Kool's theme song (also Luke's funeral music)04:50

Kool's theme song (also Luke's funeral music)


Kool Skywalker

Kool Skywalker
Biographical information



48 BBY


Unknown/Disappeared sometime around 100 ABY

Physical description







78 Kilo

Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color


Skin color



Left Arm

Chronological and political information
  • Republic
  • Empire
  • New Republic
  • New Jedi Order
  • Jedi
  • Skywalker Family
Known masters
  • Luke Skywalker (Not the son of Anakin)
  • Master Yoda
  • Gregoryy Skywalker
Known apprentices

Jango Skynode

Current Squad
  • Skywalker Legendcy
  • Skywalker Legends
  • Skull Squadren
Squad Rank
  • Skywalker Legendcy: Leader
  • Skwalker Legends: Genrel Skull
  • Squadren: Commander

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Skywalker Family Tree

 "We are going to have peace. Even if we have to fight for it" ~ Kool to his nephew Josh

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Sith O.O

From left to right: Kool, Sith trooper , Virus , Aari


Kool (the top) Wil (The left) and Aari (the right)

48 BBY

It was a dark and sandy day on the planet under the two suns. The Skywalkers have just suffered a huge loss to Rain's forces and they were forced to retreat to an old abandoned farm-house. Greg Skywalker led his soldiers into the house. "Barricade the doors and windows, no one gets in" Greg commanded. "Ahhhhh" Greg's wife Marine yelled in pain. Marine had been pregnant for ten months before she was attacked on Tatooine. A young Luke Skywalker (Not the son of Anakin a different one  :P) peaked out the window. "Uuhh dad they are coming!". he said. "Philip look around see if you can find a surgery kit of some sorts." A tense Philip Skywalker was scrambling around the house searching for tools. "There is this old dusty medical droid, but it won't turn on....." "I got it" said Kevare Skywalker one of the older sons of Greg. Kevare used his knowledge of mechanics to fix the medical droid and Marine gave birth to a boy. "Wilmore" she said happily. Then everyone felt a rumble. "Their here!" Luke yelled. "Grayson Kev Philip Luke go and see if you can spare us some time" Greg ordered. Luke and Philip looked at eachother and smiled as then ignited their lightsabers and ran out of the house. Kev and Grayson followed. They took down the first wave of Rain's troops with ease. Most of Rain's men were exiled Mandolorians and young farmer boys looking for an exciting life. "Well lets hurry up and get going!" Marine exclaimed to Greg. "You can't leave just quite yet....there are still two more lifeforms needed to be ejected" said the droid. "Triplets?!!!!!" Gregs younger brother Kole yelled out. About 10 minutes later Marine gave birth to another boy. "Quickly what should we name this one?" Marine asked. "Hurry up guys, you kinda are having a baby in the middle of a war zone!" Kole said. "Kole how about you choose the name then" Greg said. "Uuuuuhhhhhh well he does seem pretty cool soo how about Kool?" Everyone in the room looked puzzled... even the droid. "That is such a dumb name" Marine said. "Well at least he will be unique!" "Fine we can change his name later. " Greg sighed. Twenty minutes later Marine gave birth once again. This time a girl. "I once met a tail head named Aari" Kole said. "Finally this guy says something smart!" Marine said in laughter. Just as the three were enjoying their moment they felt another rumble. Then Luke Phil Kev and Grayson came running back in. "We got to go now!" Kev yelled. Just as the warriors were about to make a run for it they realized they almost forgot the babies. Grayson Kev and Phil each grabbed one. Grayson grabbed Kool. Just then Rain walked in with a blaster in one hand and his blood red saber in the other. Behind him were two more men with lightsabers. He shot Grayson's arm, forcing Grayson to leave Kool in the basket. Rain then shot at Philip forcing him to leave Aari behind. Greg then jumped behind the group and covered their escape. He than force pulled the medical droid to block the blaster fire as he ran. A ship driven by Pardeep and Joi Skywalker hand just landed to pick them up. Rain look down at the two babies then looked back at another sith like man. "Flare... you can fix this ones arm up right?". "Yes lord Rain... it wont take long" Flare replied.


Kool as a sith

Kool as a sith

Kool woke up bright and early on Korribon. He looked outside at the view from his "Dads" castle. Kool put on his dark red robes and walked outside his luxery room. Even though Kool was only eight every man in Rain's army treated Kool with respect. They treated him like a general. Kool nodded at the guards guarding his room and walked to the other end of the hall. Kool walked into the room and saw his sister Aari sleeping. He shook her a little to wake her up. "Ugghh what do you wan't" She groaned as she opened her eyes. "Today is our last day of training!!!" Kool squealed in excitement. Aari jumped out of bed and put on her robes. They both ran downstairs. They saw a lieutenant in the hallway. Kool stooped him and asked "where is lord Rain". "The lord is in the war room sir" the man said. Kool and Aari ran to the war room. They slowly walked in, but stayed back. They saw many people with dark black robes and light sabers on their belts. They looked up at the screen they all were watching. They saw Chancellor Palpatine saying "This will be the creation of the Grand Army Of The Republic!" "Let me go contact Lord Sidious about this. You all go along with your buisness". Kool and Aari followed Rain into his private room.

"Lord Sidous" Rain said as he got on one knee.

"Rain I was expecting you".

"Sir what are my orders?"

"I have sent you 10000 fresh new battle droids. Go to Felucia and defeat the Skywalker resistance there. After you make good use of those droids by destroying all Skywalker training camps continue to locate their base of operations."

"Yes my lord."

As the hologram went away Kool and Aari looked out the window and saw hundreds of separatist frigates. Kool and Aari ran back to their room.

Felucia Fight

Rain ordered an immediate meeting in the war room. He wanted Kool and Aari to be there as well. When the twins walked through the door to the war room the dark acolytes were already working out their strategy when the two walked in. "Perfect we can start now" Virus said. "Ok Virus, Kool and Aari you three will attack training camp 3a. Once you have crushed the resistance there you must continue on towards the farming village of M'tutuk. You will face little resistance from the farmers and their pitch forks." Rain said. "That sure is true." Flare said as Eagle chuckled. "However I am not sure if the Skywalkers were given these new troops the republic has acquired. The republic are not the most trustworthy of the Skywalkers. " Rain said. "Anyways Virus you and your team will regroup at the village of M'tutuk, then you guys will attack Fort Crow. Spy's have told us that they have seen Greg, Luke and Kevare Skywalker here, so be wary. Eagle you and Athan will attack from the north and start the attack on Fort Crow. By the time Virus's team reaches the fort the Skywalkers will be depleted. At this time me and Flare will reinforce Eagles forces from the north. Now go assemble your soldiers."

