Kyle Redbreak
Revamped and probably final photo
Biographical information



57 BBY, Tython


87 ABY, Chandrila

Physical description





1.82 meters


76 kilograms

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era
  • Jedi Order
  • Tythonian Rangers
  • Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance
  • New Jedi Order
  • New Republic

Jedi Master

Known masters
  • Yoda
  • Valinor Zaiken
  • Alloysis Keloy (Temporary)
Known apprentices

Joch Farlight

  • Carena Redbreak (Mother)
  • Halleth Redbreak (Father)
  • Ralana Ahln (Cousin)

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"A Jedi's path is never quick, easy, straight, or perfect. It is riddled with holesholes of the dark side and the devil that dwells within its subconscious mind. It is up to you to vanquish the dark that stands between you and your destiny. If not, then say farewell to those who have known you as you sink deeper and deeper into the murky depths of anger, greed, hatred, and fear."

     —Kyle Redbreak

Kyle Redbreak was a Human male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. A talented Force user, Redbreak possessed a strong connection to the Force. In addition to his advanced control of the Force, Redbreak was also a master of all six lightsaber forms, as well as his aptitude of wielding a lightsaber.

A descendant of the famed Ahln and Redbreak families, Kyle can be seen at the present as continuing on their legacy, fighting against the dark side and all the while advancing Jedi knowledge. A cousin to the famed sage, Ralana Ahln, Redbreak cared for her deeply, sharing a deep family connection. A member of both the Council of First Knowledge and the Council of Reconciliation, Redbreak played a part in spreading knowledge throughout the Order and reaching through a satisfactory agreemeent when in negotiations with other factions.

Although the Jedi, including the Council Members, respect him, there are some that say Redbreak was an eccentric man, and may be (and later became) a Gray Jedi. One example was that Kyle didn't exactly agree with the tenents of the Jedi Code, such as having compassion and love for others. Another was that he himself possessed a few dark side powers such as Emerald lightning and Morichro, though he rarely used the latter. Furthermore, due to his lineage who had embraced the ways of the Gray Jedi, it was inevitable that there were some clashes between him and the Jedi Council in terms of beliefs and teachings. All in all, however, they still see Redbreak as a capable Jedi. Before the Clone Wars erupted, Kyle took young Joch Farlight as his apprentice, sharing a deep bond with one another.

When the Clone Wars finally broke out in 22 BBY, Kyle immediately assumed the role of Jedi General and, along with his Padawan led the Republic's newly found Clone Army against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When Order 66 was enacted during the final year of the war, Redbreak, helped by one of his troops, escaped the slaughter and exiled himself on Krant.

Following the Empire's fall on Endor, Redbreak also witnessed the New Republic being formed and a New Jedi Order being built under Luke Skywalker. In addition, he and Ralana Ahln reformed the Tythonian Rangers, later serving on the rebuilt Ranger Council for three years. From then on, Redbreak contiued teaching and fought alongside New Republic troops until his death in 87 ABY. Skywalker commented that he was a great teacher, and hoped that even as he passed on, Kyle would always be there to pass on the knowledge and guide the Jedi to acheive their goal as peacekeepers.

Early Life 

Youngling (57 BBY-32 BBY)

Kyle Redbreak Youngling

Kyle Redbreak as a Youngling.

In 57 BBY, Halleth and Carena Redbreak's first child was born. Naming him Kyle, the young infant spent two years on Tython, before he and his parents moved to Coruscant to begin official Jedi training in the Jedi Temple. Under the tutelage of master Yoda, Kyle slowly learned the ways of the Force, often seeking out guidance from experienced masters. During his time, he made good friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Quinlan Vos, Bant Eerin and later Jennifer SpaceDreamer (the latter of whom Kyle would have a close relationship). Later, he also met his cousin, Ralana Ahln (both sharing a caring side for one another), and an Arkanian Jedi master Xeron Hylos who helped Kyle to develop his saber skills and Force abilities. Unknown to Kyle, Xeron would prove to be a threat in the subsequent years. When he had the chance, Redbreak would often go to the archives to read into his studies, including the history of the Order, weapons defense as well as piloting. It was his interest in studying that caught the attention of a venerable Chagrian Jedi master named Valinor Zaiken.

At the age of twelve, Redbreak passed his initiate trials, and hoped to become a Padawan. Zaiken stepped in, revealing that he had been watching the young man carefully and offered to train him as a full-fledged Jedi. Kyle eagerly accepted, and soon started his twelve-year apprenticeship. In his early training as a Padawan, Kyle crafted his first lightsaber. Unlike Padawans who crafted a single lightsaber, Redbreak crafted two lightsabers that was capable of attaching together forming either a saberstaff, dual sabers or just one saber. Because of his unique saber, it took Kyle months to master the first few forms of I, V and VI. He would later apply these techniques to later missions he undertook.

Valinor Zaiken

Valinor Zaiken, Kyle's master.

Zaiken, who he himself served as a Jedi Historian, taught Kyle about using past knowledge to help people in the present and to make others see the error of their ways by retelling the history of certain people, events and significant conflicts and how they must not be repeated. In addition, Zaiken passed to Kyle the Shaman of the Whills, a secret he learned from Qui-Gon Jinn and how a Jedi can retain his spirit after death. During an investigation on Ossus, Kyle met and befriended the Zabrak Knight Alloysis Keloy.

In 44 BBY, tragedy occured. During the Stark Hyperspace War, both of Kyle's parents were killed during the final battle on Qotile. Their deaths devastated the young Padawan and he mourned them until he and his master were sent to Ragoon VI to recuperate. While on Ragoon VI, Redbreak encountered two people who would play a role in 22 BBY. The first person Kyle met was Lawen Austin, a man whose family have had a military background for generations. Austin hailed from Aaeton, a nearby planet, and because Aaeton allowed its people to visit the lush world of Ragoon VI, he was merely here on holiday before going to the military academy on Coruscant. Before leaving, Austin admired the Jedi Order and wanted to learn some of its philosophies, to which Redbreak (though hesitant) shared. The second person Kyle met was more lovelike, for he met Jennifer SpaceDreamer, a Jedi Padawan. It was she who helped Kyle move on from his grief, and soon shared a close and loving relationship.

Twelve years later, in 32 BBY, the Yinchorri Uprising occured, one that would again bring another tragedy to Kyle. At the end of the uprising, the Yinchorri invaded the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and a skirmish began. Kyle, along with two Jedi Padawans and a Jedi Knight successfully pushed the Yinchorri back before he rushed to find Zaiken. There, much to his grief and anger, Zaiken was killed by a Yinchorri. Feeling hatred, Redbreak aggressively engaged at the killer before disarming him and delivering the final blow.
Stark Hyperspace War

The Fourth Battle of Qotile was a part of the Stark Hyperspace War.

However, SpaceDreamer intervened and convinced not to kill him, because Zaiken would not want his Padawan to become a cold-blooded killer. Redbreak, though still feeling rage, deactivated his lightsaber and allowed SpaceDreamer to take him into custody. Following the skirmish, Redbreak tended to his master, who was proud of him, but made Kyle promise that he would continue to hold a strong devotion to the light and to the Order. Once Redbreak made his promise, Valinor Zaiken passed into the Force.

Following the death of his master, Redbreak was counselled by both Ralana and Jennifer, curbing his anger and grief. In time, Redbreak moved on from his master's death. Alloysis Keloy later took Kyle as his Padawan, and two months later Redbreak faced his Jedi Trials. Passing them, Kyle was knighted at the age of twenty-four. 

Jedi Knight and Master (32 BBY-24 BBY)

As a Jedi Knight, Redbreak pursued a career as a Jedi Consular (though a small majority of the Jedi see him as a Jedi Guardian due to his devotion to lightsaber combat). During his time, Redbreak continued to deepen his studies into the Force, almost to the point of treating the archives as his second home. In
Kyle Teaching

Redbreak teaching a group of Padawans.

addition, (with help from Cin Drallig), Kyle mastered Forms II, III and IV, thus making him a master of all six lightsaber forms. During this time period, Kyle also learned dark side Force abilities under the guidance of master Plo, becoming a adept of Electrical Judgement and Morichro. A year later, Redbreak sought to share what he learned as a Padawan, therefore becoming a teacher. For five years, he taught history, culture, starfighter combat and lightsaber techniques.

While Redbreak enlightened the minds of young Jedi initiates and Padawans, the Republic began to impose taxation bills on the Trade Federation in order to minimize their expansion. With the issue disputed and the federation's delegates refusing to tolerate these new measures, they took immediate action by blockading the peaceful planet of Naboo. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent to 'negotiate' with the Trade Federation, only to be tricked and attempted to be poisoned, escaping to Naboo and returned to Coruscant. Along with them, they brought along Queen Amidala from Naboo to speak to the Republic for aid, and a slave named Anakin Skywalker from Tatooine, believed to be the "Chosen One".

Later, Jinn and Kenobi reported to the council of a Sith Lord who attacked them on Tatooine. While many in the Order were convinced that the Sith were extinct during the final battle of Ruusan, it seemed that there were a handful of survivors, and would exact their revenge on the Jedi. Also, they were hardly convinced that Skywalker could be the Chosen One due to his future being clouded and that he was too old to begin training. When Redbreak heard of this, he showed signs of concerns. Though he laid it on the back of his mind while teaching, he could feel Anakin's strong connection to the Force, and that perhaps he is indeed the Choseon One. Also, he could not shake off the fact that the Sith Lords would reveal themselves one way or another... and perhaps in a terrible and unexpected way.

In 31 BBY, Xeron Hylos emerged, who, after years of self-imposed exile, went rogue. After leading several failed terrorist attacks against the Jedi Order, he was arrested and imprisoned. However, because of his expertise and computer skills and excellent knowledge of the layout of the temple, he escaped and fled back to his homeworld of Arkania. The council, under the impression that Xeron could do something more sinister, dispatched Kyle in an attempt to reason with Xeron. However, instead of reasoning, it resulted in an all-out duel, with Kyle being the victor. Hylos, refusing to be recaptured, fell over an icy cliff apparently to his death. Redbreak, feeling distraught, reported Hylos' death to the council. However, what Kyle was unaware of was that Xeron had indeed survived, and remained hidden for decades until before showing himself once more. 

During his years of teaching, Redbreak, given two weeks of leave, left for Tython, his birthplace. He met the Tythonian Rangers, learned their history, their philosophy, and their reasons for remaining independent from the Jedi Order. While meditating in the temple grounds, Redbreak encountered the spirit of his dead master. Advising him to venture deeper into the caverns on Tython, Zaiken wanted his former apprentice to witness something. Making his way deeper into a cave, directed by Valinor, Kyle emerged into a large spherical opening. Inside, swirls of bright blue light danced around the perplexed knight and five ghosts appeared before him. The ghosts warned Kyle of the dark side growing ever so strong and that he must remain vigilant if he is to survive. Before leaving, the ghosts imparted Kyle a deeper understanding of the Shaman of the Whills, and asked to keep this entire matter a complete secret and to share it only when the time was right. With his promise kept, the ghosts and Valinor's spirit vanished, leaving Kyle to ponder about the growing threat of the dark side.

Kyle and Joch

Jedi Master Kyle Redbreak with his Padawan, Joch Farlight.

When he returned to Coruscant, Redbreak decided to undertake a challenging version of the Jedi Trials. He succeeded, and ascended to the rank of Jedi Master. In 29 BBY, Redbreak encountered a young man, almost similar to him in outlook and in characteristics. Going by the name of Joch Farlight, the Youngling spent hours in his studies. Intrigued by him, Kyle counselled with Master Yoda about Joch. Yoda considered of assigning Joch to Kyle, but pondered if Redbreak was ready for the responsibility of teaching a Padawan. Kyle was willing to take Joch on, sharing his knowledge and completing his training. After much thought, Yoda agreed. After Joch passed his Initiate trials, Redbreak took him on as his apprentice, and so began a bond between both Jedi who shared both their knowledge with one another. 

Four years later, Redbreak was voted in and became a member of the Council of First Knowledge and the Council of Reconciliation, meeting the venerable Jedi Master Gram Alnin. During his time on both councils, Redbreak helped advance the knowledge of the Jedi Order and learned about diplomacy and being fair but firm when negotiating with other people. Though Redbreak learned of the rising threat in the cave on Tython, coupled with the return of the Sith, he was unaware of a more greather threat about to take shape.  

Mission to Reena

In 25 BBY, Redbreak and Farlight undertook their first mission together. When the Jedi learned of an illegal weapons sale between two weapons factories and a terrorist group, the council dispatched both master and apprentice to negotiate, or stop them. Arriving on Reena, Redbreak and Farlight met to discuss with halting the illegal trade with the companies. However, the owners of the factories, Jofes Binird and Vextel Hosel refused to stop selling them to the terrorists, replying that it was "part of business". Before the two owners could leave, however, they were assassinated by two terrorists, forcing Redbreak and Farlight on the defensive. The leader, Voshar Joliw, explained that they were taking over the factories and create an army to take over Reena in favor of seceding from the declining Republic. Faced with several terrorists, Kyle and Joch managed to fight them off before fleeing the scene.

Contacting the Jedi Council about the failed negotiations, master Windu ordered Kyle and Joch to hold their position until a strike team could arrive to assist them. Meanwhile, the terrorist group prepared to wage a war on Reena, because of their intense loyalty to the Republic, whom they saw as "greedy and corrupted". The strike team, led by Plo Koon, consisted of Sha Koon, Sassee Tiin, Jennifer SpaceDreamer, Jedi Knight Zewr Ginc and his Padawan Kelut Banv. Once the Jedi met together, the terrorists attacked the university, prompting the strike team to help and defend it. During the battle, Padawan Banv was killed by a sniper shot, with Ginc being killed by an explosion. Meanwhile, Tiin and Sha Koon remained behind to fight off the remaining terrorists, while Koon, Redbreak, SpaceDreamer and Farlight left to find Joliw. 

Tracing him to a spaceport, the Jedi prepared to apprehend Joliw and end the skirmish. However, when they found him, it was discovered that he had killed himself since with the intervention of the Jedi, and the deaths and arrests of many of his follwers, the cause seemed hopeless. In the aftermath, no real damage was done and there were a few fatalities, but many people faulted the Jedi for beginning an "assault" on the university. Despite this, the leader thanked the Jedi for their prompt efforts. The factories that Joliw intended to take over were shut down on charges of illegality and embezzlement. Because Joliw was dead, the Jedi pondered of how Joliw was able to find a source of credits to buy those weapons. With no firm answer, the Jedi dismissed it as a mystery they could not solve. Unknown to them, a certain Count provided Joliw with the money in an attempt to engineer a plan for Reena to secede, but failed. With the mission completed, and with the terrorist group defeated and its members arrested or killed, the Jedi returned to Coruscant. 

