disabled and all three men were killed.

Inside the control room, there was nothing different. Lan, Danz, Jacob, and Riz took down the men, women, and turrets inside.

"I am going to hot wire the automatic doors to malfunction," Riz began.

"I am all about giving the Parliament a bigger thorn to their side, but locate us a ship," Jacob said.

"Will do!" Riz said.

"I am not leaving without my Lightsaber!" Danz said.

"I feel the same way, but our main priority is to get off this planet alive!" Lan said.

"I understand," said Danz.

"I would also love to have my blaster back. It's been with me ever since I joined the academy," Jacob said while guarding the door.

Riz suddenly laughed a bit. "I have located a ship, but it is taking off under Maith's orders. Their food supplies and best weapons are on their ship. You have not heard the best part. There is a large Anti-Air turret outside that can be either manually controlled or it can be navigated from here."

"You're gonna do it, aren't you?" Jacob said chuckling.

"Why wouldn't I?" Riz said.

The ship began to lift off the ground. The men and women on board took their stations and prepared for their evacuation.

Riz took control of the Anti-Air turret and aimed for the ship. He smiled and fired. The Anti-Air turret hit the ship's left engine, which sent it out of control. The turret fired again, which hit an area where explosives were being held. The explosives sent the entire ship crashing down into the base.

Maith's eyes grew and he said, "What the hell is going on!? Contact the control room!"

One of Maith's men attempted to, but had no success.

"They are in there! Send in all of our men! Inform Alaana of this! We are going to crush them for all they have done!" Maith said.

"I have sabotaged the lights and doors system, ventilation shafts, and I have rigged the power station to overload and self-destruct," Riz said.

"Good! Good!" Jacob said.

"I have also sent out a distress signal to Magmafreezer and Koon. I have sent them coordinates to an abandoned mining well near a mountain. There are mobile vehicles to the north that can take us there. I have mapped out a route for us that will take us straight to them. I have shut off all doors in and out of the route to make sure we do not run into any friendlies," Riz reported.

"Danz must be proud of you, Riz!" Lan said.

"Let's go!" Jacob said.

All four men gathered at the beginning of their route when suddenly, Alaana and her accomplices barged into the control room!

"Go!" Danz said.

Riz fired his weapon at the door he and his group just went out of. The door instantly shut.

"Get this door open!" Alaana commanded.

"We must hurry!" Lan said.

The lights then went off.

"Bad timing?" Riz asked.

Everyone shrugged and they began their planned journey to the vehicles.

Luke entered the dark control room, only to find Alaana and her men destroying the door that separated them from the prisoners. Luke hid and waited until they had got it open. As soon as they got it open, he Force Pushed them down to the ground and dashed to his friends.

"Stop! Wait!" Luke screamed.

"Luke?!" Danz screamed.

Everyone stopped and looked behind them.

"Luke! Oh my goodness!" Lan said.

"I am happy to see you are alive, Luke, but we gotta get to the speeders!" Jacob said.

Everyone continued running.

Alanna and her men awoke. She immediately demanded her men to get up and continue chasing the brave men.

"Maith! Get to the speeder pad on the north side! Our prisoners are heading there!" Alaana reported to her husband.

Maith and a few of his men that surrounded him retreated inside to find the men. Even though the Narglatch was still overpowering their defenses, the Parliament continued to deploy their men in bulk outside.

Once they arrived to the speeder pad, a group of men and women were there to greet them with nasty intentions. However, Lan and the rest of everyone quickly killed them.

"Get on a speeder and head for these coordinates!" Riz said as he got onto a stolen CK-6 swoop bike. Lan, Danz, and Jacob got onto a Ubrikkian tank while Luke commandeered a STAP.

Just before they took off, Anna saw Lan and the others. She also witnessed the hostile Narglatch maul men and women. A line of three AATs were firing upon the Narglatch. It was a battle ground.

"Lan! Master!" she called but Lan did not notice her desperate words.

She finally piloted the speeder bike over to the landing pad. Just as she arrived there, they left without seeing her. Luke was the only one who noticed her. He did not leave.

"Anna! What are yo.. Never mind that! Get behind me!" Luke said.

Suddenly, Alaana and her men shot at Luke's STAP, causing it to explode. Luke and Anna fell to the ground.

"Well. well! Another Jedi," Alaana said kicking Anna's stomach.

Alaana reached on her belt and pulled out an oval shaped object. She pressed a button and a long material shot out of it. It was an electric whip! Alaana hit Anna with the whip once.

"Where did your friends go?" Alaana asked as she whipped Anna a second time.

The four men surrounded Luke's body. He opened his eyes and saw what she was doing to Anna. He used the Force to send two of the men off the speeder platform and the other two men into the wall. Luke grabbed his Lightsaber and Alaana aimed for Luke with her whip.

"Haha! You cannot save her!" Alaana said.

Alaana swung her electric whip at Luke. He easily blocked it with his Lightsaber. After they fought for a short time, both of the guards that were still on the platform awoke and attempted to blast Luke. However, he reflected the bolts back to the guards.

Anna stood on her feet and grabbed her Lightsaber.

"This is so much fun! Haha!" Alaana said while her whip was transformed into an extended sword.

After fighting for a few moments, Luke was thrown out of the picture and was knocked out. Only Alaana and Anna were left fighting. The padawan managed to slice Alaana's whip into two. Anna kicked her to the ground.

"Surrender!" Anna demanded.

Maith and the rest of his men were only a few meters from the speeder pad. Anna looked over at Maith and the other men. Alaana reached for Anna's leg, and began to shock her with her glove. Luke awoke and saw what the situation was.

"No!" he screamed.

Luke Force Pushed a piece of the STAP at the entrance of the speeder pad, causing the door to shut so Maith and the others could not enter. He then ignited his Lightsaber and sliced Alaana's arm off. She would not give up, however. She reached for her spare blaster, but Luke used the Force to pick her up. He threw her off the speeder pad and into the pack of Narglatch. The Narglatch tore her apart.

Anna gave Luke an odd look and began to say something, but she stopped.

"Let's get out of here!" Luke said.

Luke and Anna got onto Anna's speeder bike and attempted to catch up with the rest.

Luke contacted the other saying, "Do not go back! I am going to catch up with you all! Anna is here." Lan's eyes widened. "It's a long story which we do not have time for! We need to get there in a hurry, however. Maith and a few others who did not look happy are on our tail, also."

Maith and his men broke through the door. On the other side, three more men were getting on BARC speeder bikes. Maith and a few others piloted a Corellian Combat Speeder.

"We are almost to the coordinates!" Riz said.

However, Maith and his men caught up to them. He immediately began to fire upon the fleeing people.

"We have company!" Danz said.

The men on the BARC speeder bikes aimed their fire toward Riz's swoop bike.

"I'm taking heavy fire!" he said.

Luke and Anna attempted to give Rix cover fire. Luke, who was behind Anna on the speeder, ignited his Lightsaber. He managed to deflect all incoming lasers. One of the BARC speeders flipped over after the engine was struck by a deflected laser.

Maith and some of his men boarded the Ubrikkian.

"They are on top of you!" Luke said over the speeder communications.