Skirmish at the training camp

By the time Kool's fleet took off from Korriban, about 500 of his men have already made it on to Felucia undetected. Kool stood on the bridge with his sister Aari and his uncle Virus. Kool and Aari went down to the landing ships with the now small number of humans in Rain's battalion. There was little talk in the ship. Everyone in the ship seemed about only eight years older than Kool and Aari. Then one solider broke the silence and said "So you are the lord's children?" "Yes". Kool replied. "My name is Psylvor and this is Rudge." Then as the men (and Aari) were waiting for to land, they all said their names and their background. One man that really interested Kool was one named Zordon. He is a human who served under the Skywalkers. Kool also met a sergeant named Woluk. Woluk explained how their are only about 300 humans left in Rain's battalion which now has numbers of about 30,000 battle ready troops. Then a red light came on inside the ship. Everyone stood up weapons ready. Kool was anxiously waiting for the green light to come on. Clutching his light saber expecting a quite big battle one the doors open. He clutched his lightsaber. Once the light turned green and the doors opened Kool drawed his lightsaber and jumped out to only see squadrons of battle droids ready to attack. Kool contacted Virus asking for his orders. Virus told him to take the camp and get ready to move on to the village. Virus had just given a ten year old kid with only about 6 years of training command of about 1,500 troops. Kool and Aari looked at eachother. Kool gave her a nervous look, but Aari looked back and grinned. This was the twins time to show their power. "Alright we will all march behind the tanks and use them as cover. Once in the training camp take as many prisoners as possible." Kool led the troops behind the tanks. The camp was about 1 mile up the valley. Kool had an excellent plan in mind. "Fire" Kool said into his comlink. The tanks started to fire on the walls of the camp. After about two volleys the walls fell. Right behind the walls were a unit of about 300 clones. The clones charged. Kool and his army walked infront of the tanks and started to shoot at the clones. Kool drawed his saber and deflected shots. He motioned his men to charge. Kool herd the clanking of the droids feet as they ran. Kool sliced a clone in two. He deflected ones shots and it went back to the troopers face. Kool watched as Woluk punched a clone to the floor. Distracted by this a clone held his blaster up to Kool's head. Kool looked over his shoulder and heard the clone mutter "Its just a kid." Then out of no where Rudge shot the clone and helped Kool up. "Thanks I owe you one" Kool said to him. "I think now would be a good time for Aari's team to come" Woluk advised Kool as he head budded a clone. Kool held his comlink to his mouth "Aari, go!". The whole fight stopped for a second as the men looked up and saw bombers blowing up the training camp. Then out of the treeline droids came running at the clones surrounding them. Then Kool looked behind him and saw more droid reinforcements. The clones put their hands on their heads and got on their knees. Kool heard the small amount of humans left cheer. "Ok boys get ready to go through the camp." Aari ordered. Kool contacted Virus "Uncle make sure no one gets out of that camp" Kool said. "Alright, you made your ancestors proud today." Kool stood back as he watched Aari and her men march into the camp. "You did pretty good, for a kid" Psylvor said as him and Zordon got into one of the tanks. "Thanks guys. Get ready to go for the village." Kool ordered as he watched the camp being burned to the ground.


Skywalker Felucian HQ- Shortly after the sacking of training camp f2

The Skywalkers played the recording of the battle to the generals. "I think we found my son and daughter" Greg said. "Yes, they fight really well" Kevare Skywalker said. "Kevare you go with Wil. Try to talk these to into doing what is right, and capture don't kill" Greg told Kev. "But father do you thing Wil is ready for this?" "Well he is ten and he has gotten more girls than I have in my whole life. I'm sure he is ready."

Kool rode in a tank with Aari. Virus's tank pulled up next to theirs. "They put up a force field around the village. They are moving the villagers back to the Skywalker HQ. We will lead the charge strait into the village and take out the forcefield. The humans will stay back and fire the cannons at the village destroying it." "Don't you think that's a bit harsh?!" Aari said. "That's the way we do it. " Virus said as he jumped out of the tank. Kool and Aari followed. They saw the village on the horizon. "Charge!" Virus ordered. The droids ran as they heard the noise of the sirens coming from the village. They could just barley see the felucian farmers and clones line up. Kool slipped through the forcefield and stabbed his saber right through the chest of a trooper. He then moved his sword and sliced off the head of a farmer. He led sliced through two more troopers. He watched as the metal droids fought hand-to-hand combat with the clones. Then he saw Virus kill a young farmer who was surrendering. He then saw another droid shoot a female felucian trying to protect her young. Kool stood down. "Come on Kool, Virus told us to go clear the village center." Aari said.

A Skywalker?!

Kool and Aari walked through the strangely empty village center. Then across the courtyard they saw two hooded men, one seeming shorter than the other. The two men shook of their robes. Kool saw a boy that looked alot like him. The other man who was much older also looked similar to Kool. He saw the two draw their blue lightsabers. Kool looked at Aari with a nervous look. Aari returned it. The twins draw their sabers. The twins rushed at the two. "Hm... you guys posses great power." The older man said as Aari locked sabers with him. Kool did the same with the other one. "You guys fight skywalkers." Kool pushed the younger one back. "Freaks!" Aari screamed as she kicked the older one in the shin. "Ha...says the ones who think Rain is their father." Said the younger one. "Rain is our father!" Kool said. "Ah he hasn't told you! Your so called father has been keeping secrets from you. I am your real brother. So is Wil over here. Well he is your twin." Kool and Aari looked at each other."Lies!" Kool said as he attacked Kevare. The four dueled for about three minutes. Kool and Aari were enraged and Wil was trying to keep up with Kevare. Kevare was close to toying with the twins. Then the fight stopped for a second and the force field went down and the smell of fire was in the air. Then from behind Kool Zordon shot at Kev almost hitting him. Kev deflected the shot. Zordon,Psylvor,Wotuk,Rudge and a bunch of droids started shooting at Wil and Kev. Wil deflected one of the shots and hit Rudge in the chest. Everyone's heart sank. Distracted Kool let the two get away. Clones covering their escape. Kool enraged attacked the clones. One of their clones held their hands up as Kool held his sword to the troopers head. Kool looked back at Wotuk and saw him shaking his head. Kool backed off and let the droids arrest the clone. Then around them the village started to burn. Kool and Aari walked back to their staging ground. Kool told Virus and Rain (Through the hologram) of their conflict with the Skywalkers. "Sit this next fight out kids."Rain said. "Virus take the rest of their men and move on to the HQ. Me and Eagle have been sieging it for a day now. They are weak, finish them off. Kool and Aari a ship will come to take you to dathimor." Kool said his goodbyes to his men promising them he would see them soon. Then him and Aari boarded their ship.

It wasn't until Kool landed on Datimor that he heard the news that a bomb set by the droids had killed Wotuk and his squad. Kool was enraged even more... Waiting for the right time to attack....