The Separatist Crisis (24 BBY- 22 BBY)

Eight years after the Battle of Naboo, the Republic began to falter even more. With limited Jedi Knights to protect the peace, countless star systems began to secede under the leadership of former Jedi Master Count Dooku. What the Republic, and even the Jedi did not know was that Dooku was in fact a Sith Lord seduced by a man named Darth Sidious.

Two years later, just days before the eruption of the Clone Wars, the Senate voted for an act to raise a military to defend themselves from the growing Separatist threat. However, this vote was never carried out, and instead, following Obi-Wan Kenobi's capture on Geonosis, Palpatine was granted emergency powers to boost the process of creating the Grand Army. Noting Kenobi's discovery of a Clone Army (cloned from the template of bounty hunter Jango Fett), Grand Master Yoda left for Kamino to take a delivery of 192,000 troops to Geonosis. 
Jedi circle

Of the 200 Jedi sent to Geonosis, just a handful of them remained.

Meanwhile, Jedi Masters Gram Alnin and Mace Windu gathered a Jedi strike team of at least 200 strong, then left for Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan, unaware that Kenobi's Padawan, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Amidala were also captured as well. As dozens of Delta-7 Aethersprite starfighters dropped out of hyperspace, they were met with Geonosian resistance on the planet. Therefore, Master Windu, along with Luminara Unduli, Kyle Redbreak and Jennifer SpaceDreamer landed to clear the way for the rest of the rescue team. After destroying numerous anti-air cannons, the rest of the fighters could land, and the Jedi made their way to the Pentranaki Arena to rescue Kenobi.

However, during the rescue, many Jedi lives were whittled away by hundreds, if not thousands of refined and stronger droids. As the Jedi prepared to fight to their last end, several gunships descended in to extract the remnants of the Jedi strike team. Furthermore, the Droid Army began to retreat from Geonosis, making many of the clone troopers pressed for service for the first time.


SPHA-Ts successfully destroy a Lucrehulk-class Core Ship

On the open plains, the Grand Army unleashed its full military might, with thousands of troops, supported with artillery against millions of droid soldiers. Meanwhile, Windu disaptched Redbreak, along with fellow Jedi Ki-Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, Depa Bilaba, Echuu Shen-Jon and Shen-Jon's Padawan, Stam Reath to destroy two coreships attempting to leave Geonosis. Though they succeeded, Sev'Rance Tann intervened and killed Shen-Jon's Padawan, much to the Knight's grief. In the aftermath, the Republic won the day, but because of the Jedi's lack of leadership in military role, many clones lost their lives, reducing to 72,000 troops still eligible for combat duty. Furthermore, Count Dooku, now discovered in his true form, fled Geonosis.

The Jedi and their troops prepare to march onto the coreships.

Back on Coruscant, the Jedi regrouped and recuperated. During a discussion with Jennifer and Mace, Kyle stated that the clones' performance was exceptional, yet without leadership, many fell. Windu replied that if the Republic was to endure these turbulent times, they would have no choice but to partake in this war.

The Clone Wars (22 BBY- 19 BBY)


Redbreak advising a defensive line.

Days after the Battle of Geonosis, the Republic prepared to marshal all available clones for war. Their mission: to hunt down and destroy any Separatist presence they have been ordered to destroy or encountered any. However, in the first year, the Grand Army was in a weak position to possess any advantage over countless Droids. As for the Jedi, they had no choice but to accept their roles as Generals to lead the Clone Army against Dooku and his Separatists. Kyle, among them, accepted his role and became a Jedi General, holding a senior position in one of the Sector Armies. As for his Padawan, Joch became a Jedi Commander, serving alongside his master.

As the Clone Wars raged on Kyle was recognized as a hero to the Republic, and has been seen as a veteran of many campaigns, such as the Both the Battles of Geonosis, Kamino, Christophsis, Ryloth, Iceberg III, Umbara, to name a few. In addition, due to his Jedi heritage, Redbreak was a skilled pilot, as well as a master of defensive tactics.

Leading an Army

Shortly after beginning his role of General, Redbreak met clone commander CC-8542/221, otherwise

Card C-Rare Kyle Redbreak
known as "Branch", possessing high leadership skills, and an excellent sharpshooter. Together Redbreak and Branch fought in many battles, winning victories for the Republic. As the war raged on, a strong friendship formed between the two men, often risking their own lives to save one another. 

Leading the 422nd Defense Corps, the clone troopers under General Redbreak's command fought in many major battles, destroying enemy held strongholds, choking supply lines, including halting enemy advances. In the early stages of the war, the 422nd Defense Corps troops had no specific color markings on their armor--instead, all troops wore standard Phase I armor. It was only after the Decimator Campaign that the troops adorned themselves in azure blue. In addition, Kyle and Branch allowed their men to don on special attachments including kamas, pauldrons, antennas and macrobinoculars. In addition to leading an army, Redbreak was also in command of the 1st Sector Army, a reserve sector stationed in the Axum system. As well as the 422nd Defense Corps being part of the army, the 131st Attack Corps, Ralana's unit, was also attached to it.

Notable Units within the 422nd Defense Corps

  • 10th Legion
  • 284th Armored Regiment

    A 422nd Defense Corps Clone Trooper in standard Phase I Clone Trooper Armor

  • 162nd Strike Battalion
  • Booster Company
  • 3rd Larty Wing
  • Phantom Company (Comprised of Clone Paratroopers)
  • 5th Platoon
  • 6th Platoon (Comprised of Clone Paratroopers)
  • Maverick Squad (Republic Commando Squad)
  • ARC Pack (ARC Trooper Squad)
  • SOURCE Squad (Stealth Operations Unit ReConnaissance Elites)

Notable Members

  • CC-8542/221 "Branch"
  • CC-9244 "Valex"
  • CL-1187 "Bretal" (Clone Paratrooper)
  • CT-4423/119 "Knox" (Clone Paratrooper)
  • CT-2453 "Avop" (Clone Paratrooper)
  • CT-8921 "Reed" (Clone Paratrooper)
  • CT-1248/442 "Blazer" (Later promoted to ARC Trooper and Lieutenant)
  • CT-5421 "Clasher" (Later promoted to ARC Trooper and Lieutenant)
  • CT-7783 "Bombshot" (Missing in Action)
  • CS-1129/007 "Forty" (Killed in Action)
  • CL-5532 "Faunt"
  • CT-2799/665 "Zax" (Medic)
  • CSM-1905 "Zeb"
  • CT-9982 "Creed" (ARC Trooper)
  • CS-6666 "Vault" (Killed in Action)
  • CT-5490 "Vat" (Medic)
  • CT-6556 "Clove" (ARF Trooper)
  • CT-6641 "B'tin" (Killed in Action)
  • CT-7434 "Mort" (Killed in Action)
  • CT-0023 "Butch"
  • CT-8213/433 "Henge" (Killed in Action)
  • CT-7651 "Ajex" (ARF Trooper and Medic)
  • CT-3333/209 "Typ" (Killed in Action
  • CT-5556 "Tak" (ARF Trooper)
  • CT-5521 "Hearken"
  • CT-3347/008 "Krat" (ARF Trooper and Medic)
  • CT-8774 "Screech"
  • CT-6609/924 "Sleek" (ARC Trooper and Medic)
  • CT-8887 "Snapper" (ARC Trooper)
  • CT-3324 "Slewer" (Pilot)
  • CT-1179/002 "Flyboy" (Pilot)
  • CT-2254 "Nav" (Pilot)
  • CT-8991 "Charter" (Pilot)
  • CT-3360 "Hock" (Pilot)
  • CT-4482/999 "Harwick" (Pilot)
  • CT-7774 "Bolster" (Pilot)
  • CT-6600 "Sling" (Pilot)
  • RC-1156 "Clax" (Team Leader and Weapons Handler)
  • RC-7731 "Ripper" (Hacker and Grenades Specialist)
  • RC-5014 "Baa'ur" (Team Medic and Tech Expert)
  • RC-8829 "Singe" (Sniper and Heavy Weapons Specialist)

The 422nd Defense Corps were well-trained and prepared for battle. Ranging from sniping, detonating, jetpack flying, heavy weapon use to leadership skills, coupled with the guidance of General Redbreak and Commander Farlight, the troopers were highly prepared, efficient, deadly, vigilant, and fearless as they faced the unknown. In addition to using heavy weapons and detonators, the 422nd Defense Corps also utilized heavy machinery and aerial craft such as AT-TE Walkers, AT-AP Walkers, AT-XT Walkers, AT-RT Walkers, Clone Juggernaut Tanks, TX-130 Saber-class fighter tanks and LAAT/i gunships.

Notable Gunships of the 3rd Larty Wing


Noseart for "Clone Strength".

  • Super Clone
  • Clone Strength
  • Punch-line
  • Clone Knights
  • Clone "Force"
  • The Big Gun
  • Homeward Bound!
  • Weapons Whacker
  • Merciless Angels
  • Droid Busters!
  • Gunship Hero
  • Unyielding Creature

The Champion Fleet

"The Champion Fleet has seen itself in many difficult situations... but they always succeed in the end no matter the risk."

      —Chancellor Palpatine commenting on the Champion Fleet's heroic actions in the Clone Wars

First Fleet ships

Ships of the First Fleet maintaining position in the Axum system.

In addition to his leadership of a Clone Army, Kyle also led the Champion Fleet, along with fellow Jedi Alloysis Keloy, Ralana Ahln and Jennifer SpaceDreamer. Redbreak commanded the First Fleet (a detachment of the Champion Fleet), along with Admiral James Reeves. Kyle's flagship was the Consular, a Venator-class Star Destroyer bearing the Champion Fleet emblem (including the First Fleet symbol). 

Notable Venator-Attack Cruisers

  • Consular
  • Valiant
  • Fearless
  • Peacekeeper
  • Braveheart (Destroyed)
  • Battlestorm
  • Sky of Hope
  • 77783
  • Paladin
  • Innovative
  • Undaunted
  • Memorable
  • Damocles
  • Reduction
  • Intuitive
  • Fireheart (Destroyed)
  • Valour
  • Champion of Freedom (Destroyed)
  • Compassionate
  • Justified
  • Encouragement
  • Lament
  • Resurgence
  • Redemption
  • Temptation
  • Keep (Destroyed and rebuilt)
  • Ravine
  • Warrior
  • Preservation

Notable Acclamator-class Cruisers


An Acclamator-class Republic Assault Ship serving in the Independence Fleet

  • Reconicle
  • Immenient
  • Thunderzone
  • Intolerance
  • Athid (Destroyed)
  • Definitive
  • Oblivion
  • Interpretive
  • Batin
  • Prowess
  • Intimidation
  • Invulnerable
  • Merciless
  • Atrocity
  • Judgement
  • Inexorable
  • Renegade

Notable Arquitens-class Cruisers

  • Impervious

    The Arrow Point

  • Retraction
  • Angel of Light
  • Arrow Point
  • United Justice
  • Prevaluation
  • Eclectic
  • Peace Seekers

Notable Consular-class Cruisers

  • Peace Spreader

    The Detriment II

  • Certain Diplomacy
  • Temperate
  • Detriment II
  • Ship of Serenity
  • Honest Speaker
  • Endeavor

Notable Fighter Squadrons

  • Thunderbird Squadron (Y-Wing Squadron, later re-equipped with Z-95 Headhunters and ARC-170 Fighters, can be identified by the blue markings. Later renamed the 1st Thunderbird Wing)
  • King Squadron (ARC-170 Fighter Squadon)
  • Striker Squadron (Y-Wing Squadron)
  • Plateau Squadron (V-19 Torrent Fighter Squadron. Later disbanded.)
  • Eltor Squadron (V-19 Torrent Fighter Squadron. Replaced by Z-95 Headhunters)
  • Titan Squadron (ARC-170 Fighter Squadron)
  • Thunderbird Squadron
    •  CC-0049/863 "Avis" (Thunderbird Leader)
    •  CT-1139 "Swipes" (Killed in Action)
    •  CT-9989 "Cleave"
    •  CT-2257 "Target" 
    •  CT-6635/875 "Packs" (Killed in Action)
    •  CT-4427 "Spackem" (Killed in Action)
    •  CT-4448 "Bat-eye" (Killed in Action)
    •  CT-3329/666 "Triple" (Killed in Action)
    •  CT-4333 "Terran"
    • CT-0924/39 "Sideburn"
    •  CT-4431 "Falco" (Killed in Action)
    • CT-4111 "Pluck" (Killed in Action)
    • CT-9901 "Felbank" (Killed in Action)
    • CT-85/001 "Nitro"
    • CT-7409 "Holt"
    • CT-55/311 "Rusk"
    • CT-6207 "Merit" 
    • CT-5629 "Radon" 

Master of Defense

"I must say, I find planning defensive strategies rather relaxing. Planning with turrets and troops, it gives me an image to observe the potential strength residing within both."

Kyle Redbreak

During the Clone Wars, Redbreak was an exceptional strategist in defensive operations. Using both turrets and troops, Kyle ensures maximum defense by creating unique tactics, with help from Branch and Joch. Some notable strategies goes as follows:

  • Jagged Defensive--This strategy focuses on using both light and moderate defenses. Clone troopers are equipped with DC-15 Blasters, DC-15X sniper rifles, mortars and rocket launchers. In addition, turrets such as the Particle Beam TurretGrenade Turret and Anti-Air Turret are also used; the particle beams are used first to melt down armor (most notably, heavy units such as the AAT Tank or MTT), the Grenade turrets to mow down columns of Droids and Anti-Air turrets, placed in the rear to fire at fast-flying air units. Sniper troops are placed on each side of the turret platforms. Mortar troops, along with rifle troops, take up the rear, and rocket launchers take up positions in the middle of the turret platform. Redbreak used this strategy to mop up remnants of Droid Armies.
  • Lightning Defensive--A strategy developed by Redbreak and Branch utilizing Deactivator turrets, missile turrets and troop bunkers equipped with heavy weapons. In addition, the turrets were supported with several repeating laser cannons placed on either side, distributed in groups of two to three in well covered areas. Troop bunkers take up the front, thinning out squads of Droids, giving the Deactivator turrets ample time to charge to take on the more heavier units. This strategy was used during Bardo Verwen.

(To be Expanded)

Known Battles in the Clone Wars

As the Clone Wars rapidly spread itself to countless worlds, the 422nd Defense Corps partcipated in many battles and secured victories for the Republic, ultimately gaining them a reputation for being the finest and elite army in the galaxy.