Lan and Danz went to the top of the speeder as Jacob piloted it to the coordinates. As soon as they came out, the battle began. Maith and his men fired their blasters. Lan and Danz dodged the blaster fire. They managed to throw three of the men off the speeder which killed them. Only Maith and one other was left.

"You come on our home. Kill our people. Torture Carlac's natives!" Maith said.

"You are the one who has executed Ming Po!" Danz said.

"They are not true natives! We are!" Maith said as he lifted his cloak which revealed a number of blasters and Lightsabers from the ones he had murdered. Lan and Danz saw their own Lightsabers among the other stolen ones. They also saw Jacob and Riz's blasters. Lan and Danz regained possession stolen weapons using the Force.

"Here!" Lan said as he dropped Jacob's blaster into the pilot pit. He also dropped Riz's blaster.

Jacob quickly picked up both weapons and placed them on his belt with a smile on his face.

Lan and Danz ignited their Lightsabers. Maith grabbed two Lightsabers off his belt. They were green. Danz and Maith engaged in Lightsaber combat as Lan fought with the other man. Maith laughed as he dueled Danz.

Anna assisted Luke in destroying the second BARC speeder. Riz then managed to take down the last one by banging his vehicle into his opponent. This caused the speeder to tip over on it's side.

Lan managed to slice his opponent's weapon into halves and then proceeded to slice his chest. Danz and Maith were still fighting. Lan joined the fight. Their clash migrated to the Corellian Combat Speeder's side platforms.

"We are reaching the landing zone in just a minute!" Riz said.

The Lightsaber fight between Danz, Lan, and Maith continued on top of the speeder. Maith and Danz's blade, however, were both forced into the pilot's seat. The pilot instantly died. Ahead of them, was a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff was the snow and ice covered mining area. Danz looked ahead and realized what was going to happen.

"No!" he screamed.

The speeder crashed into a rock, causing it to capsize, but it flipped over a few, extra times until it finally stopped at the cliff edge. The crash threw all three men off. Danz was knocked out, but Lan and Maith were still conscious.

"Pick up Danz and go to the rendezvous point," Lan said as he was laying in the snow. Then, Maith got on his feet and fled onto and bridge that extended from the cliff and into the side of the tall mountain where a mining shaft was located. "I will apprehend Maith,"

After small debate, Riz, Anna, Luke, and Jacob did what they were told.

The bridge Maith was running on was a small one. It led into a small mining shaft where he could easily hide until his allies find him. The distance between the cliff and the shaft was gigantic.

Lan eventually caught up to Maith.

"You! You will die where you stand!" Maith screamed.

"I would like to see you try. You can still surrender," Lan advised.

"Surrender? Haha! To you? I would rather die trying!" Maith said taking out a blue Lightsaber from his belt.

Lan then reached and got out his Kofun Lightsaber and the two engaged in an intense Lightsaber duel. The bridge they were fighting was somewhat unstable, so only small pieces fell off it. Lan used this to his advantage by intentionally breaking pieces of the bridge off using the Force. He hoped that Maith would get distracted. It somewhat worked.

The rest of the group reached the rendezvous point after receiving Danz. Almost a minute after arriving there, a Republic Nu-class shuttle accompanied by ARC-170s and Y-Wing fighters arrived. They picked up the straggling survivors and proceeded back into orbit immediately after.

"Wait! Lan is still down there," Anna said.

Lan and Maith were still engaging each other. Lan got the upper hand in most of the battle. However, Maith insisted on winning even if all odds were against him.

"I will not loose to you! I will not loose to you! I will kill you!" Maith said. "You are suppose to die by my hand so balance can be restored!" he screamed.

Lan then swiftly took his Lightsaber and cut Maith's cloak in half. Maith attempted to punch Lan, but he dodged. Lan grabbed Maith's hand that held the Lightsaber and banged it against the railing.  The Lightsaber flew out of Maith's hands and over the edge of the bridge. Lan then proceeded to break his hand and punch Maith in the nose, sending him on his back.

"You have lost," Lan said holding his Lightsaber to Maith's body.

Both men then heard the Republic shuttle incoming.

"They've made it!" Lan said.

Maith then attempted to trip Lan and toss him over the ledge, but he quickly foiled him by kicking his stomach. Lan waved his hands up in the air.

Debris from a destroyed CIS frigate from the space battle began to rain down on Carlac. The debris hit the sides of the mountain, causing flames and ice to go everywhere. The ships were pelted with ice.

"Keep it steady!" the clone pilots said to one another.

Everyone then became silent. They saw that an avalanche was taking place. It was swallowing up everything in it's path.

"Hurry! Pick him up!" Luke yelled.

The shuttle quickly got to Lan's position and opened it's front hatch. Lan looked at Maith. Maith looked back at him. He was holding a sharp piece of the railing.

"Do not try," Lan said trying to convince Maith to not attack him.

Maith got on his feet and leaped at Lan with it. He quickly Force Pushed him across the bridge. Maith hit his head and it briefly knocked him unconscious. Lan quickly hopped inside the shuttle. The avalanche came tumbling down the mountain, swallowing up old mining equipment and anything else in it's path.

Maith awoke and saw that the Republic ships were flying away. He also looked at the roaring avalanche behind him. He stood up on the bridge and accepted his fate. The avalanche crashed onto the bridge and swallowed Maith, killing him. The wall of snow and ice hit the Carlac Parliament's base, killing the remaining men and women stationed there and destroying the base itself. The rest of the Narglatch pack dashed away from the scene.

After leaving the planet, Lan and the others could see that the Separatist fleet was retreating. They also witnessed additional Republic cruisers. Everyone was puzzled yet they were filled with mirth.

Once they landed on Orange's cruiser, they were reunited with everyone else. As it turns out, Rio Ice's transmission to Orange said that Rio's fleet could assist Orange and Plo in the battle. Lan personally thanked Rio for his assistance in the space battle.

Lan, Danz, Jacob, Luke, and Anna all told their stories of their encounters' with the Carlac Parliament. After they reported this, clone troopers were dispatched at the coordinates of the base. All they found was the ruins of the base and only a few bodies. Some of their computers were still operational, so they found the names of those they had killed. This clarified what happened to those missing Jedi, clones, officers, and vehicles. All the men and women who were kidnapped by the Parliament were mourned.

Lan and the rest of his allies were recognized for their survival on the harsh world of Carlac.

Larcon Legion/Gold Legion War

Lan's Membership in Larcon Legion

Lan was in the famous squad, Larcon Legion. The leader was Leshaak Larcon. He lead a big army with my many great warriors. Lan was assigned to Larcon Legion by the Jedi Concil after his previous squad, Gundark Army, had fallen. Lan was with Larcon Legion 21 BBY- 19 BBY. As soon as he joined Larcon Legion he became a commander.

After months of traning, missons, parties, events, and much more. Lan loved his new squad. After five months of being a commander in Larcon Legion, in a squad meeting, Larcon promoted Lan to General! He loved everyone in Larcon Legion and they were all a big happy family.

Steve Parts from Larcon Legion

20 BBY Master Steve was a great warrior in the legion. He was wise and powerful with the force. Steve began to see that Leshaak Larcon was corrupt even though he wasn't whats so ever. Steve left the Legion along with Stormfly. They left the squad. The members of Larcon Legion was shocked at their actions. Leshaak knew that something was going to happen and it would be catastrophic.