Kool and Aari were siting in their rooms in the dathimor castle. They weren't to thrilled to here of the victory on Felucia. They awaited Rains arrival with the thousands of prisoners they have captured. This was a huge breakthrough for Rain and his men. A few days later the planet was under siege, apparently the Skywalkers wanted their prisoners back. Kool ran to the war room where Rain,Virus,Eagle,Flare,Athan,Aari, and Heron were discussing how to take down the Skywalker blockade. "We cannot let them land!" Eagle yelled. "We already sent most of our ground troops back to Korriban!" "Yes and they can't come back until that blockade is destroyed." Rain said calmly. Just as he said that everyone felt the castle shake. "They are beginning their attack!" Heron said. "Kool Aari and Athan go hold the door to the castle. Don't let them get up the stairs. Virus and Heron flank them from the East. Me and Eagle will go from the west." Kool Aari and Athan ran off. Athan was about five years older than Kool. Kool saw the vast amounts of droids at the entrance. "How many cannons do we have?" Athan asked. "Sir we have eight cannons and a ray sheild." "Perfect," Kool said. "Set all the cannons on the roof of the building. Send 2 battalions of droids up there." Kool ordered. "Ok me and Athan will go up then, you stay down here" Aari said. "Alrgiht good luck." Kool watched as his sister and Athan ran off. Kool noticed the chemistry between the two, however Kool didn't want Aari to become so attached. Kool watched as the republic gunships landed and the clones tried shooting at the ray sheild. "Hey metal head" Kool said. "Hand me one of those binoculars." The droid gave Kool a pair. "Hmm" Kool said to himself. "I see Wil and Kev, the two I met on Felucia, but I don't know who the other one is." Kool took a picture of the jedi-like man. The man looked to be around 20 years old. "Hand me your laptop" Kool said to the droid. "Wait but I was playing Clone Wars Adventures!" Kool grabbed the laptop and ran the mans face through a scanner. "Luke Skywalker (Not the son of Anakin) Son of Greg Skywalker brother of Wil and Kev. Kool was starting to understand the Skywalkers. "They are a famous force sensitive family, they work with the jedi but tend to do things their own way." Kool said to himself. Then Kool felt a shake. He looked out the rail sheild and saw that the Skywalkers were working their way onto the top of the roof. However they were taking a heavy loss from the cannons. Then Kool got a message on his hologram. "Yes Athan?" "Kool! Rain told us to fall back to the main hallway." "Ok I guess i'll meet you their" Kool said as he turned off his hologram. "Alright guys turn back and hold the entrance to the main hallway!" Kool ordered to his troops. As the droids were turning around Kool got another message on his hologram. "Kool They are spliting up! Half of them are going down to you and half are staying up here. I guess we won't be meeting up but tell your troops to move swiftly!" Athan told Kool. Kool turned off his hologram and yelled to his troops "Hurry!" Just as Kool said that part of the roof was blown open and clones came grappling down. Kool covered his troops so they could get into position in the next room. However once all the droids got out Kool was surronded. This did not stop him from fighting however.

Duel With Kev

Just as Kool realized there was no way out Kevare grappled down into the room. "Men go into the next room and take care of the clankers. I will handle this." Kevare said. "Sir, are your sure you don't want us to arrest him?" A clone asked. "Yes im sure, thank you". Then it was just Kool and Kev in the room. Kool confused attack Kev with full force. Kev fought back. "Wow you sure have improved since I saw you last" Kev said this time not toying with Kool. "Yea...Thanks I guess." Kool said. Noticing that Kev was trying to distract him Kool ignored him and focused on the fight. "So did you decide to look into what I told you on felucia? About you being a Skywalker?" This did get Kool a bit angry however Kool was remaining calm. "I guess not. Well you are not fit to be a sith, we were watching you on felucia the way you cared about your men, true acts of a Jedi." Kool ignored him trying to stay calm. "That's proof that Rain is not your father. Rain is arrogant, and selfish." Kool remembered back to Felucia when he saw Rain and Virus kill innocent women and children. "He has been lying to" Kevare said to Kool. Kool then stopped fighting and got on his knees. "Wha..noo this can't be true" Kool said, shocked. "Go to the records Kool. Look up "skirmish of the sands 48BBY" Kev said as he walked on past Kool to where the fighting was. Kool, taking a minute to regain himself, got up and went to the hall of records. He saw the place was battle torn. Bodies all over the floor, clone and droid. Kool ran into the room, which was abandoned. He sat down at the desk and opened the battle logs. He then typed in "Skirmish of the sands."

   ===File Sealed=== 

The file was sealed. "Aari" Kool said into his comlink. "Get down to the hall of records, alone" "Well i'm kind of busy!" Aari said sarcastically. "Well find a way out...this is important!" Kool said. Kool than turned on the security cameras and watched Kev. He saw the republic troops destroying the droids. "If i'm going to make a decision about which side, i'm going to be on, it needs to be now." Kool said to himself. Shortly after Aari and Athan ran into the room. "Where are they!" Aari said, sounding angry at Kool. "Uhh Aari why is he here, I said ALONE." Athan then said "Kool you can trust me, what is it you want to show us." Kool then remembering that Athan was good with computers. "Well I can't show you guys anything without someone hacking into this file." "Ahh I see where you are going with this..." Athan said as he sat down at the desk and started hacking into the file. Kool then looked at the security monitors and saw Kev going into a room with Rain alone. "Uh oh" Kool mumbled to himself. "What?" Aari asked Kool. "Nothing" Kool lied. "Got it!" Athan said with excitement. The three then watched the video. It looked like it was some type of security camera filming a birth. Kool then recognized Kev, Luke, and Greg. "This one will be named Wil" A voice said from the recording. "This is just the birth of that annoying yet very hot Skywalker kid." Aari said. Then they watched as Marine Skywalker gave birth to two more babies, Kool and Aari. "You just called your twin brother 'hot'" Kool said jokingly. Aari who was to engaged with the video to here what Kool said was shocked. Then the three watched as Rain and his forces infiltrated the home and took two of the babies. "I remember that day" Athan said, also shocked but not as much as Aari, "I was training on Korriban. Rain had said he impregnated one of jabba's slave girls and you guys were the results...." Aari who was almost in tears looked at Kool and said "You know what we have to do." Kool nodded then looked at Athan. "Im in.." Athan said. "I always knew he was keeping secrets from us." "Ok Athan and Aari meet back up with Rain and prepare to go with him back to Korriban. Once on Korriban rig the tower to blow. I will stay here and free the prisoners. I will meet back up with you guys on Korriban." "Ok" Aari said as she ran off. Athan was about to follow here when Kool grabbed his arm and said "protect her..i'm counting on you." Athan nodded then ran off. Kool then glanced back at the security monitors and saw Kevare Skywalkers dead body laying on the floor of the throne room. He then saw Luke and Wil Skywalker run into the throne room. The two were shocked and depressed. Kool then watched as Rain escaped from the room. Kool did not know how to handle this. He was angry,sad, but at the same time motivated to do what is right. Kool grabbed his saber and ran down to the dungeon.


Once Kool walked into the dungeon he felt motivated. He ran past many beasts that rain has collected throughout the galaxy. One beast looked rather scary to Kool. It was a huge Rancor. "I'm definitely not letting that one out..." Kool said to himself. He than ran into the "intelligent creatures" part of the place. He walked up behind two guards and stabbed them in the back. He then opened a cell of felucian farmers. "Thank you so much!" One of the farmers said. "Grab those droids blasters. Meet me at the jail center." Kool said. Kool let four more cells of farmers out. Each cell held about ten-twenty people. Kool then made it to where the clones were being held. He opened one of the cells and saw a body in the corner. "Its the kid?!" One of the clones said. "Are we getting transferred?" another clone asked. "No. I'm here to rescue you guys." Kool said as he handed one of them a blaster. "Is this a joke?" a clone said that was sitting in the corner. "How can we know we can trust you?" "Well, I am giving you your weapons arn't I?" Another clone came out of the corner and said "I am CC-20932 or Commander Xhal." The clone said. "This is Dom,Cydon,Blasted,Super,And Rush. I was the commander of the Felucian force...before well it fell. Kool then let out the rest of Xhal's battalion. "Sir I advise you where our armor, so other men don't think your still with them." Xhal said. "Here take Wiz's armor" Cydon said. "How did he die?" Kool asked. "One of your sith friends came in here and cut his head of for no reason!" Dom said in anger. "Ok...i'm sorry to hear that" Kool said. Kool put on the armor and led the clones along with the farmers out of the prison. As they were running out Kool noticed he missed one cell. Kool told everyone to wait for him to let these guys out. They looked liked.. pilots. "Admiral!" Blasted said. "Thank you.. Admiral Jango at your service" one of the pilots said. "You must be Kool. I knew you would come around eventually" Jango said. Kool then led his new men to the hanger. One the doors opened Kool saw he was in a warzone. "Come on! I know where my cruiser is!" Jango said. Kool helped all the men get on the cruiser. As he was doing this he looked across the hanger and saw Rain, Aari, and Athan boarding a ship. Aari noticed Kool and Kool nodded to her. "Admiral go to Korriban. I will be waiting for you guys to come pick me up!" Kool said to Jango. "Yes sir," Kool then ran off. He saw a droid running toward a droid cruiser. Kool force pushed the droid out of the way. Kool ran into the cockpit and killed the pilots. "Remember my training" Kool said to himself. Kool then started up the ship and watched from above as the castle was destroyed. Kool then launched himself into hyperspace not knowing what would become of him.(Insert badass music here)