  • First Battle of Geonosis
  • First Battle of Kamino
  • Decimator Campaign
  • Battle of Aereen
  • Battle of Altair-9
  • Battle of Christophsis
  • Second Battle of Geonosis
  • Battle over Felucia
  • Battle of Cerea
  • Mission to Bardo Verwen
  • Second Battle of Kamino
  • Umbaran Campaign
  • Battle in the Iktotch system
  • Second Battle of Sullust
  • Ryloth Campaign
  • Mission to Ryloth
  • First Battle of Saleucami
  • Defense of Orto Plutonia
  • Mission to Iceberg Three
  • Battle of Mon Eron
  • Battle of Bephour
  • Third Battle of Felucia

(To be Expanded)

Decimator Campiagn

Reclaim Sarapin


The Decimator

One month after the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku's most trusted general, Sev'Rance Tann, seized control of the volcanic world of Sarapin. Moreover, Tann had also seized the Republic's new developed weapon, the Decimator. Because of Sarapin supplying more than eighty percent of energy to the Core Worlds, power soon began to dwindle, causing many people to panic. 

The Republic and Jedi Order took action by sending Jedi Generals Kyle Redbreak, Echuu Shen-Jon, Redbreak's Padawan, Joch Farlight and Echuu's new Padawan, Naat Reath to reclaim Sarapin. However, Shen-Jon's mourning over Stam's death resulted him to grow hatred for Tann causing Redbreak to keep an eye on him. Touching down on the volcanic world, the Jedi found the remains of a Decimator, which Shen-Jon surmized that Tann must have used these new machines to take Sarapin with ease.

Establishing a base and destroying several Separatist outposts, the clone troopers also repaired the generators, slowly restoring power to Sarapin. The Republic's final objective was to sieze Mt. Corvast Citadel, which had fallen to the Separatists. Smashing through the enemy's defenses and rounding up the remnants of the Droid Army, the Jedi arrested Zian Finnis, who told them that Tann was seen on Tatooine. Although reluctant, Windu allowed Kyle and Echuu to continue the search for Sev'Rance Tann. 


"There's hardly anything to see; just sand and two hot suns roasting you to death."
"Hot on Tatooine, true. However, in a firefight, the heat is enormous."

Commander Branch and Kyle Redbreak


Republic forces smash through.

Entering the Tatooine system, Windu informed the Jedi Generals to meet with Jabba the Hutt, who held certain information regarding the Separatist presence. Meeting with Jabba, the Hutt informed them that the Confederacy had established a strong foothold on Tatooine, with a stronghold to prove it. Furthermore, Boorka the Hutt had struck a deal with the Separatists, promising to provide aid. 

Following their meeting, Redbreak, Farlight, Shen-Jon and Reath launched an attack on Boorka's henchmen, killing Boorka himself in the process. The Republic forces then staged attrition attacks on the stronghold with mortars, heavy tanks and air strikes. As the stronghold defenses were battered down, the ground troops smashed through the stronghold and seized control of the command center, where Shen-Jon discovered that Tann was on Krant. Even worse, it was discovered that the Separatists has their own Decimator facilities, producing Decimators ready to be used. Shen-Jon immediately gave orders for the fleet to set for Krant, accompanied wearily by Redbreak, Farlight and Reath.

The Moon of Aereen

"The Republic forces are mounting an assault on the facility to the south, but there are multiple defense platforms blocking their way. First priority, clear a path for master Shen-Jon."

      —Kyle Redbreak relaying orders to the squadon leaders

Shortly after arriving in the Krant system, the Republic fleet picked up communications between Krant and the moon of Aereen. Under close analysis, Shen-Jon discovered that the Trade Federation had set up an illegal mining station to supply the Decimator facilities on Krant with raw materials needed to produce the Decimators. After consulting with the Jedi Council, Windu gave orders to have a base established and to destroy the mining facilities. 

Once the Trade Federation sighted the Republic transport ships, they immediately pulled out reserves to attack the base. With Redbreak's careful defense tactics, he was able to hold the Droid Army at bay. This gave Shen-Jon time to ready his forces for an assault on the mining facilities. However, before his troops could get in range, the Separatists launched a defensive line, forcing the troops back to their base. Kyle was ordered to lead an air attack to soften up the stronghold. Redbreak, now in his new Delta-7B Aethersprite starfighter (named the Heart of Peace), along with Farlight led squadrons of ARC-170 fighters, firing rapidly. Once the stronghold's defenses were brought to a minimum threat, the Republic renewed its assault, destroyed the facilities, and killed its commander, Plure Barron
Battle of Aereen

Shen-Jon's troops storm the stronghold and assault the mining facilities.

Following the battle, Naat Reath discovered records of Tann inspecting the Decimators on Krant before being used. Though she suggested to inform the council of their findings, Shen-Jon abruptly insisted that they lead a strike force to destroy the Decimator facilities. As Kyle and Joch would remin on Aereen to provide support, Shen-Jon's hatred for Tann increased, not caring of bringing her alive.


The Republic strike force landed on the surface of Krant, several klicks away from the entrance to the Decimator facilities. Echuu, Naat, and the clones met stranded Wookiee soldiers, who aided them in exchange for passage off krant. Smashing down the entrance, the heavy pummels destroyed anti-air turrets, allowing additional Republic troops and supplies sent by Redbreak to assist. With the Decimator facilities destroyed, Shen-Jon and Reath confronted Tann. However, Tann quickly disarmed Reath and took her captive, leaving Echuu with a lust of vengeance. As a result, he marshaled all available troops, and prepared to mount an assault on Tann's stronghold to rescue his Padawan. While Kyle disagreed to risk for one Padawan, Echuu replied that the Jedi Order didn't do less for Geonosis.

Shen-Jon, Redbreak and Farlight brought their forces towards Tann's stronghold, encountering Battle Droids and tanks. As Echuu faced Tann alone, Redbreak and Farlight led the troops, smashing all resistance. Once the Droid Army was eradicated, Kyle and Joch ran over just in time to see Tann fall before him. Following Reath's rescue, Shen-Jon ordered Redbreak to report the battle, and to also state that the Knight was missing in action. When Redbreak and Reath asked why, Shen-Jon admitted that in using his anger, he struck down Tann out of vengeance. As a result, Echuu decided to remain on Krant, with Redbreak, Farlight and Reath promising to keep his secret.

Fall of Ossus

"Ossus has fallen to the Confederacy in one swift strike, and now we must presume that they will take over the archaeological dig sites that will prove to be invaluable to Count Dooku. Casualties were high, including Jedi General Kyle Redbreak going into a coma."

      —Ralana Ahln's report

In 22 BBY, during the Dark Reaper Crisis, a battle occurred on Ossus, which proved to be a disaster for the Jedi Order. As Ossus was a Jedi world, the Separatists presumably wanted to take control of the archaeological sites that were being excavated by the Order. Fortifying their defenses, Jedi Generals Kyle Redbreak, Ralana Ahln, Vung-Tin, Gare Cofas and Hoy Thuc prepared to meet the invaders.
Evacuation on Ossus

The evacuation of Ossus is underway.

The Separatists launched a massive invasion force, that resulted in heavy casualtes for the 422nd Defense Corps and the 131st Attack Corps. With Vung-Tin and Gare Cofas killed in combat, the Republic's position deteriorated rapidly. Overrun and weakened, the Jedi had no choice but to abandon Ossus. While defending the evacuation point with Commander Branch and the 5th Platoon, Redbreak was critically injured and was pushed into a coma after several Hyena Droids dropped bombs on their position. With the last gunship ready, Branch, carrying a wounded Kyle and the rest of the platoon left immediately before the Separatists consolidated their hold on Ossus.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Jedi suffered a devastating loss. With the Separatists now in control of the Jedi archaelogical sites, it seemed that Count Dooku would exploit the findings for use against the Republic. As for Kyle, he was put in a coma for two weeks, with Jedi Master Josep Varn filling in as temporary teacher to Joch Farlight. After waking up from his coma, Kyle spent the next three weeks recovering before he was fit and ready to rejoin the front lines.

Christophsis Campaign


"Yer planet, it belongs to us."

Whorm Loathsom to the people of Christophsis


The crystalline world of Christophsis

Seven weeks after the Battle of Geonosis, (also the same year when the Republic and Separatists were battling for key hyperspace routes) the crystalline world of Christophsis had fallen under attack by Separatist Droid forces as well as detachments from the Retail Caucus. Under the command of Separatist Leader, General Whorm Loathsom, the citizens were soon subdued after a failed attempt of holding them off.

The intention of the Separatists capturing Christophsis was that so they could cut off Republic forces in the Outer Rim via the Corellian Run, stage critical strikes to the cloning facilities on Kamino and Rothana, the home to Rothana Heavy Engineering, which manufactured the Republic war machines, and to also gain some of Christophsis' rich resources as the crystals which were provided and utilized for powerful weaponry. They also intended to kill or capture the most prominient Senator of the Republic, Senator Bail Prestor Organa who was also on Christophsis at a refugee camp as a behind the lines effort authorized by the Senate, who had in turn, managed to lead some attacks against the invaders. Unfortunately, the infamous Admiral Trench, along with the Confederate fleet, created a tight blockade to prevent any supplies from getting through to Organa's position. To make matters worse, with the blockade surrounding Christophsis, Organa and his Republic forces were trapped, thus any means of escape for them would be impossible.

A plea from Christophsis was sent to the Jedi Council, urging the them to come to their aid. The Jedi Order agreed, and soon Generals Skywalker's, Kenobi's and Alnin's fleets were mobolized to assist with the rescue. Redbreak's and SpaceDreamer's fleet were also called to assist, taking a small unit of clones of the 13th Sector Army to assist.

Arrival in the Christoph System

"I'd feel better if we brought a brigade with us. I still don't like the idea of Separatist forces being in small numbers, and you know how reports can get inaccurate these days."
"Our forces, as you know Kyle, are strecthed thin. We can't risk an entire army to reclaim a planet. Besides, most of our troops are on reserve for far more greater and important battles. And, despite her resources, Christophsis isn't one of them right now, even if it is a strategic planet for the enemy. Don't allow your eccentricity to get the better of you now."

      —Gram scolding Kyle about the size of their task force

Download (2)

Skywalker attempts to break the blockade.

The Consular, Memorable and Resolute dropped out from hyperpsace, under the command of Generals Kyle Redbreak, Jennifer SpaceDreamer and Anakin Skywalker respectively. Accompanied by Admiral James Reeves, Joch Farlight and the newly appointed Admiral Wullf Yularen, the fleet's mission was escort the Pelta-class frigates to the surface.

Despite Kenobi's order of not to engage the blockade, Skywalker resolved to attack, much to Redbreak's dismay. Unfortunately, the Separatist fleet proved to be too difficult to break through, resulting in moderate to the cruisers. At that moment, the Security and Negotiator entered Christophsis, ordering Skywalker, Redbreak and SpaceDreamer to regroup behind the nearest moon. 

As they regrouped, Kenobi and Alnin unveiled a new prototype stealth ship, allowing for supplies to be ferried in through the blockade. Although Skywalker suggested that this could work to their advantage of braking the blockade, Kenobi ordered him to deliver the supplies, whilst he, Gram, Kyle and Jennifer would lead the attack. Skywalker reluctantly complied, but before departing, Yularen warned Skywalker that Admiral Trench was in command of the blockade. Trench, who had presumably died during the Battle of Malastare Narrows, was well-alive (due to his Harch species of staying in space).

Once the ship took off, with Yularen onboard as consultant, Trench ordered Hyena Droid Bombers to bomb Organa's position so as to bring out the fleet. With no other choice, the Jedi prepared to fight the blockade. However, Skywalker and Yularen advised against it, saying that Trench was in command, and that Trench destroyed enemy ships by locking on to their magnetic signature. Skywalker decided that the cloak ship was the best way to defeat the Invincible, and ordered torpedos to be fired at the ship. However, Trench activated his ray shields and retaliated by firing missiles at the cloak ship. Only when Skywalker was able to cloak the fighter that they managed to survive. 


The Invincible being destroyed by its own missiles

Deciding to make contact with the enemy following the failed attempt, Trench boasted to the Jedi that he had faced many cloaked ships before, and that he taunted them to attack the blockade. Kenobi and Alnin confirmed this by looking at Trench's past records and that he used tracking missiles. Skywalker came to the conclusion that honing onto a ship's magnetic signature, the tracking missile was easily able to find its target. Requesting the Jedi to hold the attack, Skywalker moved the ship into position, de-cloakded and fired four more torpedos at the ship. The Invincible, forced to lower to its shields to fire the tracking missiles, took the bait. Skywalker skilfully piloted the ship towards Trench's flagship, with the missiles in pursuit. At the last moment, Anakin pulled the ship up, causing the missiles to hit the bridge of the Invincible, apparently killing Trench.

With the flagship knocked out, the blockading fleet was in disarray. The Republic fleet pressed the attack, with Kyle and Jennifer leading fighter squadrons to clear out the surrounding ships. Once the Separatist fleet scattered, Redbreak, SpaceDreamer and Farlight joined the others on Christophsis to help with the ground battle.

Christophsis Arrival

On the surface on Christophsis, everything was crystalline. As the Republic established a base in Crystal City, Kenobi, Alnin and Skywalker left to set an ambush for the Separatists, leaving Kyle, Jennifer and Joch to defend their position from Whorm Loathsom's droids. 

(To be Expanded)

Battle of Teth

(To be Expanded)

Mission to Odacer-Faustin

Five months after Geonosis, Redbreak, his Padawan Joch and Ralan Ahln were dispatched by the Senate to investigate Separatist movements on Odacer-Faustin. Accompanied by Commander Branch and Hornet, they started exploring on the harsh and snowy world. As they surveyed the area, there did not seem to be any Separatist presence left on the planet. They then arrived at the remains of a droid outpost, seemingly ravaged and destroyed. Discovering lightsaber marks on the walls, the Jedi surmised that 'something' drove the Separatists out from their posts. 
Kyle and Ralana

Kyle and Ralana on Odacer-Faustin.

As they continued investigating, all three Jedi suddenly fell into a coma, prompting Branch and Hornet to place them in shelter in a nearby cave. The clone commanders checked the condition of the Jedi, knowing that they were close to death. Branch and Hornet decided to find the source of the coma, making their way back to the outpost. Looking through old records, both clone commanders were caught off-guard when Sith zombies attacked them. Managing to get to safety, the two clones found themselves in front of the ruins of the Sith academy. Making their way deep underground, they found an old scepter, emanating dark smoke above. Before they could destroy it, they were once again attacked by the Sith zombies having Branch covering Hornet while he destroyed the scepter. Destroying it completely, the Sith zombies suddenly feel dormant, and Redbreak, Ahln and Farlight suddenly awoke. Meeting up with the commanders, the Jedi learned that some sort of illness had caused to suddenly fall out. The Jedi, knowing that someone else could happen, immediately left Odacer-Faustin, reporting of their findings, and returned to Coruscant. 

The Malevolence Crisis

"Having lost contact with General Nune and his fleet in the Phu sector, this threat, whatever may be, must be considered dangerous. If only if we could pry more information about this..."
"Whatever this new weapon is my friend, I am determined to find out. If this is true, then the Republic may have already lost this war."