First Attack

After Steve and Storm left larcon Legion, the entire squad made sure that the squad base would be secure. Steve and Storm were preparing for an attack to kill Larcon. Steve sent a message to the Larcon Legion base on Ice Burg Three.

It said 'Watch your base. Watch your backs. Watch for me.'

Larcon Legion prepared their defences. They set up turrents and loaded the Thermal Grenaders. They all stood outside the base wall ready for Steve and Storm. They all had rifles ready and wanting. Out of the blue, Steve popped up.


Steve force pushed some of the turrents down. The squad shot everything they had at him. The Thermal Grenade turrents prevented Steve from coming any further. Storm joined Steve. They both dashed to the squad. They kicked and punched eachother. Larcon Legion held off the two.

A lucky hit from a Thermal Grenade turremt shot a grenade at Storm's feet which sent him to the ground. Steve then retreated leaving Storm in Larcon Legion's hands. Steve fled from Ice Burg Three.

Storm woke up and wanted rejoin Larcon Legion. Apparently Steve had lied to Storm saying that Leshaak was with the CIS. Storm got his rank back and the Larcon Legion base was safe.

Steve knew he had to find another squad or Bounty Hunters to help.

Steve thought in his mind 'Bounty Hunters'.

Steve Allies with Gold Legion

After Steve's embarrassing defeat on Ice Burg Three, he knew he needed more than one ally. He knew he couldn't get a Republic squad to help. He thought of a Bounty Hunter squad. He knew just the place to go. He went to the Outer Rim.

There he went into an asteroid belt. He saw the biggest asteroid and saw a base. His scanners picked up life forms. He requested to land on the asteroid.

He landed and saw Spire GoldenLegend and his men.

'I  don't come in harm but I come with a proposeal.'

Spire let his men at ease. Steve and Spire discussed matters. Steve told him all about Larcon and Larcon Legion. Spire agreed and joined Steve's cause. The army was called Gold Legion.

Steve now had an army of skilled Bounty Hunters. Things weren't looking good for Larcon Legion but they would be ready for anything.

Victory for Steve

Larcon Legion knew that Steve would launch an attack on their base again. They prepared for another attack since they heard that Steve had Gold Legion on his side. Larcon Legion was outnumbered this time. Never the less, they still had hope of protecting eachother.

Steve arrived on Ice Burg Three wth his army of Bounty Hunters. Larcon Legion fought hard while Gold Legion fought even harder! Thermal Grenade turrents were doing no good because Steve's men were to quick. Larcon Legion retreated back to base.

As soon as they all got in the cabin floor the wall fell. Gold Legion members came in the base destorying everything in their sight. Larcon Legion went higher and higher in the base while Gold Legion was tearing everything down to get to them.

Larcon Legion got in their War Room. Larcon shut off the enterence where Gold Legion couldn't get in. Larcon knew that the door wouldn't stay there forever.

Larcon Legion retreated to the roof overlooking their base in ruins. Larcon remembered the Gunship in their Hanger! Larcon Legion got their parishoots and jumped off the base. They landed on the ground by the time Gold Legion broke through the door.

'Quick! Plot a course Ord Mantell!,' Larcon Said as soon as they got in the Gunship.

Gold Legion saw that Larcon Legion was in the Gunship by the time they got on the roof. The Gunship blasted off! Ularg Skyfaller and Buggy piloted the Gunship to Ord Mantell.

The base was in ruins. Steve destoryed their base but he didn't destory their relationships.

Larcon Legion Squad Base Relieved

Larcon Legion retreated to Ord Mantell in the Gunship. There they decided their next move. Larcon didn't want The Republic to involved for a number of reasons. He wanted to see if Steve would agree to peace. Larcon Legion decided to wait a day then go back to Ice Burg Three.

The day passed and they headed off to Ice Burg Three

There they returned to find that Steve's men were trashing the base still!. Larcon Legion cornered the base and moved in slowly. They moved in and all Steve's men fleed. Larcon Legion scared Gold Legion away!

The base was Larcon Legion's! Half the base was in ruins. Never the less, the squad rebuilt it and they were back in their home.

Skrimish in Shark's Jedi Crusier

A week after the events on Ice Burg Three, Larcon Legion very careful of what they did at the time they did it.

Commando Sharkie was a commander of the squad. He gave his crew of his Attack Crusier, Basil, the day off. The ship was empty. Lan and Shark was the only ones in the crusier.

They heard noises. It was Gold Legion! Lan contacted Larcon and the rest of the squad to come. Gold Legion attacked the Bridge. They held them off until the rest of the legion came. When they came the entire crusier was filled with Larcon Legion and Gold Legion members. The crusier was a mess.

Shark was on the Bridge and the Bridge door was open and in the hall was Gold Legion members. Shark broke a Bridge window and all the Gold Legion members flew out into space. Buggy sliced a part of a wall and he threw it at the window and it filled the window in.

Gold Legion survied. Their ship wa snear and it picked them all up from space. Shark turned the auto turrents on and it repelled Gold Legion.

Larcon Legion won that battle.

Showdown on Kamino

Lan and Stardust Galaxyblade knew that Steve wouldn't give up. They thought to turn themselves in to Steve to stall him. Larcon didn't like the idea but they did it anyway. They tracked down Steve and Spire to Kamino. They headed to Kamino.

When they arrived their base was far from the Cloning Facilitys.

They landed and they used stealth to sneak around and hear Steve and Spire's converstions to other Bounty Hunter squads.

Lan and Star told Larcon what they were doing with their comlink. Larcon disapproved. They still went along with the trade and destoryed the comlink.

Lan and Star ran out in front of the group and offered themsleves. Steve and Spire loved that they were turning themselves in. They took them to their cells. Star and Lan were in the enemys hands and risking their lives.

Outer Rim Ambush

Steve and Spire traveld to the Outer Rim to the base on the asteroid. Lan and Star came too.

Larcon knew that Lan and Star went along with their plan. Larcon and the rest of the squad traveled to their location.

Steve, Spire and many other members of Gold Legion were talking in the front of the lot, while Lan and Star were in the back in a cell. Lan and Star escaped however to spy on Gold Legion.

After the first few minutes, Larcon Legion arrived to save Lan and Star.

Lan said to Star, "Run! Hide!."

Lan force jumped ontop of the roof of the base. A Gold Legion guard was on the roof shooting at Larcon Legion. Lan snaped his neck and took his comlink and gun. Lan ran threw the halls of Gold Legion's base. Lan heard the blaster shots and Lightsabers clashing together. Lan tried to contact Larcon and see what he was doing here.

"Sir, what are you doing?" Lan asked

"We're here to save you."

"We don't need help. We are stalling in to find out more about Steve's attack tomorrow," Lan said.

"No! We do not need spys!" Leshaak yelled.

"Sorry sir." Lan said.

"How dare you disobey me!," Larcon said in a stern voice.

"I'm sorry."

Lan stopped the transmisson. He ran throughout the base. He looked through a window and saw Larcon and Gold Legion fighting eachother. Lan saw that Steve wasn't there. He tried to contact Steve.

"Where are you?" Lan asked

"Get out of the base and come to the back," Steve said.

Lan broke a window and jumped out and waited for Steve. He hid in order not to be seen by Larcon Legion. Lan looked up and saw a platform with a ship on it.