Battle Of Korriban

Once Kool came out of hyperspace he saw the planet of Korribon. As he was approaching the planet he saw Republic Cruisers with Skywalker markings come out of hyperspace. "Good" Kool said to himself. "A distraction." Kool landed about a mile away from the tower. Once Kool landed he took off the clone armor that he had gotten on Dathimor. He put on his dark sith robes and headed towards the tower. Once inside Kool found Aari and Athan in Aari's room. "The charges set?" Kool asked. "Yea." Aari replied. "I don't think we will need them" Kool said as he looked out the window and saw Skywalker gunships firing on the castle. "Me and Aari will go and leak all of Rain's files to the republic." Athan said. "Alright I will go confront Rain" Kool said. "Wait what!" Aari screamed. "Trust me I sense the presence of good people here... people that will help me." Kool looked at Athan to back him up. "Kool is right, I sense it also." Athan said. "Be safe" Aari said to Kool as the two ran off. Kool waited in his room thinking about how he would attack Rain. Then Kool heard the sound of an explosion and he heard clones yelling "Go go go!" He ran to close his door. He look through the window and saw clones and droids exchanging fire. As he was watching the fight, he saw and enraged Wil Skywalker force push the droids back and ordered his men to move forward. Kool put his clone armor back on and followed Wil's men. As he was walking along he heard Luke tell Wil through his comlink "We will meet outside of Rains room." Wil motion his men onward. Kool knew a shortcut to Rain's room and broke away from the group. Kool took off his clone armor once more and put on his Sith Robes. Kool then used the force to break the window and jumped down to the balcony of Rains room. Kool saw Rain sitting at his desk facing away from Kool. "Dad!" Kool said. "I just barley made it off dathimor. But thanks to your training I got away." Rain laughed. Rain started to force choke Kool. "Dumb kid. I'm surprised it took you this long to find out. Well you served me well anyways. Its time for your end." Rain said. Kool broke out of the force choke and took out his saber. "You lier!" Kool said as he attacked Rain trying to remain calm. Kool was trying to keep up with Rain. Rain knew all of Kool's moves and could sense them before he did them. "You made the wrong choices Kool, letting Kev go.. now look what happened to him" Kool became enraged "No!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kool attacked Rain recklessly. Rain then locked sabers with Kool, Rain's saber slipped and cut Kool's left arm off. "Ahhhhh" Kool said as he fell back. "Dumb kid" Rain chuckled. Kool was laying on the floor waiting for his end. Rain held his saber up and slashed down onto Kool. Just at that momment Greg Skywalker kicked the glass windows out and locked sabers with Rain before Rain could do anything to Kool. Kool looked back and saw more clones grapple into Rain's room. Then the door opened and Virus and a squadron of super battle droids walked in. Kool, thinking that there was no way out and that Greg would arrest him, he jumped out of the window as used the force to elevate himself down. Just as Kool did this Wilmore and Luke entered the room with their squad and began fighting Rain's forces. Once Kool landed he landed in the middle of a warzone. He saw droids and clones shooting at eachother. Kool ran through the middle of the battle deflecting shots on both sides of him. He ran across the courtyard to the medical bay. Just as he was about to enter he heard Aari scream "Oh my godness Kool!!!!" Aari ran to him. "Aari" Kool moaned. Aari laid Kool on the bed and Athan ran in. Aari turned on the medical droid. Kool got up and looked up at Rains room. He watched as Rain jumped out. Kool started running after him. Aari force pulled Kool back. "Kool! I don't know if you realized but you are missing an arm!" "Hurry up then." Kool said. Kool laid back and let the medical droid do its thing. The droid gave Kool same painkillers to take. As the droid was about to operate on Kool their was a huge blast and clones started shooting down the hall. "They don't know we are with them!" Aari yelled. "Come on, we got to protect this room!" Aari and Athan ran outside and were deflecting blasters but not attacking. Kool force pulled his saber and cut off the medical droid's head. He then ran out pushing Aari and Athan to the side. "Kool come here!" Aari said as she cased after him with Athan following. Aari was much faster than Kool but Kool tried to outrun her as long as he could. He cut through the storage room jumping out of the window into the hanger. Kool ran to the ship that he arrived on. As he was walking up the ramp Aari tackled him. "What the hell are you doing!" Aari said dodging a shot from one of the droids. "Aari Athan lets go. I have a plan." Aari looked back at Athan who was deflecting shots. Then Athan looked at her and said "I'm staying, I will provide you guys intel, but it's in my blood to be this like its in your blood to be jedi." Aari ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. "Well Athan, this isn't the last time we will be seeing each other. You can count on that." Kool said as he walked up the ramp, Aari following. "So whats your plan?"

