064 cwa commandercodyphaseII main

Yes,believe it or not it's me Kyle Astroshiver. Now, I got something to say about school before I get to myself. Why do homework????

1- You learned it in school.

2- Why be stuck inside doing homework???

3- Life is a day that doesn't last for long, and well .... personally I would rather be outside having the time of my life. Plus I got a broken leg and that don't stop me. Now to the main point.

If you ever add me on cwa I will never have my helmet on. I fight sith, stupid scraps of metal that always say "roger roger" and many more. Actually if you wanna fight with me I am great at dueling and I can rap really well so that's just a heads up. Even though I am kinda a " free spirit" as my general calls me and maybe I have disagreements with my brothers on the field things work out. Because it's for the republic.because it's for fun,because it's for more credits. And if someone says none of us are related, try telling that to God. Spanks alot for reading dis guys.

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