Steve jumped off and told Lan "You are no use for us!"

Steve stabbed Lan in the chest killing him. Lan fell to the ground. Steve then walked back to the front of the base. Larcon Legion was gone.

Leshaak and the entire squad went back to Ice Burg Three. Leshaak told the squad that Lan and Stardust died. They were all solemn. Leshaak told them that the ones that died were clones. Lan and Star told Leshaak before they turned themselves in on Kamino they went to the Cloning Facilitys to clone themselves and send them to Gold Legion.When they found out all the information on Kamino they sent it to the real Lan and Star to send to Larcon. On the asteroid Star told Larcon everything about the big attack the next morning.

"But where is Lan and Star now?" Orange Crushh asked.

"Right behind you," Larcon said.

Lan and Star were right there alive and well.

Leshaak and the squad prepared for the attack for the next day. Leshaak didn't want the Republic to get involved. If Steve really did attack again on the base then Leshaak and the squad would have to get the Republic involved.

Ice Burg Three Showdown

Larcon Legion thought that Steve had given up on the pointless war since he hasn't made a stand in the past week.

Larcon would be away for a few days because he was called to Dioa to destory the CIS fleet in orbit around the planet. Larcon left three generals in charge to take care of the base.

Buggy, Stormfly, and Naro Warrior were in charge. They were in peace. They had a wonderful time. They had a squad party and drank.

All the joy became a cloud of death and fear. Steve got even more Bounty Hunter squads to join his cause. Larcon Legion couldn't close the wall door because Larcon was the only one who knew the passcodes to close the doors and entry points. The Thermal Grenade turrents were out of fuel so Larcon Legion was hopeless.

Steve and his forces of evil stormed the base. At least one hundred Bounty Hunters were present againsit the fifty Larcon Legion members! Larcon Legion fought with all their might and they fought for justice. Many people who weren't qualified for combat died. Steve still pushed foward. The hanger and the bar was filled with bodies and blood. Larcon Legion was begining to lose hope.

Lan just ran to the roof to overlook the battle. His comlink was still on and listened to his squad channel. He just sat there with his legs hanging off the edge. He watched all the chaos.

Lan turned off his comlink and just layed back and just rest for once.

Meanwhile, Storm came up with a plan. He was going to scare off the Bounty Hunters. He thought as he fought. He then remembered that there is a nuclear power base underneath the base. Storm told everyone else about the plan and put it in action.

Chaz Wolf headed to the War Room where the power grid was. There were a few men fighting in the War Room. Chaz started to scream and curse that all the vibrations from the battle above disconnected the wires and that the nuclear power grid would explode and destory the base and the nuclear explosian would cover a twenty mile radius. The Bounty Hunters then stoped fighting and ran down in fear.

FieldMarshell Garrett and Buggy went to the hanger's fuel line and screamed that the fuel was a dangerious kind and if it touched anything living it would kill it in a matter of minutes. The subject would die in pain slowly.

All the Bounty Hunters on the surface started to run in fear and the ones from the War Room made it down and told the rest about the nuclear explosian then they ran faster. Larcon Legion just laughed.

Lan, still on the roof, saw all the Bounty Hunters running in fear. Eventually all Bounty Hunters were gone from Ice Burg Three.

Everyone celebrated their vicotry and thanked Storm for his brillant plan.

When Larcon returned, he would have to get the Republic and the Jedi Order involved.

Larcon Legion Victory

Leshaak knew he had to get the Republic invovled because Steve wouldn't back down.

He told all of Larcon Legion to report to the Republic and Jedi Council about Steve threating Jedi, clones, and Republic officals. The Republic said that they would be watching for Steve. They also said if he attacked kill anyone in Larcon Legion then he would be banned from the Council and he get the Death Penalty. The Bounty Hunters would also get the Death Penalty if they try anything funny too.

Larcon Legion was in peace now. They wouldn't have to worry about Steve.

One hundred people died during the war. They weren't offical members of either team but they were either natives to Ice Burg Three or hired Bounty Hunters.

Peace was among everyone and everything.

Terrorist Attack

Peace was not real after the thrid battle on Ice Burg Three. Master Steve and Spire attacked a loyal trooper. Alexxj30 Heat. He was very popular and Steve and Alexx had a past during the Dark Nebula war.

Alexx was lead into a trap and Steve attacked his cargo ship. Lan arrived to only end the conflict.

'This was a terrorist attack!' Lan said

Lan didn't tell Leshaak since he never wanted to hear Steve's name ever again. Lan told the Republic about his terrorist attack and they said they will handle it. Steve would either be exiled from the Jedi Order or given the death sentence.

Spire and Lan made a peace treaty and the next day they would propose to their squad's.

The Hunt For Steve

After Steve's terroirst attack, the Republic put up a bounty on him. Lan went to Spire's base in the Outer Rim

Steve was there but he said that the war was draw! Lan invited everyone to join the party! But Steve and Spire tried to kill Larcon Legion! Leshaak was not around because he was on Felucia. Some of Larcon Legion fought, while others left. Spire was in on the attack and the peace treaty was a lie.

Lan left and went to the Jedi Temple. Larcon Legion was a mess. Larcon Legion then came back to Corusant to only find a angry leader. Leshaak was not pleased at all.

Steve's bounty became higher than it was before.

Steve's Death

Larcon Legion knew where Steve was so they told the Jedi Council.

They sent in clone troopers. They rampaged the base and took Steve. They arrested Spire and his men also.

At Corusant, Steve's court order found him gulity and put him to death. The 'war' was offically over.

Ryloth Rumble

In 20 BBY, a man by the name of Dominican Kyler, a Separatist commander, ordered a Neimodian under his command  named Deakon Ophision to attack Ryloth. Dominican was a well respected commander. Admiral Sashest Uwing and Planaron Ria were the leaders of his fleet division while Deakon Ophision and Yael Quebecc were the leaders of Kyler's armies.

Wat Tambor left a small, yet lethal, platoon of battle droids and weapons in one of Ryloth's many catacombs inside canyons. The Republic was unaware of this. Dominican was tasked with reviving the army and combing the power of Deakon's army to capture a city in the Abul canyon and take the civilian population hostage. The next phase of the plan was so secure the area so Admiral Planaron Ria's fleet could take over Ryloth's skies and she could deploy some of Yael's ground forces.

After various citizens of Ryloth witnessed Deakon's ships enter the canyon maze to reunite with the hidden army, they contacted the Republic and the entire planet went on lock down. Senator Orn Free Taa demanded for clone troopers to be deployed there to ensure that his homeworld would not repeat history and turn into a war torn planet again.

Orange Magmafreezer, Lan Phaseripper, Anna Trienty, Garrett EmeraldStrike, Sara Joe, and Luke Shadowdust were assigned to protect a city that was surrounded by canyons caves. The city was heavily populated with young Twi'leks. The city of Athom housed many educational faculties, which attracted many people to come and live there. The city began to evacuate, but that was quickly halted. An anonymous threat surfaced that if one civilian leaves the city, then bombs would detonate.

"Remember, you slime," Kyler began to instruct Deakon through his mask that covered his mouth and nose which gave him a unique, modified voice over hologram, "if you loose your foothold of this city, then you will destory my chances of being head of the entire droid army. And we do not want that. Do we, commander?"