Battle over Korriban

"Yes and I have a feeling Rain is there... I can sense it" Kool said to Aari and they ascended into the atmosphere above Korriban. "Kool... you are missing an arm and you plan to fight Rain?!" "That's where you come in. I will signal you to come and aid me either from above or on the ground." Kool then got up and walked to the back of the ship where he wrapped up his arm in banages. Kool let Aari fly since she was a much better pilot. "Umm Kool I think you'd want to see this." Kool walked over to the cockpit and looked out the window. He saw many seperatist flagships and many republic. It was all out war. Aari tried dodging falling debris. Then she started getting attack by vulture droids. "I think we are alone in this fight" Aari said. "So where are your friends?" She asked. Kool punched in the coordinates into the computer. Aari slowly made her way to them, shooting down droids and republic fighters who attack her. "That's Philip Skywalker's fleet." Kool said as he looked up his brother's record. "He is known to be an excellent pilot and general." "I think the republic will destroy Rain's tower for us" Kool said looking at the large republic star ships. "There it is!" Aari said. "Rain has beat us there... he already boarded it." Kool made contact with the ship. "Jango!" Kool said as Admiral Jango appeared on the screen. "Ah Kool! Glad you made it out ok" Jango said. "What is the progress of Rain's forces?" Kool asked. "They made it to the barracks.. don't worry sir we are holding him there. We will not let him get into the hanger or the bridge." "Do you want us to pull you in sir?" Jango asked. "No.... I will be coming in through my own way." "Oh yea and Jango.... I may have lost an arm so have a medic ready for me" "Yes sir" Jango said as he went away on the screen. "Alright Aari drop me off at Rain's ship." Aari flew near Rains ship and shot a torpedo into the hanger. "Goodluck" Aari said . Kool put on his space suit and jumped down into Rains ship. The hanger was on fire and the droids were in panic. Once Kool landed he took of his suit and since the droids were confused he walked right into the main hall of Rain's star ship. Kool made his way to the war room. "What shot at us and why is the hanger on fire?!" One of the droids asked. Kool walked into the room throwing his saber at two of the droids and force pushing the other two. Kool pulled up a hologram of the ship and saw that there are three mobilized squadron each with about fifty droids. One squadron was heading to the hanger, and another was heading to the bridge of Jango's ship. The last squadron was still on Rain's ship, but it looked to Kool that they were going to go in last to finish the job. Kool used the force to sense which one Rain was with. Rain was moving with the ones that were heading to the bridge. Kool contacted Jango using the droids computer. "Sir" Jango said. "Hey i'm on Rain's ship right now in the war room." Kool told him. "Wait what! Are you planning to destroy it?" Jango asked. "No. If I destroy this ship, Rain would still be on ours... and we don't have a force that could take him." "However I do have a plan. Rain is heading to the bridge but he is still being held at the barracks. I could take out the squadron that is at the boarding point out on my own. I will get Xhal to come with a couple of men and we can take out the squad making their way to the hanger." "What about Rain?" Jango asked. "I will have Aari fly her fighter into the Barrack's hall, halting Rain's advance for a bit. That will give us time to take out the other squads and focus all our troops on Rain." "Sounds like a good plan sir... Good luck" Jango said. Kool then contacted Xhal and Aari and told them their parts. Kool watched as Aari crashed her ship into the barracks and made in out in an escape pod that Jango is sucking in. Kool got up and made his way to the armory, killing a few droids along the way of course. He grabbed some grenades and droid poppers. He made sure Xhal brought some as well. Kool then made his way to the boarding point. He saw the droids who looked ready to destroy the rest of the ship once the first two squads were done. Kool set a charge down and snuck his way back across the room. He set off the charge. All the droids turned and looked away from Kool. At this momment Kool threw a grenade right in the middle of the droid's formation. The droids were confused and some even started to blast at the wall. Kool started to toss many grenades into their formation, moving to a new point every time. Once Kool ran out of grenades. He took out his sword and finished off the remaining droids. Very out of breath, Kool moved on to the next squadron. Kool made his way to the hanger, where the clones were holding the droids back. Kool came behind the droids line and hid behind a supply crate. "Xhal you there?" Kool said into his comlink. "Yes sir" Xhal said. "Where are you?" Kool asked. "Look up." Kool glanced up and saw Xhal, Dom, and Blasted Dropping grenades down onto the droids. Then Kool came up behind the droids and helped the clones finish them off. Kool meetup with Xhal, and the rest of the clones in the hanger. "Jango are you reading?" Kool said into his comlink. "Yes sir. I see you have deafeated the droid squadrons. I need you to hurry to Rain's squadron he is cutting through fast!" Jango said. Kool ordered the clones to intercept Rain. It took Kool a while to get their. "Ok boys its now or never!" Kool said as one of the troopers opened the door. Kool saw Rain pushing his way towards Jango and the other pilots. Kool jumped in front of Rain and clashed sabers with him. Kool looked to his left and saw Xhal trying to hold his ground. Kool then looked to his left and saw Rush hitting a droid with the back of his blaster. Rain was pushing Kool back as well, eventually leaving the remaining twenty men cornered. Kool could sense it, that he would made it out, he had to make it out. Kool felt a sharp pain in where Kool's arm use to be. Kool looked down at his arm then looked back up. He saw a droid get shot in the head from a different dirrection. Kool looked to his left and saw Cydon holding up his blaster. Behind him was Aari and a squad a more troops. "Damn kid!" Rain said as he ran off, leaving the droids to stay and fight. Once Aari finished off the last droid, the clones started to cheer. Kool then looked out the window and saw Rains ship head back down towards Korriban. "Should we engage sir?" Jango asked. "No. Leave it, we arn't ready for another fight" Kool said. "Ok so...where to sir?" "Follow the Skywalker ships coming off the surface."

Becoming A Skywalker

The tracked the ships back to Coruscant. "Stay on the ship" Kool said to Aari. "Why?" Aari asked. "I will go scout it out." "I don't know if they will trust us..." Kool said as the ship landed. Kool put on a hoodie and walked out. He went to a house complex that had a good view of the Jedi temple. Kool pulled a pair of binoculars out. He looked at the shipyard where the Skywalker star ships hand landed. Kool watched as the Skywalkers walked to the meditation balcony. He saw a casket come down. "Kev...." Kool thought to himself. Kool zoomed in on Wil's face, Wil looked enraged...angry. Kool paid his respects to Kev, watching from the roof Kool saw a tear go down his brothers face. Then Skywalkers then walked off. Kool watched them take the casket back into the starship. "Jango...they are taking off. track them" Kool said into his comlink. Kool ran back down to the streets and made his way back to his ship. "Where are we going?" Kool asked Jango. "Orto Plutonia apparently." Jango said. "What is on Orto Plutonia?!" Kool asked. "The Skywalker Mansion. Their home." Jango told him. "It is very protected. I'm not sure how you will make your way in" Jango told him. "Well couldn't I just use you guys and make my way to the landing site with you?" Kool asked. "No....I mean they don't even let republic ships in. Only Skywalkers and Skywalker soilders." Jango explained. "I guess me and Kool will just set our blasters to stun and make our way in" Aari told them. "That wouldn't be so friendly would it?" Kool said. "Well we would just have to sneak in" Aari said. Kool and Aari walked out with their coats on. Their was a blizzard so they used that to their advantage. "We are almost in range of the cannons" Aari said. "What is your plan then" right when Aari said that the cannons began firing at them. The both took out their sabers and began to deflect the shots. Then Kool saw someone look over the edge of the roof. Then he saw a group of clones wearing black and blue armor with skywalker markings run out. They surrounded Kool and Aari. The two put there hands up. Then a man came out. "Damn kids. Do you know how many times those cannons went off today?" Kole said. "Come on...we have been expecting you" Kole said. Kole leaded the two into the mansion. They went into an elevator that that took them to the eighth floor. "YOU IMPREGNATED WHO?" Kool heard Greg scream. "I'm I'm sorry Dad" Wil said. "YOUR ONLY THIRTEEN." Greg yelled. Kool, Kole, and Aari then walked into the room. "We will finish this talk later!" Greg said with a stern face. Wil looked at Kool with rage. "You...." Wil said. "Calm down Wil... they have chosen the right side now." Greg told him. "How do you know that! How can you trust them!" Wil said angered. "They saved Jango and his men" Greg told him. "Come Kool, Aari lets introduce you to the council." Kool and Aari followed Greg into a room that looked exactly like the high council room. The all the council members appeared on a hologram each in their respected spot. Greg then explained to them what happened and how Kool and Aari have overcame their dark past. The council then explained that they would not train the two, but still give them the rank of padawan. "Ok we will train them here." Greg said. Kool glanced at Aari and smiled. The two were now Jedi Padawans. Greg then led Kool to his bedroom. "Make yourself feel at home.... well I guess this is your home now" Greg said. "If you need anything as Luke.... and stay away from Wil after the death of Kev he has been strange lately" Greg said as he walked off. "Home..." Kool muttered to himself. He then glanced over at the room next to his, Wil's room. He saw Wil sleeping. "Home..." Kool said again.

Note: The Rest Of This Page Will Be In First Person. 

