Accessing Republic Empire Network:.....Kordan He is a Mercenary/BountyHunter Is wanted by the hutts on 4 crimes. 43 cases against the Empire 2* a-k----*(((((_______ERROR_____Network___Crash___Files__Eraseing....

Kil...flucis- - - - Mandalo...Watch...%%%#&- Error Code Unkown....System Failure....Link terminated...You wont know a thing.. [[User:Kordan -Hired Gun-|Kordan -Hired Gu

Kordan Wanted by Imperial Authorities

n-]] (talk) 01:58, August 7, 20
Bounty hunter

Kordan (BountyHunter)

12 (UTC)




ANY Information on this zabrak please report to

Imperial or the Republic Network.

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