Deakon lifted his head and replied with, "You have forgotten, my lord, that my forces alone overpowered the armies of Yukon and I have killed a Jedi Master and her forces during the battle.."

"You mean your droids killed Master Angela. All you have done is sluggishly sat around and allowed your droids to free roam. Your past victories would not of been possible without the surplus of droids given to you by Yael before the battles took place. This time, it is your sole responsibility to lead the droids placed under your control to take over a city and make empty threats."

Deakon looked at Yael, Sashest, and Planaron and responded, "I assure you that I will defeat the oncoming Republic forces. I will make sure that Miss Sashest's fleet can surround the skies of Ryloth. I will not fail you."

"We shall see."

Once the holocall ended, Deakon's ships exited hyperspace. The ships were cloaked, so the Twi'lek people could not detect the transport ships. After landing at the site, Deakon and his Super tactical droid activated the latent droids inside the large, open catacombs. Deakon's forces combined with the hidden droids would make for quite a challenge for the Twi'leks.

Meanwhile, all of the clone soldiers were being prepared to be on the offensive by captain Orr and commander Viper. After arriving at Athom, the attack cruisers unloaded all the AT-TEs, AT-ATs, saber tanks, and the mobile gun placements. The clone army and local Twi'lek police gathered together and discussed terms.

"I have never been to Ryloth before," Anna said to Lan and Sara as they walked through the city of Athom.

"I wish I could say the same," Lan said. "Captain Breaker and I protected various attack squads from ambushing Mace Windu's operation to take over Lessu."

"I've been here before. For my own purposes. I've heard much about this world. It's beauty and vast plains. That was ruined when the Seps came, obviously," Sara spoke up.

Sara Joe was an odd one. She had only been in the Jedi Order for about nine years. When she arrived at the Temple, she claimed to have had Force powers. Her powers shocked the entire Council. She quickly gained popularity for her background knowledge on how to use a Lightsaber, Force powers, and acrobatics. Sara claimed that she grew up on Tatooine and that she stole food and other items from shops and marketplaces, which explained her advanced ability for athletics.

However, the Council felt something more. There was more to this Sara Joe. Her beautiful, striking outward appearance hid something more about her. Nevertheless, Sara became a Jedi Knight in two years. It was a record time. She had made her way through the ranks of the Republic. Sara saved many lives and many worlds thanks to her actions. This was one of the many reasons why Lan adored her.

"I'm anxious to battle with you, Sara," Lan said.

"Likewise. Your long reputation proceeds you. From being abducted by lizard men on Coruscant to being almost being killed by a crazy cult on Carlac, you seem to attract a lot of attention," she said smiling. Lan chuckled. "Your handsome, alluring looks and personality attracts you the attention you receive." Anna's eyes widened and she gave a quick glance at her master. Sara laughed and finally came out with, "Let's hope those battle traits of yours is enough for us to hold back the droids." Sara turned and headed in the opposite direction where she was stationed.

Anna stopped Lan. "Hmm, that was quite curious," Lan said.

"Master, she was flirting with you," Anna came out with. Lan gave her a stern look. "What? I'm just stating the obvious."

"Look, we have to stay on tas...she was not flirting! She was just...she was being friendly," Lan stuttered.

"Okay, I apologize," Anna said. "So, I finally get to lead a bombing run squad?"

"Ace will help accompany you. He is a skilled pilot."

Lan and Anna walked down the main street of Athom. All citizens were being placed in shelters while the men and women who were going to help fend off the Separatist were taking their positions with the clones. The city's head of security was a tall, blue, meek man. He met with Orange, Orr, and Viper.

Garrett's star cruiser would be hovering above the city, providing air support. Orange would be holding the front line with Luke Shadowdust while Lan and Anna would be fending off the droids coming from a second canyon path. Sara Joe would be leading an assault team onto a ledge surround the region. This assault team would consist of clone troopers armed with rocket launchers and saber tanks.

"This city is well armed. I commend the Republic for it's efforts of keeping Athom safe," Craven, the head of Athom security and police, said.

"We do not want innocents to die. Ryloth has already been through hardships where the entire population was either left starved or half dead by the time put a dent in the blockade. This time we are prepared for the worst," Orange said.

"I wish the Republic had that attitude before Wat Tambor decided to invade," Craven snarled.

"The Republic tried everything they could to protect the Twi'lek," Orange quickly responded.

"I...Pardon me. I shouldn't have said that."

"It's perfectly fine."

Garrett's star cruiser was in position over the chaotic city. He and Admiral Cecelia made all the correct preparations for the oncoming attack.

"Raise shields and prepare all fighters for launch," Garrett announced to everyone on board.

"All precautions and drills have been completed. Awaiting orders," Cecelia said.

An hour passed by. Everyone and everything was ready for whatever Deakon would throw at them. The battle begun. Squads of droids began to arise from the two basic canyon ways with Persuader tanks behind them. The clone troopers, Twi'leks, and AT-TEs opened fire. The droids quickly dispersed. Orange, who was to manage this position grinned.

"Keep it comin'," Viper said firing his twin pistols.

On the opposite side of the city, AATs and B2 battle droids began to emerge from caves. Sara Joe and her clone troopers began to fend them off while Lan, Anna, and Luke prepared themselves for their wave of droids. Something surprised them, however. Certain solid areas of the canyons blew apart, and droids began to come out.

"Orange, we have a problem," Lan said to her over comlink.

"I am well aware of that. But we have our own issues. Droid gunships are deploying tanks and droids. They are accompanied by Vulture droids."

ARC-170s and Z-95 starfighters began to clash with the aerial forces.

"There are more Vulture droids than we expected. Raising shields and charging guns," Cecelia said.

"Luke, get to Athom's police headquarters. Prepare a group of men and women to pilot ships. Anything will help," Garrett said.

"Will do!" Luke said as he shot a battle droid through the head.

As time passed, the clones, police, and citizen volunteers were beginning to take a few steps back as the clock ticked. The heavily artillery kept both forces at a standstill, with it's heavy firepower.

Lan, Anna, Orr, a Twi'lek police sergeant, and others were holding off a cluster of droids who were accompanied by tan Octuptarra droids. AT-RTs were used the most in this location since their one AT-TE was out of commission. Twi'leks made good use with their abundant speeder bike mounted blasters.

"Come in! Come in!" the sergeant soon picked up his comlink from his belt and answered, "What is it?"

"Sir! There are multiple ships coming above the mountains! They look to be carrying more droids! They are blasting down all the Republic's ships!"

Droid gunships were indeed coming from the mountains. They carried more squads of well-equipped droids with smaller versions of Octuptarras. They were also carrying a few more AATs. Only one gunship did not make it to their landing site. They landed the droids at Orange's site, doubling the amount of droids present.

"Garrett! We need more troops down here. Looks like this commander of ours has operational gunships!" Orange informed Garrett.

"I am well aware of that. Captain Fonn and his men are heading down their now with more artillery as we speak." Garrett responded.

"No, no, N..." Orange's end became scrambled. The CIS cut off all communication for the entire city of Athom.

Orange looked up in terror to see the gunships start blasting Garrett's cruiser.

"Halt the transports!" Garrett commanded.

