Kebiin Fett
Biographical information

Mandaloreplanet Mandalore


65 BBY


27 BBY

Physical description





1.81 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

  • Mandalorians
  • True Mandalorians
Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary

"A true warrior fights his battles himself and tries to defeat all comers."   —Kebiin Fett

Kebiin Fett was a Human male Mandalorianmercenary and assassin. Bladespark fought along side Jaster Mereel and the True Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Civil War against Death Watch. Back then he held the rank Lieutenant. Keb is the father of one of the most cunning Mandalorians in the galaxy, Redspark Fett. He raised Red on Nal Hutta. Keb was born on Mandalore like most Mandalorians were. During the Mandalorian Civil War he befriended Mandalorian mercenary, Aloquar Ordo who is currently the Leader of the Mandalorian Guild. Kebiin's standard weapon was a modified version of a Mandalorian blaster rifle.

Early Years

Kebiin Fett's was a male Mandalorian, born on Mandalore. Keb was an orphan during his years as a Mandalorian child, it was hard for him since he had no mother no father not even a uncle. During his childhood he always dreamt about becoming a Mandalorian Warrior and fighting along side Mandalore. When he was 5 the Mandalorian Civil War began between Jaster Mereel's True Mandalorians, who believed that the Mandalorians should act as honorable mercenaries, and Tor Vizsla's splinter group known as Death Watch, which advocated that the Mandalorians return to their savage roots as raiders and brigands.

Mandalorian Civil War

When Keb was 17 he was recruited by Jaster Mereel himself to join the True Mnadalorians. Jaster Mereel unfortunately was killed by Death Watch on Korda 6 during a fierce battle between True Mandalorian and Death Watch. Jaster Mereel became Mandalore shortly after Mereel's death. During Kebiin's final years in the Mandalorian Civil War numerous Mandalorians tought him Mandalorian fighting styles, strategys, history and culture but mainly by Jango Fett. Kebiin became a Lietentant. He was involved in the Battle of Galidraan. Many Jedi and Mandalorians fell that day but Jango and many others survived. After that battle the Mandalorian Civil War had finally ended.

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