     —Kyle Redbreak and Plo Koon


The Malevolence

Months into the war, a new Separatist ship called the Malevolence destroyed several Republic fleets. Alarmed, the Senate dispatched General Plo Koon and his fleet to stop the warship. Last spotted in the Abregado system, the Republic fleet prepared to attack the Malevolence. Unknown to the fleet, General Grievous gave orders to unleash their new weapon: an ion cannon, resulting in neutralizing all power to Plo's fleet. Koon immediately gave orders to evacuate, but only a handful survived the battle.

Meanwhile, General Anakin Skywalker's and Kyle Redbreak's fleet were nearby, patrolling hyperspace lanes vital to the Republic. Though the Jedi Council refused Skywalker to take leave to Abregado to find survivors, the young Jedi Knight went behind their backs and left in the Twilight, accompanied by his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, whilst Redbreak and Joch Farlight remained behind to continue the patrol. When the Twilight arrived, the remains of the Republic fleet were all scattered; escape pods broken, debris everywhere. 

As they surveyed the damage, Koon communicated with Ahsoka, leading them to the survivors. Tano launched the cable from the Twilight to the escape pod, bringing Koon and the survivors in. Koon later informed the Jedi that the Separatists used an ion disc to disable their ships, and that they had to destroy that weapon. However, the Malevolence caught up with them, prompting Skywalker to fly out. It was with Skywalker's expert piloting that the Twilight was able to jump back to Republic space. Rejoining the fleet, Anakin hatched a plan to destroy this new ship.

The Republic Strikes Back

In the Resolute's hangar, Skywalker breifed the pilots of Shadow Squadron. Intelligence revealed that the Malevolence was intending to attack the Kaliida Shoals medical station near Naboo. With the massive ship getting a head start, Skywalker decided to take a shorter route, known as the Balmorra Run. Accompanied by Plo Koon, Kyle and Joch in their Delta-7B starfighters. 

(To be Expanded)

Sky Battle Over Quell

When Aayla Secura's fleet was under attack near Quell, the First and Second Fleets under the command of Generals Kyle Redbreak and Jennifer SpaceDreamer were mobolized to assist Anakin Skywalker
Battle of Quell2

The Liberty sustains heavy damage.

evacuating Secura and her troops. With hundreds of B2 Rocket Droids swarming over the Liberty, the cruiser stood ready to explode. The gunships led by Skywalker soon arrived and evacuated the crew, before Tano, Rex and himself moved in to rescue Secura and Commander Bly. Yularen quickly instructed Redbreak and SpaceDreamer to clear a path back to the Resolute. They did so, but the Separatist fleet still continued pressing on their attacks.

As Redbreak and SpaceDreamer led squadrons of clone starfighters to batter the Banking Clan frigates, the Consular-class Cruiser carrying Secura and a wounded Anakin jumped to hyperspace. Yularen gave new orders to continue on the attack, before moving the fleet to find the rogue ship.

Defense of Orto Plutonia

Three weeks after the peace treaty between the Pantorans and the Talz, the Separatists launched a vicous counter-attack to give retribution to the people who destroyed their outpost. 

(To be Expanded)

Liberation on Ryloth

In late 22 BBY, the peaceful world of Ryloth was subjugated by the Confederacy. The Twi'leks begged the Republic to help, and Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Alloysis Keloy, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Gram Alnin, along with Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, were sent to free the planet from the Separatist grip. Redbreak, SpaceDreamer and Farlight would join in the battle later on. Following Skywalker's successful breaking of the Separatist blockade surrounding Ryloth, General Kenobi's and Alnin's troops moved in to liberate the first city of Nabat. Once the liberation mission was accomplished, the Jedi separated to engage Droid forces in different sectors on Ryloth. Kyle and Jennifer's fleets were mobilized and they left immediately to reinforce the Republic's position and to also provide aid to the Twi'lek people.

Meeting the Cyborg

As the First and Second Fleets approached Ryloth, they were intercepted by a Confederate Navy under the command of General Grievous. SpaceDreamer gave orders to launch fighter to fend off the attack, taking command of the space battle alongside Farlight. Redbreak called out all troops to the hangar to repel the Droid invasion, unaware that Grievous was en-route to face him personally.

After dispersing most of the Droid attackers, Redbreak and his men encountered the cyborg general,
Duel Against Grievous -1

Kyle and Grievous duel for the first time.

who quickly subdued the clones, preferring to face Kyle without any interference. Grievous, being trained in the art of lightsaber combat by Count Dooku, along with his appearance would intimidate Redbreak, but the Jedi Master held his ground, blocking Grievous' parries and lunging back. Despite Grievous being well-trained, Redbreak proved to be the superior duelist, beating Grievous back. However, as Grievous neared defeat, two of his Maganguards jumped down to protect him, leaving Kyle to deal with them as Grievous escaped into a shuttle who arrived to safely extract him. Once Redbreak finished off the bodyguards, SpaceDreamer informed him that the Separatist fleet was in full retreat, and that they could continue on with the mission. 

Aiding the People

"For months, the Republic and Jedi Order have fought to keep the peace throughout the galaxy from Count Dooku and the Separatists. Here on Ryloth, a Jedi master and his troops valiantly defended innocent lives while sacrificing their own in the process. Let not these people be forgotten. May Ima-Gun Di and his troops be remembered for their courageous efforts, and they shall be counted as heroes of the Clone Wars."

Kyle Redbreak's eulogy

Card C-Kyle Redbreak

Kyle and Jennifer's fleets arrived in the Ryloth system, making contact with Generals Alnin, Kenobi and Windu. Alnin reported the squadron successfully repelled the enemy bombing, Kenobi was making steady progress, and Windu and Keloy's forces were moving in to retake the capitol city of Lessu. Both Redbreak and SpaceDreamer were ordered to provide relief supplies and aid to the villages that were ravaged by the Separatists. 

Redbreak, Farlight and SpaceDreamer arrived in the city of Kala'din, which much of its infrastructure damaged and destroyed. As clone medics tended to the Twi'lek's wounds, commander Branch reported of finding General Ima-Gun Di's forces nearby. Knowing that his troops deserved a burial, Redbreak ordered gunships to airlift these bodies back to the fleet in oribt. Before being lifted back to the fleet, Di and his men were placed in coffins to honor their sacrifice on Ryloth. While it went underway, Redbreak pondered of how many lives were whittled away during the course of the war. Branch replied that all troops were meant to sacrifice their lives and that they were only mindful of their duty. With the bodies in the coffins, Redbreak gave out an eulogy, with troops firing their blasters as a final salute to the fallen.

Capturing the Supply Depots

After providing aid to the villages of Leb'Reen and Nabat, Windu transmitted several depots of which the enemy was supplementing Lessu with supplies and reinforcements. As the other forces were pre-occupied, the Jedi were ordered to capture these depots. Redbreak and Farlight would capture the depots in the desert, whilst leaving SpaceDreamer to tackle those in the valleys and plains. 
Cannon Company AT-RTs

AT-RT Walkers of Cannon Company blasting their way through the depot.

In the vast deserts, troops of Booster Company and Cannon Company met heavy resistance, with its advance slow. However, with aerial support from the 3rd Larty Wing, the troops managed to capture the first supply depot. Following that, they captured the second and third with thanks to artillery bombardment, mortar shots and sniping maneuvers. Meanwhile, SpaceDreamer also captured the rest of the depots, finally allowing Windu and Keloy, (also with the aid of Cham Syndulla's freedom fighters) to capture to the capitol of Lessu and apprehend Wat Tambor. 


Ryloth had become the scene of a large battlefield. With heavy casualties for both the Republic and Separatists, the Twi'leks were forever changed by the scars of war. With the promise of Ryloth not having a Republic presence, all Republic forces started to pull out. However, since there were still pockets of droids scattered throughout Ryloth, Generals Anakin Skywalker, Gram Alnin and Padawan Ahsoka Tano stayed behind to clear up the mess. 

Kyle and Jennifer pulled out their forces, both going their separate ways: with Jennifer and Joch returning to Coruscant, Kyle and Branch would travel to Juma-9 to help install new defensive systems and assist with the maintenance. While it seemed to Kyle that this would be an average mission, it was clear that a far greater threat would occur soon...


Juma 9

Juma-9 Space station located near Naboo.

On Juma-9, Kyle helped to install a new cannon called the J-9 Ion Blast Deck Cannon. This new cannon had exceptional accuracy, capable of disabling turbo-lasers and knocking out a ship's shields, with a blast radius of thirty meters. In addition, certain safety locks could be removed to allow the cannon to fire more powerful shots with a greater radius (about 80 meters). The Ion Blast had some downfalls however. For one thing, after firing three shots, it needed at least fifteen minutes to cool down. Another factor was that it had limited range, meaning that the ship had to get within 5000 meters for the cannon to take effect. Also, if the safety features were removed, the cannon would itself risk being drawn offline for an hour or so due to the large amount of ion particles needed to produce the blast. Despite these setbacks, however, the Blast Deck Cannon proved to be an effective defense weapon for the upcoming battle...

With the cannons installed, Redbreak and Branch headed to meet with Plo Koon and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but
Hangar Defense

Squads of clone troopers defend hangar 469 from the Separatist invasion.

as they were walking in the hallways, the station shook. Redbreak and Branch looked out at a nearby viewport to see a Banking Clan frigate launching dozens of Separatist boarding ships to assault the station. With Kenobi and Koon heading off to secure the security post, Redbreak and Branch left to repel the the invaders from hangar 469. Clearing out any droids along the way, Kyle and Branch successfully secured hangar 469. Kenobi then contacted Redbreak that himself and Koon were on their way to the reactor core to prevent the enemy from blowing it up, and tasked Kyle and Branch to cover their advance.
Ion Pinpoint turret

The J-9 Deck Cannon Kyle helped to install.

As more Droids poured into the station, Redbreak and Branch led the station's troops to disperse the droids coming from the cargo holds. Sealing off all entrance doors, the station started shaking. With a report indicating the Separatist frigate was firing at the station, Redbreak and Brance immediately made their way back to the deck to activate the J-9 deck cannon. With the cannons, they were able to disable the turbolasers, and to allow the fighter squadrons to move and destroy the ships. With the shields online and the hangar doors sealed off, Redbreak and Branch helped to route out the remaining droids on the station.


Following the elimination of droids in cargo holds three, five and six, the station shook once more, but not from the frigates, but from an explosion within. With Kenobi issuing orders for all troops to be evacuated, the technicians and naval crew started to head for the escape pods. Kenobi informed Kyle and Branch that a Skakoan named Kul Teska had invaded the station and that both he and Koon were giving chase in hopes of arresting him. Redbreak wanted to join them, but Kenobi refused, ordering him to cover the evacuation. Carrying out the order, Kyle and Branch covered the several connecting hallways as non-essential personal made their way to the escape pod bay. 

After the last person reached the escape pod bay, a large section of the doorway caved in, blocking Kyle and Branch's escape. With no alternatives for escape, both men resolved to send out an S.O.S. at the communications array. Making their way through the maintainence corridors, as the turbolifts were offline, Redbreak sent out a distress call to Coruscant. Once that was accomplished, he and Branch made their way to clear out the remaining droid presence.

Retake Juma-9

Responding to Kyle's S.O.S, Jedi masters Mace Windu and Kit Fisto left to pick up the surviving clones and help to retake the station. Taking Padawan Joch Farlight with them, the three Jedi arrived in hangar 257 to rescue the Jedi trapped on the station. Meeting up with Redbreak and Branch in the hangar, they needed to bring the station back online. Whilst Ponds, Branch and Cody would repair the conduits, Windu and Fisto would head to the core to handle the manual reset. As for Kyle and Joch, both of them were tasked with clearing out any remaining droids on the station.

(To be Expanded) 

Rescue on Felucia

"Form up the gunships! We need to get them down to the surface intact! We will need to move swiftly if we are to break through the blockade. Generals Kenobi, Alnin, Skywalker and Ahsoka will not last long there."
"We'll need to take out those enemy turrets to prevent maximum casaulties. Lead the way with the squadron, and we'll cover the gunships."

      —Plo Koon and Kyle Redbreak preparing to break the blockade surrounding Felucia


The Republic Fleet battling through the blockade surrounding Felucia

After recieving word that Kenobi, Alnin, Skywalker, and Tano needed immediate evacuation from Felucia, Jedi Generals Plo Koon, Kyle Redbreak and Padawan Joch Farlight left immediately to extract them. Both Jedi readied Attack Cruisers Consular, Redemption, Valiant, and Courageous, then set off for the Felucia system.

Unfortunately, when they arrived, they found a tight blockade that was surrounding the planet, preventing them from going any further. Thunderbird Squadron, Hunter Squadron, along with The Blade of Dorin, The Heart of Peace, and The Jedi Lightningbolt were deployed immediately to clear away any enemy fighters, while the cruisers dealt with the frigates. After much firepower, Hunter Squadron was able to break a hole through the blockade, allowing the gunships and Redbreak, Farlast and Plo to reach the surface safely.

The gunships, escorted by Redbreak, Farlight and Warthog flew towards the clone's location to safely extract them before picking up Kenobi, Skywalker, and Tano (who didn't initially follow orders). The gunships safely made it back to the fleet before Redbreak gave the order for all cruisers to fall back.

Geonosian Campaign

(To be Expanded)

The Hunt for Poggle the Lesser

(To be Expanded)

Bardo Verwen

(To be Expanded)


Zillio Beast Trilogy

Battle of Malastare

"Doctor Boll has stated that only Droids will be affected by the bomb's electron field."
"Yes. The clones and your people will be quite safe. We have accounted for every probable outcome."
"It's the improbable that worries me. There must be other options."
"Indeed. All weapons, including this proton bomb are not always perfect. And this is perhaps similar to the Defoliator weapon Lok Durd used. I think we're taking too much inspiration from our enemies."

     —Palpatine, Boll, Windu and Redbreak during the Battle of Malastare 

Cannon Company AT-TEs

AT-TE Walkers of Cannon Company meet the incoming Hyena Droid Bombers.

During the first year of the Clone Wars, a battle was fought on the fuel world of Malastare. Renown for their fuel, Malastare was considered an important world for both Republic and Separatist forces. The Republic hoped that by pushing the Separatists off-world, the Dugs would sign a treaty to allow the Grand Army to use its fuel needed for its navy and war machines. To that end, Palpatine approved construction of a Proton Bomb, capable of disabling droids, but leaving sentient beings unharmed. On Malastare, Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Kyle Redbreak and Anakin Skywalker arrived to supervise the battle.

Malastare sinkhole

The effects of the proton bomb created a massive sinkhole near the Malastare fuel reserves.