"Sir, our cannons are being overwhelmed. They are heading straight for us!" Cecelia said.

Some Republic ships attempted to stop the oncoming fighters, with little success. As the gunship's began aiming for the bridge, everyone on the ground began to stop moving. Silence arose on the entire bridge.

"GET DOWN!" Garrett screamed as he pushed everyone down using the force.

The gunships and Vulture droids pelted the bridge with lasers, killing many crew. They eventually passed over the bridge.

Garrett groaned as he raised his head and witnessed the entire front end of the bridge in ruins with a few bodies. His eyes grew. Some of the crew attempted to stabilize the ship.

"BRACE YOURSELVES!" Cecelia said as she held on to a control panel. Garrett's entire cruiser began to dip sideways. The cruiser was heading towards a large rock formation and few large Twi'lek buildings. The cruiser began to scrape against various buildings, sending large debris on top of fearful pedestrians. The cruiser, almost completely sideways. finally hit the rock formation.

Debris began to ran down on the streets below. The rock formation finally gave away. Half of it fell on top of the ship's hull where it created a large hole. The other half hit an apartment building. Immediately, clone troopers, officers, and citizens were making their way to the crumbling apartment building.

Orange witnessed this from afar. She stood in awe.

"Sir! Look!" Viper said. Just then, a dozen airborne Octuptarra droids emerged from the canyon maze. Some carried tanks while others carried compartments containing additional droids. "Fire!" Viper screamed. Orange ignited her Lightsabers. On every city border, small amounts of Octuptarras brought up additional forces. 

Meanwhile, Cecelia and her crew managed to keep the cruiser steady.

"Good work, Cecelia," Garrett said panting.

"Our ship is unstable but we can manage it for a while. There is no extensive damage to the remaining weapons," she reported.

"Target those Octuptarras," Garrett said upon learning this news.

The cruiser fired upon the Octuptarras. They managed to take out a few flying carriers.

Orange contacted Garrett. "Garrett, thanks for the air support, but are you sure your cruiser is safe to stay in?"

"It's fine for now," Garrett looked out onto a clear plain on top of a mountain nearby. "If we receive any more damage, I know what we can do."

Orange proceeded to jump on to an airborne Octuptarra. She quickly disabled it and attempted to send it crashing into a squad of droids.

"Watch out!" a clone trooper said to Orange while the Octuptarra was falling to the ground. She leaped off of it as it slammed on top two squads of droids.

As time went by, the Republic's defensive lines held. Both Twi'lek and clone trooper casualties were rising, however. It seemed to be a never ending barrage of droids emerging from the canyon. Droid gunships and Octuptarra-like droids who were airborne arrived carrying additional troops and AATs.

As Deakon's AATs came out from the mountain, he laughed to himself and said, "This is just wonderful! We are bringing them to their knees!"

"Sir," Deakon's advising tactical droid began, "the Republic has suffered heavy casualties, however they are receiving help from the locals."

"The locals are powerful sharpshooter, yes. That doesn't matter. Their heavy tanks main weapons are overheated or disabled, if I am not mistaken. Send in seventy-five percent of our tanks to blast their front line defense away. From then, on they will fall back and we will have them," Deakon said.

Final Stand

The frontline defenders began to fall by little by little as more droids were being revealed from the mountain.

Dantooine Skrimish

Ice Burg III Skrimish

Asteroid Ordeal

Prison Riot

Skrmish in the Fallen System

Lan and Kit Fisto were in the Fallen system on Lan's crusier, The Hope, to track down General Grievious. Lan and Kit were having no luck in finding the General. As soon as everyone lost hope they felt the ship rock back and forth. It was General Grievious's ship!


General Grievious's fleet

ttle stations!, Kit shouted over the intercom

Lan saw the fotage of the clones taking their postions in the hanger and at the heavy guns. Lan saw countless Vulture Droids heading toward the ship. Many of the Vulture Droids were making a path for a transport ship full of droids. The heavy guns stood no chance against the Vulture Droids will to get the transport ship to land in the hanger. Lan saw as the heavy guns blew to bits. The crusier siren went off.

Chaos in space was brewing. Lan gave Captain Orr orders to have his troopers do what ever to get the droids off the ship. The CIS transport ship docked outside of the ha

The Vulture Droids preparing to launch

nger force field. Battle Droids marched in perfect lines in the hanger. The clones began to shot the droids.

The Battle Droids shot right back. The battle in the hanger was awful. Lan's two AT-TE's fell in the line of fire of the clones and the droids. Lan was watching the battle on a montor. He saw his crusier hanger being torn apart by the battle.

Kit said to Lan, 'Lan, go to the hanger and help the clones out while I stay here and control the ship's engines'. Lan ran to the hanger. A clone contacted Lan on his comlink.

He sa

Captain Orr

id ' There is a ATT here! It's wiping us out! The B2s are not making it easier either.'

Lan ran even faster to the hanger. When he arrvied he saw that all his ships and tanks were in flames. Lan saw all the fallen clones from the ATT. Lan ran up infront of the clones blocking their lasers with his Kofun lightsaber. He used the force to knock over many battle droids. A few clones came in the hanger with droid poppers grenade throwers.

They shot them at groups of Battle Droids. Lan healed many clones while the other troopers were fighting with the Popper troopers. Lan got up after taking care of the wounded and fought. Lan and the clones charged the droids. The clones and the droids went into hand-to-hand comabt. Lan chopped up many droids.

Lan saw the ATT and it was aiming at Captain Orr! Lan used the force to push the tank out of the ship into space. The tank was then floating in space. It was now looking good for the Republic. Lan saw General Grievious pop out of the transport ship with his deadly lightsabers. Lan and the General went into lightsaber combat.

The General was tougher than before. The clones were retreating back into the hallways letting the droids follow them into the trap. Lan and General fought for awhile and finally Lan had the upper hand! L

General Grievious in The Hope

an took one of Grievious's lightsabers and sliced the General's top arms off. Lan was finally about to kill the General and then Grievious tackled Lan. Lan saw has the General lifted his lightsaber about to cut him half and then Kit jumped up out of no where. He took on Grievious.

'You have not defeated me!' Grievious yelled.

Lan and Kit force pushed Grevious back to the tranport ship. Lan and Kit force pushed the transportship into space with Grievious still in the ship!

Lan and Kit went into the halls looking at the dead. Lan ordered the crusiers guns take out the transport ship. They opened fire and an escape pod poped out and flew away along with Grevious's fleet. Lan and Kit reported to the Jedi Council that Grievious escaped.

Battle on Kamino

Felucia Misson

Bombing of the Jedi Temple

Battle Above Meer

Supply misson went wrong! Lan Phaseripper went into the far Outer Rim to pick up supplies from Meer left by pirates. Three crusiers went into the Outer Rim armed just in case there ambushed. The Hope, Ballard, and Farely were the crusiers used to pick up the supplies.

Admiral Sashest's Uwing

On the planet, getting the crates and boxes weren't a problem. Getting out of the system was the problem! Admiral Sashest's Uwings. She was a female CIS Admiral. She was a fierce woman with a cold heart.

Lan's ships stood no chance against her's. He launched his fighters and saw the chaos began! Wings launched her Hyena Bombers. They came with an escort of Tri-Fighters that was unstoppable. They blasted through the ARC-170 fighters! They bombed Ballard and it's torrent's were damaged. To finish off the doomed crusier, all CIS ships blasted Ballard into pieces.

