"In time you will know what it's like to feel loss, hide from it, run from it, but it comes around."
– Kurama
Kurama NightShadow

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Early Life

Kurama was born on Mandalore at the camp of Kyrimorut, surrounded by swamps and marshes it was a dark and heavy forested place, his father was a Mandalorian warrior who was looked up as a leader to many, his mother was a former sith lord who abandoned her sith ways when she met his father, they both decided to be together and lived on Mandalore thus Kurama being born. As a child Kurama was raised to be a warrior, trained with the Mandalorians from his camp, he was gifted, excelling above ranks and hunting creatures for his people, he was given the name "NightShadow" due to him always hunting at nighttime, and the last thing the creatures see is a shadow before their slaughter, though he never took interest into become a full Mandalorian, he was more amazed at lightsaber combat instead of using the traditional weapons of Mandalore, such as the Westar-35's and Westar-35 Carbine's. His father wanted him to become a full blooded Mandalorian while his mother did not want to put Kurama in such danger to such things, both his parents had a discussion on deciding his future.

The Invasion

When Kurama was 15 years old, civil war was common on Mandalore, those fighting for a peaceful life of politics and democracy, and those who wouldn't abandon their warrior culture, fighting for blood and honor, the whole planet was in total chaos, even so, there was no Mand'alor to lead them and no one assumed the role as Mand'alor. Kurama and his parents made plans to leave Mandalore to reach the planet of Coruscant, a safe place where they can be together regardless of their beliefs and lifestyle, but their plans were thwarted as the Confederacy of Independent Systems had launched an invasion and blockade on the whole planet. The CIS demanded the Mandalorian people to join their cause against the Republic and the Jedi, and to use their resources to support them, but the Mandalorians did not cooperate, instead they fought back, all Mandalorians had put their differences aside and joined together for once cause, freedom of Mandalore.

A Desperate Loss

At the age of 18, wielding both a lightsaber and Westar-35 Carbine, Kurama fought alongside his Mandalorian people against the CIS battle droids that came in numbers, fighting as one, the droids numbers were depleting by each battle, the CIS had no choice but to pull back and bombard the Mandalorians by sky. The Mandalorians had fighters of their own, such as the Kom'rk-Class fighter and Aggressor Assault fighter, Kurama and several Mandalorians had taken up these fighters and did all in their effort to drive away the bombardiers, they succeeded...but one of the bombardiers had targeted his home camp. With the CIS driven away from Mandalore, the Mandalorians were united, but it wouldn't last long as there were several who wanted a lifestyle of politics. Kurama had arrived at his home camp, and it was in ruins, there were barely any remnants of his beloved home, he ran to his house only to find that it was falling apart. He pushed every rubble he encountered and tried finding his parents, their family had an underground shelter in cases of these, but when he found the entrance, it was blown. He went down into the shelter only to find his father dead, but his mother was alive, but barely and unable to move, he ran up to her who was on the ground shaking with fear, he embraced her and told her that the CIS had been defeated and driven away, she gave a faint smile and her last words to Kurama were an I love you, and with that, she gave her last breath and was gone. Kurama was in tears, angry and in rage. He put her beside his father in a hugging pose, as they loved each other very much, Kurama got out the shelter and was trembling, not with sadness, but with rage. It started to rain, a thunderstorm had begun and he was in the middle of his ruined house, falling apart it was, he was looking at the ground as his tears fell droplet by droplet, and with that he let out a huge scream, at the sky, and just like that he unlocked his force sensitivity, it was strong in him, that it pushed away everything around him tearing the ground around him, and his eyes changed, not the sith eyes, but his left eye turned red, and his right one purple indicating balance.

Farewell Mandalore

With the loss of his family, Kurama had decided to begin a new life and abandoned his Mandalorian heritage, he did not give any goodbyes to anyone, he simply vanished. Kurama had one destination, and it was Coruscant.

A New Beginning

Kurama arrived on Coruscant as a stowaway by a transport from Mandalore that was being sent to Coruscant for supplies, once the transport landed and the supplies were being loaded he sneaked out and climbed up to the spaceport, once he reached the top, he saw the spaceport was called "Nova Spaceport" and was quite popular. Making his way through the spaceport, he was astonished by the architecture of the entire place and grew a liking to it, he wondered what kind of place it was. Kurama made his way to the bar and the start of his new life would begin for him.