As the Droid Army advanced towards the fuel reserves, troops of the 422nd Defense Corps and 501st Legion engaged the enemy, buying enough time for the proton bomb to be used. While suffering casaulties, the troops managed to distract the Droid Army long enough, and soon the proton bomb was dropped, disabling all nearby electronics, including the communications web in the trooper's helmets. Once the explosion ended, all droids were completely disabled, apparently resulting in a Republic victory. However, due to the explosion, a large sinkhole was created, engulfing several troops and walkers. Shocked at the sinkhole, Windu ordered rescue teams to find the survivors. 

After losing contact with the rescuers, Windu, Redbreak, accompanied by Commanders Ponds and Branch, left to investigate what happened, while Skywalker remained behind to negotiate with the Dugs. As the team made their way down the hole, they suddenly encountered a large beast that was responsible for the initial rescue team. With the arrival of Skywalker in his Jedi starfighter, Redbreak, Windu and the clones escaped the beast before damaged Anakin's fighter and was forced to eject. Managing to escape the beast with the aid of R2-D2, Nakha Urus, the Dug leader of Malastare, explained that the beast they encountered was the Zillio Beast, a native creature believed to have been extinct for centuries. 

(To be Expanded)

Second Battle of Kamino

(To be Expanded)

Capturing a Hutt

"This is just like old times, Obi-Wan. Quinlan, yourself, and I haven't gone on any missions together since we were Padawans."
"Yes, and I can see that the both of you still retain your eccentricty since childhood."
"[Grins] I'll take that as a compliment."

      —Kyle Redbreak and Obi-Wan Kenobi waiting for Quinlan Vos by the launch pad

After notorious bounty hunter Cad Bane broke Ziro the Hutt free after holding the entire Senate hostage, the Republic took it upon themselves to find Ziro, and if possible, Bane, and capture them. Therefore, the Jedi Council dispatched Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Kyle Redbreak, along with Vos, who carried somewhat of a crazy and free-minded personaility. Arriving in the Nal Hutta system, they discovered that Ziro was indeed here thanks to Vos who used his postcognition skills after meeting with the Hutt Council, despite the fact they denied that he was here. However, upon closer inspection after arriving at his prison cell, they found it completely empty. Immediately, the trio set off to find Ziro, closely followed by an unknown figure...

"We may not be capturing Ziro, but you are going to prison."
"Now that you mention it, the Separatists are paying a million credits a head for a Jedi."

      —Kyle Redbreak and Cad Bane before the chase ensues


The Jedi pursue Cad Bane on Teth

After meeting with Ziro's mother, Mama the Hutt, Redbreak, Kenobi and Vos discovered that Ziro had left for Teth to retreive the diary from Ziro's late father. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they found the Hutt dead, and instead met Cad Bane, who was also on Ziro's trail. An intense chase begins, and Bane fired excessively at the three Jedi over the hightops of Teth. In the end, however, Bane escaped, leaving Kenobi, Redbreak, and Vos dangling over the edge, until they managed to get back up. After looking at Ziro's body one last time, the trio boarded their shuttle and returned to Coruscant to report to the Council.

Battle over Felucia

(To be Expanded)

Mission to Iceberg III

"Generals, I regret to inform you that the situation here is grave. While my people remain loyal to the Republic, the Separatists are making advances to the system, and may soon threaten our home planet."

     —King Yos Kolina reporting to the Jedi 


Kyle with Gram, Anakin, and Plo, upon speaking with King Yos Kolina

After recieving orders from Master Alnin, Kyle recalled all ships from Felucia, and returned to Coruscant, wondering what kind of new mission he would be on. He soon found out when he joined, Gram, Plo, and Anakin in the war room, who reported that the Separatists were making critical advances towards the Mon Calamari system and that King Yos Kolina requested immediate aid from the Republic. This situation was most grave, for Mon Calamari provided a type of ore used to strengthen the metal platings on all Republic Cruisers, and if Mon Calamari was lost to the Confederacy, it could profoundly sever resources to the Republic, and that the Republic fleet would be at a terrible disadvantage. However, Skywalker reported that their armies were strecthed too thin to assist the Mon Calamari. Yolina had no choice but to cut the transmission. Shortly after this, R2-D2, Anakin's faithful Astromech Droid, gave word that the Republic base from Mon Eron reported that General Grievous' fleet was making its approach towards Iceberg III, a very cold comet that was 


General Grievous' fleet makes its way towards Iceberg III

located within the Calamari system. Plo asked if Kyle was ready, and that they also required a portion of his fleet to assist with breaking the blockade. Redbreak, knowing that the mission must succeed, accepted, took Joch with him, and donned on his cold weather gear, preparing for the cold terrain.

As all Republic forces were marsheled, Kyle also took Booster Company with him, as well as ARC Pack, Cannon Company and readied Venator Cruisers Consular and Redemption. Before leaving, however, he was confronted by Jennifer, who told him to be careful, and that the Force will guide him on his mission. After looking at one another, the both of them embraced each other and shared a long kiss. With that, Redbreak waved goodbye to her, and left for the Calamari system, ready to halt the Separatist advance.

Breaking through the blockade with help of Thunderbird Squadron surrounding Iceberg III, the Republic
Iceberg III Defense

Wolf Pack destroys a droideka before taking on the AAT.

landed troops on the surface, only to find out that the Republic was steadily losing its grip in the Calamari system. Requring to make contact with the Jedi High Council, Koon dispatched Gram Alnin and Wolffe to the communications tower on the other side of the comet. While they did so, Koon, Redbreak and Farlight defended their position from the Droid Army, with the help of AT-TE Walkers from Cannon Company. After Alnin, and Wolffe relayed the bad news to the council, the battle became fierce and intense, posing a threat to the civilians living nearby. Deciding to evacuate them safely, Koon entrusted Kyle and Joch to hold off the advancing Droid Army while the gunships safely carried the civilians to the fleet. With help from Wolf Pack and ARC Pack, they successfully halted all droid units allowing the gunships to escape. The Jedi and troops then regrouped with the fleet, followed by Alnin who had just engaged General Grievous in a lightsaber duel.


"So, we must now put our faith in Anakin and Senator Amidala. And much of the battle here was all in vain."
"Not neccessarily Kyle. The most important thing was that we managed to evacuate the natives of Iceberg III to safety on Mon Eron, though I think Grievous would be sending reinforcements to kill them, so as to compensate for his failure. Are you ready to stop them?"
"We'll be ready, won't we Padawan?"
"Yes, of course Master."

      —Kyle, Gram, and Joch arriving back in the Cruiser, where Gram fills in Kyle on his next assignment


Skywalker, Amidala and two SCUBA troops prepare to leave for Mon Calamari

Returning to the hangar, the Jedi were greeted with terrible news: King Yos Kolina was assassinated while they were away, and that civil war was close at hand between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari. Plo informed them that Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala would be sent to negotiate a peace treaty between the two races, in the hopes of preventing bloodshed from arising. Unfortunately, the Separatists also sent in their own envoy to represent them, the Karkarodon Riff Tamson. The battle would have been in vain if Skywalker and Amidala failed to reconcile the relationship between the two races, but Koon, being level-headed and optimistic, replied that smaller victories were greater than the grander ones. The most important was that they were able to evacuate the civilians from Iceberg III.

As Redbreak and Farlight left the hangar, Alnin approached them and assigned them to stop Separtist Droid reinforcements from reaching Mon Eron. Though tired, cold, and battle weary, Redbreak and Farlight took the mission, and prepared the Independence Fleet to blockade Mon Eron.

Battle of Mon Eron

(To be Expanded)

Trade Route Skirmishes

Weeks before the second year of the Clone Wars, Count Dooku dispatched Gelin Nevrax, one of the Separatists' top fleet admirals to choke Republic supply lines to leave Republic troops without ammunition and supplies. It would also give the Separatists an opprtunity to launch a lightning strike at Coruscant. With Republic fleets spread thinly in isolated sectors, the Chancellor commissioned the First and Second fleets of the Champion Fleet to tackle the situation. 

The First and Second Independence Fleets clash with Gelin Nevrax's fleet in the Rimma Trade Route.

First dispatched to reclaim the Perlemian Trade Route, the First Fleet succesfully destroyed the flotilla of Separatists ships. Meanwhile, SpaceDreamer also made rapid successes by reclaiming the Corellian Trade Spine and the Hydian Way. After expelling the Separatists from  the Corellian Trade Route, both Redbreak's and SpaceDreamer's fleets converged at the Rimma Trade Route, where Nevrax kept a sizable fleet. With fighters from both fleets, the Republic acheived a costly victory. However, the last skirmish took a heavy toll on the Republic fleet's fighters, having cost Thunderbird Squadron 75% of its pilots. Avis, being the commander of Thunderbird Squadron, vowed to kill Nevrax for his butchery tactics.

Battle of Agamar


Avis and his squadron pave a safe path for the 3rd Larty Wing.

In early 21 BBY, after which Thunderbird Squadron gradually rebuilt its fractured numbers, the First Fleet was once again dispatched to stop Nevrax's fleet at Agamar. Though many of the pilots wanted revenge on Nevrax, Kyle reminded them that they had to work together as a team if they were to defeat Nevrax. 

The Republic fleet, consisting of the ConsularRedemptionWarriorTemptation and Jusitifed arrived at the edge of the Agamar system and began firing a series of turbo lasers at the Confederate fleet. As usual, both fleets launched their own fighters. Nevrax expected Thunderbird Squadron to be completely destroyed--after all, he did manage to wipe out a large section of its fighters. However, with refined strategies from the clone pilots, the 47th Vulture Wing was destroyed, allowing the fleet to move and destroy the ship surrounding Nevrax's flagship.

The 3rd Larty Wing's gunships launched and boarded the destroyer. Immediately, Redbreak led Commander Branch and the 422nd Defense Corps through the flagship, finally making their way to the bridge to arrest Nevrax. The troops and Kyle were unaware that Avis, overwhlemed by anger, landed his fighter without authorization form the fleet in Nevrax's ship, and made his way to kill Nevrax. On the bridge, Nevrax threatened to blow up the ship and everyone with it. However, this was prevented when Avis shot him, thus saving everyone, although he had to be arrested since the Republic's objective was to cpature Nevrax, not kill him.

Avis' Trial

"The circumstances of your actions are most intriguing; you landed without authorization from the fleet, thus jeopardizing the battle in space, and yet you prevented more losses by shooting Nevrax."
"We have come to the conclusion that you will not be punished, but we must insist that you be suspended from the front line for a month."
"We are sending you to space station Valor in the Carida sector to think of your actions. When your probation period is over, you will be granted the promotion of Captain."

Yularen, Tarkin and Reeves concluding their hearing with Avis

On Coruscant, Avis was brought for trial with Tarkin, Yularen and Reeves reviewing his hearing. Though Avis disobeyed orders by landing his craft, Redbreak vouched for him by saying that he saved more lives by killing Nevrax. With this in mind, the three judges came to the conclusion that Avis would be suspended for one month by sending him to space station Valor in the Carida sector to think of his actions. When his probation period was over, Avis would soon be promoted to the rank of Captain, and lead the reborn Thunderbird Squadron to victory.

Battle of Cerea

Cerea, being a paradise world, was invaded by the Confederacy. With many civilians being killed, the Republic launched a counter-attack to prevent more losses. Led by Jedi Generals Ki-Adi Mundi, Kyle Redbreak and Ralana Ahln, the Republic landed troops from the 422nd Defense Corps and the 131st Attack Corps. With a force of two regiments and a sufficient number of artillery, the Republic hoped for a quick and decisive victory.

However, the battle lasted for a month, with Republic and Separatist forces firing back at one another. As the battle progressed, many civilians were killed, including the whole of Mundi's family. Redbreak then ordered walkers of Cannon Company to destroy Separatist artillery so that the troops could breach the left flank and destroy the main Separatist supply depot. At the same time, gunships of the 3rd Larty Wing cleared out a sizable forces of droids attempting to seperate the main troop forces.

Elsewhere, Ahln and her forces managed to destroy several Droid Army outposts. The Republic fleet, meanwhile was able to destroy a large percentage of the enemy fleet, causing it to retreat. The battle ended when Bo-Ro-Tars was assassinated by Gossam Commandos, resulting in a Republic victory. Mundi, meanwhile, grieved for his family, knowing that their deaths would haunt him as the war continued.

Umbaran Campaign

"I'm not sure if Krell is suitable for this campaign. I've heard of his tactics, both reckless and excessive."
"His "tactics" may be costly, but they have been effective and in turn secured several key victories for the Republic."
Kyle and Gram discussing about Krell's heavy-cost battle plans 
Revamped 422nd Defense Corps Photo (1st Version) (1)

A 422nd Defense Corps clone trooper in Phase II armor.

In the second year of the Clone Wars, after which Phase II Armor was introduced, the shadowy world of Umbara had seceded from the Republic after the assassination of Senator Mee Deechi, the representative of his homeworld. This was a crucial blow, for Umbara was a strategic world in the Ghost Nebula, a vital supply route for the Republic in the Expansion Region, and if the Separatists had them, it could spell disaster for the Grand Army. Therefore, the Republic sent in a large clone assualt force led by Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker, Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gram Alnin and Pong Krell, as well as Jedi Commanders Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano. Meanwhile, Redbreak would continue to hold his fleet's position nearby to provide assistance at a moment's notice.

Battle in the Iktotch System

While maintaining the First Fleet in the Axum System, Redbreak, on orders from the Jedi War Council, was dispatched to clear out a Separatist fleet in the Iktotch system, where several key Republic outposts were threatened on the moon of Iktotch. Mobilizing his forces, Kyle, along with Joch took the battle to the Separatists. 

Outpost Battle

Redbreak leads his troops to push back the Droid Army.

In the Iktotch system, the First Fleet immediately opened fire on the Separatist frigates, scattering them and holding them at bay. Transmissions from the outpost required immediate assistance as the enemy fleet had already deployed at least eight droid landing crafts. Taking Booster Company and Phantom Company with them, Redbreak and Farlight arrived in several LAAT/i Gunships, where six squads of AT-RT and AT-XT Walkers and platoons of troops deployed to push the Separatists away from the outposts.

In the midst of battle, General Grievous arrived to salvage the situation. Redbreak and Farlight engaged the cyborg in a lightsaber duel, blocking and parrying his attacks. It all ended when Grievous once fled the battle and ordered all droids to pull back. With much of the Banking Clan frigates destroyed or damaged, the remnants of the fleet retreated back to Serenno. 