It wasn't looking good for the Republic. The fighters weren't doing anything. Vulture Droids were on a suicide misson to just slam themselves into crusiers or other ships.

The Hope's right Gunnery Room was in flames. Lan and Captain Orr ran to the Gunnery Room. They found chaos. All Clone Gunners were dead and two Republic Officers were dead. Firefighter Clones were fighting the flames. The fire came from a Hyena Bomber. Captain Orr stayed with the Firefighter Clones to help while Lan went back to the Bridge.

Just ten minutes of being away from the Bridge, the Republic took down two frigates! Uwing still wouldn't back down. She did everything in her power to keep Lan and his men there until they were dead. However, Lan was begining to see a route to get out of the system. Lan demanded for the crusiers and fighters to target toward the possible Hyperspace route. Lan crusier's destoryed another frigate to get the route open for both Jedi Crusiers.

It worked! Lan's fleet escaped Uwing. This was embarrassing for both Lan and Uwing. Lan luckly ecsaped Uwing's might! The supplies were delivered to Corusant and Meer was identified neutral space.

A Battle Within

WAR EAGLE Crisis/War

Near the end of 20 BBY, Larcon Legion talked about taking the assignment to face off against WAR EAGLE, since they massacured and destoryed the Republic squad, PHANTOM. 

Rumors continued to spread out the squad for weeks. Some say that the leader of PHANTOM fell in love with the leader of WAR EAGLE, others say that PHANTOM decided to stay out and refuge at another squad.

The Annoncement

Four days after the New Year, Leshaak Larcon annonced that Larcon Legion were teaming up with the United Maritime Forces, to go against WAR EAGLE, for their crimes against the marines.

People started to panic, while others cheered for having another war with a squad.

Lan worried that WAR EAGLE would hack into Larcon Legion's data base and delete, and sabotage it. Lan did not this for the squad, but then he started to have that feeling of what happened with Master Steve and Gold Legion. 

Leshaak gave out more details at the Squad Meeting the next morning.

Attack on Ice Burg III

Late at night, most of the members were either on Coruscant in their dorms, asleep, or on Ice Burg III at the Larcon Legion base.

Lan, Stardust Galaxybade, Sigma Sage, and Join Canario were at the Squad Base. Also, earlier that night, Lan figured out Night Lion wanted Lan to be demoted so he could take his general spot, so Lan had a lot on his mind.

They were goofing around and making crude jokes, when they saw a undentified ship land infront of the Larcon Legion defense walls. 

Lan and the other men ran out and saw that these men and women blew down the doors to the defense wall and came in to the courtyard. 

They saw two men and two women get out with blasters, but the last who came out had a red Lightsaber.

Lan asked, "Who are you and what is your reason being here!?"

The man with the red Lightsaber replied, "I am Tyler Jeter, and I heard you were going to attack us in the morning, so we decided to attack you all first!"

Lan ran back to the War Room to contact Leshaak, while Stardust, Sigma, and Join held off the intruders. Lan did not get a responce back from Leshaak. Lan had to hurry back down to the courtyard. Lan got his Lightsaber out, destoryed a window, and jumped out and landed right in the middle of the battle.

Tyler injuried Sigma badly, but Stardust luckly saved Sigma.

Tyler was sloppy, but he was quick with his saber skills. 

Lan did not fight, he only protected himself by deflecting the blaster bolts.

Lan ordered Star and Join to get out the poison gas grenades. Lan and Sigma ran back into the Larcon Legion base while Stardust and Join got the gas grenades.

Lan and Sigma got up to the War Room and look out of the broken window and watched Star and Join throw the grenades. Tyler and his allys fell back to their ship, but one brunette female did not make it to the ship in time, and was left behind in the poison gas.

Tyler and his allys escaped. 

After the air was clear, Lan and Sigma went back to the courtyard and saw the female's body. She was slowly dying. Star and Join came out of the hanger and joined Sigma and Lan. They brought the female to the medical bay to leave her a little time to talk before her death.

The female's name was Sniperes Unosis. 

Unosis did not cooperate at all, and she eventually died of the poison gasses. They wrapped her body and put it on Star's ship to show Leshaak the next morning. 

After this skrimish, Star, Join, and Lan met at Star's dorm room on Courscant and discussed this. 

"How did Tyler know that he we were going to attack tommrow?" Lan asked.

"A spy," Join said in a reveling voice.

"I have a dark feeling that this will be different than the Steve war," Star said in a depressing voice.

"My senses are.....clouded," Lan said.

The three men got rest and prepared for a hard, chaotic day.


After the attack on the Squad Base the previous night, Leshaak did not respond at all. He just repaired the doors. It made Lan think that he didn't even care.

Leshaak ordered all his men to wear clone trooper gear, even the Jedi and officers. He told them which rifle to use. He said when the battle actually began, the men were free to switch the their weapon of choice. Many people questioned this order, which will lead to a riot later on.

Leshaak and the legion trained on Ryloth, at Leshaak's training lot. They dueled, and blasted eachother as practice. 

Lan also was trying to stay quiet and calm, since a anxious Night Lion, wanted General Lan to get demoted, claming he was a bad general, for him to take his place. Lan found this out by Lion and discovered Generals Lenn Bladeraider, General Stormfly, and commander Vilim Goldrocket were also for Lan getting demoted. Lan also did invesigation the previous night on this with the help of Sara Joe and Rick Lightsider, two loyal and respected members of the squad.

Lan thought if he was quiet, no one notice him being a bad general if he was one.

The training went on for three hours, then came along the first assault on WAR EAGLE's elegant mansion on Ryloth.

Skrimish on Ryloth

After the training was completed, Lesshak Larcon formed up his men and traveled to Adam Heart's elegant mansion on Ryloth. 

Commander Stardust Galaxyblade was banned from that battle since he kept questioning Leshaak about the gear and weapons. Stardust leaned on Lan on this and he did not know what to say, even more since Night Lion gave Leshaak the news are the organization to get Lan demoted. Lan was silence all morning.

When Leshaak and the rest of the legion landed on Ryloth at Adam Heart's elegant mansion, the United Marine Forces did not show up, claming that the men weren't ready, so Larcon Legion went in there alone.

Larcon Legion overpowered many guards. A small gun fight started in the mansion courtyard, killing two clones in Larcon Legion. 

Leshaak, Lan, Narukota Warrior, and many other Larcon Legion men surrounded Adam Heart, He stood there, and did not fight.

"Live up to your "high" name, coward!" Leshaak said.

"WAR EAGLE? More like WAR Chickens!" screamed Narukota.

Adam laughed.

Half of the people at the mansion did not fight, they just ran or hid.

Leshaak called his men back, leaving Adam there saying, "We will be back with more men and you better fight."

Larcon Legion left the mansion, losing only two clone troopers.

Battle on Ryloth

After the skirmish at Adam's mansion, Leshaak Larcon questioned the United Marine Forces leader saying, "We had to attack alone. Your men did not come, and the battle did not last that long."

The marines said that they had to deal with other afairs.

Later that day, they prepared an attack on a major WAR EAGLE outpost on Ryloth. Larcon Legion would attack head on, while the marines sneaked in and destoryed the EAGLE's ships and artillery.