Negotiations on Florrum

I had gotten the orders from Greg to go meet Wil, Luke, and Derek in the padawan training room at the temple and explain to them the mission. It has been about nine months since I first joined the order. I had finished my training and became a padawan. In those past nine months me and Wil's relationship had grown exponentially. It was a long walk from my small dorm in the temple to the training rooms. As I approached Wil and Luke who were watching Derek train, I had just remember that Wil's girlfriend Allie is pregnant. I then thought how the Skywalkers were allowed to have kids due to them being in a separate branch of the jedi. "Yo, we have to moniter that speech Orin Lannister is going to make about convincing people to join the Republic". I watched as Wil waved to little Derek (Kool's little brother). We got on our speeders and made our way to the senate building. "So Wil.... What are you going to name the little thing" I asked. "Well I suggested naming him after his dad... but Allie doesn't like my name so we decided on Joshua" Wil explained. "Well if I know anything, if he is like his old man...he will be a heart breaker!" Luke said sarcastically. Once the three got to the senate building they could tell something was up just by the look on everyone's face. One of the senate guards said "Oh great... they sent children to do a mans job." Kool looked over at Wil who was making a fist and had a red face. "Well you obviously don't know who we are...but thats fine. If you want to tell us whats going on that would be nice" Kool said calmly. The man filled in the three on what was going on. "I see. So Hondo wants credits for the return of the man?" Luke asked. "Yes boy, now go get the older jedi to handle this" the man said. We headed to the hanger where a ship was ready for us. It was an old Defender Class Light Corvette. Little did we know something was hiding inside."Make sure everything works" Wil said."We got a couple of rockets.. and the blasters are ready for fire" Luke reassured. It was a long and shaky two hours before we made it to Florrum. Wil was a very reckless pilot. Somehow Wil safely landed the ship on Florum. We pulled out our speeders and I mounted a chest of 120,000,000 republic credits onto the back of my speeder. Once we got to the pirate's stronghold they were ready to make the tried. They had Orin Lannister tied up a beaten. All the pirates pointed their guns at our faces, ready to fire. "We are here to do business" Wil explained. "If you want to do business you need to hand over those" Honda said pointing at their lightsabers. We handed over of lightsabers... I was however quite against this decision. "Ahh a lightsaber.... a Jedi's weapon. I don't do business with Jedi" Hondo said, stroking the lightsabers. "We have something you might like" I said opening the crate on the back of my speeder. "120,000,000 republic credits in here. Take it or leave it." Hondo motioned his men to take the crate. "Yessss" Hondo said. "There are indeed enough credits for us to change our minds" "but we cannot give you Mr. Lannister." I was ready to take my saber back and stab it through this man's skull. I then noticed a slight movement behind the crates. Then I watched as my little brother Derek Skywalker jumped on top of the crates and force pushed the pirates down. We picked up our sabers and the pirates surrounded us. Ohnoka got up and looked quite angry. "We have you outnumbered children...." he told us. I looked at my brothers and we turned on our sabers and charged. I charged deflecting shots with ease. I cut off one pirates leg and force pushed him into the one guarding Orin. I used to force to knock the other three out. Then a shot almost hit me, I jumped up in the air and stabbed the pirate in the head. I used my saber to cut the rope around Orin. As I helped him up I saw that Derek was surrounded by many pirates. I watched in amazement as Derek chopped all their heads off in once slice. Distracted by this, a pirate came up behind me and punched me down onto the floor. I felt a sharp pain on my back as I fell over. I turned around and saw the pirate about to slash his axe right into me. He raised his axe and then I saw a blue saber go through his body. It was Luke. "Thanks" I said as he helped me up. I started deflecting blasters while Wil tried to get the ship to come to our location. Wil's astromech droid piloted the ship and we ran on. Luke and I ran to the guns and began firing at the pirates. Once Wil hit hyperspace we headed to the cockpick. We listened as Orin praised us for our good work. "Derek pleease tell me you secured those credits!" I said. "I sure did" little Derek said with a smile. Just as he said that Greg appeared on the hologram. "Wil! Get back here... NOW" he said. "Allie is in labor!" Wil's jaw dropped. I looked at my twin brother with a smile. "Well Wil, I guess your going to be a father" Luke said. "Wait... how are you going to be a father?! your a jedi?" Orin said confused. "We aren't jedi.... we are Skywalkers" I told him.

Siege Of The Skywalkers

It was a quite snowy day on Orto Plutonia. I woke up after everyone as always. I walked down stairs feeling something vision was clouded all of the sudden. I made my way downstairs into the kitchen. I saw Derek and Wil arguing about football. I walked over to Nightra and Philip watching the weather report on television. "What's going on?" I asked. "There is a huge blizzard passing by" right as Philip said that the television went out. I decided to skip breakfast and go up to the war room with Greg, Aari, and Kole and see what to do about the blizzard. "Are the turrets offline?" I asked as I walked in. "Yes. Our only defense is the guards and they can barley see with all this snow." Aari said. "Are you sure its the signal that we lost with the turrets or did the power generator go offline?" Kole asked. "Im not sure but right now we are close to defenseless" Greg said with a worried look on his face. I walked out, now my vision is completely clouded and I knew something was wrong. I started walking back towards the kitchen to have some breakfast. As I was walking Luke ran up to me. "Hey Kool you know all those credits we used to save Orin? Well the republic let us keep them all for ourselves" Luke said. "Yea Luke that is great and all... but we have something big happening...I can sense it" I told him. Right then the two got a message from Aari on their comlink. "Everyone.....I think we have a problem!!!" Me and Luke ran into the war room where everyone was looking at the security cameras. "I don't see anything.... its whiter than Greg!" Wil said. "Look there!" Aari said pointing at the screen. "Play it back... see that, the grey thing that just flew across the screen!" "Rain... I can feel it now, we are under attack!" I said. "Hes right." Greg told us. "We need to assemble a team to go get the power generator back online before Rain can land!" Greg said. " This is very dangerous. Kool Wil, and Luke will go out and fix the generator." Greg ordered. "Dad I can try to get up with a small fleet and hold off Rain" Philip said. "No Philip. it is to dangerous to take off or land. The blizzard will give us time" Greg said. I went with Luke and Wil and we got ready for our mission. "This is going to be easy" Wil said. "I'm just afraid that we will miss all the fun going down here after we get the generator back up" Wil said. "Well lets get a move on it then" Luke said. We walked to the entrance of the Mansion and looked at each other. I nodded and Luke opened the door. It was so windy I almost got knocked off my feet. The stairs leading up to the entrance was completely covered in snow. The door was also almost completely buried. We tried to make our way over to the fence which was about 100 yards away from the mansion. "Out of all the planets they choose this one to put our home on!" Wil screamed so that we could here him. Once we reached the gates I walked over to the control panel to opened the gates. I wiped the snow off the screen and put in the code. Once the gate opened the snowed flowed in and blocked the exit. "Well crap!" Wil yelled. "We will have to use the force to push the snow out of the way!" Luke yelled. "Remember, focus!" I closed my eyes and held my hands up. I concentrated, focused. I then felt the snow start to rise. Along with my brothers we used the force and pushed the snow out of the way. "Come on!" I told them. We had to walked about another five miles before we got to the generator. It was smart to put it further away because the chances of it blowing up are greater and we'd rather not have our house blown up. We held on to each other trying to not get carried away by the wind. Luke was leading, Wil in the middle and Kool in the back. "Can we take a brake please!" I said trying to beat the force of the wind. "What you can't keep up back their?" Wil said. "Alright we'll take a break!" Luke yelled. I looked down and my hands and brushed some snow off. Then I fell back. I looked up and saw that Wil had fallen aswell. "Luke!" Wil screamed. "What happened!?" I asked. "A Narglatch came and snatched him!" Wil yelled back. "Well what do we do?!" I asked. Then I heard a scream. "There" I said. I watched as the Narglatch started to run towards me. I tried reaching for my saber but it was to late. It grabbed my jacket and started running around with me in its mouth. I felt it's tooth getting closer and closer to my leg. Then I heard a lightsaber turn on and I feel out of it's clutch. I looked back and I saw Wil offering me his hand. "Thanks bro" "Anytime" . I then ran to Luke to see if he was ok. "You alright?" I asked. He laid there confused. "It came out of nowhere." Luke had gotten up and we continued along. The wind had settled down however it was still quite hard to see. I was very tired. It felt as if we would be walking for ever! Then I looked up and you could barley see the grey walls of the generator room. Luke walked up and began to punch the code into the panel. "Umm what was the code again?" Luke asked. "I think its Wil_Has_A_Small_Lightsaber ;)" I told him. He put it in and the screen turned red. "Not it." He said. "Try Kool_Is_A_Potatoe" Wil said. Luke punched in the code and the screen turned green. The door screeched open. "I'm not even going to ask" I muttered to myself. We walked in the dark and dusty room. "Well, where do we start?" I asked. "Luke is the nerd, he should know" Wil said. "Well, I think we can see what the problem is from these computers" Luke sat down and wiped the dust off the screen. "Well. It looks like the wind blew the antenna off" Luke said. "Thats it?" Wil said "Sounds like a piece of cake." WIl said. As Luke turned off the computer we heard something blow up in the distance. We ran outside and looked to the skies. We saw snow droids flying out of a large starship. "Well....shit" Wil said. "We still have to get the generator back up to get the turrets to work. I helped Luke up to the roof of the generator room. Wil and I watched the droids fly down. Wil tried getting his comlink to work but there was no connection due to the storm. I then heard a loud fan go off. "Its up!" Luke yelled. "Its about time!" Wil said, trying to keep himself warm. "Thank god the wind died down, the way back shouldn't be as rough as the way their was" I told them. We grabbed onto the rope and began to walk back, this time however we did it with much ease. We hurried back and we saw that the mansion was surrounded. "Plans?" I asked. "Wil try your comlink again, the storm seems to have cleared up." Luke said. Wil glanced down at his comlink. "Come in...come in anyone there?" We heard a faint and muffled voice of Aari. "Wil! We are halting Rains advancements, but we cant do that forever" She said, "Where are you guys?" Aari asked. "We are outside the gates behind this snow hill thing, anyways it looks like the droids are setting up some sort of E.M.P system to take out the turrets" Wil said. "Alright, Me Phil and night are going to lead a distraction while Greg and Kole call the republic for help."