While helping to repair the outposts, burying the dead and tending to the wounded, Redbreak received a transmission from Windu and Yoda: the Republic was struggling to take control of Umbara, and they needed reinforcements. With his fleet nearby, Kyle and Joch were given orders to reinforce the Republic's position. Since Booster Company and Phantom Company were needed to help on the moon, Redbreak gathered the 5th Platoon and left with Branch and Joch for Umbara, taking the ConsularWarrior, Battlestorm and Redemption

Reinforcements to Umbara

When Redbreak and his fleet arrived, they found themselves enmeshed in a huge space battle, with Umbaran and Separatist ships pelting the Republic fleet. Fighters of the 1st Thunderbird Wing launched with Commander Farlight leading the way. While the Republic fleet committed much of its firepower, they were unaware that three clone troopers--Fives, Hardcase and Jesse of the 501st Legion had taken off in Umbaran starfighters to destroy the supply ship that prevented the Republic from breaking through. Once
Space Battle of Umbara

The Republic fleet battled the relentless Separatist and Umbaran ship.

the supply ship was destroyed, the Republic fleet broke through, allowing the 5th Platoon to reach Umbara. 

Approaching Umbara's surface, Redbreak made his way to Alnin's position at the Umbaran outpost to which the 307th Regiment recently captured. There, the Jedi marshaled their troops together for a final offensive on the Umbaran capitol. Before moving out, however, General Pong Krell, who temporarily took control of the 501st while Anakin was called back to Coruscant, contacted them. While he did seem impressed with the destruction of the supply ship, Fives and Jesse (Hardcase sacrificed himself to destroy the ship) had directly disobeyed his orders and had to be court-martialed and then shot. Despite Redbreak's heated arguments against Krell, he was overruled, and the execution went underway.

Unable to do anything to convince Krell otherwise, all Alnin and Redbreak could do was to continue the march on to the capitol. With the 5th Platoon covering Kenobi's battalion, the Jedi prepared for a final attack on the capitol. Walking a long distance, the Republic encountered resistance from Umbaran soldiers and Battle Droids alike. During their walk, Alnin and Redbreak stopped to investigate a bunker that was apparently overrun by Trandoshan pirates. Clearing out the pirates and remnants of the Separatists, they Jedi and their troops surrounded Trandoshan Commander Krussk and his henchmen. Disarming Krussk and killing his aides, the Trandoshan leader was taken in Republic custody.
Kyle on Umbara

Kyle encounters Umbaran soldiers.

Following their small skirmish with the Trandoshans, Alnin and Redbreak continued on to the capitol. While advancing, Redbreak made contact with Tiin, the latter filling in Redbreak of Krell sending a platoon of the 212th Attack Battalion to attack Umbaran soldiers who were "disguised" as clone troopers. Before Redbreak could enquire any further, the transmission faded out due to jammed communications. Finally arriving at the capitol, they found it to be heavily defended and could not risk a full-on assault. Fortunately, Alnin found a small tunnel to which he believed led to the inside of the base. Gram, accompanied by Kyle and Commanders Blake and Branch, along with R2-D2 snuck their way in and commandeered several Umbaran hover tanks to destroy the cannons protecting the capitol. Once the defenses were taken offline, Kenobi's and Tiin's forces moved and captured the capitol, putting an end to the Umbaran Campaign.

However, trouble brewed behind the scenes. When Gram, Obi-Wan, Kyle and Sassee returned to the Republic outpost to warn Captain Rex and his troops that all remaining Umbarans were converging towards the captured airfield, they discovered a shocking truth: the 501st Legion and Waxer's platoon were ordered to kill one another, both under the assumption that they were fighting Umbarans disguised as clones. Both sides were given the same orders by Pong Krell, who later revealed that he betrayed the Republic after he saw a vision of the Republic and Jedi Order being destroyed. After a small skirmish with the 501st and the remainder of Waxer's platoon, Krell was arrested and brought back to the airfield, where he was shot by Dogma, traumatized by what the rogue Jedi had done. Conversing with the Chancellor following this incident, the Jedi agreed to keep this matter a complete secret. In short, the Republic reclaimed Umbara, but Krell, being a great tactician and a powerful Jedi, his betrayal permanently created a dark cloud over the Jedi Order. As the troops prepared to mop up on Umbara, Redbreak and his men returned to the Iktotch system to gather up the rest of the troops and return to Coruscant. 

Rescue on Kadavo

"All fighters, keep the defenses occupied. We need to give Admiral Coburn time to move in and rescue the prisoners."
"Remember that we're here on a rescue mission, not a battle, so keep your missiles stored unless told otherwise."

Plo Koon and Kyle Redbreak heading towards the slavery facility 

Zygerrian Hub-SoR

The Zygerrian slave facility on Kadavo

After Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano contacted the Republic for reinforcements, Jedi Generals Plo Koon, Kyle Redbreak and Padawan Joch Farlight left for Kadavo to assist in resucing the Togruta slaves. They took the Venator-class Cruiser, Competent, and an Arquitens-class Cruiser, Hand of Justice, lead by Admiral Coburn and was large enough to carry all the slaves.

The Republic's plan was that the fighters, as well as Master Koon and Redbreak, were to keep the turbolasers busy while Admiral Coburn moved in to extract the prisoners. Once they arrived over Kadavo, the Competent launched Z-95 headhunter fighters, LAAT/i gunships, and Plo, Kyle and Joch's fighters―The Blade of DorinHeart of Peace, and Jedi Lightningbolt respectfully. As Republic fighters attacked the facility, the Zygerrian guards approached the defenses and launched two HH-87 Starhoppers into battle to combat the fighters. They attacked Warthog's craft, but Koon and Redbreak managed to outmanuver them and destroyed the starhoppers. The fighters then turned their attention to attack the turbolasers, only to find out that they were ray-shielded, leaving them undamaged, and had managed to destroy one LAAT/i gunship.

After Kenobi informed Plo and Kyle about Agruss releasing the pens, which he intended for the Togruta to fall to their doom, the Jedi quickly contacted Anakin to attack the turbolasers so that Admiral Coburn could move in and descend below the facility. Skywalker complied, and soon after, managed to take control of a turblaser, and destroyed the others, allowing Coburn to proceed. However, as there was no landing platform for the slaves to board, Tano advised Coburn to position his ship beneath the pens. After the Admiral maneuvered the ship below the pens, Commander Wolffe, Branch and the troopers of Wolfpack and ARC Pack fired cables from the blasters so as to transport the Togruta slaves onto the Cruiser safely.

Once all slaves were in and accounted for, and once Kenobi, Alnin and Rex, (who had just killed Agruss thanks to Rex who killed him with a Force spear), along with Skywalker aboard the gunship, they immediately pulled just as Koon and Redbreak ordered all gunships to open fire at the facility. The result was that the rockets hit the facility, point-blank, destroying it completely.


"Ahsoka, you have done a great deed for your people today."
"You're sad?"
"Well, you and the Jedi have done your best. But I do not think our people will recover from this horror anytime soon."
"I understand, but in the end, surviving this will only strengthen your people."
"Perhaps, and perhaps the people of Kiros will join the Republic."
"I think that's a wise choice, Governor."

Ahsoka Tano and Governor Roshti conversing after the Battle of Kadavo

The Zygerrian Slave Empire was dealt with a serious and horrific blow due to their slave processing facility destroyed. With the death of Agruss, the Zygerrians were forced to find another keeper and attempt to rebuild their facility the Republic destroyed. Back aboard the Cruiser, Governor Roshti congratulated Tano for saving her people, though Tano could see that Roshti was in deep sadness, for he said that their people could not recover from the traumas they have just experienced on that facility. The governor also added that Kiros was considering to join the Republic; a notion that Ahsoka supported whole-heartedly. With that, the Cruisers plotted a course for Kiros and jumped to hyperspace, returning the Togrutas to their homeworld, and hope that they may live in peace during the Clone Wars.

A Resurfaced Threat

In mid 21 BBY, two new threats had emerged. Firstly, Xeron Hylos, former Jedi had reappeared, serving alongside Count Dooku and had an army of acolytes at his disposal. Secondly, a new fleet, called the Bulkstorm fleet, was introduced. Under the command of Hylos, the fleet began terrorizing Republic fleets, hampering their progress of winning the war. This caused the Republic to name these events as the "Bulkstorm Crisis". Following Alloysis Keloy's report on Alaris Prime, the Senate dispatched the veteran Champion Fleet to deal with the Bulkstorm fleet. Their very first encounter was over Korriban--one that would be bloody and cost dozens of lives.

Skirmish over Korriban

(To be Expanded)

Return to Ryloth


Trandoshan Slaver, Captain Dahrt.

After losing contact with their outpost on Ryloth, the Jedi Council dispatched Kyle and a platoon of troops to investigate the sudden loss of communications. While en-route to the outpost, a party of Trandoshan Slavers opened fire and shot down their shuttle, though Redbreak and his troops remained unharmed.

Upon arriving at the outpost, they discovered that the Trandoshans had done extensive damage, with many clones dead, and Alloysis Keloy, who was stationed at the outpost, was captured. As they went and salvaged any data left in the command center so as to find out what happened, they also uncovered evidence of a nearby Twi'lek settlement, which was turned into a slave market, protected by anti-air turrets, and blaster turrets. Ascertaining the sitatuion, Redbreak and his troops hatched a plan to liberate the Twi'lek slaves, rescue Alloysis and bring the Trandoshans to justice.

A battle happened the following day, and the Trandoshan presence was slowly wavering. During the battle, Kyle came face-to-face with the Trandoshan leader, Captain Dahrt, who engaged Redbreak in a brawling match, only ending in a Republic victory when the Jedi Master held him at gunpoint, but let him escape since Redbreak did not beleive in killing prisoners. As Dahrt escaped aboard the shuttle, the remaining group of Trandoshans either fled or were captured. After making his report to the Jedi Council, Cham Syndulla approached Kyle and thanked him for rescuing the Twi'lek settlers, saying that they're in his debt. With that, Kyle and his troops departed, another mission completed.

Second Battle of Sullust 

In 21 BBY, as the war progressed, Sullust had seceded from the Galactic Republic and sided with the Confederacy. Though the Republic launched an early battle during the same year, not much had been acheived due to the Separatist fleet falling back.The Republic later dispatched Jedi Generals Kyle Redbreak and Rees Alrix to recapture the world. Bringing with them a large task force from Eriadu, the Jedi and their forces were close to winning the battle. During the ensuing battle, Redbreak and Alrix defeated two acolytes that were commanding the ground forces. With the acolytes removed from command, the Republic felt that Sullust would sue for peace.

However, a traitor in the Republic caused the battle to turn in the Confederacy's favor. Because of this, heavy casualties amounted, prompting the Republic to abandon their efforts on Sullst, allowing it to remain with the Separatists. Despite their heavy losses, the Republic was able to regain a large portion of the Sluis sector. Because of this, it would allow Jedi Generals Gram Alnin and Nem Bees to lead their forces on Sluis Van and Orto respectively during the Outer Rim Sieges.

Dahrt's Revenge

In late 21 BBY, while the Consular was on patrol, a freighter requested to dock in the hangar because of its fuel shortage and needed urgent maintenance. Redbreak gave clearance, unknown that the freighter contained Dahrt and his men. Almost immediately, the Trandoshans broke out, attacking naval crew members, whilst Booster Company was called out to contain the threat. Though they managed to hold off some of the Trandoshans, Dahrt managed to make his way to the bridge, intent of seeking out vengeance against Redbreak who ruined their slave operations on Ryloth a few months previously. 

Both men looked at one another, having decided to fight each other unarmed. Though Redbreak was skilled, Dahrt was stronger, immediately pummeling him and taunting of how he was weak to stand up to him. As Redbreak neared defeat, Alnin, who just arrived from Mustafar, intervened. Immediately, he pushed Dahrt back and won superiority, having beat the Trandoshan captain at his own game. Wounded and injured, Dahrt pleaded for mercy, which Alnin was obliged to give him. Giving Dahrt and his men a "head start", they left quickly, with troops of Booster Company following, keeping their blasters raised in case they started to rebel.

Alnin, after seeing Redbreak, ordered him back to Coruscant where he was to be treated in the medic center in the temple. Being rather foolish for not forseeing the threat, Redbreak complied with the order. In the aftermath, no severe damage to the Consular had been done, but despite this, Dahrt and his men were still out there, hoping to once gain their revenge.

Third Battle of Felucia

(To be Expanded)

Haruun Kal

(To be Expanded)


"When I arrived on Sarka, I smelled blaster fire, and felt the deaths of many people. When I left, it was the past I smelled."

from the Prviate Journals of Kyle Redbreak 


The Battle of Sarka (Courtesy of Bane7670 for letting me add this picture)

In early 20 BBY, Sarka, an Outer Rim world known for its nova rubies in Galactic Trade, has fallen under attack by Separatist forces. What was even more surprising was that the troops garrisoned to protect the planet haven't fired a single shot when the Droid Army arrived. Troubled by this stunning piece of news, the Senate turned to the Jedi Council for help to deal with the matter. After some consideration, Jedi General Kyle Redbreak was dispatched to Sarka to investigate and eliminate the Droid presence.

Seeing a small camp, occupied by clone troopers, he discovered that Commander Primus, along with two companies of clone trooper forces, were the only ones left on Sarka, bruised and wounded. Redbreak then found out that the Separatists had managed to gain a tight foothold on the planet, and that most of the clones were captured, because of some "device" that caused them to go into a state of trauma, leaving them unable to counter against the Separatist threat. Realizing that this had to be dealt with immediately, Redbreak marshaled the remaining clones, and they marched towards the nearest Separatist outpost to capture it so as to find out what the "device" was. No sooner had they managed to take control of the outpost, then an AAT sprang out, and emitted the "device" that the clones and Redbreak were looking for. The "device", it was, turned out to be a fear emitter, causing people to scream in pain and horror of what they are witnessing. However, Redbreak, while still under the traumatic effects of the emitter, was able to destroy it with his lightsaber. With the emitter destroyed, the clones who were captured immediately sprang up and caught the Droid Army off by surprise. 

On orders from General Grievous, the Separatists pulled out from the system. Victory was secured for the Republic, and the nova rubies were safe from Separatist capture. As Redbreak made his report to the council and made his departure from Sarka, he felt that the fears he had witnessed were enough to come into reality, and wondered if these "visions" could come true. However, as Master Yoda said, "Always in motion, is the future." With that in mind, Redbreak left to return to Coruscant, his mind still troubled, but also focused.