Larcon Legion landed and attacked. This battle was large.

Allys of WAR EAGLE such as The Nightmare and Tyler Jeter arrived to help and it turned into a huge killing fest. 

Lan fought with a blaster and liked it. He hardly used a blaster, so this was different. 

Lion defeated many WAR EAGLE members. Lion outnumbered Lan's kills by ten! This made Lan feel like he wasn't a good general nor fighter for the legion.

As the legion fought, and getting massacured, the marines came through and brought grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and flame throwers. The marines slaughtered WAR EAGLE and Nightmare. 

Lan was in the back of the outpost, where the ships and artillery were, giving medical help to hurt Larcon Legion men. Lan saw the marines saw through WAR EAGLE and began to shoot the grenades and rockets at WAR EAGLE's ships and artillery. 

Lan ran, while shooting down WAR EAGLE men from behind, along with Stardust, Join, Vec, and an unidentfied marine female. 

Lan looked back and saw the grenades send WAR EAGLE men and women everywhere, along with their ships. He leanded against a pole and watched the fires and explosians take place. Lan laughed and watched.

The marines were making smart comments about the battle, while Adam tried to top them, but did not suceed.

Lan stopped watching the fires and explosians and started to fight. 

Lan also used his anger to fight since he saw Night Lion taking down more enemies than Lan. Whenever Lan would take down a WAR EAGLE, he would put that man or woman through a slow painful death.

Lan also witnessed something, whenever Raptor Heart, Katie Heart, or Adam Heart would fire a blaster, it would always hit someone. They did not miss one person. If they saw someone and wanted that person to be their target, they were going to be dead, quickly.

Finally, Adam Heart brought in more WAR EAGLE members. The new men coming in destoryed the marines guarding the front of the lot.

Lion, Leshaak, and Narukota took on the new WAR EAGLE ones coming and killed them all.

The marines took out the entire power grid system while Larcon Legion killed many WAR EAGLE members.

Adam, seeing that he was going to lose his base, set out a bomb which was located in the middle of the battle. He unleashed it, and WAR EAGLE, The Nightmare, and Tyler Jeter's men and women ran, leaving Larcon Legion and the marines behind.

When they figured out what was happening they ran to their ships and blasted off. 

The bomb blew and destoryed seventy-five percent of the outpost.

Dawn was setting upon Ryloth during this conflict.

Also, Night Lion captured a WAR EAGLE member, Katie Jezibella, and took her to his outpost on Ryloth.

Larcon Legion lost twelve men and the marines lost seven men. This was a costly battle for both the marines and the legion but it was worth it to destory a WAR EAGLE stronghold.

After this battle, half the legion was at Lion's base, heading towards Lion's base, or with Leshaak and marines in their ships.

Katie Jezibella

After the battle at WAR EAGLE's

Different Sides In Larcon Legion

Skrimish at Night Lion's outpost

Assassination Attempt

Unlikely Event

War Changing Info

Order 66

Lan was stationed at the Jedi Temple in 19 BBY to rest. At that time, an army o

Order 66

f clones stormed the Jedi Temple.

They busted in killing Younglings, Masters, and Knights.

Lan looked through an overhead, overlooking the enterance of the Jedi Temple, and saw that clones were shooting down Jedi. 

Lan looked at their armor and saw that they were 501st troopers.

'Stop!, Lan yelled at the two clones

They ignored him and tried to blast him. Lan pulled out his lightsaber,  jumped in the air and sliced the heads of the troopers off. Lan made it down to the main battle. Lan saw chaos. People dying all around. Lan knew something had happened to make them kill the Jedi. Lan didn't know where to go.

While trying to find a way to go a few troopers saw him and headed toward him. Lan saw them coming and force pushed them away. Lan saw a group of seven padawans. He knew he had to save them. He led them through the deadly area. Lan killed troopers in their way and saw other Jedi tried to help.

Because of thoses Jedi Lan and the padawans got through to the hanger. Lan knew those Jedi had died since more clones were heading their way. Lan and the padawans arrvied in the hanger only to see a bigger battle. Lan saw countless dead Jedi. Lan and the padawans saw a Jedi transport. Lan got the padawans in the ship.

Lan saw

The Jedi Temple when Lan and the padawans blasted off from the hanger

a dark figure and he killed everyone in his path. Lan told the padawans to take off from the ground. Lan and the figure dueled. The figure had strong reflexs and powers. Lan powers were failing. Lan yelled to the padawans to start the ship. Lan knew he would die.

Lan jumped in the air and ripped the hood off of the figure. Lan saw that it was Anain Skywalker. Lan was in shock. He just stayed in his postion just so shocked that Skywalker would do this. Lan ran to the ship in fear. Skywalker stopped him and dueled Lan.

Lan saw that the padawans had control of the ship and blasted Skywalker off his feet. Lan jumped in the ship and the ship blasted off.

While in space the padawans asked Lan why this was happening. Lan didn't know. Lan tried to think of a planet to go where they would never be found. Lan thought and remembered Flourrm. Lan and the padawans traveled to Florrum. There he would train all padawans.

Hiding During the Great JedI Purge

Lan and the group of seven padawans traveled to the planet Flourum. They knew that no would never find them. Lan and the padawans found a old temple. They fixed the temple up. They lived in the temple to 19 BBY to 1 BBY. He taught the seven the ways of the Force.

Many times when the lessons were done, he would meditate to see if any other Jedi was still out there. There was one. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi told him about the new empire lead by Anakin Skywalker. Lan was sad. Lan still trained the padawans in the ways of the force. Lan trained the padawans Sandy Wither a Twi'lek, Miranda Crewl a Human, Davis Cleve a Human, Kamry O'pia a Togruta, Julio Mershi a Human, Ward Gomez a Zabrick/Twi'lek ,and Anne Meriz a Human.

Found by Rahm Kota

Coming soon.

Aleka Crisis

Crash Landing

Ni'ter Opoos


Nuclear Factory



Desert City

Ground Work

Import Outport



Liberal Ruins

Hope At Last

Finding his Love


Life During the Galactic Civil War

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Last Days

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Triva and Fun Facts

  • Lan joined Clone Wars Adventures on February 27th, 2011.
  • Lan completed all battle classes.
  • Lan played as a Togruta for most of the game, although, in the Wiki article he is a Human.
  • The two stories The Battle of Alaris Prime and The Battle Of Aereen are based off of the game: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.
  • Kidnapped is inspired by Star Wars The Clone War Season 3 finale's Padawan Lost.
  • The Larcon Legion/Gold Legion and WAR EAGLE war is based on true events in Clone Wars Adventures!
  • On September 2, 2012 Lan managed to get the rank of 12 on Attack Cruiser!
  • Lan's nicknames in-game are General, Sir, Lanneh, Lanny the Llama, Lanna the Lamma, Lanna the La Lamma, and the most common one, Lanny!
  • Transport Protection is based off of a Clone Wars Adventures mini game called Mine Buster.   
  • Lan changed his name to "Lanny Phaseripper" to honor those who called him "Lanny" on the last week of CWA!                                                                                                                                                                       


Want to talk to me instantly!? If so, add Lan (Sean) Phaseripper on Skype!

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