Kelly Laserscanner
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Somewhere in the years



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Blood type

Positive (true story)

Chronological and political information
Known masters

Lord Zash

Known apprentices

ahsoka sanders

Current Squad

Warriors of The Shadow

Squad Rank

2 General

Former Squad(s)

Dark Female Force

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon sithBc icon trooper


Kelly Laserscanner was born on Dathormir. She was born as a Nightsister, but became a half-human after a few years of sith training. She never figured out who she was born to, the only family she had was her squadmates for a while.

Sith Training

Kelly started sith training in teenage years. Her master was Lord Zash. Lord Zash also tought her brother, apparently her brother died. She was angry, that the jedi killed her brother. She started to have visions that they would come after her sister. It never happened, but they were both on bounty. She messed with the temple, by placing some thermal grenades. Her sister made some terrible attempts to kill Satele Shan. Long story short, she tried to send a plain knife throw through the Jedi Temple on Tython. Zash made both of the sisters stand up to Overseer Harkun for calling them both slaves.Harkun attacked but lost. Both of the sisters were hurt, but managed to surrvive. Zash gave them a pink and red lightsaber for their courage and bravery. The sisters were told to meet their master at Dromund Kaas.


Kelly Laserscanner, in her sith gear.

Ankunft am Dromund Kaas

Whenever both of the Laserscanners arrived at Dromund Kaas, more trouble and awesomeness would have to be done. They had to stop the trouble, because of more guards. They went undercover as nurses and caused no harm to anyone. She almost stabed herself with a vaccination needle to make her pure human. If she did, her nightsister abbilties will be lost. One misty night, she was in her quarters sleeping, then a huge explosion came. She picked up her lightsabers and went outside. Smoke filled the air and villagers were coughing. She had to wake up her sister. Whenever she opened up the door, her sister wasn't there. She went outside again, and saw her sister being hold captive, by a smuggler. She sprinted to her sister, before the two were seperated. The smoke fumes were getting to her lungs, so she had to make it fast. She stunned the smuggler with force lightning, saved her sister, and went to a save place. She was stuck in a forest, with her sister. The vines of the plants, were lime green. She pulled out a tracker from her pocket, and went back to Lord Zash. They had some company, but managed to surrvive. When they were at the Master's retreat, she said they've done enough training for now. She said they can now live normal lifes.  Life will never be normal ~ Kelly Laserscanner


Undercover as a nurse.

The New Life

I will type this tomorrow. HAVE A NICE NIGHT OR DAY!!

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