Separatist Movements

(To be Expanded)

Trouble on Mustafar

"Mustafar... a fiery lava world and a planet housing a Republic outpost. Somehow, I had a nagging feeling that it was a bad idea to have one in the first place. Who would have thought that a planet full of molten magma would hold so much value to the Separatist cause?"
"Recall when the Republic was here last time. The Confederacy had multiple facilities to supply their armies. Republic strategic command then authorized construction of the outpost to further monitor Separatist activity."
"I do not believe the Separatists are behind this attack. The Confederacy has interest in our tactical information, not our supplies. What pirate band would be bold enough, or perhaps desperate enough...or both, to attack a Republic installation for them?"
―Joch Farlight, Kyle Redbreak and Gram Alnin arriving on Mustafar

When communications with the Republic outpost had ceased on the fiery world of Mustafar, the Jedi took it upon themselves to investigate this matter. Jedi Master Gram Alnin, along with Kyle Redbreak and his Padawan, Joch Farlight, accompanied by a team of clone troopers, traveled to Mustafar to discover the sudden loss of communications. (To be Expanded)

Temple Explosion

"I cannot bear to see the deaths of the Jedi who died in that explosion. Joch, in particular, weeped for the worst of what happened."
—from the Prviate the Journals of Kyle Redbreak:

Smoke rising from a hangar in the Jedi Temple

As the Jedi Order continues to lead the Clone Army in the war, the Jedi Temple was struck with an explosion. The explosion not only killed six Jedi, but civilians and clones alike. When the Jedi heard about this, they immediately returned to the temple to investigate. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano headed the investigation to discover who is the saboteur. While looking through the debris, they found the bodies of the Jedi who died, one of them being Marilyn Casof, the person Joch loved. It wasn't only the explosion that occured in the temple; outside, a large gathering of protestors stood at the temple entrance, shouting that the Jedi Order were not the same as they were since the Clone Wars began.

(To be Expanded)

The Outer Rim Sieges (20 BBY-19 BBY)

"The Outer Rim Sieges marked the final conflicts recorded during the Clone War, and the Republic steadily gained the upper hand during the three-year conflict. Yet somehow the Separatists still have an unending supply of firepower to repel many of the Republic's troops, prompting us to adapt to new tactics just to regain planets and hyperspace routes of which we lost from the start."

from the Private Journals of Kyle Redbreak 


Boz Pity was one of the major battles fought in the Outer Rim Sieges in 20 BBY.

From 20 BBY-19 BBY, the Outer Rim Sieges had begun, marking the final phase of the Clone Wars. During the early stages of the war, the Republic struggled to gain an advantage over the Separatists, and thirty months into the conflct, having committed enough of their military might, coupled with their resources, the tables soon began to turn in their favor, resulting in pushing the Separatists to the fringes of the Outer Rim. Despite the Republic gaining an advantage, however, numerous Separatist Droid Armies and fleets had to be routed that strongly continued to hold position in the Core Worlds and Colonies such as Scipio, Cato Neimoidia and Chandrila. Moreover, in the Outer Rim worlds of Felucia, Mygeeto and Saleucami, of which Palpatine gave these planets the derisive and grim name,"Triad of Evil", were still heavily entrenched by Battle Droids.

The Sieges began after the Republic began winning numerous key victories such as Commenor, Xagobah and Duro, with the efforts of General Lawen Austin and his men. As the war progressed, however, many Jedi and their troop detachments were sent to far-flung worlds to lay seige to major Separatist strongholds, thus isolating them from each other, and leaving them vulnerable. Kyle and the 422nd Defense Corps troops in particular, soon found themselves being called out on missions to halt the Separatists to push them back away from the Core. In addition, they fought in many major battles such as Boz Pity, Chandrila, and even the Capital of Coruscant itself. With enough sieges, the Republic hoped that the Separatists would be pressed to surrender, as many of the Separatist commanders and best generals were either killed or arrested.

Return to Felucia

(To be Expanded)

Race to Coruscant

"If the Super Tank causes more damage to the Spirit of the Republic, the cruiser will explode, and debris from the remains will pelt down to Coruscant's city, damaging buildings, and causing catastrophic casualties; this will be like a meteor strike, and we cannot allow this to happen. Coruscant is the heart of the Republic--Coruscant is the heart of us all."

Kyle Redbreak


Kyle and ARC Pack stopping the Super Tank

While maintaining position over Felucia, the Consular received a faint transmission from the Spirit of the Republic, reporting that the Super Tank General Covell ordered to be studied on Coruscant, had powered up and started attacking the ship. Knowing that the crew had very little time left, Redbreak, allowed by Sector Command, recalled ARC Pack, and together, they traveled via shuttle to save the drifting cruiser orbiting Coruscant.

(To be Expanded)

Coruscant Breakout

"Apart from the lightsaber wounds inflicted upon these Shock Troopers, what else have you found?"
"A small cloth, torn off from one of them. Cheaply made, poor quality, no doubt made in the Outer Rim. You can tell by its sloppy making. In other words, they were in disguise when they came here, dressed either as normal civilians or poor people."

Kyle Redbreak and Serin Waylun at the Republic Prison block on Coruscant

The Republic prison block on Coruscant was broken into by a band of presumably Separatist operatives. They managed to break out Poggle the Lesser, Wat Tambor, and Whorm Loathsom. Following the breakout, the Senate immediately gave orders for the recapture of the Separatist leaders, as well as their rescuers. The Jedi Order, plus the reserves of clone units on Coruscant, were called out to assist in the search. Jedi Generals Kyle Redbreak and Serin Waylun were put in charge of the operation. 

Accompanied by both Commander Branch and Captain Scar, the Jedi proceeded with the investigation at the prison block. Follwoing their arrival, they were greeted by Commander Fox, who was gravely wounded during the breakout. Waylun check the bodies of the deceased clones, and discovered a small cloth that belonged to one of the team. Redbreak, meanwhile, left for customs acoompanied by Branch and Delta Squad, only to discover that an explosion in hangar 429 pressed more enquiries to the investigation.

(To be Expanded)


"I assume the goal here is to capture or elminate Xeron without causing unrest among the Arkanians?"
"That, and to prevent them from discovering our true objective, which I find could be inevitable."
"That depends on how efficient we are."

Tholme, Kyle and Bant before the mission

On Coruscant, following the breakout several days prior, the Jedi Order intended to send a rescue team ot Arkania to bring Xeron Hylos to justice. Initially, Master Windu deemed it unwise for Kyle to go to Arkania, because of his friendship with Hylos. However, with Alnin's intervention, Windu reluctantly gave Kyle permission to lead a Jedi strike team to Arkania. The trouble was that Arkania wanted to remain neutral in the war, and so the Jedi thought of a cover-up story, that of the Jedi pretending to be performing reconnasiance for the nearby communications relay channel, with a maximum of five days. 

Arriving onboard the Arrow Point, the Jedi deployed their Freeco speeders, and sped off to find Xeron. During their journey, they discovered an abandoned mine that looked as if the occupants were driven out. It soon became clear that by reading a datapad, the mining group were ambushed and killed by people in dark robes. The Jedi elected to continue investigating the mine, discovering a tunnel in the process. As they proceeded down, Redbreak spotted a faint shimmer of light, uncovering ancient holocrons and vaults that were lost for centuries. While Tholme and Redbreak looked over this vast knowledge of treasury, four acolytes appeared and attacked the two Jedi. While they managed to successfully incapcitated the the three, the fourth proved to be a challenge, executing a poor lightsaber move resulting in his death. Kyle learned that Xeron was in a hidden temple, waiting for him.


Tholme and Xeron duel.

Emergining into an opening, the strike team enetered the temple. As they made their way to the very top, they encountered prisoners who were being tortured by the acolytes. Redbreak quickly moved in to attack, rescuing the prisoner. The prisoner was in fact a miner, part of the mining guild the Jedi have discovered previously. The miner also elaborated that they were captured and totured about their government, so that Xeron could overthrow them and rule Arkania. With this information in mind, Redbreak and Tholme continued to face Xeron, whilst Eerin and Tiin escorted the prisoners out of the temple. Redbreak and Tholme approched the throne, where Xeron waited for them. The three exchanged brief words before the duel began. Though the duel ended in a Jedi victory, Xeron, with the help of Tellene, escaped Arkania. When the Jedi strike team left the temple (now ruined and collapsed), they found themselves surrounded by the Arkania militia, and taken before the court.

Once in the court, the Jedi confessed their true objective. The governors were outraged, saying that they considering of a punishment for breaking their agreement. However, the Jedi defended their actions by presenting important pieces of evidence such as the datapad they found in the mine and the prisoners of whom they had rescued. The prisoners explained that they were actually being brainwashed and then sent back to the government so that they could dismantle the government itself, leaving Xeron's path clear to conquer Arkania unopposed. The governors, after hearing the story, reconsidered their decision, dropping all charges against the Jedi. However, the governors gave the Jedi a warning that if should any more like this happen again, they would not go lightly. The Jedi bowed politely to this, and returned to Coruscant.


"Chandrila proved to be a turning point in the war; with a force of six regiments and a heavy fleet, we were ready to route out the last Separatist foothold in the Core Worlds. We were ready, but I personally was ready to end another threat that nearly destroyed this peaceful world."

from the Private Journals of Kyle Redbreak

As the war in the Core Worlds was slowly drawing to a close, Chandrila had been subjugated into Separatist rule in a desperate attempt to maintain the initiative in the Core Worlds. Jedi Generals Dak Gammaforge and Rolet Zouken were sent with a moderate number of clone troopers to push out the Droid Army. However, after several days of fighting, their forces were whittled away until only a handful of them remained. Gammafroge and Zouken resolved to move the refugess they had saved to the mountains, at the cost of Dak being injured and Captain Shades being killed. To worsen the situation, Handooine had fallen under attack by the Separatists after Zouken sent an urgent transmission for more troops to be sent. In the aftermath, the reinforcements bound for Chandrila were destroyed, forcing Zouken and his men to hold out.

(To be Expanded)

Battle of Anaxes

As the Outer Rim Sieges continued to drain much of the Republic's resources, forces under the command of Separatist Admiral Trench invaded one of the Republic's key shipyards of Anaxes. Catching the unprepared fleet by surprise, the Separatists launched a massive assault, prompting all clone trooper forces to hold them at bay.

(To be Expanded)

Battle Over Coruscant (19 BBY)

In 19 BBY, the Clone Wars was reaching its boiling point. With two-thirds of the Grand Army still fit for combat, the Republic prepared to face the Confederacy one last time, pushing them out of the Core and Colonies. Thirty-six months into the war, the Separatists launched a massive attack on the capital of Coruscant itself, intending of kidnapping the Republic's leader, Chancellor Palpatine.

(To be Expanded)

Battle of Hypori (Outer Rim Sieges)

"I learned about Order 66 when I opened Branch's journal, and realized that it was too late. Already I could feel the deaths of many of my Jedi brethren as they were shot down by their own men. My troops were hunting me down as though I was prey in a wild hunt. But there was one person I knew that would never follow that order, and that is, Branch. He showed me the true meaning of what the clones were--of what they really possessed in their hearts all along."

from the Private Journals of Kyle Redbreak 

Order 66 (2)

Kyle Redbreak defends himself after Order 66 was issued.

Following the Battle of Coruscant and the death of Confederate Head of State/Sith Lord Count Dooku, the Republic further pressed their attack, with thousands of newely-bred Spaarti Clones and warships that quickly filled up the ranks of the nearly depleted Grand Army. The Jedi Order also shifted its focus of finding the elusive General Grievous, who succeeded Dooku as Head of State. Furthermore, Palpatine's "Triad of Evil" that composed of Felucia, Saleucami and Mygeeto, were slowly falling into Republic hands. Morale became high in the Republic, of which many people beleived that the war was nearing its end, and the remnants of the Separatist rebellion would be brought to justice.

As the end of the war drew near, the Republic dispatched Jedi General Kyle Redbreak and the 422nd defense Corps to clear out the enemy stronghold on Hypori. On the surface, a massive battle raged, with artillery strikes and thousands of troops from both sides fighting to gain the edge. During the ongoing struggle, Commander Branch was greatly wounded by shrapnel and mortar shots. As Redbreak comforted him, the Clone Commander gave the Jedi his journal, detailing the battles they fought in, the feelings the clones developed towards the Jedi, and top-secret orders that were not meant to be recorded. With that, Branch succumbed to his wounds.

The battle lasted for nearly a week, with Captain Blazer filling in for the deceased Branch. During periods of rest, Kyle looked through Branch's journal, and discovered Order 66, the contingency plan that outlined all the deaths of the Jedi should they start to rebel against the Republic. Deciding to keep his discovery a secret, Kyle continued to lead his men into battle until all of the Droid Armies were effectively eliminated. While the battle was fierce, the veteran clones of the 422nd managed to secure a victory, but it was short-lived.

Palpatine, now under the guise of Darth Sidious of whom the Jedi were trying to find during the closing stages of the war, initiated Order 66. Kyle, knowing that he was about to be killed, prepared to fight and flee when Captain Blazer and ARC Pack opened fire. Killing the rest of ARC Pack, Kyle swung his lightsaber and decapitated Blazer. Faunt and his men arrived just in time; believing that Kyle had gone rouge, they immediately opened fire. Redbreak attempted to escape in his starfighter, but an AT-TE opened fire on the cockpit, destroying it and forcing the fighter to crash-land. While many of the troops searched for their former general, Kyle remained hidden in the shadows until he could find a ship that would get him to Coruscant.

Escaping the Planet

As darkness approached, Redbreak slowly made his way around the planet, trying to find some means as to escape the clone ambush. Before he could even attempt an escape, Sergeant Clasher appeared before him, who told Kyle that he did not want to kill him. Rather, he wanted to help him and that he knew that the Republic was falling. Clasher came up with a plan. He would pretend that he found Kyle and had him arrested, then he would take him to one of the Separatist outposts which housed a Sheathipide-shuttle.

Approaching one of the outposts, Redbreak was escorted by Clasher and another clone trooper towards the prison cells. As they approached the entrance to the buildings, Clasher knocked out the clone, freed Kyle, and immediately a firefight began. Redbreak and Clasher fought their way to the shuttle as dozens of clones fired on the Jedi. While Kyle covered him, Clasher warmed up the controls and immediately the shuttle was ready for take-off. Redbreak jumped onto the ramp and quickly the shuttle left the outpost before the clone could destroy it.

In space, the shuttle slipped past the Republic cruisers preparing to jump to hyperspace. As they were about to log in the co-coordinates, fighters of Thunderbird Squadron started attacking the shuttle. Quickly mapping in the co-ordinates, Redbreak and Clasher managed to escape, but at a cost: there was not enough power to reach Coruscant. Clasher opted to land on Nar Shadaa, but Redbreak was dubious: it was a place filled with villainy and violence. Clasher replied that he had kept in contact with Bombshot and told him that he was on Nar Shadaa completing a job there. Though still hesitant, Redbreak agreed.

Arrival on Nar Shadaa

Once the shuttle arrived on Nar Shadaa, Redbreak and Clasher disguised themselves as merchants, making their way through the slump city whilst avoiding the eye of pirates and gangs. Making their way to the Catering Twi'lek, a pub, they met Bombshot, who agreed to take them to Coruscant. As they approached the landing pad where his ship, the New Mandalore, was docked, they were confronted by three bounty hunters who wanted to take the ship. 