Wil turned off his comlink and looked at us. "Here give me the binoculars" I said. Luke took off his backpack and handed me a pair of binoculars. "I'm not sure how we should go with this. The only way I can see is getting control of one of their tanks and blowing the cannons up. I set down the binoculars.

"Yea but then we would have to find a way to even get a tank" Luke explained

"Your right. Wil do you have any ideas?" I looked back and saw that Wil was no where to be found

"Where did that asshole go?" Luke asked.

"Why would he just leave?" I said surprised about the fact that Wil managed to slip away.

"Maybe he..."

The we heard a large explosion go off behind us. "Wil..." I muttered to myself. Me and Luke ran to where we saw the explosion. We saw Wil crouched down behind a pile of snow. "What are you doing!" I shouted. Wil handed the pair of binoculars that he had took when I set them down. I looked and saw one tank and a squadron of droid coming towards us. "Get down before they see you" Wil said. Me and Luke laid down flat behind the pile of snow. "So a large explosion just randomly went off and all they send is droids?" I asked. "No, I think they mapped out all structures on the Skywalker land. "But there is no structure here" I asked confused. "No there were fuel tanks here" Wil explained. I looked over the pile of snow and saw the tank coming towards us. "Alright here is the plan" I said "Luke you will sneak behind the droids and get into the tank, while me and Wil deal with the others. "Sounds good" Luke said and he began flanking the droids. I looked at Wil and nodded and we both jumped up and slice a droid. I picked off droid one by one along with Wil. I looked up at the tank and saw the cannon aim towards me. I jumped up onto the tank and watched as a droid got shot behind me. I opened up the hatch and saw Luke sitting in the gunner seat. "Way to go" I grabbed a blaster off one of the dead droids and helped Wil finish off the last few. I jumped into the separatist assault tank and grabbed the guns.

We rode towards the cannons and we saw other assault tanks driving out of a grounded starship. Then we got a transmission from one of the droid Sergeants. "AAT 446HP6 mission report" The droid ask. Wil went up to the mic and said in a droid like voice "Well uh it was just a fuel tank explosion. We lost the ground squadron to the fire" Wil said. "Alright. Fall in line between AAT 342HP6 and AAT 356HP6."

"I have no idea how you pulled that off" I said to Wil

"Thank god these droids are idiots" Wil said and Luke drove the tank into formation with the other Tanks.

I glanced at Luke who had a nervous look on his face. "Luke, we got this. Its going to be easy" I said trying to reasure him.

"Its not that, my vision is clouded" He replied.

Wil interrupted and said "Stop with that my vision is clouded bs that Dad always talks about"

"You have alot to learn Wil" Luke replied.

"Alot" I added in.

I looked down at the screen in front of me and saw five E.M.P missile launchers aim towards the mansion. I pulled out my comlink and pressed down the button. "Phil, now." We heard a lot of radio exchanges between the droids. "Fire!" "They are AHH" "They are attacking" is what came out of the radio. We then heard "Tanks in unit 3HP engage!" I looked at my screen and saw tanks breaking off formation. "Electromagnetic pulse missiles prepare to fire" We heard out of the radio. I heard Wil yell from above us "Alright boys get ready!" I stood at the gunner prepared to shoot the infantry in front of the tank line. I looked up and saw Wil aiming the main gun towards the missile cannons. "Alright Luke as soon as Wil takes out the cannons drive towards the mansion. "But won't the cannons shoot at us?" Luke asked, just as Luke asked that we heard a deafening explosion. It caught Luke off guard for a second but he began driving the tank out from the line towards the droids. I began to shoot down the droids not letting my finger off the trigger, until I picked up the droid radio. "Wha.....wha happened?" "Uhh the Electromagnetic pulse missile is down" "Well what now" Is what came out of the radio. The droids were confused. Then a more methodical voice spoke, "It seems like one of the private's programming got messed up" "Then what do we do?" another voice said, "Shoot at it." I looked at the screen and saw the tanks behind us adjust their main guns to fire. "Luke turn me around!" I yelled. Luke forcefully pulled the wheel making me face towards the tanks. I began to fire, and I heard Wil maneuvering the main gun to also fire.

"Koooool we are almost in range of the cannons!" I heard Luke say.

I picked up the comlink and pressed the button. "Joi! Turn off the damn cannons!"

"Wha, Why?" My younger sister replied. "Just do it!"

"Alright done!"

"Your good to go Luke!" I yelled.

I continued firing, then I looked down at my screen and Saw Phil, Night and Aari deflecting bolts. I watched as they jump out of the way of the tank.

"Kool tell Joi to open the gate!!!!" Luke exclaimed.

I picked up my comlink but heard Wil yell "Not enought time!" Wil turned the main gun towards the mansion and shot out the gate. Luke steered the tank and blocked the spot where the gate once was. I got up along with Luke and walked towards the hatch. Wil opened the hatch and jumped out extinguishing his light saber on the way up. Luke and I followed. Once I got up to the top I looked and saw the droids had made a major mistake. I took out my light saber and began deflecting bolts on top of the tank with Luke and Wil alongside.

Nightra, Phil, and Aari were infront of the tank doing the same. "Come on!" Wil yelled. Nightra Phil and Aari all jumped over the tank. I pulled the comlink out of my pocket and pressed the button. "Kool?" I heard Kole's deep voice through the speaker. "Kole, turn on the force fields. Then turn on the cannons. I have a plan" I told him. "Alright Kool, I hope I can trust you" Kole said. I looked up as the Sky turned pink then the turrets turned on, gunning down the droids inside the force field. I jumped off the tank along with Luke and Wil and we turned around and saw Derek run out with the Skywalker Troopers. The Skywalker Mansion had a garrison of about one hundred force sensitive gun wielding soilders, that Greg hand picked for battle. Most of the time they meditate and improve their force abilities. I looked at the commander of the garrison. His name was Commander Wintes. "I say you put your men in the towers above the gates" I told him. "With all due respect sir, you understand that we are the same rank" Commander Wintes said. (In the Skywalker clan you technically cannot become the rank of General until your 18, however most troops ignore this rule) I nodded my head and walked towards the mansion. I glanced at Derek who looked ready to fight, and I watched as Luke explained to Derek how Derek's training wasn't quite done yet. I walked inside with Derek Aari and Phil.

"Derek go help out Joi in the communications room." Philip said.

"Fine" Derek said sternly.

"That kid is really getting ahead of himself" Aari said.

"Tell me about it" Philip replied.

Republic Help

The three of us walked into the war room and we saw Greg,Kole, and family friend Dalton. There was also a tall and buff man standing around the holo table. He had a hat on that shadowed his face. I looked at him, confused, then Greg said; "Kool meet your older brother Pardeep". Pardeep looked up and the first thing i noticed is he had a scar across his eye. "Nice to meet you, I don't understand why I have never meet you though" I said. "Im also known as Pardeep Razorback" He responded in his baritone voice. "Wait wait wait, your Pardeep Razorback from Galactic Starship Fuels, the CEO?" I said confused. "Pardeep here was assigned the task to go undercover and manage a vast money source, how do you think we gained so much money?" Kole said. "Uhh I don't know, a hefty republic pay check or something" I responded. "Speaking of the Republic, republic soldiers are on their way now." Greg said. "How will they land?" Aari asked. "Luke will lead one team to secure a landing spot for some of the gunships, while Philip will lead another." Greg explained "Philip you will secure landing point Charlie at these coordinates, This area is the most strategic position to counter Rain's terrain advantage" . "Oh this looks like its going to be fun" Wil said as he walked into the room.

Landing Point Charlie

I was in the armory standing at the weapons table, alone. I had already grabbed a rifle that I slung over my shoulder. I look to my left and saw Nightra walk over "Good luck" she said. I looked at her and said "Eh I don't need it." I picked up my pistol and loaded a clip into it, then Aari walked over to my right, "You becoming more and more like Wil" she said. I put the pistol into my backpack then said "No but for real good luck" I told them. "I don't need it" Nightra said mockingly, while Aari giggled.

Philip then walked into the room, "Come on Kool, lets go." "Alright I gotta bounce" I told Night and Aari. I gave Aari a high five a Nightra a fist bump. I looked at my older sister Joi and said "You ready?" "Kool, just because I haven't been in the field for a few months does not mean I don't know what i'm doing." "Alright guys, lets get serious. The landing point is on top of this ridge, to the east. We can't get to there from the eastern side because that terrain is to mountainous. The ridge is on the west side so we will be to vulnerable. We will have to come from the south side. "That is one hell of a climb" Joi said "How are we going to get up that mountain undetected?" "Kool will on this mountain with a sniper rifle guiding us." Philip said. "Now for the next part of the plan...."

I pulled out my gun and shot the grappling hook onto the mountain. It was a tough climb but I used the force to my advantage. Once I got to the top I took the rifle off my back and set it down. I laid on the floor, proned. I grabbed the com-link out of my bag. "Joi, you hear me?" I asked her. "Yea Kool loud and clear" she respond. "Alright look, there is a squadron to your east that you have to take out before proceeding. Wait until my signal to engage" I told them. I picked up my sniper and looked through the scope. I wait for the perfect time when the droids went out of site from the droids at the landing point. I aimed the scope at one of the droids. "I count twelve droids" I told them. I attached a silencer to my rifle then took the shot giving Joi and Philip the cue. I looked through the scope and watched Philip and Joi spring into action. Philip over powered the droids and took them down with ease, while Joi had a bit more trouble relying on the force. Philip was much larger compared to Joi, Joi was about 5'4. I focused back on the combat and re-aimed my scope taking out one more droid before the fighting was over. "Alright quickly clear the bodies" I said into the com link.

I looked back into my scope at the spot where the landing point is planned to be. I watched the droids mounting for a full assault on the mansion. "Alright you guys are clear to move to the base of the mountain" I told them through my com-link. I watched through my scope as they shot their hooks. They grappled down. "Alright guys" I said. Then my view went black.....


I woke vision was blurry. I herd a droid say "Hes awake" I saw a short man look at me. He was dressed very expensive. I looked around and saw that I was in a small room, then I felt a harsh punch to my face. "Scum" the man said boldly.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"My name is Dragg Sai" he responded.

"Now I will do the talking" he said.

He motioned to the droids to pick me up. "Bring him to the ship, I'm sure Lord Rain would love to see him" Dragg said. I smirked. The droids picked me up and I walked to the ship. The droids then sat me down, and I watched Dragg walk into the ship. "I will be rewarded greatly force this" then he muttered something to the droid sergeant and walked off the ship. I examined the frigate i was in once the door closed. I counted ten battle droids with me in the room. I noticed that they had taken my light saber and my pistol. When we started to take off the blast doors to my cell was closed. I closed my eyes and focused. I thought about my training with Greg. I used the force to pick up the droid closest to my cell. I then forced the droid to pull the trigger on his blaster, killing all the other droids one by one. The droids we to confused to fire back. I then force the droid to open the blast doors, and as they open I pushed the droid against the back of the ship. I picked up the droids blaster and opened the door that led to the cockpit. I shot the droids controlling the ship in the back of the head. I sat at the pilots seat and looked out the window to see a blockade of the planet. I turned the ship around back towards the planet. I heard on the radio that the mother ship knew I was coming so when they saw my ship turn around they began to fire. Fighters then became locked onto me. I then saw the republic fleet but they seemed so far away. I tried my best to shoot down some fighters, but there were just too many. Then one wing was shot off and I began descending back towards the planet. (To Be Continued)


The Skywalker Mansion


Kool And Wil's crystals were right next to each other.


Kool and his brother Philip

Kools Stuff


Good prank Kool pulled on his brother.

Skywalker comic

A Skywalker comic that is in stores on coursuant



From left to right: Wil , Derek , Kool


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