Bombshot"You think my ship is up for sale? You are definitely in the wrong place."
Bounty Hunter One"Heh, it's You who's in the wrong place, stranger. No one leaves without paying the fee, our fee."
Kyle Redbreak"A typical way of threatening and an aggressive approach of persuasion. [ignites lightsaber]"
Bounty Hunter Two"A Jedi! The Chancellor has issued an order that all Of them are to be killed on the spot. Say, if we killed him, we'd get a handsome reward."
Clasher"A reward of money no doubt, and maybe even prestige.
Bounty hunter Three"What's this? A clone who's turned traitor? You'll prove to be a challenge. You may not be worth the money, but it'll be worth it to use you as a punch-bag."

Bombshot, Kyle, Clasher and the three bounty hunters before the firefight

Kyle vs. Bounty hunter

Kyle Redbreak fighting against one of the bounty hunters.

A small firefight soon began, with Redbreak being the main target. Deflecting their shots, he was able to buy Bombshot enough time to power the ship. Meanwhile, Clasher overpowered one of the bounty hunters and shot the other. As the last bounty hunter fell, Redbreak and Clasher immediately boarded the New Mandalore and departed from Nar Shadaa.

Onboard the ship Kyle attempted to use code Nine-Thirteen, but with no success. However, with a transmission code from Obi-Wan Kenobi warning all surviving Jedi to stay away from the temple, Kyle, despite the warning, decided to continue on travelling to Coruscant. As the ship approached Coruscant space, Kyle hoped to find answers in the Jedi Temple...

Ruin of the Jedi Order

The New Mandalore touched down on one of Coruscant's docking ports. Using the Force to hide his presence, Kyle and Clasher made their way towards the temple. It was difficult work, as there were squads of Shock troopers patrolling the city. As the two of them made their way via side routes, Kyle witnessed Palpatine, now bathed in a crimson cloak declaring himself Emperor and replacing the democratic Republic with an oppressive Empire. 
Jedi Temple Massacre

Bodies of Younglings litter the temple floors.

Finally reaching the steps of the temple, Kyle and Clasher found dozens of 501st troops lying dead on the ground. Realizing that the troops were responsible for ransacking the temple, Kyle made his way deeper into the temple. There, much to his grief, there were hundreds of bodies, many of which were Younglings. Knights and masters fell, but the person whom Kyle was most grieved, was the body of his Padawan, Joch Farlight found in the Tower of First Knowledge. Killed with a lightsaber wound, Redbreak could only surmised that the Sith were responsible for this attack. Kyle and Clasher made their way to the holo-chamber, which was damaged, but some of its functions were still working. As Redbreak flipped over the security cameras, he noticed a startling revelation: Anakin was behind the attack; he killed Cin Drallig, many Younglings, and to add more to his grief, his Padawan. Before he could think of anything else, Clasher advised the Jedi master that they could not linger for long, as there were bound to be troops inside the temple. Before leaving, Redbreak buried Joch in one of the temple chambers, bading him farewell.

As they made their way out, Redbreak received a holo-message from Senator Bail Prestor Organa, telling him that Jedi Masters Gram, Obi-Wan and Yoda were still alive, and that he has his ship, the Sundered Heart, docked in one of Coruscant's spaceports. Advising Kyle to get to the ship as soon as possible, Organa told him that an airspeeder would be waiting for him in one of the streets. Before leaving the temple, however, Kyle and Clasher were confronted by troops of the 501st Legion and Clone assassins. Worse, Faunt was there. Knowing the troops became the butchers, Redbreak felt hatred growing out of him and unleashed Emerald Lightning on the troops, killing them instantly. 

Parting Ways

"What will happen to you now?"
"I'll be alright. I'll just sneak my way back to Bombshot. He's sure to take me on. And anyways, I wouldn't want to serve this new... "Empire". I'll also try and help other surviving Jedi escape. Count on it sir."
"It's your decision. Go well, Sergeant. Branch would be proud of you."
"He would be proud of you too, sir. As you always say, May the Force be with you."
"And you."

Kyle and Clasher before seperating

Main temple entrance04

Redbreak and Clasher battle 501st troops outside the temple.

Outside the temple Kyle and Clasher exchanged their goodbyes. While Redbreak would make his way to the airspeeder, Clasher would go back with Bombshot to Mandalore (and to also see if he could help any surviving Jedi escape). With that, the two went their seperate ways. Kyle made his way around the street, using the street alleys to stay out of the public. Once arriving at the designated spot, Redbreak jumped in the airspeeder, from which Organa, disguised in a merchant's cloak was waiting for him.

While making their way back to the docks, Organa filled Kyle about rescuing the Jedi masters and how the clones carried simultaneous orders to kill their commanding officers. Redbreak, hesitant to ask, inquired if there are any other survivors to which Organa replied none. Stunned, Redbreak remained silent when they reached the docks. Carefully sneaking aboard the Sundered Heart, Kyle meditated in one of the rooms, wanting to remove the horrors from his mind.

YG-4210 Freighter

The YG-4210 freighter Kyle bought on Coruscant.

Communicating with his dead master, Valinor Zaiken, Redbreak was counselled by his voice and advised him to leave for Krant immediately. Shortly afterwards, one of Organa's aides informed him that master Gram Alnin was brought to the medical bay. Kyle, knowing that this may be his last chance to see him one last time, visited him. Sharing their recollections of how they escaped, Kyle also told Gram that he was leaving for Krant. Later, Yoda arrived with Organa. Redbreak informed the two of them that he was leaving immediately for Krant. Despite Organa's protests, Redbreak refused to come with them, due to the fact that the Empire was still hunting him as he had escaped Order 66. In the end, Organa supplied Kyle with a large amount of untraceable credits so that he could purchase a ship. Seeking an old friend named Wertof Hojol who handled second-hand ships, Redbreak discreetly made his way there. 

The ship that Kyle purchased was a YG-4210 freighter, with its weapons damaged, and with its shields at a poor rate, yet there were plenty of fresh rations that lasted for two weeks. Costing a large amount of his credits (some of it for repairs to the shielding), Redbreak left Coruscant and prepared to start his Exile on Krant.

Exile on Krant

Following his departure on Coruscant, Redbreak landed on Krant, living with Echuu Shen-Jon. As the years passed, the Galactic Empire gradually conquered worlds, with the newly-formed Stormtrooper Corps under Sith Lord Darth Vader.
Kyle meditating

Kyle meditates about the past on Krant.

During his first years in exile, Kyle took some time to modify his YG-4210 Freighter. Taking some parts from the Separatist depots and bases, the freighter now boasted two twin heavy laser turrets at the front, four gunner turrets (though these can also be automated) placed on both sides of the freighter, twin ion cannons placed on the top, four loaded missiles concealed in a compartment at the front, and maximized heavy shielding. In addition, the gunnery turrets had three modes of firepower: ion, laser or particle. The interior was also modified, with an in-built holotable, improved sensors and long-range communications. Redbreak also took the liberty of painting the ship in a blue livery and naming it the Phoenix's Eye. With all these modifications added in, the freighter became a fighting machine. 

In his later years of exile, Kyle was contacted by Senator Organa, informing him that Gram, Obi-Wan and Yoda had safely landed on their exiled worlds. Also, Organa told him that Senator Padme Amidala had died in childbirth. Thankfully, the babies survived, being named Luke and Leia. Kyle also found out that Anakin was the father of these children (in his view, he wasn't that surprised). During Amiadala's funeral, the Jedi and Organa agreed to split the children so that they would be hidden from the Sith. Therefore, The Organa's would adopt Leia as their daughter, and Luke Skywalker would be taken to Tatooine, closely watched by Obi-Wan. In addition, the children were not to be told who their real parents until they were ready, which Kyle understood. Once Organa completed his transmission, little did Kyle know that a young woman bathed in white and with a Protocol droid would come to Krant via crash-landing...

Battle of Krant

(To be Expanded)

Emerging from Hiding

(To be Added)

New Republic Service

Following the fall of the Empire, the Rebel Alliance slowly transitioned itself into the New Republic. It then took on the great task of liberating worlds still taking hold on the Empire. Kyle, now knowing the reign of the Empire was over, became an active Jedi, assisting and helping Alliance troops pushing the Imperial troops off innocent worlds. Following Endor, Kyle participated in battles such as Glova, Fondor, Glom Tho, once again establishing himself as a hero against the fractured Imperial Remnant. The New Republic's greatest victory biggest victory would later result in the Battle of Coruscant in 6.5 ABY.

Battle of Coruscant

(To be Expanded)


(To be Expanded)

Canon Universe

(To be Expanded)

Gray Jedi Controversy

When I was in my early to mid teens, I've always wanted to become a Jedi, despite it not being existing in our world. I always wanted to possess a lightsaber to fight and jab. But, after some years watching various Star Wars media (including reading some books) of how the Jedi lost their way due to their actions and how their teachings and short-sightedness ultimately led to their downfall, it made me realize that being one wasn't always a good idea. Therefore I got the idea of having my OC, as well as those on The Old Republic to have some Gray Jedi in the family, as it does seem to fit the present me today. Furthermore, it also open an opportunity to play out the conflicts between the Redbreak and Ahln famalies and the Jedi Order in general.
--the author

(To be Expanded)

Personality and Traits

"I seek knowledge; knowledge to enlighten the young, and to pass it on once they have come of age. I seek justice and peace--two of which will prevail over darkness. In war... I do not seek it, but if I am forced to fight, then we prevail in combat and sacrifice."

Kyle Redbreak 

Kyle Redbreak, New Jedi Order

Kyle Redbreak during the New Jedi Order.

Redbreak was strong and powerful in the Force. He was a master at healing, using his alter abilities, as well as various advanced Force abilities. His lightsaber was unique: it can be broken into either a saberstaff, dual sabers and one lightsaber, all of whom bearing a blue blade, although during battles, Kyle usually utilizes only one blade.

As a Jedi Consular, Redbreak sought to bring forth justice and peace by through means of negotiating and using words and wits to resolve conflicts with minimum violence. Redbreak was also known to have been awarded many times for his service and bravery to both the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic.

As the war drew on, however, he began to use his anger more often than not, and would act without first thinking, which leads him to become reckless, much like Anakin. Kyle is dedicated to the Jedi ideals and he will not let anyone dishonour the Code or tarnish the Order's reputation, of which he has always followed and will forever do so as a light side servant of the Force.

The Ahln and Redbreak Family

"A legacy of Jedi who were famed for their powerful connection to the Force. Something of a small achievement, but having a strong connection can go a long way."

Kyle Redbreak

The Ahln and Redbreak Families were the descendants of Jedi Masters Kyle Redbreak and Ralana Ahln. These families consisted of Humans, Mirukulas and in some cases, Twi'leks, Togrutas and Miralians. Beginning in 5125 BBY, these family members were famed for their powerful connection to the Force, extensive knowledge of learning powerful and advanced Force abilities, and their mastery of lightsaber combat, as well as their renown piloting skills. As the centuries went by, however, the members of both families began to dwindle due to the stains of many wars, while some embraced the dark side and the Thousand Years War also took a toll. By 24 BBY, a handful of these family members were still in service of the Jedi Order. The legacy was traced by Jedi Masters Weylia Er'lla and Joffeen Loben, both of whom were great friends with the Redbreaks.

When Kyle Redbreak was born, he learned about his Jedi heritage, and continued on the legacy until his death, from which he was married and helped Luke Skywalker formed the New Jedi Order. Many Jedi of the Ahln and Redbreak Famies were known for their healing abilities, combat skills, diplomats, scholars, as well as espionage, historians, even managing to develop Force abilities through practice and concentration.

Notable Members

  • Vertin Ahln--Defeated both Darth Angral and his son, Lord Tarnis.
  • Jacinda Redbreak--Noted healer. Cured over 400 people with advanced healing techniques.
  • Nenal Ahln--Famed historian and sage. Vertinn Ahln's sister.
  • Trensin Redbreak--Master of blades. Earned the title, "Blademaster", after demonstrating his aptitude with all forms of lightsaber dueling. Named Jedi Battlemaster following Corellia.
  • Rivinda Redbreak--noted Jedi Ace. A renowned pilot instructor for twenty years.
  • Alode Ahln--Led a Republic Squadron during the Cold War against the Resurgent Sith Empire. Notable pilot, and earning several awards for his service in the Republic fleet.
  • Ralana Ahln--A Midi-chlorian count of 18,000, she was able to retain a young age. Famed for her wisdom, fairness and talent with healing. Cousin to Jedi Master Kyle Redbreak. Fought in the Clone Wars, and healed over hundreds of wounded people.
  • Faylin Redbreak--Notable Battlemaster. Trained hundreds of Jedi in the art of lightsaber dueling. Fought in over a dozen battles during the Thousand Year Darkness.
  • Welex Redbreak--Celebrated historian. Famed for his discovery of several lost holocrons during an excavation on Tython.
  • Gracea Redbreak--Veteran of many battles during the Cold War. Famous for defeating Darth Destrus.
  • Bonvodex Ahln--Along with Jexil Redbreak, helped founded the Tythonian Rangers between 3641-3640 BBY. First served as a council member while leading the fledging organization to its peak.
  • Jexil Redbreak--one of the founder of the Tythonian Rangers. Served as the first councilor on the Ranger Council.

(To be Expanded)

Lightsaber Skills

"A skilled Jedi honing his lightsaber skills grants him the ability to withstand any person holding another type of weapon, whether a blaster or another lightsaber. Some people consider the lightsaber to be a rather old and out of date weapon, but the Jedi look to it as a symbol of the Order, and can see them through many volatile situations in the end."

Kyle Redbreak, teaching about the basic ideas of a lightsaber

A master of all six lightsaber forms, Redbreak proved to be a formidable opponent in the Jedi Order. His preferred method of style were both Forms III and V. Granting both defense and offense, Redbreak tends to mix different combinations of lightsaber forms to grant him an advantage during a fight. 

Powers and Force Abilities


Kyle wields his powerful Emerald Lightning in combat against Count Dooku.

As a Jedi attuned to the Force, Redbreak possessed many Force abilities such as telekinesis. He also carried rare gifts such as battle meditation, doppleganger and able to sense the true nature of people. Although Redbreak carries light side powers, he has also been known to possess a few dark side powers, and uses them only in extreme circumstance such as Morichro, Emerald Lightning, and Force Grip. In addition, he was also able to absorb dark side powers and blaster bolts. 

Kyle Lightsaber

Kyle Redbreak's Lightsaber



  • Kyle was the first character to be created by KnightReturns422 for Clone Wars Adventures.
  • Kyle's lightsaber can be broken into either a saberstaff or dual sabers.
  • Kyle is one of a few Jedi Masters to possess Morichro and Emerald Lightning.
  • Kyle's Jedi starfighter was a modified Delta-7B Aethersprite starfighter christened the "Heart of Peace". He also has his own Astromech Droid, R2-B8, or "Arbee". 

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